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Steam deck white skinoculus audio vs steam audio ULTRAKILL gameplay thank you Music foreign Music thank you foreign Music Music thank you Music foreign Music Music Music thank you Music Music foreign Music foreign Music foreign Music hello hello does this hand look weird it doesnt right it looks fine sorry I just ate some peanut butter so ah I dont know I feel like it made my my uh pronunciation worse anyways happy Monday oh my God Monday Monday well Mondays so exciting excuse me okay and then Im just setting up I dont know theres like a weird setup in this game its asking me a bunch of questions oh it says difficulty absurdly slow enemies high damage but slower attack and passive enemies wait what is this uh so should I just put standard right I should pick standard or violent theres two options yeah I know the game isnt on the screen yet it looks spooky its got like hacker text on it it makes me nervous foreign sorry ignore that nothing its nothing dont worry about it its a tomato bag Im eating some Tomatoes okay finally do standard theres hackertext you guys hear it sounds spooky all systems operational loading status update okay I think it okay I think I can show it now wait says location approaching hell okay it didnt say my real location okay I can show it can you guys see it wait can you guys see it yeah wait I think its oh its a good size again mankind is dead what is fuel hell is fuel huh holy my math sensitivity is so high F punch oh God hold on options look sensitivity oh maybe like this yeah it still feels too fast is this the okay all right I want to help I hit all of them oh I got a boost to jump Im like a robot or something Music what oh yeah I tried to shoot whats all this stuff where am I oh what Mario jump Its the Mario jump am I too big Im gonna make myself smaller sorry here we go this is better now Im not blocking anything okay I just came from here so I guess Ill go down here Im so skinny hutch on this point I think it came audio kids are too loud Im a robot that runs in blood whoa ground pound wait is there actually ground pound sorry I missed I missed the instruction what was it down the dummy Ill turn it down a little bit um control hold control oh what the Boom big metallic meaty ground pound New Blood presents oh wait I thought this was a like oh I thought it was saying New Blood present new blood in the area oh okay whoa again what is this Mozambique Music its too fast my mouth its still too high Music is it so its so sensitive can I turn screen shape now just a bit more there you go Music so he went through the wall its not fair well that one wasnt even near me and they still got hit Music I guess I cannot grab them okay oh hold the right button to charge piercings yeah Music Music oh okay good enough close enough is there ammo I should be worried about Music whoa foreign alive oh I have to get up there I wish there was a double jump I can try to double jump can I get a double jump power up and these guys like headshot only or something or are they out I need help wheres the double Jab s me okay I got help from that guy wait does mail Lane give you a hug Wild Jim oh Music ah okay I see I see blood is fuel now youre hard to punch whats up my skinny ass breasts theyre too small Music this pit box is Tiny Music oh yeah I should do a charge shot theyre still so small youre missing arms or it looks like oh have you guys ever like you wear a hoodie oh and pants and then you like put the pants all the way up to your shoulders right and then you have your arms inside of your pants thats what they look like I think the hoodie is unnecessary Music cant get over here can you prepare to be snapped ah where am I can I only hit it from behind do I have shoes behind it never mind oh so this when you go down this hole and do big ground pound its like new level I see I see um wait B it takes too long what the heck I got an A secrets I didnt know there were any secrets you guys tell me do you guys know well then Im gonna eat a tomato because theres ketchup on the thumbnail out my neck all right I need you guys to open up a guide we can do this I wont look at it its not cheating if you guys tell me wheres the secret huh use your points at the shop this is like Dead Space oh wait is the gun I have already a revolver foreign Music Music ew Music oh okay I thought it would have like a and I would have like a soft spot in the back of its head but it doesnt buy another revolver Music oh theyre power-ups Music should I buy it throw a coin hows that going to your gwent theres equipped Music foreign whats cybergrind I can read I just rather we chat you know oh this is a big cherry tomato this is like a mini regular tomato um Music squirted everywhere oops well done okay its fine theres blood on my screen Music wait I cant charge up on this gun I didnt know wait what is this coin thing I can do charge shot small wrist okay hold on shoot the coins oh this one