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Steam insufficient privilege giftprince of persia game steam VOLCANOIDS game zoltan ear and welcome to volcano its a first-person base building survival game set in a steampunk era where humans and Technology meet explore a volcanic island operating giant drills and enduring eruptions triggered by mechanical beings so were gonna go through the tutorial today were in a submarine right now and the game is quite menu heavy at first but just bear with me well get through it with some cuts lets talk to the captain here craft a drill ship core good day sailor before we can continue the expedition you have to construct a device follow a given objectives and you will soon be piloting your own drill ship get a ship core upgrade to the player inventory all right so we have to leave the sub to gather resources lets go up and here is the surface its a pretty cool world its got like a steampunky town going on thats the submarine that we were in and we have to go and find some resources to start refining and using for ports for repairs or construction so first thing that were gonna do is were gonna equip our pickaxe and theres a copper node there and a coal node there typically you could just look around for scrap as well and grab it and theres gonna be multiple nodes Im gonna grab a couple of each node and head back to the ship the nodes are pretty straightforward if you go straight up to him youll see that its a big pile of node big pile of node you just hit it a few times the node starts to deteriorate you get the items in your inventory and you can move on with your life lets go get some copper now alrighty and heres the copper theres a probably a couple nodes around here for this too and were gonna grab a few of them before we go back to the submarine right now I did grab a couple more coal nodes so we have a few stacks in here and we can still fit a couple of copper nodes if I can find any around here here we go right on top of the hill all right so we have quite a bit of copper now were gonna go ahead and head back to the sub and once were in the sub the quest log should update were gonna have to go to the storage module and start inserting stuff okay here is Im gonna just turn on a couple modules here all right so we access the storage module and we can deposit the findings that we got and with that its just gonna ask us to deploy the power module we already deployed some of the other modules Ive done this a couple times by now just to get familiar with it and we got to refine some copper so in the refinery station we can hit the menu button and select what we want to refine here and we can select the pluses from here you can see that we need 16 total and we can actually access it from the outside its pretty heavy button press tank man you aint gotta press it that hard cuz all right this will be 16 and now we can produce a few other things copper bolts copper tubes and copper plates and thats gonna be at the production station so well go ahead and go to components here copper tubes we need three these and copper bolts we need three these and copper plates and there we go all right now we need to produce a ships core breach replacements and modules we go to modules refinery module Ill go ahead and replace that we need a production module a door module some hull breach replacements now it doesnt tell you is were about to have a drill ship that were gonna have to repair and the only thing that we need now is a ships core and one drill ship core and once we make that it should update our quest now we do have a volcano thats going to erupt in like five minutes so we really got to get on it close the refinery module and the production module okay closed refinery and close production now it wants us to pick up all the stuff that we have from storage so lets go ahead and select the storage module lets grab all the stuff that we just crafted and pick up the ships core now we need to talk to the captain for more objectives received a distress call from a heavily damaged rip that will soon surface close to our location use this to your advantage and claim that drillship yes sir and the drillship is surfacing lets go to the surface and check it out there it is coming up over there I doubt that were gonna be able to see it come out the ground alright its already out the ground pretty much and theres gonna be some hostiles on board lets go ahead and grab this copper real quick and were gonna equip our double-barreled shotgun and im sure were gonna see yep heres the bad guys I missed I got one got another one in there somewhere look copper ingots how nice yeah there you are hey man hey hes sick okay so walk up to the drill ship and we got to place the core in here now we have to contact the captain through the radio hes gonna tell us to place the door/window production and refinery modules on the drill ship we select the repair key here and lets start placing stuff actually lets deconstruct that because its in a bad place all right drill ship is operational fully functional operational with the production of a refinery systems running we have to gather some more materials only have two minutes before this dadgum eruption happens all right and it looks like the eruption is getting pretty close its saying that I need to go down with my drill ship lets go ahead and get in here through one of these breaches I cant believe I put my door right here man and lets go down all right and here we go so it says stay on the ground with the drill ship until the eruption is over use the periscope to see what is happening to the surface theres the periscope there is a volcano about to erupt and here we go in five four three two one holy crap Im glad we went down that look like something Id want to be a part of oh my god is that the magma yeah alright well its pretty bad up there enough ok the eruption is over its safe to go through the surface now if you want in order to deter ship to go through the surface part of the drill ship to go up to the surface alright go up oh my god its like a nuclear winter out here out of coals so we need to go out and mine some