moistcr1tikal Twitch Stream Sep 9th, 2020 ULTRAKILL

Bissell steam mop walmartcheap aaa games on steam ULTRAKILL gameplay hey pre-notification gang ha is call of duty in a beta how the  __  do you play play the new call of duty or is it just for certain cod partners i imagine thats probably what it is thanks to the prime torches i looked at the cod reveal for a minute looks like call of duty yeah i dont know why people like its i mean i know people like it and to be fair i like modern warfare to a certain extent but i dont know why people get absolutely  __  hype out of their mind for a new call of duty its really you know pretty similar to the last one as always its like sports games but for fps gamers i had the card opening go last night absolutely incredible i couldnt have asked for better pulls they added commando you mean that knife perk is that the big selling point were adding things from older call of duties thanks to the resub awesome username and globberson and the bits airborne syphilis its good to hear doughnut i hope you had fun id guessed like 19 or something polar fish thatd be my ballpark estimate thanks for the prime imi mist and monkey knife thanks rosen welcome to the thunderdome man thanks to the prime john jebediah and the tier one spurgs hope the car accident wasnt that bad jesus hope everythings all right and thanks for the prime boulder and the tier one izzy peach and the prime cool chris the resub kill dash near today maybe i havent decided yet ill probably do youtube tonight though its been a while but for now im not sure thanks for the resub delphia and no plan yet stunch were deciding whats on my watch list just the boys i thought it was excruciatingly boring donut i thought the avengers game was one of the most boring games ive played in quite a while theres nothing overly wrong with it like everything works its just so  __  boring its nuts theres the prime trigger happy and the gift sub chaotic i did not get any star lights yesterday but we were so close thanks to the reset lash i tried spell break it was good i liked it makes a tier one fish sniper in the prime square face and the resub pixius and the tier one blaze boy the resub american raptor well i hope you try and squeak some fun out of that game i dont know how you will but god speed to you thanks for the prime caroline days all right i havent done much i got these travis scott meal that was my breakfast that was wild ive ne i havent had mcdonalds in years but man travis scott brought me right back into it and cant thank him enough that was nuts i dont know what you mean by that polar fish is the prime may may but it sounds nice so ill say ill say thank you i will moist meter tinnit when it goes to streaming services im not going to movie theaters thats such a recipe for disaster did you get a toy with the travis scott meal i was hoping id get his album or something from it but all i got was a quarter pounder its actually super underwhelming thanks to the prime soup boy lol and the tier one pickle baker and theresa brian i just didnt i didnt feel like more moist metering mortal shell i didnt have a lot to say about it it was just really average very impressive for the small team but overall just very average thanks to the prime dingle root playing 2k today i havent decided man well see its a blue yeti no worries at all hope youre having fun with the fluster thanks to the resub decidedly not a bard and the bits again dingle and beanie of course ill play crash four next to the prime crunchy actually sub deal wills i havent  __  decided if were playing 2k today hold on quick tactical text thanks to the resub penguin i would not recommend nba 2k 21 to even my worst enemy i would sooner recommend the pga golf game yeah for sure its a blue yeti fun thats what i was saying i just posted the moist meter for mulan its bad its a bad movie definitely not worth thirty dollars on top of a subscription its garbage thanks to the bits that give some spicy and yeah ill do youtube tonight probably but not right now still city of heroes that hasnt changed beanie thanks robert heres helping i havent decided man i dont know theres just so many games i feel like playing makes it hard to choose ever played any of the yakuza series yeah i played song of life i like song of life plan on playing more play among us for 20k subs true man show me the 20 000 subs that seems like a fair deal you know watch black widow when it comes out if its not in movie theaters sure im not going to a movie theater ill tell you that much i dont care what the  __  goes to it they could broadcast my movie if i ever make one and i wouldnt  __  go right now not in my area no chance all from everything i know the porns on hold because of the coronavirus so couldnt tell you makes it tier one impossible yeah here you can change  __  size and cyberpunk thats exciting heres the resub darkside man no no put no pack opening today thanks for the prime advantix and the five gift subs pickle baker thanks man do you like mobas i do i like league i dont play it like at all anymore though thankfully but i still like it the resub grim reaper id play the cold war beta if i could but it looks like its only for cod partners i dont see any way that i could play it well maybe not wait how do i play it actually it looks like it is open actually tier one good guy bob and the prime nikko and the resub10 yeah how do i play this this is definitely not only for cod partners does anyone know what is that noise im hearing kato what are you doing oh apples for sure random oh hold on now im getting a call one second okay im back have a good day kogit no discord dont use skype skype as an actual virus what is wrong with you inviter why why