Steam game appidymca with steam room near me ULTRAKILL game oh hello can we be friends Music im swimming come on were going shopping yeah stop youre ruining the moment  __  i love ultra kill yeah yeah dude Music yo whats up hows it going everybody i got some time to kill before we have a planned session of core keeper later with the boys i was like what should we do until then oh lets play ultra kill its a neat little fps game that ive been meaning to play its a lot like doom it looks neat so were just going to play it for like an hour before court keeper and if i like it well keep playing more later everybody i know whos played this game has been like its  __  sick yeah so i want to play it so quiet i was gonna calibrate my audio oh yeah cool oh more games need to do this dude this is such a nice setting Laughter it boots at zero volume and it tells you to slide it up to where you want oh i love it i also heard that the music in this game is  __  sick so maybe i turn it up a little extra oh lets just play on standard current objective find a weapon mankind is dead blood is full if blood is fuel hell is full oh were going to hell f to punch slide oh cool wait can you just slide infinitely thats awesome deal close range damage to douse yourself in fresh blood this is the only way to regain health what blood yeah blood is fuel i bathe in the blood i gotta find a gun a game by rc hakida a gun hey yo that was sick holy  __  oh oh im grinning that was  __  cool blood what a long hallway i wonder no reload only shoot kill you guys yeah this is  __  tied you can deflect projectiles oh  __  Laughter oh  __  yeah this is  __  awesome Music oh Music flap in your head and your head in your head in your head dude this is  __  sick awesome i got a bunch of pee pee oh weapons marksman press alt fire to throw a coin hit an airborne coin to deflect your shot to the nearest enemys weak point coins can be chained what enemies oh theres like a beastiary lesser demon that implies greater demons is there going to be like shotguns and  __  you can use both revolvers now okay the cyber grind oh its literally like a grind to get points for like oh thats kind of cool like you could just  __  if a levels too hard you could do this grind mode and get a bunch of points to buy stuff this is dope Music dude thats so cool thats so flashy dude what oh  __  thats so rad yeah wait who the  __  was that oh hey yo who the  __  is that i want a sword im gonna fight him later huh oh  __  oh they have guns oh  __  insufficient firepower oh hello can we be friends oh swords machine Music oh hes got a  __  shotgun okay cool well hey i think we could bust that door down now bam holy  __  yes yes yes so is this gonna be like a boss room pump charge press alt fire to pump your shotgun increasing the power and decreasing the accuracy of your next shot Music holy  __   __  oh oh yes shotgun good this shotgun sounds so good can you do this oh the chain wait how much damage does the shotgun do to this guy abandon hope all ye who enter here oh Music i wonder if i can carry that oh oh the other ones weak oh these are the guardians of hell these dudes really oh hes mad man holy  __  Music holy  __  this doesnt look like hell this looks very nice oh hello its a skull come on were going shopping Music this is so peaceful oh they jumped at me and then blew up awesome oh  __  oh my god no way this is happening its got limited ammo though i can see why hey look a blue i had a place where this can go i think there this thing i knew it so peaceful i love it here hey the blue thing should i take this back i cant go backwards oh oh i kind of missed the peaceful vibe im not gonna oh who the  __  who the  __  was that they had flame throwers no i threw the coin behind the wall jesus they hurt please billy they call this a boomer shooter but no shot can a mover keep up with this game oh you sweet sweet summer child hit up any 30 year old that played quake back in the day and they will  __  run your  __  pockets dude holy  __  any old school doom or quake guys will  __  destroy you at a game like this i promise oh  __  okay okay hello oh hes stuck oh you can shoot their gas tanks thats so cool this musics so good uh Music whats going on with that body what the  __  holy  __  that guy was going crazy i see boss i pull out nail gun i  __  hold left trigger its awfully quiet now dude oh hello oh yeah oh its like a scorpion oh oh i died oh he grabbed me oops no i was like give me that tail  __  i was going for it i ran out of dashes live oh my god kill that guy was cool Music why is this so peaceful stop youre ruining the moment Music a nice peaceful dinner forgive me jesus yo that guy looks tight reeds book thats a lot of words its too bad i aint reading them three blue skulls its puzzle time baby maybe the book actually tells me where to get them of course the books gone oh i see you hello yoink theres gotta be one up here oh yeah i can see it hello Music yeah i feel like its got to do with this room oh yeah thatll do it nice its like they wouldnt put a big  __  room like that with nothing in it right dad oh nice to meet you oh dude he pre-fired where i was going that was crazy oh man there you go where are you jesus what he like  __  jumped into the air after that explosion shot and then shot me from there get back here oh whats this new arm cool oh big punch boom that was fun as  __  so i have big arm now wait can i read on him if you stay close it will run away yeah  __  for sure that dude was hauling ass around that arena i had to track his ass down and then at the very end he was like oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  so i just pulled