(ULTRAKILL) early access gameplay with that one anime girl【NIJISANJI ID | Hana Macchia】

How do i sell games on steamhow does borrowing games on steam work ULTRAKILL gameplay Music do Music Music do Music Music Music do Music Music Music oh Music so i discovered trump from discovered something uh i i realized that i i started the game the demo so try and start the game again and i dont know if that means i have to repeat everything again but if it is the case if that is the oh god i have to ban somebody over there hey give me a moment oh god you get get out of here get out of here okay um if i have to do repeat the prelude i do not mind but yes lets uh lets lets do that shall we i honestly dont care i dont know how things work but yeah oh oh why is there no music sound aware Music hi you can transfer your save by moving the files from the demo saved folder to the game games folder thank you can i i i i i i start demo though how do i find the demo save file if i uninstall the demo Music ill just play again its okay its okay its all good its all good were just not gonna play the puzzle scene puzzle level were just gonna skip that but but other than that just you know speed one oh wait why is that wait let me reboot i think i think the music the music the sound is not available to us simpletons no where is your the big boo boo give me a moment professional streamer totally uh-huh yeah what the is it no but theres like a little intro thing Music i guess its off all right im scared all right im stupid god i forgot i forgot things all right game and uh whoops a game good day scenes of expressive violence and gore it says children close your eyes very spooky no dont look at it from where latest version calibration expired new calibration required beginning calibration audio oh thats why oh dios mio wow okay there it is yeah i was wondering why the heck is it thingy pc mechanics oh Music god you hi dave no chad right fine for the memes lets do it i dont care for the meme im going to suffer thank you im sorry funny sexy robot yay yay all right all right i think here we go ah whoops i forgot to dash give me give me a moment i might as well get used to the mechanics while playing violence i hate you memories wish me luck please sir makiya okay good luck okay lets go okay its all sort of coming back to me sort of but its time to see the funny intro scene again no Music i still cant pronounce your name correctly im sorry if that offends you probably not okay here we go here we go here lets screw it were gonna im gonna im gonna do it im gonna do it its its gonna its gonna happen in violence in my ears god scare fear fear music Music thank you thats absolute god whoops i cant read thomas while i do this thank you though im not full gamer enough can i can i do things oh yeah oh god i missed i missed i missed mister please let me miss so now you know like that thats what i wanted to do whoops shoot welcome to know but everybody who doesnt know what this game is its ultrakill all you gotta do is shoot shoot because theyre just gonna chill there wait i guess theyre just gonna okay all right no buddy you cant move you cant go nowhere Laughter hey Music Music okay i believe this is like okay yep oh that headshot of them cool oh hi hey yes thank you blood blood is tasty yummy wow yummy oh god its gonna make me there you go oh my god i did it in first try im a pro gamer i am a professional professional streamer yes professional wow so good at game wow i did it very epic all right Music no Music oh theres more wow wow i died i died a lot easier i i guess its a difficulty blood thats not blood blood blood give me your blood why are you jumping stop jumping give me your blood thank you why are they jumping so much stop jumping thats not what i wanted to do okay im already sweating oh god i forgot ah its okay i practiced no no i remember that one no no youre out damn it damn it i forgot how butt-wrenching difficult this is but at least give me your blood thank you cool epic oh stop angry stop angry give me your blood give me blood yummy Music cool all right give me a e nope see thats good enough for me s lets see okay good enough for me oh god i need to tie my hair up i am i am sweating where is my air conditioner ill just use today anyway if you guys are interested go get it its in early access although this is in fact a prelude so this is the demo levels you can actually play this for free the demo still for free i believe i believe that would be the case oh its this thing i dont have enough for it okay i dont have enough for it but its okay this a loot game no why would you think that that is a weird thought oh oops sorry i didnt mean to i didnt mean to do that how would this be oh there he is oh my god i didnt even notice him the first time hes right there did i notice him i dont think i did but he is our good old buddy i need to kill him oh my god and dont squish me stop squishing me over here get squished get to the thing get squished no i forgot about this oh hi shoot me hey no why didnt i do it im not good what oh its him there he is why you leave theres some left you didnt kill everybody clean things faster Music eh well im stuck oh god that couldve been terrible literally doom 64. no this is fun id like that i didnt i do not enjoy well actually doom 64 is fine most of it most of it some some things about it is a bit is a bit painful at least at least for a last like me am i ah i still dont know how to use it but you know what and Music i have to learn how to use this okay ill try ill try it wait double down very happiness no wait how do i no you know what im bad with the gun thats just traditional gun i just i just i dont know how to use it i need to learn but but im so stubborn oh oh oh i did the thing i did it okay let me wait let me do things again whoa okay wait okay wait i sort of get it not really i kind of do thank you for blood sort of i i i understand sort of not really brain capacity dumb thank you