Tanks Have The Best Loot & Drillship Upgrades - Machinery Update - Volcanoids - #05 - Gameplay

Steam turn off auto updates for all gamesx5 steamer VOLCANOIDS game foreign Music pain and welcome back to Vocaloids where of course were in the heavy machinery update and in the last one we managed to take out the lava source underground and then we came over to this sort of tier two section of the island and we got attacked by a bunch of Tanks here uh in between the episodes though theres been an update and that has changed the spawn rate of the tanks I think that was set to about every 30 seconds uh theyre now every three minutes I think it is and Ive also added in a new weapon to the game which is a rocket launcher which will be really handy for taking out those tanks I cant make that yet but there is a rocket launcher in the game so thats pretty cool we need to attack some of these drill ships but I think I might have enough stuff together to be able to make at least maybe the faster drill piece or something Ive got enough to do the tier one alloy uh ingots so well do that in a minute I also made some shotgun turrets and Im gonna put one on the roof because I think it was Asha I want to say in the comments uh said to uh put one on the roof and then it um you know it covers you a lot better so yeah thats a good idea I think I did that in the last playthrough but um yeah definitely a good one thanks for the helpful tip so I oh we might want powers a little bit low isnt it I think we might want another Power thinking about uh one of these we need a couple of copper plates a couple of copper plates module lets make that and then well put one of those in because theyre were just slightly there I think weve just very much bought a line isnt it so lets get another Power thingy on the go and well Chuck that check that there there we go that should now help us a little bit yeah there we go the powers gone up a little bit so be concerned that were kind of chewing through Power Ive also made a bunch of grenades and Ive also got some armor I think we might be able to make the tier one alloy so lets try and do that first I think I might need some copper ingots and then lets try and make and we might be able to make one of these ah just a couple more ingots there we go and then we can make one of these upgrades so lets see what we can make come over to here its upgrades so we could do the reinforced hole we cant do the drill bit because we dont have the hard drill bit um we could do the faster tracks because we have that um I think probably just better armor to be honest its definitely the way to go I mean thats going to help us were getting attacked all the time and the ship got pretty beat up didnt it so I think better armor is a good one to go for and then yeah were gonna need to make some more research in that we might be able to do this actually lets try and do that try and make that you might just be able to do it there we go so weve done that and then we need to go and make the research we need to attack one of those drill ships as well but well see how that goes so we need to come to research we need to do a refinery tier one Intel there we go oh we need two of those thats good and then we need to do production tier one in the production Tab and we need two of those and another one there we go and then we should be able to do the faster drillship as well right so modified tracks as well do we have to actually install those it looks like they just are they just installed and it forced whole parts yeah I think its just installed right looks that case all right because the things gone now and now weve got a raided drillship and weve got to find some boilers so yeah there we go so weve done the drill so weve now done the tracks and weve got the armor a little bit as well okay thats cool so a little bit more tanky and a little bit more fat and weve got a little bit more speed as well um we could go we could go for that drill ship or that drill ship I kind of fancy this one I dont fancy tacking up a hill um the problem is this ones quite a distance away isnt it so lets just try and avoid that tank as best as we can because yeah I dont want to I dont want to attack you and then well try and take out this drill ship we may need to move out a little bit closer to energy its not that far away is it I thought its a bit further away than that but its actually too bad lets use the sniper rifle or the Enfield rifle okay hit him in the face it seems to just down him in one shot which is pretty handy Music oh they were running away yeah this things pretty cool actually I quite like that thats not bad yeah kind of not going to be great for uh Ill take the grenades Im Gonna Leave the shotgun rounds take the scrap metal as well there we go better scrap metal there we are thats fine Im gonna leave the rest Ive got a lot of loot into this so Lets ignore that thing yeah its pretty cool this Liam field I quite like it oh theres another one there I cant remember what the difference was there was a difference between these two um I think thats like a research one maybe theres something like that I dont remember exactly what it was but there definitely was a difference between the two with these ship icons and you know you attacked a different ship uh oh oh crap all right damn it bloody tanks pain in the butt all right well at this point actually a bad spot its just Russia oh God oh no this is terrible run away run away run away run away what was that beautiful its gonna be Chucky grenades just wearing those grenades in where is that tank oh God no my palm is gone come on run yeah thats terrible bloody tanks yeah as soon as I can get a grenade launch or something the better that having to throw the grenades is a bit of a nightmare