Vampire Survivors World Record No Cheats Any% Speedrun in 2h 43m 36s

Where to get roms for steam deck redditsteam industria VAMPIRE SURVIVORS gameplay foreign and welcome back the vampire survivors were gonna try the fireworks speed run again this time with all the knowledge weve learned so important things we learned one uh you do have to complete every single level because you have to unlock um all of the extra Maps just basically you need to get all the way through Music well this is all four you need to unlock for you get to mungalow or mungalow so that means we have to go I think which were the four that we want to beat because we have to beat all four we have to be the forest just to be the limited Library the area plan Gala Tower hello CRT Hello Alex hey Sean hey MJ why do you have Tyrion Lannister in the corner of everything you know what thats just thats just me I am Tyrion Lannister only if Tyrion Lannister was six foot five hello crazy nightmare um let me think so the question is do we just complete the forest at the beginning because we only have to get through the 25 minute boss if we can kill the 25 minute boss we will immediately unlock things hey crazy nightmare thank you or the uh thumbs up um Hobbit I think I do I think I remember you Hobbit hello oxy now you have arrived on time this is true um let me think I think we gotta go I think we complete I dont think we complete the the forest I think we come back into the forest in hyper mode I think we do complete inlay library because the problem is like the forest is going to be so hard to kill the twin Ive been at boss anyway a little scary cloud so I think given that its going to be so hard to kill the 25 minute boss anyway lets do library Dairy plant Gallo Tower go back to the Mad Forest after we get hurry mode in the Gallow Tower then we complete mungalow and Green Acres well does this change anything up here Lets uh lets edit the splits a little bit we need to add some additional segments then so we unlock in my library grimoire posterior plant Im just going to rename this one complete Library so a library 25 minute then we have complete Dairy plant s OSU Library Dairy plant were going to call this one instead of unlock Library were going to call this one Forest one then were going to do Gallo Tower then were going to do Forest 2 plus Green Acres then were going to do moongalo then were going to do um what is it called capella Magna then we do bone Zone and then last but not least we do eudemonia M K I think its a much better description set up here hello lithurgos and hello Ludwig all right we ready I think this is a much better setup all right time starts when I click Start what streaming software do I use obs in three two one go Music oh so this is like way too fat Im gonna skinny that up a little bit whats very important is we cannot die here Music uh a knife foreign Music were just trying to level as quickly as possible Music yeah I I really think its probably the right play to not try to go for the 25 minute boss its so rare to kill him and I dont think its going to end up saving that much time because were gonna do hurry mode anyway when we come back to the forest but I do think it makes sense to complete the other Maps immediately because you only have to complete the level 25 boss we need to be much faster about menus and much faster about um Music much faster about menus much faster about uh leveling up Music background music of this game is being yeah if I if I get it below three hours Ill talk through a whole tutorial of how to do it okay again were trying to do fast level UPS here reduce that downtime spent a lot of time thinking through things last time probably lost me a good solid 30-ish minutes and then bone zone is where I got wrecked but now we have a bone tone strategy that works really well so well follow that strategy and we should be just fine first you press ultimate for thank you Captain Music nice and were gonna keep going knife uh knife is one of the best early weapons here knife and whip are both good I probably could have leveled up whip as well but the whip only gets more damage knife actually gets more projectiles which I think is more valuable right now but the enemies should be dying in one hit anyway plus once I get the piercing its going to be extremely helpful Music nice whip do a thick and magic wand there but its fine for the same reason I just explained I dont know if the leaderboards still around to be honest I have not heard or seen leaderboard stuff in a while skip chests until after youve opened enough of them and it takes a while to open enough of them okay were just trying not to die as well dying uh will definitely increase our time we should avoid that at all costs or knives more magic wand knife nice a lot of levels in these uh here Hills yeah I think the leaderboard is dead thats my guess although it did get moved at one point maybe uh check the Discord and see if theres still one okay more magic wands more projectiles more fun I believe thats uh the logo or the saying in these games and that okay were good I dont know what I was saying there I just said words that wasnt really even words theres just like sounds coming from my mouth now we do want to get garlic if we can its extremely helpful for later runs but its also okay if we dont get it we have to eat a lot of chicken to get garlic so far this is really good not even on the Discord some people dont Discord some people like organization not the chaos okay grab this one next one is a triple Music um uh theres no commands in YouTube I dont think its not that Ive been made aware of um but the rules are any percent to the fireworks no uh codes no cheat codes obviously no mods as well unmodded unmodded no cheat codes might actually make sense to get ax looking for more chicken so I can unlock stuff gold is also not bad actually Music I dont want to spend too much time gold hunting because we do need to like just level as quickly as possible were gonna end the moment we get level 20. regardless of what weve unlocked to that point a vacuum would be huge because a tracked orb is so good but again we just kind of do Music keep in mind our Target is 10 minutes and 33 seconds and I think were cruising well well above that speed right now next boss gives us a triple where is he wheres the next boss hes stuck what is he sick oh there he is what were you doing and shes deep in prayer forgot to actually try to hit me grab this I have to waste our knives here nice theres a triple hello a video Maniac again I cannot skip hey not bad also we cannot see our levels level seven whip already though thats pretty thats really quick actually its actually a good time to go for uh torches Im still gonna just try to kill I think I just need to keep leveling as quickly as possible hey this should get us to another level Music nice and were crushing these Ghoulies not enough that I can punch them in the face with my face but its doing really well lets get uh tweak coins you want to run your hands through Spike Vegetas hair okay sure here we go trying to pick up the kills again so we got about three minutes left to stay on uh on par with our other run not too bad ax although oh wait I want Bible crap you want Bible because then you can get projectile speed thats a mistake its fine I mean we can still we can still evolve a lot of other stuff nice kill them nice uh more magic wands really want to get level eight to a knife its huge because it adds the extra piercing come on come on oh vacuum thats it vacuum will get us like at least two levels worth I think and it will unlock a track door did I say two I meant two Laughter okay two more levels and were there Music knife hey guys we can get it in the next couple of seconds lets not get the chest no matter what the thing is Were Not Gonna its all scripted you dont get a five chest unless you can make it to the 10 minute boss the 10 minute boss is an automatic five chest the first time you play Music and then after that it becomes RNG oh were so close I think this wave right here should get us there were just gonna aggressively tackle them Bible lets go excellent okay power up just grab uh we cant grab three grab those two and lets go Library nice nice oops I need to need to do the timer still ahead still ahead even though I did the timer late Music uh X Music nice from now on the chests are no longer scripted we still have to watch a lot of them in order to get them to be skippable oh man yo uh duplicator duplicator is huge oh the minutes are going to be flying later on yeah I can do that later update them with uh goals yeah yeah that makes sense Ill do that later getting another duplicator level would be fantastic youll have to see it I can almost mow through these guys now a single knife level goes a long way here this is the extra projectile lets just keep going with uh Patrick wands though anything that has extra projectiles we will do although whip wouldnt have been bad with a double duplicator attacking strategies in your sleep again uh fire wand is fine its easy evolve d were gonna run for the uh tomes at the uh six and seven minute mark so we could get uh see we can we can level what we can level um whip can evolve ax cannot evolve d uh oh thats nice Mind If I Do grab one of these Music um grab a chicken uh magic wand can evolve and Santa water can evolve lets get Santa water now we want to get a tractor spinach Hollow heart were gonna get books no matter what so Im gonna move that off youre not having to look at that the whole time nice Tire