Vampire Survivors Is The GOAT Of Gameplay

Facial steamer with magnifying lampsteam games for beginners VAMPIRE SURVIVORS gameplay this game is just that a game there is no fluff there is no story only the very bare minimum to understand the setting or what youre doing at all times for those of you whove played the game you know exactly what Im talking about but for those of you who dont vampire survivors kind of feels like this Music no instructions no tutorial nothing theres the game and theres you and a Nintendo to see which one of you will come out on top and thats what makes vampire survivors one of the greatest games to have come up recently at the incredible price point of five bucks youll get more enjoyment out of this bad boy than a budget meal at KFC the amount of content you get is absurd Ive sunk about 40 hours into this game and if I could do it all over again I would theres 159 achievements for that game and Ive got them all usually with a number that big there are some of them which act as padding for the more hardcore Gamers out there oftentimes itll come in the form of win 50 000 games under one minute but one character wearing this hat and so on and so forth its just a big boring grind but not in Vampire survivors every time you do something sick you get an achievement its almost like a pavlovian response to winning you just want to keep going I missed deadlines because of this game its addicting to the point where it should probably be considered a drug by the FDA but dont count on it it did take them 108 days to approve the vaccine the creators of this game ponco studios made a masterpiece on their very first release its damn impressive considering some of the biggest Studios out there came up with stinkers right out of the gate Im not even sure they fully understand how massive their game is its to the point where other people and studios are outright copying their formula because it works so well and I dont blame them vampire survivors is pure gameplay like that scene in Breaking Bad where Walter synthesizes A 99.1 Purity batch of meth its got everything good about roguelikes with an entry level fit for a baby and a presentation as addicting as the most flashy Japanese arcade games this is the kind of game you show to your friends who arent into gaming and make them play it for a 15 minute so that they understand the appeal of the entertainment value it can bring whats even better is the fact that you can get really really deep into the mechanics of the game you can be perfectly happy just playing it away even if youve never touched on controller or keyboard before and honestly thats just fine but if you find yourself interested in how the game works and you want to find out which combinations of weapons are the best what characters work best with what weapons how weapons function with each other you can learn a whole bunch about it and get some really cool stuff out of it recently punkle Studios has made some great updates and changes to the games the developers are active and at the time of writing this video they not only know what theyre doing theyre executing on it its sad to say this but in the current landscape of gaming having an active developer listen to their audience and making wanted and needed changes consistently is a blessing the Simplicity of the game helps a lot in that regard if they want to implement new characters new weapons new maps they only have to design them test them and ship them and it might have cost what 50 megabytes maybe a hundred theyve even released a DLC for half the price of the original game for about two bucks or so its a chock full of what makes the base game so amazing times 1.5 you get exactly what I described new weapons new characters in a new map hours of potential gameplay for two dollars a McDonalds hamburger with no Toppings is more expensive than that and you can get the game in its DLC on the Xbox game pass if you dont want to spend the extra Buck this is not so much a review of the game as it is a love letter but for the sake of the video I can definitely find a few things here and there that kind of bother me dont worry though its its really nothing crazy insane I I dont want a story mode or lore or anything of that nature Im not booting up vampire survivors to play a story Im playing Vampire survivors because I want to create an ADHD inducing bullet hell of a power trip and thats great I love that its amazing I dont want more soundtracks or different versions of them nothing like that either the music youve been hearing in the background so far are all tracks from the game itself and let me tell you there are some bangers on here I mean just hear this out day thats great man thats you know thats some good right there its just sick like this mashup of retro 90s game music and different other genres but mostly Rock though lets be real you know what I want though I want this game to flourish into its ultimate form the developers consider vampire survivors a Gothic horror casual game with roguelite elements but I just know I know in my heart of hearts that this could be the perfect Gothic horror casual game with roguelite elements heres a few things that I think could be extremely useful something like an introduction cutscene or tutorial of some sort would be worth its weight in gold there are a few cutscene worthy sequences in the game already and I dont think adding one at the beginning would be a source of contention the ultimate goal of any casual game is to be so straightforward that anyone can come to understand it in a few minutes maybe even a few moments and this would help tremendously