Why does my steam games keep crashingheb steam cleaner rental ULTRAKILL foreign Music documents Gods frustration at being unable to control mankind damning them for not following his word and law his time is deemed wasted for not creating a mind without free will he even implies that this is why the Lord created hell to punish and torture those he could not control with just a hint of regret that he could no longer control the underworld as well only time will tell if God is truly out there or if God really is dead foreign the fifth layer of hell is now called a wrath instead of anger as it was in Divine Comedy but Im okay with this change wrath has always struck me as a very biblical term so it is fitting and it also gives them an excuse to play on the whole Poseidons wrath thing an Olympic Greek god of the sea and storms so you know the layer of Wrath is also home to the River Styx where the ferrymen of the underworld Charon would guide souls to their transition to damnation how do you say that hold on let me look it up according to Wikipedia its actually pronounced Karen something about CH making more of a sound what Im looking at describes it as starting to make a k sound but not finishing it so its more like an H but like an aggressive H Im gonna try to commit to that itll be a little tricky Karen would also cross the river of akaran the river of misery but I dont know if well be seeing that in Ultra kill since Im not entirely sure how they would fit that into the whole circles of hell theme maybe fraud that might be where Gods hiding after all foreign Music so remember everything that I just told you about the Whiplash and its self-inflicted hard damage okay dont forget about it entirely but do put it on hold for just a little bit because that doesnt apply when youre underwater this makes it so much easier and more convenient to move around and Traverse these Arenas while underwater this was likely done to make sure that the player can freely navigate these underwater Arenas of layer 5 without compromising on what makes an underwater level and underwater level the lower gravity and whatnot this is a very nice change this wasnt the case when the update first came out keeping that slower movement of 5-1 alongside this heavy use of cold colors on screen really helps the level stand out with this really mellow feeling thats still consistent with the games art Direction even down to the low pass filter which muffles the music track while V1 is submerged if you ever pop your head out of the water youll notice a lot more of that break core-esque percussion thats probably still playing once youre submerged but is just so drowned out that you cant really hear it uh pun not intended actually may maybe it is oh Akita what are you doing to me two levels in the same act where we bring multiple skull keys to the same Hub youre spoiling me dude uh doctor I think my dope fish is broken not supposed to get this yet hello puppies what bad dogs 5-1 also introduces us to Blue hook points which behave like a slingshot that you dont need to unhook from to maintain your momentum it almost feels like it gives you a bit of a boost once you hit the end of it but Im not entirely sure that could just all be in my head all right stupid confession time when I first saw the tutorial message calling these slingshots my brain went to the astrodynamics term of the same name which is when you use the gravity of a Celestial body as a slingshot to increase a Rockets momentum while using significantly less fuel it wasnt until doing this video that I realized oh wait its probably just talking about a slingshot that you arm with your hands I wish I could explain why this is how my brain works foreign Music it appears that Im early jokes on you I brought my own key Music well in fact Im not Music thats gonna be pleasantly annoying centuries a bipedal mobile turret armed with an antimatter rifle and capable of digging its legs into the ground to absorb recoil its almost like a miniature Metal Gear oh wait we already have those in there called geckos and ironically these fuckers are the ones that look more like real geckos and by that I mean theyre green and I realize that doesnt work because not all geckos are green I take it back centuries were machines used in Mankinds quote Final War according to the lore codex later repurposed for trexa to hell with the fall of mankind and the machines drive to sustain itself using hells resources centuries became highly sought after by other machines their structural metal this lightweight but also sturdy stuff that lets them absorb the insane recoil of a fucking antimatter rifle would sure be nice to make a new arm out of Im pretty sure that this is where V2 got chunks of his Whiplash from and if I had to guess maybe the spear was from the tale of a hideous Mass thats the only thing I could think of that has anything remotely similar to a grapple hook 12 health and no resistances nor weaknesses though they are immune to fall damage though this wont really be noticed too often they are locked in when they dig themselves into the ground unflinching when bombarded with nails or shotgun pellets if theyre on their own then that makes them really easy pickings but it doesnt make them a complete pushover sentries will tend to stay farther away from the player and if you give them a chance to fire off that cannon that theyre charging they are are 100 accurate assuming that youre not blocking your line of sight the only method Ive seen to come out of this other than just tanking the blast is to try to dash through their shot using iframes they demand your attention almost acting like a ranged pressure unit a concept that I never