for the donations by the way i forgot how fast-paced this game is that i forgot to mention that i should read the donations game intense oh hes right there sorry about that did not see you sir man hey wait no wrong here here ah wait i just realized something if if blood is my fuel and im killing monsters to get im killing monsters to get new new blood forgive me sponsor me for some service Music there he is can i can i shoot whoa i can oh god i i im scared to fight you in violence to fight Music oh my god he started immediately hes this mega mans gun now stop doing that much fear much fear much fear im scared of you i dont like you stop stop that not good i dont approve of it oh my god gun boom bro Music there you go give me your shotgun epic goodbye i guess we might see him again later huh thank you shadowbug let me read the donuts a bit let me take a small break uh take your house have it to reap god violence is pretty hard i was actually playing before the stream if you read boss one four that would be epic because im stuck on it and thank you nice coin hit and shadow back thank you again uh two things for about the coin gun the coin thats affected by which direction youre moving and if you time the shot right when then you can get the super cool split shot and hit two monsters at once also you can make wishes and fountain with it yes i im not going to do that its not going to do that no no no thank you hello im super child i know but thank you for the tips i i will not use coin gun probably or maybe i will probably wait i missed i missed i missed the shooter here blood well no never mind whoa thats very close hi hello hello why Music wait is the stream like is it is it running smoothly because i dont know is it is it is it is it is it okay is everything okay everything okay its flagging a little a little its smooth kind of lag only one for one small laggy its been real small okay mostly smooth only lagging for some people oh my god oh my gosh i lose so much blood there this meal i lose so much blood but i also gained so much blood Music are they gonna come here squeeze good good thats very good i look like like funny guys oh hello oh hello hello youre so fast its really hard to shoot you for some reason for some ungodly reasons theres no reason for me to have this much difficulty to shoot those smalls whoa there he is again whoa see i have your gun now what does that make you feel buddy huh does that make you feel things what sort of things does it make you feel eh ive begun very cool i like your thumbs very nice that was silly that was that was not the way stop it i need your blood stop it i need your blood very nice doing that oh thank you Music ah i made big oopsies sorry im big dumb no hes just noobing honestly hes just human thats mostly the reason i got sliced eyes a sliced robot sounds sliced bloody robot sounds really something of course can i try to predict your thing and boom oh i can very cool i did it once and i can do it again probably because i guess thats the only thing you have right now but stop doing it now playing the broom bro stop it its illegal lets do the pew pew pew thing again just do that too at that thing its fine dont like it when you boom boom boom boom yeah that that that i dont like it when you do that its its its painful you know very ouch very very out for me i thought i got blood i need to get used to this wait maybe my arm position is incorrect whoa whoa i can just zip zoom to you thats kind of weird i dont know how i do that maybe maybe one is slim slim skinny legend absolute skinny skinny are you oh never what am i saying why am i saying curse things i should stop no i shouldnt relaxing first things Music you got rid of my damn health as soon as i got it back you big stinky stop that broom room and the one that goes to the very like front yeah yeah that one i dont like it stop it everybody while im expecting it also i put part one because i i think im gonna most likely im probably going to do parts or for this and its that and you big stinky you made me miss your big stink how dare ya come back here give me blood please thank you go thanks no no no no im scared there you go you did it cool that didnt take forever they did not took forever them please dont compare my score to like the the first time i did this its violent okay dont dont judge me i forgot what this was um on fire poke your shotgun oh right its the funny pump pump thing hell yeah oh oops whoops whoops whoops whoops whoops i just gotta go far away from it how do i change it oops oops whoops whoops gun v1 no incorrect its this one im sorry i just did a funny boom for no reason why did i do that wait i forgot how to use it this is the look at all this thick blood Music malicious your face isnt actually very malicious i cant reach i think i did the same mistake earlier like first time as well oh hes down here looking for me what no not in that way stop it oh this is so cool whoa that scared me boom boom boom boom come here come here wait do i have to do things no it doesnt work lets use the explosive thing oh theres one oops oh theres more more blood more dude by the way this does remind me i need to practice playing the maternal again i dont know if i should stream my practice but i need to practice because the dlc oh boy ah i cant just go in blind again so uh yeah i think i need to practice again should i stream it its going to be really bad let me share the old gods dlc yes i will thats why i want to practice ask really its gonna be real bad especially especially like in the very first stream so i have to practice i still like this music ill take this time to remind you that you can get this game on your own instead of watching me play because this game is actually really light and fun you should play yourself this is actually stupid fun uh Music oh theyre hard their bodies bosses later on i know you think i dont know about and hopefully who enter here and there he goes its time for nadine