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Steam games gamblinggames steam deck VAMPIRE SURVIVORS gameplay hello everyone future aaa here in this video were looking at my first successful run on vampire survivors as mortasio big thanks to my friend and longtime viewer flak magnet for grabbing me a copy and turning my attention to it did not expect this run to go that well to be honest but a game thats just pure serotonin injected into the bloodstream anyway its only a three dollar game right now so do go check it out very cool skelly boy today we are playing as mortasio weve got double projectiles because we went for the ring is the upgrade so this is supposed to be an interesting sort of run well see how it goes we just learned that gennaro is pretty op when you give him the knives and when you get the uh pomerola so youre shooting the crosses at enemies and you can pretty much kill anything right in front of you im thinking that this will be very good the bones like if we get surrounded by enemies and then they start ricocheting off of each other but i still have yet to see whether this is a valid capital t truth you know so were gonna go ahead and get our other upgrades well try to keep doing that one focus okay here we go i like the cross a lot the last time um yeah im gonna take it again i like the i like the cross a lot there it is there it is the bible ive had mixed luck with i mean the bible like maybe in its most upgraded form you know its so weird hey guys did you upgrade your bibles yet it sounds like something thats you know it sounds like someone that someone would try to convert you with i dont really know it doesnt really sound like anything no theres no such thing as an upgraded bible who talks about this but lets try just entirely new power-ups that we rarely use i liked laurel but maybe not this early i think the santa water is better probably just not a great pickup but at the same time like i just i dont want to uh uh actually looking back on this this might go horribly weve just picked kind of random power but lets just continue with it and see how it goes how much worse could it get after all see the issue with my character right now though is that like he has no he needs garlic he needs something immediately surrounding him to defend him from adversity you know like if adversity were to come in from right in front of me like if some adversity was just to walk up right right in my face i would be upset okay here we go lets get these bones upgraded because maybe they can do something interesting here we go were getting a lot of gems because now were starting to get this good ricochet effect going ah look at those bones those bones are doing a lot and yet its just still kind of random around me i need garlic i need garlic asap and i got no garlic uh ooh none of these are good if his fuzzer as well as ogre thanks very much for the prime yeah uh you need you oh i didnt realize that power-ups came in certain pairs huh interesting clover for the chest yeah i believe youre right with the chest oh clovers can improve the chest too i actually did not know that the more you know the more you know folks i guess i could just stay in the santa water and that would like keep me alive from these bats i just need some small circle area of effect around my character here we go okay yeah its okay lets do the axe i dont really need the axe right now but jesus its like im getting all the wrong power-ups for this part of the game come on come on skelly boy i dont know doesnt the name mortasio his name seem kind of like italian to you do you think that hes some kind of italian painter its like oh please walk right into it all right well fortunately its better off happening now that i make a mistake than later because okay there we go does it seem kind of counter-intuitive that a skeleton would eat meat like doesnt it seem more like he would consume milk i dont know if i will allow all this but maybe these bones will become extra powerful see like the point of this is that im enjoying this game so much because im just discovering all these new combos that i didnt know existed before its so amazing yeah everybody in chat should check this out its only three dollars three dollars yeah i gotta get what if he developed into a man the more i did that okay im liking this axe thing im liking level four in the axes this early this is a this is a a vibe really a vibe hmm okay i like the the empty tone but i feel like i want to build up on other stuff before i get there although im not a big fan of the santa water lets just have more of it lets just have more of it ah yes you see the theme going here though we have water and we have fire we have all of the elements maybe we need to think more about like that as a build on our kids oh piston aka pigeon ive been waiting to see will we survive this you see the thing that im very optimistic about with this character is look at all the damage that my axes are doing if we can bring that out for a boss fight then well well stand the fighting chance lets end the fighting chance and look at all of the uh urine on the screen there we are all of that water see now this has some gravitas about at this run now oh look at them just showering in there though it seems like impossible to target it its like lightning ah the candelabra door thats a thats an excellent name for an item first off in the labrador uh i love some good writing in the game okay good each axe is individually dealing damage onto him ah that was not such a long time to take down the great praying mantis why is a praying mantis considered evil is it it cant be like some sort of a cult monster i mean if they were larger praying mantises in fact praying mantises are terrifying i dont know why were not more scared of them like they seem like an enemy to humanity you know what i mean and dont like dont get me wrong like if i saw a prang mantis like dont come after me i know the fbi comes after people who fight praying mantises like get this guy in jail but because theyre supposed to be an endangered species but thats only because theyve been picking fights with everyone due to their