really thought would be possible aside from an enemy that creates hazards kind of like the virtues now their presence is fairly obvious once they begin charging their rifle I can really only think of one instance in Act 2 where theres a century so far away that I couldnt hear the incessant beeping and that was during an optional encounter near the end of the act so Ill give it a bit of leeway avoiding their line of sight isnt always going to be your best choice though V1 can directly cancel them by uprooting them with a knuckle blaster or a ground slam Shockwave or interrupting their charge with a revolver to the antenna which also happens to be conveniently targeted when hit with a RICO shot you can also just blast them with the electric rail kit and that works too Music if youre feeling ballsy though you can also Parry their blast during this short window right before they fire indicated by the pink light on the front of them flashing yellow for a brief moment or you can also just simply return the gecko alright that was a chargeback and an ultra Rico shot Ill take it careful though they know how to use those legs Music yeah not bad this stage is incredibly fun once you get the hang of the Whiplash but it takes a bit of time to get used to it now its time to be like the average United States College student and not touch any water Im sorry that doesnt mean well be substituting it for Mountain Dew like 2-3 this challenge is otherwise impossible if we dont drain the water which can be done in the very first room of this stage by Smashing these three valves hidden behind walls Music youre not through the clear just yet though you still have to watch out for existing bodies of water it may have drained low enough for the player to platform between these Arenas but a simple misstep can still fuck up the challenge this also means that youre vulnerable to the whiplashs hard damage here limiting your potential movement and making this challenge a bit more difficult than it appears on the surface even in the final Arena where I thought I was safe reveals narrow streams of water in unexpected places you need to keep your eyes open and not assume where water is and isnt it is a fun challenge for sure but I was a little confused when I finished it thinking that I was completely dry and finding out I was a bit moist reaching P rank is more than possible while taking on this challenge but I mean wheres the fun in that I want to Whiplash shit Music whats up great level very promising for the layer of Wrath Music King Crimson removed his ability to say Ricochet correctly oh wait that was Heavens Door how do I even make a King Crimson joke Im killing you this video is sponsored by Helix sleep Helix provides minimum customized mattresses made to suit your sleeping needs shipped straight to your door all of us sleep differently Ive always been a belly sleeper myself and finding the right mattress for my belly sleeping needs has always been a frustrating game of trial and error prior to Helix but theyre here to save you from that hassle with their sleeping quiz designed to match you with the perfect mattress to suit your sleeping needs and preferences and if you dont remember from last time I was matched with 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of blue and gray while indoor areas often stay unlit and left in darkness this is made even more unsettling by the fact that the river sticks around us has become flooded with the remains of mankind following their Extinction arms can be seen reaching for the surface their souls all fighting for a breath of fresh air wheres Karen to Ferry all these souls to the lower layers when you need them well its a bit more complicated than that in Divine Comedy Heron is often depicted as an ill-tempered old man but thats not the case here Im not sure if its because of modern pop culture giving him an almost Grim Reaper sort of look I couldnt find a single Source on where this little came from so Im gonna blame John Romeros di Katana to give a bit of historical context it wasnt uncommon for the dead in 16th century Greece to have coins placed on or even in their eyes sometimes even their mouths believing that their souls would need these coins to cross into the Afterlife else their souls would forever float in the rivers sticks many would Forge their own coins thinking it would be enough for Karen this is why fairy men and pop culture are often asking for coins in Ultra kill we find a diary from this universes fairy men implying and later confirming when we read about it in the terminal that the ferryman here is in the broader rank of a husk when a husk is formed to these specifications there can only be one ferryman here in the River Styx so when another husk is formed to these specifications the two fight to the death with the Victor becoming the next ferryman of the river stick and the loser theres skull taken as a trophy theyve been given this task from the heavens donning a holy cloth as a sign of their approval despite being a hus bearing a sliver of heavenly power this has come with some side effects though the skeletons of these intelligent husks becoming tainted and died turning their bones a deep blue and the skulls plucked from their fallen fairy men becoming conduits to their Heavenly energy given to the surviving ferrymen to be used as a key giving them access to the gates of hell that only Angels previously had access to yes what oh shit yes what Im telling you is lore for the skull keys that weve been using all this time these are the heads of Fallen fairy men the current ferryman though has a bit of a monopoly on the job since mankind all fell at once unable to Ferry Every Soul