V Rising - What You Need To Know Before You Play

Steam near mesteam charts halo master chief collection V RISING steam hey everyone welcome back force here and today were gonna be taking a early look at v rising this is a brand new open world multiplayer survival crafting game its got the typical progression path of many other survival games if you played anything in this genre before youll kind of understand what to expect here essentially you start off with gathering some basic items that let you make the first tier of weapons and tools and then that lets you gather higher tier items to make higher tier weapons and tools so on and so on it is a very similar formula to a lot of other survival games but the big thing that sets v rising apart is that it does all of this with this really thick vampire twist so you play as a newly awakened vampire stripped of your power and must venture out into this gothic open world building up your strength and navigating all sorts of threats like holy warriors deadly creatures out in the wilderness vampire hunters the sun itself is a danger to be avoided garlic and should you be into pvp you can fight other vampire players as well if you pick the proper server there are mechanics in the game that have you sucking the blood of npcs and then depending on the blood type and the quality you are granted a variety of special buffs youll spend a lot of time building up your very own vampire castle this like large cathedral structure um really really cool setting and then also just venturing out into the wilderness taking on enemy camps and hunting down bosses that reward you with new skills and abilities and play directly into the primary form of progression so ive spent the past three or so days now playing with some friends we managed to do and see quite a lot of the game and ill be showing some of that to you here today and a special thanks to sun lock studios for not only letting me check out the game but also allowing me to show some of it to you early before the official release um very happy about that because ive been looking forward to v-rising since it was announced im a fan of their prior games i enjoyed playing both of their prior games and im excited about this new twist theyre moving away from just like this pvp focus into a more sprawling open world survival game like i mentioned but also in a lot of ways like an rpg theres a lot of like building up gear and and you know skills and all sorts of stuff but anyways lets jump into the game so the very first task that you have is to pick your server now these are broken up into three main categories there are pve servers pvp servers and then also hardcore pvp servers now i will touch on some of the specific differences in a little bit but im sure you get the gist here and then its on to character creation you are able to pick the face hair features accessories and colors of your vampire being a top down game im not overly concerned about this but it is nice that there are some basic options here because if nothing else it makes it so that the vampires dont all look identical at a glance with their different colors the two body types plus whatever gear they happen to be wearing now what i want to actually do is take you step by step through the first like 60 or so minutes because i think that really helps to set the expectations of the pacing and the process of how this game plays out so again you start off waking up as a new vampire rising from your coffin stripped of a majority of your power but you do still have some skills at your disposal youve got a melee attack as well as a few vampire abilities theres the movement skill veil of blood its a forward dash that evades boosts damage and provides a small heal on your next attack youve got shadowbolt a magic projectile that damages and snares and then blood right which blocks incoming attacks heals pushes and damages enemies and this really sets the stage here for how this game is i mean right out the gate youre basically given all the tools to do a pretty decent job in combat so your very first objective is to collect 30 bones now this is the beginning of a very long series of quest that is basically a step-by-step guide taking you through all of the games crafting and building progression so you leave your crypt and you enter a small graveyard where youll encounter some groups of basic skeletons theres male skeletons and ranged skeletons and you are immediately introduced to the action combat you move your character with wasd and you have to aim your attacks and skills using your mouse based on your characters position and the position of who youre targeting now oftentimes this style of combat is referred to as skill shot combat because it requires skill to aim your shots and this is functionally the same type of gameplay that was seen in stun lock studios prior titles battle right and bloodline champions what ive really enjoyed about their games is that their combat always felt very rewarding especially when you execute properly so even just with your introductory shadow boat dash melee and counter skills you can quickly take out the enemies without much issue you kill a few skeletons and youll have the 30 bones that you need for your first quest which will unlock your first recipe which is to make a bone sword so crafting basic items like this can be done on the go once you have the ingredients you just click on the item in your crafting panel and then it starts building when it finishes it actually is automatically equipped bound to your first hotkey and then youre giving another quest to kill a few enemies with your new weapon you do that it then unlocks the recipe for the bone ring which helps to boost your magic damage now one thing that youll probably also notice early on just in this very first area is that a lot of the environment can be interacted with there are things to actually open up like these tombs that you can loot and grab whatevers inside but you can also destroy a lot of the environment the tombstones the fences some of this will return resources to you you can chop down trees rocks and plants a lot of the stuff in the environment besides like these set in place structures can either be destroyed harvested or just straight up interacted with so after you craft your bone ring you are then given the recipe for your very first set of armor this is the bone guard gear these require no surprise here some more bones but also animal hides which you wont be able to find in this starter graveyard to get the hides youre going to have to kill some living creatures not the skeletons you have to kill things like the wolves some deers or bears now you will find these out in the