VOLCANOIDS UPDATE! New Machines + Changes!

Best steam games under 10 bucksbest free sex game on steam VOLCANOIDS game hello and welcome back everyone I am going to be playing vulcanites today with the chaos crew hi cats am I so stupid we just survived our first explosion so Ill be 20 minutes before the next one uh if you guys dont know about volcanoids its a cute little game its a survival game where basically its not too long you know its not like you get like a million hours out of the game but it is very very nice and its got new update now where its like heavy machinery and were gonna see how far we can get along this thing uh we were hiding down here so you can see me and Spanish are being safe and then we have to go out there and fight some machines theres some tanks now and some other cool stuff uh but let me get on with Discord and get on with them why is it making these noises is this a stink Im intro yeah yeah I was I wasnt back a drillship Doug here okay do we need to kill it Im being shot I only have I only have a tiny gun I only have a tiny gun thats what Ive got help me let them have a gun I have that well I dont have ammo from our gun right pickaxe though we need this we need the Spanish we need this you know shoot the Drone thats in there I need to heal is this a thats a live one oh no that one oh theyve uh theyve locked the door they go look at pickaxes get it get it in get him oh my God its defending itself Music theres one upstairs theres one here hes glitching inside the walls the bastard okay okay Im getting the spawner upstairs its making another one guys is making another one all right okay with that hey Joy oh my God okay so right now we need to damage this thing like a lot um lets try and preserve the storage I guess um oh yeah yeah we went we want to keep this is that what youre saying uh try and keep yeah keep that middle one and keep the middle one on the other side as well but Im afraid the refinery one I think is gonna have to go oh no okay maybe we can damage upstairs cool one yeah definitely have it weve murdered it oh I dont want to kill anything else what if we need it guys Refinery station well we need the drill ship we can repair it once weve taken it over oh yeah I dont like damaging the uh you have to take a power station out how many how many uh Bridge kits uh five so far Im scared to kill something that we need there we go shopping has been successfully claimed the storage she killed the storage oh its fine theres another one on the roof okay um module repair I mean they they you uh you save them I dont know if I can see them theres three in here already Johnny actually yeah okay and I got two on me its just the breach repairs we need then guys got them I got um Im making bullet casings yes yes make some ammo um I went ahead I put whatever I learned in this box here on the left Beast box at the top Music we get good stuff if we go over here past volcano right so like if I go over here and kill I dont know where over here is um like the Lake over there the sulfur or vein deposits dont you worry dont you worry about a thing so youre leaving the drillship after Iowa then yes Laughter okay okay Ill help your iron wolf Im just gonna go get materials okay my game material these are these module repair module repair module repair okay the Music um reach repair kits yeah you need your wrench have you got that got a wrench cool youll need that and then you use the wrench to basically reseal the holes that we made in the hull just point it and then click you need a a breach repair kit for every hole how does one get a reach repair kit we need a lot of breast repair kits anyway you can make them in the works bench so if we dont have a workbench so you have to use the one thats on the submarine to build one uh but Johnny can we get our workbench as well for this oh hang on wait wait Im getting that sulfur this is good right no I cancel my last weve got a functioning uh production station here yeah yeah not even a Works a workbench one though oh nice oh guys Im getting so much copper and sulfur Im being useful there you know this stuff right yes okay so you can make breach repair kits I will study that production station there go through the tabs and familiarize yourself with stuff youll find in one of them Reach repair kits uh players here as well he played lady it works Ive played Vocaloids Works confirm literal hack I found a work table yeah is that under underneath one of the villagers things is it yeah yeah well no I found one that we just have like we just got one we got a free one its at the top its at the top yeah cool okay okay lets go sweet so she could leave them later we just need those exactly exactly now you get it but yeah this is where leave them started guys this is where leaving actually started after you complete the breach repairs and stuff that you can you build us some ammo is that possible or do we need to refine um black powder let me see Ill be good Ill figure this out here in a second oh uh yeah Im coming to help you I was just getting some materials I got copper and I got sulfur that has to be good for something yeah uh if we we dont have a Refinery there are four Bridge repair kits in the Box superb all right well Im just making ammo I dont have enough I dont have what I need for it yeah so we need a Refinery to create black powder so if you go to device Refinery takes one copper bolts and one copper plates so you make the components and then the device and then it will be in the box and with the refinery module use the um the wrench to place it oh cool a Spanish I put some stuff at the bottom what did I do come look okay hang on so I am off that one I just placed there thats the refinery module okay thats a manual workstation so you have to have the stuff in your inventory to use it unlike the one you were just using right okay but we dont have I mean we could probably build a Refinery module if weve unlocked it Im not even sure I found everything I found a module yeah Refinery module because one Intel Refinery T1 okay so yeah we dont have that yet um got it hey I havent destroyed Refinery module we dont have a door we cant get in or out we need a door buddy I know it can be used we need a dog Laughter Music no Im here Im here Im here Im here Im fine thats right its fine theres one in theres one I know its a window its a window its not a door how do we get out take it look at this oh my God just hit it with the get it with the pick we just Im gonna kill this one Im gonna kill this one Im getting out Im getting out Im getting