Winning V Rising Full Loot Server in less than 3 Hours

Eve online steam chartssteam awards failed to load this broadcast V RISING game uh i think i started a bit too early ill wait like outside the east and stuff like that okay catch up but yeah uh did you read are you in game right now im in game yeah uh look at the system message it says event battle royale choose the swipe like what huh i dont know im a bit confused as well wait that you cant use your did they fix that that bug where you can use a counter or a shield to like push yourself forward after dashing uh i dont think so wait does it only work with the chaos dash it used to work with the first oh im not too sure but i think i was like uh yeah like i know when i was doing duels the other day it was already a new but some people were doing it still yeah i have not played since the patch hit honestly i have not played much at all so i might be a little rusty i know i mean faster progression uh times two i think somebody already looted those uh graves here and i dont know if i will have enough bones yeah then id give a little huffing me i probably oh we can make a castle hard right away nice ah yeah thats good uh youre on the right side right yeah actually i think starting on the left side might be better maybe im not sure wait is your name lettuce yes yeah usually im not using my name at all uh feels a bit better yeah maybe i should do the same but do it i mean yeah yeah are you streaming as well yeah okay let me set up the squad stream then uh yeah i think it has to be you and i just you yeah except then okay should be ready yep yeah im making a sword uh do you need animal hype yeah i do yeah uh sure i stole bones okay were gonna get some from uh wolf wait do we have the wolf unlocked no would be nice uh but yeah apparently maybe its better to start on the left side oh gosh im gonna kill this air for bones um yeah maybe its better to start on the left side at least um ive been watching people try to speedrun on a new server i dont know if it applies to just regular servers but um i think you can like find lydia there yeah they were saying like the buffing of lydia it covers more towards the left side than the right yeah like easier to find her yeah maybe we should try that but i dont really know the spawn locations of the wolf on the left side uh yeah i dont remember exactly there but if you still have like that map with everything so let me tell by the ya can i fake a space on you like what do you see do you see anything if i do this i dont see anything did you know that you can cancel ultimates oh can you yeah you can really trick people with that so many secret strats yeah i mean jesus a faking ultimate is a bit too strong yeah that has to be fixed i feel like i dont understand why the damage on weapon basic attacks is so different oh my god that hit me for 50. oh its because i dont have maybe its boosted right now because i i dont have a level 10 i usually always no no it hit me for 50 as well i oh no okay yeah im uh im healing yes take it easy im a scrub actually i actually kind of appreciate that i think i might be better stronger pve im not sure yeah except when we try to do the werewolf at level 40. yeah thats not the deal oh my god dude how many wolves are there yeah were too many people already got a wolf club somewhere oh can people still hit my counters even if they have pvp protection on oh yeah yeah thats right okay uh try to get the animal height now on the bones oh  __  yeah i should have not should have oh my god its just spawned on top of those people yeah yeah they they got the perfect fun uh do we try to find lydia or do we just go for the frost to be honest need for my shoes oh very good i think we just go for the air do you think uh what do you think is better is asparagus or chaos wall is still better uh if were playing twitter i think the frost might be better for us okay i mean i guess well its still good obviously but yeah all right like doing this week will even not kill olivia at all i should wait a second i need to set something up real fast hey guys i actually wanted to set up a giveaway for today but i forgot that i changed um dream elements again and i actually dont know how it works i get 60 minutes i dont want to figure it out in the middle of the stream next next time i stream ill have to give away a gun other than the bus oh perfect oh theres a horse oh come come the kill okay uh theres a thing without pvp at twenty percent i dont know if you wanna oh you want a pvp we cool like look at this guys oh what do you think yeah yeah yeah lets do that can you hear me yeah wait your pvp okay i hit him okay im chasing the other whats guy okay its so low but i cannot finish here im coming with a horse okay okay stuck oh okay i got it i got it all right easy open access oh nice my dude only had bone stuff yeah heres sliver level but now we can make you like a set i guess ill take this copper okay okay its actually so far its still very pleasant in my room even though im streaming i hope it stays like this uh hopefully but yeah im just now to like be sweating in my room when i im playing games what kind of chair do you have do you have like a fake leather chair uh no its like a gaming shirt Music hello i like this all of this while killing the guy oh i should maybe run the thing this is this guys load okay lets see what we have here you take it thanks ill just take everything but oh actually he actually has better stuff yeah okay yeah we could build a base nearby they go pair mine i think its better yeah lets do it dude this guy had less i had less blood than i did and i took it uh im with you avian knight thank you so much for subscribing and welcome to the panda party much love yeah oh no like this is not about to be i have double i have like oh no wait wait why was this double what happened did i also play like a little panda dance animation or something im so confused oh container here oh its like useless items ill just take what i can any oh never mind garbage i switched from uh streamlabs to stream elements and i havent streamed in between and i am having some quick issues with the alerts and stuff like that people here by the way oh never mind thats a freaking i thought that was a player dude i just thought that saw the name i come in with the house yeah im not sure i think his horse is faster never oh mine is faster anyways okay i dont have copper its a problem yeah i know what sniped him yeah good find it stop him okay oh i love the maze from that guy i guess or man i couldnt i couldnt loot because i had full inventory is the problem oh yeah oh why didnt i just equip the freak oh why did i press leave game oh my god bridge quit sign is fine now what is your release uh we can respawn on the left side we may need to i cant often catch streams due to time difference but a lot of your youtube bits ah thank you man really appreciate that really appreciate i am gonna make more youtube videos like im trying to make more youtube videos than ever sorry i think that one was on me i mean i think like two blood bolts was skinny uh there should be like a graveyard nearby right or this is the graveyard like lets make a list like one sort of something okay then i can see that upgrade you want this like the bone drain im going to make a spear i guess sure i think sphere has the best place what did the spirit just attack me through my corner uh i know how it works then why something like sometimes i just go through counters and stuff like that oh yeah if it hits something else beforehand yeah yeah and it happens with everything even if you are like use an account that it will really yeah i did not know that yeah so as soon as the prediction hits like a tree first youre taking that much no matter what i hope they nerf axes or honestly i want them to rework it yeah okay uh we could try to just kill someone i guess i should have made a ring i am an idiot thanks yeah okay are you are you going without no i have connor yeah i still dont have a ring uh we can kill a bear here maybe this is not too absolute i dont think uh i dont know do you get like 15 bones at this starting like maybe its no i think its sweet thats what people were saying this guys saying is open okay you want to go there level 7 yeah lets see yeah if were lucky theres someone in the copper mine and we cannot really get the copper with the weapons we have so fun even just pve it dumped 70 hours in the first week damn yeah the game is great i really i honestly like this game better than battlerite i guess we keep investigating yeah oh that roses oh yeah thats uh useful oh right shell take them oh maybe one percent creature plot here take the stuff so you can make your hair as well i can drop you pan first i dont know uh i mean i can make some gear where i dont know i mean im just walking around oh did you hear that yes where are they there theyre behind this they have to be at the store okay they were here for sure i see something else yeah yeah oh never mind i dont like it unlucky yeah definitely i hope that more people get into the pvp i know we could build a base as well if we cant really find like a player right away or we can stick around quincy do you think we can kill like a level 30 or something yes do we die oh my god oh wait do you mean quincy has a boss or a player player player player i think we can kill a player on that level yeah do we actually take jesus oh blaze please oh god i come here and we jump to the side or something i dont  __  know we need to get out of here oh god just get out just get though theres too many mobs for us yeah they wont let me freaking mount up oh my gosh and then i get body blocked you wanna you want to run in and try to fight them dont think so like im dying to a mobs already and also be somebodys boosted so i feel like we just stay with yeah but maybe they suck and they die to the boss or get really low hp and then we just sneak in okay i mean we can risk it for the clock i dont have anything on me yeah sure hey whats up deep dean glad to catch you left and enjoying your videos on youtube thanks man i really appreciate that okay do you need hearts here come behind the other guy really low we need to loot him i got it i got it hes frozen oh  __  i have no connor okay hes broke thank you for this coming im gonna give you two slopes okay i have sucks okay okay lets try to drop and kill hes coming hes going got him damn mother team as well ive just stopped while i could yeah count that down on this