I mean its better than you know shooting with a shotgun or something but um you know damn freaking thing hopefully its stuck on that side lets try and strike round oh hell comes around it now oh its off damn it okay all right well that was a waste like tank instead where is it uh oh there it is oh God oh hey we killed it though thats good Ill take that oh theres lots of loot off this thing isnt it uh dont have a Q oh there we are bullets oh an SMG hello oh my God uh what else we got oh man apart from some lag what else have we got grenades oh man why are you liking game grenades what else I want some SMG I think Ive got some back at like base so yeah there we go oh wow okay that despawned pretty quickly but still hes got an SMG thats good I will take that that is really nice so I think Ive got some backup oh theres a drop ship over there oh that do you think all right lets try and kill this clown now as well oh hes stuck trying to go up a hill right you stuck trying to go uphill mate there we go cool right what have we got in here uh I want the SMG rounds the grenades will be theres so much good stuff in here damn these things are packed thats crazy but Ive got like hardly any space so Ive been picky because Ive barely got any room um yeah theres just wow take the shotgun rounds well take the iron bullet casings there is a one right there I need to loot some stuff though dont I damn it okay um lets run back well drop some of this stuff off that thing has surfaced closer than than it was before so thats good damn those um those tanks are just just loaded with loot its crazy thats really good because I cant make the SMG yet so thats pretty handy right Im gonna go back drop all this stuff off and hopefully that thing hasnt left and well try and attack it if we can okay right so Ive just dropped everything off weve got to find a couple of boilers and a couple Hydraulics so we dont necessarily need to blow this ship up but what oh great a bloody tank now would you bugger off tanks yeah Im a pain in the butt lets try and ignore him and just try and go around all I want to do is blow a hole in this thing and try and just storm it if I can um thats all we really need to do is just approach from the front here Ill do our best take this thing down just playing grenades oh God theres a load of them throwing Graves like a madman tank about again all right lets get in there with the machine gun I managed to find some extra rounds come on let me in there we go its all good take that down as well gosh they dont like that all right lets get up there all right heal quick quick heal heal feel these things will be coming out in a minute there we go yes we took it down right perfect lets get some armor on as well whilst weve got a little bit of a respite where are we there we go to get that armor on there we go brilliant right now were looking for hydraulic pick what we need and well get the hell out here because the drill ships taking damage which is not good I wonder if you guys have it attack iron plates uh work table take the iron plates take the crystals as well Music um lets go to the front of the ship thats probably the main place there there we go Hydraulics and foilers perfect thats great thats exactly what we wanted to take the coal take some iron ingots take what we can Music wow they got a lot of pistols for it randomly damn pumps okay right Im pretty much for what else can I take okay it looks pretty good um Im just gonna ignore this thing Im not gonna Im not gonna blow it up I dont think Im just gonna oh God oh God I want you loot lets just go go go go screw that Im not fighting that thing lets just go place the pumps into storage just get out here hop and get out of there yeah I dont think its any I dont think its worth hanging out there lets just get out of it uh they were attacking my drill ship so I hope theyll smashed it up too much right and then we can upgrade the core and then hopefully we can start making some better refiners and that sort of thing and then we can start making um uh you know better weapons and that sort of thing armor Etc so uh lets thorough all of those into there so we then need to produce some copper ingots Ive got to pick any copper in good sir I need more storage is that is that one of those things outside I think it is I think it is sounds like theres one outside right anyway lets just try and ignore it make some copper Ingot so then gotta make some alloys so uh make those cancel those two and theyve got to produce a tier two research go to the research station go to production and then make a tier two production Intel there we go oh were gonna make four oh boy okay all right do I have enough and then produce a drillship core Im gonna go outside and kill that uh kill that thing in a minute uh where are we upgrade draw ship call there we go right lets try this that thing yeah there it is oh boy are you guys not shooting at it oh they ran out of shotgun rounds they like ran out around I dont know seems really stupid but there we go oh hes running off now I think you better run assistant yeah there we go lets see what hes got these things are just all explosive a mortar oh oh theres some shotgun rounds for the turrets damn these things are mobile loot boxes arent they oh my God damn theyre so good oh hang on lets loot the tracks oh come on there we go damn these yeah these things are so good its crazy I might just take that to scrap it for some uh for some stuff right Captain birds eye is on the phone um yeah these things might be out of shotgun turrets uh shotgun round sorry damn weve just got on water as well oh boy the machine gun and a mortar without even doing anything wow okay have they got no they got shotgun rounds I dont know why they werent shooting at that