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Steam definition educationworms steam VAMPIRE SURVIVORS Could this game be the successor to brotato? You can find out in this video, because when I checked my emails yesterday evening, I had an email from a Turkish indie game developer studio called Last Byte, who said in the email that they had made a game what all vampires survivors are like, which is sort of potato-like, no, but its still a close beta, so I got a key from it, thank you very much, and this game Im talking about is called Swan Grinder, but what exactly is it because the game is so special you control how many opponents in front of the drops you almost onto such an alien infested platform but the aliens are not there yet because the aliens are like in small eggs because there are a lot of hexagons and some of these hexagons, I think the others are stones are eggs and if you break these eggs by pushing yourself through them, you basically hatch ese aliens and dont attack your goal is to get to 25 small mining spots where you then have to place yours Dont continue and you have to be careful because every weapon drains you of fuel and if your fuel runs out then your life will be lost so then the weapon draws your life empty because the weapons need fuel and you get this fuel by being aliens by the way, this is my second channel, so if you wanted to support me, be sure to subscribe and like this video, which a lot of people will see and even more blatant content will happen here, have fun with the video, thats the game currently only available in English but we have written to the developers that it will probably also be available in German soon ar should we go in a new game and thats now thats kind of the maps so as I said its still a Klaus Peter up to date so we have to find 25 were too small canisters where we basically have to drill in and for each station exactly which we then sort of clear says here we get three skill options, one of which we can choose at the beginning, which are actually still a question mark. There is then another map, but it is still tempting so thats us we re this little Mac if now space press oh Gatling Gun weve already played a few rounds and Ill tell you so much its not that easy so Im being honest the thing is just we always get you see below right currently we are getting six fuel per second so here, er, another one right down there, currently we are getting six fuel per second deducted and ic h have nt quite got the hang of what I should do now, yes, because if I do the more weapons I get, so to speak, the more fuel will be deducted from me if I say okay, Ill leave things lying around, which would potentially work Ill get basically less fuel deducted and can collect it later but somehow look now I collect it plus three fuel a second that means we are now with new fuel a second and the critters just dont drop that much that means if I come in here now I go especially when I want to clear a wave or something, it s kinda really weird, but thats cool, which is why I say you can leave the potential there, um look here, by all means, then lets go, Ill just do it now Building is nt bad for movement either, but right at the beginning its not that important in cells, uh, if we just upgrade things then youll be fine This number isnt high, but were still getting stronger. That means what I was thinking about or trying to do with the chat was that wed say okay, lets leave things and shreds over there first to potentially collect them again later, uh update we never collected ourselves later, were just trying to go a little more towards damage here movement speed but somehow it s not really right for me it did nt really click youre super dependent on what you end up with of course i think that makes the game somehow at the end of the day and especially but now look at gettling here for example now its like this we already have the bouncing effect and when we have three full then theres a special thing that means I would now simply go to movement speed for science, which of course I can absolutely use so dont get me wrong um to then potentially be able to say that the next time we see a Gatling well get this special thing I really want to see it I hope we can make it through the round now Ive just groofed myself a bit with the waves its still a bit of a thing because at the beginning youre just not that strong and youre super dependent on what you get, of course, no, I already said that um and then suddenly many people come and I find up to now just hardcore in thats really awesome thats just the speed no thats really because now we can just circle around here and were completely full of fuel thats awesome were really really fast now thats it always a mistake that I keep making simply meant it does nt work at all that YOU dont make the mistake Ill show you again we are oversplitted exactly like that and now a gatling gun please please please no sir look and now we just have to take another one again or how skipping hold I give now pay attention whoops I just stood still for too long that was totally stupid above all 10 seconds ago we were still oversprayed and now were empty again so you cant really