One again we cant skip Music hey awesome were gonna unlock a cross have that very nice this is going very smooth guys Music we can start walking now were killing things very quickly wand go you cant skip the chest what are you talking about press escape to skip the chest Ive got like a thousand hours in this game skip chest until youve seen a whole bunch of them were starting on a brand new file hopefully the FPS isnt dropping I see it as good but obviously I dont see what you guys see you also play on the keyboard why oh my gosh that sounds painful to play this on the keyboard I played it on the keyboard before its fine but I much prefer to have the uh full 360 aiming capabilities of a Gamepad digital Nate shows off and on for me it is a five chest oh yeah I can see that its going off and on I dont know why its weird Music but hopefully it Smooths out yeah I do see that Im dropping frames sorry about that guys hopefully it Smooths out were good we dont really need the crown in this run yeah I can see that its stuttering I see my uh speed going up and down randomly I dont know why it is if I could do something about it I would okay so we gotta get uh uh do we have lightning unlocked I dont think we do yet camera what you need to unlock lightning game looks fine The Matrix has me I didnt really want to get that but its okay I dont problem is now I have freaking um Lancet in my uh setup its not really what you want to see okay were about to get the Grim grimoire and then these witches are gonna be absolute jerks to us hey working on these witches theyre going down I hate these witches with a passion just die just die get destroyed which is there we go easy just knife them get them with a shiv uh we definitely want spinach I also do want whip dont forget the whip hello lucky shark welcome oh what a jerk what a jerk that banshee got him come on gotta get that cooldown reduction thatll help out a ton with all of the uh Banshees there we go okay I think that also means that magic wand is not ready to evolve Im gonna keep going there could be more theres another b word I would use than banshee wait okay were good we got everything we want just gotta try to evolve everything uh were ready to evolve already the um magic wand and she says kid good got him okay can we get a magnet theres a ton of XP on the ground my guess is like at least two or three levels worth on the ground beautiful enemy this thats what were talking about very very nice very very nice okay knife is now fully leveled magic wand is now fully leveled if you have any more on grounds I think thats it so lets just focus on leveling now we gotta take every single Tome as it comes up because we havent actually officially unlocked it but theres still a chance that it will come up organically it came up organic Music um so if we can do it that way we should want to kill as many things here as we can this is a great chance for us to just get tons and tons of skills uh havent you heard of a Chicago sunroof foreign cobbler was there a tome oh whats better tomorrow duplicator tone works with things the duplicator doesnt and maxed out Tom is basically like doubling everythings attack and most things that like duplicator already get multiple so adding one or two while extremely strong is just not as much as uh hey fantastic we can skip chess and we got Matt and we got Holy One good stuff okay now we just gotta level up um surprise weve not found a red gem yet thats kind of uh crazy actually its more money if I stopped streaming on Twitch I have fully disengaged from twitch I made a whole video about it if you want to go watch and understand all My reasonings for the switch from twitch I still would really love to get any form of like magnet isnt there a boss in this wave I dont think Im ready to evolve something but Im not gonna like wait around foreign this is for all the people that think you need tons of power-ups to win vampire survivors we literally have one rank of slightly bigger projectiles and one rank of a tractor and that is it no vacuums lets try to backtrack a bit see if we cant get a uh if we cant get a uh yeah we want that for evolves purposes we cant get a red gem oh they get they didnt just whine its the whole the whole damn team did Music zero ranks of first I mean that is true we are zero ranks of first but still like a lot of people feel like you have to have power-ups you dont its not mandatory and what I love a freaking red gem if we should chill and just get gems for a second here or let them kind of load up I dont know if were killing enough to gen oh theres one fantastic okay we got it oh what that was it garsheen I quit on the first run because we cant finish it or at least its really difficult to finish the first run so rather than like go crazy trying to win the first run we just move on with our lives and try to uh burn through the later ones faster gives you a cringe yeah basically yes uh more tractor I dont know what the last thing we want actually is Ive not thought that far through at all what do the greens do anyway greens and reds are more experienced than Blues and if you get enough Blues on the ground they start to consolidate into Reds foreign as possible with leveling up here because the more we level the happier well be okay we got a level something that can evolve so lets go fire wand next I feel like thats the best next one to get okay here is a great time to actually stack up enough to create a red gem because I feel like weve killed enough and we should have a more levels than this oh theres a red gem already here we go here we go I do think I want to get wings one more level okay one more one more level so we can evolve the fire wand here we go lets go oh just kidding we had labora the whole time didnt even know it now does it give you more in total but it does um it does uh allow you to miss gems and then just get them later without feeling like youre missing anything Were not gonna get gorgeous moon no thats not in the cards we havent even unlocked pentagram yet I mean even if we have unlocked it we would not take it more whips yeah the plan is to be the 25 minute bosses run because were already like it takes us about 10 minutes to get to level 40 anyway or not even 10 minutes takes us like 15 minutes so adding 10 more minutes is gonna be faster than doing an entire hurry run I got a Nerf fantastic we got more consider that Tome is not officially unlocked so the chance of hitting it is actually very rare Im not gonna stop and grab this uh Medusa here I really just want to get can because the stone mask as quickly as possible you want to unlock the stone mask and we want to try to level it if we can theres a lot of stuff we want to do in the next 10 minutes what Im trying to say including but not limited to grab the stone mask of all of all of our stuff put some chicken on the way little chicken never hurt anybody okay we gotta level up uh whip here or no its gonna be a Hellfire yeah but once you drops the chest its over ouch whip would be good so we actually have some healing currently we have no Regen so getting the whip healing would be really nice okay there we go you can kill this guy that would be whip healing we gotta be pretty close to the stone mask by now there we go let me kill you there we go whip very nice okay now we can kind of face tank again youll just heal it up uh wings in the last few minutes will be spent trying to grind out as many levels as we can and also trying to get as many uh torches as we can for money and other useful things like a clover for example oh this is fantastic lets grab this not a ton of money but it is a little bit you can keep it running for a little while this will be really nice for us nice okay I mean coins or coins guys 200 coins not bad theres a stone mask and lets go and now its just getting as many things as we can Cash Money guys they cant take that cash money away from you in a tour oh I didnt level the stone mass that was a mistake all the weapons are fully maxed uh everything that can evolve is evolved we just want to get stone mask levels and uh Tome levels foreign come on torches hey we got some money ooh what do you mean boo its home seven minutes left we are crushing the time right now I think Im pretty sure we did not do dairy plant that quickly that must be a mistake oops I didnt miss I missed on mask again Ludovic knows what they did oh I see I got it sorry I cant read all of chat all the time stressful and were going mask Music along with a 100 Speed Run bee uh it took me roughly 14 hours but I wasnt like speed running speed running if you can read this dont say anything no I refuse I cant read I cant even read guys its Im shameful about it Im shame Im ashamed about it but its the truth I cant read I just pretend to read also I feel like how did we get done with dairy plants in 59 minutes thumbs off there maybe I didnt actually finish it maybe I just got the thing the map and left I dont know you cant hear were all just Bots anyway thats fair foreign mask maximum maximum maximized gosh dang it words are hard again were trying to get as much gold as possible gold is the name of the game right now and then we just gotta kill the 25 minute level or 25 minute boss real quick there we go thats a way to get a lot of gold Music I mean I guess its possible we could have gone there in 25 minutes but I feel like that timing is off all right lets go okay were maxed lets just get money give me money give me money I think we must have come back after I dont think we would have I dont think we did the 