Game Review - Volcanoids (Early Access)

Parkour game steamwhere buy steam gift card VOLCANOIDS game hello and welcome to bearded reviews where Ill be bringing you games you may not have heard of or want to know a little bit more about before you buy today well be taking a look at volcanoids which is currently in Early Access vulcanoids is a first person survival crafter where youll find yourself approaching an island specifically a volcanic island even more specifically a very very active volcanic island it wasnt always this way though once the island was a nice idyllic non-lava-soaked landscape where several Villages of humans lived out their lives that was until the Fire Nation sorry wrong story that wasnt until the cogs attacked we start the game off by arriving by submarine because submarines are cool it wont however be your base for the game the captain of said submarine will tell you to venture forth and gather a handful of resources so that you can instead acquire your own vessel of sorts heading out from the submarine were presented with the island it looks peaceful and Serene as you Trot up the beach to gather the precious materials needed to fuel your Excursion in the form of coal and copper it should be noted here youll need a lot of coal so much coal never-ending amounts of coal just when you think youve gathered enough coal in later stages of the game theres the potential that your drillship will have used more coal than youve gathered while away from it if youre not careful once youve gathered these resources youll have what you need to truly start the game and be able to acquire your own Chariot of metal and fire as you behold a cog drill ship that youre going to steal from the enemy and call your own this is a nice change from any of the survival Crafters Ive played after you gather resources try to find the perfect location for a base from which to venture getting further and further away from home with each Quest transport being more of a mid-game unlock not so in volcanoids who said jog on to always having that lonesome walk back to your base and instead slapped Wheels to it so you can take it with you on your adventures now while you may become fixated on collecting resources its crucial to note a very important detail timer up at the top of the screen thats ominously counting down hopefully youve been paying attention to the captain in his messages if not approaching the last couple of minutes the ground will shake the sirens will start to blur as you start to look around to work out where youre being attacked from the answer is the Earth its the ground the island itself is attacking you its not even that the world wants to kill you youre simply in the wrong place at the wrong time as mentioned the island is volcanically active and that means eruptions more importantly pyroclastic flows which Pro tip you dont want to get caught by nor do you want your drill ship to be caught either as despite looking like a hearty metal Behemoth designed for such environments it will not do well I can attest to this by having mistimed one of my returns to my ship Too Late by mere seconds and losing two-thirds of it as it was caught in the middle of drilling into the safe safe dirt as another side note I feel the drillship may be better served by being built out of whatever the buildings and trees are made of as they seem to survive quite well throughout the game which upon further inspection is wood who would have known that yes Immortal immovable indomitable would I should have made my  __  ship out of that to survive the superheated Rock and Fire hiding in your drill ship safely underground you can hear the eruption occurring above you can even watch it if you like through the Periscope which in another thought maybe I should have made the drillship out of whatever the Periscope I digress when underground your drillship is limited in what it can do some functions of the ship will still work like basic crafting and research but for the most part its a brief respite of about 30 seconds where you can take stock of what youve done stock up on ammo and decide where youre going next I do like the visuals especially the drill ships everything you see about them is designed in such a way you can tell what its for and what it does from the different Tech levels for the giant drill on the front to the ever Vigilant turrets even down to the extra storage this means you can eyeball an enemy drill ship and have a good idea where to attack it from where the turret blind spots are and where the enemy cogs will be coming out of the environment is nice to look at and the buildings in the submarine are very clearly human and the drill ship separate and made by the cogs the environment however over an extended playthrough isnt immersive while I do like how it all looks and when you see the devastation after your first eruption it makes you go wow the eruption is trashed everything the trees stripped Ash covered Trunks and you can barely see 10 meters in front of you but after a few minutes everything clears the trees come back into bloom and you can see far enough to know the buildings are unaffected by the eruption that would decimate your drillship with caught in it I think I can understand why the devs chose this an entire game wandering around Ash covered stumps and Rubble Villages would look very boring but it does make you very aware it isnt a living world and youre just in a cycle on a timer meant to replenish resources how would I tackle this Id probably change the buildings to at least look more damage from eruptions right now they look just like everyones locked up for lunch and gone for a stroll possibly a weather mechanic like rain to explain why the ash disappears as I said I do like how the game looks just that the visuals dont match up with the story that youre in as to the pace of the game if you strictly follow the quests its not Breakneck speed but it is quite fast-paced when I first played I had the quests but I also tried to explore myself a bit which extended the play time noticeably on a second playthrough to get the footage for this video I stood to the quest and found myself progressing a lot faster while Ive not snagged the achievement for completing the game in under seven hours I can certainly see how that will be doable once you know what youre doing the learning curve of the game initially I got very frustrated with this game having played a lot of the genre I felt I should be able to jump straight in some of the early quests which are essentially the tutorial I feel could be worded slightly better one example of this would be when placing objects in your drill ship you have several quests producing various objects upgrading the drillship telling you where to place them I got confused because I had no space left in the walls where it wanted me to place this particular object only for someone in my stream chat to point out that you put that particular object in the roof now the quest specifically stated the walls which may seem a pedantic critique but you do have a lot of objects that actually cant be placed there so with the quest suggesting it had to be the walls I didnt consider the roof as an option so a small detail but wording of tutorials is important and I think it could be better in this game controls with multiple functions I do like games to be pick up and play not going through settings before a playthrough as an example the buttons to interact with objects also overlap with the button to pick everything up out of a container and also the trigger for your weapon this meant that I have to find myself shooting containers by mistake when I forgot to holster the weapon or when in the container I would exit only to realize that Id picked everything up out of it and then had to waste time going back into the Container to unload everything again so as to the learning curve its not unplayable by any means but many little details just made me feel silly and frustrated despite my early frustrations with the game I actually got quite into it by the end there isnt a lot of depth to the game yet it is a lot of Ray drillship aquatic upgrade your drillship repeat at a higher level but that in itself can be fun we dont always need a super engaging storyline there is fun in acquiring loot for the loot God and just wandering the world making a drillship like exactly how you want with a lot of customization options available I cant currently call on it on multiplayer but I can see how that would add a whole new element of fun to the game as well overall while I doubt Id want to keep rerunning the story in its current form I do think that this game has got enough to make you play it more than once solo campaign multiplayer achievement hunting different difficulty levels including custom difficulty devs who are actively updating the game finished off nicely with what appears to be a growing modding Community replayability is definitely there Ive already dropped about 38 hours into the game so I dont see any problems with you getting your moneys worth Ill definitely come back to this game once more updates have come out as well as probably dabbling with multiplayer and mods too if you like survival Crafters I would say a minimum Chuck this on your steam wish list but at around 15 pounds currently the only barrier I could see that would make you feel like youre not getting your moneys worth is if you got so frustrated with the early game problems that you ended up not playing through further volcanoids is available on Steam brought to you by the developer and publisher volcanoid Ive been bearded Squire and for more game reviews please drop a like And subscribe and to be extra awesome please drop a comment on what you think of the game what you think Ive missed from this video or games youd like me to review in the future thanks for watching and whatever you choose to do with the rest of your day I hope you have a fantastic time and until nxc until then goodbye play steam games offline without logging in Volcanoids is a First Person Survivial Crafter. 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