Im Not Ready for This Game (Vampire Survivors)

Steamed shrimp recipeinstant pot steamed fish VAMPIRE SURVIVORS gameplay all right so were gonna play vampire survivors for the first time ever so hopefully chat helps me out a little bit so I can play I cannot play I need to unlock them for gold so theres a bunch of players but I can only play as Antonio he gains 10 percent more damage every 10 levels Max 50 okay lets roll with it gains more damage every 10 levels okay uh I am oh okay so Im moving Im moving around and the goal is to survive for like 20 minutes its my first time so if you if you havent seen this yet just brace yourself its gonna be its gonna be a tight learning curve Im just bleeding out of the the gills here okay that okay thats weve weve done something so we filled up our bar and now we get to pick something and this is where I think I need chance help I can get Im running out of time no no I dont know wait oh did chat pick what happened I dont know okay I literally dont know what happened but we are now we got a book we got a we got a holy book or maybe youre not meant to take this chat selection light sources jelly swarm or pile assault wait you guys get to vote are you guys do you get to vote in the chat about what enemies are coming so you can make it very hard or very easy on me if you know what those enemies are is that whats happening all right people are voting hey weve somehow enabled twitch to to do it all right all right lets see if I how you know what okay all right we made it one minute and one second okay so that was that was run number one it was a little bit brutal that was okay but all right we learned a lot so that is my without any knowledge thats how good I am so lets do something here lets run a prediction and the prediction is or not the prediction a yeah lets start a prediction wait somebody has a prediction in here will I live for five minutes okay yes or no I will give you two minutes to vote on this and I think this will be lets see so so far our our current PB is one minute and one second new achievement look I mean Im great I got an achievement survive one minute with any character I unlocked to the hollow heart Im incredible wait Im so good at this game but will I survive for five minutes on the next run okay heavy heavy doubt okay actually way too much belief actually insane amounts of belief okay but then if you get a vote for Monsters you actually get to I guess you can mess with it you can make monsters harder or easier depending on if you want me to to win or lose or something you could somehow influence it now I just need to be very safe I understand that theres way too many Believers in the chat well just be safe okay well just keep on the outside oh I gotta look at you so I ah were bleeding already okay okay okay okay okay okay okay if you look at if you glance and chat for a second you kind of just die instantly I gotta get up to like a level whats this little crossbone over here okay twitch selection Rosary shooting star roulette all right I hope gambling okay all right were seeing some votes come in were seeing some votes come in how do I kill anything maybe I dont have to kill anything maybe I can just literally run around for five minutes I suspect that you need to kill things to get enough level UPS to be able to survive but I kind of like him its kind of not easy to kill with this weapon I gotta hate this weapon oh okay weve done something and now we gotta be fast the Bible is what we have it didnt do much high damage hi okay give me that give me the number two how do I pick it increase your luck for a chance to get four choices how do I increase my luck okay I somehow got the Bible and everybodys surrounding me wait what is happening its a shooting star ah wait you guys helped me kill the monsters thank you oh but theyre getting stronger oh no as that I I can hardly handle the bats how do I honestly pick uh Shields fire just fire at people generate damaging zones I dont I dont know give me something how do I pick wait honestly how do I even pick its just giving me random stuff I dont even know how to pick this you dont pick Im in twitch mode ah you guys are picking for me all right well thats good hopefully theres some vampire Survivor fans that that know what I need are these these guys must be much stronger I got this little thing thats shooting out now light sources Panic time or jelly wall okay okay were making it to five minutes it doesnt seem insanely possible but we have hit a PB all right I think the secret is just not to be greedy I just keep my dis this thing is insane wait whatever weapon I got now its its crazy were almost to the thing lets just get a couple more things okay so okay you guys pick for me I understand you can more Health fire up projectile or high damage what do we what are we gonna get here all right lets see does it tell me what I gotta I got a Bible another we got two Bibles now and then the Bible no no no no no no no no no no what that was literally a boss are you serious where did all those all those from what was that thats not fair at the two minute mark it just gets insanely impossible okay well we we did not we lost okay Im sorry that everybody