ill never understand peoples fixation on getting two internet people to collaborate to the point where it becomes an obsession for somebody as a spectator well probably play something at some point sure but why the  __  are some people so fixated on getting one guy to play with another guy where its spammed all the  __  time that is unhealthy so how the  __  do i get this how do i get to play cod right now apparently its not only for cod partners or whatever so how the  __  do i get to play it you sent something rex let me see yeah but people are playing i see that i saw that but theres people playing it right now that arent cod partners but this says it doesnt start till october 8th yeah i just dont really get it and yeah i saw a little other kid and id want to play it right now but i cant hey jabba im doing alright thanks for the resub jerky you dont think you can play it yet then how are so many people playing it right now only like the top 10 there are cod partners everybody else is just people that have access to it somehow so how the  __  do i do this pre-ordering dicks me access on october 8th currently the date is september 9th you are wrong you are objectively wrong stop saying pre-order thats not how it works is it select streamers though because it says cod partner for the ones that have it and then when you scroll down theres other people just playing it without cod partner if it was a branded thing theyd absolutely have to put hashtag cod partner ad or something just like everybody else so that cant be the case i dont know whatever i dont get how it works just the taste prefer apples whats an excavator well i know what an excavator is but i know what you mean good luck fawn oh its leaked codes or can i find some lead codes god damn it call david vonderhaar does he make call of duty is it just people watching other streamers it doesnt look like it i clicked on one of them and it looks like theyre playing i dont it doesnt  __  matter its just call of duty i just figured thatd be something fun to do if that was possible which it doesnt look like it is actually tier one hex trico and the resub felix have i tried ultra kill not yet one day but it wont be today whats your favorite nut probably almonds almonds are hard to beat theyre super good for you they go well with a lot of things its just very versatile i dont know much about pears ive only had them a few times no real thoughts macadamia never had just a macadamia nut on its own ive only ever had like macadamia flavored things the shore is a new scary game sounds absolutely  __  terrible that sounds abominable just from the name alone i can immediately tell its going to be a walking simulator slowly going through corridors theres no chance thats good at all but im gonna look it up right now right on the money though its not corridors you just walk around a beach hey polar next to the resub mad gray hat no im not gonna open the mega tins only with only the sets that have like really cool rares and  __  expensive pulls consistency would be my thing dick thats what id say just make sure you have fun what will you be playing im not sure yet im thinking either 2k or near but im not 100 decided on either one im not gonna play for like a super long time like i just ate that  __  travis scott meal wasnt doing anything so i figured hop on for another early stream and ill probably stream until im ready to work out thanks to the recent heisenberg Music the travis scott burger was an actual renaissance for food that was wild ive never experienced something quite like that uh that exceeded the hype if you can believe it a quarter pounder with travis scotts name on it  __  wild thanks to the resub pablo i dont know why tetris upset she was just out she just ate and she just played i just dont feel like playing any duel links today i havent played any duel links on stream in a while thats sweet thank you kid hold on im gonna go see what shes doing real quick ill be right back give me one second whats going on tetra lets go you dont worry team im back in it thanks to the reset trash and jorge sorry to hear your day with shitty men i dont i dont really want to play like a crusader kings or something though man thats the prime jacob and praise nutella yeah i played spell break once the games fine maps way too  __  big not enough players but i mean its not bad what the  __  is takahashi ive never heard of that no i couldnt do that on twitch even if i wanted to limited time have i seen the platform i watched the video on it thanks to the tier one fuzz nuts fun time i i dont want to do bad games right now man thats just i love playing shitty games its just such a time commitment to find shitty games that arent terribly boring it takes a long time of searching around it really  __  does because its so many bad games theyre just so derivative its just playing the same game every time this is prime kiko have i seen sef sama nope thanks to prime beef are you replacing tom brady after he retires uh if i have to only if i can have a guarantee where im not going to get hit if i play football i want it to be non-contact we could just have a deal where if they get within one yard of me it counts as a sack you should do nha ill probably do nhl with charles white at some point things that give somebody st a little nightmare was very good yeah what is donut country is that just another indie game ive not played satisfactory i dont typically like games like that i like skate three but i dont know if i want to go through and play it again rather just wait for the new one have i been watching the lightning at all nope i dont watch sports unless its in person then its fun thanks to recent anime girl and maybe ill play