your house Im out Im out dont worry about it youll have to repair it again oh youll be back to square one oh we already almost killed it by the way okay Music free were free were free okay okay no no no come on come on exactly he gets it look I also place this do you see what it plays we wouldnt have wonderful situations like that would we Johnny do you see what I placed did you see what I placed I placed this all the damage on these things what is that this oh thats a workbench we got one upstairs and I place one of these too so we dont need either one of these is what youre saying to me yeah the workbench who got upstairs but thats just taking a precious space right now Ive failed should we move that one  __  oh wait status panel oh its gone goodbye um okay um Ill throw it in the garbage now wait how do we know whats garbage oh yes thats a window uh well if its something weve also got a breach on the ceiling up here as well if youre under the breacher packet uh theres one in the Box okay um so the next thing we should probably get is a couple of Defense turrets on each side okay yeah up Spanish just one quick quick quick quick quick how do I refine oh I need a Refinery station and I go here its right in front of you no we dont have a Refinery module youll have to use the refinery workstation which is the thing right next to you right oh I got it how do I make them all right did I fix the reach I think control is that working oh yeah Im doing it Im making copper ingots Im so confused its working right producing Im a genius thats why Refinery station working when we dont have a Refinery module yep see you gotta get good you gotta get good like how is that is that is that a volcanoid its Rich please fix no this is a great idea thank you red there is no Refinery module on this freaking drill ship well I had a broken Refinery module did you see theres a production Mojo um no there was a broken Refinery module in one of the boxes right here Spanish yeah no thats this thats the workstation so thats the manual station you have to use it manually but Laney is clearly refining Metals using a Refinery station here theyre refining yeah theyre refining where are they going where are they going by the way going into the ship storage theyre going into the same storage oh hell yes oh yeah lets make some bullets theres a storage menu theres a power yeah how do I take the whole thing yeah give me all the ammo okay merge there thats storage and Im gonna make production Im gonna produce some ammo uh yeah Laney is it all she Wills the refinery service Im gonna make it work if its gonna be the end of it naturally Music its all good you see its great thank you for the three months recently Amanda and Bill thank you very much for the nine pounds a little gift from Alabama to Spanish Juniors college fund thank you so much its really sweet of you much appreciated today but thank you for being a member for 20 months he says hello everybody I hope youre doing great just back from Vegas from the honeymoon hey red-eyed sniper congratulations dude did you have a good time and Amanda bill again thank you very much for the 16 months as well thank you guys awesome stuff very kind modules go on top so modules they can go pretty much they can go on top so weve got a power station module here and a storage module here this module space is empty empty empty empty pop in the window empty apart from the window empty production for the production we need to make doors people yeah make some doors then wait why do we need more doors because theyre just holes in the thing at the moment oh Ill make a door Ill make the door Ill make the door Ill make the door at least Ill make a door you are very excited about this door I think oh  __  guys we need copper plates oh crap okay hang on Im refining copper plates oh Im making copper and Gifts is that good because theres defense turrets guys I dont have a defense turret what copper plate one copper plate two copper plates oh  __  Fight Man fight fight I got you yeah so its a ship module it was fantastic thanks awesome glad to hear you realize neighbor didnt die this time no I have one pickaxe Im Laney pickaxe them now that you pick the drill shift core is used to capture drill ships so we weve captured the directions I got it oh my God oh my God you chose other dealership you lose your current one and anything in it no I thought that you could use the drillship course too I cant get him up I cant get him up upgrade you need a revive tool Lane you go um upgrade the drillship core as a ship upgrade you need to in order to support the larger modules um we need a revive tool lets go make one I Im gonna figure it out Im gonna figure it out and also I was making you some ammo but I just I didnt get time to produce guys I didnt get time to produce Glory thank you for the four month three sub we have the doors by the way how many copper plates do you need my dying body is right I only needed two I already got them yeah we have doors now I need I need to find them in the storage I need to find them in the storage but we have doors spray tool storage I turned off the thing um I got the doors you got more incoming um  __  I have ammo Iron Wolf if you need me to give you ammo otherwise Im panicking Im panicking Im panicking Im dead dead thats it game over dead dead no no no no thats it I cant play anymore Music drop it all in there drop it on there I I dont know what to do I dont know how to put a I dont know how to put a door in uh you need your spanner expand now we need one for the other side yeah Johnny got it got it got it um Im trying to make us some ammo hang on Ill come back Ill come fight the cogs I have ammo I stole it all keeps Adam give his Eyemart can you drop it can you drop some can you split it yeah yeah how do I split I dont know shift control out  __  right click middle click something you know gaming oh wait wait wait you gave me one one bullet I dont want to split it okay okay hang on okay okay go go go grab grab Laughter up here miles away yeah yeah uh Johnny will be streaming later hes got um some issues with the South African power grid right now oh Spanish thats a big thing thats a big cant get it in time I dont think okay okay theyre leaving to eruption guys we should get into the dealership yeah lets go into the Joe ship or leave them am I safe down in the mine yeah yeah you should be fine leave them because theres no way Laughter there is no theres no one time okay thank you for the five dollars cheers for the years of content and chaos to be royal uh thank you very