thought that I would win that lets choose the outcome uh that was a hard no that was literally the hardest no ever but well run the prediction again okay uh lets see will I live for five minutes now you see that its its its doubtful but maybe we can make it okay now I survived for two minutes hey last time we survived one minute this time we last two minutes so you know what 20 runs of this and were gonna be there all right I guess how do I get this guy 10 gold I have 10 gold so I could now buy Imelda and gain 10 more experience every five levels all right sure lets get Imelda and lets were running a meldo okay if you got your votes in just know Im running a Melda all right lets see what shes got oh she shoots this thing like directly at people oh thats kind of nice okay and then I can see this becoming like really okay okay we got to avoid the early the Early blunders theres no need to blunder upon early on in the game okay all right lets lets keep lets keep crushing these guys all right this is it easy level very little damage okay this is great were 22 seconds in Santa water Laurel or ax I dont know you guys tell me what I need all right were running an ax lets see what the ax does whoa oh and its high damage but its really slow and comes out like whenever okay no dont pick go swarm wait so you guys can like just actually kill me or you can give me like free good stuff all right which one was it which one what are we what are we doing what are you guys you guys swarm no no Music dont even go up against the level two boss section its probably not even a boss section all right one minute in were going solid here okay more Bibles some water or a wand itd be cool to have a wand my wants me up to level two thats pretty sick okay lets go we got the one no not the sword I go its too much wait it doesnt stop I have to actually kill it I am never gonna kill no Im never gonna kill it what were you guys doing uh doubters all you doubters come on man Im too slow to escape I need a speed boost Im too slow and then we got all these other zombie nonsense hey but we got a lot of money okay we got a lot of money luck boost all right do we want a whip some spinach or a knife its all kind of the same to me so lets see what we get a lot of people go in spinach raises inflicted damage by 10 thats pretty sweet okay we got some spinach uh we gotta get like we need like another level before the two minute Mark or this is probably gonna be impossible do not pick ghost swarm you guys Im like literally gonna die anyway warm what do you what do you boost luck boost that sounds great luck boost sounds great shooting star I think is a good thing too but look look boost that that sounds pretty safe okay Ill take safe okay now okay two minutes here they come here they come ah oh lucky I thought I died I got luckier no no no okay oh what is that wait what is that its telling me to go there I want to make it okay were gonna make it were gonna make it were gonna make it lets go open it up hey look at is this my gold now wait I had 10 gold last time and now I got like hundreds of gold Im rich ah Im so rich all right sweet and what I got all these things spinach and then we got we got some eggs all right and look at this oh were killing it this is gonna be our record for sure we can get some armor a Bible or a hollow heart so armor another orbiting thing or some more health lets see well take another Bible all right were pretty we love the Bible but how come my Bible is an X wheres my Bible I have an ax is this food oh yes theres food I was just thinking like I need a way to get some health back lets go a Bible a wand or an ax look its all good everything whatever you give me here you cant mess me up even if you wanted to but why does it always say increase my look for a chance to get four choices ah so I have more luck I got like an insane amount of luck all right a candy box a flower wall or a shooting star hopefully those things are good people want the candy people want the shooting star look were gonna make it to three minutes for sure it is getting a little congested up in here all right were going to circle back around to try to grab some of these some of these things here okay all right get off me stay off me all right lets go what was that was that a good thing what was the candy box looks like they got shot but nobody died all right skeletons okay you guys are you guys are kind of too strong youre strong and the strong guys dont drop more gems than a regular a box wait I dont want to accept candy it could be a stranger allow you to choose any unlocked base weapon okay how about I get it and I get to pick oh wait I didnt I thought I was gonna get some information okay I grabbed the whip I thought I was gonna be able to read about it okay whip is crazy though okay I love I love the whip all right light sources Ecto swarm well that does not sound good hey I got some gold all right level me up three and a half minutes were gonna make it Believers have a chance what do we want to do here I guess I dont you cant mess me up on these right everything is like good all right lets grab some more gold all right although like at that four minute Mark is a bunch of like just insane