left in the river sticks the tide of souls nearly capsizing his ship and would have died inside if it wasnt for Gabriel swooping in at the last second to save the poor guy and if you take this diary at face value it really sounds like hes got a thing for Gabriel and theyd make a pretty cute couple fuck it his gratitude doesnt end in writing though all over these parts youll find these small statues of other holy tributes to Gabriel carved as a sign of gratitude these were actually once smaller ceramic like demons that only had enough willpower to be a living thing but not enough to move or be Mobile in any degree the fairy man has carved these into the holy Madonna the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus Gabriel tolerated these but fears that if the holy Council found out hed be forced to destroy all of them by punishment seeing them as a perversion of Gods image these Idols though due to their close proximity with the ferrymans draped Heavenly power have come to life in a way well more than they already were giving them the ability to Aid their peers with Heavenly protection and this is translated into gameplay in the form of well the idols I know that Idols hardly count as an enemy but Im gonna give them their own entry here regardless theyve got one Health but theyre immune to all of v1s moves except for melee exploding into a geyser of blood sufficient to heal the player completely you would expect the timing and context of their appearance to make them act like demonic hook points but no theyre actually one of the few enemies in the game that you cant Whiplash though this is somewhat consistent with enemies like the Hideous mass for example you cant grapple onto the ceramic parts of their armor only the little funny little fleshy bits oh thats not supposed to happen Idols balance this by rendering another demon on the battlefield completely immune the only thing that could kill a blessed demon in this case is if they get Marist which yeah good luck with that treat him like a buff totem if you know that one is present just hunt it down and smash it as soon as you can or at least as soon as the game lets you what the fuck foreign that is not a fairy that is the Titanic are there any icebergs in the river sticks foreign for dying to that why am I struggling with this foreign I am so sorry about that Id say that hark struck him dead but it was it was me thats convenient thank you for your service fairy men keep the change youve earned it um I took more tries than Id like to admit dont worry Ill be fighting the Blue Man Group head on head during the P rank run which should be starting right now actually no Im gonna get the Last Sword without the rocket launcher because fuck you all right Health forgot about that oh hey theres the scaffolding that comes up when you use the red skull key thats thats pretty cool that was fun it took me a couple days after recording that that I realized that there is a much easier method that I just completely glossed over I cant fucking believe this Ive seen it youre fond of me Lobster foreign sculpture nerd Music yeah I should have learned my lesson from the sand castle stop breaking peoples shit V1 the ferryman 90 Health divided into two 45 HP health bars this guy is really fast it wasnt long ago that I had the hang of getting this guy down fairly reliably but just that short time of not practicing this fight has made me super Rusty you have to be on top of your game here if you want to Parry him to death but once I got back into the Zone man it felt like fighting a Dark Souls bus without frequently I had to space out my Dodges and parries and I could say that now Ive beaten the Dark Souls game most of his attacks follow hard-hitting one-two combos you can only Parry the second hit in this combo so you have to dodge out of the way of that first one Ive developed a habit of Dashing backwards so that the first swing is completely negated while simultaneously lining me up almost perfectly to Perry his second swing this is risky but very rewarding a Perry also doesnt interrupt his attack so he will still swing at you that second time when hes taken enough punishment hell move the fight to Higher Ground next to one of his Idol and if youre too slow to catch up hell summon fucking lightning to strike at you now you can charge back this lightning with a coin but you need some Godly speed to weaponize this against him yeah Im not even going to attempt this but Id rather just be called the fucking Perry man ah that dont call me that Music I could do better Music all right Im pretty happy with that look he even agrees dont worry Ill give my regards to Gabriel you wont be forgotten yes I know that theres a super secret in this level Im saving that for the end of the video just keep watching if you dont know what Im talking about itll be worth your time I promise alright lets kick it up a notch Music this ship was massive from the outside but I think its even bigger on the inside I dont know though its kind of hard to judge the size of something like this I love 5-3 the aesthetic the gut busting Challenge and oh God this upbeat intense track composed for the mission is something else foreign that distorted guitar is already beautiful and then they introduce this really powerful brass section Music and then later on it brings it all together combining these two opposing families of instruments together and it is astonishing foreign Im sorry I just needed to gush over that track its such a good track believe it or not this isnt even my favorite track in act 2. Ship of Fools is a lot like 1-3 we need to bring at least one colored skull key to this split colored doorway but both are required