25 minute boss with library right away oh give me money give me all the money you have 150 its kind of weak Laughter it doesnt let you skip the animation until youve watched like 25 chests of five of uh yeah Penta chests nice we have 3 000 coins coming out of this thats really good thats not including the evolves were gonna get as well and we still have one more chest and we still have some several levels left give me all the money you have this is correct nice eventually youll be able to get the auto pick option I dont remember how many levels it is to get that oh my gosh library is very good I really like capella Magna before it gets normal I like the weird capella Magna Music nice look at that money guys holy crap almost 5 000 coming out of this Im not Demario lets go we actually can thats the funny thing weve definitely unlocked the Mario all we need is like literally two more levels and were there it is a lot of wasted time this is true Im really thinking that I came back into the library later I think thats why uh the timing looks so short I just dont like the math doesnt add up 50 minutes to do two 25-minute runs they dont take 25 minutes they take longer because you level up in the middle so Im pretty sure that I came back into the library later so were going to be able to skip that whole process which will be nice so this guy get his chest nice Music okay there we go Demario unlocked its gonna be huge for the next ones a lot of money early on I think we pump it all into probably duplicator and levels okay dont die though Nate heal back heal back we only had to get to level 40. were going for the 25 minute boss we have to kill the 25 minute boss we have to win every single stage I mean well definitely get it when we are doing the Gallow Tower which would be nice get um nice okay looking good looking good guys still cannot Auto pick yet hopefully soon dude labora doing so much work right now foreign boss where is he come here witch get on labora killer killer come on come on got it Im gonna grab the chest real quick for some extra money and then were good had it power up amount uh uh level as money as we can and go Dairy plant garlic thats what Im talking about garlic this new music for the dairy plant I dont remember this music Ill split youre right sorry to catch Oh wait were ahead I already split oops can I go back I cant go back now somebody said split and now I split I didnt want to split Music I split twice and I cant go back now I think theres a button for it but I cant remember what it is its fine well just live with it well have a really awkward split there where it says we did it in nine minutes thats life I got you baited youre right but I do that so often that I was like crap we did it again you fool here we go foreign were definitely not gonna go pentagram probably at all to be honest and go back either you guys what a bunch of jokers wait I want to get ax too actually uh Bible would be good too even if it doesnt evolve foreign Music now whats really important to remember is that it is in fact mandatory to get the two on ground items its not up for debate its mandatory because you need all of them in order to unlock uh uh euphemanium going nice knowing so I want Hollow heart we want more garlic yeah I know well some of them are 50 some of the arcanas are now 50 to unlock which is insane Music man nice Music or magic wand very solid guys here we go Hollow heart its number pad one for me does a split undoes a split oh youre right there we go were good thank you now were back to the correct split or garlic I think I actually took whip there but its fine both are good both are good I like both of them keep heading south run saved yes a triple thats a lot of garlic theyre garlic Max now its not still got two levels left well thank you I appreciate that unreset yes yes maybe move the mouse out of the way sorry about that going thats what you get were trying to set records next time youll remember dont try to do anything that anybody else hasnt already done what a ridiculous notion to try something new uh X we really dont need to go for the on ground stuff its like fine if we get it but its oh my gosh dont die though Nate I wish my Bible now as the last one foreign Bible and uh labora again I think should be enough to get through gotta be fairly close by now very slow waves lets kill this guy Music here we go foreign love to get a freaking magnet at some point also would just love to get this chest my man over here has been taunting me he gets close then he backs away he gets close and then he backs away little coward not willing to fight really want to level up so I can get uh holy wand here foreign there we go thats fantastic holy wand is in a Perpetual state of charging but I started watching Andor by the way um just spontaneously decided to start watching it its really good I like it a lot but I also really liked Rogue one I guess its like basically the same team but I thought its been really good some people have really not liked Andor I guess I personally dont understand it I think its one of the better ones I really have not like Obi-Wan I didnt like that much um I thought Obi-Wan was kind of boring I thought um even like I havent even finished season two of The Mandalorian I also have not finished uh Boba Fett which apparently is season three of the Mandalorian I dont know they just kind of all are like in the desert and its nice to have something different but I mean I really liked Rogue one I thought Rogue one was fantastic so more of that is always going to be loved by me thats what Ive heard but again I have not watched book of Boba Fett other than like the first episode that was it the Christmas special Infamous Christmas special okay we gotta kill this guy uh we gotta get a mine cart kind of nice that he comes though because then he gets uh he gives us a free chest Im all about those free chests we gotta like not trigger this yet you were supposed to not trigger yet you fool I literally just said dont trigger yet how about down here theres a chest up here now whats happening Music okay when I would love a thrawn series dude I thought Rebels was actually really good erect it will never make a thrawn series what the heck I thought I killed oh hes running away still I was like I thought I just killed you okay we got Max garlic going we just need Bible and Santa water and were good foreign have to deal with the hardest wave which is the 25 minute wave or the sorry not the 25 minute wave the 30 minute wave burn them oh burn these guys for sure uh whip nice phone no bones unfortunately yet wed have to kill a lot more skeletons which we have not done yet hey is it going does anybody know do you actually have to play a run with mortassio to get the bone or do you just have to unlock him and thats enough which game bad do you use I use an Xbox 360 and I use the analog stick foreign heres the map heres the map heres the map heres the map heres the map heres the map heres the map heres the map lets grab the map who knew that all that uh all that was needed for Star Wars was more Spanish-speaking actors theyre chock full of British speakers but the moment you start putting Spanish actors people love the shows okay bigger I dont think weve killed enough to have a red gem right now lets go hello heart have I watched the animated Clone Wars parts of but it was hard for me to get into uh apparently youre supposed to watch the movie first I did not watch the movie Ive heard the movies not very good but like its important for like lore reasons but um yeah I couldnt I didnt watch the movie and I had a hard time getting into the show well theyve toned down the dairy plants at base not nearly as hard as it used to be like its still like not a walk in the park I dont think I wanted that actually but its fine foreign gem on the screen above really interesting I actually dont want that we cant level up the garlic anyway so we can always have a couple free slots Bible also will not be able to level up well its gone now I think Ive killed enough to reset it if there was one advantage of killing all these skeletons I would love duplicator I actually dont know if I can grab it um Ill just see I think I need a tracked orb still and oh wait thats all I need is a tractor but I can get duplicator please okay thats fine were fine Music duplicator lets grab it okay I just need a track door and then Im gonna get Bible and um uh uh lightning ring instead of labora and pray for mercy foreign oh no thats good thats good I still want a tractor still want a track door we just want uh now Bible I guess we dont have to have Bible but it would give us bracer which is pretty good yeah this should evolve the whip there we go ax has got to be close if not already there as well this is looking really solid honestly a tractor just need either honestly Bible or labora I guess I dont care at this point Bible Ill take it we want to get it uh maxed so that itll unlock projectile Speed Most Bible plus uh um garlic is really strong anyway okay so get that last unlock here theres a red gem it could be more than this more lightning ring melt those guys real quick like do they even make OG Kool-Aid anymore I think they only make the squirts now right you just get like regular old Kool-Aid I dont remember seeing it in a long time probably because like all the dyes and stuff got banned they cant make it anymore but its all like the squirts now foreign nice okay we actually got a decent amount of gold here uh more attract Norm 200 200 do I hear 200 do I tier 250 250 no 