goons about the pop out this character is crazy too whats this thing money all right lets all right this is fun this is where its all coming together well probably just win the game oh it went no no no no no no you cannot be serious this is the Ecto SWAT no youre there faster than me no no I cant escape theyre too fast oh theyre all dead oh theyre theyre horrible they have a short lifespan I hope they left a lot of gems behind King Bible Whip or hallowed heart lets lets go it looks like people are voting for The Bible you guys love the Bible but oh and it actually is a Bible its not an ax anymore all right cool we got our Bible Im trying to get that gold because Im greedy so the gold must last like into ah food yes yes yes the gold must last into like the the other levels so I can unlock Future characters right ooh a pet what I want a pet hey vote for Pat I wont influence all of your choices but vote for pet that sounds cool do not vote for Ecto swarm oh and more food more food look were boosting up were making it to five minutes and were going all the way I think to my vote for pet I want to see it I hope its a chicken all right lets go lets go once I get my pet well just were gonna lock this up Believers I got some great news what was it a pet whats my pet okay so dont eat that turkey yet wait Im locked in Im locked in wait we made it five minutes but no I got I got trapped I got literally trapped but Im trapped in here with a turkey oh this is like a boss its a praying mantis all right thats thats fine Ill just keep collecting all this stuff but if I dont kill her in time I get like I I die I suppose I guess I gotta focus on this boss probably a little bit harder whip Santa water or armor what does Santa water honestly do it keeps popping up like Im curious about it I feel oh Im free I feel like Santa water is something thats like actually like probably insanely good if you know what youre doing but but since I dont know what it is I dont know not the Medusa smore anything else whats the you know come on vote for the roulette what could roulette be that could be anything oh a chest was that the boss I killed is that where I get the chest is that makes sense can I get there can I get there okay well get there well get there give me that chest oh no Im circled back in but wait what what oh no wait kill the bad guys wait blow up the bad guys this could be great I cant get the chest oh no it does AOE damage that could be huge I feel like that is like so maybe Santa water is like the most goaded thing wait the candles they explode I cant I cannot get this treasure chest but they dont blow up the enemies or they do I think theyre blowing up enemies trap them so I so I could trap them I cant get to this its a stupid chest I trapped them next to the candles and then they all blow up and Im crazy all right shooting star is a good thing right Gold Fever you guys are not voting for Gold Fever you gotta think longer term okay in the future we could really use that hey look how lucky we got four choices whip magic wand King bipolar ax oh gosh um all right Magic One lets go ah wait I took a lot of damage hey we got the chest open it up here we go 49 well dude were about to win the game lets go 127 gold so were crazy we got another wand it appears magic wand base damage up by 10. all right cool have you guys heard about uh Gold Fever you guys ever hear about the Gold Rush its pretty cool right any fans any 49er fans in here Gold Fever wait what is do I have to get get the gold where get no fall on me fall on me did I am I getting gold oh Im rich wait did I didnt get very much or did I I gotta fill up the bar how do I fill up the bar I cant all right hey you know what 120 bucks thats a good days work in my book lets keep going wait Im so crazy nobody can kill me though all right fire breathing Im fire breathing or theyre fire breathing Panic time what no no no no no no no no no no all right I dont think were voting for panic time so thats good spinach hollowed harder armor no matter what you do Im getting more damage or Im getting more health or Im getting some armor okay this all sounds great all right more damage ooh like a boss thing this probably drops a chat and were so strong now holy cow were like insanely strong and were rich that stop voting for C okay dont vote for panic time give me some more wands give me 180 gold were crazy with it were insane all right were done all right what in the world did you guys vote for please tell me like whoa fire breathing like a dragon not panic time yeah what is yeah fire I am fire breathing Im crazy lets go you helped me chat loves me oh thank goodness oh theres even green ones okay so theres different look that was crazy so Im the fire breather that was amazing thank you Chad very nice chat wait theres a thing ax armor or Kings Bible I guess its just King Bible oh wait level three is even crazier base speed and bass area so the bibles are faster presumably as the bibles are faster not me get me down here get me down here get me down here get me down get me down lets go a nice little Rosary to go with my Bible probably not like a dragon swarm that wouldnt that wouldnt make a whole lot of sense people a super chest