there he goes there he goes there he blows there he blows and there he blows so there he blows big man big man with his big ball what node incorrect i dont like saying that never mind there he goes and you know you think this is hard it will get worse in case theres any one meal because im sure theres a lot of people who are new to this in that case hello welcome its ultrakill why am i using this uh use the other thing there he goes there he blows there are two of them there are two of them it is holy bear this is nightmare very bad is im gonna die never mind just as i thought id die never Music and just like that trust me its hard its just i know because i know what he does all right its its mostly because i know i know what he does thats why i memorized it like its like at this at this point its like memory its all coming back but yeah dont dont dont assume that im good by that its just because im traumatized i swear i forgot how to change how am i dumb look its two were not were not bi were not dealing with that no sir no sir hey look its a little thing very nice very cool i forgot i completely forgot what to do here look at this relaxing music chat its great i have a thing lets go over here lets put it here and then suddenly suddenly suddenly there it goes Music i mean theres still a little jingle of the relaxing music so i guess it is relaxing in some ways why are you hiding back there why are you hiding back here stop it oh my god oh my god Music oh yeah wow that was quick i already have it Music how are you nice thats not it thats cute Music this is doom clone this is a retro shooter welcome to a new genre well not really new but previously not really a genre much i think correct me if im wrong probably not but yeah its a whole genre of retro shooter very cool that if you like fast paced shoot shoot the stuff it this could be like this uh wait i cant shoot come down come down okay there you go anyone here before Music where was the place for me to put this little blue thing i do not remember oh its here its here apparently thank you for reminding me enemies thank you very sweet of you uh yeah okay oh Music fun man i forget how up walked away from me how dare you walk away from me like that that is disrespectful sir im talking to you you dont walk away from me when i need you to talk to you do you do you do you do you you dont were not were not doing that secret level sir no sir im traumatized what what was that oh all right over here why is it whats a whoa oh fire while shooting to overheat for a quick burst of heart damage at the cost of a heat shake what does that mean ill get it but oh hello wait ah so what do i do so what is what does the heat think i dont understand my brains small oh oh i just realized the the bullets are like weird Music i need to i need to come over to you guys hello wait ah i cant climb very well can you get down i cant parkour very well can you please kitty please can you please get down sir maam sir maam this is a wendys please appreciate your vocal damn youtuber nevermind then all right lets not use that wait did i already get it i dont know if im going to get it now oh i already got it never mind all right you know what im just going to use shoot guns i like no brain just boom like that see im missing everything but you know what no brains you just learn its very great do you think so sir stop running away from me i dont like it when you run away from me how do i do jump jump im not good at jumping wait do i jump from here uh here no incorrect in in incorrect see this is why i dont play quick dammit but im playing this instead why why do i why why do i suffer myself like this plat form up go up thing up the thing up the thing be to be what we want please just think about do the things get something please get catches oh hes down now now hes running away not so tough when im when im around hey wait can i come climb the trees an attempt succeeded but i dont know if that was the right way i guess i could climb anything if i wanted to like from here perhaps see this one this this this was this was the easier way to do it but you know what my stupid queen did not see it ah hello ill go from here im just my bret my face died give me a moment no no my face is gonna die its not successfully filled shush its gonna take a while just in bad at better jump okay im only not not the most agile person look and theres like a little platform to jump wow i failed again im so bad at jumping im so bad at jumping wow wow is that right buddy all right what if i just bye delete it you just delete us oh thats a surprise a surprise that is welcome whats up buddies yep Music hey let me punch you Music oh that killed me i thought i thought the explosion time but no you might expose you and kill everybody you know in game you you you get blood heals you explosion not good very bad no not explosive they shoot up i should remember that its so weird to fight them in a closed space like this although it is cool im not used to it i gotta get used to it though im sorry im starting to think that might be like a normal mob on like when i say later on i hope that isnt probably not thatd be thatd be real funny because id be screaming wow explosion oh theres bye oh my god what if he kills me what if he kills me no never mind he did not he did not succeed huh remember when it turned out that this was held like a smaller area you were locked in yeah for the people who started at this game to play it yourself yes please its really its really cheap right now like like i think its on discount because the realms deep okay boomer con so yeah go go play it yourself i why does that guy run away from me its really fun though this this thing is cute it reminds me of kakodi and i like them theyre very cute why did music stop why did music stop im scared no hello hello oh oh thats two things yeah everybodys already dead oh Music Laughter god oh no the burning world why why is the world burning i left for just