spell break again that game was uh well actually have they made the map smaller or is the map still the same size in the last three days have they changed anything maybe later tonight mortimer spell break is very easy to win they added so low huh um maybe ill try that thanks to the reset fcd but i dont know if i want to play that more than i want to play near hmm against followers and chess no i dont want to do that get five quick wins on spell break then play near reasonable near as boring as  __  to watch i disagree unless you just dont care about a story then yeah i could see that my dads next invention hes got a couple youll see thanks to the recep johnson no i havent seen tenet and im not going to not until it goes to like hulu or amazon prime or something ill just do some spell break  __  it ill try this game again get a couple more easy wins lets see how solos pans out thanks larissa bernido hey jiffy thanks for the bits man and jason i think that spell break is keyboard or controller game whatever youre most comfortable on i dont know couldnt tell you lets see how this goes thanks to the prime kimmel whoops and attack of course ill play cyberpunk on launch have not played rogue company will not play rogue company that game looks really  __  boring i was going to try it and change my mind it looks super boring actually some cool pants i watched a little of the cod reveal i mean it again it just looks like call of duty Music what the games loud is that better oh  __  so oh  __  this is going to be a big round i feel it its a bad start but well be fine theres a prime simple the resub shades whoa oh i cant skate within my secondary oh not much to be done there theres the reset ocean yeah i think battle royales are super stale at least the combat in this ones kind of fun but yeah im not a fan of battle royales either i havent caught up on re-zero but yeah i watched all the first season makes the prime ding no theres no new chess tournaments coming up ive heard of gunfire reborn i liked team fortress 2 a long time ago i havent played it in like a decade i already played arkham origins we finished the entire series ill play among us at some point but i think that game looks remarkably boring like impressively boring thanks to the resub eugene now even if you do have friends it still looks super boring the core gameplay is just touching tasks its a literal chore simulator where you press numbers one through nine i think this game is more boring than among us totally fine i didnt make the  __  game its my second time ever playing it oh jesus what a move this game is dog  __  yeah its a battle royale game theyre all kind of dog  __  but i do like the combat in this one makes the reset moon whered this guy go is this mobile probably i liked apex a year ago two years ago whenever it  __  came out cant stand it anymore man among us is not about tasks its a social game about lying and deceiving yes very social you talk once every what five or six minutes to yell at each other  __  scream you dont talk during the round but it is about lying and deceiving i get the purpose ive watched plenty i find it really boring but i certainly wouldnt call it a social game its literally sitting in silence with friends until one one until one person  __  up and we go to a report to discuss were just screeching and squealing nicely resub flank but i will try it i just im pretty sure im not going to like it ive watched quite a few hours of other people playing it and it looks terrible i played red dead too yeah of course i did ms kiff said hes done with the game okay all right thanks to the gift sub cool chris the map was way too  __  big theres 40 players on a massive map people always make being a fan of a game something personal so when someone doesnt like it a streamer or anyone else they get all  __  upset its a terrible habit not everyones gonna like your favorite game calm down i think about mountain blade its fine i dont have anything against it its fine thanks to the resub vodka this is a big round please hear somebody nope whenever you play any horror games i played plenty of horror games man theyre all terrible theyre all the same its the same game every time but ill keep playing them sure of course ive watched michael reeves i love michael reeves god damn it that hit me its not a fight im gonna win there what is the range on lightning jesus christ i thought that was supposed to be a close range thing evidently not im  __  whats hitting me right now what is this damage oh im in the storm i didnt even notice the storm such a non factor in this game i didnt even process it well i was big now i know lightning has infinite range i thought that was just supposed to be like real close range  __  im telling you that travis scott meal was something else never before as a quarter pounder tasted quite like that yeah maybe dankin but im going to try it one more time you want to see my detective skills and among us why sound like im some kind of ace detective i would probably fall asleep before i ever found the  __  perpetrator the imposter i just dont see the fun in running from like a plant to water it to a control panel to press one through nine itll be miserable and i cant even talk to my friends that im playing with it would be terrible thanks to the reset brick theres the tier one vanilla nuri sub zanzin Music basically reset it as solansky there we go nailed it yeah im not how im not defending this  __  game what do you mean youre acting like this is the smoking gun well charlie in fact youre doing nothing in this game too because its a very empty battle royale so youre a hypocrite for not liking among us oh jesus theres stream snipers in this game why let it ride