Steam games on sale freesteamed shrimp and broccoli VAMPIRE SURVIVORS game all right so I get asked this question quite often and that is what do I play when Im not making YouTube videos this is like the 2022 version of this I did a video like this a couple years back and it was for Tekken seven I had a lot of fun making that video the passion just kind of shines I think because its like its something I would be doing whether or not I was recording into this microphone or not so uh all love support youre dropping this greatly appreciate it go ahead and jump in this game is called vampire survivors I have played this probably for like the last month just my spare time all right so Im trying to think about how to approach this video right do I just jump in and start playing or do I explain it a little bit first theres so much going on all right this is like the power up area I have a lot of this unlocked except for curse I can afford it but I prefer not to have the uh the reason its called curse essentially making the enemies stronger and all that stuff unlocks were at 114 out of 120 might go for one of the unlocks in this and at last theres five there that its like basically like reaching level 100 on certain characters level 99 on others uh theres not a whole lot of difference there I might pick one of these characters okay lets see let me see what my options are oh this would be a good one yeah okay Ill place this character this is perfect I think thats right oh let me double check let me let me just make sure everythings good level 99 no Ive already done it with that character okay said B lets go with this one its a rune Tracer yep well here we go Im gonna go ahead and jump in so the game starts kind of just like slowly and by the end its like pure chaos Im gonna try to also defeat uh the initial death if you can you you always die after the limit this is a probably the hardest stage but I dont think I want to do this one because I I like some of these other ones right lets try this one out I havent done this one in a while I heres the ones I usually play this one and this one lets go this one though okay here this is something we can get up to three times during this its random we could kind of pick what kind of I like this okay this song thats playing hope its not copyrighted by the way I dont know anything about vampire Survivor osts or anything like that but hopefully Im good this reminds me of the song from Castlevania Symphony of the Night which is my all-time favorite game all right report for level 99 this is probably my absolute favorite oh this is a really good one for this level too every two minutes attracts all standard stage items if you pick up okay so were gonna try to get all these all these right here um I think this might be good because let me double check really quick open grow more uh yeah I need armor this is perfect but okay you get six slots so you have six weapons and then six slots for the secondary items which is like this ring the armor this thing the heart cool down thing so the way this works you can you can collect six initially but if you you get them normally then you can extend it if you like lets say I dont I dont pick the ones up right now if I dont pick up any of these right now and I wait then I can hold more than six essentially this right here is a Merchants you never really use them much its gonna be tough by the way okay what do we want here we have to plan out everything I get two rerolls eight skips five banished away something never see it again all right what I want to do here I think the most okay the safest route would be if Im surviving I guess if I want to yeah if I want to kill death and try to at least get the little mini cut scene where the uh like the main death comes out and tries to coat the end I probably need to save room so the fact that Im already using the Rune tracer let me reroll I like fire wand a lot but let me just see what else I can get okay this is this is different so this item right here revives once a 50 Health You Can level it up one more time Im debating if I want to go that route because I would need the other two things Im I think Im gonna get this because Im trying to collect stuff on the bottom first so like you see how the I didnt mean to pick that up its got like the ruins face oh this is perfect this is the evolution so what Im gonna go with is King Bible and this we need this and one other version this is like uh the red one it shoots red outs the other one shoots blue if you have all three they they evolved but they only evolve if you Max them out Im gonna go ahead and show you right now see how theres these little dots so this you can level up twice this can level up you know eight times just eight times but sometimes if you combine them like if I have this thing this and then the Blue version this is a lot to take in sorry Im like getting overwhelmed uh all right we dont need to pick this up we will lets get this were gonna need this anyways this is perfect I kind of have a freebie because Ill have to remember that I have a freebie because if you think about it Music Im gonna be combining two of the weapons later into one slot so Ill have an extra slot later on the reason Im not picking anything else up right now theres all these things above me if you pick up the gold or silver ring uh these enemies show up lets level it up if you pick up the red arrows two other enemies show up I dont want to touch any of that stuff until I have as much as