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Steam limited accountmonster energy supercross game steam VERNAL EDGE hi everyone its thundar and welcome to the discovery of the in-game vernal edge demo developed by penguin Tim expected release date 2023 here we go its a vanilla Metroid and the in english we dont cant choose here there is no language whatever no there is no language so Im doing new game but there you see that there is already a game I played 13 minutes earlier to test the capture and the game it is so good that here we go easy hard normal so sorry for the sound which is very very low but there the sound is full so I can not do better so we are going to embody this young lady with a big sword I pass the dialogues here I was on a flying boat there is a bad guy who blasted my boat and so and so its __ look at this its magnificent pixel art of all beauty Im stuck here until i find another boat so little tuto face you need d e unit pulse to Hill win pulse or attack we train with the dummy we can do that I dont know what its for right now we can do tasks we can do we can do that finally here we see that after we can Locke the enemy and then and then do that and we can hit in all directions here we can stay in the air too like that its a bit weird well so wait first I have to finish the tutorial because otherwise the dialog box does not ah yes ah ok we can do that then we can Music we can move the enemies will have to use them afterwards later to put that on buttons to keep doors open finally here it is so I hope this box here its a dialog box disappears and so Im not going here Music we can hang on our nails it looks like all boy I completely skipped this game all boy should I do it one day I think Im going to my library and moreover I had completely zapped the existence of this game so there for the moment we do not know how to go there we must first unlock the Dash the save points which restore HP mana and everything else I will first the nits and there first containing then the thing that I dont really like in this game is that there are no enemies there are enemies during combat in arenas and thats all for now and its super playable so LB to block like this we cant maintain it we can just do it once quickly so you have to do it at the right time its always the tutorial phase and if we put the cam coucou so be careful I have the key to the laboratory and there a big bad guy appears so the trick for him is to hit him hard and make the shield at the right time the shield the shield __ its more what button it is this button there OK here we block his attack and we type no obviously we can not use his shield when we have a jump well and Im making money so now that I have the lab key Im going to be able to go there my list I want to do celestial in fact before so I cant deactivate that for the moment and there I can use the key this key works corresponds attention SX attack in all directions it lacks a bit of punch it does prout prout it looks like unlocks a new ability the Dash you have the major dash memory used RB to mess up and go through this the laser doors okay its pretty easy for now Im taking the CD thats a new magic so the new magics c its here I assign a button so the spiral lazy I signal it to the O DASH key so when I do B and I do o with the directional pad it does this no no Music Im going to use my new thing there __ but in fact there are too many keys in this game use L1 L2 R1 R2 the directional pad Music we can do combos I cant wait to see a speedrun of this game surely there is a speedrun of the demo there is demo speedruns by the way is it done game speedrun that will never come out so there I think I didnt go any further in fact I think I stopped here well so from there discovery it took me 15 minutes to do all that Im here ah no no no no I remember I came back to the beginning that way Im already lost does he have a memory card what is it Music these are the texts no wait its just to activate deactivate dash slide of all that ah yes okay fine so this is the skill tree that these are the items a letter from my mother I cant I can read it I cant read it OK who cares and thats the history of all the messages thats pretty good so here Music the first go back to the very beginning because theres a there now that I have the dash I can recover that I cant go any further life upgrade Im going to go back there if I havent forgotten anything j I forgot nothing ah I dont know OK so theres no map thats all that I saw then I didnt understand but what to do here there is no elevator Im trying to hang on to all that and in fact you just have to tap on it what here is NPC a robot good morning hi 17 region that might have to repair this robot I dont know what are you talking about Im sorry Im not introduced im tcherville a scientist specializing in extra dimensional magic and i work for asfodel you work for him tell me where he is im going to smash him for you finally here and i pass i hope the game will be released in french if i was an influencer the game will be released in French so here as I said everything to the time if I hold x I can change my attack and therefore move this dummy on the button to open the door and there I think I was not so if I remember that here we are at the start I can recover this and that is more mana no no I dont know what it is this is it this is the beginning