Vampire Survivors, One Year Later

Steam games running but not launchingtop co op games steam VAMPIRE SURVIVORS it has been an unbelievably long time since I played vampire survivors so much new stuff has come out since then including an entire DLC I hope this game is still as addicting as I remember it is very loud and very intense but yeah Im trying out the legacy of the Moon spell DLC vampire survivors if youve not seen this game before I feel like a lot of people have but just in case you havent this is a strategy roguelike that looks like an action Rook like I mean theres a bunch of goons and you gotta beat all of them and theres a bit of a power fantasy but the real core of the game is selecting upgrades to make an extremely powerful build you gotta find obvious energies less obvious synergies secret synergies and theres a lot of stuff to explore and find and unlock within the game is a great time so Ill try to walk you through my thought process and honestly just try to enjoy the new stuff so every time I level up XP bar at the top I get the choice of upgrades I can either get new weapons or new items weapons directly attack items give stat Buffs Santa water Whip and garlic are all weapons Hollow heart is a stat buff and ax Health gets increased by 20 its generally better to take levels of weapons that you already have like Santa water I get another projectile and its base area increases by 20 because the upgrades become much more powerful with time there is also a bunch of stuff on the map theres a timer in the top middle I have to get to 30 minutes saying if I get that far I win enemies will get stronger every single minute speaking of a minute has gone by what new stuff may I get I can get items that evolve some of my weapons the attract orb lets me pick up these gems from further away these gems on the ground give me XP and what it specifically does is when my it looks like a bottle of water its called Santa water when that weapon gets fully upgraded because I have unlocked this attract orb I now get to level up it and get a special version of it and evolve the version if you will and I will upgrade my king Bible to increase its speed and area to have these rotating books kill everybody and I found the treasure super dopamine Music foreign this game is extremely dopamine heavy unlocked another Bible upgrade higher damage longer effect last thing what Im trying to do right now is oh empty Tome is great reduced Weapon cooldown by eight percent that is just an attack speed buff that gets incredibly good the more of those I get right now Im trying to work my way on the map because Ive map markers into my upright theres this weird thing I dont recognize theres a bunch of other arrows that are pointing me towards things I do recognize and those are just like items it can be snap Puffs but to the up and right I dont recognize it actually to the up and middle I dont recognize it either its another sword I guess a lot of things I want to check out on this map Im curious to see what the heck they are and it looks like Im just beating of various Ghouls and zombies and oh theres a cliff two minute marker comes by what new enemies may I face theres bats now heres the thing I dont want to always be running away from enemies because I need to kill enemies to get XP in order to level up and again Im Gonna Keep leveling up the thing I have I mean you can see the other options there but right now theres so much to focus on that I think it just makes sense to focus on the things that Im actually actively buying oh thats all it goes can I pick them off yes I can and theres a lot of free XP for me excellent so this is an entirely new map apparently its the biggest map as in it has the most variation what is this its a whole Cliffside building or something I dont know but I can level up my empty Tome for more or faster weapon cooldown thats what I like to see can I go in this no thats a wall how do I get inside probably from the bottom I gotta carve my way through these bats though and some of them are making them to my human being which I wont allow well I guess I will allow I can take a little bit of hit no big deal how about I take another weapon the song of Mana it attacks vertically passes through enemies this is a sweet sound effect it shoots down at them okay all the dopamine memories of this game are coming back all the great great memories and all the secrets too I mean this game took the World by storm oh my God Im up against cobras now slow moving poisonous or venomous or something cobras dont let them touch me it took the World by storm and it inspired a bunch of uh copies inspiration games but none of the amount of games had the amount of depth and content that this game has I mean okay theres another house inside the walls Im in a walled City and theres like maybe a dojo I gotta go in is this where the thing is or do I have to keep going further up see this red ghost by the way this is what dropped the treasure chest last time so I want to wipe him out in order to get more XP or just to get that treasure chest or sometimes just a big red gem for more XP I get the spellbinder increases the duration of weapon Effects by 10 so weapon effects you may notice the Bibles eventually fade away they have a certain amount of uptime and the thing I just got increases the up time of well pretty much all my weapons the blue effects the the Santa water that has the amount of uptime so that uptime has been increased the uh the song Amanda has an uptime and now Im up against weird ghosts and the weird thing is in this building its like a maze of a building Ive got to weave my way through it looks like a coffin is it finally a vampire I mean this game is called vampire