lets go I get three things and a lot of money over 420 lets go 500 600 727 lets go what the oh what oh Im I mean look if I cant win this I dont even know what to tell you I almost wish you would try to sabotage me I bet you cant a dragon swarm they got no chance man Im not even worried about it Im not even sweating I dont even know what a pile of salt is okay were going pretty heavy into the dragon swarm okay well I probably wont regret this all right were lucky were so lucky the whip is pretty crazy but like you guys love the Bible for some reason it is a Sunday so Id understand well I understand why theres a lot of twos in the chat effect lasts like longer and is greater okay cool cool cool all right well okay Ah thats the dragon swarm nice dragon swarm all right literally like the dumbest thing that you guys could have picked if you thought that would sabotage me youre out of your mind actually the the dumbest way to try to kill me armor upgrades ax ah so we gotta theres like synergies so like ah so you gotta know like those energies go ahead do your Crab Fest or jelly wall whatever you guys want man nothing can hurt me anymore I think weve reached the point where its just like you know at some point nothing can even hurt you anymore you just become kind of invincible were just kind of insane at the game right now you guys you guys probably love your Bible go ahead pick your Bible all right lets just keep the Bible pumping it seems to be working it seems fully capable of knocking everything out so far maybe its not a one-hit KO though anymore on these little bat guys thats its doing what no no no no are you serious get me out give me out just just okay bleed bleed bleed bleed bleed give me out theyre still coming theyre still coming no no no no no no no thats too much the crabs they killed me hey okay all right well 10 minutes I guess chat did it I was just crushing it on my own whos Invincible okay so Chad did find a way find five floor chickens ah those are chickens I found them and I ate them look at that dude we knocked out like everything though and well pay out the Believers while we get like literally every achievement in the game rolling in okay will we live for five minutes Yeehaw a lot more than five okay were gonna have to increase the prediction well start a prediction will I live for 10 minutes also High Quello I saw in the chat will I live for 10 minutes is the new the new prediction its still coming man its still coming I just I got so many achievements Im too good now what are these ah wait so I can buy power-ups how much do they cost 200. oh but Im so rich wait okay so you guys youre gonna make your predictions but you dont actually know what Im gonna do ah ah okay its all its all making sense its all starting to make sense so lets so this is like a permanent upgrade so I could get forever faster forever mightier ah okay so what do I need what is like I think I need more damage more greed gain more gold or I can invest in economy do I just do i max out on Greed because then I get more gold per rank which will mean Ill get gold faster okay so well get at least one of those but then maybe theres other characters that I should buy you know what I think like a sensible well just well be like kind of sensible give me like a little bit more elf well invest you know what I think moving faster actually would be kind of useful okay and thats all well buy there then if we save up we can get projectiles get 10 faster every five levels but we can get anybody we want all right well give me this person were gonna run with a third person and then well hopefully get enough gold we can run with the next guy I forgot this persons name but were running it lets see your weapon Im already hit all right cool Health doesnt matter well maybe if you dont get hit it might matter to me all right so this thing is like amazing but you have to aim at them okay I understand the difficulty here because Im never like aiming at them Im always running away from them so its hard to hit them a whip a magic wand or Santa water ah and heres all my stats so I guess you guys cant quite see all my stats she was stuck she got stuck all right sorry the Believers like shes she just she stinks okay shes really bad maybe she probably I think shes probably got a lot of potential I can see this down the line being good but at the moment we havent quite we havent quite corrected I like the the second one a lot more the second guy was a lot nicer please you guys were gonna die what do you guys got all your all your points on doubt or something whip Laurel or knife the whip has been kind of crazy so thatd be cool but but you literally cant mess me up okay give me a whip yeah lets go all right whip is Cool Whip is cool so now Im attacking like well Im basically just attacking when Im looking at you if I look at you youre dead do I need to like bravely run into you no my weapons are too slow oh gosh oh gosh theres just too many I dont think Ive leveled up here fast enough oh oh the shooting star so I stay close to him and the shooting star just does all the work for me lets go a fire wand Fires at a random enemy deals heavy damage lets get on fire wand that sounds insane Empire