Error occurred while updating steam gamesteam best 5 dollar games VOLCANOIDS subscribe and subscribe Tic subscribe subscribe Hello everyone Hello everyone Yes we came to the live broadcast again is there a bad problem with sound We get back to me lets start the game after mobile we are starting the new episode today Volkan oeuspu will not be exactly the first episode we played in this broadcast but a The test will be a First Look video. Ill start from scratch while playing later. I found the game a couple of months ago. Actually, it came out a year ago. It s been more than a year. In fact, I havent seen what to do. Its exactly my style, but it must have been Mining Adventure Survival Lets try some acred themes. Anyway, lets try the game. Im going to the Nil, whats going to happen now were playing this silvery Playdoh, Im doing it normally, the setting is here in Edremit, it talks about something. It was a very perfect city. he says there was something like that then in the streets in a strange strange place He started to progress. Im going to go by turning a little bit. This is the type of product I like very much, he said to Bilal. It started to explode in your head, they started to doubt the safety of the ships, like these people, why did I run away or something, I mean, its nice, while Engin was here, then strange things started to happen, we dont know anymore, is there a Volcano coming from the Underground or something else ? Welcome, we re 60 people, okay? increase I saw them, they came. Hello teacher. Good broadcasts. I missed it too, wait, lets see, its holiday week and your milk will come more frequently next week. Because I will be more available. They said that thank you very much, you are handsome. They said that I cut the hair myself yesterday, I started the Quran again, I cut it early, the beard saves a little, there is a bit of hair on the side, I did not like it, but I bought too much ney sound on the side I think its a bit of a mouth OK, so I dont have a headache while playing it myself, I cut it video o check Subscribe to the question where are you? But where are you? Kübra Kangoo Liman is this one, its like its there, can you hear your voice? I think there is an apple every 20-25 minutes. Craft login ecor in homes these days. 1 a mining ship said Koru İnşaat. Another one, we need to hold on to me, look at the top right, we will collect it for us to see a show for us, its not a very tiring mining collection. Hatice asks for the new one. For now, we have one gun, it has some bullets Yes, robots are coming, you know, if there is something strange, robots are walking there, the theme of the game is steampunk, or think about the place 1700-1800 like this, it started to produce this movement that replaced you, this is what happened in our world, steam engine, steam trains, steam engines, etc. It came out In fact, cars, steam irons or something. Then, lets see when we say, lets see when we say that there is a chest here, so lets just say we buy all of them, can we get this job done with feet, can we have it done, lets have some iron done now, Brother, now when we go, we will do these in our house Myself we dont have much time for the trace but we dont have much time to get some mines then lets go lets go thank god lets start building ourselves later in the game who can you pass with in the later hours of the game obedience is bigger who is more strange and you are passing or beep you are wrong of course we need to set up a Central promarker block to understand Its okay like we broke it, its yours, there is milk around the lava, there is a lot of milk, what we found, brother, there is something far away, let me take it, which mine is this? Yes, we collected Şeyda, this shattered model is gone, its taken away. The main difference is they shot new pieces, you know, there is an enemy too? One of them is not a problem but it is far away so there are too many I dont do much now I was going out there until I get the next module This is a little new to them. Its a bit difficult. Thats how I got it, lets all run away Tama Ill buy it, Ill use it to produce something 220 meters away. We ll spend the night on a Corvette like that. My rooms ship is always safe and we can destroy ourselves anyway. ours will be something like a drill going underground. We will live underground there No There is a mining thing, this feeling comes to me So whats the backlash in a little while I just love it, you dont stop, it wont stop Furkan and I took it out Hoppa six meters there 20 Lets see Hop ok we have ten minutes left 10 minutes then we will watch an explosion and we have to be there then we need to close here while we are captain Now I just went and left lets do it now I forgot what to do of course I remember what to do but its okay lets do one here Welcome friends, happy holiday In addition, how was this the first day of the holiday ? Im going to the full shop from here, Im reading this fence, and on the other hand, do you get this love Or do you get this love alone Or I just bought you the