How to Reset Your Progress and Maintain Multiple Save Files | Vampire Survivors

How to borrow a friends game on steamfun free pc games on steam VAMPIRE SURVIVORS game all right so you want to reset your game file heres how to do it um you right-click vampire survivors in steam go to properties and first thing you need to do is turn off keep game saves in the cloud for vampire survivors this is how if you want to reset your whole progress this is how you do it ive had a lot of people ask me this i figured id go through the steps so again right click go to properties inside of general turn off keep games in the steam cloud for vampire survivors okay thats step one then go to manage browse local files this is going to open up your vampire survivors main folder and what youre going to want to do is go to resources app webpack renderer and in here you have your save games these four are your saved games okay so right now im on lyras file i want to get back to my actual file so im going to go ahead and delete these saves dont worry um this gets populated from a different place as well so were going to delete uh backup backup backup any of these backups and saves you can just delete delete them straight up okay then we need to go to actually the place where your save comes from this is in a separate place youre going to go to users pick your username youre going to go to app data roaming and then you see i have two folders here i have vampire survivors and i have vampire survivors lara this is because i created a separate save game for laura now lara was the last one to play so i want to copy and paste my vampire survivors folder im going to delete the last lara folder and im going to now call this lara so i would make a copy this is your this is your copy of your vampire survivors save so you can always pull it back later if you want it and then you just straight up delete vampire survivors okay and now what will happen is when i open vampire survivors again make it full screen now ive completely reset my progress okay so i can start fully from scratch ive got no collection ive got no unlocks or anything so if any time you want to reset your progress just follow those steps you change the settings of your steam to not sync with the cloud you go back in delete your different vampire survivors stuff like i just showed you and then youll reset your progress and then if you want to put it back the way that it was very straightforward again i close vampire survivors i delete the vampire survivors folder here i copy and paste it again this one im going to just straight up call vampire survivors just like that and now when i reopen the game were back to laras file again okay very straightforward very simple but a lot of people have asked me how do you reset your progress thats the way you do it cheapest steam game Ive had a lot of people ask me how to do this, so I wanted to make a short video since I have been doing to maintain files for Laura and myself.---------------------------------------------- Support the Channel! -- Subscribe: -- Become a Member: -- Become a Patron: -- Check me out on Twitch: -- Follow me on Twitter: -- Chat with me and other viewers on Discord: ----------------------------------------------- Mow thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn! Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your choices can allow you to quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters that get thrown at you. #vampiresurvivors worst free to play games on steam steam deck psp emulator fnaf fan games steam steam games hardware requirements steam controller sale