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Twitch prime games steamlord of the rings two towers game steam VOLCANOIDS hello everyone alpine mesh here with a new episode of volcanoids lets go back to our unending search for the sensors well um i guess for now were back to tier one and we are looking for the sensors because the drill didnt give us much yeah so ill be back with you when i have uh found some ill probably try to find some tier 2 drill ships with the researchers and see if it works Music so ive decided to add another storage module because were getting just too many of resources i mean were getting too many of resources we dont need and were not getting the sensors which we need and im pretty tired looking for them but i need to continue doing it so see you soon Music so and so im in the place where theres literally nothing else to do i tried to find uh many times the uh research uh drillship with the scientific cogs or something just to get the sensors and it wasnt possible so i have only one thing left there is really not much else to do as to go and try and destroy this laser device i think im ready uh the good thing is while i was loading these uh two star ships i found uh some grenades its gonna be really really helpful also i found some slugs and some revolver high power ammo it is going to be really helpful i think on this mission so yeah wish me luck okay it begins Music sending the sending the drill ship on the ground now and lets try and figure out how to deal with this thing i think grenades can help here oh good good it works nice aha so i have to cross over to the other side okay i see i see now how it works im trying to save the grenades because uh yeah well its better to use them on the turrets and not on these modules now the other side one more oh i can hear already somebodys coming wasnt the greatest shot it is going to be very difficult oh oh oh Music well there is a lot of stuff to think about now oh my god all right i cannot ever reload on time its like my typical problem theres always no ammo when i need to shoot oh oh hello what are you doing here i thought there was nobody around anymore it is starting to get annoying im not sure i can do it within this time limit they keep coming like that oh maybe i can okay theres another group i want to make sure i can fix this part until they get closer to me all right so this one is done nice time to move to the other goal oh that was a good shot okay okay not bad im feeling a bit more optimistic now okay these are really scary nice well lets continue ah so there is the sheep and i need to go to the other side okay okay so maybe it will be enough to just go past them and finish the healing its a mistake losing time good good okay so i think i have enough yeah i have enough time to get through i think im going to start using grenades because its taking too much time to do it mainly i think it makes more sense yeah definitely all right im gonna finish up this one manually okay good this one is over and now i need to go around and i need to handle this ship itself oh thats the biggest challenge so far i think im not sure i can do that oof tough tough moment barely barely made it are they too strong for me to handle well find out soon oh really really difficult hey you you there you there sir oh another sir okay another sir down heal up oh how many how how many stop spawning there can you okay im not sure if its a turret or their cog so i think its the turret im gonna try and go around really really quickly because i dont think i can deal with the turret and honestly i dont need to deal with the turret if i can get there on time okay i think okay oh my god im losing time here okay so im gonna go around now im feeling quite optimistic about this mission i think uh now its quite possible to do it of course given that i will be able to get uh around that cliff just to recharge if i have any better ammo okay well i dont aha theres more of them i wonder if i can just run past them quickly quickly quickly yes i can awesome okay dude is there a turret no one missed two okay okay im gonna give it my best try okay only one left two left oh im so nervous okay one left theres a group of them coming im gonna risk it its quiet what has happened there its just quiet wow Music so strange where can i go so my drill ship is over there and their drew ship was over here i think and maybe i can just go and pull my drill ship up there all right i need to go around Music Music perfect parking and now lets have a look oh i see i see there is no more lava on this and there is another one aha this is really interesting so there is a a new passage uncovered so i guess there is less lava in this area wow this is so cool we should definitely explore it immediately now what is it going to uncover im really really curious well first discovery there is titanium ore now good and there is raw crystals and i can get there can i oh not bad i dont know what it is but its uh definitely a promising thing aha thats the tier 2 science and the sensors oh so all this time i was looking for the sensors and they were always here its just i had to move through the this laser boss type of area well now i know till day i learned something ah second sensors now im ready to proceed with the research so i have explored uh actually two levels because uh theres tunnels and caves here and theres also tunnels one and surface here and both levels are huge its like a whole new map of the same size as the first one and i could already see that there is a granite passage to the next area so theres uh probably the moment uh where we need to upgrade our drill but here is so many things to explore and see like theres new minerals there is new ores and also new parts new technologies and the names you know living flame foxhole um dark labyrinth like it really feels like you want to explore especially living flame well anyway so thats thats this tunnel still level and there is a tunnels one level which is feels even bigger and here we also have a lot of new resources and we have these nice places to visit on the ground level burn town molten lake uh eastern traverse long coastline deep ravine rocky trail very romantic names and i definitely want to visit all of them so this this is uh the amount of places we can go to yeah im very excited so that thats thats a great uh payout for uh looking for the way forward which i had to do before and i spent quite a bit of time to find my way here but now were here and im happy to continue and now lets go to the surface and have a look around huh wasnt a very warm welcome okay so first thing i would like to do is to start our research