for the levels challenge this time though its not a secret encounter with two bosses previously seen in the episode and that comes in a couple levels from now we are still given the choice of which colored skull to grab first though I didnt know this until even writing this video I thought that the red path didnt even open until you finish the blue path but for the sake of pacing I still go for the blue skull first and I dont think Ive really ever done this level without getting both skulls Music foreign Music I bet its attracted to all these tributes to Gabriel this is like a reverse Moby Dick call me Ishmael Gabrielle nope never mind that is the wrong way I would make fun of the fairy man for having looping audio of his Idol praising him on Loop but then I remember the first time I met creators that I watched acknowledge me I get it man just you know try to get used to the feeling so it becomes less weird that took me a while to get the hang of oh right youre youre kind of dead right now so never mind it is kind of poetic though this was Gabriels speech to the fairy man shortly before he was saved from his ship capsizing and now were hearing it just before we capsize it well actually the demon that we just saw in the window does it but I Ive got to take the blame to myself foreign thats okay Ill have shit to say about this room during the P rank run wait are you telling me the last fairy man had a fucking Mega Buster oh Rocket cock returns oh no please Ive seen Inception dont do this to me honestly Im surprised that it only flooded this much all right the rocket launcher of course Im gonna say that its amazing that thats a given but its also kind of interesting and I wouldnt be surprised if its a little bit divisive between fans or at least was when it first released its not what you would expect from a weapon like this in this kind of genre and to explain it better Im gonna dive into the lore first and the world of ultra kill it was originally created as a tool for war not a weapon for war though intended for quickly digging trenches and Blasting debris on the battlefield later repurposed into an Industrial Tool after the war the rocket itself the projectile I mean is where it starts to really get interesting when fired at anything not organic or at least not containing blood it doesnt explode it just pushes everything away like a concussive blast or a bottle popping from having too much pressure build up inside of it except you know its strong enough to shove you to the other side of the room its not unless the Warhead makes direct contact with blood and specifically blood that the exothermic reaction is triggered detonating the rocket I understand that this is just how the game justifies its use in gameplay within the lore and I actually really like this explanation but I did a bit of digging mostly for my own curiosity to see if I could find anything that would tie this down to reality the only chemical that comes to mind that I can think of that specifically would have an exothermic reaction with blood while also ignoring other compounds like protein and water is hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 just about every living creature on earth contains an enzyme called catalase or catalasee I dont know how to say it and the purpose of this enzyme is to specifically react with hydrogen peroxide if it enters the bloodstream and splitting it back into molecules of hydrogen and oxygen to keep it from oxidizing our bloodstream because oxygen fucking hates us if an explosive like this were to exist in real life it would need to use hydrogen peroxide or something similar as a primer to start building up heat and pressure which would then ignite something explosive that reacts to heat like gun powder for example again this tangent was purely for my own curiosity dont take any of this as a critique for the game itself I I just wanted to share what I found and I think that its really interesting okay back to video game I think its time to get back to the video game nothing happens but youre sure that Hank Jr and his Hank sisters would appreciate it if they werent dead Hank susters feels like a slur also now we know Hank was a ferryman good for you thank you Junior really all you need to know is that if the rocket makes direct contact with an enemy itll explode just like every other rocket launcher in a video game you could think of Maurice is still immune to them just like core ejects but hes really the only exception it should explode on everything normally it deals three and a half damage per rocket but also can deal double damage with a larger blast radius if its hitting a falling Target and upon hearing that a specific combo should immediately come to mind like launching an enemy by shooting a rocket next to their feet and then trying to hit them while mid-air so many years of playing Direct Hit Soldier have trained me for this moment this only applies to Falling enemies though not solely Airborne ones virtues and bosses like Gabriel dont take double damage from this they need to be naturally grounded enemies for this bonus to apply which is fair at the moment of this video weve only got the blue variant the freeze frame which allows the player to freeze rockets for a total of 6 seconds with a 10 second cooldown though you can ration this about his much as you want you can use this for makeshift Minds make them easier to shoot with your revolver for a larger explosion though this does still only deal three and a half damage or make them easier to jump onto yup just like Dante himself that is fucking awesome it has though been balanced since it debuted you used to be able to endlessly chain these Rockets