guy on the right i dont have anything on the combo this guy okay and that im dead didnt have anything to outplay another team and come in okay theyre fighting their team so this benefits you look at that fighting yeah uh the other guys have undone it so you should do the same just try to slip some gear and we go from there im going to respawn here on the right on the left i mean so if you want to like try to meet oh my god dude and theres another team fighting now as well around there im mounting up trying to get some heels off yeah let me just take it this look is that anyone on you or what no not right now not that i can tell theres a guy with a horse in my respawn point i just moted him killing right now okay im gonna try to bait this guy to you okay if you can come where are you over there okay im coming from the north right now okay yeah oh jesus he hit me for 42 i mean theres no way ill try im gonna be there soon we can like get a free setup so i can combo him with my spear i dont have an extra weapon for i mean i have a spear for you like bone spear thats it i mean im im almost dead now but you can kill this guy maybe okay and then now what is he plays counter and gets falling no you left here no thats the teleporter so youre fine to keep position um adam okay uh can you bring the loot and trust me or wheres my dress its gonna be like three minutes yeah and then we should go yeah we should be back to the level we were pretty much oh no oh the other oh hes gonna finish me okay thats fine uh okay ill respond in 90 seconds maybe you could can go all the way south and ill respawn eventually there or you can keep running ill just run from these people for now yeah its 80 seconds until my dress so just take it like safe you get this mounted yeah its not doesnt matter theyre not chasing anymore okay well 50 seconds until i can respawn yeah i got some excitement for you nice the maze q hits so much at this low level i like it yeah do you want spear or bass uh i mean i prefer maze but uh okay whether you prefer since you probably maze too but fine okay 25 seconds and im ready again am i finding the balance changes overall so far i mean i made a video about it i havent really changed my mind wait uh did you what did he say what level do you im 35 right now but i have a mercenary uh well maybe we can kill coincident before we make a base even okay oh theres the pvp protected player save the horse picking the blood or we can go for Music double space first im just dropping all the armor honestly and i guess i dont know im giving whatever i dont know i guess i can run the spear too i dont really care nice one we can come up with it yeah i mean we can kill cliff first i dont know okay yeah i like clive ios volley would also be nice but honestly rospats are pretty decent too for the game i mean i dont know with the speed and stuff like were facing a lot of people yeah i mean i have not have played for not even really 30 minutes theres a loot bag here i think really not anything good no not really dropping some vermin cells for you okay so much better than pve well have you um have you watched pvp streams before or is this like just your first time watching a pvp stream uh and rokrika says nice fight bro thanks man oh and jessica is here too hello yeah lets see its kind of hard to pay attention to chat while playing with someone else ah theyre doing theres some wonder oh youre killing them yeah sir gotta freeze off im gonna argue dont piss like this and look in this guy before someone comes and youre fine oh you got it okay nice slight upgrades here also i dropped a mace i got that nice the other guy have an extra spear or something uh no okay he has like a level nine ring if you need uh no okay freaking cliff dude many you just calm down gonna be daylight soon as well holy  __  nice finally good combo oh boy oh my god please cliff just die almost there oh i wonder how much stomachs do you take forget it  __  again okay all right okay lets equip this now uh i have luke i do i have little four pounds off level for everything okay me too okay nice so thats like the full set so the only difference is the emerald well i guess we go for quincy we havent even made a basil why cant i i think maybe it doesnt work with the blood counter i dont know the movement speed boost um not the shirt with think this is my horse the sun is super nerfed on this server it takes so long to do any effect oh really yeah hey run are you doing i am so surprised how pleasant my room temperature is right now considering that im streaming and its 36 degrees outside oh no the brother oh i asked you earlier what kind of chair you have and i feel like i didnt listen or maybe you didnt reply im not sure what kind of what what kind of chair you have do you have like a little oh yeah no no its not like that its like a linen or something like a cloth yeah its like like i said like um some even call that in english its like i mean its like the x razor but the glove instead of leather okay its regular cloth its not like this mesh thing thats its very breathable because thats what i have for the first time and holy  __  and make such huge diff no why am i getting stuck on a freaking thingy im gonna save my horse it makes things so much more pleasant oh my god yeah like a little certain summer but thats painful yeah thats awful im fine no worries im in germany its just hot today uh played here little seed i think i need the hordes double okay that hit me no spaces on they get behind this guy has no counter alice runs no card at all but its down got the please im going for the kill dropping it im gonna go on the horse i got this alice has no counter they live here oh are you stuck no im fine in here okay so youre like inside squid and this little cedar okay yeah but youre gonna go inside like were gonna jump up no from there so here we go im killing him problem is i cannot get the loot yeah i know and theres a tree here hitting i cant hit him im stuck in the in the wall i mean im not stuck in the wall but im oh yeah i dont know do you think you can look through the window maybe im trying but i cant no you cannot im gonna reset this tree because its trolling me way too hard okay i kind of want it i dont want to take that risk im sad yeah but uh its good theres a guy on a horse film a horse never mind he did not steal our horses over there somewhere i can say something this horse is in the lowest speed possible oh my god yeah it doesnt matter i have a horse over here somewhere oh players theyre both level zero oh i just want the heart first all right okay well lets get the limit and im sad that we didnt kill those people then we couldnt get the dude those people yeah well i mean i dont know they had like the same level right yeah oh no this is close was that the one no i think the other side was up yeah its all open oh level 27 here behind the tent space those mobs are wrecking me he cannot get out of there okay lets go ill actually go straight to the bus oh my god i see a player here 27 hopping a heel yeah two players here oh quincy is running here oh what oh okay yeah they can deal with quincy over there i need to heal i need to kill them upstairs to hell it to the corner i oh they jumped off they jumped off i think okay im taking this block oh actually not sorry dont let him press it like try to do that ill show you what were made i did not understand this person is saying but i think im not going to give you the poster so you can jump now or a biscuit is not  __  around okay where will i give him a kill oh my god this was hurts now show me what you got wait wait theres a person down there its the same guy who who is we can kill him uh safe should like your first uh butt and we do like a level for spot into combo ill just uh  __  off oh hes talking to someone down there yeah trying to see where they are can i can i want to fully heal yeah theyre trying to get the oh you boss to kill those apps yeah nothing we can do then okay uh so i want to play it safe and i think im gonna just go heal okay in case someone comes a second oh yeah im gonna see if i drop a pvp here or well combat the guy who was walking in here yeah if hes protected guys the two guys are here theyre coming yeah i cannot drop pvp look with this guys oh my god oh that almost hit me because he like kind of lagged there he always does that afterwards right pretty much not always this happened like the animation these two guys are waiting on the entrance by the way yeah i dont know how to deal with it yeah theyre also im pretty sure theyre making the post harder i dont know i mean we only got two odds so i think the boss is like im so scared he didnt like you yeah man what are they talking about hes so quiet they just go all out do you beat them okay you want to do those  __   __  right now okay youre good oh theres another dude is keeping the postcards here i guess goodbye he got this mounted hes gonna jump down gonna kill this level zero real fast okay keep the ambush active get full protect the player date oh its 41 foot plot ill take it okay theres like another team that actually is be active now like actually killing players so they might come oh the dude is charging them down there nice nice this is perfect got  __  oh  __  but okay are you committing im going to keep the boss busy then oh theres another uh its the alis team okay there baby down hes churching down yeah yeah okay i think we were gonna deny longer like we need to kill the bus but the alice team is gonna come so we need to watch out now oh theres like a hit on there jesus dude this is taking forever yeah okay yeah we need to kill this uh the other guy is coming nice nice he whats up hes really low hes really low and i need to jump can you go back to the bus so we dont lose it trying this guy stole my  __  spear popping a heal a light oh no okay it really doesnt want to see us oh no i jumped all the way because i wanted to heal oh my god im going to lose the whole thing keep it alive hey you guys like the blood of the boss and then i get that but im like wound his feet im so scared actually okay im here im here no im one speed im  __  dead i think make this guy jump off uh yeah i dont know i the boss is still what hp uh how are you doing fine im fine im fine maybe im fine the boss is gonna go down in a second please kill it oh one died nice okay im getting bus getting bust now okay this guys gonna get it as well im gonna try to deny but uh okay we need to kill this guy oh theres another guy