a little bit also am i shining am i am i a bright boy ive never seen you before oh cool theyre like pyromania pyros very cool oh no no dont dont you dare i swear to i sure i swear to god i Music making a bath that got me even more off guard you big stinky you cant just cant just do that to me i get scared by a sudden enemy very scary okay you know understands you must understand its very scary oh my god at youtube oh oops sorry open door what what Laughter my finger got trigger happy whoo im way too excited about this enemy because i like i like fiery enemies theyre cool oh my gosh why is v1 ouch of fire you know fire is fine its fine you know what maybe i should maybe i should funny no no yeah lets try new gun maybe maybe shoot gun not good maybe although that is that is uh that is a logic i wouldnt i would i do not like to think my god the little scream my ears i blood not good blood my blood very very small blood you know the checkpoint would appreciate checkpoint yes i would a big big appreciative check checkpoint very very appreciated Music oh wait can i get blood from it what no what is this music what is his music wow that isnt correct what do i do with this i want the thing i got it very epic whoa dont die whoa oh my god theres so many of them hi ah cant see i cant see my eyes my eyes very small thank you uh wait earlier from chisel youre getting hot under the collar dont forget to hydrate everyone thank you and on the ice skates and i hear german fast music i must listen to more of this later have fun with this gym yeah thank you uh lets see lets see this well that did not go as planned but you know we learned from our mistake oh yeah is this is so hard welcome to my world of games i dont know why i like no thought just shoot oh god it wait give me a moment Music okay sorry theres a lot of bugs in indonesia wow Music fire is very very home just like me im good very painful very very painful also dont worry i dont need tips just saying i dont need tips uh at least not now im not asking for it so dont give me Music Music got smacked well it looks like this game is very hard im im playing on the difficulty for where its sort of supposed to be hard for me so i want to play standard i miss thunder suddenly give me back my my my easy first time player thing damn it damn it i know im not a first time player but i can do it why are they so difficult to do with okay wait oh why is it wait what if i use this one this one might be effective stop fire i guess not you know maybe not that fire you explode on things no i guess not ah god i gotta eat fear fear fear im not supposed to be scared in this type of game but fear small stop things hello goodbye hello goodbye wait excuse me excuse me you can increase her accuracy by enabling auto even shut shut shut up shut up shut up shut up get stinky get out of here what is this oh look at the middle nuts and already you think hes a man an earlier thinking size is i give it to jesus dont forget to hydrate and drink some water yall yes this hakita the one that made this game the one that made this game and they like apparently apparently they they like to bully streamers or maybe just me i dont know i like to assume its awesome oh oh i did not expect this music wait im vibing wait wait im vibing yo this is nice split counter only require one scroll to open it one pass too difficult try the other are you assuming that i cant do things game i probably cant wait so wheres the skulls then am i Music stupid Music Music okay oh boy thats a lot of jumpy jump oh no more fire people get out of here youtube here i dont like you just thank you ah your big stink yeah dont like you very much get out of my here oh now you chose this path this is your own doing shut up Music stop bullying me im sorry for scream i fear i dont i dont want to resume Laughter damn them oh my god oh my god are you real no youre real oh no its real oh god oh god oh god i have to deal with it oh god there he there there where where is he where is he oh there he goes hes down there hello friend i dont even know your what is your health bar i cant even see it no more what youre not even a boss youre not a boss youre not a boss theres more isnt it dont theres no more right were done right were done were done were done epic gamer wow epic oh its not a boss i was joking you know what joke do you know jokes you know i like to do them just saying like hey itd be funny if cerberus was was a normal mob you know just funny joke you know i did not mean it mean it i did not all right why am i up here reasons unknown but i appreciate oh hi oh i almost fell no no no stop stop stop stop stop stop stop it Music you dont like the fire no no no no stop giving me my ears no no no Music malicious face its been a while buddy i think its gonna deal with all the bosses or something whats happening here oh my god theres two why is there two um oh god let me think of a song when im angry just so i dont swear try not to swear so lets lets think of a song i guess ill say lets just do bakami thai lets do it Music me is Music Music yes oh another one Music i did it my aim bad but that is not news that is something that you guys know ah wheres thing there he is little little boy i like these guys theyre our father for me they are my health you know we have potions never mind i guess i just died just like that never mind never never mind what wait what hello hello hello hello i am here oh there they are thats starting from here oh thats the red thing there it is wow were almost done were in the last bit that means something bad is good oh my god that that that happens i see how it is your big stinky get out of here get out youre out youre out of commission sir and see you too thats thats my reaction okay i can finally get the thing i leave now big stinky wait what why is it say that i guess you you cant do that to me you cant do that to me i just im done im done im done let me go please oh my god let me go let me go let me