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What games can you play on steamelden ring steam hidden achievements VOLCANOIDS Music hello and welcome to another episode of lemurs corner i am lemur and today we are going to be talking about volcanoids volcanoids is a game that we are going to be covering just here for a little bit um and im going to do my standard game review on this that is were going to have gameplay going in the background were going to do our overview kind of talking about what volcanoids is what you can expect from the game and then we go through our pros and cons list things i like things i dont like and then were gonna go with my overall opinion of the game including our brand new rating system that im gonna be coming out with which we will talk about right before we actually rate it uh itll be five tiers just like it normally is however i wanted to be a little bit more explicit in the way i talked about it so lets go ahead and jump into the game and what were talking about overall i would say volcanoids is a limited co-op survival game i would not say it is an open world or anything of that nature while it has an open world feel to it it is rather limited in what you can do in that aspect but its basically got some opportunities where you can build you can do some first-person shooting combat you can craft things the way you want them to be and really kind of get crazy with what youre doing in the game um but overall basically what the game is press it on is there was an island that people used to live on uh a volcano started erupting non-stop so they had to evacuate the island youre returning to try to find the solution to solving the volcano problem and moving forward with that and with all that being said uh youre going to go through and fight different things and craft new bases well actually not new bases its one base you have a drill that youre going through and you craft it and use it to create resources and better gear better armor and all that kind of basic stuff and basically it gives me in a graphic feel a much uh like a borderlands almost where its kind of cartoony but its intentionally cartoony but its got some realistic feels to it and so in that aspect its really kind of good and it works well with the graphics are which also help limit the system requirements for it which i do say is a probably a positive for this now it is in early access still at this point and its actually rather inexpensive and for that youre going to hear some pros coming out of that but it is 100 playable up into the point where it is and as they add new stuff theyre just adding more and more to the story and the more and more you can do within the game so this is a game that will continue to add on to things that you need and continue to improve so you could come back to this game after a while and continue to play it so and thats going to be kind of the idea of the game so now going into the pros what are the positives of this game first off it definitely has difficulties where you can increase the difficulty however it only increases the scarcity of these resources uh overall it really doesnt increase the difficulty of the npcs that are within the game as far as i can tell and the more people you play with it it does not incr that decreases the difficulty within itself which we will talk about here in a moment but overall the difficulty can increase based on the scarcity of resources which is kind of slows the game down its really what it does it makes it you have to fight more and more and have more chances for death i guess would be the best way to describe the difficulty with that though there is up to uh four person co-op uh which makes it a lot of fun you can play with your buddies however i will say the more people you play with the faster the game goes uh so i first initially did a normal game with one of my buddies and it went decently fast we were learning the game obviously and then the second time we started something we did it with a third person and man we hammered through some of the quests and went really fast so the more people you add it has it but understand youre going to burn through it if youve played the game more than once if its your first time going to the game it might be at the same speed as you normally would so kind of understand that there are going to be difficulties and i would highly say the more people you have the higher the difficulty should be just so you know and theres a custom difficulty within there this is definitely a game where you can play by yourself it is completely soloable you can have a lot of fun doing it you can pull things around you dont have to defend your base while youre doing other things theres a lot of cool aspects to the game that allow you to make it very soloable play by yourself or you play with your friends it is completely up to you um and theres just something simple about the game its its so simple but complex enough to where youre not trying very hard you know if youre having a long day or something like that and you just want to shut down for a little bit this is definitely one of those games where you dont have to think too much you craft some things and you go out and you shoot up some robots and you move on its really not anything too crazy that you have to go ahead and force yourself to attempt to do or push yourself really hard at um and thats i do enjoy that about it which is also another pro of this game is is the system requirements for this are actually extremely low uh minimum and recommended requirements um are simply up on your screen right now you can check those out but as you can see its really not that high it does not really force you too hard into it and i do really enjoy that about the game that you can be on any computer and kind of have a chance to play this this is definitely a game that has versatility and depth within it for the system requirements that it has as thats where those graphics come in that they made they were deliberate in the graphics they were deliberate with but they were more um abstract with the ones that they dont need to be and that really helps out the game in general um and that really covers my pro list um overall its very good and i i did enjoy a lot of it moving into the cons though there is no real pvp at the moment i dont know if there ever really could be um i think you could but it might be like a teams pvp where you play like 2v2 or something like that but outside of that i really dont see maybe a different map or like a custom