wand all right lets see it all right lets shoot it ah take that oh oh we got some more of these guys coming oh get shooting stars all right thats cool oh so it shoots like two things of fire thats pretty sweet all right uh dragon swarm yeah not likely to not likely to mess up a guy like me weve seen how weak it is lets go Rune Tracer base damage by five base speed by 20 okay thats pretty cool but whatever whatever chat needs I just like the new stuff just to kind of just to kind of see it so room Trace its just purely like I do more damage and a little bit faster faster is great faster is amazing right now lets collect all of this stuff I feel like Im gonna get to the point at some point where Im like so strong but I just like I run towards the enemy instead of away from them but I still feel like what light sources are those good or bad what do light sources do all right well we might be dead but not yet we get to vote one more time ooh new oh so Santa water it says new because weve never picked it even though its always been an option nobody ever likes nobody likes Santa water off would you mind would I be interested in in co-hosting for the place I dont work at probably not look Im gonna be honest probably not gonna co-host at the place that I dont work at anymore but Im probably gonna just play vampire survivors on my own I have died that was not good that was not the best run but I I kind of blamed the character and not not me all right well Im sorry to say if you believed in me that time you made a You made a bed decision there was a lot of doubters okay lets lets exchange a lot of people were wise to doubt me well run it again will I live for 10 minutes and maybe we can get 500 thats not enough to get the new person put me back at Imelda and lets see if we can do a little bit better so this seemed to work the best it just shoots like random like no matter where I am this one is great because I dont have to like look at them it just kind of it shoots at them no matter what so I assume that other character is like good it has like long-term potential to be like insanely strong but this one its just its on my level right now ooh fire wand whip Santa water theyre all new it says that we havent had any of them we had the fire wand before and weve had the whip all right see it to rush all right lets keep going lets just get lets get back to 10 minutes when we get to 10 minutes I mean come on a Gold Fever we gotta unlock everything the faster we unlock everything the faster once we max out all our stats I mean I assume the game just becomes a cakewalk the problem is Im just Im not Im not maxed up all right well just keep shooting just nice and slow easy does it would I like to do it no no you dont need to text me again look I heard you the first time Im like a little bit faster now a zombie bat take that oh it was not enough oh that thing is like insane its strong all right so I gotta kill like the little bats theyre a little bit easier to kill ax Santa water or whip what do we want to run lots of twos we might get the Santa water oh were leveling it up oh and then like something flies from the sky wait thats cool ah Santa Waters cool I guess you dont have a lot of like aim on it its just kind of random but its got some some good AOE behind it I can see this hitting a pretty large group free passive bat swarmer Ecto swarm so the Ecto swarm was like god-awful but then they like die right away so it might not be bad if I get a bunch of gems once theyre all dead the bats I guess I guess swarms are good if you can kill them but you know a free passive is a free passive lets see I cant kill any of these guys Im too weak okay all right Ecto swarm it is whoa I dont know any of these things Peach one Pichon and a bracer bombards in a circling Zone give me the bird you guys didnt vote for the bird all right thats fine look at this swarm though I know something about you youre just gonna blow up and die and then Im gonna swoop in oh youre dead ooh give me these oh no it wasnt very much ah no here it is heres the heres the jackpot and nobody theres nobody to fight were all the bad guys magic wand hollowed heart or bracer the bracer is the base speed up by 10 percent people like the magic wand all right magic wand it is magic wands pretty good all right where are all the bad guys I feel like I guess were only two minutes in I took a little damage there bracer Hollow heart or Santa water we got a level two bracer and a it could be a level three Santa water I guess theyre both theyre both pretty good I guess I would vote for Santa water but you guys want the bracer okay were really abrasive fire breathing was insane polter roulette we havent done a roulette yet twin piles I couldnt I could not tell you what that is Max Speed is insane it would be fun to just run around I feel like Im still having Im having a tough time killing things a little bit of damage would would not be such a bad thing at all these basic bats are kind of difficult to deal with but you know if we get fire breathing right here we just we blast all of these this entire Squad down and then we like we get yo lets go okay were crazy were crazy I dont think I can die right like if I actually