much by the way guys um what was it gonna say we had some plans I have to talk to you guys about it but um lets talk about it later uh I am off are you in the ship yes I am youre a person to send us on the ground Applause Im so proud of you were going down were going down dont worry Spanish Angelina has your back thats exactly why I do worry Laughter get the doors okay guys we would have died without the doors we would have died oh my God thank you Jane for the five dollars did you try a person E I did actually try pressing E I tried pressing everything you picked up sulfur and cold and copper you can make ammo I did pick up all of it what do I do with it while were underground all the drillship modules are turned off so you cant do anything cool take all the call take it off because the Power Systems of the drillship run on coal oh  __  I just put coal in the Box uh yeah I was stealing it to make ammo oh did we die no that was outside okay yeah you can just use just hold G to send the um dealership up and down and putting it in the storage look oh um guys I might have taken the black powder oh that was me just that was me remember that the the storage is not connected anymore I was making okay so what happens it should be safe to go back up now I am or if you just want to hit the same lever or press Ctrl G are we able to produce though like if we produce on the on the normal on the loop on the Standalone workbench yes on the production station is it making them is one of the most fun parts of the game the lever or the seat but if you go e e the c or an e to c e Im in the seat okay right now youve got like you should have a little top down view like a little mini game yep yeah just click and the drill ship will drive to that location Music like gray walls and stuff like that uh but you if you click on the little resources around the way you pick them up if you click on that coal whats in front of you play Hey you are literally leaving me behind uh you have to find somewhere to go up so you see that it says safe grounds and youve got like a tunnel icon I dont know how to something yeah because theres another drill ship there an enemy drillship has come up so you have to just drive around to find another one where we can come up where are my heels what does that say oh that ones got one as well so that ones oh theyre here the first one yes show that its occupied it hasnt got like a logo on it actually I am doing great just driving youre doing great Iron Wolf Im so proud of you right just be careful about going over lava okay dont go into that one because thats a tunnel down to the next level go to the one that Boulder Shores just below it how do I see did you see it just below uh on the right yeah oh hes doing it look were coming back were coming perfect there we go hey what the hell is this what are these little drones oh my God were tilting were tilting yeah Im glad new enemies oh what the  __  that was uh I was gonna get you guys in all sorts of trouble in a couple of weeks thats why were tilting yeah yeah uh and weve immediately got incoming drones guys so we need to go outside and defend the ship okay Bridge oh my God Music I mean I mean keep them I mean you said youre in a mine yeah hes code for Ill stay down here you go yeah dude there are loads of drones out here we really need those turrets up as well did I just do that no no I will do it I will do it so its under module pistol turret module hover over it tells you what you need and then the components so that you can then build the modules we only need two margin two pistol turret modules three copper tubes okay copper I mean like I could have done right now I have that was one of the things I could have built top for tubes what is it missing ah shotgun one um in a bad place guys Im making charity you said you wanted turret I know I also want to live I want a limb Ive got anything we are a serious do you do right now oh I wanted to lose son of a beagle whats like split step control control shift oh  __  thats a lot of guns bullets yeah shoot the heads oh God theyre hitting me you can loot the robots themselves as well theyve got a lot of materials on there oh my God thats a lot of them thats a lot of them guys is anybody building anything in the ship or have you ever gone out to defend were defending no big deal um the modules are made the modules are made I just need to put them down are they oh one of them is made okay the other one needs one plate then all right one tear it up oh no I was so close to Healing oh out of the turret Ill spawn immediately its fine okay okay okay yeah Ill put the module Ill put the modules sorry it doesnt have any ammo that I am going to stand over here and then over the level because Ill be right back oh  __  theyre in there is nt I killed him with him that ones down right uh we need to make Power ammo oh guys Im gonna Im gonna shut down switch over to Main Spot guys Ill be right back okay and did that how the turret make or did you did you pick it up Laney I took it I took it put ammo in the turret we have turret ammo we have turret ammo yeah Ive just Ive just built it its an automated storage as well it goes straight into the storage so you build it it goes into the ship storage all you need to do is build the turret ammo and its going to change the storage I did it its in can you put it in the right place did I I already put it right so to take something up just right click on it with the spanner and it will pick it up yeah did you see where I put it is this the right space is it the right spot I mean its just upsetting my symmetrical brain because the other turrets on the the furthest left spot oh  __  oh youre in the middle um okay no right um hold right click on it with your okay youll pick it up and then just place it into the one next to it there you go there you go okay symmetry is very important symmetry is very important yeah thank you very much okay how do I fix things theres theres a little bit of damage so you need to have a module repair kit in your inventory okay okay left flick and hold on what you want to repair my jump repair kit got it thats our defense turrets firing okay I only want to use it I only want to use it when its low-ish right no when its kind of high okay I think were good Ill put the module all right wait what is this tape oh crap I took the wrong way to turn around we have a minor head by the way a minor head guys minor heads uh you can stick in the main storage stuff like tools stations modules and stuff I would say stick into the Standalone storage so yeah