in achieving this I believe the perfect casual game to be Tetris for that exact reason you can explain the game in two phrases and people get it it works at an instinctual level make the blocks fit get rid of the lines the Gold Vampire survivors needs to achieve next in its development is to make itself more accessible right now the gameplay goes a little bit like this move around kill enemies gain gems level up and thats fine I dont think its that complicated making it more simple would ruin the depth the game already has its more so about holding out a helping hand to the people who dont have gamer instincts that way you can secure vampire survivors as the next stepping stone into the depths of gaming right after Tetris but somewhere before Minecraft a way to play with many players would do wonders for the game and its replayability there is a reason why multiplayer games are some of the products with the most staying power in the market Team Fortress 2 is a game thats been out for what almost 15 years now and people are still playing it because once you have an amazing product allowing people to make and strengthen bonds with other people is an amazing way for them to associate your game with social interaction which in turn makes them come back again and again when they want to hang up with their friends I think the only difficult part about this would be the splitting of gems between the players but an easy fix would be to double the amount of monsters that spawn and split the amount of gems dropped by four that way you hopefully get an even split between the two players and if they dont have an even split thats fine it brings funny Shenanigans into the mix on not the like finally I think the addition of the relics the Arcana system and the different modes like hyper and unending are amazing these add a ton of replayability to the game while simultaneously giving tangible goals to the player that they can achieve I will say though one thing did bother me a little and is the fact that I didnt have to go online several times to check the weapon combinations I know this is technically a non-issue since the developers added a way to tell which weapon combines with which other one wants to have the artifact for it but reworking it or adding another artifact that would allow you to access the weapon combinations what they do and how they work would be really cool kind of like a grimoire of your accumulated gamer knowledge thats one of the things The Binding of Isaac really needs too but with all the items in that game I can understand why its not implemented there but in Vampire survivors there is still a fairly small amount of accessible weapons and combinations comparatively so I dont think it would be that bad of an investment time and money-wise especially if the game grows to be as big as Isaac I love going into the bestiary to check out how many monsters I killed or which ones I havent met yet and a similar interface for weapons and characters would be really great as Ive said before for people who have gaming experience this seems useless I get it but not everyone will know to scour Google to find the appropriate version sheet to combine the correct weapons together I could also go on to say that some changes or additions would be great to retroactively implant in the game like the character specific upgrades that the moon spell DLC has given us but honestly even if they dont its not that big of a deal its more of a personal query than an actual thing that would make the game better so Im not going to include it here as part of the reviewing process although I would really like to see I mean Id really like to see it come on itd be cool imagine if every character had their own like you know their own combo weapon and stuff thatd be great I mean you know thatd be amazing on that note I give vampire survivors the score of 9 out of 10. I might revisit this game later on since the developers are so active with their content drops and hopefully I will be able to give it the 10 out of 10 it deserves I really want to score it as a 10 out of 10. but I genuinely feel like there is still some room for improvement however small that may be in all cases its a damn good game and you should go by it immediately after youve subscribed to the channel and like the video I know for a fact your dumbass bought some ridiculous thing you barely ever use for more than five bucks on Amazon so why not spend it on something thats actually good for once you know make your mother proud or something all right okay benjamin moore steam vs white dove Congratulations, you have clicked on the best Vampire Survivors video on YouTube !Well, the content train has officialy started. Vampire Survivors is one great game, and I not only enjoyed it, I think its one of the greatest releases of the last year. In this video, I go in depth as to how its gameplay is one of its defining feature, and how incredible I believe it is. Hopefully it will make you want to play Vampire Survivors also, its a great game and it is criminally underpriced for the amount of content you get. If youve read this through, or if you simply enjoyed the video, please consider liking and subscribing !! IMPORTANT LINKS : gen-z humor.wav, by TinCanTrap - Poncles youtube channel, where I got a lot of footage from: - Instagram : Twitter : Twitch : |Timestamps| (00:00​​​​) - INTRO (00:19​​) - WHAT IT DOES WELL (04:07) - WHAT IT COULD DO BETTER (07:22) - CONCLUSION #Vernier #review #vampiresurvivor steam cloud unable to sync 2022 steam stories can i play steam games on tablet maryland steamed shrimp best racing games steam free