team I wonder lets get this on the phone OK I got all of these Friends now actually OK, now the worktable is gone, the upper dome of this is in time Were going to build our ship, were going to do something, weve done this task, lets talk. Youve given us a new task. If I leave Sabri, if he stays in this environment, and if nothing happens when I go, wait, stop, its raining here, we thought there was a lot of material coming out from here Ah ah It came like that, the smoke comes out, the sound is a little sleepy. Were going to drink that belt, take it all, balloon, we have such a wedding, we can watch it from here, while we get the explosion, Ill continue by emptying the switchboard for now. Lets do it like this, I didnt get all of them, huh, there is no suspect here, there is one downstairs, I will look there Are these empty? There is a map so we can see where we are in the middle 3 level caves Underground and it opened without sleep and watch us There are 23 levels of mana at least in the layer Here we know at night during that explosion When the lava hits the world Its a little layer of lava there daddy Because its something like a marathon in time you will understand what Im talking about Lets come here, I think Im filling up, I think there is a bed or something, the last and there is no discharge, there is a life mask, a nice surprise, there is a nice surprise, there are bullets, I guess I bought something instead of empty, I guess the size of the ships can change in time or you know it differently, or we all seem to know it yourself. But this is Honor. Of course, thats how it is, we need to do some research to develop it, maybe you need to do some research to find your greatness and disassemble it and learn that piece, it will be because of time, so let me see if there are any enemies right now. It was generally safe. But this is what happened, what happened? for most research Itll be fine, you cant open it, why it broke, I said, OK, look, were putting it down there, and its my day, I have to raise it there, and the task has come. Accept the task. Of course, he did it to me, this is mine. Oh wait, now we can reach it from here, to the mans thing. we have six minutes left to burn Im in it right now there is a piece of it nice mechanic didnt you find one I found it lying down Lets see there dark mechanic take it all ok one so I need something different lets see results maybe this one too Hah this and pitb Yes ok, what happens to the tablet now, subscribe why not You stay and press subscribe here Well ok then well fix it fix your walls guess what else I want Yes OK its a little broken this repair module is gone I cant take it on me Are we also capable of automatic production at the moment. Of course, there is no such thing. we will look in the vehicle because we will use coal as fuel But let me tell you this I put this one we thought here we will supply some of the varoson stone we will not use some of it Let me guess how many beautiful come out I want to take a tour, I have 4 minutes first. According to my ship, it has been completed, its the cheapest, it needs one hundred percent, it hasnt been repaired, its not repaired, its not even on each side, its too small, its okay This ship is traveling here, there are materials here Again There is a lot of giving, nice, I want to open a switchboard, what is there Plus OK Lets take a new task, you can close it if you want But this is going to explode, you can make a diary and you can continue on your own, when I opened the task so that it guides me Yes, now he gave a new task, teacher Turgut lets open something like this We put it on and Sati tightens the tradition. Okay. A module for him. Thats happy. Let me look a little here and I cant see him. component Cloud sure let s do two more lets do two more okay lets see other models it didnt work Here this is what I was going to do you are doing it from here I got some fish made so you can get it Ill go down there it seems like I didnt buy it there I bought a sister, I took this Doğuş, okay, there is no problem, is there any goods on the ground? Sky I guess were on the ship again. I said, after all, youll see the fire after a minute of departure Hoppa Hoppa okay I bought it all, look here again, I wonder if its cooked, the courts OK, I actually had a little follow-up, but this is me who made it. this is what i need to do now this is still not received rembo Ha these are four but I needed two I even made three I even made three thats enough we did it in this module it was included look in our bag it came here yes now do we know Akbulut No we need to research like this we are entering from 2000 and I am sending it to here No it did not go here What happened One minute left, the floor, the living room, sleep, whats going on, the world started to shake Friends Last minute, let me see if the front part is exactly what it needs, its been repaired right away OK, I ll even look at it completely Tekin intermediate machine is becoming a metal And Im pressing it breaks in front of me There were pieces of