holy crap oh theres some right there look at this place man holy Craig can you imagine the ash in the air right now this is not my idea of a white Christmas okay we got some coal now we can go back to the drill ship and lets insert it into the storage module there we go and now we have to make some copper bolts and plates for breech replacements coming right up all right now we have to contact the captain through the radio to build a power plant before processing any further gather enough coal to fuel the drill ship systems power plants use cold okay heres our cold power plant module lets go ahead and set it there all right now what captain we need another storage module all right theres a storage module after crafting a few components all right so we need to travel to a new location now travel to new location two if we take a look at here it looks like we have this location right there we can start with location one and then just hit the buttons target 37 target two surface and travel so check this out we could just remove this thing that was in the way and set it at a different location for now and then we could go in and out thats pretty cool lets talk to the captain again install drill ships segment the drill ship is getting short on space produce and install the segment upgrade to make the drill ship longer install the drill ship segment upgrade to the ship now we have to go under in order to install the segment right the drill ship stops now we have to go to the core stats panel and click the menu button and now we have to click the segment upgrade in the inventory and I guess thats it all right now we have to radio the captain again now we have to build a turret module and there is our new segment we got like a worm now look at this its all fancy alright so we have to get some sulfur I believe oh  __  all right theyre dead holy crap man ooh production station and scrap station they already had a couple of things theres some more guys over there well me a fresh should try that let me go ahead and mind this sulfur first what oh man they got good loot the hell wood producing this stuff when you could just kill robots and get it all right we got about two and a half minutes before all hell breaks loose again theres jump in the ship put this stuff in storage and see what happens alright so furs in now lets refine this stuff alright now we got to make some turret ammo turret module okay pick turret module from the station and well place it right there there we go and also we got a scrap station that we could put down and a production station all right time to go on the ground again well done remember this side of the drill ship is defended now make sure to build more once the drill ship gets bigger alright lets contact the captain again prepare for attack before we can start the attack at first lava source we need to produce equipment and stand the chance against enemy defenses produce grenades med kits ammunition and take them on and take them with you on the next quest alrighty uh-oh hows that looking for sulfur and looks like the drill ship is under attack what happened to my turrets what are my turrets doing my god wheres the shots coming from my god we need more turrets man this sucker was just laying into it Shh I need sulfur though all right we produced everything we needed we can grab the grenades and now we need to contact the ships captain again the activate lava soars its time to let thus the cogs know they are not alone on the island anymore I mean we have already kind of did that with the shotgun to the face travel to the lava cave and destroy the laser drill ship okay lets do it all right here we go this is the lava source apparently and were being attacked holy crap youre on the other side come on boys lets do this we got to destroy this thing you can fire these things so fast man okay time to use a medkit healing heal faster there we go ouch dang it I shouldve just throw a grenade huh and were all the way back here well that about sums up the way volcano is goes guys I hope yall enjoyed the playthrough thanks so much for watching as always and sign it off and well see you next time Music backrooms game steam Drilled Into A Volcano, Found Evil Robots - Volcanoids is a first-person, base building survival game set in the steampunk era where humans and technology meet. Explore a volcanic island, operating giant drills and enduring eruptions triggered by mechanical beings.💜FOLLOW MY STREAMS: 🔴SUBSCRIBE TO MY SECOND CHANNEL: 🎮Volcanoids On Steam: - - - - More info on Volcanoids: Set in the steampunk era, you take on an expedition to a forsaken island that you once called home. But sudden eruptions triggered by mechanical beings turned the wondrous place into an apocalyptic wasteland. In order to survive the island’s natural elements, you have to outsmart these creatures and capture one of their drillships. Use their own technology against them as you upgrade the machinery and reclaim your homeland. MOBILE BASE Take the vantage point, stay safe underground or choose a material-rich location and explore. The drillship is a one of a kind base that serves as a factory and armored mobile base. DEADLY ENVIRONMENT Experience the tension and thrill of surviving volcanic eruptions that turn the island into an apocalyptic wasteland. Time between each eruption is your most valuable resource. Use it to roam the island gathering materials, finding new technology and utilizing production. MECHANICAL MENACE Deal with a hostile race of robots that use the volcano as a source of energy. Their units are scattered all around the island’s surface as well as below it. BASE MANAGEMENT Take control over your drillship with many different stations and gadgets. Automate production, research technologies, set up defenses and turn the drillship into an unbreachable powerhouse. #Volcanoids #indie #simulator - - - - Merch: Patreon: Twitter: Twitch: Instagram: ♫Music & Sound effects: ➡️ Dj Quads - The Society quads/the-society ➡️ ➡️Kevin MacLeod ( ➡️ ➡️ steam my game won't launch wow classic steam deck what game has the most achievements on steam transistor game steam steam veggies instant pot