#59 SSJ Menya, unverwundbar; fast unfair - Vampire Survivors, deutsch

Steam games to playsteam satisfactory VAMPIRE SURVIVORS welcome back to play with Manja Moon spell and that should nt really be a big problem in the library as far as doing something with the twin things that works because Im pretty good ne we can do that again music have our own doll who can also do some of it a bit damage differently and then I actually want to have the other things music then Ill take the magic tree right away with it when we look his weapon needs the labrador edge and the garlic not the spinach but I have granted wild garlic today thats why it looks so similar yes so the labrador and spinach can definitely have 100,000 opponents just like any other animal here too I shouldnt be that much of a problem here also not what we want okay look at the animals were looking for at least in general Blowing things music benefits a lot music at least the weapons so first tes would get it right away because you can start a bit more okay music there was what he he gets all possible levels right here what is offered okay crown is never wrong either music we still need to move the candelabrador to the left I think we first go to the left dude music hes already starting ne at 500 at 1000 already 1500 music okay the first weapon is also going off again straight away like Schmitzs cat yes thats decently funny yes that helps him immensely to the 100,000 to come yes we do nt have to take it with us now not only at some point its already down music just go through it and well no thats cool maybe in others you when we have the thing at the start again what that will run out first and when we then the next time we have it, well collect it, we wo nt collect the ring, but well go near it, its already there, okay, we wo nt do the g at 4000 corpse move music okay so the candidate is 5th place and then we still have a free choice what we would like to take with us maybe really the holy water so no labrador and attraction then you could also take the seal with you 4500 our crown is not even upgraded but 5000 we go back in that with the crown probably wont be that quick thanks because if we get it on the bag ne if we do nt get down cheap Id like to think so maybe not even that usually move there at all Washing things clean wasnt such a shame, but the crown wont be able to choose from that either. Its anything but cool at the moment, the time units are sometimes not even that positive, but look, we got them really early, the two of them maybe theyll go right there come moon face nice applause get rid of the two there is something exploding in my face unfavorable but chic I think our other colleague killed a bit faster, were now at 6000 kills in 6 minutes, I think that also worked when we had the Evo weapons, so the ones with waffles, I actually always mean the pistols here, or not a complete idiot with them other things nothing says about emo nope you probably have to be the first to have your weapon at max so that it really shows up as ego for the others it doesnt matter it just tore me a bit music okay at least the crown is finished hey hey now just dont get into the chances okay lets finish the spinach too yes its on the way in the box we ca nt yet they want the bible see if its too early with the big one I can see what it should be like now those are some skulls haha still no real weapon no candelabrador ridge I saw something nice up there okay then h But were a bit confused because the fire is already out, but I think thats not for so long, on the other hand, when we got the birds full of milk, I was first on the gun, making the same mistake as last time and erm for free more or less music music I can maybe oh thats inconvenient that we skip directly clarify tomes level wonderful but where unholy Vespers we had last at the general works council such an external who told us something about yes hello and then she said something at the very end, yes, well wait until we ve trimmed XYZ and I thought to myself, oh, how come the questions, no, so Ive had breakfast, its really cool, even the snack or snack isnt quite right, I was that funny, how was that great goes up slowly ne we were still on the same way before plus 1 amount music jump three times please come with the explosions or something well it doesnt have to be frozen maybe well get the experience points here first yes you have to do that our main thing cough music we main thing is the dumbhead comes they die at some point well get the weapons ready first pops music he should second type both then okay music Ill do that now the birds are ready music said on weapons now still kimono and with the kimono its not necessary well have a look maybe well have a little more time we have to we that have to we can also have the other weapon that we want, its also ready or no, not quite as much, two more levels, in principle, we dont have to pick up the box either, first of all, it comes to us if we just leave it lying around If I have both, then Ill take the miracle test again, take something with it when it comes, well be 30,000 again particularly quickly than the experience points music we dont need the pentagram music the main thing is that im slowly getting hungry so