iron in the back We had one last collar lets go through this and then Ill come back I went a lot abusive take it from there I want to take it from there if I dont die of course yes it started to alarm started to make a man quickly take it away 1 2 3 4 okay good well be there for a minute Second, according to him, this is in Turkey. Lets put t If you dont hold back for now, well get out Close the door if theyre going to explode while were here, well hold on right now so we need to eat right down its downloading this I guess subscribe Yes ok when will it explode at 19 its going to be so bad its getting harder were going to force face formation like this How was it used But now it has come, it provides us with dozens of things. Yes, there is nothing like drinking to the left while looking at the view. Where are you sitting? Yes, the fog has descended on the Earth, its the side of the ashtray. Right now, I can get together like this and I can travel like this, so Im under it, it has this dimension, brother, it was created, there are places that come out on top, I think we should look, I guess Ive opened it now, look. Its all right. Im in love, Im learning there, were late in the world, from anywhere we can get out of different wounds, if we pass up, look at me on the right m behind the camera there is a Love sign right there Right here Its the soul of my car. Love also shows the heat level at work, if I pass by the fire, it rises politely there and if it hits the line here, you can see it from the side here. Every car in Kilis becomes Moonlight, but we have to be careful. What if I dont pass? lets go through these, its a little hot, but it wo nt take long, the end of the s branch Yes, the sound of this part is mocking It doesnt take too long s its not too much trouble so its an old society if we went down this far Do you think I can cross from here Ah ah its not dead at the moment Ah were not dead Well, how many pieces do you have? I want to pass I hope we dont die, lets get a record right? it doesnt hold very well or it can pass on hard floors Specialist is difficult at the moment but known between one and ki we have landed now Come on, we are at a layer here huh, it comes out of your faith, it turns out what else I shot or something like that o Music This is how and that clock is the game clock friends this is the hour lets do it camera and camera elements this lets do it like this did you see break break map 22.56 game clock and even the time of the game is a little small, if I do it like this, but anyway, then it is invisible, it doesnt matter much, we are behind walking, I will take it in the last lifetime, okay, when we come, lets get out of the world, lets go through this place. Sometimes if we pass on the long road, he can eat and swim. And where did he come from on the right, he didnt open it here now, lets open it. huh, did I come from here, something? France Berkay Bahar, I have to get out of here. Ill take it from this, its a lucky couple, so I collect it in our bag, of course, it may not be enough, you know, your car bag is also enlarged, you know, but when you create it, it shrinks to the most basic bag, it does not work under the add-ons on the side. Its like 20 minutes or there will be an explosion in a minute I can wear the world right now lets report the harbor You are safe Earth Yes Right now code.oge that Ill look at the old man there lets put it on for the ship look do you see the ship Hey were getting started This is pretty much like this there is a realistic atmosphere, lets go to a floor, lets go to a floor, look, lets look at this place, lets do it from here. Look why it didnt happen, look, now its not there. I put something in the bag. we wonder how life out there is this research refinement site Research diagram Oh my God, what I have, lets find a my head, lets get the pump on us, lets take the pump on us Yes, let me get my things in the car, am I number ten, let me get this Yes okay, we have no room, so look it up right here, lets see that swearing doesnt exist, Wonder lets get some coal, who can get infected? Thats why I take it from there, its the normal store here, I need to look for something with a fork But Im aware here lets look at some Iron Ah ah send it, I bought a super coal I think its too early for me to make quite a bomb, so its a little hard to blow up with a gun, let me do some hairstyles and no one else caught it. I want to wear it on one side youre amazing, its opened and now we have a gun At the moment, there is nothing I can do, lets give the ships trust, its like I did it, we did two. Here the task came to me accept and minus two tasks. Lets see only aytemiz 2000s Search I dont know Neli final these okay I can do it right away when I get home soon OK you are doing them now he is stealing material from this account are you coming to me lets empty the irons subscribe where is he doing it again Lets get it Lets make the little ones do it too, I think it shouldnt have 10. Okay, were only buying coal right now, look, were buying one here when