go let me go why you dont let me go please please i want to go please thank you im done i did the thing wow Music did not need to change my path oh there he is well we get to fight you finally i guess i shoot your belly oh i dont know what that does oh its a boom with a boom boom yeah its a boom boom oh very very dangerous boom boom youre a are you uh are you a are you a prawn are you a front some sort of crown thats so funny youre very into oh my god whats happening why why you why you hold me stop stop it no theres nothing thats not polite give me blood oh never mind give me blood never mind okay lets see maybe i should use ah no stop holding me stop holding me stop holding me stop holding me stop holding me leave me alone leave me alone you know whats up holding mr foley mr holding me damn it Music dude Music do uh can i shoot that thing up there oh god hey you cant you cant get me you cant get me Music you cant what am i shooting what am i shooting im still shooting you but youre just panicking now youre your baby your baby stop being a baby stop being a baby baby baby yeah thats bloody i was too far to get blood though see beat see bc torture oh god here we go i believe this is a boss do i get anything nope nothing still cant click on enemies oh boy my worst enemy its time for a puzzle im joking imagine though what if the first pass was a puzzle just this this this oh look Music spooky puzzle you know i just wanna enjoy the music for a moment before it might get ruined so uh lets enjoy music for a bit Music wait oh my god it actually is a oh my god no no no no no lets go up actually oh god my worst enemy no Music forgive me what to do what you do what you do what you do what you do why why why what you do what you doing what to do what to do oh god Music my my mind is a gif with the eternal torments lord vistas painted with insidious tones hollow walls that scream to the touch a mocking song plays that all hours even the sounds of birds are fake all reminders of my enduring damnation gabrielle my dearest friend in endless penance ive waited for your embrace into heaven ive been so faithful accepting my faith but to what end what punishment is this that i am to bear the keys to my own doom with no hope of salvation these girls near their devilish screams grins voices chattering tempting me to take the plunge deeper into hell i wont do it ive hidden them away amongst my furnishings books and the very foundations of this occurs please forgive me gabriel i will await your remaining text irrelevant oh my god i threw it away i yielded the book away everyone does not care everyone says literature no thank you i throw book and it resets and it no its just gone wow bloody so i go down now oh god hello is this moon Music yes that is indeed the number i pressed do i have to press all of it or put this one you know punch fire brick table okay i guess not i dont like puzzle Music why you give me puzzle Music hey Music playing secret level and turns out being like a puzzle me i hate puzzles time to add the puzzle to game what what is it why is making noises i dont know what to do if i should stinky shoot everything stinky i shoot everything i should puzzle away get out of here shoot shoot shoot shoot what do i do oh god my brain my oh god there has to be something else here is there im missing am i missing things whos there confused my brain small so so what does this mean i press the thing it no longer lets me press things no more it just says four for what wow effects im not sliding but yet the effects are there Music Music im so smart im so smart my brain is expanding right now my brain expanding right now see that take that take that wait thats scary wait they cut me off Laughter i guess okay okay okay okay okay okay sorry sorry sorry my heart my heart got scared what does that mean why was why was there a thing there what does it mean uh what does it mean Music wow Music i slide again maybe i find that why is there a lot why is that light hello i shoot the thing why are you why are you blue why are you blue where is that blue coming from blue right blue why is that blue i shoot everything i shoot number shot number no should window no shoot oh i should something something was shot epic gamer full monster thank you very heels just to suffer no suffer because i am pro oh god hey now this opens very nice okay so that scared me okay so solution is oh god wait okay wait im scared of jump scare okay nothing alright cool all right cool dont scare me again i dont like being scared by game solution is shoot shoot everything shoot everything yes that is true solution that is how you do things suit everything very cool im being so noisy im being so noisy im so noisy shoot school no so thank you jeremy can i give you i can give you a money here have a money thank you i appreciated the money shoot bed that doesnt sound like a bed thats supposed to be proof but no that not fluff thats thank you hello hello sits wait no f you i guess got weird names its okay Music Music we Music shoot everything oh Music everything that doesnt reflect anything thats why dont wonder okay theres the last one Music my brain i have defeated the puzzle oh boy im scared im scared im scared im scared just dont dont jump scare me im scared im scared im scared im scared thank you seriously what game do you play there harna you can read the title Music hello Music what do you mean thats so cool oh my god that revealed though oh my god what oh my god that was so sick god oh youre so stylish youre far more stylish than me you go with the coins and everything eh superior supposedly im supposed to be more superior than you but i feel like you definitely are more superior oh my god oh my god thats so cool this is gonna be painful though upgraded version of myself hmm oh my god your your wings are like all blue your grey wings turn blue does my wings turn blue thats so cool i really like wings you know Music i i i im too i am way too i said thats