chill you have to go in immediately and thats kind of a thing now because the critters dont drop anything great either look what should I do then it doesnt drop No fuel, I just dont get any fuel, that means the game doesnt give me enough to survive and the more I keep it clean, its not possible, you know what I mean, thats the aspect I dont really feel yet er, but the developers also wrote in, hey, its still the Klaus Beta, so if you have any feedback, feel free to send it to me, um, from there I would love to write your feedback in the comments, I would collect it for real and just send it over from the point of view that they are so correct and simply make them available because they are dressed in mine, the Ems said hey are Turkish in the developer studio Are you in the mood and I said hey send it over Games looks interesting so next round come back in I hope I found the air conditioning pretty cool so far but you have to upgrade it so that it gets better you can see here I can As I said, always increase my range and then, so to speak, here it is, as I said, the brotato effect is a bit too Vampire Survivor Digger I was just lost and thought Im not my genre and I just thought like that now We can increase the area here, but also the movement speed, but I think increasing the area first is not so bad but unfortunately I have to admit that Im so brotato and thats not my job at all and Im actually mega so more of a shooter player I would say but right now through all the things with Maxim Im incredibly keen on getting me a bit more to do in this area now again the question do we make another blade or not we make the we make the iron time come on lets go for criticism a bit we mustnt wait too long thats very very important because now we already have six fuel a second sees down here on the left of me for those who are new now so its going to be a little break and so now I hope please please please __ that stop __ now if I go upstairs again I ll just let it go from me now lie down briefly and hope that there is something better up here because with the little damage we are currently doing and yes no idea so getting fuel is still quite nice s Its difficult, but people have also written to me, as I said, I should leave it there, Ive said it before, so if you see anything then please let me know, so now we can play Game Global Creed here if were below 30% from life like every fifth person just exploded I think thats awesome Im so close to buying a stream deck how much does something like that cost because thats pretty expensive right but awesome so now lets just clarify the wave here with the easy but it does super little damage the weapon no so now the wave comes at a very, very unfavorable time at a very, very unfavorable time so I collect them all now and then people run in circles here yes you can see movement speed insanely important oh what was that just a spawn what was that just a spawn yeah we just dont have enough speed and we really really lack the speed we have to do something like that from to movement speed now go next because we just cant cuddle in front of the way right thats super super important very importend should I say it again in English I think then it will become clearer how very porten that actually is but so far well get it quite well um but could change faster we have a gettlingen well get it and go immediately to movement speed um if it would work well then we put the minigun in its good more damage not bad we had the quit explosion again slowly need juice again thats the thing were just too slow were too slow but its still ok so its still within a range where its completely okay you have to say of course I should take these things with me but it takes so long and for the fact that were losing six oil a second here, its not worth it, because otherwise Ill go down, I have to keep going coo l would definitely be that, we have already said that if the um the mine here if they would drop potential um fuel no that would be awesome I think that would stitch the game ultra well I think so woah nice like were groping here keep going dont want too much recognize the topic and move here now just a bit in a circle yes but our damage is still too low because look now the next wave is coming and were not even perfect here with the finished approach were not even close to seeing it finished the crown come on take it off but its still okay in terms of fuel because we havent absorbed that much yet no thats totally okay so I like the blade to Björn but it s a a bit slow so wave cleared up oh god were being surrounded the bomb the bomb saved our first awesome and were really good in terms of fuel at the moment but not that much movement speed very firm very firm actually very very nothing __ am sorry right dude dude dude are you ready exactly put passion i love this bad english ne unbelievably cool good english good german english is the best english or oh we have new critters here are because that for which are with new fuel the second thats going well forward is also up to now I think it could be one of our best laps in the end its really the calm ne if the calm is the power you say so nicely with it I dont mean Hendrik at the