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Steam games by reviewssurvival crafting games steam VOLCANOIDS Im such an idiot that I had to play this game twice to make the video, let me tell you about it, they gave me the key a couple of days before an update for the game came out, but since I saw that it was destined to implement the cooperative and I planned I decided to play alone I decided to start it that same day, and they also had a lot of fun playing with survivor. I beat the game in those two days and on the third day the update was published and I discovered that beyond the cooperative, it also restructured the games progression system, changing missions by entering new recipes and adding materials to manufacture also due to the cooperative they added a new system of subtracting one when dying likewise they improved the sound effects of the game that the cia is missing since certain areas were unbearable and in general performance of the graphics I wanted to do the intro of the video talking about it so you understand that this is an early access game and it is still in progress process of improvement and polishing in such a way that when you hear the many buts that I have found you know that they are all susceptible to be improved in the future and this opinion becomes obsolete volcano and has a very good base concept takes the elements of experience games and creation of bases and leads them to have their own giant drilling house on an island full of robots and with an inactive volcano that explodes every so often depending on the difficulty that we have chosen, all of this with an attractive steampunk setting, unfortunately everything is set on a base playable not so good the progression structure of the game is the mythical one based on todays craft strips of zones you need to collect a number of materials in the first zone create the improvements and once obtained you can move to the second zone where the process restarts To get to the third zone it is a quite used structure and on a personal level it reminded me of the crush I launched that you also had to go through several areas and for several days that feeling of not only repetition but of having to start over in each new area I have never come to like, luckily for crash land this is replaced with a story with a lot of sense of humor that enlivens the whole process and makes it a great game volcano jce today does not have that luck there is a story that tells us about the previous inhabitants of the island and how the little fear of having a volcano giving up the ass With lava every half hour, they ended up being kicked off the island. Our task will be to investigate the origin of these eruptions and recover the island for its original inhabitants. We will arrive in a submarine commanded by the captain, the only human npc in the game, and our only help will be he who It will give us the missions in which we progress, which in turn serve as a kind of tutorial or guide until the end of the game, telling us what we need to create at each moment. where to go and how each of the machines that we can create works, although you can choose to ignore his advice and move forward and discover everything for yourself, the process is the same and his messages add almost no interest at the narrative level, he is a character without charisma although of course the first thing will be to get our own ship pickaxe wrench and handgun we will get the first materials and we will go to recreate a drill the combat system of the game god how is it is very ugly in these first combats and you write down that something is wrong there is not real combat feel shoot if you know you hit something like two by the sound but they dont physically transmit the impact i know they are robots but if i shot you with a shotgun at three feet i hope at least your shiny metal ass backs off they are __ sponges holding up stoically until the life bar drops to zero a moment when they explode potatoes and its not the biggest problem they both robots As turrets, bullets hardly miss, that is if any of them miss and it doesnt matter at what distance this is the type of weapon they use or that you are in motion jumping if you enter their range of vision pam you eat it this leaves you as the only strategy at the time to carry out assaults tank damage circulating every two by three while di tombstones bullets and bullets to top it off they barely have artificial intelligence patterns and their behavior is only to go from their base to yours in a straight line shoot you if they see you this from the moment you leave to the surface and you have one of their bases nearby, these enemies are also constantly responding in their bases through machines that create and create more robots, unless they destroy them or leave their base without energy, this has a double problem, first because it is overwhelming have a constant drip of enemies every 15 or 30 seconds when youre in your base calmly creating your __ of course you have placed to your turrets but you have to provide them with enough ammunition and most importantly as it is an infinite trickle of enemies, even if only very little by little, each one of them will lower your turret or base walls a few life points if you are not in it nothing happens you are repairing it the problem comes when you leave the base to explore now think it happened to me to leave an area where there were two enemy drills nearby I went after one for a mission and when I returned to find that my base was completely destroyed by the enemies that arrived from the other side despite the fact that I had left a couple of turrets on that side and enough ammunition is frustrating and there is a long way to improve in this aspect, the null variety of enemies does not help either, they are all the same robot with different colors and weapons In the end, and despite being a main mechanic of the game, you end up doing only the assaults you need per mission for certain specific materials and looking for the rest for or After routes that there are not many with our drilling machine, they can move through the mapping and through the various layers that make up the island, but the movement will be through a map and we will only be able to surface at specific points, which is logical, we are talking about a study small and to think about moving freely in that giant thing would be crazy while we move around this map we will be limited by areas of lava or hard rocks which we still cannot cross we will also find remains of ships where we can collect materials as well as veins of minerals that end up Being the easiest way to get resources, despite this, we can also take a walk on the surface to enter mines and even search the basements of the few buildings on the island, these do not have great utility or interaction beyond the basements. but they help to give a touch of visual setting to the island that on the other hand sins of feeling very empty As we solve the mystery behind the eruptions we will discover that we have to turn off some platforms that are messing things up in the center of the island unfortunately these missions are very simple these high bases do not make much difference and the worst thing is that you have to do it four times being in all the same feeling again the post feels a lack of options and variety although part of this will surely be fixed with the cooperative it is already known that everything wins with good company and as a final stroke the best of the game the construction and improvement of your perforation base it is true that it would be cool to have aesthetic and decoration options beyond walls and windows but what is there works wonderfully and looks great at first I was a little afraid that the machines were a complicated production system like factor me the type that overwhelms me but not even close to overwhelming but with the guidance of the captain and above all the restructuring of l The update ends up being easily understood and the huge battery of custom machines and little buttons that you can create to create your small automatic mini factory make sense and if it still turns you back, know that by removing the three basic machines for research, refinery and manufacturing, the rest They are not necessary to finish the story, in short, it is an entertaining survival game that lasts about ten hours and makes it even more enjoyable today there are better options in the genre but they do not have this unique setting, you have to give it more in the best to the studio to continue adding mechanics and polishing what has already been done steam punl Si quieres más vídeos y noticias sobre cine, videojuegos, literatura, series de televisión 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