I can first because once I do that its gonna be Ola chaos I dont use this character really so hopefully this video turns out well I I need to move my mouse thing its gonna bother me if I keep it there I just kind of forget its even there sometimes oh lets get that well get the first one very simple game right but its kind of Addicting once you kind of get everything going about the stage would be kind of different everybody does like the library one because its probably the easiest to farm because its honestly like a horizontal map so like if you had Escape you can kind of see all those icons in the middle its because I have that ability to Broad everything here every two every two minutes so right now its at 1 45 there it is thats what I need see Evolution I need these other two so now this one will be that perfect so now I just have to keep playing Ill get that in a second how to save those theyre all this stuffs gonna move here in a second so I need to like stay still probably get out in the open there it goes okay uh lets go Rune Tracer again Music keep leveling this up why nuts get a little bit of that going might just keep the mouse on the screen because I have to keep clicking it to select everything all right nice oh the chest by the way are kind of Addicting theres theres three different versions theres a single one and then theres like the uh the one thats like three now lets see keep going the weapons level two so as you can see right now in the upper left hand corner I have the red one level four the blue one level two youll see what happens Im gonna get there that just kills you not really a big deal I was kind of amazed how how little I actually know all right so let me go through this right now we need armor thats on the map two red arrows combine Music with the leaf we have the its a kind of a shield thing Im not sure what I want to do here Music I feel like spinach might be a good one lets go to increase base damage by 10 and its gonna keep going up every time you level it up pretty good yeah we got armor so thats thats for the Rune Tracer the little white lines flying everywhere Tracer again I may not actually I may just go ahead and pick up the armor it does combine with it hold on let me double check yeah armor this is kind of what the evolutions look like and this is like the final evolution you get of each one this thing is crazy Music uh so what were gonna be getting is the two red arrows combined into this you get this right here were gonna get this weapon in the end Im gonna pick this up if it pops up I want this and the I guess the Bible will go one of those or both probably about what kind of protects because if its like a giant ring around you after a while oh this is so tough to decide I have to get duplicator its so strong we dont need to pick up armor because its on the map the Evolutions for the Rune thing we have up there so you kind of can kind of see the uh thing there thing is spellbinder actually goes with the Bible which I need that later but duplicators so strong I have to get it it makes everything just double its so strong it pairs with the lightning ring so you dont really need to like you dont need to just pair stuff just to have a good build going right now this goes away anyways but um if its home is actually pretty good cooldown eight percent and it keeps going but Im torn because I need to start picking up stuff thats going to help me later so the Evolution for this is on the map Evolution but this is on the map I have this one the extras I have are spinach for the fire this for the lightning how many more slots could I you I think empty salt might be a good one can we get it the more I can get now the easier itll be later Music because then I can just pick all the stuff up on the map granted we got a long way to go uh Im gonna try to get all involved in this video if I can granted this could all go south pretty quick if Im not careful you can also die hopefully that wont happen hopefully not um Ill get that in a minute how close am I to Rune face lets see if I get to eight Ill just pick up the armor Ill try to get as much stuff as I can lets see go and get the extra Bible I guess get it out of the way very straightforward game all right everythings about to move let me go ahead and just stand right here someone accidentally hit everything going crazy lets go babe Music cool down lets go ahead and get it I should have a root Tracer right there I should realize that oh well hey hey there it is all right do I want to go get the armor and just level it up because I feel like I can get two other things to be useful actually I just realized I only really need the spellbinder book for the Holy Bible thing so yeah lets go ahead and get the armor look at Armor yep Im not gonna pick up anything else because itll take over I dont know if its gonna give me the thing now sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt its random I think certain ones are timed actually lets see there it is thats Evolution you know today on the bottom what it actually does evolve Rune Tracer explodes when bouncing oh yeah oh we got our first evolution and you can look on the top top left youll see its got one dot meaning its kind of evolved and just its chill enough you can kind of guess once we get all these things evolved this game has a lot of flashes hopefully its fine on your eyes I try to sit back from my monitor when I play this game a little bit its so its its a lot to take in I need to hurry up and