so cool okay wait i need to stop im not gonna win i cant win i cant win oh my god look at him hes sliding everywhere wow thats so cool how do i win this though with sheer luck and determination i guess ugh my ass my i mean no not my ass but my butt ripped apart right here and there this is difficult im so used to big boss and this is like small target this this is this is a this is nightmare this is actually a nightmare just as i thought i i hate small targets here it goes fighting the smallest targets imaginable my aim i dont know what to use i killed myself yeah why is he hurting himself wait are you seeing this he just hurt himself Music oh man let me is it still is it still laggy by the way im sorry if it is let me i think i might need to try to turn up the bit break perhaps i need to Music Music were gonna were gonna take a while on this one buddy this ones gonna take quite a while Music hes spinning hes spinning on my corpse did you see that he hurt himself again hes sprinting on my corpse Music wow where is he where is he where is he i dont know where he is oh there you are you big stinky oh my god god hes am so good hes aiming so good thats something i dont have so youre very superior i dont know what to do with you goddammit um oh Music god i need a break not really but give me a moment i need to break i need to hydrate myself beta is really tough yeah boy Music this is going to be later uploaded as your videos yeah yes it is going to be archived dont worry Music im not im not maybe i have to i have to full ponytail do i all right im all right tying my hair it means it doesnt mean anything its just people associated with being serious for some reason i think its really up against thank you im gonna put it until then i dont know im not being serious its just i just tie my hair up when im like trying to concentrate it doesnt wait i guess that means im serious sort of not really sort of not really all right wait youre not an anime i am an anime i figured phil after fantastic figuring him out take your time its okay yeah thank you youre very nice oh my my my uh okay but would you kiss me too yes i would i definitely would very very very very cool i am i am i i crush god hes so cool though he really is look at him look at that boy look at that boy absolute chad and im a virgin v1 god how do i god how do i do things i really i really dont know how how to it this is that level that like that forces you to like okay hi i know you probably have been choosing this with one favorite weapon but but f you refuse everything stinky use everything stinky this is like that level its like that level its its its like that one doomy turn level where its like no no no not super shotgun use everything stinky bad bad bad gamer bad gamer girl nightmare use everything and i and i am i am guilty im guilty damn it i know im guilty this isnt even all the weapons too oh my god a headshot i am so bad at aiming i am uh he is so new its not that mean bad its just he knew and bullet did not reach you know thats thats what it is you know its not me bad i swear i swear im not that bad he is just very new Music and i am not very new i just jump a lot Music the things lets try this thing i dont know exactly how to use it but figure it out i dont know what happened stop jumping all weird stop jumping all weird i gotta i gotta do things so this is a sticky pump sort of i guess may have to do i still havent figured out how to use this what what that hmm huh that was that was that was really effective for some reason i guess this is good no or maybe not maybe im just maybe i was just being good but i i just i just do not know this oh god oh god i did the thing the whoopsie thank you in the light ive gotta go for nobody youve got this hes doing the end of the road but it is one of the biggest obstacles thank you youre very sweet is it time is it time to let you kiss it go im gonna its gonna be so bad you know what do i give this a go im not going to be good at it but ill try i dont know you know i just shoot coin right it shoots wherever i move so its like ready im timing it feels very cool it feels very cool Music uh Music oh my god Music foreign me Music um Music okay come here get up close and personal with me come here let me give you a little Music smooch i think this combo of this oh and and and this lighting is probably good Music look Music is for some reason Music oh Music foreign Music is Music oh my god this is i i i i i i must be im a goober Music Music uh hey Music i will win i will be the one to win i will win i will win without damascus you big stinky give me your blood give me your blood give me your blood give me your blood give me your blood give me your blood Music this one worked a little bit ugh um Music this seems fun it is fun one i think dude i think youd love this bonavir if you have time to play this you will love this you really will you really will youll be amazing at this game more than me its quake but with devil may cry stuff youd love it you love game gem good for you its quick i hate i im in pain its just like its pain play it one play it im im sorry i did not mean to look us im just really frustrated right now mine yeah i mean stop shooting yourself and im not turning on aim assist that is not the kind of woman that i am trained to be can i figure out how to use this i dont know if i can but ill try oh i did something oh god oh stop i want to go in funny coins you know leave me alone Music i need i need i need i need i need sustenance im so hungry i need sustenance actually im not that hungry but i need i need i need consume coffee yeah i do goofy im just gonna im just gonna read chat for a bit i i have ive been way too focused and i could not read chat hi chat how are you guys doing how are you guys doing buddy im not missing much l okay good welcome to new people im hanamakia i like playing these kind of games although i am having a bit of a tough time and if you dont if you dont want to