ill i literally want to speed a lot like this is a smoker okay i need to heal do you have hearts i i have hearts its all fine dude i just want that spear dont die god damn it im going to go oh im fine oh i got a spear nice uh dude we havent even made a base yet yeah we should uh try to get to safety im also equipping the chaos barrier i think yeah okay lets get the  __  out of here we need to heal this is closed its no we available he hits me from this range i was so low uh this guys gonna loot me hes coming back so youre gonna be one for now okay if you are like confident on winning that ill tell you when the other guy starts moving towards you i got him okay this guys not moving yet but a million mops on me okay baby protect the player freaking loot thats the problem okay um yes im gonna respawn okay okay hes such a rat you are a rat indeed arent you is it the protected guy oh thats level 41. whoo im coming at level two towards you like im fully trusting you and giving me gear uh okay yeah uh well which way are you going so im just trying to get the  __  away from these people theyre chasing me down with horses and  __  okay keep running oh  __  why am i not why am i on spear oh my god is that a dead end oh my god what the  __  the golem stunned me oh no okay im im gonna die i might get to you uh if you get west i can come ill sit oh no im not like them maybe ill try to save you oh my god i might be alive still im with you careful people think something am i slapping omega slap okay im gonna pop a hill player player player nice this golem is helping golem is helping nice can you come up oh no i need to hide from the sun oh okay you got it you reset the sucker no come on dude theyre everywhere im down did you get the loot try to get the blue im gonna try and the guy next to me oh jesus get the loot excuse me he got this i got the loot nice thats nice okay okay okay uh hey where can i respawn uh waiting if you run east theres so many people if you run east i can spawn there i can come to you okay sorry i couldnt drop loot for you there that was really heated okay but no not yet like that this is me okay and this  __  alpha wolf is not giving up i im going to where im coming yeah im going to you for help actually yeah i be fine i dont have uh anything i have an ultimate though yeah thats enough actually we can kill this little 20 and we can uh wait all right its a skull level okay never mind everybody has a skull level yes yeah we can kill this guy hes like hes getting really gritty i think i cannot play him but i need to be careful okay that is his spirits theres also a brawler here almost there yeah thats your space no oh he saw me okay keep lets counter okay okay we get a place and you do ultimate okay nice okay do that guy immediately and you can fight i i just see that okay yeah crap gear but better than nothing okay freezing okay no counter no space im gonna be a bit careful but i mean its fine yeah and if you will no okay yeah i dont have weapon abilities okay i mean thats a copper sword yeah its kinda nerf now okay im going to give you yeah you should heal first wait what did you drop me off bats and gloves okay man that was intense but we lost a lot of gear there that sucks its fine uh its content it is  __  we get to go again uh player here level 24 pins is five brother no space hes sultan okay rollerblade you know get  __  oh never mind almost oh my god be really careful with the brother its a one shot watch out yes okay okay did you look again im stuck i am stuck im i left the game whats that what the  __  i tried to cancel whats escape and then it went into the menu and i like somehow clicked the leaf game oh my god dont let me count i need to run out i need to run out oh my god dude hey i dont know i just wouldnt let me cancel okay the patrol reset theyre walking in your direction though yeah i dont see them okay uh yeah so i cannot relate lets see otherwise  __  god thats so stupid dying like this okay ill respawn in 90 seconds i guess okay three bucks well get you geared uh we just need to find you a weapon i think thats the laser yeah what are you dressing east like yeah i can rest anywhere you want yeah but east is probably better yeah im gonna take it slowly try to get the blood from something so wait what what the  __  did you do like i okay i started killing the dude but there was also another mob low hp so i did the the good old classic weird double blood suck thing and it just would not let me cancel i spam to left click like crazy and then instinctively i also pressed escape because you usually cancel things with escape because the other stuff didnt work the way its supposed to and then i opened the menu with escape and while i was still spamming left click i hit leave game holy  __  uh god damn it i played the game and of course the team appears and looks here oh its like that okay uh how long do you have and its responding right now okay uh try to get bones just to make like a little weapon at least okay you have a ring for me i guess uh yeah im gonna give you the super fat ring and you play like like oh people on me lets kill him oh my god dude these counters completely okay no im fine okay want that dude the frost pads are so nice for kiting away like you can hit just the environment close to them okay uh become a magician youll get player oh my god so so pee oh they have better gear than level one gear now i actually have level two gear fully okay uh no i dont well i cant heal i need 15 seconds before i can heal so im gonna hide in the woods oh which weapon did you get uh copper x what the  __  this is so entertaining yet stressful to watch yeah im glad you like it were making videos out of these kinds of battles i guess we keep going without a base its not a plan check out my youtube channel uh what we keep going without making a base person on me okay if you place i go like um thats the statement from before waiting what kind of loot do you have like level four says level four boots level three punts level two gloves level one ring okay do you want the ring back oh i have a level six ring ill take the update i just want like a maze or something i feel so useless with the spear of it yeah uh we could go back to quincy i guess i dont know sure i guess okay uh so lets uh lets think about this if we get if we get a freeze what do we do do you do the first ultimate uh i think you should do the first ultimate probably because uh you can immediately follow up with spear q otherwise you have to run after me and then you follow with the second ultimate okay right away yeah like in the middle of your spear queue probably or so please i ult iq and you will d and you do whatever i just hit buttons yes so the container oh its like a lumberjack likes or something yeah make those horns yep little 30 creature plot yeah you got to check for that more thats i mean i dont do it either oh i know i play an autopilot yeah its really annoying its like so precise to hover over them and i mean uh what is it is it like tristan that gives you the ability to see the blood yeah yeah thats kind of useful here it is yeah well well you cant use it while in wolf form but i guess you have horses at that point i want to try something if i go some cooldown then oh wait what the heck you can catch it with control oh i should have you should have waited until i tell you how to do it oh just pressing canceling no no you press control okay or you can also cancel it with um a chaos barrier or like any defensive skill or with spacebar and then if youre really fast you can cancel the spacebar or chaos barrier so it doesnt go on cooldown but control is better lets see ive actually never used it in pvp is that new to this patch or i dont know i just learned about it recently this is close actually yeah oh we need iron i mean yeah we need iron weapons i can get item but we havent even made a base yeah maybe we should make a base or we can go to there dont mind and just kill it on players so now yeah we can make a base next to the iron mine maybe to the left side on the teleporter yes thats good this is alice i guess we fought like so many times i love how the window was open to you was just you were just hitting them through the window yeah and it was just in the door it looks so skinny like i thought you would have cycled the time no no no im im using that bug a lot i like it um do you think that they will ever enable modding do you think that there is a chance there would ever be a tarkov like game mode in this game that would be pretty cool i wish like thats actually i would really really like yeah like it will sound so fun to just build the time and stuff like that and i dont know yeah and then try to extract and stuff and yeah i dont know it would be so cool god i wont get on that but yeah i dont know like if maybe some player can make it but i dont know yeah its gonna be like really weird then though yeah not gonna be a real experience like unless its something official made by sales its not gonna drag that many attention yeah unfortunately never gonna happen okay so we make a base i guess yeah hey whats up irony we dont have any copper to make like a furnace though i saw some copper on the way i didnt loot it because i wasnt thinking about it yeah same wait what oh you built the base you have a less recognizable name with lettuce yup i need this on there okay uh like here or do we just anywhere i dont care okay sure we dont really need much space i think oh we could build on the high ground is the high ground available um i think so yeah maybe we should do that and a reasonable okay now we like chop all the crap down there but where do you make it though no wait this is taken this second up here yeah forget about it then oh but we can build them in the thing like so dangerous for them yeah do you have a stun or well can you make them i guess yeah okay its such a bad building spot its ideal wait what do i oh i need flanks to make stairs yanks on you by any chance uh no this is just the start put in walls and stuff i guess wait so we just blocked this guys i mean i dont know im just taking the real estate that is available did they did they say anything in the rules that is not allowed to block people answering like that im gonna check yeah no building block it says oh my god i really hate that because like people just like they built somewhere in the farthest corner of some high ground and then suddenly like everything belongs to them i dont know its kind of weird but lets just follow