literally run right at you I cant imagine that I actually die lets go all right were crazy once you get a treasure chest then its its like GG you get one treasure chest and then you like you you just clean up the game look at this money money just goes up money goes Burr 157. and another little magic wand look at that cool cool down reduced love it Laurel spinach or fire wand we dont uh its new for this for the level that were currently at I think thats what it I guess thats what it means Laurel we got some sort of Shield do I need health I I guess I accidentally ran into it so Ill take it all right these guys are too strong so I need more damage clearly I need to invest a little bit heavier into damage if we can one hit KO everybody then the game becomes probably quite trivial all right get your votes in lets lets run a little loop-de-loop around these guys but theres not enough bad guys to like kill right now I feel like the Im so Im so good now I need I need a harder level of difficulty I cant kill enough things fast enough or really I just need more damage because then Id actually be killing stuff all right can I explore the level a little bit theres no like map I assume its not like a round world is the world flat or is it round do I run into a barrier if I go all the way up Im seeing a lot of ghosts the ghosts I can kill maybe this is dumb because I wont actually be getting a lot of the the things Im just kind of exploring Im just trying to see whats up here the little little graveyard sure well take that guy then theres these light sources which must actually do something but who knows what maybe it scares bad guys lets just follow the path chicken Bonanza come on chicken Bonanza I dont care if its bad chicken Bonanza oh it must be the food I bet I just get a bunch of food which I actually though need at the moment but come on chicken Bonanza all right were gonna make it to five minutes I cant wait man its gonna be a bonanza all right lets take this uh Bonanza all right and now were circled in theres this boss so we just its quite easy we just avoid eating the chickens for as long as like we can and we got a bonanza which apparently means three chickens all right four chickens I dont know if if you would call that a bonanza but you know what its a lot of food so Im gonna stay in this area hopefully work on this boss pack here hopefully avoid accidentally eating a chicken well get a chest Im pretty sure chests are what its all about well stay near the chickens all right its a skull score swarm seems to come then I think maybe well well need to eat the well need to eat the chicken sooner rather than later but lets go we leveled up again what is my total level there should be a way we got ah okay so I can see so we got some extra greed so far some extra growth some extra speed okay we got some incredible things going on oh even more chickens all right once this this boss dies and we get a super chest all right what did we get a free passes go get it though okay this is that heart thing this is extra Health lets go augments my health by 20 percent sweet all right nice try swarm so if youre strong enough to kill those swarms you must get like an insane amount of gems and level up pretty quickly here we need to be a lot stronger before level 10. and we need uh we need a we need a crab list run its actually too insane but look I cant kill these things everybodys too strong all right were going with a Medusa swarm okay all right bring it on I know the secret to the Swarms its it it its its called ABM just always be moving as long as Im always running up it seems like things things dont seem to get me very much come on its like its hard to kill but were doing good at the seven minute War okay all right okay were gonna take a little damage here were not oh theres a chest I gotta they got a circle back but the Swarm all right we gotta trick him uh just dodge that and then that all right all right all right were gonna get the chest though were just running were running straight oh I crowned all right we might die here but were running straight for that chest were going straight for the chest put a little crown on my head I think nope we got the magic wand okay we just barely got it we need a chicken ASAP a little a little chicken would probably be yummy right about now 158 gold and a sword okay its pretty sweet okay all right as soon as this is done I need to go oh ah yes were out all right wheres my Bonanza of chickens they didnt disappear did they all right we survived I did where did my chickens go ah theres one okay yeah yeah there should be a bonanza lets go okay so I dont even want the other one yet but I but if I miss getting the chicken then I actually end up running into a giant horde of enemies all right well were fine were fine were fine are we killing things not really not fast enough not quite fast enough I dont want the the chickens yet the chickens are a vital element of surviving but these guys The Horde is kind of on top of the chickens I need to lure them up away from the chickens so that we can run down and get them when we need them this is the roulette okay uh blow up on the guys okay so I gotta get them close to the edge