Dead Rising: FAN-tas-tic Zombie Fun (And Jank)

How to refund a game on steam over 2 hourshow do i update a game on steam V RISING review all right listen dont forget to come back for me as long as youre not Dead Fred its Frank Frank West remember that name because the Whole Worlds Gonna Know It in three days when I get to school Dead Rising is a fantastic game its non-stop fun from beginning to end its a dark zombie Tale But allows for silliness to emerge through its gameplay Dead Rising uses a number of contentious game mechanics weapon durability escort missions time limits yet they made them work in a way that enhances the experience instead of taking away from it there are some rough edges and some moments can be damn right frustrating especially in dealing with escorting survivors follow me come on come on come on however the good greatly outweighs the bad and was one of the most enjoyable replayable games from Capcom a studio known for delivering quality titles with high levels of replayability funny thing is this is my first time playing through the full version of Dead Rising Ive been meaning to play it forever I played the demo on the 360 years ago and loved it but never got around to playing the full game many times throughout my playthrough I kept thinking I should have played this ages ago for this video Im playing the 2016 remaster on PC in Dead Rising we play as Frank West freelance photojournalist extraordinaire he got a tip of something going down in Willamette Colorado characteristics brought in by a helicopter we see the town closed off by the National Guard spotting a helipad on the rooftop Mall Frank gets dropped off asking for the pilot to come back in three days time we meet a man on the roof of the mall with some cryptic words like civil disobedience its too quiet almost as if everyones already dead entering the mall we discover people setting up barricades to keep zombies out hey this is no time to Ogle pretty girls son you looking to get yourself beaten Alive by zombies what did you just say zombies take a look out there if those aint zombies what would you call him we briefly chat to an old man on the other side of the shutters with some further cryptic words do you deal what youve done why did you summon me to this place what are you planning would you calm down I dont even know what youre talking about of course the barricades dont hold and then come the zombies Music Music Applause Music from there we make our way to the security room with us in a handful of people inside the gender of the mall Otis welts the door shut we meet Brad and Jesse theyre tight-lipped about why theyre here and whats going on over the next three days well find out whats really going on here explore them all rescue survivors and of course kill plenty of zombies one of dead risings main calling cards is its weapon system anything and everything that isnt bolted down is more or less fair game for use against the horde of zombies some weapons are practical oh some not so practical foreign side and some surprising by how much damage they can deal Franks got quite the kick Music theres great fun in that initial discovery of trying out different weapons and finding out which ones work best in various situations youre never far from something that can be used as a weapon which is great as Weapons dont last long foreign durability one of the more controversial game mechanics out there while those mechanics that can drive the player up the wall mechanic where it isnt uncommon for mods to pop up to reduce or outright remove weapon durability or something that gets patched later in Dead Rising when I think about it I cant think of another game that does the mechanic better it adds a tremendous amount to the experience it fits perfect with the games narrative a zombie outbreak in the mall youre going to use anything that you can get your hands on youre never Out Of Reach of something that you could use some weapons will break faster than the others but there are ways to circumvent it like picking up books and keeping them in your inventory you lose a slot but its worth it when you get a weapon to last three times as long some weapons fall under various categories tools Edge weapons Sports items you could even stack a few with books like the chainsaw we can also turn Frank West into Frank the Tank West by leveling up this is done through killing zombies taking photos rounding up survivors our stats carry through on subsequent playthroughs from how many items we could carry on attack power speed health and skills there are a number of skills that we can unlock and with just his fists and feet Frank can do a lot of damage to groups of zombies the further you level up who needs weapons when you have Frank West foreign Music guns are another option although their usage is a bit iffier with the aiming system it doesnt feel solid a bit on the clunky side to be fair Frank admits he isnt the greatest with guns in exchange with a series most well-known line you know how to use this Music Ive covered Wars you know besides giving them to survivors is usually the better idea they have the infinite ammo cheat more on that in a bit if youre astute you get a shotgun right as you start off the first day great for many situations like filling fellow photographer Kens head full of lead all right this being a zombie game most of our time will be spent mowing down zombies its impressive just how many zombies they were able to get on the screen at one time this was the first usage of the Capcom empty framework engine that Capcom would use for a number of years as you progress you will notice things that stick out about zombies like cops carrying