Survivor surely I will actually get to survive a vampire anyways Ill take spellbender to gladly and get more uptime on my weapons and now oh my God what is that thing um thats gonna take a while to kill but thats my new goal right now what even are you its like a demon crawling on four legs and then theres like four Spirits coming out of him absolutely horrendous but if I wipe them out Im sure Ill get something special did you even come for that coffin you were just kind of guarding it you look like youre too big to fit in that coffin did you like clown car with that or is it really just the bait I dont know but Im Gonna Keep leveling up my king Bible it always makes sense to go deep not wide although I mean if you cant go deep and wide then thats where all the pleasure is but I think that this is what I gotta do when Im confronted with the choice five minute Mark what sort of enemies are coming my way a bunch of um cursed tulips I dont know but theyre pretty hard to beat right now let me take this chest or not and out of these options increasing my damage by 10 is the best of the but on this map I could pick up a spinach already so I feel that I dont need to do that instead Ill take Clover for higher luck and take my treasure higher luck sometimes means I can get more things from a treasure chest not this time though I just got one oh when I killed the big demon thing I got a red gem thats cool I think Ill take Santa water for more upgrades you well I should have done actually on the previous time I should have re-rolled what I had I should have tried to get something better because right now Im slacking and damage theres these giant Samurai coming in Im Gonna Keep upgrading my king Bible all the damage has to come from here the book I thought it was in here it said it was in here but its not maybe I have to beat the Samurais yeah thats gonna have to happen one of thems down the other one has to go down and honestly I dont like these options give me a new one I will take base area just increases the size of all my projectiles the viable books theyre bigger bigger books and same with any AOE is just larger now and I love that upgrade my Santa water fire more projectiles and some other bonus I dont remember theres green gems on the ground and those give more XP than blue gems Ive played 5x more where is the book though Im confused oh I generally want to take things that can evolve the cross can evolve so Ill take that over level eight of the king Bible level 8 is the highest level of King Bible however I dont really care because Im not allowed to evolve weapons until the 10 minute Mark at least thats how I remember it being they may have changed that or they may have had that be map dependent either way the freaking coffin maybe I gotta walk into it oh what is this thank you to Mario but the vampire is in another coffin okay I think I unlocked a new character miang mood and spell hence the DLC a legacy of the Moon spell all right well lets go collect some other things huh I saw a thing on the ground I really wanted to get is this spicy meatball that fires extreme damage I just healed for 45. I got four chicken and heel for 45 absolutely nuts well now I want to make it my goal to pick up all this other stuff thats on the ground I mean there are so many items I could get I could just be absolutely loaded with stuff the only issue is that Im slow and I may not get there in time but Ill try to get as much as possible anyway Ill keep running away from them though not necessarily running away its more towards running towards my other goal what are these demons on clouds also this is where I escape I dont know where I thought it was going this is a weird Labyrinth navigate though the cloud demons will go down the samurai ogres just protect this house though if I have the guests I feel like something changed background wise Im just gonna make my way over towards both the duplication and this weird new Samurai thing between these Im actually gonna re-roll and I wont take spellbinder all effects last 10 longer thats really a good Synergy with Bible and do I need to escape here yeah I do theres another whole building theres a bunch of buildings actually if its outside this wall City though Im gonna be a little teased there better at least be another way to get out oh there might not be another way to get out no oh God theres a big blue ogre coming my way riding on a cloud I gotta wipe him out hes gonna be the hardest dude Ill take this chest sort of upgrade me I guess a Santa water upgrade nice more base damage to base effect lasts longer I feel like I killed him I dont know but Ill take another spellbinder upgrade thats fantastic because the longer some of these things have up time the more I can have like double damage going where Ive twice the amount of Bibles I would normally have anyway Im not escaping through here I could pick up the stone mask and that thing gives me more gold but I need to get another item first or I could just take it wait actually I cant get there theres a giant bone creature stay back bone man I dont even know if Im dealing damage to it its just coming at me it might be the only damage I think I am okay its not that smart just wait if I only gets arms at me Jesus man lets take uh you know what Im actually gonna take King Bible this time over empty Tome even though empty Tome is incredible its just I want level 8 of the Bible that way I cant actually evolve it what is this oh oh no no no no no no no no the panic panic panic okay I got rid of those thank you for the warning will it let me evolve the Bible I got a triple oh lets go I evolved the Bible nine minutes sent awesome it never ends its the Unholy Vespers I will use that to destroy the bone