UPDATE! Unlocking EVERYTHING - New Arcana, Character And New Weapon in Vampire Survivors

Steam games where you play as an animalsteam for macos VAMPIRE SURVIVORS welcome back to vampire survivors the update is out for the beta that means in two days youll have the live version but we will now check out all the new content that we can figure out because there are also secrets and i assume that well be missing though so lets get going first of all reach level 99 with po to get blood astron nomina blood astronomia okay well just very very quickly do this with golden eggs i know there are some people that have a big problem with that but hey its just very quickly but i skip ahead in the video do it this way wheres the difference you know also theres apparently a new item box you know the one that trouser uses that you get out of the chests in the game this one with more weapons i i wonder whats in there huh probably evolutions i would say and you get them guaranteed out of a panda chest like you just always get them i wonder if you can get both of them you know like the normal one that we currently have and the version that has the evolve weapon or whatever is in there but well check it out skipping forward oh there is the candy box and with that we have the confirmation that it works because im playing trouser right now all the evolutions oh that is insane oh that is incredible i really love it but now we need a character starting weapon you know no but that is okay i didnt do anything i didnt do anything i had to switch because i needed to guarantee that i would get a penta chest it did work first panda chest already got it now regarding the unlocks we can see blood astronomia listed weapons also emit special damaging zones affected by a mount and a magnet enemies within magnet range take damage based on a mount that is interesting but i want to do something else i will take a look at the arcana in a separate video because i would like to dedicate one to it however this is what we want to unlock missingno he is officially back with the most adverse fate in green acres run off the edge of the world okay lets do that so i have a rough idea of what we have to do but i dont fully know it so i would say lets just go for queen sigma um i will actually go for three weapons so that sounds good queen sigma is a very strong character and i just quickly have to buy a curse there we go now someone said you have to go for hurry mode im not sure if that is true but we will do it and there we go um should we just but that doesnt help me at all uh lets go for i need some power divine bloodline sounds good this will increase the base damage so that sounds fine what we have to do is quite difficult we have to run to the bottom side yeah i i know its really hard so apparently we have to run beyond this line here like way way further down i dont know how far well see it like i honestly dont know what to expect here if we just have to go to a blaze if we have to kill a boss or something like this so lets hope for the best should i go for turkish yeah that is probably good i will also go for awake so in case i die well grow instead it might also be that we just have to walk to a place and that was it you know just taking a look this is how far i traveled so ooh is it maybe there um could be okay we are kind of about to reach it that is actually not in line it looks like it just doesnt show on the minimap anymore but i think we have to continue to the bottom right so im off Music oh okay okay um um okay this is not good oh what just happened um they are very powerful Music oh can i oh no i cant okay Music im not killing anything am i okay wait do i just have to keep going no right but maybe that is so weird because that is a normal minute five wave i mean i guess i im completely off now you see where i am by the way where these long lines are right this is where you have to head um ill just keep going i think and by the way it seems to be mandatory that you need to have hurry mode enabled okay just that you know wait i want to check something is this thing walking Music no its just following me but that doesnt help ah Music thats just more my enemies spawning can you even kill these guys 943 no i have an idea so it looks like i cant kill them theyre not losing any hp what if i get a rosary maybe that does the trick how did i just level up i did kill enemies oh oh i just have to become stronger well yeah no need to say that here lets go queen sigma show them what you can do oh my okay yeah i dont think the guys knew what theyre in for here and theyre in for a surprise of pain oh theres a bobble head wait why is there blood oh its green acres its random yeah okay so thats from the library the boss kind of funny that the boss is actually spawning here i wouldnt have assumed that uh okay its doing something i dont like that Music its doing the same thing again um okay but thats just normal music Music oh i would assume that was it yeah i think that was it maybe you just have to survive long enough i would assume maybe you have to kill the enemies the problem is i will not hear an unlocked sound because i already have missing known logs so you have to kill 128 of these winged eyeballs that youve seen there and well you would have missed signal unlocked i already have it if you never heard of missingno his stats just randomly change here when you go in rub and you can do this until you get something that you feel good with because you actually get some hilarious scenarios where you have like here negative 86 duration or here negative 72 area with insane cooldown reduction you know what lets just play a game together this is actually oh this will be painful lets give it a go this is what it feels like to play missing though hes actually in reverse right now oh lightning ring yeah thats a very good one so when i walk to the right side he will go to the left side if i walk to the left side he will go to the right side because we have more than negative 100 percent movement speed okay its beneath you do you see these axes uh this character is so much fun he has been in the game for a very long time and hes amazing and dont do this if you want to be faster but youre negative 463 percent youll just get closer to the negative 100 that entirely frees you so dont just dont oh there was a tierracaster that would have been good um yeah i dont think i will survive this i have one more revival though i could do this i could go for no lets go for duplicator that sounds good more axes will protect not me okay um please give me tirakisu or something i will be so dead here the thing is we have so much cooldown reduction you would imagine that we can just kill the enemies easily yeah i guess again that was just it and after youre done with this you suddenly get a run like that watch this okay it will take some time did you do you see how big they were did you see that Music just give it a moment okay there and they just fall down the amazing part is really you get so many random elements in here where sometimes you think everything is okay and then you have no growth or you have negative luck and the chests dont appear or negative 89 speed im a huge fan of this character i also have a very very long history with him since originally the unlocked method for red death would lead to missingno being unlocked so that kicked off an entire series and then led to you know some very nice things that were unexpected like aliens rock was watching the video and linked it on his channel and a lot of people know and came from asthma gold who watched unlocked methods but if youre confused because you didnt get missing though you got red death it was just changed to that so yeah this was his update i know its a very short video but tomorrow well check out the blood astronomia and dig deep into how it works what it does and what fun things you can do so make sure that youre subscribed and even think that youre subscribed just you know give it a quick glance because 50 are not subscribed just saying you dont have to but if you want to that would be nice Music you steam fish jamaican style Today we check out the latest Vampire Survivors Update, currently on the Beta and in 2 days on the live version. MissingNo finally makes his returns, a new weapon named Super Candybox II Turbo is added and the new Arcana Blood Astronomia.✵Support me and my channel with a tip: ✵If you like anime/japanese style clothing, check out Iced Tea and save 10% using Dex or 20% using Dex20 when you purchase 3 or more items: •Playlist: •Watch live at •Dex Discord: •Vampire Survivors Discord: •Vampire Survivor on Steam: #vampiresurvivor #vampiresurvivors #autobattler #roguelike #DexCitingGaming #gaming steam game on mac m1 steam ubuntu steam free game clue 1 disable steam controller how do i refund a game on steam