I Evolved A DEMIGOD And DESTROYED Everything in Vampire Survivors

How to update steam cloud saves3 player steam games VAMPIRE SURVIVORS game hey everybody im blitz welcome to a game called vampire survivors i know its a trash title and its 8-bit graphics but the game is still a lot of fun we can choose imelda here and if you are wondering what this game is like its maybe a little bit like right clicked in necromance where were on a screen and we get weapons we get to attack our enemies we get gems to level up blink and then like after we get enough gems we get to pick upgrades and we get some really really cool upgrades that can combine with each other to get even better things interesting we can get santa water i dont know what that is but we can create damaging zones which sounds kind of fun come on sand to water wheres wheres the santa water there it is and then they walk on it and then they die oh it didnt work oh nice santa water destroyed my bat friends i also dont know why i got santa water its a really bad upgrade for early game because like youre trying to walk around getting all sorts of things and the games like nah you know what lets just throw this in the middle of the green field but i can get a different upgrade now magic wand upgraded to level two more projectiles yay oh look at this little fella oh wow theres like zombies here too i dont like that zombies are evil oh and can you kill something thats already undead i dont know the answer to that question stop it oh no no no dont lick me oh i killed did you see that i just got a huge thing okay where to get the axe high damage high area scaling what does that do i mean i know what it does but you guys dont yet unless youve seen this game before okay it just throws an axe vertically out of my head and it destroys people i like that i need one of these in real life should i get santa water up to level two or the axe to level two lets do this one fires more projectiles okay were getting were getting two santa waters flying in to this guy and the axe is now missing things which is kind of neat oh what is this dont like it no hit it with an axe that was half of my hearts guys that was so wrong of you oh wow do you see what santa water just did oh no no no no oh okay okay i need more magic wands cool down wow okay santa water just got us a lot of experience i kind of like that also my magic wand needs to get us lots of experience right now stop it i dont like being dead i dont like being hugged by rabies infested bats that should be illegal i gotta get shots and stuff and im allergic to them run away that axe just destroyed them very nicely theres so many stupid bats i need to level up oh that hurt a duplicator weapon fires more projectiles yes please ow ow im dying and stuff i need health here get this thing break that yes hell thank you oh theres money over here too i like money money is my favorite vegetable stop hitting me you know how money is a vegetable its green thats why its a vegetable green things are always vegetables oh stop it okay do i get the cross or do i get the santa water were going more santa water because were getting more and more creatures to destroy right now and this bat needs to die oh no yeah yeah yeah die bat die die and stuff whoa santa water falling in the proper location that time let me through here to collect all the xp okay that was good that was really good another magic wand projectile that was good im like level 9 now is my magic wand can it successfully defend me oh no what do we get next more experience that sounds fun or the candelabra that increases the area of attack that sounds even better because now my santa water is bigger i also got something else look at that its called a cross it works like a boomerang and it destroyed things in front and behind me and now everything is dying before it can even come get me because of the santa water on the ground i need some food give me that food please hope its not rotten i dont like rotten food hey there we go very nice things are working very well for us give me another level give me another level give me a yes magic wand upgrade very good oh theres also spinach that increases our damage that would have been nice to have oh what is that i dont like you please die and stuff okay maybe ill actually kill this pretty quickly im gonna try to get under it so the axes flow up okay that didnt work that didnt work oh and im also shooting all these little rose plants down here that kind of theyre kind of sucky hey give me this okay what do we get what do we get what do we got drum roll uh more santa water okay can you go to the next screen please oh base damage up by 10 oh another almost half second interesting oh yeah it does a lot of damage now were in the 40s what are these little plant people i dont like you can you die yeah they die and they give me green gems is that worth more i think it is oh green jams i love you so much i need more of you in my life what do we get next another cross or yeah do another cross because thats good damage speaking of good damage this santa water is like lighting things up wow that things gonna die