Underground Volcano Drilling & Ship Lengthening in Volcanoids Co-op Survival EP3

How to configure controller on steamsteam error 29 VOLCANOIDS game oh hes making one make more make either go shoot a shotgun into a frickin robot and see how good this thing is are you shooting at me I cant dont know theres a robot rolling up to our base and our turrets killing it see good job turret know me good job turret jeez I like that our drill is so sentient that it would just create a turret I want to try the shotgun I want to see all robots the limbs explode in a fiery passion robot outside Im coming back we got to go underground anyway Justin Timberlake by the way thank my window why I have to put a chest down I guess I put her I put like three chests upstairs theyre empty yeah but for the mission I have to put one down oh no the task is for code names codes mission code has says please chest into storage task 4 code name ace code did it good job I did it you did it Koda did it thank you fundamental problems are produced storage tier one click the menu button production station is this the production station thats Rory here on rounding nice dude get in we gotta go we gotta go under - we got two minutes here I go going down module not available its almost done if he has another second by literally once my having a great time Im crooked thats how it goes thats gonna make me quit oh now youre sleeping in bed youre going in the ground please wait how does this work by the way just before you point-blank point click thats where youll go okay got some copper right here sick thats easy enough wreck drill trip technology spawn area did that thingy I got it okay this is cool yeah theres nothing like down tunnels cuz on the left I see like see that get those caves if you can find the caves we should be able to get out there I would think yeah but where is there a cave I dont know you gotta look around look around man Im looking around you guys have a map to try to tell me which way to turn go up go up just work your way up and uncover done work work up work out some of the map but go work your way up because theres more up space than there is down so Im not going to air the lava like you said yeah theres more oh youre good more up space than down space so just work your way up if you can Im just Im really just following wherever wherever the world takes me you know just sayin got more map space if you go up in so many things its so loud whats happening volcanoes erupting too No was that tunnel three level one and two theres a tunnel between one and boom we went down with us iron down here word devil stomach three you want to go into the devil stomach devil stomach wait its a cave you move room no and were going to the surface it says were surfacing in the devils stomach our resurfacing in the volcano right now I dont know whats happening were in a cave I think were surfacing into a cave cinematic camera at the bottom click it oh my god we are literally surfacing inside the volcano were surfacing inside the volcano oh my god whats over damage look we just went up and then down way did you know we love going back underground the game was a literally like nothing youre not ready thats it what pretty much what it said magic we just came up in the volcano and exploded were going down into the cave again alright um get some of that get some of that how are we doing on coal here checking we have 75 in storage right devil stomach 1 I think were good no devil stomach is happening I think its just a surfacing spot it just devils stomach one is a different surfacing set that is a surface spot yeah tunnels between tunnel between level 1 and 2 again thats where we started ok where can I go here Oh was that real inventory is full you guys got to take stuff out of the storage and move it should probably get out soon though right whats our quest currently we still have to produce that storage here which is almost done itll probably just continue when we go back to the surface but when do we unlock drill level 2 though it seems like thats where we need to go Im gonna try to go into spots of drag I think were getting a little out of ourselves their landing site occupied by a drill said choose a different location so this others real shot back to where we started honestly okay alright and then Boulder shores with older Shores so its just different location right here we go done where are we hmm yes I see walk to storage module then what is that but its just a rock okay oh were just like right next to that lava lake were not even that far where did the module go oh its in our inventory you should have a bunch of them yeah hey what are you building right now theres a robot coming who where its gonna now stop stop stop shotgun I want to try it shot both his arms off well I shot it before - I dont know god damn it oh man listen god damn it Im gonna go hunt a robot Im roba wanton Danny Bennett Oh Oh God oh sweet Jesus thats all you Im out of ammo all right I put the story I killed oh excuse me I just got shotgun ammo as well yeah I saw that whoa shotguns pretty good oh it got real hot you did what is this thing she is word potato noodle thing a potato a little its a potato with noodles or on it doesnt kind of look like that can I gather the potato noodle no no no I cant gather the potato Ino useless theres an enemy Robo ship right next to us so yeah I might have probably Mos with them should raid our neighbors Im putting the shotgun away tell could make more ammo for it but range is kind of the way to go it feels like nice thats gonna have a hammer holy bug good now we still will but now that bullies will get bullied walks to the work table click on the menu button and take items button which I can the work table when youre currently on I dont see if that take item oh wait is it Im pretty sure thats the work table it says it is looks like a work table smells like work table tastes like a work table lets be aware cackling still on oh there we go you did were good places exactly yes here we go explosives what are you doing yeah why does it want you to craft explosives it is very confined drillship that goes underground this is how you improve your technology this is how technology is then you pour it on the refinery work table present a band produce black powder Ive already done this a couple of times oh my god and then were gonna go raid the next-door neighbours shotguns arent good pistols better item we got a place items maybe have copper in there theres some right yeah yeah above the work table yeah they need to be in here module whos knocking hes dead turrets got it found it its the surprise mother all right grenades