is like that one Paladins character wheres the secret its in here isnt it or is this the way Im supposed to go no because the checkpoints in here wait should I get the checkpoint first but if I get a checkpoint the doors gonna close can I go back this way foreign but you just have to hold right click and release its fully charged and then this one wait what the heck now wheres my coin did I switch back ah when did they say that I didnt see that I feel like Ill be too distracted to use the cool way she just at the board has to be like exactly okay all right what happened is it probably my internet sorry I dont know sometimes its not a problem Music what other times it is what is that whats that its like can I use it can I please that person thats fun have a big blade can I turn the game audio down a little bit for you guys Im looking at the levels okay what is that honestly one bonus acquired what the hell is there anything over here Music I have to fight that guy with like spoilers okay well whats over here it looks like this where oh wait which way should I go Im gonna decide okay Im gonna go this way oh trail of blood is it teapoting a lot still well then I cant see the oh there it is I couldnt see the little square on OBS that shows whether or not Im lagging okay I guess I cant go this way better now I can I can see nope well yeah its okay foreign so if I go through I thought Id shift through but I got stuck in the blood yeah I dont like that sound so blood slow you down or something foreign Music its over here oh this is where it was before huh Music hey dont steal my heels am I racing against this guy Im not right no no no is this race okay just wait get him to distracted to do the coin thing I cant do it okay I know Im supposed to use these things to my advantage but Im scared now after dying now is there a secret in there in that waterfall if you guys think what do you think what do you think Music yeah theres a G-spot on top of this thingy this pipe right here Music there is one there really oh there it is now how do you get out without dying oh no problem no problem I feel like I didnt do that well in this one look how much time I took it goes to ah okay all right a solid C two two Secrets I should get extra points for that theres no extra points no I get you get the bonus dont you was intentional so whats this thingy oh it just unequips them this music is so nice Music cool you could see the 3D model oh Music no new enemies this time huh oh theres that guy though all right sorry Ill read this one its endless survival mode oh sandbox oh no okay wait am I missing anything is there something Im missing oh the ultra town I forgot okay so this is my like ability okay like part of my stamina is that killed up oh it just sent them flying oh foreign if youre high enough Music Music yo its not a bus any bus am I supposed to use a coin thing like while jumping around or like what its hard to do while jumping Music ran out of coins wait give me a second theres a cool down Music oh okay okay yeah its really hard to do while maybe because the ceilings too short I see its just like for a cool trick shot Music oh theres definitely something up here in this wall jumps dang it Music okay oh there it is learning if you could shoot the ceiling Music yeah okay nice wait this is the wrong way sorry sorry theres this guy holding a bun Burger hmm yes Parker store wait I dont know which way to go wait looks is this a challenge oh I got a punch him Im gonna grab him it doesnt even do his son is that a shotgun foreign finish damn it I should have done for the wait whats going on I got none charge shot oh yeah I always forget um oh so now I go back this is the cool little area I like this I like the colors thank you Music punch the shotgun shell one Music wow oh I didnt mean to fall all the way down punch your bullets Music what do you mean thats what you mean oh when it does that uh-huh Music oh no the bullets Music oh I did it at the same time its at the same time okay I thought it was immediately after that did damage to me no I dont think so huh scared me wait so I only have this gun now Music what oh it doesnt have that as far as Arc as I thought it is okay wait sorry what did you guys say so what does that do it makes them explode Music explosion does damage to me is there a secret in here Im in that charge it wait what oh it charges the distance okay is he still alive how do I didnt get any help from his blood its only sometimes Im gonna die Im gonna die Music Music huh I dont know whats going on okay Im scared something behind me thats gonna squish me okay there wasnt it I cant get the hang of it what are these lines here where I should not break this glass right now this will send me back itll send me backwards shotgun it is cool I kind of like the pistol better I cant switch is it because I dont have it equipped on like the Little Weapon thingy oh is this another like last night here we go isnt it e oh its not oh okay e