man which isnt encroaching on me faster and faster but I can hit him from farther away oh theres more things coming from the bottom so right though I can destroy these red ghosts easily piece of cake oh they keep coming though they keep coming they dont like them running oh I barely got rid of them all right that was a sketch what do I get from this I get a song of Mana upgrade very nice now I may make it to the stone mask if I want though I should probably take something else hold on let me reroll Im going to grab Hollow Hearts why because thats my sixth item Im not allowed to take more items after that but I can still pick up items from the ground and have it feel like a seventh item and oh this is nice how Im gonna go spellbinder Im just getting a ton of XP right now the huge vacuums suck Ill take my Santa water and then grab the stone mask for more gold coins I got seven items now Im actually gonna take the eighth upgrade for Santa water and then Im gonna go fetching a bunch of the other items on the ground just gotta get out of here theres a bunch of dangerous plants on the ground that I can just walk right by you fools got a lot of nice upgrades though the magnetic attraction is probably my favorite thing because I can just leave this XP behind and not feel bad about it because I know Im gonna suck it up in the future now this is where the power fantasy you know begins these enemies were maybe a bit of a struggle before but now I absolutely mow them down and I feel good while doing it but Ill only feel good once I can get more items oh damn it I see that oh I left the chest on the ground accidentally I have to go back and get it I dont have to but I think I should Im also gonna pick uh increase my attraction range oh thats a lot of snakes huge XP farm right now so I get to level up like crazy I will continue to pick up my orbs from a large range because yeah that theres this one arrow that doesnt have an icon on it and that will give me a chest I cant believe I missed that how long has it been there oh is inside that house thats how I didnt see it oh like what the heck oh I got a random OZO the freaking purple chest gives relics healing is doubled recovering HP damages nearby enemies for the same amount enables critical hit for the listed weapons I dont have many of those weapons overall projectile speed continuously changes between minus 50 and plus fifty percent over 10 seconds the character starts gaining plus one projectile speed every level or listed weapon projectiles explode on impact I dont have those I actually like chaos in the Dark Knight or very fast projectile speed very fast project Alpha Speed is very fun with the Bible because I then become the ultimate lawnmower where just my blades turn and turn and turn but give me something good here I got labora the come its evolves Santa water damaging zones follow you as you move and the increase in size proportional speeds Knights light blue glows of which deal damage and deal damage massively oh Im getting so much xp Im gonna go cross because cross can evolve so Im gonna try to level that up and now Another Empty Tome seems good oh I got a lot of executable another cross more cross damage more projectiles Im gonna increase my luck odds Im gonna upgrade the cross again yeah so I got a red gem that was basically a bunch of XP stacked on top of one another what wait its a rat with a giant backpack is this backpack hero in Vampire survivors I quit playing that game and it comes back to haunt me all right well I got another chest from it more luck odds I do need the chance to get lucky thats excellent now can I finally continue on my quest to get those things Ive been chasing down hopefully oh okay hold on there is a cliff base I think thats above me yeah they look above me how do I get to them oh this must be the way up the mountain yeah straight shot I really want to get the duplicate yes the Mountain City up against these weird warlock things and this is a dead end because no its not as a cave whoa surprise didnt see that one coming what is this I dont know but ogres are protecting the cave and I cant seem to go any further maybe I need a special item to progress in the cave I dont know but I Ive angered them so maybe Ill try going around like this oh a nice upgrade take the ax because this can evolve and I want to take weapons that can evolve ax just eats up these giant axes it doesnt do too much damage at level one but soon it will do a ton is this my way in oh no its just another cave but it unlocks a Cave System what the hell the secret caves in the mountains I cant season these enemies this Samurai ogres are so strong I want to mow them down but I cant tell where they are theyre hiding under the Overlook you know what I might just make a run for it Im gonna go across here Im just gonna run in oh Im taking a little damage but Im in you gotta have balls if you want to progress in this system theres a red enemy Ill knock them too far back because he probably has a nice item for me but I also want to progress I need to heal back my HP somehow oh hopefully I get a chance to do that this is a perplexing maze will I get to the duplication from him here because it seems like thats my reward these guys are actually so hard to kill gotta Juke them my word up hes blocking the paths and just go around them that hurt a little bit oh no I see it to the right is it not inside this cave system no it might be it could still be okay I still gotta work on killing him but Lauras doing some good damage okay there we go oh but this is a huge swarm of enemies oh theres so many 15 minute mark I need a level up or something Im so weak right now to him I mean Im holding him off but for how long I just need to get