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Steam deck install game to sd cardsteam five night at freddy VERNAL EDGE game got you our beast - lb is the block got it cool so we got we got a block get a - you see we got it ooh sword swings nice wall bounces Oh meshuggenah lets go okay all right Im ready lets do this Oh what lets go I love that he had it in the slide its so cool yes I mean for sure I have definitely played this demo before but they he updated it recently Matt updated this recently I wanted to see what was going on press the BD present veena Direction cast a spell spell uses mana when you run out of mana you will have to wait for a while for it to recharge before you can use your spells again okay Oh didnt last very long : oh okay I like that what are the spells do we got we got it let me see can I do it again all right so wait for my spells to recharge uh uh what does this button do I could put my sword in them lets go oh you know what I wonder hold on I pushed Oh okay so they do different I bet they do different things okay I stick that in them yep oh my god Im so happy okay so thats sword when inside one of the monsters you can do up and down with Im using Y on the Xbox controller you can use Y to fling your sword at monsters and then do things when the sword is in them which is pretty cool Im gonna hit that this one again oh this is so good I love this I love these spells really really oh boys what is this blue or is above the enemys head show that the enemy has poised okay you can you not stun the enemy until the poise has been depleted oh well we can use a charge attack you say mmm that hold this fire  __  got you got you got you got you and then we want to do that was the wrong direction I think its so I dont know if this is true I want to waste some mana in a second to see if I can figure this out oh my god Im getting rocked right now yeah get him out of this guy aint dealing with that guy anymore nope I guess I have to deal with that guy oh go forward go forward yes okay so I probably shouldnt be fighting him up there II cant do that there we go get him with this good job team and then this got him Deads up oh hes a lot whoa oh my god I know its the I know its the Alpha the pre-alpha thingy but like seeing him turn into a little crash dummy and then go back to this big dude is really scary here we go can I do this in this Oh at the same time okay Im still holding the thing damn got him oh so close I thought for a second we werent gonna make it oh speaking of which lets pop one of those all right no more potions left guys oh never mind wait you might get some more we did whats this oh its a safe point okay just checking to see if theres any any secrets here no secrets yet what oh yeah get him get him there Oh get these little spiny boys oh god do I have the I do have the thing charge oh I dont like that I keep forgetting how to I keep I dont like that a keep forgetting whether or not Im charged or not like I know Im holding the button down but I dont know if that guarantees me actually hitting him with the the charge attack like now I know I have a charge I think but I kind of wish if I was holding the button there was like something a glowing light or like my sword is like blue or my hair could be pink I know my hair turns pink when I hit when when my meter hits um no I meet her when my multiplier hits V I know that like its kind of I wish if I was holding a charge attack that my hair would turn purple though that pink which would be really cool I think Oh as far as this goes though the Im keeping forgetting that I have magic but I think thats because I really want to do more sword combos like it feels really good to do sword stuff so like Im like I want to do some more swords we know the treasure chests up well thank you thank you do these just so I want to check right now they give me full health all right so I was wasting potions before I wonder if theres any secrets it oh hello oh hello what is it oh hi why are you oh good what oh hes got four shields hi hon I wanted go forward with that oh my god yes the spinning blade the spinning blade magic abilities like the best its a dumb hat thats  __  sure chervil gerbil found yesterday whos chervil I dont know but I found his hat who is chervil okay yeah get that hold this and then do this oh there we go were getting this were getting it done it stopped that was so cool it actually stopped the the bird from flying into me which was pretty cool not gonna lie Im super excited about that all these shoot fireballs up to listen buddy anyone have to oh I didnt want to tell you this but Gaga do that I keep pushing down uh theres gotta be a way to like I feel like I was just in the discord yesterday and there was like you can remap this and you could remap that like this so wait theres got to be ways to remap the magical buttons because for some reason I want what you can fling one into the other till I break the to break the poise thats kinda silly like cool but like silly right like no is there a I guess Im trying to figure out is this theres a like is there a slam like an air slam when you charge cuz I feel like there should be that like I feel like thats the one charge thats missing is like the air slam maybe maybe its Im just doing it wrong oh come on but we still can yes all right lets go you its your turn oh my god that disk is so good that blade disk is like so much fun theres got to be a way to okay hold on now hold on now hold on now do this mmm loving it all right how do I get there we go got him oh my god so dead hes so dead break that poise yes okay I really keep on trying to do like a slam well like like in Ike in Smash Brothers like in a aether like sort of thing but its not there and I keep I dont know why I keep trying to do it but I keep trying to do it and its very funny actually all right let me use the last time Im a now so itll heal yeah there we go okay and Ill pick this up in case we have to fight another monster oh hey congrats you ate it its this next battle is the final part of the demos so make sure youre prepared before you enter oh there reminds me have you seen my hat oh so your chervil oh yeah I did oh thank you oh that hat sucks so much here this is the board would we get its just to use it press jump during a - uh what oh we got berries spring Roo what do you do I wonder what that does can we check is there oh there is away whats this do oh it doesnt it doesnt really say what red stuff red stuff dark - crystals what we got oh this is the theme there on the up thats my wand thats what I want so its like this yep so we just throws that out and then it was like Ford yeah forward for fire  __  yeah thats better thats much better so much better all right lets do it lets do it lets do it lets do it lets do it here we go baby lets do it what we got yeah oh youre youre not as small as I thought you were and Im dead oh my god well that broke that thats pretty cool throw that you know I saw what I did there and Im was really upset Im really upset at myself for that because I did I just didnt do anything when he was on the ground and I feel like that was very silly of me here hold this does that does do that good  __  so if I throw this oh my god yes oh my goodness yes perfect lets go lets go how do I get them out of the air yes thats how we do it thats how we do it here throw that all right B lets go give me that pink hair oh my god this is ridiculous this is so good lets go get that pink hair what does that do does that give us like extra damage or something it gives us infinite I see it gives us infinite this stuff oh my god yes hold this oh my god I got hit nope nope Ill not be turned into soup I want infinite everything I want infinite all the stuff here all this wait what what what excuse me do all that get out of here all right were back to infinite again I think there I broke that put this up why isnt it working wait I dont understand I dont understand why was Oh sir youre about your yeah youre done dude this guy just threw the rock I love this dope back away does that break so that to the only one that has a break on it right means the berries so the only one that has a break on it when you use the magic thing is I think this one right at the end can we throw this up up go hold that into the fire ball into discs done look at this Im crazy Im insane look at me go look at me go he said all right the swingers were the jungle Music best 4 player games on steam Today I juggle enemies, throw spells, and elegantly navigate the battlefield. 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