is only when youre I see hes only switching between like modes on of the gun okay and keep pressing or E to try to you know I like the rapid fire of the oh God sword machine I feel like I like the rapid fire better but the shotgun is useful yeah the shotguns got like a better punch to it Music can I use scroll to switch oh I cant use Scrolls Im sorry hold on Im getting the hang of this jump over it like jump rope so fast did I only oh God hes warming out I gotta get away so fast Music I keep pressing e by accident one more Scout I feel like a shotgun I focus too much wrong thing is directly foreign shoot near him for health I see foreign whats this pump charge is this just a different mode for the shotgun Music holy okay wait wait wait what is how it didnt hit him Music um the checkpoint oh okay wait the how do you use this I see I its okay okay now again Music its a lot for my brain to handle right now foreign joking Im trying to shoot it from far away oh you got me back on the on the boomerangs on the return I was so close foreign foreign Music foreign Music foreign Music foreign Music foreign that okay hi oh Im gonna get such a bad rating because I took too long F or D only d ude so it counts out my restarts is that why theyre not married my first time playing on the violin mode foreign Music take a breather here and listen to this lovely music three stars I see Im eating tomatoes to honor all the blood that we will spill today foreign Music Music foreign hi oh my feelings hold on everybody come here follow me to the center Im gonna die because Im trying to like leave them here foreign you die oh bonus Im trying to get the bonus I didnt know there were people behind me cool look at this okay now I can get my bone oh Im gonna get a d-ring foreign Music theres one like behind me or what whered he go from wait I already got the bonus right it says Vine its got the bonus and I keep forgetting to punch the shotgun I was right here foreign style only four thousand where are the other Secrets what the heck okay Music most Style that I have no style is it because I use the coin while sitting in the corner what do you mean full of style okay theres definitely Secret in here right that definitely is that oh its scary where am I now like Minecraft stand and hope all ye who enter here this door is this the door oh what the its alive Music oh God thank you another one oh God Im gonna die this is a lot of damage theres so many of them yeah I feel like I did pretty good on the first the first round so much damage thank you for getting it charged Music Miss I jumped on his head Music should I just focus on one for now and then try not to die Im getting confused I dont know Music because I died before I saw what happened wait I know am I not close enough to get their blood so when my when I get the blood my health like turns orange right they have to be like super close I feel like I lost help by being too close because Im doing the explosion thing foreign foreign Music I should have used my explosion okay okay I was about to kill it how are you doing oh stay okay its like a moment of reprieve can I just stay close all time so much damage is not fair Music foreign trying to go close am I taking it damage from the explosion you guys told me to hit when I shoot it still gives more blood okay Ill stop doing the explosion thingy foreign Music foreign yeah well I thought his butt was up in the air cool I hear something bubbling here lava so Im wasting time I got a bad score challenge dont inflict fatal damage to any enemy what does that mean leave cookies maybe they hurt each other when they throw those thingies I dont know pacifist run Music this is fake isnt it is this a simulation wait a minute Minecraft what the heck I thought this was help wait a second is Minecraft out its a puzzle oh no I dont want to go that way I want to stay in this beautiful illusion no Music uh theres only one way what is this will I come back here and put a trophy here oh this isnt even real its all screens look I have to get up here hold on foreign yeah let me out of this simulation wait this is new no this is where it came from okay I guess Ill go this way then wait whats that I dont know what it was but I shot it simulation battery is there another one oh oh foreign wheres the last one is it up in the tree its a funny rock funny rock where oh this one the funny rock foreign wait a second Music oh this is the funny rock this is the Emoji is there a last little speaker I can shoot is this really a simulation I want to see the walls break down if I shoot at it there were three shouldnt there be a fourth one is this a simulation no more speakers man what the heck all right look at this thing these doors no this looks like the Minecraft Tunnel oh Im this puzzle theyre all coin in the fountain will make a wish okay howd you guys know that Im not supposed to put this back on this thingy I go down oh do it hey you guys are cheating complete the level under 