but I also dont want it to blow up on me all right that did very little to the the bad guys I run close to it and then they blow up ah it blow up the Swarm that was not not excellent but you know what it was fine okay come down here guys come down here oh is it getting a little hot in here get blown up Laurel ax or knife or or knife is on level three why do we have such a high level knife is that like the dumbest thing we got some more Laurel this is like the cool down thing I think that helps a lot okay were gonna we got we gotta set the record here we got all those chickens we can go back for foreign lets go wait did you guys somehow oh did I eat one I didnt mean to eat one look were killing things were actually killing things an imp swarm I wish you would I wish you would try me but you know a free passive also might might also do the trick look were crazy we dont even have to move uh a free passive okay all right all right well just navigate we got it skull oh Maniac increases enemy speed Health quantity and frequency wait what wait what why would I take it like literally why would I take it oh cause you get more enemies right Im not ready for that but the idea is that you get more enemies so you can get because youre just a maniac you just start like a higher level of gamer that that wants a harder challenge I understand Im not were not on that level yet lets beat the game like once and then well oh what the heck is that a good thing all right lets get this radioactive fire breathing oh where are they were insane wait theyre all wait what are you guys doing why are you just the end of the road all right well they were just kind of chilling there Santa water bracer or King Bible I think I know what Chad is going to vote for it is a Sunday but you know what Santa water die die die die die die die you guys are Im so weak if you guys literally Stood Still I still couldnt even kill you thats how weak I am okay well get me out of this were gonna take a little damage there oh a pet all right were gonna make it to 10 minutes this is where it gets tough oh theres something up here theres something up here all right were gonna make it to 10 minutes were the best what a pet what the heck is that giant mantis all right we got some treasure and its a three lets go all right so were gonna get like an insane amount of gold and then we get three things hopefully we get we get a little bit of stronger all right sounds like a certain place of former employment is having a having some struggles must be tough without me lets go here oh no wait what the crabs no wait was that you guys no literally no and Im stuck Im trapped in the Box I cant get out of here what are you guys doing to me all right give me some something give me something good here I gotta fight off these the crab Army okay some Santa Waters Santa water seems to be like pretty good how am I not taking more damage get me out Im out Im out Im out I got out I got out I got out okay Ive lost complete theres a thing theres a thing well just take it okay I dont know if its necessary but well take it another chicken Bonanza come on the chicken Bonanza if you hit me with the Krebs you gotta at least give me the chicken Bonanza somehow the they were not as menacing this time the first time the crabs were going insane I feel like I cant kill anything but somehow the okay thats well maybe there are a lot of crabs I was gonna say its like I guess maybe theres not a lot of Krebs but I think theres actually a lot of crabs please never text me again summon Knights wait no what are you guys voting for a bonanza come on yeah wait were actually running get the chicken just okay hey were crazy we survived the chicken Bonanza saved us but this is this is not looking good if we cant kill anything I gotta be honest this is not looking very good we did make it 10 minutes but that if we never kill anything ever again I think were kind of sunk all right were never were never killing anything its all on you Chad I need your your help you gotta give me something good because Im Im just out here trying to survive please stop texting me come on just weave weave Ive done a lot of football I played a lot of football in my day you think I cant just weave through the hole just find it I need some more blocking out here the a gap theyre shooting through the a gap I know who the mic is knife bracer or magic wand all right I dont know what would even help me but oh well take a magic wand all right get out just get out here theres a big gap theres a big gap it gets too hard but hey we said a PB find an oral login we we did that we got some Santa water to level four and we held six different weapons at once okay cool and most importantly we made the Believers happy and with that we are going to end at least this first video but stay tuned for more vampire survivors so let me know what you think of it subscribe family friendly steam games I Played Vampire Survivors for the first time and it didnt go well.♟️Nakhmanson Gambit Chessable Course: ♟️Save 10% on Chessup products: MAIN CHANNEL: Twitch: Discord: Lichess: Support my content: cafe games steam humble bundle free steam games pso2 steam deck steam dlc unlocker animated steam avatar