thats another difference only to explain to you guys my interest between Standalone storage and module storage okay Standalone storage is like these red cupboards and cabinets that youre stood at nowolini thats where I started throwing things is this thing on the ceiling thats actually part of the drillship this is the crafting stuff basically right up there thats the crafting storage the other access to Iron Wolf is on the main dashboard right in the center above the furnace what Laughter dont try not to hit the light otherwise it will turn the module off right okay okay there we go okay we got this guys you know Im so proud of you before we started the stream guys I said to him dont worry about The Crafting and stuff its very straightforward yeah well learn it no problem now that Im actually here explaining  __  to it Im like actually yeah its not theres Chris theres quite a lot theres quite a lot going on isnt there yeah youre just youre just very good at it youre very good at it youve been doing is so long its second nature yeah all right I need a gun a wrench and a thumb okay so let me take you through the progression from where we are currently okay okay we have a production station which uses the production module the production module is the one module on the right hand side of the the um build ship in the middle right now okay what we need next Refinery module so that we can use the refinery station now in theory its working perfectly fine without our module for reasons are known but were going to need a Refinery module so that we can use it otherwise were basically cheesing it right so if you have a look see if you can create a Refinery module what that takes to create in the meantime me and Lainey are going to defend the cruise ship from another Board of hostile automatons here we go I turned off the tutorial you see yeah well I figured you know otherwise itd just be sat there reading the entire time and um we should get on this stuff they take a little bit of a hit pounding these freaking shotgun drones in there they dont move though yeah known bug actually and the devs will have a fix for this out very soon in fact probably during this stream theres these little drones they dont chase the players they just sort of turn up and then become turrets whereas like the amazing chase you down guys should I make us some healing things though I feel like we need them yeah yes Im going through mine quite quickly yeah me too me too yeah nine minutes until eruption all right Im gonna go see what it requires and Ill make us some okay I feel like we need them I am doing pretty good I got myself about 150 pistol rounds is this that would probably be mine whos died you want to come and retrieve it because youve got like guns and Eels and stuff in here you go pistol turret ammo in here we need a lot of copper right now boys oh yes you do yes you do bladed Ive got a lot of copper ingots Ive been processing on why Ive been down on the ground I made some bullets for you guys and some heels on the backpack I thought I lost all that okay good okay Im gonna go farm some copper if I can I mean when blade hooks back up with us when he returns from his nomadic lifestyle I have lots of cooperation imagine thats a strap you will but thats what he does he goes out of his own battles and comes back with the goods you know oh yeah like a viking Raider he is a reader I better know that my guy finally answers the damn phone thats good thats good thats good oh my God reminds me I have to call my poor mother my poor mother has been trying to reach me for like a day or two now oh hes a basement Im a monster Ill do it after the stream its a little hard to come by cold is probably the most valuable resource to be honest when were underground we pick up loads um Im at the coal mine right now I think Im getting cold okay sweetie get all the coal you can better man weve got seven and a half minutes for eruption okay Im really close okay Im kind of drawing a line towards the ship and yeah whatever I pick up along the way if I get stuck here can I hide in the mine in the actual mine okay down below okay hey Stu thanks for the bits man ah sorry thank you gifting Subs hes a great guy thats awesome this is great where um Im related shes like hes an original gangsters hes been with us for years oh Stu is old thats what Im hearing thats what hes saying is there its his first century that means we rode as well thanks Lainey yeah geez Im turning my light on can I light and mine so youre in this mind that I might actually engineering I think so oh yeah somebody took I mean somebody took everything out of it Im getting my stream set up okay nice Im gonna Im gonna its not a soul for mine I dont think I think this is just um coal from what Ive gotten so far but thats good thats good no thats probably but thats its only going to have one thing in it were that close to Mom because my boys wants too many details oh Brian you were with me hey Daddy well I just have to yeah you are weve United weve United together early expansions forgot to research starter Refinery um apparently apparently Spanish we forgot to research the starter Refinery how do we do that Lee said so we need a research station first of all we dont have any research anything right now okay we dont have a research we need to kill this  __  basically we need to kill a ship research workstation without killing another ship you get all the stations without doing anything really you just need to but when you start researching thats when you need to kill other ships for the destroyed modules or you gather the heads and shredders and stuff like that I will kill all the heads thats for sure once you get them you should have boarded off tunnels right yeah yeah I did a couple of those I thought oh yeah you know you got to bust through them right theres stuff oh yeah I forgot this one I forgot this one yeah I didnt do all of them wasnt sure if you were aware that that was continuable yeah yeah I hear you I hear you um I think I did do a couple but I didnt do all of them and if you dont have a flashlight youre running around in the dark like I am its easy yeah we now all have a flashlight Ice Cube q1 and then go back to your picture wait you dont have a cube everybodys got a wrist device just press Q blade thank you and then press and press one yeah its new thats what one and now and go back to your bank Q again Q again and now you have a light its so  __  cool this is a Spanish Edition Pip Boy also known as the Spanish boy and then if you put the two you can see like from