10 seconds that seems easy I wanted to explore what else was up there was air puzzle or was it a fake puzzle I dont have a gun oh Im so smart huh what the heck is this in the game oh its just Sunset okay its not as just setting thats all what the heck please leave more oh oops I thought the X was the final path or the final goal um wait a second huh okay okay I feel like this is the right way to start off oh maybe I should do this okay next I see Music thanks the heck did they not cross they probably cant cross or something right I like this I like puzzles uh oh I see uh oh but this can go over eyes in case we can go to any oh but only some can go oh I see Music then stick oh I see um its kind of confusing Music oh oh I see if you let go of one wait what oops its probably not right then how can I get the this cant go over I see um Music Music no what the heck Music Music restart restart um Music Music and can yall do this and then it blocks Off The Blues I see oh Music this part of the game normal I thought there would be more shooting stuff um Music oh Music was the other one the harder version its a secret level oh okay Ill take it wait what the heck Music Music uh Music oh Music this is the rest of the game Music uh I dont mind oops um Music Music wait Music oh Music Music um Music cancel Music laughs hey why not oh because it goes over this x down here Music its me Music Music and then Music uh lets see a man oh man Music um Music shoot Music oh yeah the eggs Music no that wont work wait Music stop failure after failure after failure after failure after failure that the results refused to alter again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again my faith begins to falter you get a free bonus witness complete I did it did I get anything I got nothing honey got it onto this cup I got lore thats more oh so were back now its the real puzzle wait I think the head was over here shooting the speakers part of the puzzle Music Music Music okay I tried to put it before on the other door and it didnt let me now well put it back no head Music oh cool okay wait whats up here I dont like that Im being timed and it affects my youth oh this is the blue door it affects my stage rating I want to explore wait a second thats the wrong way Music I ran right into it lets go wait Secret again damn man I cant see anything up there is there a secret up there okay scroll up wait nail wait what was that what does that do why is there something on it oh is it is it grenade wait right gun fired nail magnet can be attached to environment to create traps oh I shot it at the thing oh I see okay it doesnt go off automatically if they touch it I know it does it did its just the other one was its on a timer I get it theres nothing near it Ill take this oh got the head what do you mean no head I got it wait this is the wrong way I could have gone I was going the right way Whered I come from okay so this way Music I forgot I forgot where it is Music the way it came from Music wait is this way its this way this way Music Music foreign Music okay can I go back to get the rest of the enemies I left explode why doesnt it activate punching the shotgun of the purple thing is going instantly Music its a magnet you shoot it okay now I understand by what we meant when they said magnet I dont know I rate it Im just like I dont know what that is thats mine more skulls they look so small did they get smaller it looks so small foreign so pretty right kind of like Minecraft Music Music are they supposed to do something else down there foreign Music theres something up here oh this is the other right or whats the uh whats that block thats always on fire whoa like that pyro its a pyro with a pyro what the heck theres pyro in this game blue slash means an attack is unperiable how do I disable my magnet bullet my magnet trap foreign thank you Music what should I not be in there foreign this open a door wait theres definitely a bonus or something up here um oh there it is Music yeah I cant wait because I put that its called there did it open like a door over here or something that door was already open ah its the store here oh I see him put it on the wrong door okay it doesnt really explore this that area why is there a beeping sound Music that I could break it okay okay I dont like that sound it was so fast it all happened so fast okay so that only works like if I put it on like theres two of them wait does that explode after I foreign alive somewhere oh there he is howd you get up there silly ah the coin the coin the coin what I keep forgetting about the coin hey AB s do not pick up any skulls challenges dont pick up any skulls hows that possible did I have to have all the weapons yet or am I missing one thank you all those secret Realms split color doors only require one its called open you dont see cards at the same doors what color skulls put split scholar dont splits foreign Music Music how to happen theres definitely a secret in here all right