watch that feel free to chad was trying to backseat so hard really oh god uh oh yes people are still yeah its still its not spamming yeah its your usual chat almost yeah i i can see that okay all right mr mr backseaters here we go give me tips uh well while i well while i well im having a little break cause im uh im in pain punch shotgun pellets you can do that how do you do that just go ahead and try okay ill give it a go Music oh i didnt get to choose no no no its not Music time timing Music is oh my gosh no punch your own oh my own wait what is that how do i how did i do is that it oh my god whoa whoa i want to do wait okay wait i need to practice that okay wait yo what sorry oh im im horrible at timing it damn this is cool okay oh my god oh my god oh god wow its so cool thats so cool thats so cool thats so cool wow wow thats so cool Music thats so cool im so bad at tiny though im trying Music so bad Music Music cool Music that could be really helpful but im im im im im oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god okay thatd be great can i do it with this i can Music ugh uh my hands are so sweet Music i dont know how to do this i dont know how to deal with this part of me wants to try to like follow and suit and be really close and personal but its so difficult like like if i play far away and if i play from far away it means i kind of only got one shot and i cant really heal myself im not dont worry ill figure it out uh oh Music ah oh god im sorry im sorry im sorry i dont know why that made me laugh really hard i cant stop laughing oh im sorry oh god its really funny okay okay uh oh gosh this is so difficult difficult difficult game but i can do it i can do it i can do it i cant do it i dont need help from game and from chat right now at least ive already got my session of reading but its okay currently i dont need it at least i think so stop doing that its making me laugh stop stop doing that stop doing the thing stop it makes me laugh stop doing that stop it i cant when he whenever and spins around me its really funny so funny come here come here come here do the thing again stop jumping oh god i think im starting to understand slowly but surely figuring out figuring it out sort of not really wow he jumps super high he jumps super high oh my god not much not much to to figure out so what if i just use this again im sort of figuring things out anyway so after using this thing oh god stop stop doing that its real funny its big funny its funny make me laugh stop stop doing that so funny oh god oh god it was the one moment for me to use that thing i feel like this is useful uh i missed everything wow stop it come back here come back here ah why did that not give me healies oh my god you know what when he when his wings are red he does the smoochie does that mean he has he has hes it has a crush on me because like red is love right look look hes doing the thing does that mean you have a crush on me is that what red means is that what it means oh god im running out of things do you have a crush on me i do have a crush on you too we got close that means theres something i can do it you see it you see that that means i can do it again yes yes kiss me kiss me again where are you kiss me kiss me thank you bye bye what what will you leave me hey no you didnt allow me to shoot arm i got his arm instead and he went to the moon this is what happens this is so tragic we got along and we we had a little hug and kiss and then and then he left with with his arm this is the saddest tragic ending to my to my to my to my love story with v2 im sad thank you bread nice job hannah thank you Music 50 restarts 50 restarts 50 restarts how much was wait you know what that makes you curious im gonna check my first try with celebrators give me a moment i need to check for the sake of curiosity i need to know thank you so much for donation wait uh she got a good luck good good work boss dont worry hes a little shy okay Music what never mind my youtubes being weird monca s give me a moment what how is this possible okay there you go never mind it sits around all right i want to check something i want to check how much it took me for for for for uh for servers i want to see i believe ive muted everything so shell be fine i think wheres wheres that where is that archive oh here it is 35 minutes wow really so this actually is officially harder this is officially more difficult than that huh wow well oh i got it i gotta the it was 14 14 restarts what it is 14 restarts with cerberus and and with v2 i i its 50. its a bit more ah god damn that was that is something oh my god oh my god oh my god look at the arm it has look wait so like look this is like a normal robo arm and this one has like a spiky tip a cute little clown then its so cute thank you dfg sss hannah hey hannah is my first time watching your shame can you be my waifu no but i can be your girlfriend if you subscribe its so cute hold the punch button i already did i know what it does arms what happens if i dont equip arm i just dont have an arm now very epic this is number this is level two right should i end the stream here should i should that should i what what time is it how long have i been streaming chat how long have i been streaming 2 hours 2 hours 30 30 minutes hmm i believe the levels were like one two three right like i i guess i can stop here uh because fighting v2 was a was quite the but quite quite the butt wrenching thing to to experience so ill ill ill ill take a little break come on chad this time my my soul is draining okay my soul has been drained thank you dfts subscribe thank you hi boyfriend what has my life come to Music anyway Music i dont know if i missed any donations i hope i didnt but yeah thank you all for for tuning in let me let me check social bus for a moment because i feel like it missed us some transitionally startled me im sorry its just its a bit spooky isnt it lets see oh there was okay let me see uh let me thank