man actually tier one maxine makes the tier one biggest germ its just a corsair not like a crazy keyboard or anything like that are among us fans really that salty well its not just among us man its every game if someone likes a game and someone doesnt like the game they get personally offended they get very upset its not exclusive to among us just how it is the internets rewarded people for being an unhealthy super fan of  __  i dont blame them its just the way it is internets training people to be losers theres something happening here is there actually a fight at least the reset big ducking thick oh oh its worthless actually this is the resub lolly yeah darkest dungeon is good i like darkest dungeon anime is like that but 100 times worse maybe i couldnt tell you thats so sweet thanks pop what the  __  does that even mean bun rule i have no idea what that means replay dr mario mix nope thanks anton so i think the game will be more fun when tdms released i dont know how am i supposed to know i dont know what tdm is going to look like in this game all i can tell you if as long as theres enough players on a decently sized map itll be better youtube strike mxr for fireworks what does that mean i dont know what that means but that sounds like youtube oh thats sweet welcome names or memes i cant tell how much have i played of this so far not a ton combats kind of fun but everything else sucks ass the maps too big theres not enough players but its relaxing i mean its kind of like euro bus simulator you just kind of you know drive in one direction do nothing makes the prime bleak in the resub random Music let me see what theyre barking at i should be fine theres nothing whats up whats up huh whats going on dont worry team im back whoa cant believe nobody found me theres a prime exile whos the more affectionate dog toucher akita kata she loves attention tetra can take it or leave it but kata she loves it oh action im coming so why doesnt my lightning hit from that distance like the last guys that guy was sniping me with lightning why cant i do that  __  makes the prime brizzy what a crazy fight yeah i have a husky it didnt take like a ton of training or anything no more than just a normal dog i only had one shield damn this game good uh i wouldnt say its good maps way too big for way too little players combats kind of nice though theres the reset weighted dice huskies are nice but not suited to the submarine life yeah theres very few animals that are suited for submarine life in fact even humans i would argue arent suited for the submarine life whoa jesus why is he immune i couldnt get my  __  thing off damn so why was he immune for like the first 40 seconds of that fight shame ice ability thanks to the prime pay yeah well this games pretty  __  boring ill do squads real quick and see if theres any action to be had there safe uh theres the recep josh ray actually im not gonna do squads i just dont i dont feel like playing it now it really is just super  __  boring if they just decrease the map size it would immediately improve it thats i mean its such a simple fix thanks to the resub shrimpy happy late birthday fluffy hope you had a great birthday near yeah maybe ill do near now well nah cause im not going to be playing for too much longer so maybe just something a little less committal no im not gonna do near tonight ill probably do youtube tonight thanks for the resub dream team i have not seen the dune trailer yet thanks for the resub panders no automata talking about automata we just finished through day let me look up gunfire reborn im not expecting much but well see maybe ill be surprised jesus wheres game fled yeah so it does look a lot like risk of rain maybe id like it no i usually dont like roguelikes i just really like risk of rain valorant i actually watched the  __  valorant montage today as sad as that is its like about raise i could like surf through the map with satchel charges and this dude was pulling off some crazy  __  it actually made the game look fun it made me want to play ballarant again but then i had that moment of self-awareness where i remembered charlie the game is boring as  __  yeah flights thats the one thanks to the prime nuzlub i dont i wouldnt say all games are boring these days but for some reason theres a fixation on games that slow everything down games that just for some reason the trend is to make game play and game elements very slow  __  do something what is wrong with you i literally just stopped playing a game it hasnt even been two minutes why do kids needs constant stimulation you really cant just sit still in your seat actually tier one bapo oh yeah diabolical i did want to look that up is this it destroy the world of fire is this this isnt it right this doesnt look like a quake game at all oh its on the epic game store oh let me see not true jello i dont plan that out whatever the chat suggests all right ill get diabolical and give that a whirl okay its installing this is not diabol wow its diabotical i see not diabolical i get it now mankind is dead blood is fuel ultrakill i might as well look that up too while this is downloading that is that epic as well or is that not steam so its like old school doom i dont see where the so the only thing it shares in common with dmc is having a scoring system i mean i like the scoring systems not a complaint but i would necessarily compare it to dmc ill probably try that at some point but not today ill do diabotical makes the prime jack and popcorns im sorry to hear that stupid do you like watching valor montages nope but that flight skies  __  was cool thanks to the prime natin and thanks felix havent started the boys season two yet at least say if youre not gonna