Vernal Edge | 2DMC Kickstarter Demo! (Streamed Jun 15, 2020)

Steam games gta vempyrion steam workshop VERNAL EDGE game okay up yep okay thats the right one changed around when I wasnt looking anyway yes hello welcome to the stream lets get started Im just launch the thing there without further ado and there it is good double check the audio starring these things is always a little slap - but yes so this is a vernal edge this is a game I found on Kickstarter Im actually not sure how I found this I want to see I got like - it I got linked to it by something but it escapes me but yeah I played the demo through super fun fact it its only 20 dollars you got your baguette but yeah absolutely go check out this game the demo is on it I will probably link it on Twitter or something or in the video description on YouTube but anyway Im just gonna start a new game well weve made it but as I predicted were almost completely out of fuel to look long enough where is the growth catalyst Im not sure it should be somewhere in that building perhaps its best at or where Im going in its like talking to a brick wall with you now so let me see so I have all the options yes good all right oh do good youre good grab that so the game is a 2d platformer with a focus on character action style gameplay so you get to dash around with your bumpers you can block attacks and you can do combos lets see hmm appears that I cant do the I cant use the summoned sword thing just yet for whatever reason got it alright by magic I do a magic cool nope missed there we go nice yep so spells you have the option to cast spells Im using a controller incidentally so spells use mana which is the blue bar on my screen there it will recharge over time and you can actually set to four different spells dont appear to be able to set spells in combat which is yeah oops I pushed the wrong button in the wrong direction at the same time all right my man is currently regen so nice yep so this is the mechanic where you cant just juggle enemies endlessly you have to actually hit them with charge attacks in order to break their poise so this is something I actually have a slight issue with like not in concept in concept its fine because like it forces you to either hit enemies with heart attacks pause a little bit or use a spell also that can use it an explanation I just kind of figured that out randomly on my own header I didnt expect to see you someone else here what brings you to this ruin and after the growth catalysts do you know where it is I see do you see that door behind me behind it lies to growth catalysts however is locked by three key stones located throughout this facility unfortunately I dont know where any of them are but perhaps we can help each other find them hes just gonna make me find them all sure I have to make sure but anyway as I was saying the poise thing well its a good idea for forcing you to sort of change things up between enemies also has a slight issue where it becomes the best way to fight things effectively oh yeah this is fun so if I do this I slide oh hi Devin the chat sick thanks for stopping by okay now I can uh yeah there we go OOP yep there we go so for that thing I did this before so I already know whats going on but you need to get some herbicide stuff into this thing and that kills all these vines that are around here and that allows you to oh that was weird just gonna hold on for a second there there we go but one thing thats a little bit of a problem just because of the movement is that things are a little hard to like stick on to while youre running around but its its not too much of an issue its just kind of like an awkward thing to get used to really can I do the yeah let me see if I can do this yeah there it is whoops okay let me try that again yeah all right I never really paid attention to the backgrounds like all the bloody buildings and such yeah so thats probably thats a bit of an explanation as to why the charge attacks are so good like a bit of an example I should say to a certain extent it kind of invalidates every other kind of attack I have cuz if I can do the multiple attacks theres no reason to not do the charge attacks when I get a much better movement out of it or at least when I dont completely whiff on my tax well like it does big damage it does a lot of like poise damage one charge breaks a poise effectively so it kind of makes using regular attacks suboptimal because also with charge attacks you can use charge then hit and run and theres just no real downside to not using them this downsides to move okay let me just focus it for a second here theres downsides to using the normal attacks because you can sort of be hit in between enemies stun animations and all that sort of stuff but charge attacks you dont have that so its just kind of a balancing thing that maybe as the game gets further into development might be looked at its up got and you cannot cancel out charge tax of Blocher dashes oh I see thats true so maybe that becomes more of an issue later on because right now I guess in the demo there isnt really an issue with that okay oops okay over here goodnight nope oh geez oh geez oh boy also the platforming Im not used to okay try that again come on there we go all right see you later its not gonna bother fighting that one whats up dude ah Im surprised to see you here in all honesty that scaffolding was practically crumbling beneath me at a rate that roof looks pretty unstable itself we should be careful about how we approach it coward I think that fell apart okay I want to say this falls apart beneath me when I turn it on so