we are at the beginning Im going to take the boat or what the boat blah blah blah blah go out in French look at this this magnificent pixel art Music so thanks to this boat well be able to eat places well be able to walk around like in Final Fantasy VII or Secret of Mana youll understand here and thats cool so there we have the radar that is just behind the cam which tells me the places to visit good evening Wonder there is no sound so wait for the little problem of Live I will reboot my stream in mode and there it should work now very nice game very very nice game so there you go say something normally it should work so I come from here the abandoned laboratory and now Im going to go I dont know here I stopped there I saw that there it was not accessible and I said to myself maybe its because of the demo or something else so we have the choice between one and the arboretum this magnificent place is called tree and fine well lets aim for that what ah __ there is a chest there apparently when we fall in the hole we lose a little bit of life but its okay apparently it doesnt work the sounds because I disabled it wait Im just watching well no well I dont know Im sorry I hope the alerts will work so its going to have to crack some channel points ok so there I have a path below Im going to go here there are brambles I cant cross that no no no we cant adjust the dash apparently I dont think so no no no no I have to grab the nail thats behind there yes it there was a nail I love the handling ah Im not the languages great so theres something the valve obviously and a fight so Im going to have to charge okay be careful now its getting complicated I have to charge on him before attacking him it works it works very well the alerts will be super strong I can feel it its working come on lets break it oh __ oh __ oh __ wait how he already I dont know anymore Music ah yeah but if it goes back to earth OK it gets complicated because I have to take back the safe it this gameplay is so pleasant that its going to be hot that the magic the magic the magic oh yes okay and when you stop the combo inevitably you will attack afterwards like that its useless at all no but I think Im just going here Im just going to charge attacks actually no but its true Music I can put the cat below if you want screen I dont put yogurt what I should do that by the way suddenly I should put the game in very small oh but I have to r eprise the chests Music oh dear ok yes yes to see people burping blood for now its ok for now its already ok second time I die on this fight and its gone now I know that I have to do the super move to all so no its useless its useless what you did there its useless Music oh la la I have to protect myself too you understand no its missing a little bit of punch the music what are they doing what is he doing but during the magic they can keep attacking me so its a bit of __ go go go its over c its over no its not over oh damn yeah okay ah yeah but no okay with the end of the demo there suddenly throwing the enemies on the others no no no Music its bad you have to l attack by blocking by blocking his attacks Music no no no no no no no no no Music but look he had nothing left but he had p read nothing he stayed yes this is where we come when I m in sound its good here youve come to the right address but its not true Im on the verge of double chaos there anyway I had to even dont let go OK well now its the good one you cant see ah you cant see all the action with the with the cat yeah so I should make a layotte for that but I should do that and it stay beautiful it doesnt distort the game Music football why doesnt she jump that __ Music Im sure theres a way to get some life back but I dont know anymore I dont know how anymore no but no but no its off to a bad start go go go fast fast fast fast and __ no but I can still attack them okay its __ to earn a living dont get hit okay okay Music because thats it yes that okay Im farming no but something that I didnt understand memory lets see dash slide aerial great critical critical com e back no thats not it message yes there isnt a care thing there to block the enemies but yes we could lock I remember but yes but thats it with the Y key so Im going to test that on him I dont understand everything in any case I put a sword on him so thats what allows me to regain energy good Ive been playing for more than a year now careful we said Music Music that they are easy Music its the accent no its still hot there Music in both of us Music I can protect myself when I do that okay Music no Im going to ruin this I dont know c what now can I buy through no me Im not going to try this now its good its over I want to go back to the save point its going to go quickly I dont want to die its the save point theres no save ah no no no no I imagine it saves we dont know anything yeah okay the trunk remains open ert so its save good there you go hi Mr X hi nanny just a passage is clear I have to fix this sound problem there its not possible Im doing small tests small tests there is my Jean-Pierre Software who is not in good shape today whats wrong Jean-Pierre lifeguard shes a little tiny the sound is super loud it should work Im going to lower the sound of and well the sounds for subscribers today it doesnt work Im sorry then the rest ah but its every 24 hours in fact so it will work in one or two no its more