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Steamed buns japanesesteam how to copy games to another computer VERNAL EDGE gameplay Music hello internet and welcome to another damaged and tries its been a while since weve done one of these I think I say that at the start of every single one but anyway um vernal edge the Kickstarter demo 1.0 is available Ive been following the guys thats making this on Twitter for quite some time and theyve just started a Kickstarter theyve put this demo up so that you can see you know this is what they are aiming for I know that this is kind of a slice of gameplay the kind of thing that they are going for so I thought you know what lets give it a try it could be good it could be not as good as it looks this is sometimes the way and I do like the fact that they put this out and you can access it before you back of the game so I have not yet backed the game and this will of course inform whether I think yeah this has got potential or not so lets give it a crack and and see what its about obviously it is a Metroidvania of sorts well we made it but as I predicted were almost completely out of fuel took long enough wheres the growth catalyst as I said its its a demo its an alpha I dont think the the text to spoon proof read because theres a missing apostrophe and wheres and that should be a full stop after took long enough Im gonna try not to do my whole English teacher thing theres a go Im not sure it should be somewhere in that building but perhaps its best to alright Im going in its like talking to a brick wall with you the the text is ever so slightly too slow as well right lets see what what do we have in drive control than what that was so controls weve got lets jump doesnt jump quite as high as I might expect training to me combat basics attack with X gamepad or D keyboard under direction while attacking for a different results press and hold attack for a charge attack lets revive light at bumper or shift to - best left bumper to block enemy attacks these are default controls by so we can juggle we can attack in the air as well the most charged attack which is a dash can be done in the air weve got default dashing which is got a 1/2 second cooldown on its weve got a parry move which locks us in place but not for very long Im not entirely sure what that was finding using items press left d-pad and white d-pad will cycle through your items in the fields as in earth will use the currently selected item your item wheel has the items in the top row of your inventory menu key items are in another menu chest a fall to my death got a mana powder so yeah bottom right hand corner weve got a little wheel that we can move through take that scum a okay so weve got collision platforming Ive been trying to figure out how to do this myself in the the platformer that Ive been trying to create with game maker so clearly it is possible dont have ledge grabbing though oh we do have ledge grabbing ah we just dont have ledge grabbing on these platforms okay so we can grab the corner things and we do have wall jumping as well so weve got all of the the kind of the the essentials if you like of a Metroidvania exploration system youve also got this really nice pick slice the climbs a little bit slow can I get up there doesnt seem hammer shift theres a little bit John but as I said this is very much an alpha demo if I sound like Im being horrendously nit picky thats probably supposed to be a background element if I sound like Im being really picky it is simply simply because Ive been trying to do one of these things for myself for the last few days and obviously you know the guys that made this have put a lot more time in but this is this is my genre this is the genre that I love so now if people are going to Kickstarter and you know come up with these cool systems I want to see them succeed and do well Westby or a to hold it crust a spell thats what I did yeah wow you are weird looking what was - that was - oh weve got a a bounce attack like the little health bar over the other mousse heads out oh thats cool weve got a quick get up Im out of mana if you turn the music up a little bits oh theres a combo system who use blue orbs above the enemys head show the enemys poise you cannot Stern an enemy until all their poise is depleted use charge attacks pulse attacks and certain spells to break an enemys poise out so the blue bar is there stun meter by the look of it so the blue a blue orb is their poise which youve got rid of that then you can knock them down and oh is this time the guesses yeah Im not entirely sure whether that was timed or what there is wall jumping but these walls too far parts to actually use it so youve got to use this you know its showing you that this is a mechanic the time is a bit long yeah actually the time is way too long on this come on hello Music is it proximity-based Oh hold on do you have to hit it right you have to hit it could do with an indication that that is the case although empty text box oh hello I didnt expect to see someone else here what brings you to this ruin Im after the growth catalyst do you know where it is I see you see that door behind me behind it lies the growth catalyst however its locked by three key stones located throughout the facility unfortunately I dont know where any of them are but perhaps we can help each other its a space between each other no I said I wouldnt do that that can help each other find them dot dot sure I have to make sure I get before this guy aah Archer I think you can hold down the X button to make the text scroll faster Ill up there I feel like we should be able to use these stairs as well with your cards oh hold on hold on hold on hold on red stuff matter powder tastes like crap . capital letter now i do what this is but I feel better when I drink its movements jump wall jump first