I just want to see whats over here cuz I dont remember oh because I never went over here thats why a II this must be one of ki Stas well oh that was unfortunate okay come on enemies I need more health Im gonna have to do that jump again arent I mmm thats real unfortunate my keyboard away yep Im gonna do that jump oh boy I got too big for my britches every time well I think I can skip most the stuff that I did because I dont actually need to fight like all these guys like I dont need okay that was just me being stupid and up Music come come on Im gonna need to get the chests again arent I dont know why something about to come so mad then not the comment something about the platforming just doesnt quite stick with me for some reason I think its probably cuz it doesnt feel like it has momentum in the air which is usually a good thing but it feels like it should be I dont know I dont know its weird its completely my failing yep alright and alright I was cross alright this thing again I just ignore that there we go grab the thing over here again here we go get Rick you know what they say Dante does play best in the air and this game is just like that God said that whats that the DMC Devil May Cry guys ninja theory was it alright got a damn it didnt last long enough to get a V rank alright thats that Keystone de yeah I had a feeling but I couldnt remember exactly am I going the wrong way I think Im going the wrong way yeah that was the wrong way so I want to go to the right and I wanted up pulse right press wide throw out an ethereal sword the source Dixon and I may press the button again plus a direction to use a pulse attack consume me your pulse meter press the button again plus no direction to recall the sword so this and then if I do all right I somersault in whoops theres a million stabbed with a breakdown at the end I love the spinning move its that ones a lot of fun what what are you doing just standing here yeah looked like a good place to rest Id advise you to rest up to where its best to be at your full strength Im fine Im sort yourself oh yes this one so this is a Time Trial as you might be able to guess from the ethereal blocks this one took me a little while to actually figure out because I couldnt find the switch oops so far here yes so now all these blocks have become sawn I cant get through them instead of being ghost blocks and right into oh I did this last time there we go all right to the right okay this is the wrong way isnt it no thats the right way all right as well thank you yes right on the money a Keystone its tighter than it could its because it is a demo its not particularly tight it feels like but also it is kind of tighter than I like it because Im bad at this I remember correctly no this is the way there I wanted to go up from the mushrooms not down I think I wanted to go up was it this I might my gun the wrong way I think I go in the wrong way yeah I didnt even need to be in that room at all yeah this was the way this is the way to go now wait yes no yes yes yes this is the way okay ah nice now thats stylish I do like how you can sort of trick people into the water things to act as almost a like second attack on enemies that is pretty cool whoa okay that wasnt quite expecting that all right okay that one killed me on my first time through which isnt saying much considering I died to a regular enemy this time Im just gonna put those there oh and while Im at it theres one thing here contextual tax balloon pulse can see wasnt perrys I think maybe its down on the d-pad no that one I dont understand what it does because it doesnt respond to any keys I have so it may just be a thing that oops I see what you mean now by not being able to parry out of those thats weird cuz I tried doing down maybe I just was missing the timing okay Oh like that Wow okay yeah that is pretty tight so I was just missing it before good to know all right um I think its though theres a thing over here yeah I got it Im not using any of these items anyway but hmm the animation was a little funky there maybe I just didnt notice it being weird before well yes this is the chest right oh yes and I can also just do a little bit of a cheeky low saved there dont need to do all that stuff over again which I had to do the first time I went through here mm slightly less sticky on those grabs than I would like there we go - yeah whoops remember correctly yeah and that is the fourth spell now one of the things about this is that you do only have each spell cost a space so you cannot have multiple spells on the same space obviously and you also cant have the same spell on multiple spaces so up and B was actually useless for me up until this exact moment unless I wanted to bind something else there and now I have a spire which is a cool little delayed thing I didnt hit the key stone that was down there did I I got the spellman left lets try that again Music uh was it down here something yes I think it was down this way or no this is where that chest was its over that way then oh yeah here we go thats what Im looking for spring root I dont actually know what that stuff does Im just gonna clip it onto here and Ill try it out when I get into a fight and I used up an item I didnt want to nice alright thats fine too ah there we go okay try that again hmm there we go yeah I think thats all the Keystones too and head back there we go thank you later now where was the exiting wheres the exit again how was that noise oh there must be an enemy on that side that Im not seeing probably respawn when I left the area and came back in what how did you get aa thats some