bad posture you know somebodys got to say the facts im just talking now im just talking i dont know who does anyone trust praying mantises or any type of mantis and yet they seem like why do we consider them like zen insects you know like grasshoppers mantises we think that theyre so smart and precise but they really just theyre not so great ive seen what theyre doing in the background all right here we go lets just reduce the cooldowns i know it would be nice to get the knives again but it seems too early to get started again we cant labrador would be good i dont know now im kind of regretting not taking that knight are you everybody here loves mantises so much why are you what are you gonna marry one you gonna marry one i bet you you couldnt i bet you even if you tried to they would except for that guy who was running for the mayor of new york a while back and said that he would marry you if you wanted to marry a shoe which was actually quite funny yes i for one am against these madnesses all right enough of that i think it was a quirky and i didnt want to get that right then i think it was a very quirky fittingly quirky enemy to have in the game we just dont have enough like area of effect in the penetration here on some of these enemies though like see these hordes of bats i cant do anything about we need some type of garlic or something to deal with it though of course we have tons of projectiles going all over the screen its just i need something with a little bit more thorough coverage you know what i mean okay it looks like that our uh all of these are good picks all of these are good picks though that double projectile is really coming in handy if i get drunk do i start making sense generally speaking just more talkative ive been told this ive been told this its not really what id like you know but unfortunately im not like an angry drunk but its also true that i talk for a living so yeah not really equality i uh i care to i care to talk about that much lets stop talking about that yes look at that yeah i write like you were thinking impossible impossible hmm thats looking oh good oh good but what am i supposed to do oh a race is everything inside now wait a minute what would that do what would this do you dont move in specific im assuming that yes specific reptile is my arch enemy please unsubscribe to specific reptile ah i cant stand that guy thank you j mac it would sk does it scam me it kills everything it also erases the gem okay so its basically like if youre really screwed uh so save it as i take it for like a time when you really need i think the only thing thats going to directly help us right now is the empty film its okay i mean more cool that i mean yeah reduced cooldown with all these things would be quite welcome right yeah i dont want to get rid of my gems because what if we get one of those gem collector things ill take that meat i think its about time for some meat yeah have you checked your watch lately its almost meat time man look at all those axes just being urinated out of me oh look at this oh coming at him like uh howard dean there we go oh so satisfying to see them move in a group look at them theres something about this game thats so satisfying about watching though its like watching water spill out of a off of a water fall you know like a place where water falls okay now i do want garlic but i like all of these pickups which one is the closest to level eight um what do we think what do we think folks im thinking garlic only because i have no defense against bats right now balboa and alan alan shazar thanks very much for scarcer susan thanks very much for the sub four months i appreciate it my friend okay so we all are garlic im with you with garlic for sure i dont know what any of these crazy hippies are why are they trying to seduce me into getting more of the other items um come on people lets put our heads together and be smart lets do the right thing lets get the garlic you always need garlic in this game ive never look i can just do that like this is why having some garlic even if not necessarily the best garlic or if its the shiniest garlic is important but i still think that that knife combo was really overpowered because my god look at it see that bat is non-consensually being kidnapped by these other bats i wont allow this look at this look at this come on let me get to that bat that wants to be with me oh look at the large mantis has appeared beneath me come grasshopper now we must fight come on here we go uh uh here we go now whoops okay i just gotta get out of this whole situation here we go good all right nice okay it does appear as if i got that one were going to lead them astray good we just got to get these things up now we got to lead them into a puddle come on please come over here theres some chocolate over in this pile uh come on large mantas come on youre just playing strong because youre protected by the law its true isnt that a rule youre getting a lot of trouble if that if you kill a praying mantis i could never do this i could never do this there we are i gave up a lot of health for no reason there so focused on the mantis all right now im just im upset im upset oh no here come the skellingtons here come the skellingtons and i dont have the garlic that i would trust for this type of encounter hang on a second oh this is a weird enemy to have trouble with oh i dont like any of that lets get the lets get the axe come on my axes and you have my sword and my bow and my sword yes yes yes follow the puddles follow the puddles to victory there we are just go to one puddle at a time ill get back to those things from before okay all right we made it back to one of them we made it back to one of them phew that took a lot much am i being paid no this isnt a sponsored stream this is just for me having fun i i do want to get i feel bad about that i want to get rid of that i know ive done a couple of sponsored things but theyre always with companies that i like i just i feel bad when i read comments like whenever im just having fun on a game like i dont mean that in a bad i just i dont know i read so many that people are just people