before i can even attack it thats awesome okay on second thought maybe the santa water getting it early was a good idea because it seems to scale very very well getting money early is always a good thing too hundred and thirty one dollars okay wow this is working good okay we might get boxed in here i dont like getting boxed in because things are dangerous they have rabies and other weird diseases like zombie so just kind of get on the outside and circle around them and destroy them all from the outside where were circling around them at come on level me up it should level very good oh no what do i get next fire wand a tract i kind of like a track door because now i pick up gems from farther away oh and another bat im gonna try to kill that bat try to kill the bat okay think sir things are wow more bats more bats more bats okay i like that oh wow they all died on that the santa water that was awesome give me that xp free exp for days oh no oh no send your water do your thing oh that actually worked really well okay im i am entirely surrounded now run away run away did you see that the boomerang was going behind it okay magic wand oh that was so cool except i significantly got damaged come on yes yeah im so scared right now run oh hey hold up hold up i need this in my life running for it yolo no okay then oh whoa i just about died and now i get more upgrades santa water i want garlic i definitely want garlic nice now i have a little aura around me oh dirty im killing everything ive i just about died there though that would have been bad i would have deleted the footage you guys have never seen this that had happened okay everythings looking good here we go i definitely need to go get more food but im getting so many things dead right now that experience is super cool and down we go down we go come on come on come on green jam screen gems green gems for days give me another xp level and we need to go find some more of those wow did you see what i see i think you do i want this higher before i get oh i want that but im going to wait just a little bit we got to come back up here when i hit about 10 minutes time i really just want food right now thats the only thing im looking for is food i will come back for that magic oh no okay everythings fine oh the garlic did so well okay were going this way were gonna try to break these things and get some food out of it come on get the food get the food get the food that wasnt food that was money i mean we cant eat money but ill take it come on that was more money this is okay everythings fine everythings fine these guys are dying i can keep walking around painlessly right now wow those boomerangs are doing so well oh this is nice too okay look at that okay now we go magic wand up oh look at all that xp yes fire one stone max candle okay keep on rolling i really just need some more life yes theres food theres food run to the food run to the food yes excellent give me more food give me more food oh another tractor ill take you too okay do i sit around and kill that thing i dont think so i think i moved down to where that uh that fire gem was which is right over here if i remember right and theres two of the fire things good good i like this oh oh my you know on second thought were just gonna not get the fire thing right now were gonna wait no were not were not ah i destroyed them all every one of them oh there was two there treasure found nice okay another santa water ill take it ill take sand to water im a little bit low on health but this will give me base damage up by five okay now we need to keep that little uh fire guy right in the center here when we hit 10 minutes because things get real spicy about 10 minutes in here we go here we go five okay got it thats okay okay two seconds one second and now we should get yes there he is i knew you were gonna come into my life were gonna destroy you little boss im gonna destroy you i said youre gonna get sodas oh he didnt die wow i had the whole fire thing and it didnt kill it it should we should be able to get this though come on come on get dead get dead giant praying mantis of death everything else is dying except the pragmatist of death i dont like that i really want to kill the pragmatist help help okay i need to get out of here i need to get out of here theyre closing in im getting claustrophobic maybe i should just oh a duplicator candelabra duplicator yes even bigger more more bad things for them to get dead in yeah stay over there yes it died get ready for this what do i get now what do i get now go away get now come on another axe upgrade dont like axe upgrades its fine well be okay one more projectile how do i get out of here i would like to i would like to leave wow im actually killing the roses that rarely happens i think its probably from all of the yeah all of that but ill take some more food oh balls what is this now theres a giant horde of of skelly boys coming my way thats all right theyre dying very quickly ooh cross candle candelabra i like what i see because its so much xp im also max level or max health almost so thats cool oh this is so dirty okay spinach spinach do