the ship you can see the the scope and apparently what else can you do you can see the map hes not a friendly drill ship oh crap oh Im coming it has your logo on thanks for the sub 12 minutes of the building okay whats that all about let me look Avengers game joining me look let me look okay I probably cant freaking win do you need my assistance I need something Im back at the ship what the Music wheres my bag Im doing this wrong Im leaving three minutes huh how do I switch all of it to it or do I have to oh I drag it in okay that makes sense I wont be on next Friday wheres my stuff no Chattanooga Chattanooga what are you gonna do give me your daddys wedding oh fancy disposition and then were probably gonna go do that I will make my own way and thank you very much okay spank do you want me to come to you there we go ah sure cameras up do you need murder I ready to murder um did somebody loot me did somebody loot me no we wouldnt leave him all my stuffs gone look look for your backpack oh I went into the ship this is a hostile takeover yeah I killed two of the little scouting machines these are needed too yeah the little hobby drones are new pretty cool yeah right I have killed no thats just a blank Mojo in it um impossible Oh My Town doesnt have a basement Refinery Mojo hey hey lets murder together wash everything do I kill everything did I kill at all kill it all kill it off Im on it Im on it um yeah let me grab the storage space spectacles okay throw me throw me throw me whatever you need this ones really soft just go into the cabinets every cabinet you can see and just like grab it just grab it grab it grab it yeah foreign get the storage get the storage lets kill it one minute one minute the things on the roof get it Im killing the roof thing Im killing the roof die the only thing is Were not gonna be able to take the bits everybody out we have time spans we have time risk the biscuit risk the biscuit yeah yeah come on explode already yeah come on come on come on come on Boom get the  __  get the get the stuff you guys get the bits crap I cant I cant grab anything oh I grabbed I never mind everythings fine Im waiting in the ship wait dont leave me dont leave me theres more parts get the parts and go okay I got the parts go go go if I die here if I die here remember me remember me okay I got all the good parts you better be running now Im running I will do it Im running 30 seconds do not do it Iron Wolf do not do it I repeat were gonna be there were gonna be there in time were gonna be there in time I promise you it takes about 10 seconds to go underground okay okay but we need your materials okay oh my God we made it leave them Laughter oh my God not like testicles more like Spanish oh my God is he alive did he make it oh blade itll be in a in a basement hell be fine yep hes too cool for the drill ship now oh there he comes hes a survivor hes a goner goodbye I am alive and well right now have you died yet lately yes how about you do the module stuff since you seem to be very good at it and I will just make us like ammo and parts and stuff she says Im good at it I have no clue what Im doing yeah theyre doing really good though youre doing really good you build bonjours in the production thing you place them with the wrench thats it shut up I will help you I will help you but I just didnt want to like bug in you know yeah it was half of what it should have been because I have no clue what Im doing so did you did you get a Refinery model yet peace I was trying to queue one up we didnt have resources so I went and got resources I dont know if its built or not I can make binary T1 we dont have that whatever that is whatever that is you need a research station to do that okay in their resources yeah so get him yeah build a research Workstation okay by the way all the pistol ammo Im putting in the Standalone storage upstairs because its clogging up the um the main inventory okay you want me to put it you go ahead and do it you go ahead and do it station white research thats the one right and its coming Im making everything I need for it station wide research incoming Im also gonna make more ammo and 600 am I crazy yes and pistol ammo yeah well you better hope no whatever yeah thank you oh God Im making more Im making more Im trying to undo it Im trying to undo it and Im just making more um headshot could probably do with another Standalone storage can we have one yeah we have like four I have a I have a cabinet on me yeah theres four in the ship already all right um let me see if I can put one on the wall components lets make more of that more of that more of that more of that I dont even know what Im making Im just making stuff uh right click undoes it there we go oh nice Im making a lot of stuff oh my goodness from the left is that too Music down to 18 rounds three medications we have a lot of rounds in the house um do you want me to make you oh God theres so much to do where is the wheres the module okay I see it I got it I got it Ill place it down zero and now we have a research module somewhere can I put it upstairs do you care where I put it yeah yeah just put it wherever and then if I dont like it Ill stay but I mean you know what about like right there perfect right lets go get the Intel Refinery T1 what do you need to make one of those um okay looking we have a destroyed Refinery I think we have destroyed Refinery motor in there yeah that drill should be killed I think we need to research something we dont we cant access this T1 requires one converter tabs tabs what does it say what does it say it needs again sorry the refinery module requires Intel Refinery T1 yeah so go to Refinery tab on the research thing right what what sorry wheres the research thing you literally just placed it yeah but this doesnt have the attachment you see it only has the creation what are you talking about I think Im messing up material the the production station is what creates the module but that says it needs Intel Refinery T1 or something wasnt it uh-huh yeah oh I see it in the schematic idea and then go to the refinery and create an Intel Refinery T1 binary people and then make sure you put that in the main ship storage oh Im down and then you should be able to create the refinery module okay okay okay this drone is cheating its clipping through the bloody wall we got it guys we got it refinery I got it yeah I got him Im down here there you go no I dont oh one just drop down Gary now what do we do get him I have a revived remember what he said youve got youve got three Johnny and the research