have said why are you doing something edited or what is it sponsored for games where i wasnt sponsored this is like use your ears man but no no no i would one quick thing is that if youre ever watching the stream this uh okay i guess well take night well start down that road now but uh so that you know about everything oh this is good whoa why did i get all this did i glitch into this i think i glitched into unlimited power-ups did i know okay it would say ads though if uh if it were a sponsored thing but the more you know the more you know ooh is that what the clover does really i didnt know this about the clover thats kind of crazy thats kind of crazy oh no youre good hats i just see it a lot wow wow oh what could be oh my god its five is it gonna be seven Music oh my god i i thought i was going to climax there that was very exciting that was very exciting if only i had some help oh my god if i only had some health to enjoy this with theres some help okay this is stupid op where did we get this strong holy cow this is nice oh god which one is at the max level now uh none of them but its fine well just work on that oh my god this is really good look at the red gems where are the red gems i we need a gem kicker upper thing you know what i mean we need one of those things to come out of the woodworks now is this really how is this really what the clover does are you kidding me thats stupid lp i never knew i never knew okay hang on a second begone wolves here we are very nice very nice to be doing all of this uh i do like the garlic but do i trust the garlic and the garlic and the knife are at the same level i say that we take a tractor honestly because i would rather get the other ones first right now and theres just so many gems my god i might not survive though what if i dont survive where can i get out where can i get out come on die okay we gotta get through no the ghosts just they keep blocking me off with more werewolves very upsetting very upsetting i really need i needed a big power spike right now because a lot could happen if i get one come on okay a red orb coming up all right lets get the cross cross cross cross red ah nice cross full level okay were at level eight with the cross nice phew ill take this faster speed for now because i dont think a little bit of hp raygen is really going to help me that much oh jesus christ look at those axes oh my god this game is its very nice to watch im curious is it it must be somewhat nice to watch stream because i didnt think it would be this interesting and yet at the same time its like its kind of like gulping down a great big glass of water to watch this game i dont know what it is about it theres something nice about seeing that many enemies on screen at once oh my god look at all of these yes its hypnotic its its almost like being lulled off to sleep uh well not really not at all but you know its its like whatever simile came into your head thats really what im trying to say just look at how much damage we can feel right there though okay we got a bat we got a we got a dissenting bat right here there we go Music some deliverance from all of that i feel bad that i cant watch chat but it is it is certainly exciting to watch what is this what is this evolve cross can deal critical damage requires clover horn this thing is supposed to be pretty overpowered right well lets find out what it does uh oh that is kind of interesting it just sends a sword out everywhere my god look at those swords i like what i originally had because it was right around me but jesus christ this is kind of nice too i like it im enjoying the destruction thats happening okay now i just feel like im existing on the board a little bit um ah what do we do this ones kind of tough im leaning toward a tractor yeah or only because look i cant even get out to the gems around me anymore and im decent enough at avoiding damage i dont know how were avoiding damage but somehow we are eventually we are going to need a single defensive item though because we have so far none of them in this room and the plants are closing in on me i need to just get out of here for a second oh god theyre right on top of the chest im gonna need to come back and get that chest in a second man look at all of that wow oh thank you for calling for making me into a vibe for five dollars and saying that thank you very much ether renegade much appreciated hang on a second i am not able to get out hey ether renegade how are you come on rainbow sword come on we got things to do you and me together uh its gonna clear out in a second this is about as insane as it gets i just gotta focus jesus my fear is that the game will get too easy when you get all the upgrades though because you know weve been getting the extra projectile thats very nice but its also like what happens if it just gets too easy you know what i mean the evolved axe is amazing i believe you we just need to evolve like one more thing okay we gotta take out one more of these guys and we get that uh lucky um i dont think that this is gonna make as much of a difference as much as all of our damage up by ten percent ill take more attractor because i didnt have it before and ill take even more attractor because i didnt have it before okay now we pretty much dont have to think about picking up the orbs on the screen anymore like we will get to the orbs we just need to move in their general direction and they will be on me but this is quite nice look at all of the room i have wow very nice loving that loving that if only i could evolve this garlic okay that is good and well get another one um okay ill take wings now yeah a little bit more movement speed would enhance all of that they kind of compound with each other you know what i mean ill take another level of garlic not that its gonna make much of a difference but we might get some crowding in with the bats later on all right now is the time to oh my god this is a lot of power-ups survival is good if youre not going area if you go area it goes pretty weak yeah i guess like you kind of need to separate out in your head which one is area of effect which one is concentrated damage which