are crafted shotgun shells are also crafted Im gonna clear that cuz I was away too many shotgun shells see if we can make more shotguns before we go quest time bring Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing and tell refinery research cogs more copper tubes more copper plate one of the grenades and I put well lets take thicker nades real quick to our next-door neighbors and delivers deliver some sugar for their tea yeah you catch my drift picking up when Im putting down you sniffing when Im farting I put more shotgun shells in the storage too because I dont have a shotgun I was gonna make more but Im getting antsy and I want to go blow them up our neighbors have been attacking us for too long thats when the Fire Nation attacked wont we be declining Shh doesnt the Fire Nation think theyre the best and theyre doing everything our neighbors just just left we missed our opportunity actually theres another neighbor mine screw that lets go blow stuff up grab a grenade grab a grenade coat grab two grains storage orange which storage this storage main storage if its crap if its crafted in the production station it goes into main storage code dont oh my god you scared me what did you grab the grains yeah now when you when you go into the storage you grab the wheel its weird this way never mind they just rolled on their ground to all of our neighbors left they caught word energy low open or build more power plant models for more power plant modules in Christian okay you did it thanks that should be enough for now once you expand production modules meaning to add more power plants where does that go open it open module put a display panel okay thats cool all right so we have 500k look right here come here looks like its yeah its open now it was building itself I think right here look this is our core slot through a 25 out of 100 and were currently gaining +4 energy per second so were good rounder so we need our hole is nine out of nine smells like fresh air outside everythings good you ready you want to you want to go drill down or you want to go attack the people that just came out that jewelz what modules Im pretty sure they got us all down there Im destroyed one yeah yeah I moved them up here because there was no space for the iron and stuff need coal aint coal all gonna blow up our neighbors I thought you said they left they came back how do you know this though you lie look theyre on the mat right there oh you look neighborhood and they have like a different symbol like this is their symbol you guys want to come to love them up no we we could have made her up Im heading towards the drill one to the right or the one that looks like a like a like a like a bowl that would have molten lava in it theyd pull over push over a wall during an invasion is that a good description yep right here there you go so the one that looks like you would put lava on it on a wall and push it over during an invasion which way did you run to the right of the place till the right but rights construct we already discussed this last time uh-huh yeah so Im excited to throw a grenade oh I heard that somebody not fire the hole throw some grenades blow up some walls let skated in there boys how do I do I just just throw it I threw one hit the wall with it there you go good stuff dude another one code has another one oh I threw it break this one this one looks damaged looks damaged careful I have a shotgun backup he has no legs break breaks of break the builders break the builders help dont worry about the loot go upstairs theres another one right here yeah yeah all right were good what do they have refinery modules a ton of coal a ton of coal another map stand we do need a map winner another name for production station we stole everything from them yeah because theyre suckers theyre chumps idiots no I think were good all right we got some other neighbors though lets go blow him up lets go home and make some things to blow them up with Im almost dead thats why Im using the integer go ahead and heal should we make more bombs or should we just go and shoot them lets go shoot them you got about pistol ammo opposed to back hes already dead pistol is definitely the way to go the shotguns kind of over it a long range with the pistol yeah cuz you could just headshot and close range of the pistol as well and it will kill them just as much as a shotgun will shotguns got some range but oh here we go just gonna Skyrim up this hill real quick theres robots at the top well shotgun have to dodge beat Bob weve Bob jobs but weve dead youre next Punk they close the door they close the door it Im waiting for them to open it Im gonna break their stuff break the door the chorus they have a ton of energy dude these guys have some production going or just break this so we get it Music hes building theyre building one down here the building went down here that building one down here oh no hes boom oh he exploded thanks you winked up all their stuff look great and you whered you get that grenade dont know okay I got a coal production I got a coal power plant tear one out of that by the way no get out we can start up coal power oh my god dude youre the freakin griefer griefer over here oh my god you pissed him off without him down send him to town gravedigger whats this Im going back home Oh yeaaaah we walk the storage module click menu button and take item Intel refinery take item Intel refinery to your one its already in there I found a coal plant and a storaged here dick I dont know what that does second hand another map stand yeah I put the maps then downstairs Id because another periscope - thats good yeah all right I really lets just put what the maps and right here I gotta get rid of this periscope hes leaving us Im breaking the periscope pick it up dont break I broke it I dont know we dont need this Matt wait I put down another periscope dont worry Ive got to whom oh I can put this chest sideways what oh there we go two periscopes right there can we have the drillship map which is nice we got the upstairs okay so what do I do with these the coal plant where do you where did you put player you can use nearby chests required huh what do we have to do produce refinery to your basic drill ship drill allows you to travel through soil area one basic attacks copper hull core engine okay so where do you install these schematics refinery here schematic where do you install schematics in this in this America I need I need powder wheres that more salt or powder its near the schematic until production t1 Im creating an Intel production t1 do we need that I need a sell for powder there should be some in the store downstairs