point well because Hendrik is weak because he doesnt gamble sometimes hes fun well make it free please please ok we can get gettlingen and thats automatically a bit thats just that no thats just __ that sucks we got no fuel again we didnt get any fuel again and we must have 40 things we felt like we had 40 things in front of us and didnt get any fuel that s something where I say fields an movement speed no idea I have to drive to the gas station but something like that from the next lap that was actually a really cool one Start like this and I like the game Im honest I like the game but I dont know maybe Im just not there oh cool right here and no movement speed but damage Minigun mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega yes thats just the game ne and now with a bit of movement speed on it I dont know if Ive said that before but the topic is that we dont lose any fuel because or or we dont lose more fuel when we put the things in and thats it a small round because we can finally play what we want and now we get because we now have three times we also get a special thing and I know that now n not what but thats a great great start so if everything works so far and we say okay we have the movement speed and we have the damage that we know yes but I dont have any life whos live is live nee nee nee no just run around in circles a bit there is gray and we want to special now and so and no this is this is __ kiss i want this over there give me this is america no it doesnt collect it it does nt collect it i have to now briefly into the slomo yes no idea correctly achieved but purely theoretically from the thing I could look here with very few things first get along who is my Gatling Gun a please developer studio hates its faphy you text in mean my email account but who is who is it very thank you thank you hey Jam my friend thank you so much so welcome uh Tommy it in great gas station in baby world from place would also be awesome chat or honestly important and safe place where you sort of say t hey um shes awesome no english music yes a very big set but thats all rightman the star lack of attention yes just like very small attention span and I can now notsus anymore no i can actually speak pretty good english but i think its a lot funnier so it was a lot more fun I have to have a little bit like that here zack yes yes yes yes yes cool you cant joke about that you ca nt tell anyone so developer studio now I dont I cant Aces first wave holy Macaroni vs chicken Strip but I do have the movement speed and I need now I need you I need you I need to right now anitura geil now back in the comments stop singing stop singing Ill do what I want but dont worry Im of course a good um influencer and of course I asked if it was okay that I could do about it, I think in the end that was of course the intention why I was then written to say that I would con tent because if they had informed themselves correctly then they would know that its not my genre and I have no idea about such games but maybe they just see the potential you know they see okay he has what it takes to be a vampire survivor gamer even though I have the game once played very briefly Marco will freak out too when he hears that yes Marco its true gamer anymore also can see now Im bit into the day I need most space here like a young god you tell me you tell me now this anatex this and then I go straight into the getting gun now we take mega mega so and on first of all I will kill this she is the operator all the time so Im sorry that youve been a cool round so far but you can see there are more and more eggs no, the balls are getting fuller and more ex but without movement speed I would also feel like it so now Im already hasty here Im trying to prepare for the wave by clearing my four now and you can see the others are doing a little preparatory work here, a first wave now oh we have a lot on the speedometer so exactly armchair and I see the little GAP a little gab hello music just fits nicely with the rap text or me I think its great that the picture I have right now is a native bath, above all, we dont consume much, but maybe we need more energy then, yeah, just as waved, always lightly in German and out again, in and out and in and out and in and Out you know music like in so __ complicated I do take no one he jumps on me another one another one okay cool you have to be quick that you still have the backlash here and can get out or you just do so and so almost always collects easily around here you have to somehow create this this this this space and thats just difficult and thats when the movement speed kicks in, no, because look, I do it are just getting more and more but there is light but we take more courage um movement speed still age but the music makes it possible again accordingly nice a lot of life just got a lot of life and a lot of fuel I think the developers have me accordingly heard it instantly and said so hey paper thicker were here were here and that s okay at the end of the service too were just enjoying it although I also think its cool to be a bit above just because I think its in the game unbelievably good oh no music a bit the sound effect yes maybe