the rules i guess oh did they do something so you can disassemble things faster no i mean were not even building them in actually anyway yeah i dont know whatever um saw the game on steam is it somewhat like valheim um some people make that comparison um it it is a survival game with lots of progression you unlock different tiers of equipment gear if you start becoming you become stronger and stronger with time similar to valheim um and its more combat focused than valheim there are a lot of different bosses that you can kill um wait let me see if i can show it to you here this is like these are all the bosses and theyre really well designed and they all give you specific rewards extra abilities stuff like that the game is amazing um honestly i think its better than valheim i loved valheim but i think this game is better we can get in and out from the west side i mean were not done yet we should have just built a smaller base honestly this is taking too long okay oh were done i farmed this wood for nothing no thats good because we need this we have a system no no this this guy did a system the other day again i liked it he was like he made like different systems like it was like chess legs gloves in case he died hmm okay okay okay shoes hands gloves chests and then what rings yeah and then we need one for weapons as well we probably need multiple ones for weapons i dont have i mean i guess i can put this in for now and the other is to drop mats oh you just dropped them in the basement oh yeah the other people were doing that yeah actually lets just do that im gonna make some i mean we can just i dont know what this language oh um wait how much slumber did you get what jesus oh im starting to get hot now dude oh youre hot waiting and its fine sweaty both in game and in real life shush wait did i have no healing potions what is this and make one ah well we can then need copper yeah we can get the item first we could get that i mean i cant even i cant even get iron i can i dont know what do you want to do i dont even care i kind of just want to kill people yeah sounds good well maybe inside the end of mine theres a horse theres copper oh we should maybe kill this guy yeah im gonna definitely kill this guy oh do you think we can kill this guy with the settings boosted and not really i love how i like just completely ignored what he said no i need that oh okay sorry its okay do you have hearts on you yes can you drop them yep on top of the bus oh my god he heats up oh you put some friends either oh no okay okay vincent is actually taking ah oh no just combo the  __  out of me uh leaving the bomb thrower alive might be good vincent examined from the explosions yeah okay im getting out of the fight for a second sure i still need blood honestly thats a brawler patrolling okay am i still in combat oh theres also burke coming from the other side what is coming burke the traveling dude yeah oh my god im just so out of blood yeah you do your thing i mean i dont know how much longer i can do thing back i guess if my is there a bomb dude still alive im just going to suck him yeah burke horses oh theres a horse player player player on a horse level high whats player played what am i saying what do we do i dont know i dont even know where he went i only see the horse oh no no no no im oh dude he just freaking like team around the okay i think we have to reset i mean i mean im dead yeah i thought you had the boss didnt he show up i dont know he was on me and then he apparently ran away uh to raise it back that way careful go the other way okay i have no blood im gonna start dying i can try ill give you hearts i promise come on dude thats so stupid give me that here oh he sucks yeah he actually sucks okay i freeze salty and all that  __  okay then oh man what one okay dude uh do you need the heart i can drop you one i gotta stop this blood now okay yeah so about killing vincent maybe i mean im level 33 now oh i know then wait let me get blood from something i have a level 9 ring yeah i can take it i had a lot of hearts too theyre way too like what um wait what oh i hear it wait did you need that i im so confused right now yes got distracted i also got copper now do we want to like kill the boss or yeah if you can find it we can try again any patrol in our direction oh i dont remember now like sometimes bosses just despawn oh he literally spawned on top of me okay this is gonna be long i have anything to do im not scared about using the huge speed i havent escaped here as well now yeah but uh friends we have like episodes yeah flames are good i tried to suck this plot here okay ill be instantly using shields now okay so dont try to okay um okay one piece is coming the other way if we can pull it towards the woods oh i got knocked into the other entities okay sorry i like completely ignored what you said its its alright oh dude i take so much less damage already this is crazy uh can we keep the bomberman alive shield oh okay send right multiple charges yeah waiting for the shield its gonna you know and if we get like property use oh god theres another patrol here he isnt right now hes going to do charges what he just missed me wait wait is he not coming for me break down oh heres the shield okay coming with a q oh yep break that i feel the chill coming right whoa he just helped on top of me what come on barrier your little poopy hat somewhat no im actually out of combat i dont know how yay good job were such gamers yeah okay we are gonna yeah this is good well first build we can please people and stop oh you wanna you ever use a frostache as well no uh well where do you get it is it vincent as well yeah we just got it nah i dont think so i feel so weird with it okay lets go back to base real fast my inventory is full i dont really have super important stuff on me but right here roll it wheres our face uh how much copper do you have do you have any yes i have we can make a furnace uh where is it 460. okay we need this done i think we had some yeah fun of it there oh youre making okay do you have extra stones nope well i mean i have 26 if you want and i have eight in copper do you want to make like a second furnace yeah i mean why not okay we go farm then what do i need i know ill get it in a sec uh do you have a mercilesk weapon nope okay we should check what level people have oh dude somebody can like jump into this corner here and get stuck uh i guess if they go better then actually yeah maybe ill put it here ill put it here and we walk in between and we cant walk in between yeah im the white i dont know okay oh i blocked the entrance now we were having some design problems here its fine its fine wheres my iron i dont have iron okay cool i put the little light on i have here well i mean i guess we go to the item lines together i just farm else to do uh how much blood we have on the heart uh enough for an hour enough for four hours now yeah ill put a bit more but yeah okay vista to the copper mine i mean i dont yes they really did buff the sun resistance on the server yeah 200 extra copper i dont know uh i say we smelt it now or well we can make it like a third maybe yeah lets make it outside furnace if we can fit it in the base and we just form like a lot of fighter now i dont even know where i put the iron at the cop right now yeah im gonna get some soul food on the way okay ill turn on him dude i have so many pots damn uh i pull christine 7017 all right im joining you okay im just going to leave a mark on our base so we always know which way to run in the heat of battle although we will never really we wont really escape to our base very often the light is the great oh did you want to kill christina i know wait right im not really sure what im doing i was very so scared of taking thats here beauty went into the iron man okay im so confused right now what the heck am i doing what is this mop jesus there was a mob hiding between two item veins and i couldnt see it dude its kind of outrageous that we still havent unlocked uh well yes i feel like its useless you think its useless uh with how were playing now against us i know i feel like yeah i mean we dont need us but well i cant help you im gonna check uh steam info real fast how much titan do we need the highest level is 58 14 56 49 42 42 alices level 42. wait alices keeper keeps running around in the low level zone wait it says thats throwing that in no but weve met can we fight alice a million times yeah i mean i think they were trying to get quincy all the time but we were there they must have quincy already no actually they had right because they yielded us yeah well im ill let you do your thing i dont really know what it off to do i pull my date foreign on my way he seems to be alone for now okay he runs bloody space holding him got it amazing you killed it he missed oh gosh oh my god theres freaking shade against this guy he plays our breakdown though oh oh my god okay oh jade hello yeah i mean im running yeah i got mercedes copper as well now so i guess i can help you farm if you want to still do that hey i dont know we always like not doing it yeah we we usually do it and honestly does not take a lot of time yep um but be careful okay well i dont care im not afraid of jade we need how much is it is it like 32 iron nickels i love how im like farming copper next to jade i dont give a crap this is not too hard im gonna get the assault for though because we need sulfur for the yeah oh yeah i thought i was already switched to the merciless copper sphere i would have noticed that uh now anyway but thanks for the thats up okay um back into the mine so be quick did you know that you can um salvage reinforced planks and you get one iron out of it oh thats good one iron bar um like some people use that strategy to run to silver blade right away and just arm iron that way because the the smelting takes too long on a regular server yeah yeah did you get the e8 on there if you if this game had like actual end game and people would stick around on max level if they like just play a regular pvp server would you stick to one server or would you still do what youre doing right now uh no i wouldnt mistake i think sorry but i didnt hear that because the explosions are so loud yeah once again im actually i might like it wait okay uh no i dont think i will stick it to a server i dont know i feel like when you finish once it the game just oh no becomes a bit boring yeah but i mean i like im saying if they add some sort of end game and people stay