through but theyre not letting me come on I just need to make a dash at some point its gonna its gonna open up real soon I think its opening up its opening up okay dealing a lot of good damage okay okay thats good lets go song A Mana for it just gives me more damage also Im gonna take this chest while I can if I can get there seems like the labora is doing really strong damage can I actually make it to his chest yeah these giant blue things are absolutely shredding everybody what do I get I get a bit more max HP that could be good if I want to make it over to duplication all right come on and just shred them with the blue stuff I need more uptime on those if I can help it yes yes yes come on I may just I may just bomb rush Im taking out of the Cross almost able to evolve the cross fires more projectiles yes I can make it a little further taking damage this horse that hurts hurts no not the bone man oh but I will take my duplicator more projectiles okay so now I gotta get out of here now I gotta get out oh Im losing HP but its not over yet it may look over but I can revive I get a little bit of snap buff on the revive too but I revive it half HP I gotta get out of here actually no no I gotta take down the bone man I will take a cross because now I could possibly level up my cross getting evolved across the Heavenly swords it can deal critical damage and it just deals large damage in general so is it the same maze that I will be able to find the weird sword thing I dont know but I get another treasure thank you very much another song of Mana upgrade more bass damage and area very nice helping me get out here moving vertically is a lot easier than moving horizontally because of that song of Mana these ogres are absolutely brutal though Ill take it ax upgrade more projectiles thats the next thing I probably want to evolve if I get project Ill speed thatd be good but I dont think thats a possibility that should have been something that I looked for projectile speed yeah at least I got a relic of things that Buffs that but thats barely enough uh another level more song Amana the effect lasts longer the cooldown is shorter its just basically more damage but in with funny phrases thats how I think about it so I think I gotta go down and around if I want any chance theres also a chest if I go down far enough I dont remember leaving that around must have been that one red lined enemy oh its a bunch of dudes with swords I think yeah Samurai enemies scary but I think I prefer them to the ogres right now they get evaporated a little more easily whats in this box another ax upgrade fantastic more base damage 20 more to be precise Im gonna try going out of this cave systems and all the way to the right because that would make sense right I went all the way to the left before now I go all the way to the right oh another upgrade I will take a duplicator for more projectiles the duplicator only gets two upgrades and thats because its probably the most powerful item just having more projectiles is incredible scaling damage and oh I could get some good upgrades here ax for two yes that was a super gem sawing a Mana base damage and area up I only got two upgrades thats okay I guess I know this is a cave that was just a dead end maybe theres some sort of secret to it I dont understand yet oh another red enemy drop me a chest I have high luck so maybe yes I have a higher chance of getting a chest another HP upgrade good oh I see an entrance to something um I dont like these Im gonna just re-roll try to get maybe whip whips can evolve to give healing so that might be nice considering I havent healed much in a long time all right theres another little maze winding section I think Im higher up right now Ive ascended the mountain if I can Ascend all the way Id probably get that sword thats probably what it is just maximum Ascension Ive got the spicy meatball keep going up the mountain through the maze might not say though this music is absolutely epic uh I I really theyve upped the music quality since Ive left this game it is cool to be back and visiting this I mean what an entrance to the DLC okay so heres the entrance another cave system now I dont know though hold on thats a Cave System it looks like the winding path keeps going up if I was to put a pony sword anywhere it would definitely be at the top of a mountain Im actually gonna go ax Here song Amana cannot evolve so Im not gonna focus on that I would take a whip though because wind fires horizontally it couples my song Amana very well I have an attack that primarily fires vertically and now an attack that primarily fires horizontally and a spinning lawnmower blades and some others just rings of death so Im hoping that that can couple together to come greats and I really want to involve the whip as well but any Evolutions good yeah evolve the whip although its a long ways away and its still a long way to the top of his mouth no its not I can see it another bone man let me have the sword Mr Man of Bones you know what no hes a little too close to the sword Im just gonna attack him look at my Axis fly just need off the screen oh theres some Panic theres some issues okay those red skulls are not a big deal because red ghosts Ill take ax face damage up what do I get from the treasure just a stone mask upgrade more gold whatever what is this the knight sword strikes with a combo attack at the nearest enemy retaliates might steal hearts oh nice it gave me healing and thats a cool sound effect I cant see the thing but I dont care whatever is happening is really cool theres a Cave System up here I have to explore it doesnt look like theres anything in it come on theres a box on the ground somewhere according to my Minimax and that would