play halo why why do i owe you an explanation for not playing halo i need to personally apologize for not playing halo right now just because you spam it doesnt immediately make me obligated to play halo i dont i can leave you on red i dont have to say no i could just not do it the  __  are you talking about the worst movie ever made is ill say lets be evil lets be evil i think its still on just a whole another level of garbage thanks for the reset conor worst sci-fi movie ive seen lets be evil its a sci-fi movie its a sci-fi horror movie its absolutely abominable that movie is absolutely  __  terrible i used to say super fast is the worst movie ive ever seen because its the worst comedy thats ever been made but lets be evil is just something so incredibly special in terms of how terrible it is thanks chella appreciate it thanks the prime clam little nikki is the worst movie youve ever seen i havent seen that since i was a kid but i loved a little nikki heres the prime zamatoi zamata zamatosis assassination nation why does that sound so familiar oh is that the  __  assassination nation is that movie where they had um just like people killing each other on the streets right and it was all about like social media or something like peoples social medias had them like revealing their secrets and everyone charged the streets and killed each other that movie is super  __  terrible these are fat 10 gift subs gandalf thank you man and thanks for the tier one why why you know play enough damn i forgot all i even moist muted that movie and i totally  __  forgot about it that movie was absolutely atrocious it has a 74 on rotten tomatoes i dont even know why im surprised i completely forgot about that one thanks to the prime finessed im not going outside  __  no buck but appreciate it man hope works going well worst anime ive ever seen b stars i dont i havent seen a lot of bad anime but b stars was one of the few couldnt stand it i would absolutely not do that felix today it was confirmed that reys granddad was originally going to be obi-wan do you think it would have been good or bad doesnt matter what they were going to do with her  __  lineage the movies writing was absolutely terrible the entire trilogy after episode 7 which was a fine movie so 8-9 unsalvageably bad in every possible aspect irredeemably garbage no matter what they were gonna do with where rey came from it didnt matter if they had written themselves into a complete  __  cesspool thats what happens when you dont have a road map and you switch directors twice thanks to reset magneto the games almost done downloading i was talking about star wars all right while its still downloading im going to take a piss real quick and im gonna give tetra a treat so ill be back in one second you you um oh yes was uh oh look at all you  __  just sitting there waiting lets  __  get it hope this games good i havent played a quake-like game in a long time hold on i bet i need to set up an account have any cool plans after the stream nope just gonna work out this game is really lagging up my computer holy  __  jesus christ come on one of these games huh i cant  __  thanks to the resub rare in the fatal tier 2 welcome aboard cultivation in the gift sub singa and the resub helio the prime baku does this game even work lets try restarting it all right looks like im gonna need the task manager for this job good start thanks to the resub ghost gara and the gift sub oj this game doesnt work here so this is what just happened it starts up super laggy and then freezes doesnt come back thats sweet thanks karma nope i i mean i can close out of the game through task manager but thats about it yeah it just it literally just doesnt  __  work i have not played slay the spire thanks to the resubtoxic and thanks for the gift sub zanzin and the gifts of boppo and there it is i get exactly three seconds before it crashes there ill do it all on stream we can we can check out the speed run together hold on i have to task manager this okay all right you ready to start the clock it starts from the intro get ready on time come on damn we almost got two actions in before it crashed nothing i can do is a gold split though i do imagine that is the diabotical crash percent any percent record well whats the solution here id like to try the game though is there nothing i can do to fix it change windows compatibility to windows 95 thats a pretty innovative solution its pretty big thanks to recep ethan any tips on how to get confident uh my first tip would be dont listen to internet advice and my second tip is just the blanket one i give to a lot of people if youre if youre able to just not be weird people will want to talk to you you dont even have to be interesting but as long as youre not like weird people will talk to you and then you can train yourself through your interactions with people in the real world yeah ill try verifying the game i guess you think we have the same desk this desk is like 15 years old so if youve gotten your desk within the last 15 years i can assure you we do not have the same desk thanks to tier 1 hype to the east play among us with pewds and kin theyre streaming that doesnt mean they want to play with me ive never even played the game thanks to the prime pups alright lets try this bad boy again could be an overlay or something running crashing it like geforce experience oh immediately crashed again i dont think i have geforce experience running but ill check makes the reset lemon Music i dont see anything that would be  __  it up hey i appreciate that salty thank you man thanks for a long time watching i i have no idea what could possibly be causing it well maybe this actually hold on why is this still running