we build the upper level of this furnace. this makes sleep easier get more discoveries the moment you fall is the beauty of the game, you know, it doesnt lock you up all the time No dear, lets leave it for a while, let it stay with me for a little bit now this smelly announcer three four five stock emoform is ineffective Ok, pick up a gun and mask, he says, get one closer to the ship, I wonder is it the place where the star is Star I am, press three whos throwing 300 meters Lets go there Im going to make this game on video Its very good as I said But this broadcast will be my sword of millions of individuals this is left until the end but it wont be in the first episode we will shoot the first part it would have dropped 13 meters week were still going up from there Is there anyone who wants this ballbot but it will be fun nothing else will give it to us You need it, you know who closed the place, I guess, subscribe subscribe This too Dont kill Lets run, run, run, how many Acrobats Lets hit text, there are those who know, I need to say a gun, subscribe oh oh finally, you come too, if we stay well, we fill it faster, this voice is very often, by the way, is there a good sound ? Here we get the parts, I need to get to work urgently Because there is a place inside that I need to break This is the door I will do it quickly that stinging check It takes a little time Apocan Yes we used hop and import, how much is it, I know it alive with a gun, I know it broke and broke Good okay My daughter did not understand in the evening ha ha ha lets close it is it broken on the ground or no subscribe But this is the 12344 last hit this is gone they are the sheikh vehicle who took them out So Im breaking where are these two three more Come on again before this other attack Lets kill the one below, lets kill the one below, its dead. You have another one too. Is there a gun or something else around? We got it from him. Its in his material. from whom it is born is enough for me now lets fill Mertcan yes yes yes yes yes now we live them and we use them side because like it does not belong to us We need to put the other one to break the walls or something Anyway Ill ask about the bags. roof like this There is also a ladys stuff Here is the handle comment and I couldnt get everything Why Because there are so many unnecessary items I want to buy this dowry chest What can I do What can I do The upper right is super prosperous another chest is upstairs for sure there What should we do? Ill throw it on the moment Look now I want this arm plans door Gun campaign throw it away whats going on In general, tuch they have already emptied it. Well okay, do nt laugh a lot, I think Im the only one. He says there is no Vodafone. But we will have to look at it somehow, we will leave it at night, there is no other way, I dont want to leave this scrap or Aynur, but there is not much right now, the bridge orche Pumping is needed, you can stay a child, lets leave. do we keep the leftovers? When we say yes, we have to put something in. You bought the battery, everything is ready. Also, we need these irons in the missions. Right now, well collect them in the future, so well find them, Id have to blow them up, and lets empty myself completely from the ship on the way out of the house, because we need a lute, never mind, this may be Ayşes again, but then it will come in this video. lets make it for sale in the video Semra send it to ya send it to me fast lets go now I dont know how many minutes now lets see 42 if we start its been almost half an hour and its been half an hour but the broadcast thing will be the same thing in the video it doesnt go much further so Ill play the game for an hour 20 minutes lets make a video for example, this is a hair ship, Im not saying anything, lets put these chests somewhere, for example, they can put them here This is a chest. Put it here, this is super, is there anything else here Aha, one more chest remained at super 19 There is still time But send this Yes Now, whats in the missions, this Miraç Miraç Miraç is offended in this war, look, the darpan is actually teaching me 15 The converter lies in a bag. Okay, he sent the box, no forest, we sent Toş, he sent another pump, send it here, which one is the pump, yes, this or that, exactly this: Yes, its going underground now, lets see if its going to happen soon, some things can be done under it, just so some scorpions upgrades 1- At the end, the shelves are leaving and the stone breaker said, How long is the ship? moment we are taking it in the tent Is we familiar with it, okay, it went here let me go to the ball Lets see 2 of them went to France we went to this safrancity Lets see another one or it took us up Yes, its clean right now Yüksel is right, this is a lame plot A clearing Look out of there and up and relatives there are enemies imetric dating I dont know t let me send this one Yes, now we were attacked in that boat, we were attacked, we were attacked, subscribe subscribe who is behind you subscribe I am 10 dives close, why cant this