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Cute free games on steampc games steam free VOLCANOIDS game Music oh whats going on everybody z here and welcome back to volcanoids so uh we havent checked this out for a while we we play a little bit we keep going off and on we need to actually check this out but we have an update today we have a customization update now and over here it says its updating tomorrow but that was supposed to yesterday anyways so the update is out and its pretty exciting stuff so the devs actually sent me a save to where they made like a ship for me like a customized one so were gonna check it out and im gonna tell you right now this ship right here look at that look at the drill head on that thing its like a super amazing laser gun thing so were gonna load into this save were gonna see what uh see what they hooked me up with im super excited hopefully you guys know if you do like subscribe all the fun things also link down below if you guys wanna check out uh volcanoids so oh did i drop my png in there i dont know its really actually a fun thing that you can put like an image in here and then like used as your logo so i can actually like utilize my logo for stuff pretty cool stuff hey check that out its got the red and the blacks and the whites how cool is that uh okay its super destroyed so theres my logo on the back uh what is this what is this tool in my hand um that is awesome you can actually see a you see a z1 in here okay hold on um do i even have anything to like fix this thing what do i have in my hand a spray tool oh its sprayed uh to to paint your ships custom colors okay oh that is super cool that is so cool look at that i dont know how they did the lines like i dont know how to do the lines wait okay so hold on if i hit n oh thats my light g sending drillship underground i must have like some super crazy amazing abilities oh thats super cool i want to get like i want to get these things fixed hold on lets see lets see if we can get these things fixed up and lets see no items available okay all right well lets see if we can get anything fixed up here all right we got some breech replacement oh look at that oh look at that oh look at that hey thats so cool so they used a z and a one uh mind my lo my logos like right there in the middle in the way that is super cool though you can see it like on the inside too oh thats super neato that is super cool okay we dont have anything over here we dont have anything over here um im actually kind of curious like uh call repair drillship expect a set request okay uh im like im kind of curious to like what part of the mission im in right now i think im in the part where like i just got everything done and now im taking quests so i guess well just continue our save shall we lets continue this up um lets get this repaired and oh shoot i need to get that repaired hold on do we have any is there anything that we need uh nothing oh shoot dont put that back in there okay uh lets leave that alone and we need to make we need to make a another breech replacement which i think we have to do on the workbench right here and i believe its going to be structure device not module not module tool consumable consumable all right copper bolt and copper plates wait hold on if i turn on this thing um because our drill ship is not on currently wait wheres our power we dont have a power module um i dont think we have a power module i dont think i dont think i this is set up for me to actually use the same um i need to make a power module here wait e takes it okay uh yeah were gonna need a were gonna need a power bulkhead thing for sure actually inventory it has coal in it so it should we should have some power we do have power how does it sound like its not running everything is super quiet um okay uh lets just grab was it bolts and plates pulled some pleats and bolts and plates bolts and plates all right lets grab that uh oh do we grab that is it in our inventory it is okay all right lets grab this and then lets repair that congratulations youve completed the tutorial more questions available on the radio awesome okay uh almost like new well done all right what do we got turret module accept questions okay cool so now were gonna be building the turret module awesome oh this scene does look super cool this thing does look super cool i like it i like it very interesting it looks like on this side nothing on this side really okay uh i wonder if these lines are painted on here like i dont even im trying to like remember what like everything default looked like obviously like we didnt have this red and white on here this is super cool i wonder how they like how did they make these lines like that like i feel like theres got to be is there like some way to i dont even know but i want it i want to make this happen oh super cool okay all right so lets get in here um and lets go ahead and lets do some things shall we oh about to have a fight here oh geez louise holy moly okay good gosh okay were good were good we came over here to get sulfur uh we had to fight a little bit all right pistol turret is in we are gonna head down i just want to see how this looked uh from you know i gotta say that that drill looks pretty cool it looks pretty neat i wanna see what that new drill looks like like that new like laser looking drill that thing looks sick oh my gosh the fog is like so bad i cant even see anything now oh i i think i saw us a little bit all right lets go out in this this wasted world oh my gosh pretty sure this is a lot darker and foggier than it used to be like for sure okay so we gotta go over here to this uh this other drill ship and order the drill ship to go down first first travel we dont need to go there we need to go grab some stuff we gotta go over here to this drill ship and we gotta steal stuff from it all right i see robots uh theres quite a few robots theres three of them i dont know if i could snipe them with this thing or not well too late now oh geez okay when they leave down like that theyre not dead okay those three are gone take all the goods uh lets go and get some health in here real quick all right lets go in here um i need them to open a door is there a pistol turd on this side nice okay wheres the the robot making machine this thing take this thing out theres probably one up top too one come on yep one right there oh its just like how what percentage its done too thats awesome i dont think so not today son okay all right were good uh we are here to steal everything okay uh lets see what do we got what we got what we got anything good in here like all of that and then these doors are closed okay so what do we need to do uh we need to click the menu button place drillship