it doesnt look like an idea moving on will I come back here later Music foreign foreign foreign Music secret up here I like having double jump I wont always heads up with them no secret no secret wait where am I okay red red orbs wait what um I fell all the way through okay okay okay it wasnt that far right yeah yeah Im here head Im holding is creepy is this the right way I dont remember I think it went the wrong way am I supposed to go all the way back and put this in the door I wanted a circle oh confused I went the wrong way oh that beeping its my abilities I see it just sounds so ominous go and whats over here okay I dont need it I said I dont need it right oh spots foreign foreign Music Music Music okay but this does decent amount of damage when it actually hit it tummy I didnt see those little bright spots so then my mic is like blocking the screen kind of because its not a mic stand covering the the loud I see someone Im stuck Music stupid line this is hard because its just so tanky thank you my arms hurt I know I have various weapons its probably not as fun for you to watch if I dont switch friends I mean the boy wanted to switch too feels uh like its doing good right now okay Music Im stuck I cant get a job I got hooked oh I wish I had a double jab its too easy we had double down how come I dont get a damn it uh how come I dont get any health I was intentionally shooting close so that I could get held from the blood but it didnt give me anything um damn it foreign Music foreign foreign Music Music yeah we did it too many restarts no secrets anything new foreign I think Im actually gonna stop here for today um Ill just read super chats I got some stuff that I need to work on which you guys will see soon the fruits of my labor but uh yeah I just finished up some work and then relax um Ill read super chats now he was gonna say something oh yeah yeah oh yeah so uh uh okay I wont play Katamari this Wednesday Ill probably just play Ultra kill on Wednesday um kind of like a delivery service you know we order an item and you have to wait a few days uh so Ill finish Captain Mari Namaste next week uh on next whats Wednesday but this Watson Wednesday yeah Ill just play more Ultra kill so if you guys want to um continue watching me play Ultra kill Im gonna play again on Wednesday at the same time I started this time and Im Ill probably play for like double the time I played today yeah yeah but thank you guys for watching and helping me sorry if it was frustrating to watch but Ill see you guys soon now its super chat reading time I wonder if I could put on um hold on let me find the body Music associated oh hi what whats up I dont know if I said that right I said oh but maybe I wasnt supposed to use oh okay okay Im gonna try to look for the ultra kill foreign Music I want the Minecraft one what about this one oh this one no not this one okay I guess Ill put this one on you guys hear it wait maybe this one what about this one wait what about this one wait what about this one okay this ones good thank you guys for stopping by e oh you guys didnt see anything okay I read super chats now I do okay can I do well I did good right first time playing on violence mode very good really I killed it I killed them hey am I like 30 of the waste for the game or something do you guys think I could finish it on the next stream or should I plan to like have three streams to Beat It it takes a bit one sixth of the way okay okay other seven circles of hell uh 20 okay all right thats fine Im just trying to get a good accurate you know idea uh sorry for being late earlier too I forgot to say okay uh Rocky Raccoon thank you happy Monday and thats me thank you other side yeah yeah now we can talk about it thats not the sponsored stream this week by the way I know you guys were like oh its gonna be time to decide thats a different game um it just happened to coincide with the release of that yeah uh so the way it works its like a gacha game where you get a character and you can get skins for all of myth for the already existing characters and theres like a ton of voice lines if thats like you guys are saying you know gotcha so yeah if youre oh its a tower defense got to game Power Defense yeah yeah theres some gotcha elements right though yeah voiced by Amit yeah theres also Gira Ina Kiara and Cali um and we all have a ton of voice lines and the art for is really nice very nice well the character for my skin today nice yeah counter side lucky just started yeah its on Steam I think Sarahs looking Bubba here just busted does that mean bad this busted mean ugly yeah thumb steam I guess its also a mobile uh-huh busted equals op man what the heck and like you say like that is busted you know what I mean thats like an insult all right well maybe its like the original thing I dont know okay okay yeah its one of those ones that double meaning theyre completely opposite not busty busted you know I dont really use the B word you know in an actual sense