a pistol or a night stick the one in Hawaiian shirts carry hunting knives a zombie is gnawing on a chunk of an arm which can be tossed to create the versions and there are zombies with the queen inside of them any zombie can carry Queen but theyll stand out in a crowd once you know what to look for by their gestures even amongst dozens of zombies you could distinguish which one is carrying a queen due to excellent visual cues once you kill them you get the queen wasp if you want a way to take zombies down to numbers in an instant look no further than the Queens theyll clear out a decent sized radius of those around you there was a lot of fun seeing how many zombies I could kill with one Queen foreign zombies arent the only enemies that will come across but hold that thought for now another element of dead risings gameplay is photography were playing as a freelance photo journalist so why wouldnt it be that said its not the main focus and after a while something I didnt focus on much taking photos generates experience points and depends on number factors like how many are in frame and what youre taking pictures of zombies will give different points than humans the style picture also changes the score get something in action like a zombie lunging at you or a human doing an action will yield more points some actions can be on the funny side some more on the loot side fantastic there are some amusing moments and cut scenes where Frank is using the camera when he probably should be focusing on something else there are a few cases where the camera comes in handy like showing proof to survivors that theres a security room thats safe to get through event but otherwise its an underutilized element of Dead Rising one element that gets plenty of attention is the Survivor system will come across survivors throughout Willamette Parkview mall we have the option of rescuing them and bringing them back to the security room theyre worth it as they offer a great deal of experience points so what we have here are escort missions another controversial game mechanic Capcom May one of the better ones with Resident Evil 4 of the Year prior in Dead Rising the execution doesnt quite stick The Landing that said they could add great amounts of tension some of my most memorable moments in Dead Rising were coming from escoring survivors some for good reasons some not so good oh follow me there are a wide variety of survivors that will come across some we could give a weapon to Frank could learn a thing or two from them for when using melee weapons they will have infinite durability guns will have infinite ammo you can get to situations where you have several survivors in tow carrying guns making clearing past the breeze while Frank is at a lower level however not all survivors can carry weapons some are older some move slower some need a shoulder to lean on or youll need to piggyback him I also move the snails pace which leads to Frank being defenseless unless you get them off your back this can lead to some very tense situations these survivors are in a variety of situations that they find themselves in on the Grim side you have someone like Leah she had her baby snatched by zombies and even right in front of her on the more lighthearted side you have the Japanese Taurus where to communicate with them you pick up a nearby book so Frank can speak rudimentary Japanese to convince them to come one interesting element of Dead Rising is the lack of voice-overs besides cut scenes and small blurbs even in the mid-2000s this was a bit unusual to see as challenging as the zombies are with survivors in tow its their Ai and pathfinding that could be the real killer its more efficient to take survivors back in packs of course the chance of one getting stuck on something a good 30 seconds back before you know this raises exponentially its very much a case of Frank babysitting them its not uncommon for survivors to get in your way when you take down enemies at least the game reduces the impact your hits have on them the same goes for the other way around I was shot many a Time by gun-totting survivors for reduced damage but the game throws one more curveball your way just before the security room climbing this damn ledge why not place a ramp there instead come on follow me there were several instances where I could only get a few back to the security room had to come back outside and bring the rest in one underused element of Dead Rising in regards to survivors that they could have got more mileage out of were mutinies there are a couple of cases over the three days where some survivors will want to leave the security room we dont take care of the issue in a timely manner theyll take a number of survivors and leave theyre on the edge waiting for the helicopter to arrive if it does it all this is one of those classic story beats in the zombie tale what do you do for them here you just returned and simply hit the talk button over and over until Frank changes their mind or you bring one a snack Big Boy Ronald here talks about needing to eat about three times as much food as others you must be related to movie Bob when youre still figuring your way throughout the mall and at lower levels getting all survivors back in tow can be a great challenge sometimes you just have to accept the fact that on your way back once pathfinding got caught now theyre surrounded by zombies and its too late oh well theres always next time Applause and speaking of time Dead Rising makes use of a 72-hour time limit 24 hours in game is two hours for play time time limits are another controversial game mechanic one of those game mechanics that can get patched out or reduced or fan patches