active and game and maybe the raiding improves and stuff like that yeah but i mean depends what they are right now i mean i would like if they had like random events on the map i think that would be massive yeah the drop gear that is unique that you cannot get by farming yeah i think that will keep the game more alive on the server yeah but im just like wondering if youre in general interested and like staying on one server if if the game like actually supports it properly and it works well or if you prefer just doing what youre doing right now like some people dont want that yeah i dont know something to say like i just prefer doing that this at the moment i think like just going on a new server and smashing yeah the end game is supposed to be raining its just like commitment playing on the same server yeah i hear you i like i like that though like i mean it like adds so many extra dimensions to it when you like know the people on the server and then theres drama and i dont know yeah like great stories and i think that can be super interesting but this one for sure i dont i dont want to go there uh how much item do you have uh one two three four five six thousand six hundred six forty 649. i think we might have enough but lets get this extreme case yeah oh no um oh gosh and game is reading one second amazing game uh i think the end game right now i mean yes it is supposed to be raiding but thats like just a band-aid kind of fix and the rating system is like just very unfinished i think um i believe that sunlock will make it a lot better im pretty pretty confident in that honestly and i think that they will probably also add other things besides rating to make endgame more interesting i think its like one of the most important things i need to do to actually keep the general masses of players interested in playing and i also think its like the most realistic way for people to play pvp sort of casually like a bit more casually because what we are doing right now is pretty hardcore and its just not for everyone in fact its i think just for like a pretty niche amount of people like just going on full loot servers and just going around and fighting i dont know maybe im wrong with that i could totally be wrong with that but thats just what i feel did we make no no uh i can make another furnace if i have stone i have no stone stone i can farm oh farm as well i guess ill just drop some garbage on the ground that we dont need oh ive got some sulfur i guess we need to smelt that too yep were gonna earn it how fast is the refinement is it faster than usual or i think a little bit early ive got a duck watcher ring do you need that i know or what level is that level 12. oh yeah ill take it okay uh ill show you the stone okay thats enough for one furnace but i could make two i think did you drop the ring uh i think i put it in the rig chest okay oh yeah oh i prioritize the sulfur okay i mean it depends what you put right in the order or no i think its okay well this doesnt feel super quick but i guess we just go 60 seconds i dont know yeah maybe its just regular speed yeah i dont know be honest okay lets see you im addicted to the game but i cant get myself to play put an effort into the server that dies two days later yeah i hear you i hear you i think it will help tremendously like i think this game is gonna be so much better soon well if we got a little bit more stone we could make another furnace oh so weak yeah i mean yeah the rating system is not great honestly i think like those fast paced servers that reset quickly have faster progression and everything they definitely have a place in this game and a lot of people will or a good amount of people enjoy it um but i do think that they need to fix the end game and i think they will do that honestly stomach studios theyre really good at what they do um they have always made amazing games and their previous games were just kind of um more niche i guess oh my gosh i hate our base layout for the passion dude yeah whatever i im pretty confident that stomach studios is gonna do that okay is it possible that as well as maybe slow to improve the game no i mean i mean yes of course its possible but i i think this game is very different from battle right this game can go downtown theres a base hit i think you can jump with the horse okay yeah lets lets try that um i think this game can go down to one thousand concurrent players and or like you know it can go down really low yeah player-wise and it will still it will still work again it will still work um in battlerite the game just wouldnt work anymore because the matchmaking making becomes worse and worse and worse and worse and in this game it still works really well and i dont think it will drop that low anyway um and i think this game has like much more leisure to just okay you know wait some time and release a big content update and just just seasonally you know like every three four months or so one like huge content update and then they change a bunch of things like i think if they do it kind of like path of exile this is going to be really good and honestly i mean the game isnt even released yet they its just they sunlock does not feel like this is a complete game right now they feel like there are important things missing still and you know theyll get there oh dude i cancel it last second do you want that blood because otherwise ill take it yeah take it yeah i do think this game has a very bright future maybe someone is trying to do octavian already maybe i recorded a guide on how to beat octavian not entirely done using secret strats oh stick it that way and actually theyre pretty secret okay well thats good i feel like i feel like most people dont know it yet and uh you didnt know it either uh oh so ive seen it at some point yes ive shown it to you okay its fine you will absolutely recognize that if you yeah i mean most likely well whatever ah yeah i remember now yeah yeah yeah right a little trick yeah a little little track again i guess i dont say anything yeah thats a secret until my videos out im taking the shorts as usual just to go are we killing the werewolf 1177 yeah why not yeah lets go theres a horse here theres always horses there honestly but yeah then the commander is up so yeah i dont think theres anybody yeah yeah lets try to find your horse what level what are the highest guys 50 something 50 something yeah oh they left oh never mind 62 is the highest level 58 and another guy around 50 i think i did find a discord you might like recess every week high castle decay and kill trackers oh yeah maybe you can link it to me somewhere um ill check it out i mean its better if you could like link it to me on like twitter or discord or something like that because then i will actually remember checking it what is this battle royale event i have no idea i keep wondering i feel like one of us is going to get ganked alone again like usual in the classic we dont have slashers here yeah and ill just go back to you this one oh maybe i think we might have to go to the lower levels i have no idea where the heck people are it would be nice if i could find a horse but like theres no horses here i dont know what as im running i should have just gotten a horse much earlier theres holes here two of them okay and ill play it outside so we get them 10.6 im happy with that yep faster than your horse yep uh but the other note i mean guess people are in the cities getting bitters and stuff like that like im surprised we didnt see anyone at the item yeah i dont know i think people are how many people are even on the server it was like 50 when we joined 40 45 right now theres one level 50 two level 42s i think those level 42s people are in the lower level zone but they dont even have upgrades for us anymore but why would they be i dont know because they i dont know yes you want to get low levels yeah i mean let me take how the addon is doing i dont think we have enough yet though for like maybe we have no no no im gonna like okay i think i have to kill it hit this mop why is it so high level as well you need the blood no i should have asked that before pressing f fine didnt need okay lets see oh we missed one of them yeah yeah even more copper if we farm some extra stones ill take the aid on i think we have enough probably yeah we have enough to make like a smithy we need a soul food though no actually were fine uh it was a fernando from plc do we have any do i have what blood essence theres in the heart okay ill take okay hows that if we play together well we need like a zombie as well right to make the planks oh wait dont we have wet stones to make a grinder but we already dont have stone dude i feel like you dont get that much stuff from this server uh i mean its like times two but it does not feel like that wrong i dont know i mean weve been fighting like all the time like we didnt farm anything let me get some meal okay so we have plus um this space is a mess uh i cannot fit anything i know but we cant have more space just build in front of the doors yeah wait but maybe we can do this yeah this is fine were gonna try to find the lumber by the way guys uh i make a lot of youtube content well i try to at least i dont have i dont i cant do this full time right now unfortunately but im trying to do it part-time yeah um and im trying to release at least one video a week i made it i made a guide about like five strong builds that dont use chaos volley um i like made a video talking about the recent patch which i should have actually put in my title or whatever um stuff like that so if youre interested you can check out my youtube channel im also starting to post some shorts on there as well trying to experiment a little bit but yeah okay sorry i had to meet for a second you know what is uh yeah playing a batman can i go check the end of the play see if the people are out there in and i are friends like i dont know maybe they still have like the bases there so theyre just like going back yeah maybe level 60 no they must be in the forest already yeah i dont know if theyre level 60 like what kind of gear should uh what they have do they already have the upgraded armor with that they have like the merciless hollow fan drive i think yeah i dont know i dont know i think they actually you might have some armor pieces already or they have a dark silver weapon already i dont know one of them no way of the two i know maybe theres a way to permit but these guys have like a really proper castle now i want to rate