sometimes as gettling nice okay so I also notice Im automatically cranked up when the music is louder I just put clever arms believe well thats nice music last music I felt it was too quiet, whoa, the little stop was just stupid, but what dont you do for the music, Ill take another glue but again cooldown plus 10 hey helicopter blades lets go faster blades just faster blades faster blades what could you how could because the title of this game should i make the comparison to i think the comparison would be better not vampires survivor but rotator just if closer right now what would be a cool title then we have to think youtube language ne so something you think oh my god i want to watch this game this game could be brotato the show the brotato successor brotato but something like Minigun Single Target was single Target damage with this game you lose lifetime but I think I would my first impression my first impression of or no you dont even really need it no maybe Ill put my first impression on thumbnail my first impression but is this my first impression so significantly better than brotato you can do that from thumbnail m achen that s good malte thats very good can someone write that to me in discord Jolina maybe just better than potato on the thumbnail thats good on the music I dont think Id go for it Music is cool but its better than that yeah that I think its super understood Old man now I have to think alternatively again right now I miss him a bit Im honest the one I loved being in Dresden with a few times so far shot together really good but have nt seen it in ages its currently suffering very often in my DMS thats actually still the wave we can currently pull nice little laps around the people my name was just said yes feel free to write on discord what malte just wrote better than brotato question mark and then write behind it from pack lets see im a little bit like that huh or im like that oh yeah but i think more either way this so impressed uckend it really impresses me so I mean for 2 hours now so all in all its been crass crass buck so yes so allergo does it also like that but not thats like this oh thats so funny you have to you have to watch us when we take thumbnail photos thats the funniest __ ever Im always really loud I always do it when I do the facial expressions and then I always do it right, e.g. if Im like ah then I always do it because I think it looks good really off if you really make a sound its totally stupid to say that but its really like staying so close to the bubble in my opinion its like my twitch stream you know I m close to the people and then I slit them in the back because its more free when you do that, by the way, you should quickly starlet now here if you still have Twitch primes UPS then its back on the train something like that of three Twitch Prime Subs and were sitting in the train, remember, you guys, Im outside music what youre loud at, I ca nt imagine something, no, thats also a lie, but were really too weak, we need more damage Look how long it takes us again I mean it works but it takes forever forever he finds his own people that might be the case now lets go a bit in the direction ah nice Gatling Gatling is also almost full meanwhile nice this blade saved me once around the outside when I reload I always have a small speed boat thats really cool another wave not so cool yes I have to deal with the wave here first of all no its already extremely difficult for me here but you can really do it one Hands gamble the game thats just really cool thats actually also a turbo important mobile phone game that has to appear on the mobile phone because you can play so incredibly well annst thats just the prime example of a good mobile game or how a mobile game can be transferred well from PC to mobile yes it was too slow was too slow I think that was our longest run so far 47 so can gettlingen gettlingen Klever okay Ill take Cleaner Im clever, safe, really, it s really cool, dear, safe, too much, its cool, cool, but yes, Im really interested in seeing that from someone who just simply knows, in this game, has even more speed, were going full speed, now, movement speed, age, now, incoming pass nor the little critters, they do nt do that with it like that, yes, just like that, but thats awesome, thats a cool start because we really hardly use any fuel, so we re ultra fuel overloaded and can clear super awesome because we just cant are so dependent on because you can always see here below on the left were ne the ad now im a bit too pure when i d When I looked at it, the display was almost full when you could make a hit again, but the topic is really in its full movement speed, Im a fan of jackling, come here, not damage music, nice, so somehow, watch out, now the wave comes first Creatures are slowly getting stronger and we dont have that much fuel anymore but its not a problem because were __ almost old, were __ and faced but you dont do enough damage, thats a bit of a struggle, no range or anything else has to be extremely close going but its still fine because we really still use six fuel holding it up afterwards and nothing else matters you know so warm I finally feel like a real gamer and Im