get if I get the skull binder thing I will then just need the Bible and the lance thing thats what its called the glowing enemies are actually I wouldnt I guess theyre considered bosses they dropped the chest usually sometimes they just drop a red red gem I dont know Ill go and get this always drop a red gem let the saw pop up Music we get one little upgrade there very chill game to play at night after my daughter goes to sleep Im kind of just like zoned in this has been like the last month or so I just play it randomly when Im like chilling everybodys sleeping I can kind of relax Im able to pick this up there okay we can go and get this now chance to freeze enemies in time we need this Ill show you why in order to take down death you have to kind of have uh both of these you have to have the lance or whatever its called and the two rings which are on the map and this would Shield you into I guess red arrows once you get those Evolutions its pretty much where you I wouldnt say you you cant die at the end youre gonna die anyways thats how the game ends theres no way to actually beats anything okay this is tough because I want to get the fire wand but I was gonna get it after so I made yes upgrade to one thing we already have some medicine all right we gotta be cautious because my only other worry is I dont want to pick up too many things off the ground here because theres a lot of great things we can collect this little uh icon next to me on the like the left thats like an attract thing where if I I dont have to be as close to these Little Gems to pick them up I think theyre called jumps enemies get stronger its got to be uh oh the wings give you like speed boosts essentially you can walk faster I gotta be cautious because most stages dont have this many upgrades on the map oh Crown extra XP but I really need to stay disciplined go for the stuff by really need right now you know I should have just picked up the fire wands see everythings getting more and more crazy it starts off kind of slow and then it just slowly picks up theres also ways you can put on like a turbo mode type thing where the enemies are already faster but I dont really like that its way too way too fast this enemy is not glowing but oh lets go ahead and get uh I dont larger enemies usually are I guess considered bosses as well theres like the glowing ones and theres like this one the weapon I have that slows them down youll see them randomly stop thats pretty much what that is doing I need to be cautious hes already dead the balloons give you the least amounts oh there it is King Bible all right were set Ting it goes the king Bible and then we are chilling Music the greens give you a little bit more than blue I dont know if theres like double or whatever like that uh red gives you the absolute most theres ways you can get like all the different Evolutions help all right what we got this is on the maps I dont need this that one oh thats close theres a river right there seven there it is duplicator level two I gotta be cautious not to accidentally bump on the other stuff there it is spellbinder lets go babe all right were set now all we gotta do Im gonna build these up for now you can go ahead and collect this too we gotta triple down lets go babe foreign Music love that like whenever we hopefully get the five on this one that is the hope so Id drink some water double cooldowns now everything is I mean theres so much going on it starts off so normal all right level two Bible scope it which is gonna turns into something really awesome later that completely just kind of spins around you for eternity that paired with the other thing Im using and well show you very very soon what are they at right now Evolution wise Music I need the blue one six more times its gonna be here a while probably what Ill wind up doing once I combine the the things that shoot the blue and the red out Ill just say that to keep it simple when I combine those its going to be one item they dont have an extra space on my weapon area and then Im gonna pick up the fire ones if I have enough time Ill level that up too almost pick that up I you know I could pick those up but then theyll pop up on the little selection thing whenever I havent upgraded it might kind of dilute the pool a little bit someone kind of just like chill out with what I currently have once I get a few Evolutions then Ill start picking up the other items because Ill kind of need to anyways foreign way to play this you gotta do what you want everybodys got their own kind of builds they like to go for when I first started to use garlic like religiously like the garlic uh I thought was like the best thing in the game now I dont even touch it and it kind of like Shields you from enemies early on like really nicely pick this up a little solo not too bad Music hey we got an upgrade for it nice once we get this to level eight we have the chance of getting the evolution of it but we have to have both at level eight the other one is already there Ive been wanting to live Ive been playing this game for like a while now and Ive always wanted to share it but I just never I never really think about it Im like oh probably I have certain games Ill just never cover on my channel you know before we get that to level four as well there we go might as well just pick this up Music Ill take it any upgrades we can get right now the better Im just kind of vibing right now to be honest with you level four on that halfway to Victory on that one once we