Why ULTRAKILL is the Darksouls of the FPS Genre | GAME REVIEW

Top steam games to play with friendsfree steam games rpg ULTRAKILL game foreign thats right today we are talking about Ultra kill the critically acclaimed game on Steam and thats for good reason so without further Ado lets get into the review so what exactly is ultra kill Ultra kill is a retro Arena shooter that takes elements from quake and doom and mashes them together in a challenging player versus AI experience you play as V1 which is essentially a killer robot that was made for war that lives and repairs itself off of blood but now the humanity is dead there is only one place left for blood hell itself from a story perspective you are basically battling your way through hell playing through different levels as fast and stylish as possible now that we have a base understanding though lets get into the true critique of the game as we stated previously this game simply put is you as a killer robot shooting your way through levels it might sound boring but I can assure you this game is incredibly enjoyable and there is one reason for that skill expression you start the game with one gun and it seems pretty simple however as you progress you begin to understand the intricacies that arise from the utilization of the different weapons and variations that they have something that might seem as easy as just shooting a coin out of the air shortly becomes something that you can uncover secrets to a mechanic that can multiply your damage tenfold when used correctly the same goes with movement what seems like a simple slide jump can turn into a slam storage that boosts you to the heavens once youve played for just a few hours the ceiling one can reach from Simply playing and learning more is what makes the gameplay Loop enjoyable aside from that there are so many secrets to uncover alongside perfecting each level to unlock extremely difficult bosses that are fundamental to the understanding of the lore the thing is with all games is that eventually all this content dries up but with a game like Ultra kill thats just not a problem once you have perfected every level it is time for you to take what you have learned into the endless mode or the Cyber grind and truly perfect your individual playstyle and see how you match up against other players around the world I could talk about the gameplay Loop of this game all day but quite frankly that would get really boring so its more important that we address the elephant in the room has this game looks like trash and while it might lets just consider a few things here keep in mind that this game is supposed to give that old-timey retro feel of the old Dune franchise alongside quake in my opinion the graphical representation of the game would be much worse and quite distasteful if it were made to look like a game in 2023 the graphic quality sends the Thematic message of the game to the player from the beginning Ultra kill is not meant to hold your hand or wow you it is meant to kick your ass and make you struggle for the FPS try hard that this game is marketed towards like myself this is perfect the game prioritizes frames in order for the player to have the best chance of pulling off the required difficult combos to decimate bosses and difficult rooms alike there is even a lore component to it as well recall that you were playing as V1 a robot that just so happened to be programmed with low definition Vision quality compared to its counterpart V2 that is perceiving the world in 4K Ultra HD now this idea might not be Canon but that also lends itself to the idea that makes it seem like in the beginning V2 is much more accurate than you are when you first start off until you get much better with the mechanics of the game as man beats machine in the end moving on if you have watched any of the other reviews on this channel so far youll understand that audio composition is of utmost importance to me when Im playing video games and to be honest Ultra kill does not disappoint with this at all Ultra kill does not disappoint in this sector whatsoever and it all comes back to the style idea we were talking about before the audio effects match perfectly alongside the visuals and you can quite honestly understand just how powerful the gun is you are wielding based off of its sound but lets continue to discuss the audio within its music when you think of a retro Arena Doom shooter you probably think oh heavy metal blasting at all times right well sure there are some heavy elements in some tracks but if this is repeated by the end of the game it just gets Bland from the beginning of this game the music articulates a calming message until everything starts burning around you and you are reminded that the player is in hell as the world begins to burn around you taking you to the end of the First Act that calms you back down with some Clair de Lune as the game progresses you were introduced to many different Aesthetics visually that are complemented by compelling soundtracks the greatest part of it all however is the current last level of the game cry for the weeper that truly summarizes everything the player has gone through up to this point musically but also visually at first the player is opening small doors in tight passageways similar to the tutorial with an ominous hell-like Ambience until the player finally drops into the second half of the level where the track brings out a feeling of understanding that you are not the one to be scared but the enemies you were about to obliterate are not to mention as you fight through areas that resemble similarities of each Act you are reminded of popular mote you heard from them as well until the very end were a heavy version of the first acts finale finally plays as you fight for your life the player realizes through the musical composition that you are not just any ordinary killer robot you are the angel of death and you wont stop obliterating the Demons of hell until they stop you yourself the point I am trying to make here is that Ultra kill does not deliver an epically orchestrated soundtrack of something that you think it should sound like it is a methodical application of core themes throughout your journey as you begin to become more comfortable with your skills and realize that you are a force to be reckoned with the soundtrack is not just a banger it is a banger with layers upon layers of meaning behind every note as we conclude todays review it is important that we discuss the ideas that we have talked about today how does ultra kill Define itself from its predecessors while it may not be first of its kind does it innovate on previous ideas absolutely it does not only does the game accomplish publish this through the art of its graphics and audio but through the Easter eggs meaning and most importantly skill expression Ive yet to come across a solo player game that has truly challenged me as much as this game has but it has in a way that has forced me to grow and improve to survive and achieve my goals there is no better feeling than going up against that boss you are struggling with a week ago and with your newfound knowledge absolutely destroying them but you have to understand that this game is not for everyone this game is meant for those that are willing to face the Relentless task of pushing the players FPS skills to the absolute limit that is what makes Ultra kill not just a game but a work of art and that is why I believe Ultra kill is truly legendary what do you all think of ultra kill do you love it hate it never even want to play it let me know in the comments down below feel free to also let me know if there are any other games coming up that you want to see me review thank you all so much for watching but until next time Ive gotta peace out and pass out buy steam game cheaper ULTRAKILL is one of the most highly rated games currently on Steam right now. As a fusion of Quake and Doom, the game hits all of the heart-racing, adrenaline-pumping gameplay needed to deliver a masterpiece to the player. Through this gameplay loop, graphic and audio style, and innovation on the genre, Hakita has truly delivered a legendary work of art. This is Why ULTRAKILL is the Darksouls of the FPS Genre.- - - Chapter Markers Intro - 0:00 What is ULTRAKILL? - 0:07 Gameplay Loop - 0:50 Graphical Style - 2:08 Audio Composition - 3:31 How Does ULTRAKILL Innovate? - 5:52 Conclusion - 6:52 Outro - 7:02 coop horror games on steam can i play with steam friends on xbox game pass install on steam deck cozy games on steam for mac how to delete games on steam permanently