guy find his distance far away, he must come closer I guess he will protect us for a while I wont do much this holiday iPhone 9 didnt come, you also want it, the experian version came, its like a trial version Oo, when it comes out to the full version, it doesnt start because our love might break, right now if the weather iPhone x iPhone 9 loved it together, we will play Yes This arm is portland, lets get it right here this is good okay coal is faster and lets us go where this is We can put this chest too. Doesnt a person explode? Is it at least Milas? You send it ok Yes, he hasnt received a new task now, subscribe, may God accept it, and get another task, as if its there. Accept the work in tone. Is it just now, this lip is again? Aktaş is missing from these. He is a beautiful fan. Let me learn about Yemen. I got an attack. What the hell, my son, come from the front. Subscribe to it, sure, I waited for it to fill up, so I couldnt hit it. Its like Hoppa. Its like Hoppa. Its not perfect. They hit quite a bit. Where am I, what did we use for it? material This is a second-hand welcome, they solved one or two or three movies, its true, it took some time to rejuvenate, but Im doing some research like this, its time to do it. Its over. Its over. But I was sleeping at the moment. The mirror smells bad. Well done, nothing happened to you. no, who are you? Yes seminar How is it going, the holiday is good, God, this is slow, yes, what do we need now? what he did steal this guy a little more subscribe what happened this video Express side quests Expert I did these I brother Yayla can see that we have only one workplace for me actually the bag was gone probably not gone ha ha Why is this door complex why we will do this, let me take this from there I dont mind Yes, lets send it right now, Im not a request, never mind. Come, Arda Köksal, by the way, Welcome, he was thrown as an old friend, by the way, Köksal. whats going on it started to shake how are you in the snow are you ok Oh my god, wasnt he a university student at that time too? Its been quite a few years. Yes, its been a minute or so. I can look outside for a little bit. Actually, I can find a little if I can find something. Its a pity I can kill one more. okay, lets not run into this hole, we spent the next day here, the next day, that man burst without searching, and lets get back right away, this is almost ready to go, this is sooner, lets hang out a little more Let me take a sip more subscribe subscribe that pillow turns yellow as much as I play skylight I love you to play it my way Do not play in my style Am I Qatar video in this video I dont know it I dont know No It has nothing to do with the brand and Mining Yes its a little bit of my first development or something More like neck Stop Stop ya La Land ok why subscribe I cant look why cant I look up he says its a soft place, he finds a find and says you cant look. This is a soft place. subscribe and external that Im totally connected subscribe to the friend Oh oh okay this is Talha sour goodbye But what is it I guess it came up, lets see whats up Lets look at Neymar and I did my hair Ah ah, the landing is open, now I got it done. Then lets get this done too, lets raise the ship, now the competition is understood because Ill send these pieces to your head I may not need one. You send me an empty bag that more Lets go Look, lets do this. Okay, were pretty clean, just like us. Our life is not bad, but a little bit. Who cant hurt, its on the way, but there are boots, my brother, but I went to the last 250-300 meters right here and I liked it So its nice to play on your own. How much did you get it completely? I dont know if you paid 30 liras or I could be out of 30, so I dont know how your financial situation is worth the money and buy it, its a separate discussion, but it s worth spending time to play. Of course, if you want little English, there was a small side, the tasks do this, do this, open that box. He tells you to put this in it or something. Actually, the game seems a bit complicated at first, you meet when you get used to it, research, Im doing it from here, these pictures are from here. Here, you understand that you need to rob the ship and take these pieces inside and kick myself, but yes, it will be more comfortable if there is a little English, it will be very easy Go Thor deposit this AGI we are attacked This ship has an attack only Yes I bought one Yes I bought 2 subscribe Yes ok This can also throw work I have to break it right now There is 1234 Oppa so tower Come lets subscribe or we got it from him very bad attacks like this I guess what is wrong with this production place Whats wrong with it? Another thing on this side Big brother looks very bad, hes very bad, Im turning like me, I have to attack a lot What did they do We need to celebrate this information like Where is he left, not in the harbor, look where he is. In this photo, okay of alma, you released it, this did not make it, God, he he Lets see if we cook tea after it Two Strangers Is it by Yakup Ali or