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Steam truckjrpg games steam VERNAL EDGE gameplay Hello, good evening. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Its been a long time. Its been a long time. Its been a while. This time, I would like to play the vernal edge demo version. Its a Metroid vernier-type 2d action, and Ive already played it yesterday, but its not a complete observation, its quite a long time ago, but its a long time ago, isnt it ? But its a great old case thats not even alpha, so Ive played a version that was really easy to do in the future.At that time, there was no story or anything. There seems to be a story, but unfortunately this version doesnt seem to have any Japanese.Also, this year the demo version has been well received.Its released on PC Steam , but its a bit of a bug. So Im using a controller from the x Boku series, but when I play, itll probably be a PlayStation, so the Steam Input controller recognition function is bugging this game, and Im playing it once. It s a feeling that you cant do it unless you turn it off, or how to turn off that team input in various games has been published in various places, so it would be quicker for you to check it out. Right-click on the title of this work, and there is an item called properties, so if you select disable steam input in the controller settings, youll be fine. Please check it out Well then, I d like to do it right away. Even in the demo version, there seems to be no song yet for the opening, etc. BGM may not have been added yet Lets do normal mode dense Candidates are sailing. So I was able to confirm something that looked like that, but I wonder if the owner agreed right away Why was he stowaway? I guess Im wrong I see, I have to recover a lot of HP ok Attacking enemies will accumulate energy, so its the r or the meter on the upper left. If you press the y button, various tricks will appear. Attack Hand x Press the button repeatedly, so you can hit the up button like this, like high time s Devil May Cry d Ash Time. Its like this depending on the directional key.If you press the button, youll get an attack like a good slide, and there are quite a few types of combos. Theres something like a skill tree, and it seems like its going to be like this. And computer Charlie No, the feeling of holding is smoldering no King Dash is crazy about you, isnt it? It s a superga technique that increases the amount of recovery. So this is the state of charging, but this is also the state of not moxibustion in the input direction. Its kind of like, this is how I feel when I hit a certain y button. Its a feeling that people with a lot of things can understand, so Maps. Hey, its space and the ministry also thinks Theres also a Zagado with a dash Im what town? In the Devil May Cry series, provocation is one of the points that will be added to points in the future. I dont think its a good idea, but I dont think its possible to win by forcing a technique, but you did it. Maybe its the money. Theres no bgm, so Im a little lonely Haar max hp up or something Ah I want to shoot I want to shoot I can get it My trade It seems that 1000 points will recover a little HP manners and Pearls points ok Ok You cant cross that lightning, right? and Hmm, where is the rank? Oops Algard After guarding, its like youre going to protest against a neat target. Maybe its just that I dont appear I want a dj too Everyone at the trading company can hear nothing but the voice of the door Ill check it out I did the same thing as ping pong, right? I cant help but want to break the sound pot This tree seems to be there ie Thats right. It didnt hit a bit. That one did nt hit. There is BGM at this time, but I think its better to put BGM in hunting as well. Thats why the enemys attack is relatively strong.Its not strong enough, but this is a dash major memory without fusion. This disc is a consumable type of frame spell. Hey ok sake b Its a button spell, isnt it? Its really wild It hurts that I still dont know which technique is which with the y button. I dont really understand Ah, does it start charging once it reaches zero? Its in a state of charging Oh, wheres the dead? If you cant pass, its diplomatic relations What is this? Shall we skip to this one? I wonder if its going to be music I can break it, I see ok If you collect all of them, the maximum value of Hayashi p will rise music music where did you get that sword? Its an artificial vernal, so its also a title, isnt it ? 3 d 2 e This probably isnt goal-oriented Maybe its just adding this effect to 3d, right? I guess, depending on the order, the abilities that can be obtained will also change, so it seems that this system will be able to explore to some extent in the order that the player likes. Because its different, maybe dash or something No, there is a possibility that the order in which the attacks themselves are originally taken is different from the order in which they were originally taken. I wonder if Ill vomit if I eat something like room Alright, Im a bit curious about the couple Yes, I dont feel like Im going to need something like a champ. Its like the wii doesnt have a jump, but after jumping, it temporarily stops at the maximum position in the air. Should I say that I feel like Im being pulled by a force and immediately fall down? Music I see. Good music Peach I can cancel properly with dash Coffee I dont think I can use it well music Its not a dash If you do it, a stun will occur, is nt it ? If you think its a city bar with another hp bar or something like that, its not like that, but if you have Allen, if you have something like that round orb, the enemy wont start and youll sound a combo state It s going to be super much more. I know that this child has a blue bar after playing, so when the blue bar appears, hes staring. Oogure Ogure, who says hes going to make up his mind for the next time or something. The man is a Toba Seeker. I want to see what they said