tab place window place converter into storage place bump into storage okay but we can get more than that from here there any more do you guys have any storage time to play module you dont have access to the drill ship okay uh you know what we can destroy these things and then we get pieces from these two yep sure can like that look at that look at all these goodies were getting woo buddy oh shoot yeah thats right eat the pickaxe the pickaxe is like a one-hitter crater its nice uh lets see lets get some storage module stuff here pretty sure the storage wanted to last like a long time too so you can grab that oh we cant grab that darn also were good oh hey bad bad robots oh storage in here heck yeah ill take that anything in here nope uh i think were about good grab this i think that is pretty much it all right lets head back i dont think theres anything else i missed it looks good okay cool thats a pretty good pretty good little venture right there also those robots are evil just so you know everybodys on the same page here those robots are super evil taking over everything thats not theirs you know horrible terrible off disaster not nice blah blah blah you know the huge the huge okay go down here and grab some of this stuff cause we got these giant pieces right here right theres that guy see is there anything else useful here some of this stuff uh theres a big thing right there you know it is that somethings oddly satisfying about harvesting robots its so much fun and you know what i think were gonna have a fight here oh no no no okay good gear stuff like your stuff i think were about good let me grab this uh copper real quick we got a sulfur too im a hoarder i like hoarding everything so yeah i know awesome drill ship looks like to be appears to be intact still all right place converter into storage place pump into storage we got a whole bunch of things uh destroyed production module tier one miner head destroyed research module explorer head just destroyed all those destroyed modules are fun why cant i put that in there oh right because everythings like super full huh put that in there place converter into storage check that out ooh race successful well done these valuable items will be uh perfect for future production do you have any requests no why do we need to go under down why dont we go underground we just did that okay lets see what else we got here we got some more chests um id like to make another pistol turret to throw on this side however if we do that were gonna need a were gonna need a power module so i think the power modules are going to go up top actually can we even make a power module right now we cant even make one i think its because we have to do research we have to unlock it okay i guess well go underground oh look at the my whole ship has like like stripes on it thats super cool just notice that just noticed that okay so now were underground um direct the boiler around okay so click on the map your drill ship click on the under round gravel underground map to travel to your target red icon uh press go to surface button okay cool so lets go ahead and uh your drill shrimp wait oh i need to hit the steering wheel right yeah there we go okay um where are we going were going this way Music grab some copper uh i guess were going to this location going to surface please wait even though we have like 13 minutes until the volcanic eruption anyways but whatever hey look were in a whole new place exciting you know i gotta say this game for the long it has been flying under the radar for so long because it is a multiplayer like theres base building theres theres like you know exploration oh shoot are you good oh my gosh i was thinking my whole ship was gonna get destroyed okay were just supposed to be doing here research production intel uh okay thank you uh production schematics another one okay pick up uh intel tier one from the storage intel production t1 uh produce upgrade starter production on the menu button research work table select schematic uh this guy right here upgrade no thats drillship core oh the research work table what am i doing thats not research research is up here this guy research select schematic tab and upgrade starter production there we go man this thing takes a minute doesnt it lets let it do its thing and lets go ahead and we could probably go ahead and make some more ammo what are we missing oh we need revolver ammo okay uh copper bullet casings one black powder do we not have it doesnt look like it five sulfur powder one coal lets do five sulfur and then well do uh this one next and well get some ammo in here oh we unlocked something this is how you improve technology thank you okay so uh repair damage modules module based production so basically what this thing does this is like our research tree right so in order to like research stuff like upgrade starter production upgrade starter refinery upgrade starter research basically these just upgrades and then production it gives us like uh can we use a research to unlock new technologies like some things require some things so it is a little confusing to start with but if you just kind of follow along with the the tutorial like the missions you pretty much get a decent understanding of it okay it wants me to pick up coal uh produce module repair kit we produced your module repair kit uh consumable lets go and get that guy out lets go in here be gone evil thing all right what else we got we actually try to do some ammo for ourselves huh okay everything looks good uh we need some coal im not gonna pick it up from there though because we need the coal in our ship were just gonna go down here and grab it lucky for us coal is on the uh on the coast so okay you know what i i have to pick up the coil but its not gonna it doesnt say like acquire this much coal i have to pick it up its telling me that i have to oh all right storage and pick up coal from the storage oh you know what i just realized theres no coal in here oh yeah there is up call from source what are you talking about oh i already did that uh walk to drill strip storage click on the menu button uh take item destroyed production tier one uh where is the destroyed production tier one produce intel production tier one click on the menu button on the research table all right so that thing we need a intel production t1 can be used in research to unlock new technologies okay so were gonna make this im still trying to figure out this whole like research mechanic thing too its a little confusing so we get like we get the broken stuff we bring it in here because that broken stuff we use for research so its research points kind of and like each thing allows us to like make a certain type of research i guess uh