theres sulfur or need the powder there is none down here and eat sulfur powder and literally need just need one what am i do I dont know man I still dont have a clue what Im doing well we are tuchus hey did you get a selfie powder oh yeah I made one thats what I was just about to do dule where do you install that into the wall like I did with the storage we already have a protection production Tier one is that what that is yes the quest in the top right okay so thats the refinery of production simple explosives and refinery look is that what it was excuse me you picked up excuse me code so much this that was you I never had once in my life Jarrid only knows the levels of sass because he is the sass master uh-huh exactly I just calls him as I sees them you know 75% we need to go understand that better finish up hey will we gotta go down do we have enough coal guys we have no coal yes we do have Koenig we have coal nice try tried to get you all right install it before we go down and install it before we go down install it before we go down install it above are we go down and so were going down its like why is there an air raid the alarm for the volcano Music all right were down now what head north Music stay underground with the drill ship until the register oh we can both use our periscope now lets go good you cant see when dude I guess not out here here make sure to get lots of coal so we dont run out thats my plan yeah just keep working your way up plenty of map space up still whoa Oh kind of ate me I was kind of close think maybe double back right Im going left here at volcano I rifting you know at eight seconds seven six five I like how it actually shows the temperature of things to when you hold your mouse over it so like theres theres soft rocks hard rocks theyre all 68 degrees so we can probably even like theres like once we level up our like armor a little bit we can go over these hotter and like this the dark red and then the bright yellow is like impactful it says your thats kind of cool Im gonna go up and then right so can we like drill through these soft rocks after a while you need to get your real level too and you can go through those rocks yeah go Ravine landing is that where you guys want to go up sure hmm yeah I think were kind of restricted to this area until we can get through the soft rocks yeah which Im assuming we should be getting to the drill upgrade soon enough probably yeah install drill ship segment the drill ship is getting short on space produced and installed a segment upgrade to make the drill ship longer longer really yeah yeah okay we need more space oh okay more turrets is that what that means where are we three have any neighbors think were safe guys Im the guard dog dont worry our turrets flipped out our turrets are flipped out theyre ready to shoot I am producing the last material we need for this sick move BAM Im gonna throw a boatload of cold stuff anybody else have copper tubes nobody appeared I think thats why it has specific tasks for you guys because you guys have either there you go one cop I put them in thank you yeah well though I put everything listen to put assignment wait drillship cargo in go and see that copper ingots all the copper stuff is in here how do I do this how do we do this now make our collage or deploy cargo mark how we deploy a cargo watch me try to put it on like the pack or something upgrades thats a storage other upgrade siren I can turn down the siren volume oh please yeah I turned on the siren module yeah Im creating into creating the segment creating the second it I will put it down I want to see the ship get barred and drill we can make a hardened drill - well yeah thats how you go through the soft rock we need God alloy t1 Engels hen of them how do we make those and harder and a hardened drill part which I dont know where to get that how do with the iron we got iron ore oh yeah yeah yeah where where did I end up we opted to go under over or copper or coal or I do go no no no why are we going under because it told it told me to for the mission a girl should go underground pulled the down lever on the boiler okay well yeah I guess I wants this going around we need to know now it might pull us up though cuz I switched no no this is going on the ground top right task four crystals install segments alright install it oh wait until drill here go to stats man wheres the stats panel but ambient just like put the storage here its to storages I did it boys so on the way okay well we did another question build refinery module t1 alright were going up then pretty mean second module oh well we need to go up and find it and then we probably need to break a hole in the back or out of door or something I dont know maybe even you got to move this map I dont know if it extended the front of the back Ill find out in a second were out over the underground yeah the back see it its like a whole nother little noodle back there yeah word its a little smaller than one were in right now thats cool can we get back there form it can we make a door or if we move the map and make a door can we do that thats what Im saying dude get him a stop yeah we definitely definitely can we move the map we can definitely make a door you think so how do I know I feel like we was behind the map yeah this is actually dope look at this hallway can we put storage in the hallway now you empty them I still a Christian what I put these things in there I dont know what they do what things anywhere but in this main storage just look at them you go coat your chest in the middle of the floor and he picks it up and puts it where its meant to be word I like it its a system here you go last chest bunk beds are staying here I like beds yeah but are they staying in this segment or do we have room back there because I feel like this should be the war room you know I think it looks better like this you probably can add a second floor would make sense wouldnt it yeah yeah but I kind of like a big open room its a little less claustrophobic I agreed all right I have a bunch of stuff to throw into stuff all right well organize it is this the correct one that these go into what that is its just like a bunch of research stuff um sulfur up here I have iron okay we put iron up here yeah and then I have copper is there a cop or anything anywhere its like this one this is scrap metal but its copper scrap metal so it goes when I call yeah yeah you get it adding pirated games to steam Welcome to Volcanoids!Volcanoids is a first-person, base building survival game set in the steampunk era where humans and technology meet. 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