Upcoming Indie Games We Are EXCITED For! | March 13th-19th!

Driving simulator steamadd bethesda games to steam VERNAL EDGE hello once again Indie Warriors welcome back to I dream of indie games are you ready for more upcoming Indies that were excited about for the week of March 13th through the 19th of 2023 I sure am but before we get into the big list we want to take a moment to thank our wonderful sponsor this week stray voltage games their upcoming release Kip and otosan will be launching November 9th of this very year 2023 and its a side-scrolling action platformer youll take control of Kip or her adorable cat otto-san both of which have their own abilities for you to discover wait this game has a cat all right thats an automatic win everybody and you know it in this single player Adventure youll face 12 yes 12 challenging levels full of platforming Madness for you to master the game features a ton of different power ups and mechanics as well as run and Gun levels and even a classic Chase from time to time exhilarating boss encounters are also present as you explore this comic book World brought to life that also has many secret collectibles are you a bit insane in like seeing your death counts you totally can the controls are easy enough for anyone to grasp but oh so difficult to master so get ready to solve this Space in Time Mystery with Kip and odosana this November settle in with a nice cup of Joe and with all gamer Joe and get ready for some fun folks once again a huge thanks to stray voltage games for sponsoring this video and now its on to the Indies foreign Music lets jump right into the upcoming Indies for this week my friends taxi could this be the new Crazy Taxi weve been waiting for Mile High taxi merges The Fifth Element with Crazy Taxi that take us on a wild ride on the 13th look out for pedestrians as you hover and weave your way through a futuristic city dropping off customers as quickly as possible as someone who loves the Crazy Taxi series and arcade style racing games I cant wait to check this one out Applause Music Music its going to be late what the heck just happened rookie this ones a little bit more on the double a niche side of things but jrpg fans get ready for the latest game in the legend of Heroes series with trails to Azure launching on the 14th picking up from where you left off in trails from zero players can expect more political drama in a newly revamped combat system featuring burst attacks youll also get a car another cool feature is the ability to Port over your saved data from trails from zero for some fun changes in this game foreign Music Music Music Music foreign Music next well be exploring the kingdom of harika in Vernal Edge a 2d action metroidvania with a wonderful artistic style youll gain a great assortment of new abilities across your Journeys with a dynamic combat system and even an aircraft to fly looking forward to trying this Revenge tail out for ourselves and it looks like it will be available on all major platforms which is always nice Music thank you Music all right next we have a 3D visual novel where you control the past present and future the wreck looks to tell the story of a screenwriter trying to get through the most difficult day of her life the game will have very mature themes so something to be aware of before you Embark but I enjoy games like this so Im very much looking forward to giving it a test drive hopefully it isnt a total wreck sorry I couldnt resist is she going to die Music I found out that mom might die does that mean nothing to you everything that happened to us there was a reason Music why the hell do I feel so alone do I really have to be so angry do I really hate my mother Applause memory is weird you suddenly remember these moments without knowing why Until you realize its trying to teach you something crucial Music I have to leave it all behind an action roguelike Bring It On mortal sin has horror elements in a bleak aesthetic love the dark setting and with fluid looking combat and procedurally generated levels plus unlockable classes like a vampire this could be a fun game to sink your teeth into probably goes without saying if you arent into death and violence in your video games you should avoid this one Music thank you Music Applause foreign keeping in theme and next we have horror Survival game anthology of fear a game broken up into various chapters that involve you looking for your missing brother enter nightmare after Nightmare and discover the truth if you think you can stomach it anyways that laugh thats gonna do it for this week folks are you excited for any of the Indies that weve mentioned here today are there any that we missed let us know in the comment section below help us bring a voice to the voiceless ones in gaming at I dream of indie games and we will defeat the gaming Echo chamber together see you on the channel for more great content Music thank you Music foreign the backrooms game steam Whos ready for Upcoming Indie Video Games in 2023!? Ole Gamer Joe and SilentSigns are running through some of the amazing indie games you can look forward to throughout the year!Do you enjoy Metroidvania games? How about simulation games? Our 2023 list of indie games has a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you are looking to solve puzzles or save civilization, indie games bring people together. This week brings us the Crazy Taxi inspired MiLE HiGH TAXi and The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure just to name a few! You can look forward to our lists of indie games every weekend right here at I Dream of Indie Games. From roguelikes to puzzle games, we have you covered with the best indie game coverage! #indiegames #gaming #games Thank you so much to Stray Voltage Games for sponsoring this video! 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