together as soon as a rocket began to fall while riding on it you can freeze time fire another rocket and then just jump onto that rocket and just lather rinse repeat forever today though you can only Ride three rockets chained together before they start losing some distance and then falling from the get-go by your seventh chained rocket this can be reset by touching Solid Ground so you can preserve some of that hype of your third rocket assuming that youre falling straight up into the air by doing one of those ground slam bounces as high as you can get and then continuing from there its not ideal there is a cap to how high you can bounce you could also just Whiplash a rocket right at you which also bounces you straight up into the air despite which direction the rocket is whiplashed at you Ive resorted to using this a lot in the Cyber grind rather than the pump charge explosion its not to say that the pump charge is useless its just that these Rockets are better for just flying straight up into the air lets see what else oh yeah its attracted to magnets too turning it into a homing projectile for whatever enemy youve tagged with the nail guns Rockets but only enemies today if the magnet is on the wall or the floor that a fired rocket will just continue going straight it needs to be on an enemy but thats fine even then you can only use this for three shots and after that third shot that magnet is gone which seems like a fair balance this is also great against serberite who take a 1.5 damage multiplier to Rockets making that their only damage modifier now that I think about it you can also use this as a much more convenient way to hit the Mind flares instant kill window assuming that they havent patched it foreign oh boy its another one of those Dont Touch the Water Challenges its okay by now weve learned that these are unique enough to not just be simple Dont Touch the Water floor is lava bullshit we also dont see any water until the ship tips over if you follow the main path of the level youre gonna get blasted with a face full of water that is impossible to avoid and thats why we need both colored skulls that same path we took to get to this orb by using both red and blue skull Keys becomes our dry path to the end after the ship is tipped over Im honestly impressed that they were able to give this area a purpose both before and after the ship is flipped thats really cool I made my pee run a little harder than it needed to be I was having a lot of fun trying to dual wield core nukes and then ended up killing myself uh more than Id like to admit its my own damn fault I took this long but I dont really care Music foreign this is my second favorite level in Act 2 to replay solely for fun its a great Mission great pacing Great Encounters five stars across the board I love it 5-4 starts with a race to the surface it doesnt matter how you break the water just that you reach the appropriate fight so youre brought to the boss fight of the lair which means that instead of following the main course I can Music oh my God its the fucking eel bus from Mario World the Leviathan the very same Beast who paved the way for the ferrymans infatuation with the Archangel Gabriel and the same motherfucker who tipped the ship over in the previous level 200 hp divided into two 100 HP phases where the head and tail are both simultaneously active obviously the head is going to be a lot easier to hit but theres a lot of ceramic like plating around its mouth you got to be a bit careful with your timing here but after most of his attacks hell expose this heart thats pinned to the back of his head taking triple damage if you can get enough of a beating on it so with good timing you can why is it screaming okay there is a lore explanation for this the Leviathan is an interesting demon one thats a direct consequence of the extinction of mankind with the river sticks overflowed with Sinners bodies those who gave up trying to reach the surface surrendered themselves to an eternity of drowning and with so many of them concentrating at the bottom of the river and a Sprinkle of Hell energy their souls all fused together into 44 segments of a really long motherfucker this is how the Beast was created and the hearts of their souls all fused together boasting enough force between them to nearly break out of the Beast becoming enough of a threat for Gabriel to feel that he had to intervene pinning the leviathans heart to the back of its head to keep it down this creature wasnt created per se but was an appetizer of Hells corrupting power a side effect of the realm something that the Angels could handle but was still a threat regular enemies dont spawn here but you do get a unique style bonus if you drop enemies into the abyss below using cheats foreign why did you make it so funny to spawn enemies here a lot like the Mind flares you can use explosions to push its own barrage of fireballs back down its gullet thats pretty cool Music this is a move that reliably puts his heart in Center view creating a window of opportunity to Grapple onto the thing and deliver some magnetic punishment its generally a good idea to switch back to the overheat nail gun for this fight the saw blade wont be quite as effective it wasnt really hard to pre-rank this guy it just took me a bit to get a run that I was happy with Music foreign do better but that was fun Im keeping that one yeah this is a really fun bus especially if you use the Whiplash as much as youre able to its exhilarating chasing this guy all over the place ready for swords machines to become an enemies sure took them long enough the saw blade hold on I love not being able to give that guy the attention he demands sometimes