also grinding the swarm music is awesome but now were driving slowly damage nice nice nice the paper game from Steam is playing making a blatant stream asking me how can I ide en uh you say Frost you dont drive like on rails celebrates hard parties Patrick always firm never limp okay welcome to the stream uhm yes how you can with him you can do a shitty twitch primes again and again the __ this short stand that is short then its just bad dude and now were too weak slowly no because the monsters are getting stronger I can just move them all out thats my advantage at the moment its a wave something like that has come blade nice takes time to move wed ring the bell I would say we cant yet keep on grinding mind keep on grindin thats a bit many right now no do nt get there dont get there to drive recognized its very okay i run a bigger lap dude the more fuel we have the faster we get holi ja speech even more nice lets go yes Im fast lü but my weapons are incredibly bad thats why I survive thats all the second weapon t Rue I think oh my god I think the second weapon is simple you can see that theres a fire here every now and then no that the torch lets it ignite the fire Im just really stupid about all these things here because he always shoots the yellow ones Share instead of people next wave incoming oh __ I had to do that now now another wave is coming oh you __ thats good I have a problem Houston Houston another wave no hi I in Germany how call this is my downfall __ wow what give me move it oh my god is that a great game oh my god what will he oh my god whoa age of the movement Speedo age look how Im drifting in here into the Ems I think I have to do bigger rounds so the more tanks I have the faster or the stronger I am that s completely blatant I notice look now I have this boost here like no you see how I look here now its blue watch how fast I am now and my attacks are getting stronger that s awesome that means were just overloaded dude oh my god I was a nudist for a short time thats really old dad lets go whoa dude but the critters are getting stronger too music Gangnam style here now build a tunnel tunnel systems tunnel systems to the next upgrade oh man oh man oh man no no no the best round is downfall 9 minutes woah unbelievably awesome game one more round goes in one goes in another one more one last round the latter trust like the last round of magazines tomorrow, dude, i feel right for that right now, thats not good, a good thing from my day music music yes, you just have to get in much quicker, really much earlier, divas, old man, and then really elope here mass foundations for Fortnite but now I have the movement and Im really nice here again now Ive got it out somehow leave it li For an explosive chance, lets take it you have to broaden your horizons, no, the horizon has to be wider, oh man, these stones, it wont be easy, this path, yes, its going to be so rocky and swords BSC ho ho ho ho ho music ho ho ho hey harder BSC i sinking boah delicious beautiful Chester this is gray with gone oh my god amazing player at puffy or path on this account thats again what and amazing also just like my friend 100 Prime Server into the secondhand welcome back to do okay nee I never did that for 20 seconds, dont take any damage oh sorry I think I Spider so gettlingen speed at all okay so the game is in now too I have the feeling and now its going absolutely forward no so you can clearly see that you can on Definitely dont take too many guns in the beginning because it just drags you down too much so at the end of the day you dont care what hes doing because now thats the special thing I could do take nothing else unfortunately chat but is this here Digger where am I here oh my god thats a Bossi oh my god lets go yes there can be more movement speed in no I think but from the damageding point of view we are cool right now again let s get economy the grain war and say we want area larger area area damage area damage or almost got me i dont even want to know what hes doing with it if he has me actually i want to know ne is strong hes really strong it is now here the first miniboss or what are song english soccer commentary yes man green hamilton is not at all i know oh __ i have no more fuel nevermind have fuel again fits so i dont take it oh my god im reingest into the world suffers like your moms apps i need to feel it again grind again i need to be the game music im cute so we got the blade in any case again thats my tactic now that I leave it here for a moment and see oh whats coming here now in order to be able to upgrade it again and I see Arsenal Arsenal boy Im not a football fan at all but Im actually already one of them Frankfurt ne so now update in the comments I think its cool I think its cool so and now every kill is here what every kill heals me Im a medic om oh my god that means now everyone gets it if I level up now but I need it more damage actually i need more damage so i dont think blue is a weapon but blue just gives me percentages ne blue just makes a lot of things hotter uh there are all these colors here ne yellow is basically everything that shoots um oh wait a minute we could Arsenal continue I want to continue Arsenal