I know more I know more how it works what is the continuation and the end from the demo oh we go there super again in stupid buckled LED what he wants this safe I would like to spend all that one morning thats not how we spend memories no no no I have 21800 on Ill see I can walk on this yes I can walk on this maybe I should have gone back to the world map also there are other areas to explore I have no idea how long this demo lasts in any case it is very very very rich oh __ were going to push them were going to push them those who are going to push it is not difficult I can go there in the hole but no you cant go in the hole the double jump parchment open map Music there is a map its very very less its 2 seconds this map is ugly good I see okay ah yes but thats the whole room I can break that no thats that yeah okay thats the whole room here OK what can I do with that I have to be able to blow them up not with that apparently it might be for later and there are blocks invisible blocks OK we wont have the answer in this demo its not where to go its just for a chest and some money OK Im below whatever I dont know below it seems to be following a lever yeah something I cant agree ah yes oh __ ok I see very well anyway I manage I manage no I have nothing yes yes its dead but no but what a jerk youre coming that way no its not that way at all oh I dont know where its but yes go go on the wire on the wire on the wire this thing seems disgusting I have herbicide OK sign it no item very well so if I put myself there it is better not to drink it yes ah d okay okay that s how we do very well very well but wait I missed a lot of stuff ah yes there yes ok okay its fine its linear no problem oh __ acid well there is a bat in the sewers we validate the game or not oh but you use it what I still have the herbicide yes Music well well if I still have the herbicide its is perfect I can use it here somewhere I do nt know where it was it was where I was already further ah yes then be careful the bridge is collapsing Music it was weak here no no no Music hollow mmm its not over its only the beginning it was the warm-up so wait brightness because Im too much Im too white there Im too bright well we have a fight there a fight that looks good boring can I come to this there is nothing more there Music come on lets go I absolutely have to protect myself look I kept my finger on the protection button no but its dead so its died in advance so I understand this thing so Im putting you up here sucks what the hell Music I didnt understand anything like that we play slowly Im stupid were not going to cling to that c its not nails what do people think about it is my game good is my game good I like it my game on the other hand the fights in the middle of a drone and listening to three nice little demos but watch out protect yourself protect yourself perfect protection whats going on what i read to you hurry up get up theres only one left i havent seen that no n but there finally we stop we stop we stop the game is called Vernal Edge it is scheduled for 2023 there is no precise date oh no but I protected myself there here I am protecting myself I protected myself with the for the fire there no thats the big mistake double protection august 23, 2022 initial release date ah yeah ok okay its a game that got pushed back apparently good i dont have to Music do the __ tax Music come on go- go go go go go go go Music well now protection completely missed it protection and Ill get you high and its over we stop we stop we stop its ok here I dont save I have to get back together the boss we agree Music I know about the metro Im familiar with it now oh wait wait wait thats perfect what am I doingnow ah la la its hard to choose ah bah here I have chosen everything I ca nt go back there well everything is coherent and there is a secret passage b we, on the other hand, I dont have any here, strongly, the double sound I say it every time in the metro, its fine __ ah yeah, youre in it, its crazy, oh the con, how do you come back, you cant ah, the double jump what is it you have the r step major memory press A in the air against a wall wall jump oh yes wait wait how does it work you have to do it against a wall otherwise it does nt work and we can do it only once me blah blah now Im going to try stuff Im sure we can go there we cant here and then I cant repeat the word jump on the other wall opposite its a bit of the poop whats in there it looks like a book so what am i doing now suddenly oh yes i can go there yes what was it each Music wave its about a new little one South in a more attack when you re in the air can I disable in the air I like it well say its a fast PC from Metroid j never you unlock a lot of stuff all the time and its only the demo so i can go there now oh yes and ill be able to come back there thanks to my jump on the wall but ill go up there first tac tac tac ok okay and now I can go there it continues and take a jump ah yes but no I hadnt its closed its closed well yes ok I understood because what is it elsewhere I dont have to put the grass here from there I imagine here I am there are faces course of 2 I prefer this phase there the fights I like it but hair of ass each time the thing it is the protection when you manage the protection well it passes here I prepare that oh there there __ no no no no thats super awesome were doing it