250 215. its not like a squeeze it its like you like squirt it into your cup after you put water in it and it mixes with the water thats like the new style this is why Im saying we should just complete the levels because right now like were already 15 minutes deep to go an extra 10 because we have to get to level 60 so like like zero sense it goes in Kool-Aid thats a really weird idea but if it makes you happy you know what Im not gonna try to tell you to stop they do sell the powder then what I used to make was like I would uh put ice Id make like similar to like uh the dessert or what are they called the freeze drinks that you get at um Sonic were like I just put Kool-Aid sugar water and ice into a blender blend it all up and then like hurt my brain it was great the jobs are generally less sortable generally generally but theres always exceptions we do pickles in Kool-Aid in Mississippi foreign not many things actually originate in the U.S we are the nation of bastardizing other peoples Foods thats just cool what are you talking about no no its like a you blend it with ice so its like a smoothie Music its not the same thing its different one is like icy one is like just drinking it a slushie exactly slushy pretty sure the Kool-Aid instructions dont tell you how to make it slushy Japan has more experience in bastardizing food Amy elevating other Foods Taco Bell elevated Mexican that should be their new slogan I should be their marketer man elevated Mexican food keep going were doing really well guys were gonna get through uh Dairy plant in uh probably under an hour and then we have to make a choice we can Sprint to the hurry mode like literally just go full bore Sprint and just hope that we have enough time to get it quickly and then rerun it on hurry mode my concern is that I dont know if Ill get enough experience on hurry mode to actually complete the map dude every country that has potatoes did not have potatoes for most of that countrys existence except the us because potatoes were already around by the time the U.S showed up but most places did not have potatoes for most of the time of the country has lived so you could say that in some ways every country has bastardized potatoes Indian curry rolls curry in general is quite good I had some really good uh Curry uh Ramen the other day from one of our local ramen places really really good I normally get something different I get like its called tianmen its like this weird like meat paste that they add thats really good or uh I dont know how to say it the enduja nduga thats also really good to add but this time I was like nah were gonna do Curry Im gonna do the curry one the pan has X potatoes three udons the best my Curry had um uh whats the term for it its basically like Fried Chicken but they call it something special to be fancy whats it called whats that called dessert pizzas those are really good dude like one thing I loved about living in Minnesota is all the freaking pizza buffets everythings a pizza buffet potatoes are native to Chile or isnt Chile its somewhere in South America Caseys taco pizza dude Pizza Ranch is like a National Treasure its the best worst pizza Ive ever had its so good its also really bad but its so good Pizza Ranch is great because one of the few like pizza buffets where you can like go through the line and theyll be like what kind of pizza do you want and theyll just like cook a pizza and put it out there for everybody its awesome where did you live in Minnesota I was in uh lots of different places I lived in Grand Rapids up north I lived in uh Minneapolis I lived in St Paul uh White Bear Lake area when I was living in St Paul um I also live pretty close to um Dinkytown I lived in Chanhassen for a while pretty nice I did a I did a service Mission there when I was still going to church Music Ive been to the Waters of Minnetonka also if anyones ever been in Chanhassen have you ever been to the Temple of Eck that place is crazy ecken car they were like I got to I got to visit while they were doing their like Global conference that was kind of cool you can but you have to have seen enough of them and were on a brand new pile the prince Museum wasnt around I dont think when I was there I was there in 2000 2007 to 2009 was the prince Museum there your girlfriends family were echists I mean they seem nice enough I will say and this is obviously like stereotyping so forgive me but like when they were doing that big conference every single person that I met that was there for the global conference looked like Mary Poppins like all the women looked like Mary Poppins all the guys looked like Mary Poppins if Mary Poppins were a guy like Mary and Matthew Poppins were like there they all carried a bag they all had an umbrella they all wore a coat it was crazy I think they were like youre coming to Minnesota in the spring it could rain Youre Gonna Want an umbrella a thick bag and a coat Mario Poppins I mean I say that a little bit hypocritically because I literally wore a suit and a tie the entire time I lived in Minnesota except on my preparation days when I could wear like shorts and a t-shirt dude I was weird people for a lot of my life and then Martin I lived in Germany and happened and were still weird but in a very different and more endearing way you bet I look dapper yeah I did I cleaned up well no beard clean cut hair which by the way if you want to see me with uh clean cut hair and no beard check out my first video on YouTube you are still weird people that was where uh shorts and a t-shirt I do not I usually go to work in like polos and jeans big polo jeans guy everybody is weird yeah its true humans are weird in general why cant we just be like other animals and like not think why do we think that thinking was so important that we had to go ahead and start thinking also were crushing it right now were getting another 5 000 coins right now dont mind that at all YouTube on mobile doesnt let me sort oldest to newest anymore that doesnt work in live streams Oh you mean uh the videos I know you meant the chat like its not how live chat Works uh its always in reverse order anyway um dang that sucks we got to the Moon without thinking we tricked rocks into doing the flying for us turns out the wings fit better on the Rocks than they did on the humans give an unbelievable amount of content this is true but most of its garbage thats the problem but most of your content is garbage doesnt matter how much of it you produce oh man I need to get better thumbnails something I keep thinking about I just need to like fight the bullet and just pay someone to do thumbnails for me but Im cheap and I havent been willing to do that yet nice chat is sort of newest news thats true how long ago was my first video uh more than two years ago I believe its like May 2020. it was my first video weve been going for almost two and a half years now or over two and a half years Pizza Nate in the bottom corner looks just fine some people dont like it they always get upset theyre like why is the guy always eating pizza first off I am the guy and second off because I dont know why not gonna go to the personality store and buy a personality theyre expensive theyre expensive Music all right were done we did it boom split and dont try to tell me I didnt split this time because I did all right we want uh again as much growth as possible and then I would love if I could get like some wings here all right on to bigger and better lets go to Gallo Tower I think were just gonna do I dont think I can go down there fast enough I think were just gonna do a regular run here and just do all 25 minutes foreign Applause this is one where we can get more stuff because were gonna over level anyway Pizza thank you James lucky slot Channel yes Pizza is right dont let anyone tell you otherwise we keep getting labora actually we didnt get it last time what am I talking about sometimes we get labora but this time we did not we want to get knives we want to get Bible this would be a good moment to get all of our uh everything evolved spilled going hello Harris batik welcome I think were crushing it weve already gotten uh two full wins and were gonna unlock hurry mode here we definitely want crown its very hard to level the 80 on this map without crown uh we could go pentagram if were insane I do not feel insane today we will not go pentagram Music Caseys breakfast pizza is also very good I just think youre a fan of this particular restaurant uh fire wand its fine well get spinach uh we want again Bible and knife would be our final two Id prefer but honestly well take ax as well if it comes up spinach theres an auto pick yeah I mean I dont know I dont think we can break two hours but were gonna get like two and a half is like definitely in the cards here we continue attract orb we see duplicator and what else something else definitely want duplicator I dont know maybe we get armor I dont know uh more match one still want to level our weapons we can keep killing things let me zoom in on the video if you pinch it I dont know your fingers work is your screen pinchable uh oh candle yeah candle and uh candle duplicator last two items here and then were gonna get uh spellbinder and uh bracer for free garlic would have also been okay but I dont think we need it falls off pretty hard I cant get lightning ring until Ive actually secured the duplicator but I didnt really want to get that thats fine well deal with these traps when I feel like it and I dont feel like it right now screen does not consent to getting pinched Gator okay