Vampire Survivors #12 - I Missed Picking Up The Relic Again!

Vag steam at homeswiffer steamboost steam pad VAMPIRE SURVIVORS gameplay well hello and welcome back again to vampire survivors so a few things have happened uh if you didnt see the Stream I did a few things I dont think I got too many unlocks well go to the unlocks real quick yeah I wish there was a different way to do this um so I unlocked pugnala that you get pug Nala with um you have to find the coffin and the coffin was denoted with a question mark in the first stage and when you got there you had to defeat some enemies and then we got pugnal unlocked and then I took pug Nala and survived for 15 minutes and I have unlocked both of her guns so I can get the guns on any character now um I dont I dont remember if I dont remember what else I did I did take I did finally evolve the um the clock lancelet so thats evolved now and and I think I think I did uh 30 minutes with the guy that you get when you unlock the evolved clock landslit which is the I dont even remember I dont even know what its called so those are like the big things that happened it was you know some of it was just like messing around um playing together so oh I also made the Crimson cloth that was the other thing and thats how I got devanio so Gallo he came because I evolved the clock lancelet so Gallow is kind of interesting because he starts with a clock lancelet and not only that you get extra re-rolls with him and he gets a he starts with one extra level because the clock will answer doesnt do any damage um anyways lets go back to the unlocks actually you know what I know um yes lets go to the unlocks we need to get the rest of the relics thats one of the things we need to do we also need to open the coffins I also need to kill uh milk Elementals I need to go through and get the cards by getting 50 with different characters and oh and the other thing I did was I somehow survived to minute 31. in the forest I dont know how I did it what would happen was I had the clock Lance lit and I froze death and then ran away from him and I also had the Laurel and then death caught up to me and then I froze him and ran away and that went on for a while and I guess I got the minute 31. so Im assuming you have to use those two things um so we could get extra re-rolls if yada and Oso and those are skips skips arent as good banishes I got a bunch of banishes believe it or not just from doing the collection so oh and I also evolved uh I think no I think I oh the bloody tear and the vento Sacro I dont know what those are evolve the bracelet and the buy bracelet hmm yeah I dont know how the bracelet evolved what would the bracelet evolve with oh thats the other thing I evolved the uh the so apparently somebody in Marias stream kind of spoiled it for me but its the armor that the the Rune Tracer whatever its called that that evolves with the armor and the other thing that evolved uh it was what was the other thing I tried I evolved it was the one other normal item oh the uh Santa water it evolves with the absorb thing oh okay thats how we get those all right I also did something like I killed a hundred thousand enemies in a run but that all right so lets just focus on what do I want to take you know Ill take its either Gallo or devanio and yes yeah I got four eggs on him apparently when you go get the four different relics you get the four eggs I dont even remember how I unlocked Percy uh domerio is still one of my favorite characters though because he has permanent uh permanent 40 duration and speed the problem of course with Demario is hes slow as hell so if youre running around trying to pick anything up its yeah not gonna happen I dont like uh like mortezia wasnt bad but I dont care for him so when there was one I needed it was a yada Cavallo he was interesting but he wasnt like the Cherry Bomb was okay I mean its basically a free space basically you cant of all the that I know of yeah we get a we get a re-roll with that so yeah we might as well so thats what well do well take Cavallo were gonna grab the clock Lance and the Laurel to try and get to minute 30 no no were not doing a minute 31. he does get extra projectiles so there is that oh and I also picked up the the thing I think that was in Green Acres yeah it was the music banger so capella magma is has The Relic in here and we we beat this but I havent picked this up all right so yeah you can see I have some extra cards I did get some extra cards too oh interesting so the way Gemini works is if you pick the pichune it gives you the Evan wing and vice versa if you get one of the guns you get both the guns I dont know what it means if I dont know why the uh the special radiant bird is listed there yeah but were not looking to do that kind of build I like that one but um thats not I dont thats not a in my opinion a good starting build oh thats okay the cooldown reduces when moving oh thats interesting gotta