arise a great example being the first Fallout game when done right it adds a whole new layer of decision making for the player think Majoras Mask the time limit once again makes sense with The Narrative of Dead Rising and is used to great effect events happen during certain times and have a certain time window you cant just find survivors at any given time theyll have Windows of where they appear the same goes for the critical path well if you fail to complete something in time or reach a certain point before a given time you get the games equivalent of morrowinds the prophecy is severed you cant continue with the game and you will get a different ending but to completely critical path youll need to start again at the beginning which as mentioned earlier you carry over Franks level each time you start over Otis a janitor at the mall will notify us over the transmitter about these events and where they take place oh Otis he sure takes his time telling us about these situations when he does were defenseless its very common to get mobbed by zombies during these calls hell call back again have the audacity to call us rude and start from the beginning oh Im sorry Otis Im out here busting my ass sorry if my call was interrupted by zombies attacking me or the survivors in tow he always seems to call it the worst of times I swear they must have programmed him to call it the most inopportune moments thankfully we could get Sweet Revenge when we unlock Infinity mode at first time windows are going to be quite tight if you start again from the beginning with better knowledge of them all where to find key items and the higher level youll find them to be a breeze I felt like James rolling on my time with Dead Rising always complaining that I didnt have time something that faded away as I put more time into it but even as you progress there are still going to be some timelines with little room for error like theres the one bit with the cultists in the movie theater and getting the survivors back to the city security room theres a very tight time frame for the star of the next case along the critical path that you can miss even on my run where I was at a high level and with prior knowledge I still wasnt able to get everyone back at the security room alive part of it being timing part of it being the amount of zombies in the way and part of it being the pathfinding of survivors a deadly Trifecta to deal with another element that makes Dead Rising such a great experience is Willamette Parkland Mall itself there is very little wasted space each area has its own distinct characteristics the type of stores youll find items youll come across survivors and cases theres this one shortcut in the restrooms you could discover thats very handy at first I thought it was a magical mere shortcut then I looked up and saw the roof vent that makes more sense the restrooms are another great area where survivors love to have their pathfinding run amok follow me follow me I love on the rooftop you have the two choices of entering the warehouse the far left where you could jump down from above or the right side through the elevator and that tends to be full of zombies a mall wouldnt it be a mall without clothing stores and at any time if you want to change your digs you can there is plenty to choose from styling and profiling or loud suits that even Saul Goodman would think were too loud throw them some sportswear get Frank in touch with us and your child with kids clothes or get Frank in touch with his feminine side which can lead to some very memorable moments and cut scenes the cutscenes are played straight no matter what you wear maybe these cutscenes can be quite dark in their tone like this one whereas coming in wearing kids clothes and the horse head being shot at and Brad shakes its headed Frank I like to think he was shaking his head do the way he was dressed here are a couple of other cutscenes that stood out to me as a result help me help me um officer Music officer can I talk to you for a minute I mean uh Music what did that woman against he could be planning no nothing but the bombs a mall also wanted to be a mall without background music playing over the speakers were all distinct and fit well with the overall tone all well composed and memorable Music Music Dead Rising also uses a number of license tracks these are tracks that pop up during the boss fights the Psychopaths along the critical path in various Scoops will come across Psychopaths theyre all exaggerated Larger than Life survivors over-the-top and memorable considering how little screen time they have Music came to vandalize my store huh not on my watch everyone used to laugh at me I was a walking punchline Music hey everybody Viet Cong Im right arent I you are nothing but a filter Music the fights themselves can be a bit rough around the edges the combat system of Dead Rising is built around fights with hordes of zombies not really for one-on-one encounters that said theyre not bad by any stretch with some fights some of those rough edges can add a layer of charm others can be a bit more frustrating for example the fight with Adam the clown in the first attempt he had in my ass on the silver platter next time I ended up choosing him with a couple of shotgun tonic Japanese Taurus in tow good but its worth it for the comically overpowered chainsaws you could get from him some psychopaths are satisfying to see their demise yet others I felt bad for hearing their final words she was done in by those damn zombies when I heard her scream I just lost it everything like white suddenly the war Music it wasnt over Music not for me it is never ended Music foreign Music theres such great