one everything is i could have saved this actually oh wow that this weapon doesnt even go through the terrain now thats kind of interesting ah i didnt think was i did it again oh well was i really gonna stay there was i really gonna stay there i think that this is even more powerful than our last character though our last character was certainly good and i needed this okay thats nice all right uh lets get up the garlic again tome would also be good because we just have so many different things going every which way okay lets take out this guy in a few seconds just look at how much damage we do though focus fired all on one guy were even getting critical hits now look at that its the text turns yellow they should rename this game serotonin oh i like this scream well those are those will be useful i wish we had more damage stuff though because we still arent quite involved in our other pickups were at level eight in a bunch of these but theres like three things that we still need to get involved how stupid overpowered is that gonna be though if you manage to get multiple things involved like you just you win at that point i suppose but i feel like i broke through a barrier what philosophical challenge could i attempt in this game i dont know maybe like maximalism or hedonism i dont know really more of a game that you would review i suppose the thing is that most of my videos are like lets plays but theyre uh like more of a story but you would need to review something like this like i dont know uh i mean its no secret that i love sex videos um what was i going to say um you know he even he reviewed something like synthetic ah here we go thats good that was what i needed actually we didnt really even have that much stuff to pick up there come on i need the axe i need the axe i sometimes think if i would just be better off if i stood in one place and just let them come to me oh my god Music no sat videos nuts that that was a very fun thing to hear now yeah well i was just referring like his old uh but he often reviews games that like no one would have heard about you know or like games that have a small niche following but could really use the bigger following i dont know ive always loved making videos for this indie game crowd youre youre a fine bunch of people nothing like mainstream which is a reason why i would not theres anything wrong with stuff thats mainstream but theres just something like about uh whoops i didnt need that okay now ive done that so many times i i gotta be honest its its its just true that i enjoy watching things light up on the screen and it makes me feel good thats one of the main reasons why i play this game and really also like not a bad reason okay we have no defensive items right now uh too bad it looks like we wont be getting any okay they are closing in on me now i am quite nervous and there are bats over there and theres probably gonna be more bats coming in okay we gotta get to some spot where were oh no not those uh those bats really do become a problem Music okay they are coming for me right now which way am i going to go ah there we go okay chest come on give me something defensive uh approaching the day where whatever i stream will be considered mainstream im surprised that theres 700 of us here right now but yeah god bless you folks for coming out and checking out this game and giving it a chance it is certainly a vibe it is certainly a vibe red orb red is the best color red is the best color oh my gosh look its like being neo from the matrix simulator why are there plants why are there plants around with no oh look its like a violet or something which didnt give me an upgrade or a power up i think were dealing more damage than the game had planned that we should be dealing at this point we meant to take out the last of the enemies what is supposed to be happening lets here if we can evolve the garlic in a moment see what that will bring what is what is happening here why are there just plants what is what is the meaning of this i dont like this i dont like plants i go outside and every day and i make it a point to just kill a lot of plants ah yes we do we need the pomerolla for garlic youre right youre right ah yeah yeah yeah we gotta go get that thing we gotta go get the bummer roll up the next time i get it i know i overlooked that upgrade but look singular back just eating in here look and here come the mummies again oh god this is horrible this is a very difficult stage because the plants are gradually getting closer together and the plants are difficult to kill because theyre plants they dont have a plan theyre plants actually plants do have a plan get it planned oh that was so funny jesus christ that was really funny Music im ugly and im proud Music i know i have to get it candle labrador is so much better here imo i know like i still havent mastered all the upgrades today is the first day that i ever even got any far in the game at all so can you like can you only pick up one evolution upgrade i kind of object to that candle labrador was good i enjoyed the evolved garlic that was kind of interesting but it was also like oh you cant have multiple okay thats good all right so then lets get palmerola just so that we have a chance of getting that nice garlic that gives us hp regen thats a nice thing to have because the game really doesnt have that much hpv gen built up uh built into it with good reason you know we gotta keep like relocating its like uh ah here we go another one of these things though i dont know if these are actually considered bosses anymore they dont always give that i dont know they did that actually he did give a pick up right there i take back what i said i ive been a bad man all right we got the we got the hp regen garlic yay us hooray for us good job ive created another event horizon around myself yes Music ill take another projectile i think more damage is usually just the default yes the boss has dropped larger experiencing or chest depending on like yeah i didnt i didnt realize that it all depended on the luck so having more luck means not only that you get more choices but that sometimes you might get like more