again especially not whats the face there here there the face course what is it what you were saying you like the faces course well here you are served there was nothing more there its the continuation or without secret __ its the ems erdes its now Music protection we said we broke the protection well im getting out of my lure a little welcome among us make yourself comfortable and watch me burp blood on this endless demo which is so good I finish it to the end what do I do do I want but we have to put the herbicide back on we put the grass back here but no ah but __ you have to jump directly you Im direct OK here I save it like that I dont have to do it again I m something just tap the button in fact its not going to be necessary to press at the right moment you tap the button its good on the lamps it goes no Im too much in a hurry too much in a hurry good this fight there everything protection were there Music the protection we said oh no no its hot no Music the game is not giving away Music Im going to go see whats going on go through it Im not the fight Im curious whats going on here its good you can slow down your your fall no no okay there must be something very important over there okay its the right one or its not there its not the right protection problem its that there are two if we had 15 its ok it wo nt be the last fight obviously whats next theyll pick it up and after that its cool very well Music I like to be eaten by monsters at put on retro I know a little about it yeah Im drunk yeah Im moving an ice sword I do nt know what its for on the other hand because it seems __ Im starting badly its magic oh yes magnificent Music it looks like a special move I should change that by the way what was it chocolate chokwave Music Music wait I can do a counter-attack afterwards I dont understand anything I dont understand anything but no but never in my life __ i protected myself, __ go go go go go go go a lot of energy also every time oh la la la la theres something that I didnt understand its not possible theres a way to heal but I dont know how good Im getting __ up Im doing push-ups yeah one shot half my life not and if we go somewhere else Im running away from the fight for the moment its after Ill have a crazy super weapon here Im wasting my time here I saved no regrets were going ah but here there are enemies now its not anymore arenas are better arenas finally I can go in there in the door I cant go above in the door ah well its closed there I see that there is a there is not seen a blue thing that appears but no c its me I didnt go that way or that way oh no but no but no but stop boring the Music were going to make predictions because I m going to finish this demo come on oh there there oh there there its dead c is dead in addition oh no but in addition there is that you have to do several times Music at the same time the timing is not and __ you feel that I dont want to die Music you can see that I dont want to die and do them thank you save oh no its where the save point its there thats done c is the power what is it that is marked its Eve and there wait wait Im coming Im coming ah memoripoint thats cool suddenly I ll be able to add that oh no oh no Im keeping that Im keeping that ah there is a plant to put grass here well ok ok I know very well where I have to go now and I dont want to go there I have no choice but __ well ok ok here we go we can go that way save Im saved oh __ maybe we didnt fall thats it we benefit from it sucks Music Music so now that I have more energy always like that it works oh no but stop not at all you can leave the room straight Music Im having a good time Music oh __ really really pay attention its less movement good hes a friend hes a friend finished finished finished stop dont want to do that thats good whats here a safe on the other side Ill be able to go back up if later so I can say that I didnt see the nail ok very well __ im here oh no oh no oh no no no no we stay as high as possible all the time no no no youre doing __ there calm down go right there right there ok very well it pisses me off to have missed the fight there I think there was Music because it seems clearly optional the thing what is it sporting and everything I dont remember ah yes yes I see I see very well ok I see very well what door it is Music not even his parents it will be much more there was something hidden there Im going to see something so the door here and there there is a new area this demo is endless 33 whats that when I do for the prizes I cant say good evening valley as were going to Im going up there we dont know how to go there at for the moment I yeah and after and what and now end of the demo ah well no no the plants the plants thats where its happening so I can go either up there or down there I think yes very bad that is that that thats new so I hit it ok ok what was that noise theres an enemy not far away the same thing on the other side no problem no no no no the thing that gets stuck there you stay there you and so whats the point we dont know we do nt know Music __ I should have used that in fact I should have bounced on that it sucks ah yeah not even but no you cant bounce on the its not the Night I dont know Im going to put it back in doubt Music but if lets put it back in place but yes but here it is simply its just money I still dont know what its for we dont know what