fantastic we got all of our accessories we fully accessorized now we just need weapon levels oh I cant level the freaking whip you Nate I cant get all six its fine its fine Ill live with it nobody get upset everythings okay I know I need Hollow heart I realized that the moment I took the duplicator but its fine its fine well okay thats good if you dont evolve it but its still okay now we just need um again Bible and knife I have risk Breakers I played it on stream before its okay has it gotten better it was kind of Jank when I played it last so I havent really played it again the problem is theres so many Survivor games right now how can I do this to you you know what its life I didnt do it to you life did this to you you just tried to live your life and then I went along and lifed it up again in a way that you werent expecting and Im sorry I apologize for that nothing I can do about it now though the moment is gone crap we cannot die very very important not dying here ax also the level um I guess we could just not get knife but Id like to evolve knife were gonna get one of them I know theres a thing down there okay Crown everyone is hoping to be the next vampire Survivor foreign but thats the problem right like first is often first is often the one that gets it it was then the ironic thing is it wasnt even the first it was just the first that was like really good going just made that up Music foreign keep killing things whip finally gets its extra attack about time being lazy on me dont get hit Nate we do not have any regen at all right now we dumped all of our money into extra levels no regen and were not going to get regen from the with either so conserve your health is the way here we gotta start heading north we can get the random otso although we could go south first thats a strategy if we go south first then we dont have to deal with the witches the whole time crown and then we can evolve the Bible earlier because we dont need the projectile speed yet its really just a cherry on top its not really like critical to the build Hollow cure is really good for a free game its remarkably good so good that I like to remark about it I really like it I think its a great great game honestly tons of content tons of replayability the canned cherry old and full of preservatives all right um also I think going north or going up should be easier for us because of whip the theory and we are just not getting the weapon levels that we need we almost have magic wand ready to evolve though so its not all bad and we have been getting a ton of crown levels which means that Crown will help us level up a lot faster which is good irishino for the cherry bombs yeah unfortunately hes already been named the only gotcha Ive played is near automation out of near reincarnation does it have a gotcha in it I never actually finished near automata I got through the entire first like first thing I dont want to spoil but yeah I got to the whole first segment and then I stopped playing also Ive not finished Final Fantasy VII remake yet I should probably just do that sometime should be good on levels though were level 24 uh eight minutes in so well get like we got a lot more levels though as we continue okay magic wand is not ready to evolve thats good news for us wed love to get more freaking cool down reduction that would be great you unlock characters for gotcha I didnt even know that near had other characters you could unlock I thought they were just the two characters but I havent played any of the other nears so thats probably the problem or Santa Waters calm and bathe in the waters of Santa foreign if you remove your uh operating system chip you just die its like um Im done living Im just gonna take this chip out now thanks I had a good time thank you foreign for us a crown really dont want to get pumped by these guys a huge time suck but we have to do this all again also keep in mind we still have to go all the way North we havent even gone all the way south and a top without knife to go south to be honest well have a good moment later on I should have leveled the uh axis that was kind of a mistake Santa waterer come on let me down and we want to kill this guy as soon as possible so we can get Holy One thank you come on get wrecked Get Wrecked you oh there we go holy wand emotions are prohibited try to install stop system 32 sorry Im actually focusing this time were doing pretty well were doing pretty well because were not gonna have to redo any of those extra fights which is nice were just gonna have to do for us and thats it thats what were gonna make up a ton of time the Forest Green Acres segment should be incredibly quickly and I feel like were leveling and playing a lot faster and menus have been really quick and stuff not thinking too much about all my levels and stuff like that keep it going okay there we go finally get this a little nervous to grab it before these guys are actually dead again very easy to get punked here by these guys there we go theyre dead lets grab it any heading south for hurry mode worst case scenario we run up and get random out so later but I dont think we I dont think well need to I think well have enough time if we just go straight up after and we dont stop for anybody we should be okay dont stop to ask for directions just go up North going keep going fire wand cruising now just dont get punk Nate dont get overconfident you still just have to live very important that we live here some more money while were living might as well Live It Up for a moment we gotta take on Mr Krabs hes gonna come prepared hes bringing a green reaper with him all we need is a can-do attitude and a positive outlook we can survive anything its a little spicy now a little bit spicy uh firewall Hellfire okay I dont think anything else is ready yet right yeah nothing else is ready yet okay theres definitely gonna be a red gem around here Im gonna grab the uh we close to it were like right next to it Im gonna grab the thing first and then well head back up and we should see the red gem along the way there it is okay just these jerks nothing too scary uh whip going kill these dudes awesome okay were good theres a red gem see it there big red gem theres two of them got it home fit ax whip oh is there another one oh that was it thats fine though that was good if anything ready to evolve yet uh nope just whip is level eight whatever happened to the giant shrimp now we gotta head up north I know we got to evolve something at the same time Im like I really really really really really really need lower cooldowns make sure I can kill things also food we dont have anything to evolve but Im still gonna get it helps or axes that would actually be very clever if he turned out to be the vampire all along Santa water is almost ready to evolve to make it all the way to the top and get the random matzo I think were gonna be fine or Santa Waters one more level of Santa water and its ready to evolve nice scary times burning through those guys nice Gallo coming to defend his Tower well guess what Gallo Im sick of your crap just take him out besides I need to level up the uh um there we go fantastic that was quick labora anyway quickly grab a red gem here you can I dont see one theres some nice Bibles ready nice ax is ready fantastic we did it guys victory is mine everythings ready to evolve only got a couple more chances left to get more uh spellbinder which isnt like super mandatory but it would be nice its a good time for us to just roll because guys are not going to be able to hit us because of all of our projectiles but theyre also just like really easy to walk around are we gonna get another spellbinder level how many levels do we have one and we almost missed the chest grab that real quick fantastic now we just make a train foreign okay lets go I like to move it move it I liked him I should not do that Ill get copyright strike were done that was all I wanted to do okay were definitely I think its supposed to be soon that the new engines ready but Im not sure Crimson shroud is all I need to kill the Reapers this is right Crimson shroud or um whats it called the other one the Lancet one the something Dimension or something like that oh were still so far away I thought we were cruising we only got eight minutes left to walk halfway across the world I think were gonna level enough Im not too worried about that now were already at level 70. uh eight minutes we level about one per minute were there well level faster than one per minute and well we can level like five times just in the uh Mr Krabs wave because all of the day all they come with is the red skulls they just give you tons of experience weve gotta be somewhat close now we want to kill you so we can get Bible evolved where are we now okay I can see the I can see the bracer thats a good sign and see the bracer hey Rona oh because I actually completed the library the first time I played it instead of deciding to come back to it later Im just finishing everything except for the forest the first time and then well just have to go back into the forest on hurry mode I didnt want to risk the forest and you only need to get to level 20 which doesnt take that long I thought that ones probably worth skipping the first went on and then the rest we actually just did it right away so actually were ahead were were quite a bit ahead in terms of time right now yeah I also kind of wish the area affected the size of them as well but that might be too overpowered theyre already very strong we might actually have to get uh some uh HP from