ship were trying to wreck recrafting things youve got the work your production Refinery and research they all work interdependently and intermingly thats word intermingle it you need it all of them to produce things so if its just a refined thing its a research thing if its not a research thing its a produced thing if that makes sense I see yeah okay so what does the module actually do because its on now I dont know how do we do it well automatically yeah but theres no drone shootings they were fine things that you set up in the refining station here the time is winding up so you can hear it going when its when its going it will go but you just line stuff up in that Refinery station and if its got the materials to do so itll make it but it was already making it because I have magic I know it wasnt supposed to well ignore that all right well pretend that didnt happen nothing to see here nothing is here uh what do we do with the destroyed research Parts Spanish translated they can go in the main ship storage the modular storage because theyre actually hey where are you material okay where is lying on the ground land light on the ground next Laney so much parts I didnt even see you all right okay so we need to wreck this right I dont have I just say I dont have a whole lot of uh you got it so what we could use next Laney is shotguns for everyone s module at the moment is 13 of 24 so we dont need another one just yet how do we learn Ed yeah right away yay nice work yeah its gonna explode yeah beautiful very uh wonderful go back to the  __  I dont know what I was trying to say what I wonder about hey John I dont think we get the right thing please please eat yeah okay guys um unfortunately I dont know um how to make a shotgun right so have a look under Tools in the production thing and there should be a shotgun there hover over it and itll tell you what it needs to produce it so under components and you make proper gun parts oh I can oh I can sponge the main stuff if its crafting materials it goes in the main ship storage if its tools ammo put it in the Standalone storage all right materials anything that needs refining anything thats used for crafting into the ship storage to repair all right Im making ammo all right black powder I could use something anybody can help me Im coming yeah I see you where you at we met them 65. thank you so much by the way thats so generous I appreciate it iron ingots nope cant go that way oh Im both were short were being short shamed what do you need all right this storage is full baby oh thats why its not making the stuff that I put up okay we need more storage guys and you can build a storage module from the modules tab you might need to free up some space in the main storage by putting some things in Standalone storage so you can actually build it though because it will need a place to put it okay okay Ill go do that youve gotten not hitting anything you guys um you guys fight I will I will go through that so that we have storage we need said storage replacement were too rich you see okay reinforcements has arrived nice yep ooh thats warm well take all these all that this shouldnt affect anything freaking beating they do okay storage yeah these are the these are the military drones and we need to make a module theyre almond yeah storage module check them in the sides I think hes running away guys whats a chest um so the red sort of wardrobe looking things is a chests okay so we need one of those Standalone storage guys okay on both sides sorry its on both sides are you guys towards that drill shift with the uh did it make the storage model Im running away are you running away guys where do you want the storage module does it matter uh I think theres a space on the ceiling would be a good place to have it on the other side of the other one oh play it help me rotated all right leaving its not rotating theres only one spot you got this playhead good luck yeah you could have yeah you can have extra four extra sections so this is like the smallest drillship and then eventually it will grow to about this long Im down oh crap theyre dead theyre dead Theyre All Dead save them lets see if I can get some revive tools you know fans aint gonna do it Ill put ingots robots all around me stop eating nuts all right guys Im gonna put the Im gonna put the um the ammo and weapons in one of the storages I made some shotguns okay Music robots everywhere Im gonna put it here holy crap oh theres just a lot of stuff here yeah ammo on this individual box at the top not bad those are for spans to deal with uh I dont think we need that yeah we need big shotguns shotgun on the right right bucks okay need bigger guns on my way I miss myself these guys Learn to Run and well make some explosives too I think youre going to get back to my body stay in there blade you guys got this defend me man I am coming back into the ship but I have got about 10 guys in ciao well put some of these to make I think that would be because the Drone watching my guard in my backpack all right Music I dont know how to do any of this Im just gonna keep placing stuff to me Im so close what if we make some more of those how much how much space have you got on your bar oh yeah youve gone Im here took too long I needed to save the team shotguns are a game changer Ill tell you you got that little pistol which is you know okay at a distance if youre like really far away and you pull off like a sneaky sniper shot with the with the pistol it can be doing fine but the shotgun yeah thats where the real fun begins its girth okay Im making Im making ammo for the shotgun theyre all in the top right storage thats all I need to top knock knock thats shotgun from right from what perspective from when you woke up and look at the side of the ship thats hard to say its looking at the wall the right side yeah Im gonna make more shotgun ammo I think were gonna need more all right I got a shotgun now lets go kill someone why is my revive tool faded on my toolbar threw it out again I wonder if I can describe it from here though yeah I can oh that he killed me yeah I didnt see the spawner down here theres still one more than there if somebody hasnt gotten it Im pretty sure I made five  __  I didnt hear me where are you I see him Im gonna go kill something you spray the thing you think you completed the animation but you havent you got to stay there for a little bit longer thats how I died thats how I died I put my revive tool in here oh no when I was making space this thing is crazy am I coming oh you got him damn you got him freaking