only jokingly I never call someone the b word unless theyre one of my teammates in OverWatch or something then I might do it uh okay you didnt receive a chance a quick thank you Im a donkey just arrived so many army things I mean thank you will light up your day light up your life now now I would never call my collab partners anything like that what do you guys mean I wouldnt say that a nice boat thank you yeah yeah associate thank you they said this is still my carb FPS genre I dont know what that means either because I havent played Devil May Cry hello uh the correct thank you yeah I wasnt sure about whether or not you could put like you know stuff other than ketchup thats read in the thumbnail because YouTube can be kind of wacky hey YouTube youre So wacky and so I put ketchup its actually ketchup I just Googled transparent ketchup and for some reason one of them was a w for that wacky Watson uh boss thank you uh yes some more on my voice lines I cant understand its already available have any of you guys gotten it yet or does it not release yet thank you rare Monday stream yeah not updated yet okay okay not yet but you can uh already get the character that I may that wears Amys skin yeah I I couldnt think of a good way to put that that works not available upcoming OverWatch collab um on Sunday yeah thank you yes I met in three games lets go figures coming out too multiple plushies merch this is famous for now yeah its cool though its awesome seeing you guys be so excited about stuff like that its fun for us to do everybody wins except your wallets sometimes thank you for the support though we all appreciate it thank you thank you thank you I mean you guys win too you know you get cool merch this was pretty cool um thank you Ultra Army Im gonna stay upstairs thank you yeah not I mean this game is isnt that gory the blood is just its just pixels you know sound that bad am I the same thing cute there was a lot of ketchup I was like thank you thank you thank you okay thank you its your hyper super duper Ultra yeah thank you morning that starts with AME wow balance diet it gets really crazy later on its gory it wasnt as gory as um what is it the what was that Rhythm shooter game we played was that one more gory am I thinking of something else Doom is way gorier maybe Im thinking of Doom PPM yeah yeah wasnt that one kind of gory I guess not you cant really beat Henry Henrys on my if the stream goes off Henry stepped out on the power you step to the power button okay hes sitting on my on top of my computer tower and last time he was doing this I was in the middle of my lessons and he turned off my computer and I was busy studying on the computer okay so just be aware all right where was I think okay thank you wait uh sorry right next thank you Im ready thank you wow is that Amelia Watson character from counterside among those paladins on you live on YouTube right now what the heck huge fan uh stratified thank you again I see you in the world a daylight night thank you time to spill some ketchup Im gonna stock up for more ketchup all my ketchup is gone too thank you Ive always had this gun what do you mean you guys have just been holding it for me in the chat keeping it warm uh Eric did me one day thank you amen thank you 25 thank you everyone thank you happy thank you roll step thank you take away thank you this is a gun what do you mean its not just a random shape I gotta drink water I forgot to drink water oh Ill drink water after I finish cooking super chats I drink bounce but uh can I see him thank you its like if doing Turtle neon white got together to make a game I guess I could do that sort of yeah lets pause not reindeer thank you when youre pants up to your shoulders no grandpa Behavior thats how you make the the gobble and the gremlin its cute a hectic thank you thank you for watching yes were gonna continue on the Henry ah damn it Henry hello he stepped on the button thankfully uh I have Photoshop open I have something open that prevented the computer from shutting down completely so were still Im still here it said do you want to shut down no no wait wait wait oops okay hold on all right there we go well have to use this for now Ultra kill is dead Music where was I in super chats all my windows closed lets see Ultra killed who will win dont you kill versus Henry Music okay here we go uh where did I live off here we go Music is pretty cool I like the aesthetic too and it reminds me oh you know what it reminds me of actually like uh the art that we have in the VR chat world like the I guess its the resolution of the textures for the 3D models reminds me of the textures that seafoam makes and also like cross between that and Minecraft foreign yeah and then just a little poly though its like the actual texture themselves texture packs thank you for watching holography plushie thank you huh yeah I want the sword can I use the sword that the guy uses reject thank you Ive actually never played Quake maybe we