which now we have two sensors that we needed and yeah we can just go with it now we need a research module active its active now and i want to check how much energy we have minus 17 plus 15 yeah thats a problem we dont have enough energy production for the research i think i will turn off this module it is still too much okay so what i did basically i disabled both of the storage module here at the back uh because we well i mean we dont need them right now and we need all our energy for the research so its going on and while its going i just want to go and explore around see whats happening and uh yeah check out what is here what resources we have available and what enemies we have around us so thats an interesting place already its a mine aha we have iron scrap metal here so were getting much more iron and its an iron mine amazing oh wow we not only have this crap and metal we have a coke pickaxe i think it should be better lets uh try it out looking definitely more cool okay im going to mine out everything i can see and then ill be back with you this coke pickaxe is pretty cool it literally one shots the iron or notes and saves uh quite a lot of time in mining i like it now its time to go back to our ship because we have only three minutes and see if the research is over yes indeed it is done lets have a look at our upgrades now we have research tier two so let me check what does it actually mean oh wow first thing i can see we have much more things here so we can upgrade our basic production we can actually do it now then we can uh upgrade basic refinery then we can upgrade improved explosives hmm thats very tempting because i really wanna make more grenades and there is another change i would like to make because uh i understand that we dont have enough energy production and we have uh two storage modules which uh maybe we dont really need both of them so i will try to replace one of the storage modules with a power production module yeah so do i have another power production module well apparently uh i dont so i need to make one now enable the production module here were making this thing ah storage full again okay ill recycle a few things now Music good now we have a coal power plant and ill try to put these things back well i only have one space well its not the greatest i think but we can deal with it storage mode oh its quite full how about this one yeah it is also quite full i need to think about it for a second okay so i figured this out i just put a few uh storage boxes here and manually moved everything from that storage down there to here so thats uh like we have some space uh to work with for now and hopefully well get some better storage solution uh later after the research is over now lets uh take our tools and just remove this module for now and replace it with a coal power plant thats great and here we have some guests again hmm nice oh oh my god so many of them they seem to be really really tough wow i may need a better weapon excuse me theyre lethal where are you going that was sort of unexpectedly tough okay let me loot a bit again scraps crap hulk pickaxe drop iron ore not bad actually this this loot is quite useful for now oh i was for a second afraid its alive still or should i say animated anyway what type of armor do i have i think i will replace it with a different ammo lets see what is the different slugs damage 20 hp spread 2 degrees and range 10 meters and here backshot a damage five hp ah so yeah it is much better its bright range but um i wonder if its a single projectile which does 20 hp damage and this is uh eight projectiles with five hp damage which should be a little bit better so in terms of uh damage output but a little bit worse in terms of actually shooting on a longer distance range 10 and here again range 10. all right i see so this is like better yeah its just better shooting at the long distance maybe doing headshots okay i can try using it for for a while and see how it works lets get back to our business here what else can we do what storage is full oh my god okay so let me deal with this problem again and i will come back to you when its done all right so i will just uh queue up all the research we need um basic production we can all actually do it right now then basic refinery we need two boilers and two intel refinery research i have to look uh look up the boilers maybe i have some of them in the drawers uh in the other segment and then improved explosive as well so first i would like to have production i only need to open the research module yeah you can see now we have enough energy for research so thats great and since its taking quite a bit of time i just go and have a look at what do we have around us okay so this is the crystal is it crystals well anyway its the crystals mine just want to have a look uh at the crates here ooh not bad by the way i want to compare uh revolver im also damaged 6 hp and this ammo is uh 15 hp spread 1 degree spread 2 degrees 15 meters 15 meters so basically this is just generally better its higher damage and less spread good im going to use this one then and another rate okay grenades i dont say no to grenades nice what else have we got on this map okay not much here so the next time i want to go here to the burn town oh oh i see some guests are coming Music maybe just maybe they will not be visiting us if were lucky enough thats a very like a coincidence so we have our production research ready we have a basic production tier two and we have a lot of things to make this looks like a great number of opportunities im so excited about it and at the same time thats a great moment to end this episode and it was quite a ride this time yeah so hopefully see you next time and the next time we are going to do a lot of upgrades a lot of technology and yeah i think were gonna have a lot of fun so see you soon bye fake steam card codes In this episode we continue our search for sensors. This leads us to a boss battle where we prevail and destroy the laser mining drill. This opens up the whole new area of the island both underground and on the surface. We also finally research tier 2 technologies and contemplate all the amazing new opportunities that they grants to us.Volcanoids is a first-person, base building survival game set in the steampunk era where humans and technology meet. You can get the game here: Music: Here YouTubes algorithm, chew on that: survival game, walkthrough, base building, hard difficulty, lava, mining, crafting, first person shooter, steampunk, gameplay, explanation steam for ios best adventure games steam deck jay leno steam car explosion the best strategy games on steam steam game hacks