them and i have such bad fps on this i hope that effect we have some escorts okay this is close oh theres a mob that got pulled here yep what the  __  sure 100 rogue blood and at 67 percent road plot okay ill come this guys not allowed me to mount like every time i mount he comes for me i think if i please him we can kill him okay i have to jump into the fire im taking a lot of damage oh god oh i got the rock blood but i took a million damage i know what is oh why are there a million fire archers every time when you find good blood uh im protecting your hearts because these guys want to steal them thats  __  rude ill get the 67 yeah im im not training you for a sec because i want to heal uh sure women i miss bare form i never have it anymore okay wait a minute oh did you get the blood yep i got it nice wait yeah these guys are gonna come back i use ultimate but if we freeze him and pull him away with the charge dont know maybe we can kill oh so weird how the heck did he even know that i was coming like he just the door openly like already precasted chaos volley that was really strange yeah i know you can kill the horses yeah yeah im i dont know just look weird okay what are we doing where are we going are we checking the forest hey we should can i get these slashers if were gonna check the forest yeah so lets just go around here may we find someone in the way yes Music oh no you there was a lot going on at this start but yeah there wasnt like any other server today like all the servers were strange i guess another server but its like normal pvp and theres no way im playing that no way im playing normal gp okay what the  __  actually uh i think a normal pvp is fine if you like play the actual game and yeah like do end game pvp and stuff like that but yeah its actually a server now that is like a squats full load 48 players so if we get bored here we can jump to that one but yeah first we shall try to find like the high level guys and then if we kill them we just finish the game pretty much oh my gosh i got a garlic stuck stink i like it uh what this kid is from spain man reading chat is so hard in this game im gonna restart the game real fast boo oops im just restarting the game where are you booing wife and a farting yeah they just upgraded to 64. so they are what they have just upgrade to 64 so i think they are farming armor okay let me use glasses just like them okay a bit of bike coming back in 30 seconds okay our official server is worth it um official servers are Music not amazing right now because they just kind of end up dying you can find an active official server you can play on it the game has like some issues with like late games it has some several activity issues but um theyre going to fix that wait so you got slashers too nice yeah yeah stuck so i guess we are on the hunt uh playing this game com with any idea of competitors did you have a spear to come up i have a spear yeah okay so what do we do freeze into all the into incap yeah please enter all team to encounter into a split queue into your link up into your i dont  __  know um yeah i dont know wait so we gotta freeze then what you i mean yeah like i know we can do like a never-ending combo i think pretty much yeah yeah actually what you can do um one guy can start casting spear q and the other guy can cast one frost bats in that time uh get this chill effect on them and then cast the spear q before the other sphere q ends and then the other person can use uh frostbed to stun again by the end of it its i dont know i feel like if we actually try to do the combo were gonna  __  it up yeah probably fine what are the fantasies dying and hardcore i mean you lose on hardcore service must be in the forest for sure yeah on this kind of server you lose all your gear you just drop it all and people can pick it up and um again for competitiveness um i mean i am studying full time right now so i dont have quite the time to like really be super competitive in this game um and there is no real competitive scene in europe right now anyway i am interested in exploring the competitive side of this game but i dont think im interested in 1v1 or 2v2 arena tournaments or something like that because i think the game is not good for that its i mean its really nice that you can do it and its good for practice but um i think the game shines having like all this other stuff around it and um you know like the pve and everything around us like a catalyst for evps we could kill earthwind but i dont know oh whatever his name is connor dude oh yeah uh a level 40 with the boosted ratios yeah i mean we could absolutely do it but i dont know if you should probably not have the attract okay might take me a bit record this yeah ill be fine i have 100 percent rope but i almost forgot about that so what are they farming they should be farming the spider or something then right yeah like a scales missing hype the im never in here is this has this been formed kind of looks like it uh not just like the spider sticks yeah i mean they didnt kill them ups here i know maybe theyre at this spider or maybe theyre russian there were like little mini spiders at the entrance so i didnt run into check because im so afraid because they can like really destroy you i guess im gonna run in and doesnt really mother okay but yeah theyre not here theres a gold cliff thats unbooted and theyre not hit either uh well i mean maybe theyre from dark silver but i doubt it yeah i dont know like this dude got like a an armor upgrade im pretty sure oh no my horse getting destroyed or like pre-casting when i try to run past them thats probably my fault then uh well im waiting around the teleporter and yeah i dont know we can check octavian then i actually kind of want to have one kind of want to do a quick stop at our base because i want to get some more potions because i have 100 rope blood uh okay i can give you some though ups like seven okay all right if you want more yeah where are you wanna tp octavian okay for sulps thank you i mean no i have seven oh okay hes fine i need a horsey arent there horses around here an octavian maybe inside usually no but yeah i dont think you want to go all the way ill go inside and get worth it where are the horses oh no oh horses are over there oh no actually below theres like a stable uh well im gonna run around oh my god this horse had the slowest freaking acceleration of all time ive never seen a horse take so long turn around they killed both horses no i never met okay dude yeah it has a lot it literally has the lowest excel i dont think i ever noticed having a horse with the lowest acceleration possible that was intense yeah okay and secondly i dont mind really quick all right okay see it also not good oh jesus i think we have no idea where the heck is everybody thats so weird why is my horse running okay you can definitely get into the space i jumped into somebodys face yeah i dont think theres anybody in the item mine like all the veins set up uh they need to fix that the enemy horses put income but its also so long like they put in combat for so long like i dont know something yeah lets check out silver light again you wanna okay i mean i dont know if theyre not on silver light then i have no idea what theyre doing theyre i guess theyre maybe just theyre cause i mean we yeah we just go out if we dont really find anyone then well play them and go next yeah just i know like what are they doing how fast is your horse uh then mine is faster and i have rope bloods im catching up does it affect the horse yeah no way wait thats shooting here is that uh someone there yeah it sounds like it its a weird world food yeah game was kissing us yeah well into silver light we go im gonna lose this horse Music fire oh that was close for you yeah i know what oh wait wait knocked down really by those spear people it was like uh very bad timing when theres some time yeah i think im yeah i need to actually disengage and lift the horse and heal up gosh im such a choker dude ive gotten so much better at riding through silver light i wish i could check for mine hey the front of the mine is like olaf mouth oh yeah but no one really kills them up so the entrance right okay i feel like i might have made some mistakes here did you know that statures have a longer cooldown than other e abilities how much longer two seconds ten seconds instead of eight i mean i dont know make sense it does but also um macy had a longer cooldown for some inexplicable reason and they like brought it in line now its so hard to hit them ac like i dont know i do think that theres actually like good potential to you switch to maze just to knock somebody away when theyre in melee range but i dont know i mean this you could also just slash your ear this might be only me but uh when a guy is on my face i cannot hit the macy at all i always miss it somehow anything in the city maybe wait why are they attacking the horses they have not checked the city huh they always do that they always attack horses yeah not a really bad horse no the server is not dead just there are not a lot of high level people im getting this mounted hundred percent oh my god oh my god what did you do to me oh jesus i dont know there was like three bikes together oh my god i need to heal like yeah if i find a fight now its gonna be about my good blood and no and we dont have the performance ah theres a base here oh isis oh this is not the high level people high level people are called phoebe and i see yeah i dont know what the  __  theyre doing i have no idea yeah i like going into the seat oh my god its like a blue blood 76 i dont wanna its mine i like theyre not gonna ditch 100 rock but i still have like 78 yeah i dont know do we take the city again running out of uh things today like i dont know it doesnt even look like it i feel like i never found a player in silver light in my life i havent been oh i see oh never mind thats you did they buff like look at this spike like this is buff right like theres more emphasis than usual i have um oh i think were just finding i think were just unlucky probably the dogs if they are in the city yeah i guess if they farm i dont know dude i have no i where are they dude what the heck we can take the for the second do you think this game is worth the purchase for a new player yeah i mean i think the game is absolutely amazing um it has a an extremely good pbe experience already um so just for that you can spend like i dont know 40 hours 50 hours maybe thats playing pve you