should play that too sometime huh texture not texture sex texture packs Music uh Common Sense bro thank you punch Perry at the same time okay yeah yeah I got this one alligator one thank you Paul is alive oh is that that guy the guardian who holds the ball thank you thank you yeah we sped right through that uh secret level huh thank you yeah I know the the secret level was like um a reference to the witness because its called the witness I dont know I played the witness before I guess it would be fun it probably really frustrating for you guys Ive played it and I I think I got like probably one third of the way through the game but then I gave up because I was like what this is too complicated because it wasnt just the puzzles it was just like where do I go Id be down to play it though thatd be fun foreign games yeah they do look pretty nice yeah yeah the looker a looker and sounds familiar like whats your mom got me last night because she said I look good Music oh yeah this uh kind of looks like the witness a little bit oh it says in the mind that was not behind the witness but what Music that was not behind the witness oh okay he doesnt even know about this wait what oh this looks like fun oh its got a drawing oh its like little mazes oh this looks like fun yeah yeah I want to play its free is it sure is it a short game yeah it looks cool I want to try it parody oh man its not real its not actually a puzzle game play plus again its an hour okay well well see its got a really high rating oh this is the only game Music parody of puzzle games that does sound like fun though and a boy at the quick thank you well it should have been final boss but it was easy thank you uh thank you yeah it was fun to play Music him thank you hot chocolate the teammate mug oh I feel like the our mug is so small like you could compare it pair of sizes base Monica bit her mug is so big our mug is so teeny tiny but its good for like one yeah lets go for hot chocolate its mug is like good for soup Music right here again thank you it was relaxing to watch thanks thank you okay Music thank you congrats got the main character in the first try oh yeah soup does sound good actually maybe I have some I have wings thank you congratulations thank you what multi thank you yes enjoy the rest of your Monday I hope you guys are off work already or if youre going to work I hope it goes by fast Music I was gonna be on my mic but the mute button doesnt work probably because my program close uh cause Henry turned off the computer okay thank you just in time thank you ah yeah its a cool game Alpha 9571 thank you happy birthday oh yeah because we said happy birthday yesterday thats all right Music um anime and I see the I hope there will be meet and greets something sort of like that you guys dont have to worry about Raffles or anything I dont know if I could if I can I dont know actually wait let me ask if I can say Music Music okay Ill let you guys know foreign Music guess well have to wait and see from World Trade thank you huh a duet song for karaoke oh wow you guys have good memories huh okay Ill look into it remind me uh dirty dishes thank you and I hope big Alma is being nice to you he doesnt even talk to me she ignores me what did I do wrong whatever just bust the anyway thats a great thank you Music thank you really wants to this girl from fortnite not yet imagine its saying cute Im like anime with NYC will be pretty interesting with the crowds it has last few years then you might miss out um youll probably get a glimpse of I dont know its gonna be I dont Ill tell you Ill tell you guys Ill let you know when I have more details probably on Wednesday and its time to sleeping I dont know you guys understand um just in time thank you please forgive me didnt mean it its okay Im petting Henry right now hes still sitting on hes laying down on top of my PC getting his cat hairs everywhere in the fans in my heat sink all over my graphics card my expensive installed with blood and tears and sweat 30 80. fine Henry Henry has a disease so you know he gets free pass Music well it is as long as he doesnt pee on it at public thank you yeah I like games where you go really fast its pretty fun we should finish neon white yes yes maybe this week well see him say thank you I could die thank you all right thats all the super chats for now I dont have anything else to report to guys investigators uh this is signing off Music okay actually I am gonna go though um and yes for watching Music um Music foreign Music okay thank you guys for watching and for hanging out see you later bye Music foreign Music foreign Music Music foreign Music Music steam deck trackpad not working in desktop mode BRRRR BRRAPBRRAPBAP【Be respectful/No Yelling or Spamming/Dont bring up other channels/No backseating*】 ►This game is being streamed and monetized after confirming with New blood Interactive *I like to play games my own way: mostly by 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