its for either good ok Im going to have to block that to jump there or it looks complicated thats fine my is whats the point Music of doing better than that and the last the last the last the last where is the last surely not like that what we do what oh __ ah yeah but we have to bounce back its going to move I should have doing it by the way was to open the door I clearly missed something there maybe I could get out of the room after you save like you just did you stupid good end of the demo but there you go I just wanted to discover the game I didnt want to play the whole game especially since there is still an area to explore after we havent left the sand I bet theres something there thank you for playing its when even beautiful look at the wind in the trees there the light animation animation but I recognize this place not at all calm down be careful here the boss we have it for 10 years Music ah yeah no I cant do it all master what everything what we called you master just now we forget each time s Seriously its okay its not far right in the brambles Music Music Music Music ah yeah but no youre thinking in the brambles but hey it stings for you Music Music hes very very hot protection is the key we said the dash not seen that I cant I ca nt get over him I think Im going to stop Im just going to type normal here he is protecting me when I have to Music I should have jumped on the wall well well well youre pissing me off youre pissing me off but I dont master the game it shows I dont use I dont use magic I dont use special attacks you think about everything what the timing the dodges the protection Music Music what makes wait I can get through him when but yes but yes its true but yes but thats good its fine Music I found better than the protection escape escape its very good me to do all the stuff in the game __ oh i cant get the brambles out i dont want that through the brambles but its not difficult i watch you eat brambles and then ok i try to finish quickly story you see a bit the second game no there will be a break afterwards I need a break we agree this game is exhausting me good here are the links are not harmful good the dash all based on DASH we are not trying to play well who cares the game dont respect me we do nt respect the game come on stop throwing your balls no I have to do 5 charged attacks but no but I dont want to do that Music its obligatory its just going to last longer thats all __ oh la la oh la la oh la la brushcutter you protect yourself Music you understood that Im going to smash you karma of the game I thought yeah exactly like me ga Manix hes dead but no its further its further hes not dead hes not dead hes waiting for you hes there behind the door hi karma oh no no but no but no but mister the referee there protects us at the same time I cant reach it with magic but Music the Music doesnt work anymore now we stop doing that Music Music indeed Music oh __ actually when you charge if you do the tax Music Laughs all that to see thank you for playing good come on Music Music Music oh my he pisses me off Music we said Music Music oh no the brambles without messing around Music oh no ah __ Im scared Music oh no hes planting this __ there Music good ok its progressing its progressing its progressing there is improvement so I make at least the first face being touched Music Music Music Music super blunder what Music I I understood Music Music ah yes but Music here I cant see I understood I cant have it anymore Music what did I just say damn Im doing exactly the same thing okay ok ok ok Music we learn a lot of stuff it lasts a bit there I saturate on this demo you have to attack after hes attacked so he didnt attack you avoid him Music here is passion Music Music you know that I understood Music here he knows that I understood oh no I think that Music come on 2nd phase its good its good its good there Ill do it in the little garden go go attack me do nt like that I know hes going to counter-attack right after so without attacking Music but without messing around Music Music my __ Music its mine its mine its mine Music oh my Music he plays with my nerves S hello and Greece Im regressing Music Music Music Music like this my name Music its not possible Music Music the dash there it doesnt work I think Im going to stop this demo we stop we continue thats what Im doing bawdy or give up too hard there its its too hot its too hot Music Music Music no no get out of there Music Music and yeah I can call him back whenever I want but no i stayed in the air i m disgusted did I just do it anyway its good I have it there yes yes yes I have it I have it I have it I have it I have it oh damn it was boring j I have flame metal well its a fight it was very good I do nt know how I got out the other special there but heres the proof that I did nt get anything from this excellent game finally here it is and now its what that Music and the penguin Tim and there l e Twitter from unreality zone development and well thats very very good thank you for playing vernal edge excellent game Music I put a special move at the end it was magnificent I finished in style press Y for lunch the storep because Im curious it took me 53 minutes I would have said more and so in the demo I did 27% of the full game or 27% of the demo and well I dont know that was it Bernal Edge 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