from full health down at no Health um the doors are really good right uh of course everything out of the storage apart from the Standalone kill everything murder wheres my revised no I dont have a roommate though I gotta write you are you downplayed where are you no Im alive I took flying out when I was moving everything earlier out I must have moved my Revival out oh check this Standalone boxes it might be there are they only in this one upstairs and theres two upstairs yeah oh come on playing Spanish oops I will just pulled off one of those action movie moves Music thats awesome we did it well thats nice okay lets get this stuff back to the ship so the destroyed and the minor head all those are building Parts its useful for creating Intel things okay yeah and some things need the heads and the educational stuff sweater one converter its so much fun yeah its so nice to go and mine people because I would watch you guys playing like tabs oh we leave them its um lady yeah we have two storage modules now right well done do you see it on the other side yeah yeah yeah I think what I think it works turned off there we go oh sorry I didnt know how to turn it up maybe somebody turned it off by mistake because it is kind of close you know all right blighted I think I have your revive tool I think I picture yeah lets produce more stuff can we all get rid of tools yeah you can you can make them some Pines shall we I just dropped like something like 65 70 iron ingots just like that lava heels we should be able to produce all the weapons and stuff we need really Music well thats the best part I sent uh I sent you a guy how to add your logos to it but I dont know whether it appears um yeah I thought about it and I was like uh well Id rather see the smiley face thats fine you can see it on our backpacks as well all right everyones got the Spanish leg on the backpack yeah yeah true were not playing satisfactory and we gave him  __  oh  __  you did yeah factory service soon enough for next for last week you did um first of all uh its still very great all right stop no get up stop controlling the drillship okay lady no Im not touching Im not touching anything I promise I promise Jack and tell you Im not touching anything Im an angel stop it Im an angel all right um so what I was saying is because because the vote it was Johnny Johnny it was not me and um the developer approached me very kindly said you know got a new update would you like to give it a go this is the update and I went thats freaking cool were playing that yeah thats what happened however yeah satisfactory will the chaos will come to satisfactory do not worry hes just taking it stop that youre bastards theyre trying to get us resources blade stop it I dont what do you mean blighted blighted who is it I dont know whos talking about its not meme yeah Music hey Paul thank you very much first live stream Ive seen your uh you know of your channel and I saw your video of you having your first child wait what he saw your child video the way you worded that oh the way you worded that man I know what you mean oh no you had your first child already dont you know I gotta say when is the child due when is the spanjet the end of October my roommates birthday is on Halloween and she loves it yeah I would love it too there you go its such a grumpy bum yeah it celebrates the whole month now okay of course we do its hallowed a month it makes it so its not your daughters special day it makes it so its I mean the greatest thing yes its a lot better its a lot better if its if its five days earlier I know right button says oh God youre trying to work out satisfactory yeah its like been me explaining to Iron Wolf and Lainey today and how production works yeah that will be the entire stream it will be great it will be great this lady this is a conveyor belt if you make it long it carries things with our backings Music and we will launch everyone across halfway across the map okay good I dont know how to satisfactory but I did play it once so but all I remember was that I got really mad at Adam because he did all the things and I didnt know what was going on and then I just left oh Adam thats all I remember oh Adam he ruined satisfactory for me you ruined so yeah you did he did what an animal what an animal yeah this is why I cant play games with him you know um okay have left the ship I guess Ill upgrade it oh wait wait what do you need Im a farming copper for the ship needs do we need more copper I feel like we eat a pepper all the time did not feel like doing any of that boring stuff to my left Oh you mean Ive been doing it the whole time Music Applause it made so much more sense spent to have you do it oh my God thats mean what do we have to do Spanish out here guys he does know how to do it so that is that is true nice were progressing so slow compared to when Spanish was building us I remember how fast it was last time its two we need to get beds too we were already like an iron and now were just like stealing copper its um we take it at our own pace all right I this has changed and Im not sure how to do it anymore oh Im down okay Im coming becoming a common theme underground only right yeah okay fine underground only I guess for what for what uh need a machine gun shotgun takes too long to reload I found more metal at this day Ill be right there play tectonica Ive never heard of it youve never heard of it either youre right handy I think youre right um I mean in satisfactory every machine shows the resource instructions hey Lainey hows your math skills great but guys did the uh did the time blow up Im not on the ship what do you mean did the time blow up did you talk about it yeah I was slowly dying okay oh okay what about what about my math skills what do I need to know what what do I need to do because satisfactory is a massive math puzzle I dont pay attention to the map I just build oh yeah fair enough you can you can play it in in whatever way you want but yeah if you if you like get the itch for maximum efficiency you need to map like an absolutely um beast well I figured out the rotors in Space Engineers so I feel like I could figure out anything after that yeah because that thing is freaking nightmarish you down youre dead yes Ive been down Im about to respawn because oh we left them a while but no one made any attention did you was like talking here yeah thats it he did say he was down many times I just figured he would just respawn he drops his back we need to cook his bag I heard you I was just doing something then I looked at the map and