pickups as well which is quite nice i think weve made it further this run than we did in our last one i thought the last one was good too kind of crazy though weve already made it to the 24 minute mark dude but i suppose whats the longest that you can survive like forever the game does have an actually what is it 25 minutes oh the 25 minute mark what its a 30 minute uh game i dont even know any of this it would be nice to get another evolution though i can say that much because clearly this character is very powerful but theres still more scaling that we could do lets go back and get those gems that we left over there as long as i can sustain the size of this circle it makes me very optimistic because being able to keep your enemies in one place means that its easier to collect the gems and you dont have to keep moving around so much i mean the fact that weve okay here we go there were some gems that we missed on this side it really is one of those attract all jamming things there we go i guess all damage would i okay these are plants that ive not encountered before oh this is a chest the problem is that i cant even see around me anymore all right pray for an evolution damn it can we evolve our movements somehow to just teleport itll be nice i can hardly even tell where the boss is anymore though ive not even seen some of these enemies like the big purple flowers why is purple a more difficult color all right i think i think were clearing them out because weve got the end of this wave whats next game produce all cooldowns because eight like when you get to this much power raising your percentage of anything whether its damage or cooldowns okay somebodys coming to try to sell me something in a minute whos gonna try to sell me something i cant even see whos trying to sell me something because look at those critical hits though its like i dont even need to do anything okay this is a little upsetting should we just keep pushing in one direction yeah well try to escape this just eat out so hard to one side that they can never even oh my god look at all both of the meats over there okay well try to like hold the line somewhere near these meats no i didnt expect the meat to jump that from that far away but if we do this then we can always just grab a meat if we need it all right lets take another pomerola just firing things in every which direction slightly where is that slightly bit wait a minute where is the slightly bigger flower lady can i even spot her did i kill the main boss without even does anyone see it on the screen not shoot thanks very much for this up i cant see any uh indication of that on the screen it would be a real shame if i killed them i mean is the main boss back up there somewhere or am i just perpetually trapped in plants hang on a second there must be a way out lets keep on upgrading come on has anyone seen my son okay here we go slightly different kinds of enemies again no very upsetting okay just no main boss i really do like the boss fights because it just feels like this primal sense of i dont know engagement when i when i meet there we are its a thing okay i see something good i see something good on the upper left-hand corner its the magnet thing thats going to get me all of the upgrades let me just finish off this guy what did i get i got a clover very nice and lets go walk over there and watch this im just gonna poop on the whole game there we go okay and now we have only one option all right have we beaten the game i mean is that it oh yes bosses do tell okay thank you for confirming that i was wondering about the boss teleportation because it seemed as though they were teleporting to be present they loved being here all right so i guess im just oh if you get any item after that i guess it just counts as a no oh no i got another level up i will hey i mean i say all the more power to us more coins okay theres another one there goes another one but i mean its just going to make us stronger and future runs oh i think im at the end of the game here dear god i love this and yet im so sad i kind of wanted it to go on forever i love this game uh hang on a minute hang on a minute im not used to this this isnt something that im used to uh there we go okay oh that was somewhat i wish i had saved it for a minute okay thats good thats very good wow thats pretty powerful uh how do i get out of this group of people i didnt really even deserve that last dub i think im gonna die right here because i just cant withstand anymore yep im gonna die i just took damage i hadnt taken damage in a long time before that okay i made it out somehow i am barely alive thats kind of crazy oh this is where you just get to unlock a crapload of stuff wow and yet i still dont really feel that strong because i feared for my life and i dont enjoy that how many coins is that even i feel as though i deserve a little more than that dont you think oh ooh silver bats silver bats this is the greatest game this is the most satisfying game ever made i could push north i could push north but now at this point im im into it you know i need to survive another 30 seconds lets just try to survive for the rest of the game i think somebody comes out and just kills you at the very end of the game i dont think they ever give you the satisfaction you just get away for a long enough period of time okay somehow made it out of that and oh wow oh i love floor chicken there we go okay i did need one of those though that was a great time for that event and get me out of here get me out of here get me out of here okay and the grim reaper is here and im dead and i won you jesus christ why kill me though i feel so satisfied that i beat the game no that thats the game like you win that thats how you win the game i didnt lose thats just you die when you beat the game japanese steam locomotives Vampire Survivors - First win as Mortaccio - Streamed 1/31/2022ambiguousamphibians Main Channel: #vampiresurvivors Some ambient music by Epidemic Sound (My free trial referral link here - Thank you for the support) how to pirate steam games reddit steam finder tabletop games on steam steam deck email calculator steam boat colorado