these levels this is looking really smooth were not taking much damage magic wand keeping us nice and healthy okay we gotta level up Seas food go how close are we were very close to the bracer I think well make it because we made a lot of progress here good theres also definitely a red gem I could probably just grab it now I guess this is just right down here yeah its right there I can see it grab it there we go level 80. were good now lets go get the uh random Otto and the bracer bracelet brace will be really really good as well for the Bible foreign right there were right there how many people do we have right now yeah Porta theres several characters that can reach maximum cooldown reduction oh almost missed that we actually do want the bracer quite a lot quite a lot I could have gotten spellbinder there but its probably not that useful Im every Tower thats right theres a chest we missed Im Gonna Leave it its not worth going back for we gotta get to the randomatsos in four minutes and waves are only gonna get scarier although we are kind of burning through these waves pretty quickly hopefully we can kill Mr Krabs quickly as well that will be good so I mean if you think about it right now we have an entire 20-minute run that we dont have to do so weve got 20 minutes to add so really this should be like 149. thats our Target were gonna blow past that we missed the Posh Ferry I mean November has Thanksgiving if youre American were actually gonna have uh my brother-in-law and sister-in-law here for Thanksgiving which will be cool okay there it is grab it boom random answer oh double healing wed love to see it lets go kill the witches do not die do not die very very critical very very critical to not die right now oh my gosh are there any more witches theres one more witch I think Ive killed them all now right okay theyre all dead kill me see more there we go Music everyone keeps commenting on the viewer count but no one will tell me what it is is it five is it ten whats the viewer count I cant see it I dont have the setting to show me the viewer count 187 oh nice 190. very cool old man what do you mean old man nice big levels I wonder if we can still get that chest oh man bigger than five nice doesnt theres literally dozens of you now you guys are almost outstanding 200 is outstanding go get some recruits make some Bots real quick actually dont do that crap we almost died there holy crap Nate pay attention youre running right into bosses not a good look Music 75 of us are Bots ow dont do that there we go full health were almost there a minute and a half left and then we just gotta kill Mr Krabs I dont think were gonna make it back to the chest in time guys Cant Ban the hot girls then hot singles foreign nice how close are we were very close we can actually get the chest wait a minute chest incoming I cant believe we made it back I gotta like kind of run right for it but saying theres a chance there it is Boom extra money dont mind if I do Music give me money 10 seconds left yeah we gotta kill this guy I mean hes getting pelted like crazy from labora he should go down pretty quickly yeah thats what I mean you get tons of levels from these uh skulls were gonna breach a hundred nice get um get him come on Can you feel it now Mr Krabs there we go foreign Music now we very quickly grab another bunch of power ups read okay strength is fine uh get Imelda we gotta go into Green Acres really quick I have a hurry we got this already that way grab the Banger boom banger get out of there back to the forest Music Music uh what really want to get cross here as well try to evolve it if we can grab wings Music ban him thats a bad pun worthy get him out of here lets get ax Music no its because I changed the order of things Im now I finished um I finished other uh Maps much earlier so weve already completed the library right now I would have done the library so we skipped an entire run there Music I wanted Wings actually kind of indicators really quick we also want to unlock pagnala be really good really need to get wings love it okay its not a full 25 minutes because we would be playing it on hurry mode and you only have to go to 25 so its like 20 minutes maybe but still didnt skip because its more efficient than walking okay I used to skip as a kid I had just way too much energy always skipping Music any more of this still need Tome home duplicator candle Labrador um you can get Crown if we want its not mandatory here but it would be nice to be able to get everything maxed out all right so lets get pugnala now the only thing we have to do here is get uh the 25 minute boss thats it but it would be nice if we could also get pugnala unlocked Music in Naruto run to work Im so theres a new character on Omega Strikers I cant handle it hell he Naruto runs and it irritates me so bad like I almost want to just ban him all the time literally because of how annoying his movement is it irritates me so bad I feel like Ive heard that before I dont know the context for it though but it does sound inappropriate for some reason keep going keep going we can get all the other items on the way back excuse me levels going I am now the mayor oh my gosh dude that was so ridiculous I love just coming out to town like that the more that I played Blood on the clock tower the more like I still try to solve it and I still try to win but I also just really like having fun with it I think it makes it more fun than just constantly trying to try hard at Blood Of The Clock Tower wings what happened in the second mayor game I was the mayor what else do you need to know you have no idea how Clock Tower works uh you know lets just grab spinach I dont really need garlic here I could evolve garlic but its whatever ever played Mafia or werewolf yeah basically exactly its just like that with extra steps meow we might chill on Wave uh 11 minute wave to actually get some XP good moment to take a breather and try to kill everything oh my gosh get out of here goodbye goodbye boss hes back Music space station 13. I dont know space station 13. here we go thats the way we want to just go hard on nice uh you know we can wrap player one thats fine okay calm love it are we maxed on no we still have two more levels lets go to two more levels really quick also I really want to get the Arcana soon anyway I want crossed still want duplicator by the way um Were not gonna look at Hollow heart were gonna pick it up off the ground oh my gosh were almost dead dont donate dont greet yourself to death there we go magic wand evolved wand evolved and Arcana lets go um lets go attract orb thats fine the last thing we want to get is duplicator and were good agnala here I come Im coming to Free you uh Santa water sure Music Im coming hey dont die I think we have enough damage were on normal mode even though were on hurry like were still pretty high level I think I think were good foreign holy one is just incredibly powerful as an evolve this early before you have curse and stuff once you have curse then its less good but its still one shots most things even late into uh non-cursed games there we go duplicator we got everything we wanted its a dream life can be a dream all right keep going it is wonderful this is correct foreign yeah were we got 20 minutes to finish this level were gonna be fine I could die and still make the time I think and were gonna Crush crush the bone zone now Were Not Gonna evolve the cross though this is unfortunately not in the cards for us this time its a sad story weep if you must were almost to pagnawa I might not even be able to evolve the whip anything thats even close to evolving not really at all uh just keep getting whip maxed oh theres a chest you grab the chest even oh triple nice that helps whats the bone Zone strategy uh we unlock martasio and Porta and then we take Porta in with uh bone and more bone and lightning and we just kill it quickly foreign capella Magna and uh also to get us another Arcana a pretty good one too autumn Music Music I actually dont know I dont know if um if if you can collect the characters before the whip is now maxed apparently somebody said something funny I didnt get to see it nobody ever tells me the funny jokes okay ax was not ready to evolve D that was good ax evolved your princess is in another Castle oh have people not seen the Mario joke before is that was that with the funny I just take Wings there I did just take Wings there whoops can we get to hollow heart I think probably not but we can try we have a lot of damage this is the Synergy with the low projectile speed and uh death spiral you can make the train a death spiral train of death dude things just got real spicy real fast how close are we to the heart very far away very far from the heart uh bigger theres the red gem grab it uh candle water handle firewatch oh we could have gotten the last Santa water its fine its fine fire one home thats what Im talking about okay uh Santa water love it okay now we can evolve Music okay lets go let me through game we got places to be lollygagging here cruising were cruising nice I mean the mummies just melt now ax just has way too much damage but I still dont know even if we like v-line for it oh were pretty close were pretty close actually oh we got a chest this way uh how much do we need for okay fire wands already ready to evolve here we go thatll help uh more cross there we go we will get the hollow heart but not if it kills me we will stop if its going to kill me dont rock into flowers need thats the only rule no flower walking okay we have a chest there