woods right after you leave the starting graveyard and whats cool about this is this is where youre also actually first introduced to the blood mechanic when you get an npc below a certain threshold you can then drain it of its remaining blood and this is actually a passive buff system so depending on the type as well as the quality of the blood of whatever npc youre sucking it from you are gonna get some sort of a boost as a result now at the beginning early stage youre gonna find a lot of creatures out in the woods here with fairly low blood quality but this will change over time with more variety and higher quality which gives you really good buffs now for example drinking the blood of these wolves gives you the creature blood type which is nice because it provides a early game move speed buff as well as some resistance to the sun which is a legitimate threat and thing to contend with in this game okay so you go about collecting the hides and crafting your last two pieces of bone guard gear and then your quest has you make some more stuff like bone axes to cut down trees and a mace to smash rocks and with that plus any of the materials that youve gathered along this time you then begin the process of building the start of your very first castle and the castle construction and interacting with the castle is a major component of this game if i were to guess i would say in total of all the hours that ive played over the past three days probably spend about 50 percent of my time building or in my castle managing adding to it like spending time in the castle and building it up and making use of it is a big part of the rising you be certain of it now your very first step in building the castle is to place down a castle heart this is essentially the power source and it is fueled by putting blood into the heart and then you must expand your borders construct some walls put out a coffin which is your respawn point youve got wooden stash for storage you construct a sawmill which will be used to refine wood into lumber which can then be used for other things youve got your simple workbench which is for crafting better items and then after gathering some materials making some better weapons and gear at your workbench and increasing your power level you were asked to make a blood alter and i would say that this is where it becomes clear in this game at least to me it became clear kind of how expansive and things really opened up here so when you make the blood altar it gives you a list of every major boss in this game and i want to say its something like 37 or so i know its north of 35 different bosses and bosses arent just difficult enemies for you to fight and get some good loot or whatever they are actually directly tied into how you progress forward and advance your character and again like i said this is where things really open up now you do have a suggested progression path but the way you approach it and how quickly you go about it or how much you just explore is really largely up to you youve got the basis of your castle and then you can just go out into the world start exploring discovering new areas finding and fighting different bosses which in turn unlocks skills and kind of do it at your own pace there are goals and objectives and and you need to get this to make the next thing and that whole back and forth process but its just really cool once you get the bases of your castle you just start going out and collecting things and you can just do so naturally in a lot of ways within some parameters though because again you in order to progress your gear and get a higher power level to fight the more difficult enemies you are still gonna have to go along that path but theres some flexibility and thats what i like about these early stages now as i mentioned when youre out in the world and going through these places and checking out these camps youre also going to find some bosses and there are a significant number of bosses in the world like i said theres definitely over 35 from what i could see and finding and killing them unlocks brand new skills but also things like new crafting stations recipes and just a lot of vital stuff and this is where a lot of your skill progression comes in every single boss has a certain ability that they will grant you once you kill them they will be from one of several magic schools theres blood unholy illusion chaos and frost and these consist of different types of abilities active abilities movement skills and ultimates and theres a whole huge variety of things most bosses that you kill will give you one sometimes two new skills to equip there are also vampire skills that are separate from like the magic active and ultimate and movement skills things like the ability to turn into a wolf which speaking of which lets talk about the first boss the very first boss that we fought was the alpha wolf it was found in the wolf den it had this lunge attack could summon up some wolf companions and it was a fairly simple fight it is the lowest level boss and as such it was the simplest fight and the reward for killing the alpha wolf was unlocking wolf form which lets you turn into a wolf and get some increased movement speed the second boss we came across was errol the stone breaker he was found in the copper mines he had some strong melee attacks the ability to whirlwind but also multiple chaos abilities like a shockwave in a single direction and then occasionally he had this omnidirectional shockwave which was a little more of a pain to deal with killing him rewarded the ability after shock which deals its basically his linear shock wave it deals magic damage in a straight line and also in flicks burning so theres a lot of bosses in the game and it feels so rewarding to fight them because youre not just getting like a new piece of gear that you might eventually replace but youre getting a new ability which you can use at any time and it just its because of that it feels so rewarding one note about the bosses as well is they do have set spawn locations but they can also be found randomly roaming the world some of the bosses that i killed and got the their spells got their unlocks were just walking paths out in the wilderness like they werent at their spawn location so it seems like there are a multitude of ways to encounter these bosses which i think is a pretty neat approach that theyve taken besides coming across bosses something else that youre going to encounter are these events for one there is a day night cycle so night time makes up i would say its over 50 of the overall play time but during daytime you have to be very careful to make sure that youre staying in the shadows because after too long exposed