economic writing here where theyre able to convey so much about these survivors in such a short time frame theres also the element of how they ended up in these situations how much time has passed since the zombie outbreak occurred what did they go through during that time we got some insights from their words but most is left for the player to fill in with their own thoughts an excellent narrative Choice as most tracks are licensed during these fights I cant play much in the Mouse YouTube will take my AdSense shekels theyre very much of that hard rock mid-2000s period of when the game is from theyre all well placed and fit well with their fights but theres one in particular that stands out if you play Dead Rising you know which one Im talking about think back to your first run youre still getting used to the game youre getting a feel for the mall Frank is still at a low level you might have a few survivors in tow its a great struggle trying to get them back to the security room youre probably low on health you step outside into the park in the middle of the mall this time theres a cut scene and you hear this track Music well its time for the con convicts there have been some curveballs thrown your way thus far but the convicts are a whole other ball game you can keep your distance and the pathfinding of their Humvee can be a bit spotty to your advantage but if not say goodbye to some of your survivors most likely say goodbye to Frank the song is called gong Guru by life Seeker I love reading the comments while listening to it on YouTube all these stories about peoples past experiences with it how the song still kicks in a fight or flight response theres also a sweet coming back on a different run a little stronger and wiser in getting my revenge foreign well no they come back again the next day how why who knows before going through the major story beats I have to commend how well these systems play together in Dead Rising and the fact they took a number of controversial game mechanics and made them work weapon durability escort missions time limits Dead Rising could have easily been a bad game if they werent executed well and there are times where its walking a tightrope with them especially in regards of dealing with survivors for the escort missions there are times where it gets very frustrating yet these times are at waves with just how enjoyable and how well things come together rough edges and all for the most part I associate Capcom titles for having Rock Solid mechanics polished to Perfection Dead Rising has some mechanics that arent quite at that level and yet when everything comes together with the sum thats greater than its parts theres a charm to it that few games can match I guess you could call it Jank thats something I associate more with Eastern European titles instead of Japanese ones but it does feel appropriate in discussing Dead Rising the kind of Jank where you could Overlook most of its flaws with how much it adds to the overall experience with that lets go through the major beats of Dead Rising think so spoilers ahead this being a zombie tale expect many familiar beats of a zombie Story and theres nothing wrong with that tropes exist for a reason while well come across a number of survivors the main story of Dead Rising focuses on just a few characters Beyond Frank we have a couple of characters from the Department of Homeland Security theyre not trusting a Frank at first and Frank doesnt like being kept in the dark that one near the entrance that guy do something showing me though over time they begin to trust one another and theyll be more forthcoming with whats going on playing this back to back with Resident Evil 4 Jesse looks like she could be Ashleys sister Carlito the man we met on the mall roof earlier on will serve as our main thorn in the side throughout theres also his sister Isabella who turns from mysterious foe to Ally how much do you already know have you called for help hold your horses babe Im the one asking the questions here as time passes well come across another enemy type human cultists its another one of those interesting story bits to think about how long has this call been together how much has time passed since the zombie outbreak Music yeah filing us all Music the only path salvation of the Soul is the purging of the kitten blood theyre pretty easy to deal with but their attacks can pack quite a punch and if youre not careful they can kidnap you leading to amusing scenario requiring you to escape their hideout Music after number setbacks well finally find that old man that Frank saw earlier in the mall he is Dr Barnaby hes in charge of research for something unrelated to zombies their research and experiments ended up creating zombies instead so the governments now in the zombie making business the whole story about the drug trade was a cover-up what do you know Music we were trying to Masters cattle to you have any how much meat Americans consume single day This research was conducted in Santa Cabeza a town in Central America it was destroyed by zombie outbreak and Special Forces cleanup operation the only survivors were himself Carlito and Isabella Carlito seeks revenge and was the one that started the zombie outbreak in Willamette Dr Barnaby himself turns into a zombie and theres some ambiguity if you bit Jesse in the process Jesse Applause he started hes starting Music Carlito has planted some bombs below the mall to spread the infection while the possible endings you get is not completing this task in time foreign Music gets infected trying to stop Carlito with the game giving us the option to kill him after he turns Music Music Jesse gets in contact with HQ but