and rip one in the air yeah oh thats cool and it automatically makes you go in the direction of the slope as well yeah thats cool Isador thats the safe points hammers a little bit jerky its blocked by thick vines I should probably use the air - more hold on hold on hold on ah you can only get you can only do it would she cant I thought I could have reached that hold on if I know I do like this idea of the almost kind of beat em up style system of quick recovery how am I getting through here oh those are not particularly apparent an issue not uncommon in pixel-art games where elements that you can interact with kind of get lost sometimes in the background first why to throw out and ethereal swords is the sort of sticks inner enemy press the button again and theres direction to use a pulse attack okay no though these enemies have been cool oh hes got to ah nice so enemies combo off each other the mana powder nice well so far Im liking the feel of this it looks like something goes in this slots thats not a slots junk garbage I lost this her besides this bottle seems to fit always see the slot there mm hold on did I just see oh I did I saw a secret little cubbyhole with some things in right oh its its just a vertical thing you dont need to say wall jump for that Ive really no enemies could fall off ledges which is my pulse meter you see this the one that looks like a see out the the animation there to take quite some time Oh lots of parents dont think we need to kill everything yeah it is moving to be troublesome to know which of these things youre gonna collide with and which are just background elements but thats something very much fixable ah Im surprised to see you here in all honesty as scaffolding was practically crumbling beneath me anyway that roof looks pretty under stable itself we should be careful about how we push it cowards must be one of the Keystones nah Im like in the combat system no the combat systems got a lot of potential theyve even got like a Devil May Cry style keep in mind Im bad bad bad bad Adele my craw he that went straight through it that was probably my faults no nice I know its not that wait thats not the way I wants to go I wanted to go over here explorations pretty good as well we know you gonna help no you just stand there Oh mmm purple locks mushrooms yeah there we go see its its a lot better when you know that you can hit things more red stuff its there a map do well in combats to raise your blue meter theres an awful lot theres a lot of systems here interesting youve got d-pad movement as well if there is a map which you kind of expect it to be for a Metroidvania does it seem to be one yet aha oh I see what as you know I dont see ah so its thats thats what those are for so it tells you and that time is going off every maybe five - sent ten seconds something like that right I assume is giving us plenty of time to get to wherever it is that we need to go a bold assumption to be fair no running out of time ah thats cool I like that I like that a lot a Keystone so thats so the timer is designed for these purple blocks once the timer runs out they flicker off into the background nice oh hello Oh enemies dont actually have we hold on I cant fall through that platform Wow take it I like other music switches as well second wave yeah yeah Im seeing a lot of potential in this know the wave No a three Studdard enemy out I oooh oh yeah I must remember I can slide oh its girls spoopy dark Music a little bit buggy there eep-eep secrets awesome possibly a secrets ah dont dont fall in the water good to know I hear you anime take events what the enemys supposed to be made out of they kind of looked like bandage bandages or paper or something yeah Id really like a a map ah thats quite a nice little visual touch so that changes the world states we like that in a Metroid various ooh its got all foggy thats fall into a death thats also fall into a death I dont know what the little particle things that were picking up are yeah oh I didnt actually grab that cant add she fall down there could do with a little bit more camera control aha I think thats all the Keystones time to head back the the entrance oops no no dear ha more of this mana powder that Ive not used because Ive not really been using the spells today a shortcut gets right Ive now got ooh whats that learned spire all we see somewhat work were equipping these to various positions when we press the magic button thats not that button though is it no willow more red stuff ah I do like the shortcuts no hold on thats back out the-- what how did you get no ah that son of a the way is he getting that stupid thick what really like in the the pics loss in this game its really nice quite liking the music as well there thats Im not getting to you I guess like that yeah and I really need to keep an eye open for what collecting those things actually does its possible its its not some kind of currency is it secret guests spring glutes I love this stuff it only grows in the spring thats not very descriptive no I like the fact that the the waterjet affects the enemies as well I do its kind of annoying trying to fight them on top of it that so yeah and you suck up Oh Mort Oh I lost myself then for second and those are health blips yeah there we go so they give us health back interesting that that respawns I guess theyre not persistent also though we do face the direction ah theres a thing blocking us there what that oh that brings us wait where are you going did you get the growth catalyst up bastard like I said brick wall Music aha a little bit fiddly thats that might a bit of a platform in challenge okay so where do we actually need to go ah this door all that stuff no this is quite a tall boom give me the catalyst now or I will curse you down as if I would ever be afraid of you if you know whats good for you , youll