everybody from social bus because i missed a lot of social bus stuff uh uh earlier there was forum yeah thank you hi how was your day my day was okay it was great thank you for asking youre very sweet uh daddy you go vroom vroom i go from okay first try pog on violent top of that hannah you are amazing thank you very sweet from thank you its that that did not that that that dont know did not last great uh there was a lot from cyrilla hi hannah please notice me hello hannah what game do you play there hannah im sorry im playing game i dont i dont i miss donations if i play games okay and uh from Music again hope you can finish the stage i did i did it and yeah okay i think thats it everything else ive already read let me check streamlabs just in case let me check streamlabs just in case from jacob channel and i remember you can slide on the ground to get close with the shotgun pop champ why are we still here here just to suffer yeah pretty much oh and from exile this game looks pretty difficult and also like good stress relief always fun to discover games through your stream ps i finally started dusk congratulations exile i i hope you finished dusk and become worthy and from aussie couldnt stick around for the whole extreme but i hope you enjoyed the game i did it was really fun and i hope i see you in my archives uh and then Music i dont think i did if you guys would like to donate right now i can read it okay if anyone would like to support me itd be much appreciated id appreciate it thank you to your life again hannah this will be my last donate this night have a good night hannah thank you good night to you too and after wrenching her sanity to defeat pizza hi apoca my day was great shut up well i mean but okay vt was difficult and all but like it was fun to like do things and somehow find a way to cheese him so yeah thank you surprise donal thank you for your fun stream hannah your sanity aside but anyway youre getting a lot of clips lately nice really thats cool epic im glad hey hi daxy hey hey hey you used to be two slops against him no i didnt mean to i didnt think he would poof some channels went crazy on clipping you and papa oh oh i see yeah yeah yeah i i saw a few but i i yeah i i im im glad you guys are enjoying my streams then thank you brad i feel like ive ive missed so many streams like this it feels good to catch one again thank you for your your funny shoot game thank you for tuning in im really glad that you tuned in thank you youre very sweet i have so much donor thank you guys she gonza once more you could work on the out there but out there but it was quite a fun stream yo yay im glad thank you dfjs youre so sweet my heart is melting no no its okay thank you sure id like to support you youre so durable thank you youre youre youre adorable he know you know thank you exhaust fans supr makassi for supra i appreciate no you chad no you no no youre breathtaking you i give you oh no reverse card no you no Music no you do you know what what uno backwards is chat no you no its not Laughter and something god thank you dj mary no you youre more adorable vodka its not like they love you a lot or anything ah this is very sweet my hair no no backwards no you brain big Laughter no thats not you stupid my brain my brain big okay thank you all for the donors and thank you for watching get ultra kill really if you guys if you go it i i and dont but dont play violent because the game is game is difficult unless youre good at the game youre good at the game then feel free but i i i guess id recommend not doing that if youre not new if youre new to fpss but yeah get the game thats actually pretty fun very fun also yeah i guess ill i guess ill stream practicing do maternal even though i im still unsure i still have like slight ptsd from like the really really bad chat like i like i i im like yikes im scared but uh i ill stream it ill stream like like not the first practice or something maybe because im scared monkas Laughter but yeah ill practice doing eternal for the sake of double marauders double senpais very scary im missing by really bad chat yeah back then when i played doom eternal at its release i i dont know why but the chat was so nasty like it was so nasty it was big yikes and and yeah i was i was uh i wasnt having the greatest time at that at that playthrough but yeah thats why im like slightly like oof its like oof about playing playing doom eternal streaming it but yeah have you finished your ace combat seven play through no i havent i cant stream it anymore one more this im sorry they were too hardcore yeah they were big big strong doomers maybe its because a lot of new people thats true maybe it will be thank you such a bloody stream glad you have fun yes testing thank you red wing v2 left his hand after trying to hug like cinderellas glass shoe incident is actually like a cinderella slipper oh thats so romantic wow you made you made v2 leaving such a romantic thing romantic wow wow and he and he immediately used it and it fits wow so romantic oh thank you di pinchas guess he had fun eh i couldnt catch him but heres some money from good old me and yeah i remember catching those doom archives hmm just ripping ooh whats it whats it thank you im gonna switch feet so nobody can stop me uh stop there i tried thats all i can do well if my laptop fixed definitely gonna play ultrakill oh my god hey hannah whens the next stardew valley stream oh i should i should play that game again huh yeah perhaps i will oh tomorrow oh tomorrows gonna be an interesting game actually i i think im gonna play a game tomorrow is gonna be an interesting game very very contrasting to what we played today but uh yeah tomorrows a interesting game interesting game but lets just say its involving idols yeah all right thank you all for watching bye-bye Music Music do you Music why does steam say no connection Support me through streamlabs and SociaBuzz here! 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