get that to level eight were gonna collect this brings all of them to me oh hold on its getting kind of I have different revives too so if I die its not the end of the world when I first started playing this game I was so like surprised I would try to find different Evolutions I looked up like guides on how to play the game properly because I remember I couldnt get past like level 20 the first time I played it now its like Im not even really paying attention but its also because I have all those power ups too which really helped certain enemies easier to kill than others therell be different waves where enemies come at you like this glowing bat should drop a uh always go for the weapon there we go its not really a weapon its just like a shield Ill just pick this up sometimes uh youll get a lot of coins from some of these oh we get our first one of these hold on I havent I havent showed you this yet this is what Im kind of trying to unlock by getting Level 99 with this character by the way all right you get four choices here and its random so uh picking up coins thats not really a good one enables critical hits for listed weapons just like all the different ones I dont really have any of those equipped man none of these are really that good I kind of got a bad batch here um healing is doubled recovery HP now this hold on this might be good for surviving long you know explode on impact I dont know why it has this one but not the other one Im thinking like long term we dont have any of these but the healing is doubled like overall what I want to do here Im torn well Ill say I might go with this because eventually I will get this if I can well try it its not gonna help me now I think it helps with that one thing oh yeah this is what were gonna get this is where the money is at right here all these enemies come at you five lets get it baby were cooking now simple game Ive probably ever played on as far as like just chilling out playing it not really thinking about anything when I play it I cant put it down I thought Id prioritize all the weapons right now hey hows it going that sometimes red gives you insane boost in your XP I collides another button right here sometimes not much sometimes its a lot sometimes its like multiple levels its actually insane uh Music you can kind of see that right there its kind of kicking in hey level seven level six yo work were level 46 already so trying to get to 99 before this ends we got 30 minutes its gonna be crazy what are we at upgrade wise I wonder I dont want to check Im just kind of in the zone right now sometimes you get overwhelmed with enemies and there will be a point where Ill be increasing their speeds pretty soon to get Evolutions it doesnt matter if you do the bottom column as much like if you look right now like the spinach leaf is only like one out of five I wouldnt need to have that at five to get the evolution as long as the weapon is fully evolved now the other two main ones were gonna be going for okay it might be time it might be time theyre both level eight hold on if I even get it well see well see foreign there it is we got an extra space back that is so sick all right youre gonna like this I have a good feeling right now its not much its just a little bit just wait now we have options we have a lot of options here so lightning ring is one I I think I may go for axes but that would also make me I want to go fire never mind Ill just stick to this I picked up the whole fire thing for that reason all right now we have a chance at the skip when you get all all new I have to pick something right but you just want to skip some candy uh spinach I dont want to over pick stuff by accident Im gonna like pick up too much stuff lightning garlic um man it just keeps giving me the same thing spinach again spinach again all right more damage cant it cant hurt all right now were at a point where were kind of getting we dont have many spots left so Im gonna go ahead and pick up one pick up the I guess rings which actually yeah lets get the Rings first as I pick these up well kind of see this enemy popped up which let me slow them down real quick and get around it those enemies are actually pretty strong Music lightning ring again man it just keeps giving me the same stuff Matt okay magic wand is another one but it also I really want the fire I really want that Music armor I should have just got the other thing yo what why is the ring oh let me let me go down here really quick I forgot everythings about to move oh no uh silver ring yep lets get it covering again there it is lets go baby now two enemies pop up we just get the party started and get all of them or what Music I think I should lets go babe all right now we got four of those enemies out thats all the stuff I would need randomly other things are also really nice heres where it gets crazy to get rewarded for using those increase enemy speed Health were gonna have to do this and the gold ring also does the same thing so the enemies will be getting stronger faster its gonna be rough effects last base area so youll look at like the size of uh oh we already killed one of them they dropped these golden eggs it kind of boost your stats up from that character on a random thing okay Music Im kind of torn right now do I I need to get the Bible evolved thats my next order of uh events here I really want to pick up I dont care about the wings for extra speed because speed is not gonna help me but I may pick up uh see let me pick up this I have