i want spinach im gonna take spinach get my damage increase i really want a tome i need a tome more than anything else right now oh my word thats actually working very well more sad to water how is this working so well all of these creatures are just getting deleted santa water is amazing oh yes ive never actually used it on this map so thats why i was concerned about it early on thats so cool okay we dont want the bracer the bracers the knife upgrade i really would like one of those uh attract orbs right now thatd be cool oh a red gem hey we need that in our life okay i need excuse me coming over red gem time oh it didnt level me up okay spinach candelabra more area of effect is always nice oh this is so cool give me that things are dying before i even see them i love it i love it so much everythings just dead it will oh yeah okay these little werewolves theyre a little bit a little bit harder to kill but we got another red gem not not a quite level up though this is nice okay hollow armor well take more acts oh yeah look at all those axes flying up into space ready there they go thats like five of them like real talk though wheres in a track door when i need it there is so much xp on the ground theres some food and a red gem like i didnt even see that red gem okay what do we get next a clock lancet the clover is luck a track comb um i think im gonna go for the clover because the cross mixes with the clover to upgrade it to evolve it i guess would be the better word so lets get the clover oh we get another upgrade okay theres clover again and i guess do we wanna lets level up the cross i think the weapon is getting the weapons leveled up or wow hello okay did you see all those axes fly out whoa whoa we got we got bad stuff happening for days now i dont know how i just leveled up three times but i wish i could level up three times like every time i dont like this i dont like this i dont like this okay get more clovers more clovers oh no im totally trapped in a circle of death im totally trapped in a circle of death get me out of the circle of death please let me out of the circle of death oh no no no no no how do i get out of here oh theyre closing in so much oh i dont like this right away run away we got to get bit a couple times with my vampire juice oh hey over here over here over here red jam red jam i need it okay axe again actually oh and then uh the candelabra oh no no on another one another one lets do an axe again oh my word do you see all those axes go like crazy mode give me that xp we got spinach and garlic lets do spinach garlic spinach yeah basics base attack damage is always better okay everythings cool in the neighborhood no no you guys are dead i need to just escape i need to escape go on the candelabra juice santa water thank you santa for the christmas present im just going to go up here and then collect all the xp and then come back down under another red jam another red jam good good good good axe up again i like this im scared but i like it wow oh that axe is doing so much damage i dont know if ive ever actually gotten the axe upgraded all the way and that axe mixed with the oh here we go here we go here we go treasure found ah still a blue one and another axe upgrade i like it base damage up by 20 yes please oh my word its doing so much damage yes yes oh wow okay um cross yes if i can evolve both the cross and the axe i think im going to be nearly unstoppable oh and a red chip red gem im going for you i need you in my life i also need food like really badly okay i need that red gem let me in let me i got it right away run away i need food foods this way maybe but potentially oh boy oh boy could be food down here theres food food food i got it that was a good snack okay i need that xp down below now theres some money and some more food this way oh no we got another plant boss oh no and i dont have any upgrades garlic sure where is the plant boss this time oh theres some more food right down here i cant get into it though this is bad im gonna die im gonna die im gonna die im gonna die im not gonna die im gonna be okay im not dying im not dying oh my oh its a werewolf boss hot dang im in trouble im in serious trouble im in serious trouble okay i gotta go this way theres clearance here if i can get out somewhere i dont want to be in here anymore i dont like this we gotta yolo it we got it we got a yolo we gotta yolo it running outside oh okay clover ah wait i made it how did i get out of there oh a gem oh nice cross upgrade oh this is so scary theres so much xp on the ground over there though i know there is okay we just got to keep running and like get xp here we go here we go here we go here we go here we go more xp xp for days xp for days i need health theres health and xp for days why are the the mantises now regular things theyre not even bosses thats just regular stuff oh thats the boss right there oh my word please get me ex wow everything just got deleted up here oh theres so much stuff on the ground would you die you big ugly creature hey uh-huh im going to the left mainly because oh i think i just got licked by a praying mantis creature okay i