discreetly in the evening but when i look at it that way the holy water isnt that important either just because they do nt have the things on the right anymore lets skip that and wait for something hotter okay well take the two waters the main thing is we have something and then it almost doesnt matter what we take next well get the next boost at 50,000 if so well have that soon a box I dont have to be careful either if I go to the left that Ill also be banned or something like that stand straight towards the box yes 500 corners meanwhile it doesnt matter whether I go left or right again then I really go to the left so that we dont ban anything simply via the first one it doesnt matter what were coming although I dont think freezing is cool it slows down our progress so its full and ready for us too g it takes a minute ok then we randomly do more and more weapons there ah the box will also give us laborer yes it does nt matter we dont run back logically it would be nice it wouldnt matter right away it doesnt matter as wind and supersonic fly ne and the red and blue balls, the sound waves become the visible ones from the streaking defect and so where is the box up here correct that I also have that still has a box but its new ne music weve slowed down lets see how much extra money we collect can stand still upgrade a bit yes 2011 is okay it may well be that you are ready again by 21 22 minutes here so in game time maybe we shouldnt have banned the things that give more opponents blue nice its also a bit of a pity that the things that we then unlock with those yes his version gets a new weapon but the other one with the night sword not so cool not so cool box no box but rate of fire like that and only 15,000 opponents that sounds so crass but that can happen so quickly if the right children come along then another box has to be gotten that I would actively get at it now dude yes maybe there is a gift box in there music it wasnt unlocked what oh no was then displayed just wanted to be improved strange oh the last the last the last ten the last 10,000 the last 9000 easy yes the library is somehow my favorite level and of course the Japan world of the Moon spellberg this is so nice and easy improved by the duration and speed of the unholy Vespers oh another thing um of divine blood armor we dont have the healing we dont have the well do it until it doesnt matter in the Basically, it doesnt matter what I whistle to eat right away I think I still have flatbread Im standing totally on it again at the moment just cut open the flatbread season with salt MSCI um but what kind of wet is that ah I don’t know which water grated water what I put together powder garlic everything on it ne everything on it and then dried tomatoes I can cook Dont think about it, Ive got drool running around here again Box thats just good for extra cash 1000 we have to farm over 300,000 gold together for missing now Id like to take a look at that oh weve reached 100,000 in a moment weve got it nice okay then well quickly collect the experience points are 164 and say goodbye here music so then weve unlocked it but in the collection its still not ne there are still two question marks here another question mark should we do the three more I I dont know if the collection is something else, the parts dont become tough with it len with the secrets Im also very questioned what a not red reaper a children what that s too wild is right extra we also have dates yes it costs extremely much we have so wow why was it so cheap and here 250,000 cant be damaged disappears but when you hit the current time limit what with that you can just okay okay awesome it s awesome but none a weapon weve never seen anywhere or Ive got them all maybe he can have some weapon we wait a minute then we have to actually always come up with it I dont know if the weapon can have it will not have unlocked either I almost dont think it would be a bit we but what is the last weapon of him maybe you have here but try to unlock it but youre trying to unlock it while we visit here to make the level 80s with jatera from solemio and jo we start with A ndroid Joe on I think well do that the dudes only exist in the moonsbill factory well do that well leave it in endlessly when weve found a good place for the kappas yes Ill record another episode too if Im super hopeful but I want to know where we can best ride capas lets see we have 3.5 we still have to clapping 2500 of them can be difficult but well see the next past folks music music music best strategy games on steam 2018 Discord: Patreon (ab 2 Euro/Monat ALLE exklusiven Bilder und Videos): Absolut süchtig machendes Game (in einem Rutsch die ersten 9 Folgen aufgenommen weils so geil war xD). Gefühlt ne Mischung aus Loop Hero und Castlevania, schöne Pixeloptik, geile Musik, viele Varianten an Angriffen und so so viele spielbare Chars. Ich hab mich in das Spiel verliebt ^^ Wir haben pro Level 30 Minuten. Jede Minute werden die Gegner stärker. Und wir müssen irgendwie mithalten - mit allen Mitteln. Im Abspann benutzte Musik: Rolemusic - Ants (CC BY 4.0) Link zur verwendeten Lizenz: how to downgrade game version on steam how to buy steam games on mobile danganronpa game steam gacha games on steam mystery steam games