already too its super close Hollow heart is right down here we can run back through the chest cross grab it oh were so close damn it nice lets go camera how far the chest was right here nice theres the boss too no were not gonna be able to get six but well try to get as many as we can wait this would be no we wouldnt have a cross nice Music okay were about 13 minutes ahead oh my gosh I mean I appreciate the gold I just needed Clover yeah I dont have enough time were not close to Clover its quite clear across the whole level all right lets go and quit excellent okay so now we gotta do moongalo and mangala we want pagnala lets grab um more area a little bit of regen some more Mite a little bit of armor and were good yes I know this is really difficult to get to mangalo Piper lets go Music and we want this we want this we want this this and Crown and thats it the crown and were good okay thats all we want now hes gotta live uh you can skip 5x chests if you get enough chests oh I didnt unlock him yet I need to Ill have to spend all the money to unlock him later oh whoops didnt do my uh Im there now I split going oh burn everything burn get them all foreign guns we go more I dont know what else we want for weapons here Music foreign Music we want to try to evolve the gun so itll help us with our kill speed but safe uh fire wand is fine nice foreign Music or guns now were basically on time so we have to do this before 2 18 were gonna be way ahead of that I think were four and three right now with uh gun levels Ive been three no Mr Krabs but also kill all these guys and um nice Tom or guns Music very nice going more axes definitely not going to get pentagram in this map guns okay were getting there I think were doing really well right now its very quickly were about halfway through a duplicator first uh evolvable chest is at nine minutes I believe guns level seven around okay brush these guys too our guns what are we at now eight and five were very very close I cant I dont think this crab also evolves yet I think its the next one Music but just to be extra safe just wait and get it once we have the other levels of the guns just in case its getting the Evolve as early as possible extremely valuable Music nice going get the freeze Nate go get the freeze ax guns fire one were so close Music oh were so close this is when you really really want the lasers Music oh burn them thats what Im talking about get them get them all for one away Music really were one away to me kidding me game Music why you do this grab this one guns love it okay now we can have all the guns and we got tome there we go the crown nice Music did the bouncing Fireballs were so good cross would be good to get here too me out of there dont die to the eyeballs Nate the eyeballs are vicious theyre vicious creatures Music its better than two guns eight lasers thats what I want to see more utter Devastation big fan of utter Devastation grab this Kill Them All or spinach Ross okay fire wand we cannot die oh wait no we actually can die we have uh tiragisu would not begin the world if we died also Im pretty sure thats the uh Arcana here anyway Id really prefer to not die if we can help it because the extra damage from not dying would be great heres some chicken now were good were almost there though we only have to last for another like a minute we want it dark Music foreign Music what do we have left uh two more levels fire wand I think were there though oh we died no bueno but to kill all these things get um pick them out okay were good foreign Music we just go Music nice foreign Music foreign Music Music got it five thousand more gold uh we dumped that into lets get uh projectile speed luck decoration some more of that pagnala into capella Magna on hurry mode with arcanas lets go hey great time foreign for just over two hours and uh and like I think I think well probably Crush grab this guy you a candle theres a chest over here excuse me nice were definitely gonna break three hours I dont think well break two and a half yet though gotta think about how we can refine this even further to get below two and a half hours kind of tough uh axis fine we also want to get here is um the uh duplicator like right away then we gotta head back North and as we go north we grab all of the uh we wait for the different um dudes to get summoned and then we grab immediately the different rosaries on the way up it was faster the problem is is that theyre time based so its really about not dying um limiting your in menu time almost down all the way Tome fantastic the Great Run AFC does rosaries now were gonna grab the duplicator off the ground lets go yummy duplicator right now we want to chill while we wait for the next Reaper to come by the rosary and then we do it again for the next Reaper next one should summon at five minutes do want cooldown maxed very quickly there we go give me that nice a triple did not get any of the guns thats fine guns cant even be evolved yet so I really cant even complain I still have the rosary right here fantastic okay rosarys right up in there were gonna wait for this guy to get up here though so we can Rosary him get him out of here gonna be a minute he doesnt go very fast I dont randomly grab the rosary Nate very important we can grab lightning ring Lightnings great foreign Mr Reaper to make his way up North made the reaper blush not birds dont want Bible I think we could go and theres a lot of things we could go fire wand to be fine lets go attract orb the labor again does not really matter too much what our sixth weapon is apart from needing to make sure it matches one of our accessories guns guns who need more guns Dude Wheres the freaking Reaper its taken forever scans this face cant handle color ouch keep going I mean the reaper is right there hes just chilling though I have to get him to come up here apply more gun very fair dude are you gonna come like Im waiting for you theres a party up here everybodys waiting where where are you what are you doing Music okay are you are you any closer you seem to be stuck my friend oh theres theres a double Reaper its going a little faster now okay we should be able to get him get them both and hot love it love it love it love it all right lets grab stuff and then lets head up North but we gotta go all the way up to grab the uh hiragisu all right foreign just grab this for fun go oh hello thank you for that theres the Arcana Music okay I think I saw the red gem floating in space not particularly helpful for me how far are we were about halfway there now nice with all the blue balls I mean better than red balls if I had to choose one or the other I can tell you which one I would prefer we gotta get a magic wand evolved we are having a tough time getting anywhere right now one says me I did say that thats true it is a factual statement okay ax wants to be leveled I guess whatever going oh there was fire wand I should have grabbed it ax is really like no its my turn magic wand always gets to go first I want to go first for once in my life but just a feeling I totally understand now keep in mind we dont just kill the level 25 boss here we actually have to kill uh we actually have to fight the final boss here as well which should not be difficult last time we just burned through him super quick oh theres another Reaper the one that pretends to give you gems but its a lie the gems are a lie uh spinach come on Im so close uh I dont know Hollow heart I dont really need a bracer I dont need it I dont need it I dont need it did we got two weapons super close to evolving just need to get them leveled up come on gems theyre calling to me very suspicious really really game we need one level of magic wand and were there magic wand there we go theres one ax Music thats gonna be a huge help magic wand or holy wand is really good crap I actually didnt mean to grab that uh uh whip is our final weapon we got hollow heart so might as well get the whip come on Ax if you wanted to be leveled so badly wait how close are is it thats not even close lets just go thank you I see thunderstorm I will keep them up speaking up keeping up lets go we gotta run we gotta train to catch its a train to tiragisu up into my guides oh theyre straight up I thought that I was higher than I was sorry I thought that I was more north than I was come on crush him almost there I think were still good were doing a lot of damage with just holding one alone really want to get the fire as well like I think we could just grab tiragisu and the crown and not worry about like getting extra items here were going to level everything every anyway foreign honestly just grab the crown like just grab the crown grab this chest Music we just need to have it evolve before we fight the final boss thats really important dont kill that guy yet I guess he would just give me intercon up but anyway dont kill him yet we are such a low level I guess we havent killed as many things as I thought we had catch you next time okay were ready to grab tiragisu and an extra crown uh maxed out oh no dos uh we maxed out the guns no we still have one more level of guns left we know how we no longer have any levels of guns left lets grab this this is probably the Arcana its fine oh guns we got guns now that ones the Arcana this ones just an ax thats right because we dont get an Arcana and get one more weapon what do we even want to get oh no what works does anything evolved with what we have right now uh uh nothing evolves what we have a fire wand youre totally right so Im watching carefully for fire wand its