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Call of duty world at war on steamsteam relaxing games VERNAL EDGE game and then everyone, its ok that edu is speaking and the following people are here to check how the game blin ad is open, which is the next big release from microsoft will be released for xbox iuane for pc, Ill say that the next big release with the east and the former lets make it very clear they both come out at about the same time obliged is a game made by ninja film studio that microsoft recently acquired and its an online multiplayer game in a very different style i did the game training i already did the basic tutorials Im going to play my first game here its shared with you go without going out I m wearing a cap because its freaking cold outside and I wore a little bit today my hair is all crumpled up already so were going to record the video like this here face better than without the cap Ill go with pike here in support year and he says I dont remember if the guy next to my super will be this improved protection here and the game starts in a little while so our character who can create a protective wall ok no im going to keep him im going to keep him that man he creates a protective wall he can use healing on allies he has this special little thing here too youll see guys its an online multiplayer that me it looks interesting from what i did the id is tutorial i thought that a game with potential its look is very nice also how there should have been set up here o ramon that if i do that my father move me with more speed lets go there the team shouldnt have if separated to be honest its a team game if you can stay together with your teammates its better not to capture more objectives 11 enemy coming ok leaving the enemy alone here against the teams tank is tank right another heal cleaning also look for the sister defeat the guy there Im not going to leave the place and they fled the defeat for the guy he didnt defeat come no Im not being attacked the team there you have to worry about your healing here but theyre going to let the river die, its going to work in the soul of the team and then were not going to capture the points theyre not from today either like active but the objective doesnt have to wait to activate the team that will activate the next point to go up here I didnt block myself come and I dont have a colleague here because my team my god why did my team spread out man why dont they wait for the river sister then it gets healed this guy here at least hes a teammate or not right the fastest movement here the colleague bro doesnt run away comes a strong dogma the dodô doesnt cause harm to anyone it doesnt even cause it actually I dont know why I didnt cause it even though too much in the cure the mother opponents show up to vote for them thats what I want to do the most lets go I walked and let the guy hit here too there it was worth Roman all the time the guy there was already my friend bro because you came alone against 4 guy without I do nt recommend human in a team game and being alone doesnt love the team you play with these guys here he s dont abandon me so much just a little the opponent to get my teammates catch man that he put a shield over there on my colleague it was time to look for another one here bro show of ball man we are destroying the opponent come and catch there dont look for it ok, there was already an angel protecting me there, there were several, right man that we destroyed, come our team, its beautiful, it will block the guy there before its bad for us, right, even time, defeat another delight, ok, heal, come on, you too, years, man, he wasnt tired to catch comes because this agreement is alone the whole time man look at this my god bro we are destroying a lot and then the national team exists, right, it s a team game if you stay isolated by the map man its good that its extremely absurd of good in the game if its not bad if its not bad capturing that is already active in a few seconds weve already captured here and bad but its going to be caught again even if you miss taking their river, you dont even need it, man live in isolation look for him a little bit oh my god the new pressure we are putting the guys on and left the leader isolated there and try to stop the guy from running away but there was no wall for that we it was just very easy to be honest right it was like ok cool bro rock we won big know when you get your first experience points bro oxi that I accept experience the credits like liked that playing there also did a show ok lets try one more theres a training mode at the dojô Ive already seen it concluded a game because otherwise student gave me the little green tick complete a game so that before I said that we played I tried to run a game in the game they are already part of the training that there was almost no one so I had to make a few attempts to start recording until it rolled with long distance damage lets go with him with the sword lets go with him there he goes with whos given hot this attack he stays stel mode too and plays chickens ok v lets see what happens I hope someone will laugh right to help is that there are people in multiplayer games who are very selfish, the guy arrives last and doesnt accept support or tanks dont be selfish and should have done this here, lets go there the collection phase in its already seems to stop collection right it started so theres one for here we dont have it were going to face the opponents there my god chose who we defeated and then seriously even if its time for us without a sister its very selfish come sic over there and I tried it 6 I wanted to show different things right its happening here not today well see you one day even my god thats where I deliver the stops deliver the energy cells to the starting points starting point like starting point I think that its not there must be my option for healing bro believe that we dont have hitler bro take one of the extra one here who I understand that Im doing it actually right leak a it was already very clear that it was already bro lets try one theres support, but the person doesnt do anything. give it to non tati and lets go there tomorrow Im lost in this game mode here Music wow I leave the dirty trick man how I used the game event each will give a tip to the others send him to play the support helping I liked this one character here we go with her again the lie that I made a mistake there kiss Music it goes well let me out of here the consultant the entrance of dunga comes from teammate there is no one man i was waiting for a team bro i was at the exit of the stage he comes hell bro Im going with this support here bro whenever the team doesnt have support comes and for me so far its not clear the right they have to do a game mode right my god bro wheres my team coming Im healing take it now the team the good of the team nelson and i stopped the guy there we go where is our striker been training healing me he had sent me to heal but he didnt heal come cure if cure comes here catch without running away but it only got better now in catch good friend the kitten show on the ball bro the other help book come on lets go team around there the campaign there hainan look for the catch there to remove a cure from the guy i need to heal myself or it doesnt come out im not even able to heal myself bro i was supposed to double click game teach me or i he heals after a while automatically I dont know lets go for people he became one or hes a bad striker or the team lacked healing anyway I made the right decision right the rook read killing the rest then the team and now everyones together today where are the guys lets not fall down and were going to hold the guys that even so its there for the guys who dont send me I pressed the wrong button well its my team win jorge dies die there it goes it wont go pure a didnt give if i could r attracting the guys here are out of the objective seriously bro I know if they deviated from this all objective just for me thank you very much I also dont understand much thats going on is map knowledge of the map that is practically nil but we are winning so lets go the team intends to help them and then how we do it has to get the capsules and then we love where are the opponents I got more he is a beautiful guy alone does not give a human size and then whatever someone here will be today my god there is bad but I want dilma then life is not there beauty we won two show highly confusing I need to understand the game better but the first from there the first and second right enjoy the experience enjoy and share the game with you and I hope you enjoyed it that I just saw that almost half passed time I didnt even notice this is an excellent sign, it means that I had fun time passed faster than it seemed so thats it guys if you can leave it like share watching the video thank you so much it helps a lot with my work here on youtube and see you in the next video guys Ill stick 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