always be moving I guess but Im again we dont start with anything like that yeah I dont like that one do we not have anything relevant mag Groove hmm thats what um Im gonna go with Slash so heres the thing when you go south to grab the duplicator and South to get lets see I will you know Im all about the Bible oh whoa that guy oh he hurt me yep well get the cell binder thats for sure I dont know how to evolve the bracelet is it even on my list can I at least get a hint on how to evolve the bracelet I dont get a hint thats the whole problem it shows bracelet equals bracelet equals bracelet does that mean the bracelet evolves with itself I guess we could try that maybe not this one oh my God of course I want to grab the ax and well grab the Laurel and the clock yeah thatll finish us off yeah ax and Laurel showing that theres they missed the cross you know were gonna go ahead and grab the chest okay lets see what we get hold on okay another Bible thats good we there we go we got a little bit more of a buffer foreign okay theres the ax and the Laurel we need more DPS in my opinion right now well take the world okay we got some chicken thats good all right its the heaven sword that gets the slash bonus not the uh not the cross all right lets see what we get hey Im not Im not going to complain about another Bible because if we get that up well have the perm Bible um cross me the luck the Bible we already got theres nothing very Cherry Im gonna grab the attractord Im also grab the crown if I see it thank you so I need to grab the calabrega these luck and the thing is oh yeah were gonna have to head north after this thank you so Im trying to think of my route because the thing is I dont want to pick the duplicator up until Ive established the sixth items Music foreign oh damn okay so now we gotta deal with this thank you trying to hit him with the ax and these bats are tough foreign get across thats good getting the cross I mean shoot we dont have the foreign but for now for now well deal with the ACT I dont know yeah Im kind of getting to the point where I have so many things unlocked that its harder and harder to get what I want okay yep we need that for the ax oh a triple all right nice Music serious Music four axes four axes and thats my top 50s right now all right we need one more act so I need to get this ax and then we need to hopefully get another chest because yeah now now the ax is gonna be chopping it up be able to do the death spiral and that should really cut that will actually start hitting him and maybe well kill them you got an extra cross thats I mean getting the cross up isnt bad either crosses props I mean well realistically the Bible should be my number two but the interesting thing is if Im skilled I can kind of like walk him into the axes because hes proportional to me like that yep Music oh okay okay when I hit 20 Ill at least get my second projectile so thatll be good that is that is when hes really good for getting extra projectile I also dont know if this is the best Stage to try to get Judy in uh probably not well well see Im gonna continue to work is this weapon almost oh his weapon is maxed okay well we dont have to worry about the Cherry Bomb anymore we unfortunately did not get um yeah I wont be able to get it unless we get it back kill that guy before more damage Ill try and save that see if we can get a level here with an extra cross oh no wonder I finally hit a level so thats nice foreign I mean thats not a bad upgrade but its not like I need to get the weapons maxed out so I can evolve them oh I dont know why Im oh doesnt even matter because I dont have this thing for the crash oh now hes moving yeah Im getting tickled by it now I had to grab that check okay let me next to duration on the Bible isnt a bad thing but its not what Im primarily for right now thank you at least I know I didnt kill him eventually the first time thank you not good not good I feel like Im leaving a lot of stuff Im not doing a garlic though okay that wasnt a boss I kind of wish I went with somebody else at him foreign I dont have the luck I got the Bible I got the ax uh were going with the spinach thank you all right thats the ax that I needed now I just need a chat foreign I need more biblical protection thank you Ive never seen a single jet or maybe I need to thank you foreign thank you now we can head back down okay heres your boss all right this should give me my death spiral you got the death spiral now I still need to get the luck foreign I dont want to do a bracelet build right now especially since I dont know what it does um what it does is actually important I dont know how to build if I understood what the bracelet equal bracelet equals bracelet Matt I would do it Im almost assuming that I need to have three weapons available for that all right one more item I need to think of what I want it to be I wanted to pick up the Laurel and I wanted to get the I guess we