not coming dude we just got the ultimate Gem of ultimate levels fire wand youd love to see it okay now we can evolve the axes just kidding we can evolve the Thunder Loop anagram no quiet about pentagram I dont want to hear the words pentagram out of anybodys mouth ever again until the next time were gonna do a pentagram run nice okay we should be able to get all of them evolved in time now theres definitely enough chests if our ones ready ax is ready we need to get whip ready and then were good to go and were gonna unlock the Arcana which is really nice for the double double bullets nice get him nice nice ax Music excellent now we can chill we actually dont want to level too much leveling now doesnt increase our damage at all but it does increase uh their health plus we save time if we dont have to do any uh any um like level up screens I think were gonna do it I think sub three hours definitely in the cards for us were gonna be roughly lets see if we take another lets say another six minutes to win were 13 minutes ahead we can kill bone Zone much faster because we actually have a legit strategy I do need to spend money its one thing I need to spend 10 000 coins to unlock um our buddy but Im gonna do that right before the very end well if we need to get one we can just run out and grab one were already almost at the next level theyre gonna get close to me Im holding it just in case but Im still confident still confident okay final wave foreign once the boss appears we can grab the gem and just get a ton of money because all the gems stay on the ground I also grab the chest beneath us and grab the chest fantastic about the only chest we have left heres the red gem theres the red gem theres the red Gem of ultimate power we wait hey grab it thank you because once they appear their health doesnt change now we can just get all the money its really good for my bank account I get them Dodge Dodge now Dodge now Dodge theres some chicken if we need it I dont think we need the chicken though I think were good as is surprised we didnt get the whip evolved though I would have thought we would have gotten one more chest lets grab a chicken real quick money I think I just negated the chicken I got by getting hit by that thats okay get him I can hit him with multiple lasers thats like the ideal excuse me keep hitting him ow come closer friend his can die just cant donate are you tripping were all tripping were doing it together got him Music Music thank you and welcome anybody thats new to the live stream Music the only thing thats attacking right now is my healing Music look get it get it break it no were not gonna break it there we go okay so uh Im going to unlock Porta I guess were going to take Cavallo because we dont have I just need to play Cavallo really quick unlock the cookies then uh we power up we need a thousand gold left thatll leave us with a thousand I guess we dont actually need to get levels here do we oh no we do want it though we do want it because levels increase uh damage um oh we want just pure damage now and a little bit of all that okay all right that looks good oh wait we need a thousand gold Nate that that probably do need move speed I probably want magnet um we probably want projectile speed and then we need to keep a thousand gold left okay lets go uh uh bone Zone we dont turn on hurry mode we do turn on hyper mode on limit break I guess it doesnt really matter and we want Game Killer oh wait we need to buy whereas oh we need to buy him so the timer my bad hold on we need to actually buy the guy totally forgot about that he needs to be there so that we can we can buy him which means we wont be able to buy all that stuff I think we still want to mount uh lets not get any of the crown uh speed a little bit of this this this this this this this this a little bit of that a little bit of oh crap you cant undo I dont need duration I guess I do uh I dont know a little bit of luck okay a little bit more armor and were good for the bone Zone Game Killer lets go Cherry Bomb foreign were still looking really good were 13 minutes ahead its hard because you dont know how much gold youre gonna have so even if you prep it well if you dont get that much gold like you kind of just have to make decisions on the Fly its still way faster by the way than my last attempt there we go straight down Well normally I do it with bones but I never unlocked mortacio which is crazy to me I thought for sure we would have unlocked him with the amount of skeletons we killed but I guess not yeah with Game Killer its really wild and were about to find him where is he right on top of us go oh thats probably right huh thats fine as long as we have one of them it doesnt matter which one we have foreign I dont do the Konami Code though I dont its codeless its cheatless this my run is if I dont even want to do that they can but Im not going to dont let him get fed thats the most important thing we dont want him to get fed okay in a minute were gonna have to break away because we really really really really dont want him to absorb a boss that would be very bad for us so were gonna let him roll for a while you know grab the boss well you cant even type in all the passwords until after youve killed this guy in the bone zone so there is a limit to it but I just personally dont like it all right where is he great right dont let him absorb ahead of him got it all right guys uh lets take Melba yeah lets take a Melba just just pick the character name its not hard there we go okay the three hour is definitely within reach Music go oh controller movement sometimes messes us up Music Music we can take Porta now its tickling now its fine doesnt really matter just go here we go its time Music nice Music cross cross is good because it sweeps anything that has a sweeping attack is going to be really good for us for guns Music Kidder nice across fire wand does not penetrate at all Hellfire does which is why Hellfire is like really really good and fire wand is absolute garbage but throwing skulls at me you jerk what did I do to deserve that Music you brought skulls to a gun fight what are you thinking get some chicken Music got it foreign Music can bounce but you cant take our condos into the final fight its an arconalist fight lets go nice Music foreign Music faster projectiles is okay and we got double hands on the right No Hands on the left anymore hey or bracer music is hyped Music home love it Music keep in mind this this boss fight you can lose but it is scripted so things happen based on certain times I dont believe its based on the damage that you do yeah so right now were yeah there we go Music nice got him okay now we go to stage two this is the stage where like you can get freaked out pretty easily because theyll one shot you a whole bunch and it makes you think like youre gonna die but actually youre not gonna die oh vacuum Dont Mind If I Do foreign you can die from those shots though but uh yeah those are the hand will like bring a Reaper on top of you and itll kill you thats only if you have extra revives if you dont have any extra revives you dont have to stress apart from just dodging these shots so you dont just get punked by it non-reapers going bigger bigger and bigger gun balls now Im saying that the the that when the Reapers come and kill you that only happens if you have revives if you dont have any revives the Reapers dont come like I didnt have any Reapers come during that whole segment because I dont have any revives come on Applause you stop let me relax for just a second Music ouch oh dont die oh the Dodges did you see that that was like some Charlie Chaplin standing in the window right then thinking tiragisu doesnt do anything correct Music all right now were good oh wait crap theres one more Reaper Oh no just kidding ah anybody get fooled by that foreign did Charlie Chaplin do the same thing though I know Buster Keaton did Buster Blues I guess Im getting it mixed up lurking until you heard that thats fair what the hell hes getting old black and white actors wrong who is this Music I mean that was thats just a fake out to like make you think you lost right then all right you guys ready and foreign Music Music 43 minutes not bad not bad I definitely think a two hour 30 minute is possible pretty good pretty pretty good that was a huge Improvement thats like 30 minute more than 30 minutes of improvement 35 minutes of improvement nice and also we have a whole bunch of money now 30 minute Improvement good times and definitely theres room for improvement like I think I think easily you can find 13 minutes and mistakes that I made and like more efficient leveling and stuff like that I hope I dont know let me see I mean 13 minutes is a lot its a lot of minutes but I think maybe we could uh trim at least down to I mean 240 is definitely possible 30 13 minutes anyway thats gonna do it for tonight guys uh thanks for watching hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you next time see how to reinstall steam and keep games I think there is definitely the possibility of a 2 1/2 hour run, but it would have to be pretty precision perfect without a significantly better route. ---------------------------------------------- Support the Channel! -- Subscribe: -- Become a Member for Perks: -- Become a Patron: -- Check me out on Twitch: -- Follow me on Twitter: -- Chat with me and other viewers on Discord: ----------------------------------------------- Mow thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn! 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