thing but lets throw them in there put some more of those in throw some of that in and then uh yeah weve got some water rounds as well thats pretty good but weve got more than that but I guess not either way though I havent got explosives as well that is really good okay lets lets stop talking lets stop doing that lets go uh so we need an engine upgrade so we need more boilers and we need more um hydraulics so were going to attack another drill ship which theres one over there but theres an eruption in two minutes so thats not really going to do much for us is it so and it will go underground Im going to make some more armor Im going to rearrange my um hot bar because yeah its a little bit messy now we might want to drop some of these weapons got so many of them I dont know more more than merrier I guess I need a bigger backpack I got way too much stuff lets throw that in there Im gonna start I think also recycling like some of these bullets and that sort of thing because I just dont need all these revolvers and shotguns and all that sort of stuff so thats probably something well start doing and maybe recycle some of these other things as well because uh yeah Ive got quite a bit we probably dont need those anymore Ill hang on to them for a bit but yeah well probably get rid of them soon uh before we do that though lets just get underground we might as well now and get away and uh yeah I will uh I will do some organizing off camera and then well come back well come back up once the eruption has happened and well see we can take out another drillship if we can foreign while the eruption has happened I was just about to come to the surface after making some armor in there and um yeah theres a drill ship right on top of my um on top of my place so I think the best thing for us to do is if we come over and just go to there we should then be able to attack that drill ship which is going to be great yeah that should work out well for us thats good I just I just rearranged my um my inventory Ive got tons of mortar rounds which is perfect so were going to be able to attack this thing with a mortar which is really good and a submachine gun as well weve got that weve got quite a few hundred rounds on that so yeah it was definitely not expecting that um I did not think that we were going to be able to make that this quickly but um yeah I thought were gonna have to wait and make it but no weve weve managed to loot it from the mobile loot boxes they do have uh cannons on them but there we go oh crap so apply them oh no they did thats good thats good I approve of that yeah well take all that Ill take that I dont miss the cop the Cog pickaxe better I think it was wasnt it I think it was lets just quickly Chuck this stuff back in there well Chuck this stuff back in the thing because Ive got tons of stuff anyway so lets get that there perfect answers mining enhanced by  __  technology yeah I think it is better I think its better than the one youve got but yeah either way lets go and take this thing out so its in the spot where we were theres still that one on the hill over there but lets see if we can now use the mortar and Ive got like 30 odd rounds Ive still got another 20 or 30 to go in the um uh in the ship Ive also got explosives so I seem to remember then was they were pretty devastating though those explosives there we go take on my spot Im gonna blow you Bingo oh God oh boy uh oh wow come on youre not blown up yet how many shots okay right lets get some armor on quickly oh thats not the armor button anymore is it yeah I probably should have left that as the armor button I think the explosives are pretty powerful are they really powerful I seem to remember them being really powerful but I could be wrong on that one clear a hole lets go in and well take out the spawner take this spawner out there we are from there lets have a look in here were looking forward I dont want to bother with those grenades or anything were looking for boilers and hydraulics again arent we okay lets take all these spawners out first before we do anything else there we go take these down its good right theyre down rub some of the metal stuff behind but um come on in here boilers oh weve only got one hydraulic really damn it well that kind of sucks um oh what about in there oh thats a shame Im gonna take that and now uh I think Im running low on that so Ill take it but oh man is there no more uh loot anywhere else lets just see if we can find any oh oh God hang on just come from we could loot the bodies they might have something pump oh thats a shame man oh come on I thought we I thought it was on to a winner then lets see lets salute the bodies we might be able to find something but oh great things about no damn it oh thats such a shame ah all right well boy hang on shooting at me you are absolutely honestly answer oh God hang on run run its just awesome still like that yeah all right blown that out were gonna Chuck some explosives in here I think go go go Music oh God damn it uh I think Im just going to blow this thing up now then screw it youve annoyed me blow up this whole thing which is on the other side take that turret out first come on I dont find enough Oilers either damn this mortar is really weak isnt it no idea if Im even hitting that thing Johns gonna Chuck grenade at it can you destroy it um this thing is like indestructible right there we go thats the turrets down yeah I cant believe that thats such a shame man hoping I can get some from some of these guys but its not the case unfortunately oh theres one on the wall Ill take the breech part there such a shame stop honking your horn mate Music oh this ones got a shotgun thats a lot better there we are you Dad do you have a lot of loot as well or not wonder if I can get