enough time I feel like increases the area of effect so everything will get just huge at a certain point I need to find a boss there we go all of them dead lets go enemy speed lets go to this other one so you can kind of see how we started versus what were at right now is night and day difference I might pick up the other stuff at the end like the wings and the uh the tractor thing but I dont think I need to I think its more of one of those uh like if I have enough time I will because yall still have to like level those up if you want to get them to where you want to use them at a certain point you can kind of stand still for a second which you know stretch a little bit all right now we got a boss coming in if I can kill this boss and get the uh the Bibles flying around me right now to kind of see how theyll slow down randomly and then theyll speed up the hope is I get the evolution here that is dope foreign Vespers I think it is I could be wrong Unholy Vespers all right it never ends and it turns red watch this there we go Im just kind of chilling though get me tough to like kill us at this point I feel like now from here on out its about leveling up which were definitely gonna get to the level I was wanting to get to which is level 99. its like were already were already almost there you know only 16 minutes into how are you all doing you know never thought Id make a video for this never thought um Im always focused on those so I probably wont be I like the Evolution for them and absolute King right now well if they dont pop up Ill just go for everything else this right the Candelabra is actually another candelabra candelabra door I dont know maybe Im a brain just cant right now theres a lot going on its gonna be words in this Pahrump pronounced I cant even I actually mispronounced thats funny how convenience all right gold ring increases their speed Health all that stuff gotta chill here for a second kind of huddle in this area almost the goal is if I could survive past 30 minutes that is what Im hoping but I need all the evolutions first theres no way I can do this without getting high enough level to unlock everything well uh every two minute thing brought to us Im actually surprised that uh okay theres one of that what are we at right now okay so silver ring is already done gold ring we need seven more we need six on the two red things so yeah were were far away from being able to evolve so Ill just do this anyways if youre close to it I usually save them if Im like thats the only way to get the evolutions right so Ill just do it anyways just kind of give us a little bit of a boost because although were level 77 right now were there we go oh this little thing gives you like fire breath its pretty cool which I dont know if its absolutely necessary at this point maybe early on it would have been nice but it definitely Cooks like big time lets go for the weapons right now if they pop up unless its the ring or the other two things okay level 81 already I might get the extractor thing because it Ill be able to collect these a lot easier but also I dont really pick that up now because I have that thing every two two minutes it brings it all to me so kind of getting it either way its a matter of being patient I guess all right anyway frequency lets go babe so happy that this turned out okay not gonna lie I was really worried about uh well first I wanna I try to record this like four different times my recording device just shut down on me and so I had to actually go get it replaced just so I can make this video and right after this Im gonna basically pick a different character and do the same type of video from my miracles all right lets see what we got getting the enemys speed therell be more frequent time just goes by so quick because you think youre playing for 30 minutes you know because its a 30 minute stage but its really nuts stuttering for some reason and sometimes like stressed about something I had a lot going on this past week so Im kind of just like relaxing at this point all right lets go oh both of these need this so Ill just keep keep picking them up this is the boss right here which you can just see by the size of him versus everybody else its completely different look at the kill count too thats kind of funny all right we are close to fire needs two more so I may hold off level up two more times if we get lucky twice then I can evolve it into the flame skulls or whatever but yeah its gonna be its gonna be tough because theres a lot going on theres less of a chance you can accidentally bump into it if youre not if youre not careful my brain right now so oh yeah go and get that another one up here too oh that gave me a lot all right here we go is it now its its a chance its not always guaranteed but there it is Music now I also have that perk that I unlocked early on from that randomizer thing were just gonna detonate when I hit some there it goes Fireballs up and they explode oh yeah this is about to be a crazy run not the best Ive had I had one the other day which I was like I really wish I had recorded that I had probably the most money you could make in a single go it was like infinite enemies the right wave you pick up this thing it gives you gold coins if you kill enemies Ive probably got like 20 000 Plus on that one little phase all right what we got left Music I mean Im at a point where Ill save this for now Ill just keep it on the ground Ill eventually get it but we dont really need these other items though