pick up the pick it up okay so take item pick up pump from storage uh wheres the pump pump produce production module tier one okay so production module tier one requires okay so like that requires one intel production tier one and in order to make that so like in order to make this module we had to re like re recycle the other module i think i think thats how its working here all right hey equip with the wrench now uh choose a place for the production module uh well put the production module i guess well put it oh do i have to repair this one okay and then well put the production module right there repair damage modules repair repair what else is not what else is oh okay all right were going to go deal with these guys sorry you get out of here we need to get it out we need to get another pistol turret on this side i see you over there youre done youre gone we need another pistol turn on this side for sure okay back to the wrench what am i what am i repairing im repairing this guy repair module oh theres something up here there we go is that it oh nice okay produce copper tubes now so how do you want me to produce copper twos do i have to go up to this thing and click on it no no no you stay out stay out okay uh click the menu button on the work table select component and produce copper tubes okay but weve done this component copper tubes uh oh were gonna were gonna play uh make a production station nice uh device production station okey-dokey oh yeah theres a light all right and then lets get this bad boy installed uh we want it well just throw it right here in front of that guy perfect yeah so now this essentially so like weve been making stuff by hand this guy we can go in here and we can make stuff in here as well um but its using this guy to make it and then eventually like things can like work with each other you know its like different machines can work with with other with other things so thats gonna be super handy uh we have more quests storage module explosive schematic thank you okay uh i need to get another pistol thing in here but we definitely need we need more um we need more we need more power were going to have an issue see you can see like our power is like we have one power extra you know not great all right so now were going to make a we got to make a uh storage module so storage is tier one already got stuff right nothing super exciting thats super fancy uh but were gonna make that guy and then like you can see over here we got pistol turret we have a shotgun turret module how cool is that uh coal power flight module we need to get that as well uh oh we got our eruption going on hold on lets get this storage installed real fast uh wait what oh drill strip storage take this guy its a wrench and storage okay cool so theres our storage were good lets head underground all right so we survived we survived that volcanic uh the volcanic attack we were attacked by a volcano uh lets go ahead lets see i need to throw some stuff in storage my inventory is like super full now uh we have our next quest which is actually making a shotgun and grenades and stuff which is like a huge whole thing were about to go attack something you know take a whole bunch of stuff from him so lets get that stuff made uh produce black powder we should be good to go oh were a little are we a little low on sulfur now a little low on sulfur powder i might need to grow some sulfur uh copper tubes and copper bullet casings okay so component copper tubes one uh were just do i dont have any copper proper scrap oh we need to make a consumable component where is we need to go in here right yeah we need to make copper ingots okay now we got a bunch of copper ingots look at that okay perfect so we go ahead and make a couple of these uh lets see uh properties and storage copper bolts into storage black powder into storage okay black powder bolts tubes produce grenade produce copper bullet casings and produce a shotgun okay so ammo lets see what we got iron oh iron bullet cases wow copper bullet casings theres one theres two and then tool its a tool right its always a tool yeah shotgun theres that ooh baby okay and then two three four four grenades queued on up hopefully we have enough stuff for all four of them and then we need to produce buck shot okay were gonna let that do its thing were gonna go out here and do some shooting thank you no lets go ahead and hold up real quick you know this is a lot of fun this is such a good time okay anything over here are we good everythings good everyones solid it looks like winter time its kind of crazy i dont know who would you who would want to live here like i mean that thing erupts all the time everything is all covered in soot and ashes its terrible all right um buckshot okay so buckshot times 20. nice im also gonna pick up the buckshot from the storage pick up the shotgun from the storage and pick grenades from storage nice okay so shotguns grenades uh we are set solid ready to go its time for the raid power plant um except quest powers okay right now lets go and turn this off now give us more power let charge back up and then refinery schematics as well awesome okay so the the next thing we have to do is go ready to shift and then we can start building onto this a little bit more um i do want to throw some stuff into storage here lets turn arlo look can we smelt our coffer or copper ore lets get these going all right there we go uh we got all of our copper refined can i just go and throw that in here ill stack it up super nicely very nice very nice uh we could probably use some more pistol turret ammo as well for our ship uh we could probably also use another crystal turret but yeah you know what i think thats gonna be uh i think its gonna be something for another day because thats gonna end this episode thank you so much for coming out hopefully you guys enjoyed if you did like subscribe if i think this is volcanoids volcanoids lots of fun base building production even like some automation once we get a higher tier stuff uh but yeah this is their new uh their new update for uh ship customization which is super cool size you can see we got we we got a custom ship so thank you so much uh for for making this for me i really appreciate it looks awesome i love it i love it uh my logos kind of messing up this right here but thats so cool and its like its all striped and stuff oh i love it yes thank you so much for coming out if you want to check it out link below have a wonderful day ill see you next Music time Music you best non steam pc games #volcanoids #z1gamingVolcanoids is a first-person, base building survival game set in the steampunk era where humans and technology meet. 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