this If you come out of the door right now, I think the piece is more comfortable I will find it, be under it, lets get out of the curses, these parts Anyway, now I have to find it, how do you know, its behind according to this information group, but its kind of Keep it up. I need to read. Do you know what the hell is this? Whos where? take the thing and smash it on us you send these pumps i found plenty of it i got a curs No problem Yes, this blue ear is now subscribe to 21 But we bought this one right now, I think its over, its all over now Selim, its finished. Im sending it, what is it? Does this module provide the newest expansion? u will get the same one faster, I guess hes too small. I have to deal with it, I have one, but this full Metin brother will go to an hour tomorrow, they said for sure what time it is now. Its 10 minutes. Lets wait for the night I dont know for a bit I guess I m okay I wonder what this is what this is Style thing but me not blue outside 1 2 ha Not the same Because ok arm dont do this stage for this program What did I do I dont understand I cant post it here too I guess anyway Dursun you are your sister, what is there, she didnt look for anything there She did that, I do nt know, I dont know, if I find the best parts, Ill buy it from this one. Is this one of them? Yes O Coal, I take swear words, we also got it from this Cooper Turk make it0 Power do it all they are easy this question father We make it from here in Turkey, our neighbor Campus, this is it, yes, Im doing it too, yes, we have it done, yes, let it travel now, Station built it Well, the production center is much easier he he he was here, this device oh oh well finally ok now its more comfortable but the shipstation provides us with the material from the oath chest in the trunk of the electric car. Now I will go crazy or if I set it up like this because of him, if I get old, I think this place is beautiful A new task has arrived, making explosive explosives and stuff. And were learning how to make a chest. Lets learn about them Puff a lot of good- byes come to the side Ya Ill close it now, brother, keep those next to you closed, lets empty my bag a little, lets move forward. Lets unpack at least once. You send it, is it more appropriate ? Yes, I tried it a little, right? Its 20 years old, I need to give it a little bit, but there is coal in it, its always needed for this camp. Its necessary for the preparation of the camp. It needs some metal, isnt it the production site, actually? If Im not on top of it at all, it would happen, if I did this, we would get it done right here Ah ah Because he has access to the bag, he can use the bag in production, Im aware of this attack, Im doing it this summer. Lets finish it. After all, were ending it on the air, okay, Ive seen a can, now I wont do anything in the real series. 13 on a wooden floor below, on another exit, the thing I will go out to, closer to the place I will hold 10 By the way, they are chatting between you and the conversation looks pretty nice. Yes, dosmas, there are not many people. Do you think if it throws, how long will it last? Its going to be like this until they make a new series. I cant quite predict them. Can you give me an idea? Now, this is either you have more or less ideas about the game until now No, it doesnt go like this or something like this. Do you think there is something like this in your mind? Ill go to the toilet when you are on that live broadcast, dont do it live in this game. Probably in the video Kilis, if we talk about other games, Minecraft is coming in the week or something, if you liked it, we did not start the new version. what if the underground part of the game is just starting to have a ship or something like 23 chapters its getting bigger Yes Well like it takes a long time like this Im going to take your thing a little seriously Yes, now were here, were in a good place. there is a building on the left, we are on the right track, there is a place here, I want to have a look here, look whats there. Think about it, its better than choosing another one behind it. Its more like an articulated bus. I passed after each time I have done this book. I have to ask about different ships in the underground. I finished 811, but does it end under the Captains duties hm No. Normally, the documents of the door are not very important, you know, the game is not dependent on them, it is only for teaching purposes, if there are no missions, you can open a bot, or you open it hard. But of course if we had our gun like him lets see what else tasoff just has a mine, Ill take it over there, I think youre saying yes, I guess Im not in the mood to go, I guess Im not in the mood to go, its a momentary burn on that side. Theme Park makes this 1600 thing with steam machines, but you know, that concept cannot be done, we do it, usually its top-up, generally these threads or games things are always like this or movies You own the world OK, the technology has come to the present, but there is a logic as if it continued from the sidelines