I dont really see a use for him yet I want to kind of just keep him off the grid on me for a minute because once I get these other things maxed out well get the other evolutions we have two more Evolutions to go and youll see why theyre so important they slow everything down make the game a lot easier I need to survive a lot longer his death kills you very very quickly high level five on that oh that was a big level up okay were going again going again going again going again yo lets get it oh my God that was a lot holy oh here it is hey gold baby just talking about this I dont know what causes this to keep going though probably not gonna get a lot here and thats the worst thing you want to get during this as well all right hold on do I have both oh well let me go and get this this has to be the one Evolution right I would hope at least no okay never mind randomizer you get three three of those match you get the one in the beginning middle and then this is like the last bit all right what do we get here now there this right will be really good but oh freezing enemies generates explosions Ive not seen that I just unlocked wait you get the same one twice I thought it was well I guess it is random oh wow oh if this doesnt even give you oh its for the other two but not the evolved version survive as long as I want to survive here we go yo I mean were were going crazy right now all right Im gonna go ahead and pick this up to you I mean it hold on at this point I have everything else maxed out yeah Ill just go ahead and pick up this other one too Ill go a little faster there we go not that its really gonna help us track this other stuff there we go man this has been probably the cleanest run Ive had in like a long time hey okay we got one we got one I forgot what its called though Crimson shroud if I get hit it does damage backstream essentially the hope is I can survive until it does a little like screen where it shows like hell kill the death on the screen itll sometimes be multiple this is like after 30 minutes she shows up were level 105 now so area of effect means everything is ginormous right now I cant even see whats going on were collecting look at the pickup range 33 percent pick up range is insane right now come on Gold Fever yo its going back up a little bit speed this might actually help us here uh its gonna stop I mean my brain right now just cant cant keep up with all this weve actually picked up Amber look how many how many items we have up the top I dont know if moving fast would help us at this point I need the other Evolution though since Im kind of nervous I got yeah everythings messed so yeah one more a little boss hopefully will help us and then I kind of just chill until uh from the end oh after you got everything leveled up you get a Twist between the 25 gold coins or restore your health if you get low I always just go points awesome Im about to die you know all right is absolute Overkill right now you know if you go like to the first 10 minutes of video versus now its like night and day difference actually insane Im absolutely just shredding through everything Ive never had a run this this good on the uh on this stage and everything wish you could show like your highest level on this one I dont think Ive ever gotten this High probably 120. where are the bosses might just sit still for a second because moving around is cool but but oh theres one right here watch how fast he dies just because of how strong I am hes actually taking a lot come on dude just die there we go never got a five one okay we got three once there it is okay we are set for the finale one and done of the visual effects in this game we can probably just sit still for a second or I should try to maybe I could go for like 150 that would be kind of cool Ive never had a run where I got over 200 though highest Africa was like around 150 or so which I guess I should go for it but I feel like for that kind of run you want to pick up the crown which gives you more XP you know therell be a certain wave soon where itll be like all different uh like the enemies will all be like huge you know what I mean shoes are like that last one instead of going in a circle right now our rectangle if you want I might just oh Im just gonna sit still right I mean were just kind of vibing right now theres not a whole lot we can really do extra weve already leveled up everything thats on the stage we have all the best stuff I think for surviving now a lot of people prefer like I said garlic leveled up is kind of cool but I just prefer this its harder to achieve because beams spinning around us I think are better than anything else its just non-stop constant attacking and also the enemys speed is I dont its like as fast as it can get in the game besides that curse thing I dont have uh unlocked on purpose you know what I mean and we could play on like a hyper setting where everybody is already faster than the boss here too there we go single that might be the last boss maybe to have one more but I dont think we have another chance to get uh yeah I think that might be it like as far as getting something to find hit like one of those five the fibers if you will theres like five beams and like the fireworks four level up something Im gonna go for 150. thats the goal now never thought I would have this kind of run uh when I first started this I mean honestly addicted to this game though as you can probably tell like the I dont know what they call it its like the visual stimulation