out the  __  coin gun also i was looking up what this  __  does what is this what does this do oh it it does attract nails okay i see can i do this death bomb holy  __  awesome whoa cool Music oh yeah i forgot to use this boom Music awesome cool wow lust bridge burner oh  __  oh hello hi blood what the  __  what the hell what the  __  was that oh new gun what the  __  what is this jesus  __  christ railgun and its just one big shot railgun recharges even when unequipped cool yeah this this coin toss gun man its its probably like the best fps game mechanic like ever it is so  __  cool whoa what the  __  is that big guy oh guys youre gonna want to see this whoa now hold on fires a powerful drill wait thats the core drill thats literally the core drill what this is my  __  game i  __  love this logic split nah drill yeah i gotta do the cyber grind so i can get some more pp hello oh oh  __  im cyber grinding oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yes yeah holy  __  this music is so good oh yeah oh no he got me dude this is so  __  cool hey theres my 10k pp i needed oh it goes with your friend high scores thats cool yup cool yeah yeah yeah uh-huh Laughter yes oh  __  yes who the  __  is that Laughter jesus christ wow okay yeah we should get back to the main game now though probably thats  __  sick more more see if we can progress a little more oh im swimming wonder i know where this goes what the hell are you oh thats a lot of blood  __  i love ultra kill yeah yeah dude those poor first enemies that just happened to see me when my real gun is out poor innocent souls like that guy  __  that guy i love the little falling sound they make i cant see anything oh  __  i think i overcharged and blew myself up oh the carnage goodness gracious great balls of fire we got mark up there just watching court of the corpse king okay Music hello oh i dont like that oh my oh jesus oh god oh what the  __  them  __  was so big im just gonna nuke him come here  __  yeah yeah Music oh hello this is happening thats got to be variable oh i think i did it awesome challenge perry a punch i did it ew belly of the beast he just blew up so much oh that that hurts me i kind of dont like that real good why are there cleaners in hell you dont need to clean this place oh god whoa whoa theres a hole there ew oh my violence Music  __  leaves the will of god now hold on a second your choice is made as the righteous hand of the father i shall read you apart oh you will become inanimate okay is this a boss fight somethings telling me this is a boss fight oh god lets go  __  oh where did i die i guess i died i was like what damn he hurts i feel like parrying his stuff is gonna do the most damage in this fight oops oh no awesome how can this be bested by this this thing oh is there more please but this is not over oh did he call me an insignificant  __  oh dude that that fight was fun because he  __  you could parry like all of his attacks disgrace humiliation unseemly and unwelcome at the feet of the council their eyes ablaze with bitter resentment glaring through gabriels wounds of body and soul bore outward for all to see has this one abandoned the way of our creator it is unworthy of it the fathers light is indomitable no its not i just  __  whooped his ass i made him my little  __  the holy light within him an unstoppable storm of divine fury insurmountable for mere objects holy council my devotion to our creators absolute ive never strayed from the will of the father but a machine you dare imply that the might of the father could be shaken by mere objects impossible heresy unspeakable heresy heresy silence your treachery will not be tolerated as punishment the fathers light shall be served severed from your body you have 24 hours before the last of its embers will die out and you with them prove your loyalty unmake your mistakes as the light was ripped from his being gabriel screams were silenced in the hiss of gospel in praise of god a boiling anguish which even the fires of hell could not compare through the blaze of torment a single burning hatred was forged anew if the machines seek blood he would give it freely and with such fury even metal will bleed oh  __  thats a thats a hard ass line i dont have this to insert it anyways oh is act two actually a thing oh cool oh this is the level from the tweet hey  __  guy man okay bye what this what oh yeah boom no way i have a third arm where is that whats happening yeah oh god it broke my  __  audio oh jesus i i cant hear i cant see where where am i whats happening whats this  __  oh there you go oh oh he really said leaves the Music a atmosphere points whats this oh traitor poor gabe got his ass beat now everybody thinks hes a little  __  boy he didnt deserve that jill just sent me something and i have to say i agree thank you for that oh god its him oh not again god  __  you um damn you look cool Music ah the  __  coins bro damn was he shooting at my coins i think he was shooting my coins that  __  that mean i can shoot his probably im gonna try get back here  __  oh he got me dude this is so cool what the hell oh my god thats so cool Music your arm  __  thats awesome as if we didnt oh my theres a  __  grappling hook oh my god man this game is so good come here  __  i love it i love it dude that second phase of the boss fight was so  __  cool that was awesome thanks for playing player five wrath is still currently under development for news and progress fallout yeah i already do im already on all these baby thats  __  actually so wicked thats actually so  __  awesome Music you floor steam cleaner rental MANKIND IS DEAD. 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