want all of this xp look at those big numbers can just i can i level up please thank you for letting me level up crosstime i need more damage i need more xp i dont want to go down in here but i want to go down oh clover um no lets get the attractor nice theres the cross again oh oh we leveled up three times okay do i want any of that wings character moves ten percent faster i dont want wings i want garlic i want to upgrade what i have before i get oh we killed we killed two bosses okay treasure oh its a blue one i dont know if i like the blue one oh what is that what is that what did i get thats something new ive never actually had that before the death spiral evolved axe passes through enemies okay oh where is it Laughter Music oh that was cool what do i get this time i know theres mummies coming after me a clover okay we get lucky stay up all night to get lucky just let me let me progress i want to keep going thank you look at all that xp on the ground and that death thing oh yes more crosses okay were gonna get the the cross upgraded too theres more xp on the ground theres a ton of things over here we havent even been down this way in a long time oh that is sick nice garlic upgrade everythings just being erased off the map before we can even see it but thats okay with me because i can go collect all of the xp now uh garlic things just die and i dont even get to see them yes its amazing okay this is the farthest theyve ever gotten on this map too by the way oh because maybe because of that death spiral okay more clover we need more luck i have a feeling when we hit 18 minutes were gonna get a different enemy type and its gonna be very scary its actually not but it might be scary because the sheer numbers or or not everything just dies can this little bat die i want to kill you a little bit i want your upgrades i killed it i get its upgrades oh its a blue one again i want a yellow one that gives me five upgrades that looks good i believe that is the uh upgrade for the boomerang heavens sword evolve cross can deal critical damage oh yeah this would be nice i think i might just be able to stand still oh yeah this is great everythings dying okay i need that in real life just a sword that follows me everywhere i go what happens if i just stand still can things even come close to me i need to get the uh magic wand upgrade but i feel like nothing can even come close to me anymore i also if i stand still i dont get any xp so i need to get xp because without fail this game does get harder and harder and harder at some point ah i guess well take garlic again oh the bats are attacking us but they didnt even barely get on the map before they were all deleted oh hello bats nice of you to stop by thats hilarious okay we they are they are starting to encroach a little bit upon us we got to make sure we have an exit at all times because its actually not that hard to have an exit everythings still getting destroyed oh theres a giant mummy guy hes like hey i come here to suck out your brains and im like im just going to hit you with this sigh of death and then get more upgrades because i want them ah i really want theres one called a tome its like a little book i need to get that so i can upgrade my my wand again oh look a little plant already killed a little plant i killed a little plant theres a lot of plants here oh fire uh oh i dont want any of this do i ill take the fire wand uh yeah ill take the fire one now i have like gigantic fireballs that come out of me can this guy die though i would very much like him to not be alive anymore not really sure what the game is doing but it stops spawning in enemies and we just have a butt load of flowers to kill oh look candy come on something cool ah its still the dumb blue one i want a big upgrade it just gave me level two fire its not really that fun look at all these numbers i love numbers lumbers are so big the more big numbers you get the better you are okay if i go through here can i make my way i just really want to go pick up all these xp thats hanging out across the map so i can level up and be super strong im not even super strong yet this isnt even my final form but theres a lot of zombies coming in those arent zombies theyre mummies kind of the same thing right and we have all these dumb plants in the way come on go away dumb plants oh fire want ah i need the tome oh here we go heres the candy come on something cool thats still the blue one i need better upgrades yay fire one level five now now my fire is extra spidery oh hey hey hey yes yeah free xp day oh do you see all that coming in okay theres a hollow heart im just gonna get more fire wand oh wow and another fire juan i just leveled up twice without even doing anything that was fun i found another box i need it in my life please dont be firewand level 9 now or whatever it is oh my yay this is what i was hoping for evolve fire one passes through enemies yay now i can blast firebolts into everywhere oh dirty i bet if i stand still nothing can even get close to me anymore i really dont like these trees down to the south though so im gonna move and thankfully moving is easy because