redus is all active skills lol everything goes faster thanks Merkel I just wanted to say i n the point but I need movement __ movement speed dude we need __ movement speed because that s too slow you slow that says come on the better is still gettling __ I have to take it I mean we get alive for every kill but we hardly do any damage and can hardly dodge so in itself I think that is a very difficult start that you could potentially expand very well backwards if no wave would come but in that case it was almost impossible for me much too slow so it was cool but without movement speed no chance none Opportunity so really first stop you have to be faster without speed nothing works than then we do that as always, first clear the second one and then see what we are going for but we really need speed and then I would go with mortal this bomb always just awesome if you have more than one in a circle, moderately not, like here now look, he always throws a bomb in there, which means, look, they always get fat with it, kill them potentially, thats cool, thats really cool, so lets go in next what is speed currently still a bit bed for but expandable absolutely fine Renate in I can already see gettling here that means more speed more speed that is now a speed that you can absolutely work with and now the question is leave it alone or do we get stickers there were going to glue lets with damage climate cool too easy for this okay Im Trapp and then not thats just clever no that you can free yourself from the stairs oh I would actually leave that as it is from the point of view that its one too many that would be too much right now no because I dont want to do my my obligation no thats also otherwise I cant evade taxes you know that but its amazing you ca nt go on like this but scamming the curve is definitely and server the boom boom boom area Cooldown cool Stefan Id like to see I think its good I think its good the cleaner connoisseur Cube XL nice Dude music so watch out and now the tree Attention zack boom not that much damage can be upgraded but its cool is cool every day the cool thing about the speed on the ghettling guns that we always shoot then are slow for a moment and while were quasi slow then fatten the grenade in there and then if we run around them briefly while they get damage then we can shoot the rear ones because the rear ones get damage so to describe it briefly and with the slot its also awesome so gettling speed or well go up speed is actually okay nice nicer is the same deaths why chat why is the deaths because youre just getting everything nice or what they holla the forest fairy what about me and holla the Forest fairy Im not holla the forest fairy nice __ the game nice oh that satisfies my ADHD really like that now Im making my big bubble here on throw Minion nice we can definitely our is also cool currently from the tank Max music thats cool living more is more and more difficult but Im still doing it anyway yes the small stop is just a very long time I think the general speed is only increased very slightly and you almost always have these waves where you are faster and these you have to use it really super positively also firmly bum bum grenade off so we have more damage but more Gatling Minigun is cool I actually dont go that often somehow I do nt know I have to now but here hes too strong dude if you just like that full of life is how I was then it hits me badly I think Nowy ready for Arsenal but look without speed we will now too impossible for us to defeat him here we need to continue because Ive defeated him a bit but I think thats just caught nice nicer important important and now go a bit slowly on the creed maybe not bed I find something what Im with brotato I think its so nice that you suddenly really run around with ten weapons that would be awesome if they would do that too here that would also look like weapons and of course it would be very copied from Rotator but lets be honest, lets take it as an example, all the mobile phone brands, so one of them also takes a look at everything from the other if there is something new then it will be in the next generation with which you can also take poison and I don’t think so at all, that’s how you know it its just simple its just like that thats all like that it could be a pretty good round if I dont __ in now next wave is coming nice now t Im already going in the direction of the potential that wasnt good well out out out out out music dude that was up to now I think one of the best rounds better well copied than badly imitated myself so friends definitely check the game out is incredibly good, as I said, unfortunately its still a Klaus beta, so when it comes out, because I can tell myself when the release is, but the release deadline is April 13, apparently yes, subscribe to this damn channel, Id say steam walle Heute habe ich ein noch nicht veröffentlichtes Action-Rougelite mit Pixel Art graphics gespielt.PS: folgt mir auf meinem Hauptkanal @Papfi ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Kapitel: 0:00:00 - 0:01:30 Intro 0:01:30 - 0:07:01 Runde 1 0:07:01 - 00:14:36 Runde 2 00:14:36- 00:17:01 Runde 3 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