could get the knife that would work with my slash thank you oh darn it I was thinking I was giving a new clock Lansing tomorrow but I cant fine itll be fine Ill grab the knife no I dont want the knife oh actually Im going to change to the magic wand magic wander the fire one either one its probably the fire one okay do you have anything that can evolve yes Music okay were talking now foreign thats fine okay thank you honestly Im gonna go with whichever one I get thank you I do really like having these tractors that extra pickup finally I cant avoid something lets go hey theres my heaven swords I should greatly help chop things down to thighs a little Clover you never get too lucky for that superpower foreign thank you what am I looking at Clock Tower one and one calibrator were about to have to start banishing this stuff boys all right here we go I mean obviously Ill pick something up if its something I already have on my boat I should have enough thing is I need to get the uh thank you thank you Im just gonna go ahead and grab this but Im sure well get another one oh whoa okay this is gonna end up this might just max out the rest of what I have I think this one I dont know that this will but I Music five oclock okay yeah okay I have to get that uh there it is all right now we just need to now we can grab the duplicate itll be right over here so I missed his chest where I need to go okay VR card damn I didnt realize thank you I wish there was an option to choose the chicken if you were damaged otherwise choose the you know the uh that would be kind of an answer thank you there it is Game Killer tragic Divine bloodline Gemini uh okay well get uh Divine bloodline I guess now we gotta Hustle we got five minutes to get time what is good news I like to see quite a bit so Im actually one of the most impressive things about this game is having the map though this is just going to be gold oh actually no its not because I never evolved my wand all right well now I did I didnt realize that and I do need to give whats your name because I I did look at um I did take seriously okay like oh what are some of the best you know and of course dominoes uh Domingo or whatever the guys name I cant say that because just because of how good the Holy Bible is I mean look at this aint nothing getting through my my wall though we have so many of them from all the projectiles its just so good at shooting through everything and making space for me I do think the magic wand is helpful and those are dead I can just chew through everything almost here you should be around here somewhere okay who did we get oh the vampires in another coffin yeah Z asuda Bel passe okay okay the important thing though is I got to level 80. this is another unlocked I would like to get to 100. I do like that it just I was looking to see if we were back anymore because that would have been really nice so like I said this guy this guy Andrew dude seemed like he had kind of a slow start probably I would have been better off with the I would have been really good with a firewall have riding seat and that would have well were not giving up I would have given enough all right could no I wouldnt have to give him anything I would have had to get that oh well I never saw him I was going to get to Laurel for the boss fight what I was thinking but Im sure okay I cannot get over how many projectiles a duplicator and his actual levels interestingly though because we didnt get because theres no ring or anything like that in this level uh we dont we dont get anything special wait did I not get the Relic um I guess I guess one thing at a time I missing relics to the north theres no way Im gonna get there questions yeah here we go for the boss fight Im gonna see if that actually will work foreign foreign oh we killed him Music I was so close I dont know what Music Music oh I guess I got him in the end I guess oh stage Killers huh I dont even know what those are so two new unlocks and of course we got level 80 with yavata that should also unlock a card I thought all right well lets go to the power-ups and see what we got oh oh my goodness so now we have eight banishes four skips and four rerolls so thats nice and lets go over here how much Amber Joe that is actually really interesting what weapon is that Z asunte belpase with a whip oh vent okay stronger with continuous movement can deal critical damage best with luck and move speed so I believe that Plus that is another Evolution all right that said once again as always thank you for watching please like And subscribe to to support the channel if you have any questions feel free to say something in the comments I do always look forward to your questions and as always thank you again and I hope you have a great day elden ring steam db Vampire Survivors Playlist: Vampire Survivors is a roguelite time survival RPG game with minimalistic gameplay. 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