im just making so much damage now everything is deleted oh no no this isnt what i wanted at all i wanted to get my magic wand upgraded again and i cant do that without the other thing projectile speed 10 or more experience so this is my last upgrade that i can get and it goes right in this box right here do i get more experience or projectile speed or max health by 10 i dont really need health i feel like more experience is not going to help us anything is more more speed will more xp will give us more money in the late game but i dont really want that ill show you what i do want though that thing yay xp bubbles from all over the world oh this is fun too i just froze the map im gonna delete everything again give me more speed theres a big plant thats like hey im gonna come in here and turn you into a fertilizer im like no youre not im gonna destroy you first silly plants okay theres like a lot of roses and i dont like that but i just totally deleted that guy go away plants okay it went away we got another bracer upgrade lets see what we get here its going to be another bracer surprise because thats literally the only thing i can draw anymore this is weird things are popping in very very fast theres a lot of plants coming in give me more speed look at how fast things move now i dont even know whats happening anymore im just leveling up getting lots of resources and winning watch with this site go out just numbers everywhere oh level up add 25 coins i must have all of the upgrades now whoa ghosty boys Laughter ghosts are like im coming in fast and then they just they fall over extra dead like super dead even before they get here hello ghosts thats awesome yeah they cant even do anything they try spawning and they just forget how to live this got to the point of being ridiculous very very quickly oh give me that give me that thank you more money for me more money for free more money for me oh this is great 2 200 coins already oh and we got a shiny please give me more money hey look i got more money oh wow look at all the blue ones now this is this is insane ive never ive never been this far in this game so uh i dont know whats gonna happen i dont i really dont know whats gonna happen but im kind of getting circled in and i dont like this these guys are dangerous theres so much damage done to him though wow does it keep stacking like this over and over again look at all that damage done to him oh theyre starting to die now thats so awesome look at all the blue or red gems coming in i need to circle around the other way wow okay give me more coins yes yes oh theres so many red gems in the middle of that i cant even get to it i cant even get over there theres so many things spawning in this is bad this is bad i need to go up and around okay kill him kill him kill him kill him i need to go around i need to get my red gems i dont want to touch you because youre spicy oh theyre stuck in the middle oh no theyre not look at all those red gems its gonna level me up for days more money more money more money okay do not like do not like oh thats thats cute actually oh no these are the big red ones now this is bad this is bad i got im stuck run away push me through ow owlette burns okay im alive im alive im alive barely i think the games like you know what on second thought level or 30 minutes in is as far as you can go im sorry youre not allowed to live anymore i just need to keep walking i just need to keep walking if i can level all little bats they just they just fell over dead im fine with that oh my word oh my word i dont like this i gotta get through here i gotta push through oh no no no no im surrounded im sorry oh i need i dont need that im surrounded push right out fire okay i gotta go left left left left no trees trees no it burns it burns i didnt hit 30 minutes whoa whoa what is that oh what just bonus going stage completed i didnt die i won what that was awesome ive never done that before unlocked hyper mad force that was my nickname in high school evolve the axe yeah it was the first time i ever evolved the axe oh hyper mode for two stages defeat the blind okay that was easy enough and evolved the x i got lots of oh its just repeating now death spiral damage done 2.8 million but the best dps was the magic wand the fire wand that i upgraded so i tell you what my friends thats gonna do it for todays video of vampire survivors i hope you enjoyed it if you did let me know and now i can spend my money getting more upgrades thanks for watching keep your stick on the ice well catch you next time id also like to thank all of the channel members and patreon supporters especially spider sacks joe b obi john kenobi fury arrow dave rules 2.0 junk boy 76 skunk chest link hue at 46 magma games 22 so its you the accordion l h apollo bunny auto dave ben dicky j teddy hippies des bee eagle arc maxer spencer t whip it good baron fox darnov deegan jason m and rail my mustache has deemed that you get my wario steam Thousands of creatures and monsters but only ONE NIGHT to take them all on in this epic rogue-lite game Vampire Survivors! 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