will have a really good time its kind of like belham in that regard oh my god dude i lost all these helpers so i can make something so um and if youre interested in pvp then this game it has fantastic pvp as well it is early access um it has a ton of content already but the game isnt entirely finished um like it has some end game problems like you will have a fantastic time to get to endgame but then when youre there youre just gonna kind of run out of things to do um like pvp pretty much is the end game right now but that will change in the future as well i dont know i think this game is good where did you tp uh forest okay we didnt take the frog right like i dont know we did no what about this uh still mobs here no way like how do they play the game i have no idea how theyre playing maybe they are also just running around on the low level zone banking people so fun well definitely check it out no like wait thats you right that was me yeah okay if we dont find them here now i say we go back to the low level zone one more time we check the hot spots there and if we then dont find anything i guess we either move on to another server or just call it for today i mean we can jump into the squad server but a bit yeah and if we if it doesnt really work then whatever okay yeah do that but yeah i dont know its just deadly to call it i heard this game wipes every time there is a patch um i dont think they have talked about a wipe schedule or anything like that officially i mean there are unofficial servers that maybe a lot of them wipe very regularly like weekly or every few days um but the official servers have not wiped once yet and they have not i dont think they have talked about wipes and how theyre gonna take they gave buses to glyph okay is that the one in the east top left oh class yeah wait i didnt check this air properly oh yeah distract us our story if we actually find this guys at the low level soon ill be surprised well life is fun hes not even here everything is looted can you mark it for me is that here yeah okay thanks youre the expert here we go again i saw a reddit post that that talked about good pvp streamers and should they mention both you and me and spassy recognize and they said that we had nice humor and that we were nice people or something like that and that we were good at tvt thats a very nice of them to say hopefully we dont disappoint i am surprised about the nice humor part about humor its sucks be bigger oh okay huh there was like some there was like a bad animation coming out of the cave when i thought there was something happening but no i wish i wish so well yeah i mean im like im gonna take the animal i guess and ill take quincy yeah just the usual i feel like the animal is farmed as well yeah are they playing the battle royale or something have no idea grayson is here this guy is saying like the lydia is showing up as level 50. really it would be so cool if people got like proper modding tools and could like change abilities and individual mobs stuff like that yeah or make like a different map stuff like that yeah like a problem one day one day hey theres a container here no actually i dont know what this is its like buggy lets get this close yeah im about to give up i think i cannot find anything ill check the graveyard oh i found a player level 13. okay wins is open by the right side i see an npc running oh  __  im coming i see many of this is running i thought it was closed and then im gonna get there and its a little 27 like it pointless level 27s say people we fought at this start i think when we join the server oh really yeah but yeah fighting like level 27 is pointless i dont know yeah i have no chance youre not about to do quincy Music have you seen any other higher levels were just looking for fights yeah but they just drive by on horses oh really living up to his name dude he has only been doing rat strategies hes committed to it at least maybe we should take a horse yeah that would have been worth it but okay i dont know um when i get the horse gonna take the mountains then im gonna take the air of mine then im gonna take a little trip around i dont know finally and then if not then yes thats it yeah oh horns there should be one in the militia ill check the iron mines i guess okay yeah lets split this time whatever if we die we like did you play the content yeah so hard to find content right now oh dude gaylord oh oh found high level people here oh my god finally level 40 level 40 but whatever uh well well take my beat oh never mind this guy is a skull level uh well you dont you dont for a long while just so you know i think you can want me too probably what oh my god almost there no shield on her alice i already used my ultimate ok oh thats a lot of healing potions yo this guy is like you have really good gear yeah ill drop you do you want it on axis actually i already have that iron i already have that chest piece here you can okay i can drop you what i dont know youre a skull for me oh oh damn this one thats thanks ah this guys saying level 59 where i was 59 with near quincy wait thats my horse oh where did that leave my horse i think i might have i have no idea i did not see how you came in oh i heard i heard someone talk yeah theres someone in this space what are they fighting in there what are they doing yeah whatever dude i dont care uh lets go to quincy do you have a level two club by the way um i do yes okay well id be posting the whole fight somewhere you played really well honey if you just died maybe ill look into it um oh look i might make a video out of this whole thing i mean i will i need to figure out how to like use so these two guys were killing this are the guys that kill the this guy that is complaining oh okay um so they took his gear yeah gaylord actually had high level gear um yeah but he doesnt have it anymore yeah yeah he had it before though anyway uh what was i gonna say right um i need to figure out how to use all of that footage i have so much footage and the way im editing my videos right now takes a lot of effort Music takes a lot of effort and a long time and i cant keep up with like all the footage so im like trying to figure ways out to like get more footage on to youtube in like good ways i dont know im trying to make like at least one video a week and im also trying to make some shorts on youtube i dont know i have no idea maybe i could like make like some really short videos just breaking down one fight or something like that i have no idea well see i know im here and somebody clip this fight by the way i would actually really appreciate it if people could clip some of the guts because that actually really helps me i think you cant clip the whole fight though because they only have 60 seconds okay sorry im like walking to chat uh so yeah im gonna go check the mountains um i dont know after okay guess ill oh no i can take the teleporter oh my god what the  __  was that okay that was so unlucky im fine yeah i mean no i mean tristan is also on me now oh my god dude why is this horse so  __  slow run horse make sure to heal up a bit yeah yeah dude so okay i ran in a straight line i ran past the brawler and then in front of me some crossbow dude fought against like a wolf or some  __  and he missed the wolf and like just predicted a crossbow shot straight into my face knocked me off like right in front of the brawler as he charged me i just took a million damage and then also added oh man so much weird random happening well the frostbosses are still here i dont see anyone i have frost buses yeah im running around the iron area again i guess yep lets scout in simulator im gonna see if i can get a different force this horse sucks booty i hate it but that is the one with the  __  acceleration it has bad acceleration and its pretty slow i got one with the best acceleration possible now but it has almost a slow speed oh my god all those horses suck booty oh yes i guess thats all right did i hate it when people build a base here thats blocking off this entire pathway for everyone yeah yeah second dumb break gosh what maybe maybe see horses here this is actually omega empty im going to check item levels again yeah those two people with the highest level still have the highest level and then theres a few people on our item level are they 70 now no theyre 64. both of them i think they got like two item levels again so they must be making armor upgrades right right shootly and what i dont understand like theres just nowhere to be found they are making upgrades though maybe someone has octavian a small sons or maybe theyre they just have the mats already and theyre just running around killing bosses that could be a thing too like what kind of guesses do you kill on that level uh the ones in silver light the harpion no maybe not wait are you in uh octavian right now i checked i hear a bell in there it was probably me pulling it but i guess you could read second case if you dont get this mounted i didnt see anything uh but there were some mobs missing at the one of the entrances yeah we already checked it oh do you need some vermin solves i have 20 on me i got then its fine its like the thing that excites me almost the most when somebody drops a lot of potions results yeah yeah i just really like having a lot of them on me yeah i know this every single time i dont know its so good also rock block but i have 40 percent of the blood people left gotcha uh okay as well no one here im gonna slowly lose it yeah these people are very elusive dude i know is it time to asking global thought yes which almost got me again how do we ask though do we wait uh i dont know how would you bait yeah trying to think something like i know they they just must be inside the castle not doing anything yeah i dont know oh what the  __  is this come here come today okay did you see me oh my god against the confuse dude wait but you can see the hp bar but you can turn into a rat in there yeah but lately yeah theres also another weird spot here somewhere wait where was it i could like get lets check the spiders uh wait a little visit first to the village wait what do you need to what are they building right now i have no idea i mean if they need level 70 they need like the ghosts i mean you can make it yourself or you can like loot it from these villages here drops a lot or you can yeah but if you want to make it yourself i think you need luck warmth uh you need like uh scorsone or grave dust or something like that but im going in weve checked