I always like to knuckle Blaster these two filth that come out of the Shadows theyre one of the few enemies that teleport in that dont have the teleportation graphic giving the appearance of them just running out of the darkness Id like to see this trick used more in the future its pretty cool I cant believe Gabriel tried to keep me from the bean chamber those are vials of baked beans and you cannot change my mind setting up a saw blade trap does take a bit of forethought here if you just stick the magnet to the ground the saw blades that end up orbiting it will get stuck between the bottom remains of these Bean canisters quickly beating down their durability so for best results slam down a can of baked beans and then put the magnet on top of the lifted platform where it once was and Im not saying that just because theres another swords machine here but it does certainly help dont worry theres going to be more of them yeah there was supposed to be a century in this room Music Music Ill never forget the first time I heard this trick 6-1 marks v1s descent into the city walls of dis named after this painter also known as Rex and fernicus the Roman god of the underworld whose City walls Encompass the lower four layers of Hell in Dantes Inferno and by God does the soundtrack reflect this while still feeling new and intense but then also calling back to previous tracks and motifs to remind us of how far weve come and it tickles my brain in a way thats really similar to Davos theme from Doom Eternal its incredible Music foreign Music last time we heard this track was right before our fight with Gabriel so its very fitting here I also cant not think of this edit made by Twitter user Vega box that still brings me unfiltered Joy I would never cry to a video game song lets be honest I am a man Music fuck Music thank you remember the instructionists are weak to fire Music so fast in the moment when I was recording this did angry just land on rude and kill them both while simultaneously being chip damage to death through fire so much for zero percent Friendly Fire what the fuck happened here so that was a fuck yo shout out to Armboy Music foreign Music theyre beautiful arent they oh Jesus why is the century so far away Music foreign oh thats just the word penis with a smiley emoji you know sometimes I really feel like hakita understands me at a spiritual level machine I know youre here I can smell the insulin stench of your blood you could smell me I will wait you down below oh I will come to you my friends now bring back the masses come to me foreign Motif with this holy chorus put over it oh its so good Music what an incredible level my absolute favorite for ACT 2. its hard its brutal but its fair with some of the most fun level geometry that comes to mind when I think of ultra kill and yeah this level kicked my ass when I was going for the P rank it took me almost 40 minutes to record a run of me not dying during the perfect run or prime run whatever you want to call it which again like 5-3 was my own fault I was trying to get some cool trick shots with the cornuc but also like 5-3 I never felt like I was out of my depth and even came away learning some new skills that Im definitely going to be using later like letting go of the Whiplash immediately after launching myself towards an enemy so Im not accumulating too much hard damage or like following up a ground slam Shockwave with a bounce and a rocket launcher to not entirely insta kill a Sentry but still knock them into a nearby pit or lava Hazard which is essentially the same thing doing some thick damage to anything nearby the closest Ive got to a critique with this stage is that Im not the biggest fan of the enemies spawned by this Blood ore being required for s-rank kills but its still a fun encounter so Im not exactly complaining too much its just preference I cant really think of much critical to say it is such a great send-off before we go beat Gabriel down for a second time well weve got all the orbs currently available in Ultra kill to this point meaning that we can now access the fifth tier of weapon skins yeah you need every orb for these honestly they look fine its really only the pistol that looks underwhelming I kind of vibe with the rest of them yes I know that we can unlock a custom color set if you use a million Ultra coins Ill be saving that for the next Ultra kill video down the line though unless more weapon skins get added at lesser values uh TBD Bingo lust all gone weve got me soon to follow your kinds know nothing but hunger purged all life on the upper layers they remain unseen youve taken everything from me machine and now All That Remains perfect hatred I dont even have any jokes to say here I love Giannis line delivery of this crybaby Angel followed by this incredibly strong organ that still manages to give me chills these few months after release and the chills dont stop there my mans is pissed that he lost his purpose after we shredded down his territory and now all he really has left is the hope of v1s head on a crucifix shaped stick this is the only time youre gonna see me do this little obstacle course here before the fight not only can you cheese it by just rocket surfing through the whole thing but you can also just rocket surf straight from the beginning of the level right up to the boss door really I just went through it so that you can hear his speech in its entirety I dont want to interrupt the Tumblr sexy man foreign I will cut you down break you apart slay the core of your profane form across the Stars I will grind you down until the very spots guide for Mercy my hands shall relish ending you here and now okay Im going up script here I cut