Vernal Edge - That son of a (COUGH) - Finale

Best rpg games steam 2022steam download starting and stopping VERNAL EDGE gameplay oh all right so we got spire which is very large call upon a spider light to pierce your enemies mm-hmm all right no you can choose you know probably that one that one the one thats not there and then also you have no key items no wait we can choose full screen huh therefore theyre gonna mess with things oh theres a pad movement yeah I think you press a yana press right on theres something is on hotbar usages Oh died earlier then okay lets go yeah I think it was up there no is theres something else down here no because we already got the - yeah theres nothing like I know that doesnt matter too much yeah its only a demo yeah yeah no just go back to where we kind of first begin and then just went back yeah now to go for that one word Oh God come on just leave it yall that I just see or something yeah I think so damn it oh is the combo meter the see oh I didnt notice that thing I said seemed like way back no this I didnt even notice the little call things what to see what thats see in the corner I think when that fills up at all Im moving on though ya know another better than that kid doesnt went through here anyways oh yeah hey can I get up there do you have to go to the right now I think I activate them you gonna be through this whole small dungeon thing lots of screams oh oh oh yeah good yeah there you go theres a lot of nothing there theres no things no oh all you missed do it again yes that barely knows the floating things in the back theres a treasure what the actual background yes thats good was that all for just a big red potion down here yes somewhere down here Oh God yeah no yeah huh but is that good or bad I cant see yeah yeah we could have changed the scale but yet oh yeah we still can yeah let me see it was spec here scale no it has to restart no oh okay we have to just keep I think its still just that oh no hey Im sorry go Joyce which oh oh its all timed this is a really a giant timer for luck guide well then I have to hit these it nope no you just have to keep yall just so as to possibly guard which was not though yeah it just goes as fast as you possibly can come on oh its right there I could barely see these mushrooms mushrooms things I forgot about those you think it was upstairs yeah oh damn it I cant tell what those clicks yeah oh and then this part oh come on it missed me just have to stand on it no you have to activate it well you have to go as fast as you can right now oh there oh no let me grab it wasnt that much pressure I think thats all the Keystones ten head back to the entrance the other entrance that the entrance yes its a its more important than any other guard all right just leave doesnt matter no its gonna be a save there anyways yeah wrong way wasnt yeah there we go and no I think is in the very entrance yeah no sighs Im gonna happen where you are what how did you get know you could have jumped in stuff thats uh mmm no way is getting that stupid thing thats why then oh all you had to do was touch them yes yeah there anybody could have done that thats rated you yeah no I could have no I did oh no just run run nothing blocking you its not for the bottom screen - there you go now we have its killed me yeah also we dont know that oh now you have to take them all down ah is he proposing who the guy youre juggling right now yeah come on whats that take him out before hes stop being stunned yeah yes oh theres more oh keep using your magics 300 21 of them take him down come on yeah oh he tripped Barney come on yeah I forgot no were good just take him down now there we go he got lost here where you went you thought you left the room Dario just juggle of it yeah I have a cooler juggle yeah no I dont know what the combo is actually cuz that C doesnt seem like it does anything its weird yeah just keep you two on the wall three good oh theres more come on ah no da-ding yeah aah shrieking him use a potion is your end of day yeah I thought I think it yeah yeah I did use a potion but they took it out okay theyre almost that just a little bit morning oh hes done okay were fine then theres helbles over there was he full health what other was hes gonna go yet dont you be faster just flying for the site it their morale yeah probably means something Bads gonna happen of course Im gonna have to fight whoever the person is now youre supposed to climb those yeah yeah yeah yeah there you go oh thats a strike go on go well have you been doing this whole time mmm-hmm wait where are you going did you get the growth catalyst that bastard like I said brick wall oh yeah I guess its to the left or right now theyre like a same around here nope well gonna go just gonna go straight there was nothing nothing there all right I got no health potion so maybe mom you can equip them I think if you press Start theres one lift I think thats on the hotbar Im thinking its somewhere on there nothing there I am kind of move yes all right go now its in there thats weird yeah theyre supposed to be in the first row I still dont know what the C does lets go ahead no jeez Oh didnt even matter to that much oh thats good yeah but you had a big red stuff and you didnt use it but I actually I think you did use the big red stuff by accident hey save yo hey its quiet in there give me the catalyst now or Ill cut you down as if I would ever be afraid of you you know whats good for you youll just walk away I dont want to have to kill you theres no way Im letting you some lettuce Im an  __  from the church take this thing the church huh I came all the way here to get away from the church I came all the way here for my house this baby has to be worth a small fortune with that much money I could finally escape ESCA hmm very sorry because that has a big bar of that stuff now God dang you can block oh yeah took me Oh like two hits oh come on yeah you could only block like one hit and the things are off now yeah yeah third didnt get you nothing I do this time no to figure out how to fight all this either skip button house oh youre not you yeah its right there anyways yeah Ill wait here for you yo no wrong one I was trying to use Y what happy but you shouldnt have moved it off yes I know yeah yo dog David yeah just just a sawblade can you walk into garnet anger keep things positive I was stuck yeah you were stunned for a second no Im stuck right there I aint stuff but it didnt go theyre still hitting me a little alright lets see how you go skip faster so you use your saw blade yeah all right no well the heck does not work on this person yes much oh gosh okay oh youre actually taking where they blew Oh God dig oh okay yeah youre somehow to you I do blue stuff there blue stuff oh uh oh uh thered be stunned yeah the poise yeah yeah hey yeah you just have to dodge a lot yes Oh do guys cool on all their blue stones back Oh Oh whats happening I survived right Oh over here thank the best offer yep oh yeah I cant read though I dont know with always acting I cant oh yeah oh yeah I can move faster but then you can vlogs yes yes just use your sonic rule oh god no youre all stairs ah come on yeah you have to get away are the freaking little things yeah you just use the magic one good Oh so yeah every time you block like it can stun them yes did you win yeah is it over just slowly all right did it yeah oh no I get to thats here oh wait did yeah I like moved but its still weird yeah all right Oh your bag do you have the catalyst sure no I broke it what it broke how in the world did I said it broke now what lets please just get out of here dont you remember were out of fuel I cant move all right well were stuck here took us 31 minutes thanks for playing the vernal edge demo consider supporting the Kickstarter yeah nothing Ill do later after dark alright thank Allah yeah just a zur yeah best 2 player games steam Finding the last keystone, flipping a switch for a timer, falling off a bridge, fighting through new enemies to get back up, trying to take down the boss without dying too many times and coming back with no catalyst.Get this demo at - 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