to the sun you just burst into flames and start losing health very very quickly now as i mentioned there is gear as well as items out there that can help offset this but at least in the early experience dealing with the sun was a serious thing so the day night cycle is something to consider there would be times where we would have a boss that we were considering fighting but it was about to turn today and they were out wide in the open and we decided to just do something else wait till night and then come back later i mean its a serious thing its not just brushing off some minuscule damage getting caught in the sun is a pretty big deal there are also other events like sometimes at night there would be a blood moon this would increase the blood type that you currently have active by 20 a nice boost but also gives a 10 movement speed boost we found this eruption event where this chaos magic started erupting from the ground and this happened when we were in a confined location we were in these caves and then all of a sudden chaos magic just started exploding everywhere and it was just crazy black plus like we came across multiple bosses at once it was absolutely nuts these events can really uh help mix things up here and then something else that youre going to encounter in the wild that we saw is mounts i thought this was really cool theyve got a whole mount system youll find horses out there they all have their very own stats so that means you can go around looking for better mounts and you also have to maintain your mount by feeding them water to make sure they dont vanish i actually dont know what happens when you dont give them enough water im assuming they just kill over and die and then maybe you can pick up some animal scraps and bones or something so besides the open world besides the progression of fighting bosses and unlocking new skills and besides that events another big aspect to this game is that system of blood and i i touched on it but i want to provide a little more detail so as i mentioned there are various blood types in the game but also various qualities with the higher qualities unlocking more benefits so to put it simply the different blood types are broken up into categories there are creature warrior rogue and brute as a few examples and each of those types have multiple tiers of bonuses that they can potentially grant you so ill give you the specifics of brute which is probably one of my favorite blood types tier 1 of brute gives you life leech on your primary attack tier 2 of brute increases your primary attack speed as well as boosting your gear level tier 3 increases the amount of healing you receive as well as giving self heal when you land a killing blow tier 4 gives a boost to movement speed and damage whenever you heal and tier 5 just further boosts all of those prior effects so as you play and youre encountering and fighting different npcs you will see all of these different types of blood of varying quality and the higher the quality the better the blood and the more tears you unlock so for example maybe you come across an npc in the world hes some like warrior looking guy and hes got the brute blood type but he only has two percent blood quality you can consume his blood but youre only gonna get a little bit into tier one when it comes to unlocking that passive so all youre gonna get is some primary attack life leech but then later you might come across another npc that has a blood quality of 70 percent and at that point youre gonna get up to tier three or tier four youre gonna have a high percentage of these different values and its going to be much much more rewarding however the kicker is that you cant just drink one high quality blood type of one that you like and be set for life because blood depletes over time this just naturally happens as you play your blood will keep on dropping but then also youve got abilities like a self-heal which you might need if you dont have enough healing and youre in a sticky situation but that is also gonna drain some of your reserve blood so it almost doesnt matter youve got like these temporary buffs from drinking blood but they really are only temporary you cannot hold on to them for very very long because no matter what eventually its going to deplete and youre going to have to consume the blood of someone else and you might not find the blood type or a high quality for whatever you want and so what this ends up meaning is youre always happy to fill your blood pool with something because at least you can use that for healing even if its not your favorite type or a high quality but when you do find your preferred type of blood at high quality its just this super awesome momentary boost in power until you have to replace that blood again and then another big thing that i want to touch on is pvp so you dont have to play this game as pvp and i think thats important to keep in mind there are multiple types of surfers you can just play on a pve server at which point you can not do damage to any other vampire players you also yourself will not take damage from other vampire players on top of that players cannot attack castles nor can they take the loot from any corpse bags when a player dies now on the pvp servers you can do damage to other vampires as well as damage their castle but you cannot destroy their castles and you can loot some of the items on their corpse but you will not be able to take all of the items on their corpse and then there are the merciless pvp servers or the hardcore pvp servers you can damage vampires you can completely destroy their castles and you can loot all of the items from a players corpse bag so are those multiple tiers and if you want a pvp that experience is here a hardcore survival pvp experience is here but if you just want to kind of play casual progressing through pve getting better gear building up your castle and not worrying about players sieging your castle you can totally do that now on the pvp side of things theres some pretty cool things to consider here for one it does seem like gear is balanced for pvp meaning that its not really it doesnt really matter how high your gear score is when it comes to pvp as much as it does for pve however it there are still benefits of course because whatever bonuses that you have on your gear is gonna come into effect or any additional skills you have for example on the low tier weapons start off with only a basic attack and one skill and then mid tier have two skills and the higher tier have three skills so obviously if youre fighting someone with low tier weapons and you have high tier weapons you have the benefit of having those extra skills but in terms of the damage you deal and