be right oh fires one more projectile I have seven weapons thats cool you know what upgrade the new thing I already know what the witch does when upgrade that I have no idea what the night sword does and give me that box another song of man upgrade fantastic all right now I explore the case you know this is a satisfying sound effect it might get a little Annoying Its high pitched but I dont care its also very loud you know I think Im just letting the uh the game be allowed and I dont really care I think next time Ill have the volume turned down at least a little bit but it doesnt need too much I mean it helps emerge you into the game anyway Im trying to make my way over to this floor chicken so I can start healing there we go 45 HP and my blue bowl of death and I will just make my way through this cave dungeon these ogres man they guard the cave too slip I can barely make it past their thick balance another upgrade I will go knight sword again fire more projectiles more night swords oh another Relic upgrade so I could get double critical damage and enable critical hits for more weapons I have now or more healing I dont need more healing or duration changes between negative 50 and plus 50 and it starts gaining duration every level I do like duration you know what Im gonna go Critical Hits though I want to see you oh yeah the crits happen see some big damage numbers hopefully and theres some blue ogre Samurai things Im not sure anyways this is a large cave system for nothing to be there curious lets go ax thats really close to evolving yeah whats the deal with this room is it just a confusing cave for the sake of confusion there has to be something special about it if not I can make my way over to the spinach which is very far down I dont know if Ill get there in time but that would give me a lot of attack bonus and I would like that okay a lot I had to turn down the sound effects a little bit but you still get the idea you know Im gonna reroll Im gonna try to get my ax there we go ax is a little eight next chest I get will be guaranteed to evolve it hopefully I didnt leave any on the ground because I would hate to have to double back Im just trying to escape here theres green floating ogres now what does he have like a little parachute thing I dont know but um in the outside world I can make my way down the mountain or can I gotta weave my way around whoa I just froze everybody I think I picked up a collectible that does a full screen freeze very fun very powerful very nice too and another level coming up I will take my whip I would love to evolve that as well hopefully Ill have time to evolve everything so are any enemies I mean theyre covering the screen but theyre just theyre just not strong enough man Ive got absurd damage and Im not going anywhere no I left the chest on the ground okay its not that far back I just gotta double back a little another upgrade another whip upgrade it does something I dont care to be honest really I just think about every upgrade its just more damage somehow the specifics dont really matter to me Ill take the knight sword this time Ill go song Amana and Ill fire more projectiles with the night sword oh theres a big enemy sometimes bigger versions of the smaller enemies will come and I can see them big sword man hes gonna drop a chest so Ill have to be sure to wipe him out but first this chest where is it give me the whip I might be able to evolve the whip by the time I get to this chest no never mind its gonna definitely be an ax Evolution the ax evolution is sick as long as it gets this to me yeah its like a Death Scythe death spirals just impenetrable long axes and already that Elite had dropped the chest thanks police in the direction I want to go now and if I can get one more whip upgrade I should be able to evolve the weapon time so I might actually wait to open the chest before getting one more whip upgrade yeah Ill try to just Farm it out a little bit here there we go whip upgrade and lets get this chest oh a triple nice I get the bloody tear and some other upgrades I dont care about too much but its a its a whip its red and it heals me although I dont really need to heal what I need to do is get off this Mountaintop Im too high and mighty I need to get out of here Ill just take the stone mask coins are basically they let me get meta upgrades but I think Ive actually gotten all the meta upgrades I dont know maybe theres some unlocks that I can get with coins that I dont know exist yet and I want to just Farm those because I obviously have enough damage I might as well just try to farm as much currency getting coins is basically flexing on the game its saying I dont need to become more powerful Im just gonna get these tokens of my value and I have a lot of value right now Im a valuable valuable boy another upgrade another nights sword upgrade actually no Ill do stone mask max out the coin value just so I can be as greedy as possible because sometimes theres coin bags on the floor and I get coins from them you guessed it oh but level minute 25 is coming sometimes its hard stuff theres a lot of these weird creepy crawly dudes also Ive entered a weird portion of the map its almost like a garden for a Vineyard or something I dont know but theres like a lot of panic noises whats the deal with that I dont know oh theres a Hydra oh look at that enemy its huge Im gladly gonna take down this guy before I make it to my spinach Ill lead him towards me in the spinach because hes awfully slow the hydras got nothing on me but yeah 25 minutes usually has some fun stuff I mean in the final five minute stretch and the enemies do generally get very very tough in the last couple minutes too so Im looking forward to see what the difficulty