still parsec running from my smash tournaments that actually might have interfered with it nope that wasnt it my video card driver is up to date i actually just updated that like two weeks ago why is there an outline of a skeleton on your door its not an outline its uh stickers heres a tier one slow joker ive had it there since last halloween and now time being the crazy thing it is has wrapped around and now its almost halloween again and im already prepared another tier one welcome aboard stahl flitchen stauflichen the resub big booty tooties do i have a discord overlay thing because that could be the issue i do not i mean i can here ill just to be certain ill just close out of everything that potentially could even be remotely associated with gaming another tier one welcome aboard k-dog welcome to the  __  thunderdome did you ever get bored in class and howd you deal with it i slept through most of my classes its not like a meme i actually just slept through most of my classes unless it was a test or quiz day then i slept after that now i got dealt with it i just slept okay everything is closed yeah it seems like it papa i dont know if thatd fix it karma but i can certainly try you didnt get in trouble with the teachers i mean in high school they didnt like it but i mean i couldnt help it their classes were just boring like what are they gonna do tell me dont sleep in class i mean ill do my best but im still gonna sleep in the class and then in college its not like they care as long as you just get grades good enough grades thats all that matters would you say you love learning i love learning things that are interesting to me but none of the subjects really appealed to my interests even my major i lost interest in extremely quickly thanks to the prime the kid school has an incredible way of making everything even things youre interested in super boring now i realize thats on the teachers not necessarily school itself but there needs to be like a some kind of revision of instruction because i mean look on youtube some extremely popular channels are education based people love that even if they have no  __  idea what the subject is they make it fun i dont know why teachers struggle to do the same it really shouldnt be hard to make cool things like space and science cool ive had one cool teacher in my life and ive talked about them before dr fultonovich he also helped create the microchip that ran that helped power the playstation 2. he was a nasa scientist nobody made learning more fun than that guy it also helped that he was a  __  jacked army veteran too so he had cool stories and whatever but he made learning cool he made it fun and i have not had a professor that was able to do the same since thanks to the prime justin so do we have any solution for diabotical maybe if they pay maybe if they paid them more theyd enjoy teaching more yeah maybe run as admin okay ill try i dont see that working but ill try how about this im just gonna uninstall it and ill reinstall it it wasnt that big of an install lets see how that goes hey tetra speaking of dr fultanovich though matt actually got in touch with him again since him and i went to the same high school we both  __  loved that guy apparently dr fultonovich is still just as cool as he was back then and he wants to start or his uh i think its his kids or his grandkids or something want him to start a youtube channel he should we told him he should let me see the resub liquid ultra kill wont crash on you if i cant get diabotical to work yeah ill just go to ultrakill first how do you spell his name i actually dont remember its a really unique spelling ive ever eaten ass yeah a couple times its not like great its not the worst thing ever just forgettable is it the anti-cheat giving you the problems i i have no idea whats giving me the problems man i couldnt tell you wheres the prime be prepared searched it up and someone said restart your computer uh so weve weve uh conversed with the experts then eh youll turn it off and on thanks to the resub jellyfish thanks for the tier one johnny mahomey of course i havent  __  tried restarting my computer im not just gonna stop the stream and everything just to have a slim chance of getting the game to work right now now after the stream sure maybe but i will tell you theres something wrong with my epic games launcher as a whole because this this message into the breach has been burned onto my  __  pc for like four days i cant close it even when i force quit out of the epic games launcher its still here it is a ghost haunting my computer youre having that same problem too dankin yeah its  __  dumb oh a lot of people are having that issue oh cool so its not just me nice you have to buy a new house is that what it is i have to relocate to play diabolical hey what do you do after your streams what depends man uh after this early stream im gonna work out im gonna eat and then ill probably stream again later tonight show the ass licking technique instinct will take over you dont need my tutorial youll figure it out trust me yeah ive been really liking doing just like short early streams in the afternoon playing some little garbage well not garbage like diabotical could be a good game just playing some  __  for a little while hanging out streaming again later its nice something fun to do when im not doing anything else thanks to the gift sub good guy does grunk have a big  __  i imagine he does yeah hes literally like six foot eight he is the biggest man ive ever met in person and the second biggest man ive ever met in person was his brother gordy actually resub slam what about here have i heard about crisis remastered i have not what is katie chewing you on not be