of it no way is he getting that stupid thing theme of getting mild revenge against someone who only mildly inconvenienced you but also theyre gonna die what the hold Ive never done that before well try that again okay so I just keep accidentally parrying this guy Oh interesting alright come on lets go bud you want to you want to go youre just gonna fight over here on the stairs oops kill them well dont thank you there we go now what have we got up here secret chest with another one of those mounted men there we go yeah I just couldnt cast it well oh theres a thing there I didnt even see it uh yeah this is pretty par for the course for me actually whenever I play DMC I always get hit a lot more than I hit things just cuz my lack of skill alright thanks for stopping by dude good luck with your interview doo-doo-doo-doo come on come on there we go come on there now this is a little thats a little if youre right there small details though easily fixed wait where are you going did you get the growth catalyst that bastard like I said well nope nope you here we go no oh okay now this was ever a sign that a boss fight is coming up oh okay so you get there theyre there and look at that its a heel and a saved right before a door how convenient nothing bad is gonna happen in here right give me the catalyst now or I will cut you down as if I would ever be afraid of you if you know whats good for you you dont just walk away I dont want to have to kill you theres no handling some from the church take this thing the church huh I came all this way yeah get away from the church this baby has to be worth a small fortune with that much me I could find your skin huh Aska pay alright here we go so this guy Im not sure this is like a normal thing but he is okay dont try parrying oh come on okay well parrying didnt work I probably had probably was going a little bit too early on the Perrys lets try that again yeah there we are okay so parrying is doable just the timing is real tight and it looks like as opposed to doing a normal hit or oops okay alright thats fine too ah okay Im still good looks like that healed me but Music okay Im gonna Im gonna stop doing that now and try to actually beat the fight alright lets do this again but this one I got stuck on for a while when I did the first time lets go okay were good were good gotcha damn it got him all right come on I got you I got you get down here coward what oh right this part phase two still got the sword on him nope not anymore whoops oh come on okay that was my bad I thought I was like I thought I was all raised you one of my super moves on him but I guess I must have run out of energy or something hard to tell all right lets go all right it was down Im trying to get a stinger going but forgot the button combinations oh that was a summon sore that was legitimately summon sore just now alright that I think I feel like hes probably supposed to have invulnerability frames there no I just see something here if I do this it heals me what else it heals that but it does not heal this sword gauge yep dammit got him oh youre back do you have the catalyst no it broke you what how in the world that I said it broke now lets please just get out of here dont you remember Yeah right and that is the demo I beat it in I want to see like five or ten minutes less than I did last time it was definitely a forty something knowing my luck I was probably like 41 and I only beat my previous time by three minutes despite having played the demo before so yeah there is the Kickstarter link there is the Twitter for the developer and plus W plus I believe is the musician some good jams going on there the game has three days left let me actually just double check on that I want go to my activity why not its not showing up on stream anyway vernal edge still has three days as of right now when Im streaming when the video actually comes out itll be like in a day and a half from now so 1/2 days 2 days maybe anyway highly recommend backing this game 8 3 57 p.m. EDT actually so itll so there is three days from now almost to two full days whatever but highly recommend backing it its 20 bucks for the base like digital copy of the game upon release the demo is available on HIO and you can just download it right now thats what Im playing right here but yeah its a super fun a couple small gripes mostly stuff that just needs to be ironed out as the game gets close to release things like jumping movement feels a little awkward when youre doing platforming like the grabbing those little nails hanging out of the wall is a little the area of that is a little tight I feel like theres a couple other small details in the combat but for the most part all right the the charge tax versus regular tax like charge attacks just kind of overpower regular tax by a significant amount even with the information that you can cancel out of regular attack combos like a charge attack still does enough that I feel like you probably wouldnt need to worry about it 90% of the time but maybe that changes with different enemy varieties or different like combat scenarios but yeah the the game is super fun Im super looking forward to it when it actually does come out in the future a little bit more tightening up mechanically and be great but yeah check that out and with that I am going to swap over to the other game so I will be back in just a moment you mesa steam showers Featured Game: Vernal Edge from Matthew Martinez Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at steam deck windows real steam thomas fantasy games on steam dinosaur steam games appear offline steam