ULTRAKILL - All About The Screwdriver (Green Railcannon)

Steam watch game not workingreplacement cap for shark steam mop ULTRAKILL game hey its me you know glue the guy who makes all those videos about that video game well off the title alone im sure you guys can guess what this is about huh me and this weapon have a sort of history if you want to call it that yeah so to avoid the mass confusion and my public execution were going to be taking an objective look on the green rail cannon aka the screwdriver screwdriver does three damage on impact afterwards it does 7.25 damage over the span of eight seconds which if you dont have a calculator thats 0.90625 damage per second dps as the kids call it you want maximum uptime this makes it especially useful against certain enemies such as the hideous mass as when hit on the weak spots it takes over 30 damage which is actually half of its 60 hp cybergrind health pool thats not all its also got its ups and downs for example it actually increases the blood pickup range and to complement that it gives you a lot of blood like a lot of blood which is actually really quite nice a lesser known fact is that actually stops the mind flare from teleporting teleporting all right not attacking be sure to understand the difference its you know kind of important now lets still talk about the bad stuff right the falloff range i mean this thing is so pathetic it cant even make it out a meter or two or without hitting the ground thankfully if you do hit them youll be rewarded generously as with the latest patch you can actually parry the screwdriver in quotes which fires it off in a straight line with no fall off as well as resetting the cooldown ultimately letting you go infinite at least in theory since you will always need two enemies additionally to circumvent the terrible range you can actually stick the drill onto the corpses of malicious faces to allow for easier parries yeah so you know sorry maurice but you know you know how it is man you know how it is now that weve gone over the stance and some quirks how well does it fare against the other rail cannons objectively well im glad to say that im still right this is objectively ass and lets go over it you know objectively of course first off the damage yes the green rail cannon does more damage than both of the rail cannons at least on paper the blue rail cannon can not only pierce but opens up the opportunity to rail coin of course with the red rail cannon being an aoe it does more damage as long as you you know shoot at two or more enemies not to mention if you do shoot at only one enemy there is the potential for afterburn which has more damage as well as malicious nuking and you know so forth also the green rail cannons dot is actually quite pitiful if you look into it i mean the knuckle duster does more dps oh but glue its great against the hideous maps like you said you know you know what else is great against hideous mass you could just do this Music all right were moving on next is the blood this weapon gives you you know what else gives you blood shooting at enemies also doesnt matter since you are supposed to be getting hit anyways at least you know of course objectively speaking of course now heres where it gets a little tricky and is going to require a sort of roundabout point of view the mind flare yes being able to stop the mind flare from teleporting is amazing however i think we can all agree killing it would be even better right which is why im going to show you how to more consistently kill the mind flare using a single blue rail cannon charge to do this we must first understand the mind of a mind flare the ai after lots and lots of thorough testing i have found that the mind flare has a sort of damage cap at about seven damage now what do i mean by this similar to how in some games if you deal too much damage to a boss too quickly they go invincible its sort of like that after dealing seven damage the mineflow will teleport unless its already attacking in which case it will teleport after it is done attacking its important to note that the 7 damage cap does not also have to be in a single burst rather it builds up over time sort of like a mirror does your head hurt because its going to hurt even more two more things to note when first spawned in if they are not in melee range the mind flare will always i repeat always always always use the ball move instead of the beam secondly when the mind flare teleports it will always be someone near you now with all that in mind heres how it goes when the mind player spawns you hit him with a blue rail cannon dealing eight damage triggering them to teleport they teleport somewhat close to you and start using the ball move using an explosive of your choice whiplash over and instantly kill them in case you dont know how the instant kill works on mind flares are playing videos that can and will explain better than i ever could check them out would ya anyways obviously you could just use the instant kill technique but this method allows you to kill mind flares more and more consistently with practice but its important to note that the instant kill technique isnt the most consistent in general this method is just to show a more effective alternative use of your railgun charge against specifically mind flayers and i think this is the sort of quintessential problem with the green rail cannon its a mediocre dot that gives you lots of heals that healing of course acting as a sort of pseudo-damage reduction a pretty good one at that however what some people forget is that the best form of damage reduction is damage why try to block some dudes attack when you can just obliterate them especially in a game that punishes you for repeatedly getting hit would you rather take the consistent solid damage or like a fraction of that damage to be spread out over a longer period of time in exchange for healing which may or may not be able to benefit you thats why the best thing you can do is always use i mean like if its up all the time you should always i mean i dont give a if its like kind of mid and kind of ass listen it looks cool it sounds cool and it gives you a lot of blood huh i mean like whats there not to love right this things a piece of i mean you should listen hey you made it you know all the way here appreciate it uh dont really have anything funny you know no funny impressions like last time sorry i had to cut the budget back for all the editing chops and whatnot uh but hey i got this uh funny clip right a little funny clip maybe that can satiate it thanks again how to play steam games with a ps3 controller In a previous video I said that the green railgun was the worst weapon in ULTRAKILL. Unknowingly, that was like opening Pandoras Box. So here is an objective look so I dont get slaughtered. If you like it, use it. If you dont, dont Mindflayer Instant Kill guide videos Music Used Melty Blood Actress Again - Encount UNIST - Forceful Step (Jazz Style Cover - Guest San) OMORI - Tussle Among Trees Melty Blood Type Lumina - Spirit & Technique & Body Bayonetta 2 - Gates of Hell Pikuniku - Free Money Final Fantasy VIII - Waltz For The Moon how to get free steam games no download steam deck lutris epic games what is steam wallet card 512 steam deck handheld steam cleaner rental