chewing on that ping-pong table you know you shouldnt you know you shouldnt do that yeah you know you know better okay just finished installing lets do this together team lets see if it works we got a new fresh install and im feeling good Music nope well so how did im assuming nobody has any other suggestions on how to fix this okay yeah ill play ultra kill then ill download that give that a whirl thanks to prime green oh good news by the way i got a refund on madden 21. multiple monitor error what do you mean why would it be an issue with having two monitors ive never seen that did you get the money back from the avengers gift you sent no i  __  didnt by the way dankin thank you for that i still never got a  __  refund on that wait what what is going on i downloaded ultra kill but not why am i having such a  __  issue today i downloaded ultrakill but now its not in my library wheres wylie shitterman man what in the  __  an error occurred while updating app configuration unavailable what man trying to download or trying to play diabolical  __  killed my computer ive never seen that error before lets try that again i did not know that gt thats news to me now there we go now epic games is actually a  __  virus so i force quit everything epic games task manager ended it all and now i can download ultrakill what a service jesus christ thanks to the resub for thats wild okay this was a small game but already finished all right im hopping in the crucible no nudity am i supposed to get a triple s ranking if i dont see any titties yeah i saw that chisel makes the reset big milk psx im sorry to hear that jeff that sounds terrible man lets try it on normal first i like that thats really cool i love that edginess right there its like something youd read on a deviantart sad post anything in here wait is the new graphics cards out i thought that was coming out later but nice i dont know anything about it other than its pretty impressive stuff exit prime papa was taken oh they come out the 17th that was pretty cool i like that now this is a game where im not going to need to reload oh come on thanks theres the resub caesar oh i can do both at the same time im surprised theres no double jump lets see if i can get all in one oh oh already a sadistic thats huge oh thats nice the game has speed run potential probably where they are everybody try uh i see juice almost doom meets warframe how does this have anything in common with warframe oh wait hold on lets get stylish nope the timing on thats pretty tough oh this is the boss can i deflect these i wonder damn basically reset infernable if i add no epic overlay to the launch commands it might work okay i can try that next time i try to play it i dont blame diabotical i imagine its the epic games launcher thats the problem so ill try that later oh what does this do what does flipping the coin do for me oh i have to shoot the coin what the  __  jesus god damn it oh it just redirects the coin i thought it was like an explosive coin or something i see nice poor guys having a real rough go of it looks like when i used to corrupt n64 games with the vine sauce rom corrupter hey monk and yo ill be streaming later tonight whoa this guys popping off bam holy  __  this guys a  __  monster the coin really doesnt seem very useful though its only one kill whoa wait what i must have accidentally jumped in something i wasnt supposed to are you the five gift sub sky oh i see dont know what that does how much is this game im not sure you can combo the coins what do you mean seems to just immediately go or do you mean multiple coins i see god Music oh no dont worry about it at all sky  __  dude 10 gifts or five gifts up is plenty man thank you for the generosity i also did totally forget about this does that just kill them oh no this places oh that would have been a pretty cool cheese if i could just climb my way back up yeah ill ill look into getting this 30 80. what the  __  oh its a leg so what okay wait how do i get through this then did you finish the 2k story yet yeah apparently theres no more cutscenes allegedly this do any damage kinda so oh what a play oh i didnt see you dropped a new gun oh can i charge it yeah right god damn it im trying to switch weapons but i keep forgetting that i have to scroll up on mouse wheel for this now so i can get that nice fresh weapon bonus id like to hold a combo for the full map god damn it can you flip a coin with the shotgun no this is the right right trigger of that each one has a different alternate fire no  __  i missed god damn it my coins are not going where i think they will  __  i dont have it right now so im not building up a great combo i thought i would have switched so many times thanks trance yeah ill try it probably not today though true i was taking a lot of damage now when it comes to punching projectiles does that work on every projectile or only a few most projectiles okay let me try that god there we go ah  __  you can punch your own shotgun projectiles oh i didnt i didnt realize thats what that did thats well thats pretty big okay is this not a projectile i see if i overcharge it it blows up in my hand thats what it is isnt it oh  __  no  __  so how do i punch my own shotgun projectiles i saw i got an ultra kill so over triple s thats pretty good shoot then punch within five frames of your pump okay got it you came for the plus two inches on your penis how do you redeem it its not magic its science so you have to stick around its not instant okay god damn it  __  all right speedrun strats not working actually reset dick small there we go  __  god damn oh god jesus man this guy means business all right hold on hold on hold on i got this i appreciate that kingpin i hope college