spike is on this map I would come on oh I think I shattered him lets go what do I get get a bit more luck on its nice love getting lucky and I love making my way over towards the spinach plus damage would be great oh final night sword upgrade base damage is up by 10. oh another skeleton protecting the spinach I can see it on the ground but the skeletons protecting it too well no I will take it plus 10 damage and any time I can upgrade I would love to have it be spinach got a treasure chest please be spinach no what the hell the evolved night sword what even evolved this the stone mask cool I didnt see what it does but its probably cool all right theres one more ground thing I could pick up its the pumarola all the way to the left and that gives me HP uh regen then Ill have 11 items also how do I how am I missing HBO what am I taking damage from whats hurting me somethings hurting me here I dont know what it is good thing I have this healing but I feel like I need more healing right now because Im just taking damage to something oh is this a wall building oh 27 a minute burst of enemy what what is hurting me something is destroying me is it the night sword was I not prepared you know what Ill take Hollow Hearts then if Im missing HP the knight sword must be damaging me or something Im not wielding it properly I need to get the pomerola now so I can regen HP or I need other HP Regens oh this is kind of scary okay Im mostly regening okay but I will double back I will double back take a little more max HP whoa I just killed everything nice screen wipe takes some spinach up grapes okay Ive maxed out ooh and now after Im out of upgrades I get to either restore HP or add coins I will restore HP because I missed quite a bit of HP now Im at Max Ill just Farm gold level 84 and now this will just give me a bunch of gold oh sick its just an explosion of gold coins all right still gotta make it the palmarolus another thing I could upgrade and now Im not too worried about HP loss because anytime I level up I can just get a floor chicken and heal that way its somewhere in this city I just know it to be true dude this map is so cool though I remember when the map was just a bunch of repeating stuff and it kind of got boring and predictable fast this has like a bunch of different zones probably a bunch of secret stuff I havent even begun to Fathom yet this is gonna be a journey going through the DLC can you believe this DLC was only two dollars too I mean thats thats a sick deal I mean this game is all about value the main game is now only five dollars but for the amount of stuff you get its totally worth it also I figured out where the Pummel roll is Im close I can smell it just a minute and a half left in the fight and Ive got to make it in Ive got to get the pomerola one more big Skelly boy to destroy surely come on where are you oh I found it nice 0.28 280 gen per second uh those are rookie numbers lets pump those up another point two lets get that up to a full one HP per second lets go lets go lets go oh the Skelly boy is here I just snuck past them he he must have missed the memo that was showing up always so fast oh but hes dropped the chest and I will take him that last upgrade and the final minute is upon us the hardest minute of the entire game is coming up what sort of enemies am I gonna face all right 29 minute Mark I can take gold is giant ogres I can knock them back thankfully but they are beefy he thought the previous uh Sumo ogres were scary nope these guys are terrifying that being said theyre being shredded so Im feeling the W coming on now you might be wondering at 30 minutes you just win oh no no no a fun little surprise will happen although I wonder if the DLC will do anything different after 30 minutes I havent thought about that Im curious to see if anything happens these guys are encroaching on me Im not too worried I can just kind of keep following the flow of the map actually I keep wanting to go upward and there Im running out of upwardness Im running into a wall so I gotta urge myself down to escape this building move it some of them launched themselves into me I should probably read gen HP now there we go perfect and get me out of this building huh is it through here it is good good good 10 more seconds of pain looking like a big fat W ooh Ill take that chest on the ground give me some coins thank you 507 coins three seconds left and bring on possibly the reefer the heel oh what the hell oh there it is I expected the enemies to die but yeah the reaper comes at me as an unkillable enemy uh I still have revived so hes gonna have a hard time killing me I have the power to defy death and I will continue to revive just to kind of keep farming up coins yeah yeah yeah do I have any more I still have more revives like I cant be killed give me more coins thats gotta be it right yeah thats it all right there we go thats a win I unlocked a bunch of stuff oh boy this is gonna be ridiculous huh well I hope you all are stoked for next time thank you all for watching hope you guys enjoyed more vampire survivors coming at you soon if you cant wait for the next episode check out the playlist have a wonderful day in peace increlution steam Vampire Survivors Part 38 - its been slightly less than a year, but Vampire Survivors is back! Theres an unbelievable amount of stuff thats been added since I left, including an entire new DLC: Legacy of the Moonspell! This will be a fun journey to explore this games vast amount of secrets. Edited by: #vampire #survivors New to the channel? These links will help: BONUS VIDEOS: COMMUNITY: LIVE STREAMS: how to search for games on steam steam rainbow six siege fighting games in steam bug game steam how to steam kale in microwave