anything from you well thats a shame oh Im out of Im totally full anyway never mind yeah not as good as the other one that one was just loaded with Luke that was crazy oh thats such a shame though well lets play this thing up shall we uh lets throw grenades oh actually lets loot that thing I think there was some grenades up here we may as well have them now uh pump oh its such a shame man so ah lets get rid of that of that there we go uh yeah that sucks its the one around the other side to destroy foreign there we go not really any point to blowing that up but there we go theyre gonna do it anyway uh thats thats thats annoying I didnt quite get my uh quota all right lets put some armor on I cant Harvest this thing anyway because Ive got no space have I yep didnt think about that oh well uh yeah Ive got like a maximum I just drop that there we go yeah screw it lets just leave it Im going to see if we can attack another one Id like to at least grab the get the engine upgrade before the end that would be so nice but well see how that goes uh let me just drop a bunch of stuff off and then that one is way over there okay all right what have we got 14 minutes yeah I think we can do it lets try it again lets just quickly dump some stuff off and well make our way up there shall we foreign yeah I just realized its disappeared so wheres the tank ah there it is yeah okay all right well yeah that kind of sucks oh well yeah still getting a lag as well uh I dont know whether theyre sorting that out Im assuming they are theyre on it but um yeah game is lagging a little bit but thats okay uh well go mine some of those crystals I guess and is this a coal mine or was this oh hello hello never mind hello I just saw a ship pop up over there there we go thats good thats what I wanted lets go for this thing I seem to remember the grenades were better to be honest the grenade launch doesnt do as much damage but I dont know maybe its just me theyre gonna attack me so I better kill him off lets try and run away a little bit trying to put some distance oh God is that Bloody bloody tank isnt it I bet you I dont know its just these guys there we go I do like this rifle right lets put another armor on because yeah we better keep backing up because were gonna get attacked yeah I think I think we just rush screw it lets just rush Im gonna go and just charge this thing down we just need to get in there and grab a hydraulic and a boiler if we can oh come on how are you not dead man oh I think Im dead though run run over the side run away run away all right heal heal okay there we go all right lets get the hat back on Ive only got two of these left thats gonna leave soon but we have put a hole in it so lets see what we can do lets see what we can do I guess these things have got much better range havent they so I guess that is go in oh God there we are were in now same again lets take these spawners out before we do anything else oh Im lucky for you mate uh no Im just looking for the boilers come on there we go there we go thats it we got everything thats great still take it out shall we just for the why not show up I think the why not so lets just loot some lets loot some stuff and lets just get out here I think thats the way to go actually we dont want to hang around here too long iron plates well have some of those storage oh thats a lot of stuff I quite like some submachine gun rounds to be honest because I cant make those oh God yeah theres a spawner still in here still like this shotgun though still does a good job um and I think lets grab some right Ill do lets get out of here Im just leaving see ya goodbye right so here we are were back and lets just try and make this uh engine core shall we so Ive got to come here weve got to go to Refinery Ill make tier two were gonna make four of those so there we go and then weve got to produce the engine which is in upgrades and uh engine there we go thats good and then well kind of call it an episode thanks weve gone a little bit longer on this one but thats fine and thatll be our engine upgrade done and then Ill probably just make some more ammo or something in between the episodes um but there we go cool perfect fully upgraded noise oh the large segment is up and running or its coming soon thats a good one and then a research station we can upgrade that even better so brilliant so there we go were probably gonna have to raid for some more stuff but um yeah as I say for now I think this is what Im going to call it anyway and Im going to make the episode here so if you like that one please give me a thumbs up comment your thoughts down below subscribe for more I really do appreciate it stay safe out there and Ill catch you next time whilst this thing let me interrupt smooth go away freaking paint well five minutes from you guys lets stay to the end lets see what we can get from this right perfect there we go interrupting oh yeah its these these ones with the uh grenades on grenade launchers theyve just got stacked full of weapons I gotta get some more storage on this thing as well but damn yeah thats pretty sweet but anyway as I say I think this is where well call it and well end the episode so Ill catch you guys next time l4d2 steam workshop Volcanoids is a first-person, base building survival game set in the steampunk era where humans and technology meet. Explore a volcanic island, operating giant drills and enduring eruptions triggered by mechanical beings.Steam Page: Watch me live at: Join my Discord at: Twitter: You can support me at PC System: Ryzen 7 5800x Nvidia RTX 3070ti 8Gb Graphics Card 32GB DDR4 Ram 1TB NVME SSD #volcanoids #survival #openworld veridian steam inhaler locate steam games can macbook play steam games oculus quest steam vr steam games showing as uninstalled