game or something and theres tons of mods by the way you can grab for this game which is really cool to see but overall i definitely think its its enjoyable and there is no pvp in it um i dont i dont know if they will i dont think theyll ever have pvp pvp for out as i said though there is some limited limitations to the content um and due to those limitations once you kind of beat the game you kind of beat the game its kind of one of those um player replayability i think you could replay it every once in a while i dont think its one of those games you can play over and over and over and over um some people might be able to and that might be your your niche that you do that uh but i dont see it as being a replayable multiple times maybe if you have someone new youre playing with um but you can burn through the game so fast that i dont think its replayability is going to be totally there because of the limits within the building system and all of that kind of stuff i do think the four player cap is a good thing its also a bad thing because you only have four people that you play with i know a lot of us run in groups of larger um but that could be a positive and negative its up to you im just kind of throwing it out there as an opt-in um i do believe the hit detection is a little off now i could be off on my shooting who knows but ive noticed a couple times where i feel like im hitting them in the right place and its just not hitting them it seems very weird i dont know if its maybe recoil management that im not doing properly or something like that but well see and well continue to look into it but the hit detection does seem to be a little bit off in the game outside of that those are really the only cons i have and with all that being said my opinion on the game overall is its actually rather enjoyable as i said theres something simple and something enjoyable about it where you can kind of be like all right i played this game all day whatever game it is it could be an mmo or something like that and i got you know some time to kill i want to shoot an hour here or blow up something for an hour this is one of those games that you can do that or if you just want to have a fun trolley game where you can do whatever the heck you want with your friends really quick this is this is that type of game where you really dont have to put too much thought process into it once you understand the game and you can just go shoot stuff up or make bullets or make a build a bigger ship whatever the heck you want to do and it allows you just to kind of shut down for a little bit and i do enjoy that about it so overall i really do enjoy the game and i think it is fantastic um and so we must get into the new rating system so i do it on basically a five scale uh meaning like theres one through five but ive named the five um so the lowest score it can get is a nope uh which is just a solid uh nope youre not gonna get you dont get it dont buy it not worth it um if you really want it is the second thats really more talking about you know its kind of a niche game and if youre you know you might you know want it if you want it and if you dont want it i wouldnt recommend it kind of a situation uh third is going to be its worth the value meaning you spend 15 bucks on it its worth the value that you get it um and thats about it youre not going to be ecstatic about it youre not going to be sad about buying the game its worth what its worth uh the sec the fourth is going to be i recommend buying the game which is literally im recommending you buy the game this is one im saying go out go get it youll not be disappointed in it any of those kind of things and then the fifth one is the good old-fashioned buy it now button which is basically you dont think about it no consequences no issues whatsoever you just click that buy it now button and move on uh so with all that being said were going to go ahead and as i said i was explaining it for the first time and so for volcanoid specifically i am going to give it worth the value um i think that could be possibly shifted up into i recommend buying the game uh based on its value in general i i could kind of go either way i think i want to see what the content looks like as it continues to come out now its come out its been out for a while this is nothing new but overall i do think i would recommend it in general if you bought it youre not going to be disappointed as i said it kind of falls in the fourth but at the same time there might be people think well this is just stupid and redundant but youre getting what you pay for it its only a 15 game right now so its its not bad up to 20 even then i wouldnt worry about it too much so those are just my opinions of it i hope they help you out the game will be linked down in the description down below if you want to buy it off of steam it will be down there um if you have anything to add if youve bought the game if you havent bought the game if you do buy the game and feel like its uh needs something different go ahead and leave it down the comments down below if youre new to the channel subscribe were going to continue doing these game reviews on some of these smaller games and more um cost-efficient games and stuff like that to give you guys were going to be trying to do two three a month uh so make sure you subscribe and hit that bell for notifications so you can see them when they come through but of always of course i hope you all have a fantastic day and we see you on the next episode of lemurs corner best steam games of 2018 Volcanoids is a cooperative crafting survival game. Where the focus is on the simple things and not over doing it. Dodging eruptions and fight robots is a regular. Or just building up your simple drill. This game review video will cover my thoughts after 20 hours of game play and if it is worth buying. Rating: Worth the Value Steam Link: Time Codes: 0:00 - Intro 0:54 - Overview 2:52 - Pros 5:53 - Cons 7:44 - My Thoughts 8:30 - Rating 10:22 - End Rating Scale: Nope - Not worth your time or money at all. Overall, do not recommend. If You Really Want To - Few will enjoy the game. Overall, do not recommend. Worth the Value - You will have things you like and do not like, but its worth what it costs. Overall, Recommend. Recommended - It is a good game you will enjoy. Not much wrong with it. Overall, Recommed. Buy Now - Who cares?!?! This game is amazing just buy it. I dont care what it costs. If you liked this video make sure to hit that like button! 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