theres no rescue for them special forces are coming to clean up the mess and deny all existence of anything happening and at this point she does turn with the game once again giving us the option of killing her this moment along with Brad were those classic story beats in the zombie story ones you care about turning and its a bummer that happens you may have killed thousands of zombies without second thought at this point but killing Brad and Jesse stands out theres a lot of weight to it Music foreign stretch after these Special Forces come to clean things up heading back to the helipad for the helicopter all the zombies have been cleared out no special forces are around its just the sound of Frank in the mall music when you return to the security room you learn that Otis knows how to pile the chopper and is able to steal one from these Special Forces to get survivors away our Rideout returns but of course nothing goes to plan Applause and with that we go into overtime mode which is where the game takes a tumbling quality its still enjoyable but falls short of what came before Frank gets infected but Isabella thinks of a way to at least postpone his turning you seem to have a very high level of resistance so uh so what youre saying is that I get to spend longer waiting for the inevitable is that it you know Im not sure lucky is the word Id use which turns into a few annoying fetch quests that feel like pouting theres no more survivors to find along the way the mall has been cleared to zombies say for the outdoor section and underground instead well have special forces to deal with if youve gone this far you should be at a high level where you can just run up to them and take them out quickly so accommodating that they just run up to us pause and then decide to take a shot we find a tunnel underneath the clock tower that looks to be a way out but full of zombies this is one of those cases where the cutscene narrative clashes with the gameplay Craig makes it seem like a big deal with how many zombies there appears to be but gameplay wise I just think of how many I could cut down or how chucking some Queens will be a lot of fun at such a large group in tight spaces Isabella makes a pheromone to keep the zombies away during the stretch but I just ended up mowing them down foreign escaping we then have a lame turret boss fight with a tank ending with a physical fight with the one controlling the tank you have imagination thats what drives you and your quest to run request to hide pray you and your kind are much more stubborn than the zombies after that Frank latso the great yell and were out Music Music we got a little blurb that Frank managed to escape afterwards at least in the best ending there are a number of endings depending on if you did all the cases along the critical path if you died at certain points or if you didnt make it back to the helipad on time it is a bummer that the overtime section is a noticeable drop in quality of what came before it feels like the game overstaying its welcome and losing its excellent pacing that said its overall an excellent campaign that draws you in gets you invested in its characters and is a blast to play and the fun doesnt stop there you can now play Infinity mode the goal here is to stay alive as long as possible Frank will lose health over time food doesnt respawn well come across Psychopaths at various points in the mall dropping a box of goodies upon their death there are less elements at play here like not having to deal with survivors but Frank losing health over time and food not responding requires different strategies from the main game its an enjoyable mode although I still prefer the base game I did like how the first enemy encounter taking the rooftop exit is Otis this is what you get Otis for calling me rude oh while Rough Around the Edges Dead Rising is one of those games you could come back to over and over and have a blast each time it took some risks with some implementation of controversial game mechanics while some execution is spotty it does add to the overall experience I havent played their sequels although I am aware of their reputation a case of diminishing returns of the series being farmed out west Dead Rising was the only game the series made in Japan other franchises at Capcom like Devil May Cry suffered the same fate when being farmed out west found a welcome return to form when made back in Japan Id be all for seeing another title in the series back in the hands of a Japanese development team Capcom has their hands full with many projects heres to hoping that we see the series return to life and reach the heights that the first title did thanks for watching my store my food my sales my customers have a nice day clean up register six callisto protocol steam Dead Rising is a bit rough around the edges, but its such a blast. • SUPPORT: • BECOME A MEMBER: Get access to videos early, receive a weekly update, and be featured in the credits. Dead Rising is a fantastic game. Its nonstop fun from beginning to end. Its a dark zombie tale but allows for silliness to emerge through its gameplay. Dead Rising uses a number of contentious game mechanics - weapon durability, escort missions, and time limits. Yet they made them work in a way that enhances the experience instead of taking away from it. There are some rough edges, and some moments can be downright frustrating, especially in dealing with escorting survivors. However, the good greatly outweighs the bad in what is one of the most enjoyable, replayable games from Capcom, a studio known for delivering quality titles with high levels of replayability. 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