with just steam instead of electronics. I mean, maybe its the 2000s, 2020 years, instead of the owner, the devices are still connected, the industry is in life, of course, nowadays, Industry is very different from the chimney, Elif is headed in very different places. it is still mostly on the mechanical side, rather than on the mechanical side. there are hearths from all of them. Lets go back from Messi, there is another place. What else is there? Go there, he finds something, he is attacking me as usual. He is attacking me as usual. approaching the ship Yes, hop hop, I couldnt pass, is something broken, the ship is broken Mithat broke I know I can hear your voice, where are you, dont blow it like smoke is coming out, we subscribe to Elif pup, where did you break it, subscribe what else Yes, we will go now Off or one broke this one its which one hu started pouring into my e-mail it started breaking here I need to buy this piece Yes this is this is there any one guess whats it ah I wonder if you broke it I was very curious we have this team of six modules we will kill ourselves This arm is portland we make it stor3 we make it prod Its easy in the evening, what is the right door module, can we pull the caterpillar module, can we pull it less, I wonder if I put a lie on the door, anyway, is it the door, oh boy, if you said look, it doesnt matter if you come, I guess there is no attacking, I take it off and put it on the back but I cant quite get it now no, hes on the side with a taxi, whats going on, plug it, fix it again, super, I cant do it, the dollar will like the coin Allah Yes this I dont know, find the most complex composition Yes 1 2 3 Ah now there is Benz, we can make the bullet now yes come on now my love it is there we are open alone I looked it up I saw it youth I guess there of of Yes now I will do it apparently but I dont waste time according to that my friends Why didnt you do it, this material is still making, whats not even remove it immediately Ahmet Karabulut black gunpowder He has coal How does Ankara make fish? z this I have to shut up subscribe Who is missing Muslim not in coal Yes 1 2 3 of Have a good time but the game is not bad so its a bit tiring at first shake that dream off then let the production continue ha Yes OK get them okay thats enough production Shake who it is stale Since its stale, I wonder how I should know, did we learn this thing? Lets look at the modules from the Station in winter, lets see if there are any. Is it quite a bit new, radios, panels and control systems? These are not the occasional piece of it comes out when we do research from here, I think well find out if I do some research on this scepter, I guess well find out intelretail Its just an Italy fyrda Where is it ? coals, this is prodakş, lets blame rifaiye, send it, empty the bag, lets go thats enough. Time Oh, hes hiding for the last two minutes. Its like here. Its like you re at the moment. Its like this. Its like this. Its like this. Its like this. wow You say its coming in the boats, theres only one minute left, but we said we missed it, okay, we said its 30 on its own, so stay outside. Let it come back as I will. Its like I m going with my bag. Im going on the ship. Im going too. Who is it? Bosses, Im going near the oath, I gave up and 13 Ben 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 3 2 1 come on a few few few how many whats coming Its like No its like were celebrating the cup in winter now this BIM down dudes its full like this Texas and the ship is crashing again Okay, the ship is ruined, threw us to the man, uncle, uncle, Im ruined, Im going to start over. Thing You cant pack the equipment and go down thats what happened to you but eat underground and like the earth but the ceiling is on concrete There is another place under such things. You can get there. You know, the first layer we landed is under the ground. Mining is like this. Its like a snake game. If we collected it from the top, it turned into a partition. There is something in the lower layer of it. Its like the earth, but there is a closed place There is love love water. the hour is up, its bursting here at the moment, theyre there, so you have to stay in the middle layer, now Im going to rock the broadcast because youre the last time youre here, the game will come in the video, Ill make you on the air We can play for a long time and finish But I dont know, we cant go too far in these four or five hours. They played the game in four or five hours, Ill take it half an hour and send it to you as a video and as you said, 78 episodes, maybe Sivas will end in 28 episodes. we also find something a story Ill find you in the game Anyway, Friends, its been such a long time from me today, it was fun on a nice broadcast today On the second broadcast, Im a little tired For the truth, Ill go now Im going to have a rest. Thank you very much, see you in another video for coming, take care of yourself, this is goodbye subscribe how to fix a game on steam ♦ 2. 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