just hits you like a truck oh I didnt mean to do that oh this might be good now theyre all like blue look at this yeah like theyre way harder to kill Im kind of going in survival mode now they drop red so thats gonna be good level up faster honestly I might just Im kind of just running through them right now so like my character is so strong it doesnt even make sense the longest Ive ever survived is like 35 minutes and then eventually like death I mean its gonna happen sometimes youll get like endless Loops we just have to turn the game off Ive never encountered one of those okay Im actually curious how this runs gonna go considering I have everything ready you know trying to get to 150. thats the goal all right now its the big enemies and its like theyre everywhere it might be bad I I havent I can die a few times and Im fine just dont know like a little time thing transformed to where it haves enemys health I think slowed down touch you know hold on 150 lets go babe I might just have to sit here because I cant really benefit from moving around all right here we go last few seconds that shows up I cant even fathom how they program this to not like lag or anything leave me alone please 155 that was our Max here it goes death he shows up quickly all right I gotta be Frozen and I dont know if you if you can you can kill this one theres one you you cant kill if the little screen starts like zooming in so that means youve kind of defeated death but the other one kind of pops up and you cannot avoid it no matter how much health or anything you have sometimes multiple show up all right so far so good Im gonna play getting close or staying back here because of like so the Bible no not as two of them okay yeah I dont know how this is gonna work it might be an infinite Loop because they havent hit me yet I would love to get the kill screen thing though they kill you so fast if you dont have the uh two upgrades that I was talking about there it is I did it there it is let me get this gold egg on a Yeah we actually beat it nice death comes from the left and just like shows up you cant get away Music yep no matter if you try to go as fast as you can no matter how much health you guys like Health doesnt even matter yeah I dont say stage completed but I have like so many revives so look at my health doesnt even move you just die instantly over and over I just gotta wear out the revives now thats awesome all right that was my first try on this video by the way Im Im really happy I was able to get what I wanted to do done now as far as I know theres no way to kill this this version of death the other ones there it is all right got an achievement right there um thats it that is vampire survivors and you can kind of see like you could pick a different character theres different different items I didnt use as well Ive just been kind of going down through this like if you unlock these those little randomizer things have like different numbers thats what these are thats what I was trying to unlock so all right love you all thanks for watching again thats uh I mean you know Ill leave it to you guys if you want an extra video of this I am always down to make any kind of content for this game so all right that is it love you all thanks a lot like support hope you enjoyed the uh I wouldnt say behind the scenes but more of like what I play when Im not recording so all right take it easy peace genshin on steam deck Vampire Survivors Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Full Game Review and Stage Complete for PlayStation 5, PS5, Xbox Series X and PC of Vampire Survivors 2022 Game. This Full Game Vampire Survivors Gameplay Walkthrough will include Full Gameplay, Defeating Death, All Evolutions, All Characters, Randomazzo, 31 Minutes, Reaper, All Bosses, Secret Characters, All Stages and the Ending. Appreciate all of you watching my content over the years. Just felt like making a random video for a game I play off of YouTube. Usually play this when Clementine is sleeping. Membership: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Vampire Survivors is a roguelike video game developed and published by Luca Galante, also known as poncle. It was released in early access on December 17, 2021. The player controls an automatically attacking character while fighting against continuous waves of monsters, with the goal being to survive the onslaught for as long as possible and unlock additional characters, weapons, and relics for subsequent sessions. In spite of the games name and key art, none of the variety of monsters encountered are vampires. Vampire Survivors Characters include: Toastie, Poe Ratcho, Exdash Exiviiq, Bianca Ramba, OSole Meeo, Gennaro Belpaese, Lama Ladonna, Antonio Belpaese, Suor Clerici, Imelda Belpaese, Porta Ladonna, Pasqualina Belpaese, Yatta Cavallo, Giovanna Grana, Krochi Freetto, Mortaccio, Dommario, Mask Of The Red Death, Christine Davain, Arca Ladonna, Poppea Pecorina, Pugnala Provola & Leda. Vampire Survivors is nominally set in rural Italy in 2021. Hordes of monsters summoned by the evil Bisconte Draculó ravage the land, and the Belpaese family and other heroic survivors take it upon themselves to hunt down and defeat Draculó. This quest takes them through monster-infested locales such as a cursed forest, a haunted library, an abandoned dairy plant, an ominous tower, and an otherworldly chapel. steam paypal pay in 4 steam com login games like myst on steam dwarf fortress steam remove wall how to game share steam 2022