receive it looks like gear is normalized across the board and castle sieges are something that i havent dove into a bit myself but my friends have in the time that i was making this video they kept playing and did the castle sieges and they told me about it and it sounds really really cool so there is raiding on those pvp servers and specifically on the hardcore or merciless pvp servers youre able to attack other players castles but only within a set time frame so that people arent getting offlined you will know that there is a set six hour window it looked according to us on our server between the hours of 4 pm and 10 pm local server time is when castle sieging was open for anyone to do now on the hardcore servers as we mentioned you can destroy castles and take their stuff on the soft core servers youre restricted to only taking some stuff and not fully destroying their castles now the way rating works out is like this it starts off with the team looking to do some raiding building a summoning stone that then summons up a monster which has this ramp up time that tells everyone on the map that its on the way to commit a raid to cj castle and then after five minutes apparently you can take control of this monster and start breaching the castle and if you breach the first door then the whole castle is weakened and anyone can damage any of the surrounding structures stone walls and they say that you had 10 minutes to finish the breach before they were able to repair it so its a pretty cool system for people who are looking for a more hardcore pvp experience um i feel like going on to that sort of a surfer youre basically going to want to be in a full clan of four people because otherwise youre probably just gonna get screwed if nothing else working with people helps to accelerate the speed at which you can siege people but also defend against sieges and power up your gear i like solo playing these kind of games i dont think i would do it on a hardcore pvp server it seems like itd just be way way way too stressful and that about does it for this video i wanted to give you guys a a broad overview of a lot of what weve seen in this game over the past few days hopefully you enjoyed the video uh this is coming out and launching on steam on may 17th i gotta say these first few days ive enjoyed a lot more i wasnt quite sure what to expect i knew i would have fun with the combat i did not realize it was gonna be such a uh in-depth kind of hardcore survival crafting game i did not quite expect that i think i knew it but i didnt expect it to be to the level that it was and i have to say ive really enjoyed it uh if i wasnt going away for this weekend i would probably still be playing this every single day its been a lot of fun and im looking forward to the launch hopefully you guys enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching i will see you in the next one take it easy steam_api dll is missing cracked game V Rising is the newest game from stunlock studios releasing into early access on the 17th of may and today i have some new exclusive gameplay for you from the closed beta earlier this week. This RPG/survival hybrid is really fun to play and i hope you like the features it brings to the table!#vrising #survival Game Details & Info: V Rising is a vampire survival game for the PC, played out in a gothic open-world, containing a mix of exploration, building, crafting, and action-packed combat. Rise from your coffin as a newly-awakened vampire, stripped from your former powers, fight for survival and strive to dominate the land of the living. Play solo or create a clan with up to three friends as you build your castle, hunt for blood in nearby villages, and wage war against your enemies. The world of V Rising is inhabited by both NPCs and players, offering PvP and PvE challenges. You will need to power up your character by obtaining unholy abilities, crafting armor and weapons. You will also need to strengthen your castle while the threat from other players is rising. - A Gothic Open-World: Explore a vast world teeming with mythical beings and danger. Travel through lush forests, open countryside, and dark dungeons to discover valuable resources, meeting friends and foes alike along the way. Traverse the world with vampire comrades or hunt solo as you pillage villages, raid bandits, and wander into the domains of supernatural beasts. - Fear the light - Rule the night: Stick to the shadows during the daytime, or the burning sunlight will turn you to ashes. Roam the night and prey on your victims in the darkness. As a vampire, you must quench your bloodlust and plan your strategies around the day/night cycle. - Raise your Castle: Gather resources and discover ancient techniques to gain dark powers. Use your newly acquired knowledge to build a castle where you can store your loot and grow your army of darkness. Personalize your domain, exhibit your vampiric style and make sure to craft coffins for servants and friends. Strengthen your castle while the threat from other players is rising. - Compete or Cooperate: Travel alone or explore the world with friends. Fighting side by side with other vampires will give you an advantage in your battle against the strongest creatures and most powerful humans. Raid other players’ castles or play the diplomat in the game of blood, power, and betrayal. Compete or cooperate - the choice is yours. - Master your Vampire: Learn and master an arsenal of deadly weapons and unholy abilities. In V Rising, you aim skill-shots and dodge projectiles using​ precise​​ ​WASD controls ​and cursor-based​ ​aiming - no click to move. Tailor your play-style by combining melee or range weapons with a variety of powerful spell kits. Master your skills and unleash your wicked powers.V Rising is a vampire survival game for the PC, played out in a gothic open-world, containing a mix of exploration, building, crafting, and action-packed combat. Rise from your coffin as a newly-awakened vampire, stripped from your former powers, fight for survival and strive to dominate the land of the living. Play solo or create a clan with up to three friends as you build your castle, hunt for blood in nearby villages, and wage war against your enemies. The world of V Rising is inhabited by both NPCs and players, offering PvP and PvE challenges. You will need to power up your character by obtaining unholy abilities, crafting armor and weapons. You will also need to strengthen your castle while the threat from other players is rising. Footage captured on my Doghouse PC: Use code Force for a free SSD transfer games from steam account to another steam cheap game steam games online stats most liked game on steam best building games on steam