several lights as well i have no idea where they are hiding uh do you know where to jump when the spider was just like a little window oh wait what are you running in there right now i already did all the everything so you dont have to go theres no one inside yeah what what do you mean jump on this fireballs like behind the spider bust theres like a little window you can jump out you dont have like to go all the way out stem witches dude oh my gosh thats so dangerous im gonna i dont know man i dont know where to find people im i dont know yeah okay i we should split up i can okay got up some mods then im gonna teleport to where wait did you just do a horse space no  __  am i hi or did somebody just horse space maybe or maybe i did i dont know ill check this town here good luck okay i dont know or did you tp fabian but im getting out already check the iron mines oh the level zero player here gonna follow him alice on me yeah theres two guys out of me ali is like already  __  up guilty yeah ill take this down im there in five seconds okay what okay that was  __  weird even more vermin selves im gonna leave all this other stuff on them no more salts if they dont kill someone else again i have no idea they love their vermin selves oh no do i put this uh jesus the shorts i got like extra slashers i dont know i can put them in base oh my god these horses are so slow i dont i dont care you dont have to put it in face yeah like it doesnt really make a difference you had a book on him i dont care were going to stop playing on the server very soon anyway very super inactive on higher levels were just trying to find a couple more fights but its too hard to find people taking the item mine number 27 surely there will be someone this time oh no just wanted oh f1 pp protected people people pvp protected people no ill see peters ever allowed again oh man okay oh thats good here oh we have here we got so many slashers okay whats up really sticking to that rat gameplay huh oh that guys still going sorry what do you say yes of course yeah youre doing a real good job sorry i was talking to the rats um what are you doing uh i dropped some gear in the base for no reason at all uh are you in silverlight im gonna go there now okay ill take south then im trying to publish the clip from that fight and it wont let you so yeah we actually never found a single single person in the forest so i guess we discarded in that place i have no idea dude i i wouldnt understand why there will be people who have been at high level but its anything its possible now where are people farming you feel like like i ive never really farmed in a silver light i mean when you resize the celebrity after you finish making your silver weapon you just go to the city right and kill them pieces get like all the gold and jewelry schematics yeah i guess i never did that part i just started letting my servants do the work yeah well thats like the worst part of the game literally its so boring to do really i i like it because then you dont have to no no no disadvantage i mean like uh theres a 70-80 what i mean like that gear is i cannot believe im riding through silveralight and i have not been dismounted yet and im chasing it right now 11 46 to in lydia do i kill lydia get the keys falling now theres nobody theres nobody anywhere where are these people i dont understand but they also get item levels i dont know they must be playing from home like just a certain gameplay i dont need to 80 crime is my numbing yeah i usually just dont progress anymore at that stage of the game and i just let my servants do the work and then you have to basically put no work at all in any more servants uh so no one is a little bit late i assume uh nope nice that server dude yeah do you want to jump into the squad a little bit for a bit got eclipsed nice yeah like he just got another item level hes 65 now how is he doing it wait what is his name for str s t r o h um oh hes talking in chat oh youre talking to him okay i didnt recognize your name its so hard to ride through this i mean the guy is active im just surprised we havent seen him at all i know hes probably just having fun for me and armor do you think its possible that theyre just farming in the relics right now um no i dont know they would like gonna win on item level right like yeah but i mean maybe they have the stuff like being processed or something and they kill like bosses during that time hes he just says just whisper me what do i say now i know it feels weird if he actually agrees to me then i kill him hes gonna  __  up i dont know thanks tracker tactics actually i need a mechanic for the highest ranking people and sort of become the villains i dont know i mean it would be kind of nice if we could like i think they just need something to encourage pvp on higher levels because after the starting zone its like okay uh im gonna park the character in base i guess and then someone will kill us a little ticket i guess or should we give the gear to a low level doesnt really matter yeah i mean i dont know i did that a couple of times and now its not exciting anymore to give gear to low levels yes uh i mean yeah i guess we could give our gear to some low level lets take is this squat silver still going not really going i know we can jump and kill some people i guess really quick i dont know what else early game pvp i mean its the most exciting in the end yeah i mean i really really like endgame pvp with all abilities but you never get that yeah but yeah all the merciless servers are kind of dead today theres actually like no proper server oh god jesus im gonna go check it out okay okay uh dude those mobs are relentless wait im running through the cursed forest right now wait wait i think i lost it server i think sir yeah this is a normal pvp okay so that server is hiding the settings so i cannot see if i found them oh my god forest ah uh survive i maybe can log him back oh god i mean i found one of them kill him oh no theyre just running why are they running used like some spider ultimate and i walked away from it oh yeah i lost them i think they could have turned into a rat ill teleport back to you and help you like a scout i dont know maybe oh did you drop your gear no oh font oh theyre both here what is this uh im jumped on okay im holding one of them of course oh my god okay go yeah we can go back uh and we cannot solve got a freeze here okay okay im in trouble dude yeah popping a pot okay what youre good yeah im fine theyre coming to you open up altered got it nice his wolf assistant in the wolf okay okay is he going to jump off or is there a path that they can do im following him ill follow the guy uh he has split blood so he doesnt run faster but he takes away i have 100 rock but ill catch up yep lets get the horse and youll be there i just i dont know if okay i could have taken that i guess far away at this point and its going to keep us uh well process in the game im actually guessing up yeah he is mounted now got that down this is this will actually save him no space sorry counter as you hit it immediately sorry oh you want that all right ill take it okay now we actually finish then we finish this error right now wow wow can we give them their gear back i dont know or do we no we redistribute to to the poor or robin hood to distribute their wealth yeah sure hope you enjoy the come up oh okay well i guess they they really want to wait i dont know i guess i it sounds to me like they want to fight us i brought that my blood is going away oh god what does he mean like enjoy the outer gear because you get high at level now oh are you going oh i feel like i dont know i think hes trying to say that hes coming to get us now if you see blood anywhere um hey whats up plasma thats so random i already gave up i was in the menus looking for this yeah i also stopped recording and then they immediately appeared theres some up on me two mobs if you want to get okay whats the best one oh my gosh i have freaking 100 proof blood on my inventory okay i dont even care do i care about brute plot i mean i guess its better than this i dont know i mean we finished the circuit like it though we finished the server ill drink it nothing really about this yeah but i feel like theyre coming back to get us no no maybe not no actually highly a lot no okay wait right now is level zero yeah i guess we beat the server uh okay im gonna take the open mind yeah but at this point were just so high level like he is pointless now to keep pvp like its again unless they come back with a level gear again but i dont know or you dont wait that was the base here this whole time and its is it theirs decaying no no not this annoying base thats like just in the way holy crap you attacked so fast with good fruit blood yo gum one sec oh im coming sorry oh how do you know their level um if youre playing with a friend on a server you can go into the friends list in the steam friends list and right click on their name and then click on view game info which shows the list of all players on the server how long theyve been playing and what item level they have and thanks for the follow eat freak uh wait what system made that guy uh phoebe pbs tv hunched wall actually thats toxic i dont know what do you say when people say well played thanks oh you said you dont wait what whos toxic me i dont know he said we played and i said you too but its kind of toxic enough oh you too oh dude i i always find this gamer etiquette a little confusing goes from game to game uh well my intention wasnt to be toxic anyways yeah i think thats what matters what happened with the squad celebrate at the end i think people are still playing it did you get it to someone i gave a test away is this gonna useless you read the global chat these two guys are gonna meet each other to fight in the dual server i think ive seen that guy egg steam aquarium game Watch us take over this server in less than 3 hours and distribute loot from the rich to the poor.Ive originally uploaded this on my 2nd channel, but you seem to like these long vods on the main channel. Hope you enjoy! Timestamps: 0:00 Early Game 08:42 PvP Starts 22:19 First Big Fight 38:10 Door Strats 42:13 Long Quincey Fight 2:28:24 1v2 into Clean Combos 2:55:05 Finding the Endboss 3:04:13 Giving to the Poor ► Livestream: Check out Hotbiscuit: ———————————— ♥ Subscribe for Updates: ● Twitter: ● Discord: steam games compatible with mac m1 steam gift car steam games on vr pure facial steamer add game folder to steam