The Quickest Way to Kill The Reaper and Unlock Red Death

Recipe for steamedgame awards steam deck winners VAMPIRE SURVIVORS first youll need to reset your power ups dont worry you arent losing any of your gold doing this youll want to upgrade your might cooldown area speed duration and the amount of projectiles you create you can upgrade other power-ups but be sure to completely avoid upgrading your magnet growth and curse magnet and growth will cause you to level up when you dont want to the goal is to stay at level 2 until the 30 minute mark this is because every enemys health scales with your level yes even the reapers health scales with your level for every level you gain the reaper will gain another 655 000 health that means that even at just level 2 the reaper will have over 1.2 million health so of course we dont want to take first since it gives every enemy a percent based health boost next youll want to choose clarissia as your character were picking them because their temporary area boosts will give our items a big enough aoe to cover our character and protect us from damage all the way to the 30 minute mark now you want to head to the library and set this to frantic mode to make sure that we have enough xp at the end of the stage to level everything up this next step is incredibly important and will be what decides if this is the run you take immediately run to the top and pick up the green gem what were looking for is the rune tracer item if you dont get it on this level you want to just reset your run you can use your re-rolls but we wanted to be on the first try if possible now that youve got the starting build you have to position yourself carefully there are a couple of things you can look at to help you setup correctly make sure your hand is in line with the pendulum of this clock here and then youll want to put your belt buckle just in line with this line here if youre in the right spot youll see that the rune tracer is going to bounce around just on top of you and since we are still using clarisses passive this will prevent anything from getting close enough to hurt us one final thing to watch out for in the first few minutes is this red gem we need to know where it is so that when the reaper spawns we make our way to it as fast as possible the reason this one gem is so important is because its actually every bit of experience the game isnt rendering if youve ever stood still in this game youll notice that the gems stop dropping this isnt an afk check to stop you from standing around the developers of this game were actually really smart and making it so that after so many items render on your screen all experience will be collected into this one gem to save on fps when the 30 minute mark hits youll go grab this and jump to over 100 levels easily and now we wait but first if this video is helping you out consider leaving a like if you want to see more gaming content like this or hang out with us on stream be sure to subscribe leave a comment below if youve unlocked every achievement in the game at this point all right these four weapons and four passives will be your core build we have to get these items to stay alive long enough and do the damage we need youll notice that this is only eight of our possible 12 weapons and passives thats because the next four are kind of up to you and rng i would highly recommend getting knives and bone with candle labrador and duplicator but if you cant find these you can trade them out for magic wand cross tiragisu and clover tiragisu will help you out if youre having trouble staying alive long enough however whatever you do do not take lightning ring fire wand axe or scolo maniac these weapons will not target the main reaper reducing your damage and scolomaniac will just increase their health yes i did say main reaper thats because after a few seconds you will start to see more and more reapers appear thats why its important to do as much damage as possible to the first one you only have to defeat one reaper to get the mask of the red death as a playable character okay now that youve got your build complete you need to move again to our final waiting place this will be just to the right of our starting zone similarly to before align your hand around here close to this line and the small table then make sure your belt buckle is just in the middle here on this line this may be difficult to line up with everything happening on screen but what youre looking for is to see your rune tracers bouncing around like this and that your lancet is freezing the reaper on cooldown if everything was done correctly you should just have to wait a few seconds for victory hey steam consol This is the best way to defeat the reaper of death in vampire survivors! Youll learn how to unlock the secret character formerly known as MissingNo, The Mask of Red Death. Check out this video for a much easier and more up-to-date guide! Original concept by RivenMarryMePls Update: As of the Feb 19th patch, empty tome works correctly and you dont have to max items in a specific order anymore! Credit: CloverMilk how to open steam workshop in game best hidden object games steam steam antitrust compensation mortal online 2 steam steam puzzle game like portal