about the road. Music I wonder if this will end even if it falls osho Damn, the grass is bad, isnt it super good? Maam Is that really a proper poo work? It was good, okay, I see. I wonder if this was the way home or the entrance. I wonder if thats what it means Prototype function By using Akkis boots, its ok if you put it on here Pooh mechanism or something like an effect No, its different, but its effective even if its effective, isnt it ? I dont have one, but the map doesnt disappear, so its a jewel shape Its okay, its a honbo, so it feels good. After all, the more types of enemies you have, the better, is nt it? I dont know if Ive done it or not Im sure the special display will appear This expression and my wife dont have a home & cauda mouth I wonder if its just necessary for 4th time The sweat that comes out when you enter the direction key is different I guess Actually, personally, I prefer Tales of Siri rather than the Epir May Cry series. I remember that game, but in this work its 2D, so its at the main stage, isnt it? Its a wall kick I thought it was different because its called air step This is the next way This is it Ah, its a pretty good one. When it hits the ground like this, it will generate a food evo, so lets try it. That effect is out Overeating Lets bring more Abe Defense Hey food web I wonder if I wanted something a little more emotional like this I can go home with this Oh, on the other hand, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, thats right. Its just that, but I havent read it right now Hey, I got the figure, so its still good. To coffee music There are a lot of things I can do to stomp on the fire. No, but I cant enter Im calm I cant go home sorry Music Where are you going next? I wonder if its not a place that seems to be Tendo.In the case of the cat gold pen, there seems to be quite a lot of sentences music I want a Japanese translation, please sell the disc Air block Will it be possible to block in the air ? pou dou dou And there was something that seemed to be quite important.Where is that guy? Its not that I dont have it, but its hard to understand Im in the lower left corner, right? Its hard to understand Before I say I dont really understand Music What do you do? I do nt feel like I can avoid it like this High music Did you say something like you want me to turn the windmill music ok? This time it was all about important skills, but in the main game its like now, you can use it to buy discs and tricks. I guess thats how it feels 10 There are a lot of places where you can go Applause It would be even better if there were bosses in 5 places, but it doesnt seem like its in the main story yet. Its still in the middle of making it, so there are a lot of empty areas, isnt it? At this point in time, after all Its Sonic, so there was that point. I think it will reach you, but even if you dont have to do this, the loan platform is fun in Taima Town. I wonder if the main character is okay in Shinagawa. Thats not it, Abe, will you die normally? Will it be a game over here ? I wanted to see what kind of effect it had. The guy on the bottom right feels like we cant really get together. I dont know if there will be any, so I think Id like to finish playing around here this time, but its a pretty good demo version because you can check the mechanism of the action, how the presentation is, and how to check the gimmicks. I think it would have been better if there was a line of flow and you could go all the way to the boss. The map I dont have is not displayed at all, but I thought it was quite inconvenient. Since there is no map, it is fatal to end up with Metroidvernia, where you ca nt quite understand the interior of the place you explored. If there is a person with the current ability, it is possible to grasp it in this form to some extent. But if you really need the lower right guy for exploration, its relatively good, isnt it? Its exhilarating, and in the future well be able to add various techniques, so the system has a high degree of freedom. In order to raise the points of this memory that can be done, its interesting to explore and do things like that. In addition, this game doesnt have a level system, but you can get money by defeating enemies. If a battle that doesnt happen occurs, but at the moment, battles repeatedly occur in the same place, and it s like thunder. If you go out and enter again, the enemy may respawn again. Its a specification thats common in 3D action games, and its a specification that if you ca nt get out of a specific area in a certain amount of time and youve wiped out all the enemies, you can leave. The d action mechanism is incorporated, but the problem here is that the basic map tends to be empty, but this work is especially so. Its a demo version, but it has similar specifications, but I put it in a relaxed state. Its titled , but thats the same child policy, and just like that, it s a work where combos are important, so the phenomenon of confining them in a narrow area and fighting there occurs, but in areas other than that. However, the enemies appear in small detail, and the weaker enemies are nt super good. After all, I think it would be better to put it in little by little, yeah. Of course, if its an area with a gimmick that has a gimmick, theres no problem. Its better to move around a lot, and I felt like the right side of this area was like that, but its wide, but its empty, so its just wide. For better or worse, its not enough to just have a lot of empty areas, so action like this one will be the main focus in Tohoku. If you pick it up too badly, youll feel a sense of incongruity with the open product that comes out. Its a game with a very interesting action aspect, so Id like to look forward to it in the future. How was it at the bar edge? Thank you very much for watching. We are waiting for your comments and impressions to subscribe to our channel. 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