just walk away I dont wanna have to kill you theres no way Im letting some from the church take this thing the church huh I came all the way here to get away from the church this baby has to be worth a small fortune that much money I could finally skip but what Ill slice out oh dear Lord ow still not dead returned up to the earth continued excellent you can skip stuff Ive got a lot move havent I Ive not really had to use it so Music weve got limited charges oh boy nice oh yeah its not a whole block its a oh that again blended it in a little bit too much into the backgrounds could do with making the the thorny vine e things that he drops stand out a little bit more okay okay so far so good toasters yeah itd be nice if we could cut down those finer things rather than just having them completely persistence but Im clearly gonna needs because Im just not using my amana Im just not an Im not entirely sure how the collisions is to take collision detection is working and theres seem to be any kind of invisibility so you can get juggled arounds oh you can destroy those but the hitboxes with it wheres ow Music I think youve got to block a second time for that no duh oh thats kind of frustrating yeah gotcha Im assuming thats demo end oh youre back do you have the catalyst I dont know why I think these guys are robots now it broke it what how in the world did I said it broke now lets please just get out of here dont you remember were out of fuel were eyes thanks for playing the demo as expected there we go then folks that is the vernal edge Kickstarter demo lots and lots of potential here lots of potential here combat feels decent for the most parts the boss fight collision detection on bits and pieces was a little bit annoying as was the the juggling nature of that enemy it was quite easy to to press a to get to flip yourself back up only to get hit back down straight straight away by an attack theres quite a lot of arc to it in fact Id say overall collision it is maybe the thing that I would kind of like to see worked on a bit grabbing on to things be at ledges or those those poles would be nice a little bit more explanation on how to activate those water jets would also be really really useful but the music was good especially for you know an unco stood or in funded projects the pixel art stars really really nice the controls are tight Id like a little bit more height on both the jump and I think the - but this certainly seemed to be a lot of systems in the game in terms of spells and pulse and this that the other I kind of feel like in the full game these things might be introduced a little bit more slowly so as not to overwhelm you at the start you know it might be a powerup that you get later on for example due to unlock the pulse mechanic or whatever but yeah I mean but for what it is for a very very early basically a prototype of the game made in game maker which is the same program that Ive been having a little play with and Im impressed with this you know it might be worth having a crack at the Kickstarter for it so they get the addresses on the screen there if its something that you fancy taking a look at for yourself as I say the demo is free to download you do not need to pledge in order to get the demo so you can try it out before you decide whether you want to kick start the game or not Im pretty impressed Im pretty impressed with what Ive seen so far thank you very much for watching demos and tries a vernal edge hope you have enjoyed watching my very first look and reaction and impressions of this game head over to Kickstarter for more information or the Twitter stuff on screen and Ill catch you all in the next video thats all for now thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video why not click the like button and consider subscribing remember you can ring the bell notification icon to get notified when new videos go live and until next time cheerio blackb0nd steam Everyone knows I love my Metroidvania games. Ive made maps for a dozen of them now. I love exploring and charting and finding my way into nooks and crannies. If they have great combat, music, and art, thats a bonus. Sometimes other people want to make Metroidvanias but need funding to do so. Such is the case with Vernal Edge, a game thats just started its Kickstarter campaign. Theres a demo available — which you can try BEFORE pledging — to see a prototype/proof of concept. Its rough around the edges, to be sure, but theres a lot here to like. These are my first impressions. Apologies to the devs for doing my English teacher thing. I cant help it. ============================================================ Kickstarter: Twitter: ============================================================ From The Kickstarter: ================= What is this project? ================= Vernal Edge is a Stylish Action Game (aka Character Action Game, Beat em up, or Hack n Slash) with Metroidvania elements where you perform cool and elegant combos while nonlinearly exploring many sky islands in your own airship. How will the funds bring it to life? =========================== Funds for this project will allow the development team to work on the game fulltime with a sufficient income, as well as allow us to commission and outsource any assets necessary. Who is the creator? ================ The development team consists of Matthew Martinez (artist, programmer, designer) and Alex McCaskey (musician, sound designer, programmer, designer). The two of us have been designing games together since 2010, and have even prototyped several of this games new concepts before. ================================================================ #VernalEdge #kickstarter #firstimpressions steam games on more than one computer activate game steam mobile how much is security breach on steam index of steam games vietnamese steam rice roll