myself while shaving earlier today and it literally hurts to get goosebumps like I just did but its worth it this is the moment where Ultra kill went from a fun game that takes bits and pieces from across the genre to make a fun little shooter to something that I am now completely invested in this is the moment where Ultra kill found its identity from my perspective and its high time that we put that identity to the test and put this guy down for a second time I want you to see this fight in its entirety and then How It Ends before Im gonna talk about the specifics of it foreign Music Music Ive only known the taste of Victory but this taste is is this my blood Ive never known such such relief I I need some time to think we will meet again machine man I would have got an appearing if I wasnt listening to his speech not exactly regretting that though so I wanted to let you experience the fall of Gabriel in its entirety without being interrupted by numbers and nerd shit because holy fuck do I love everything about this little scuffle the lore the presentation the gameplay of the fight itself it is incredible and if I had to rank it Id say that I still prefer Minos Prime as a fight over Gabriel too but the presentation of this rematch is just so Sublime that I think that makes it at least a contender for my favorite fight in the game Gabriel the prostate of thats not the word the apostate of hate he shares a lot of the same Health values between this and his previous fight 100 HP divided between two health bars and still retains a weakness to Nails he begins the fight enraged which I dont think affects any of the gameplay but is here to tell a story using the games own mechanics Gabriel enters this fight with a heart full of Rage Cooling down as he gets his ass beat more not because hes taking multiple rocket shaped concussions to the head but because hes found his purpose again this is also shown to us through the difficulty Spike his first phase is pathetically easy all if not most of his moves during this phase are variations of a one two three combo with the third hit being parryable either as a direct attack or as a projectile in the form of his swords that he throws this is still the case during his second phase but he mixes it up with a Teleport just before the third part of his combo purposely disorienting the player encouraging them to slide to keep momentum going and have a better eye on the battlefield he begins to fight sloppy hes over compensating hes being driven by his own ego and pride but by the second phase he cools down hes more collected and ready to do that very thing that the heavens appointed him to carry out keep the hells in their place and its because of this that he ends the fight a changed man for once Gabriel knew pain and he knew the taste of his own blood blood literally he learned through this beat down that the fire inside of him wasnt a hatred but passion it reminds me of the line that if you can make God bleed people will cease to believe in him I know thats from Iron Man 2 its Marvel its cringe I get it I get it you guys dont like Marvel I like Marvel fuck you but regardless of that I think that it is relevant to Gabriel Here sure the Heavenly light inside of him is dying but he still has the power of the heavens behind him and then he lost again not by a fluke but by a consistently more powerful force in V1 Gabriels egg was beginning to crack God may have created the heavens but if there was a God then God is dead to Gabriel all of the horrendous crimes that he had committed against other living beings all in Gods name were not done for the father but for a usurped throne Infested by false prophets he decided to take justice into his own hands the auditorium of the heavens painted red in the blood of his once fellow Angels once promised to be protected by Holy Light now only resorting to feeble attempts at bureaucracy and diplomacy as theyre begging for their lives a pathetic display from a groveling imperialist Force playing God your words have no power over me lest you truly believe you can talk my blade back into its sheath he uses his time to take a stand make a vow to the denizens of Heaven that Rings across the cosmos that they were free Music shit what a Redemption I really didnt think that this was the direction that they were gonna go with the character before I played Act 2 I thought that they were gonna set up Gabriel for being a bigger bat in act 3 that would still usurp the Throne of the heavens Council but not turn heal on them but Im very glad that this is the direction that theyre taking and knowing that Gabriels time is limited we know that hell end up making some kind of sacrificial play I really hope that this doesnt age poorly as far as Im concerned after Act 2 ultra kill has become the story of Gabriel told from the perspective of Heavens own making Gods Humanity project was an experiment that drove the Lord to abandon the heavens leaving them victims of Mankinds Creations yeah Gabriel is a pompous asshole but he still was the only angel with enough empathy to care and protect the fairy men of the River Styx who yes were husks but were still loyal to the Lords will I cannot wait to see whats next for Gabriel here and seeing how his story and inevitably tragically comes to a close Music foreign Music Music foreign Music ly tired right now I know I am thanks for making it to the end of the video though this was probably the fastest I ever put out a video but I did my best to make sure that it didnt compromise on the quality of what I was creating Id like to thank the newest member of the golden tier patreon supporters CJ 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