is going well for you so far come on uh so oh wrong pistol  __  good god no no i just hit the ground  __  what a combo from that guy i might have killed myself thanks to the reset balls and walls this is  __  tough actually i need to get more consistent with that yeah this is a bad run i missed  __  what hmm oh what the  __  these are five gifts midnight oh  __  there we go finally lost my combo but  __  at least i finally got it damn that was pretty tough thanks to the reset bunk and the prime luna i need to get better at hitting my shotgun bullets that would have really sped it up man that guy was eating my ass out for a while though i remember bloodys health yeah i didnt i didnt do a whole lot of healing there okay time for a wild pop off what the  __  is this i feel like theres something at the top of this and there was what the  __  oh jesus what does this little guy want oh he doesnt like being on the blue one that was pretty yucky what i just did right there that thatll put some  __  grease in your  __  stain real quick oh i missed what the  __  how many times im gonna miss my shotgun bullets ive always been so good at games like this like  __  doom eternal and  __  made me feel like such a man whats the fire on them what does this do i cant tell what that does what am i firing torpedoes fireworks its like im just firing little sparklers oh its a magnet okay oh my god im  __  feeling it again god this is my  __  jam where does this bad boy go no oh have i played any other games by this publisher i dont know what do they make oh i can one hand my minigun thats big dusk in a midi evil no i know both of them though oh thats embarrassing  __  the bullet magnet only works for the nail gun oh  __  how do i uh so this blood how do i get it for health or does it automatically do it i havent been paying attention to health ive just been looking at combos  __  fresh blood as you hit something heals you gotcha complete the level in under 10 seconds holy  __  oh wait so this will work then red okay i see is there more no i dont see anyone oh wait am i just supposed to go up oh theres a lot of drift i need to get used to  __  oops so there he is that little bad boy thought he could hide from here oh i cant imagine i go through this right maybe i do no so fire doesnt matter foreign is that it so this is an easy  __  game well im not playing on the hardest difficulty to be fair im on the normal difficulty or the one right over normal i dont remember how do i get into that what the  __  wait have i been using this wrong no no i have not so what was that that like sun explosion  __  uh-oh might be  __  thats what ive been doing sorry its just hard during a fight actually through one by the way vaven sorry i just saw that upgrade your arm oh yeah hold on ive only been grabbing weapons is there other upgrades i can get no did i miss a skull or something god damn it all right that was very poorly played for me that time ill be the first to admit there oh im stuck oh  __  oh come on now i bet theyre all going to come to life right well maybe not thanks to the bits bing god dammit i keep accidentally hitting the enemies when im going for the coins my aim is too  __  good that i cant stop hitting was that swords and sandals sound effect i wasnt looking at my health whoops there we go now im getting in the groove again hmm  __  i saw that coming he ruined it thanks to resub fox what am i stuck on not the cleanest but we got it done oh i got a piss so bad ill be right back holy  __  give me one second so you youve come friends the door of faith shall open ive been waiting for you friends uh no more team im back in it oh sorry thank you for the raid whisper yeah i was taking a piss and thanks to the gift sub karufen web sorry about that am i going the right no i came from this direction wait no this is the right direction exit prime blue nope this is the wrong have you washed your hands no no no no urine is fuel  __  do oh  __  i didnt even see that all right this might be a pretty tough boss im not gonna lie holy  __  oh what the  __  i didnt even see where he hit me from did i just glitch out of the map oh no no no i couldnt dodge  __  man this bad boy is tough so hmm  __  took too long  __  almost had it come on lift up so oh these boss fights have been really  __  tough shoot its tail is its tail another weak spot doesnt look like it i see a bunch of armor on it i guess it is oh  __  oh come on no i couldnt get diabolical to work but im gonna troubleshoot it and try next time foreign oh what that hit oh my god no god damn thanks the resub arrow holy  __  these boss fights are nutty that is a super  __  tough thing to dodge man im stuck oh wow oh wrong one so um uh so no  __  that was a very difficult boss again i really like the boss fights in this game its actually a challenge what do you mean also heal more how would i have healed more in that fight dont i have to run up in melee to help with that well i dont know aaron it depends on the game man true i could have just done the shotgun close yeah i probably will start us yeah of course thank you oh jesus nice actually what time is it 5 30. all right i think im gonna go work out now so im gonna head out and then ill stream again later tonight thanks to the recent carnage thanks everyone for tuning in definitely donated big thank you new subs welcome aboard the sun means a lot to me thank you for subbing enjoy those emotes and i will see you later tonight take these everyone see ya you steam report Games Played: Spellbreak, ULTRAKILLStream Title: Early streammoistcr1tikal Twitch Stream Playlist: Cr1TiKaL #Cr1TiKaL #moistcr1tikal #penguinz0 best steam drift 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