I saw that I got a change I was like what the were coming our wolf were coming well escort you your naked body Im Im right on your butt wait Im right behind you guys wait for me I gotta say I like the salmon in this game its not as bad as other games which is like ridiculous sometimes it Regens pretty quickly and itll ask for a while doesnt it you can move pretty fast over land I gotta say yeah yeah oh I have a question can we actually ride the the tanks play me what you put it in the freaking thumbnail yeah but anybody can tell what it was Laughter a freaking Army here how do you think I die is this an army one no one would you like to deal with theres so many drones how many pistol rounds does it take to kill these things once they become a turret Jesus Christ um scored at least 30 hits on this thing yeah they are really heavily armored the drones we go back I guess I got my backpack we can Retreat if you guys want to get out of here okay mute the drones yeah thats what I was doing yeah well I was doing that while you guys were clearing ahead yeah I need some copper here as well get that yeah thats what I was out here doing mining copper and stuff Im gonna Spritz myself guys spritzing no you cant mind those rocks Music thats cool where are you I want to kill that guy guys I said lets team up with him come on lets go theres nothing compared to three stacking fingers what are misalculation oh guys Im gonna suck at this hes down hes down I got him but thats okay because they know what to do so Ill just be around you know Ill just do the thing that was freaking Im having you guys do you guys have medication I made some bandages for everybody lets go lets go it has gotten much better oh yeah I dont know last time we played if we played the combat upgrade update or not yeah we did we did I feel like the AI has gotten better yeah its much more aggressive and they seem to come oh here they are they rush they they retreat oh theres a lot of them here oh my God Johnny what did you do oh I gotta heal that and Im alone ammo too Im not bad on ammo Im just awful its just the drones left up here now Ive got to heal all right Im on my way back Im out EOS I got you I got you I got you where are you oh I went to the bottom of the hill okay Im coming oh come on get me get up the hill I thought that was it the grenade is an instant throw you dont know how to charge them by the way just like aim up and here Ill give you a Kill I cant Spritz me and its freaking out yes thanks lady okay lets go lets go everybody goes down let me know all right that ones down fever creeper I know right oh theyre leaving cinnamon oh man are you kidding me yes yes Johnny oh Im giving absolutely I am so proud of you no I dont have a tool to get him up okay okay Im upstairs Im trying to get in Im trying to get in Reviving you thank you go down youre up assistant Ive arrived it oh I dont have enough room to take another stats panel I want the touch panel we can recycle them hey John all right I will take him oh  __  oh we did it we did it how are you doing my sweet gentle mistress time by the way guys since I do have Cass here and wolvey I was thinking we made an itinerary for the 24 hour stream interesting in the chat the different colored drones have different behaviors and were looking so youve got production drones military drones Arc situation either aberration or a new map so let me know which Maps do you guys have and also which ones would you would like to play um we could probably quickly head underground and install the new expansion module again okay we can get more tail more tail is good yeah Motel more tail I want more tail is always good oh youve always got to get as much Tail as you can look like todays done I know more than when it gets bigger I do girthier longer harder perfect you thought I would back away from that one blighted I would not I went all in shes not sure what she likes shes not shy Im too old to care you know thats thats what I realized today I cant remember what it was the other day that I said that was like super bad it doesnt work like peculiar when its yeah yeah its a snake guys oh is everybody in I was behind everyone so I knew you were all in unless you went out the door on the other side which had no idea why you would do that and there we go Im really doing it so we can still believe it wont come straight back up again yeah yeah okay how do I install the module tell me tell me tell me yeah you used to just click the menu thing on the main like yeah that just click the menu hit e on that and go to upgrades I cant go to upgrades for some reason I installed through this inventory um maybe oh um hang on then yeah theres something off Im not crazy I mean I am but not about this upgrades modules right so the drillship segment module is in that inventory why is upgrades grayed out real ship upgrades are installed through this inventory real ship core is that what you did maybe we had to grab it and put it in our end no it was in my inv already and its grayed out for me as well um I think because we dont maybe we dont have enough power oh God we used to have like an upgrade actual interface I dont know where thats gone there theres a button its grayed out why is it grayed out why you need a stronger engine yeah but surely even with the stronger engine it shouldnt matter the engine it does yeah what I mean is well need a better engine lets just make them should be able to still access the upgrades interface and just not add that module I dont understand why thats been taken away or grayed out its just stupid do we need to upgrade the call Maybe well I thought that too but Im pretty sure 100 or 100 yeah yeah you should be able to get the the module without any other upgrades when I built that core because I didnt know yeah the machine says you need this to do ship upgrades okay engine two right here main course oh we would be missing oh or something got it what are we missing what are we missing what we missing its you have to do it from the inventory on the dashboard on the engine oh I see not this thing oh God thank you okay what do I make Irish Irish rookie thank you very much like a big what chicks do like a guy with a big drill how do I do it switch how do I do it how do I deploy them how do I do it oh sorry Laney I already done it its already here look we have more questions is go into that going to upgrades and then the click on the module you want to install and it automatically inserts it yeah Laughter Im messing with you all right thats good though good to know its weird today we werent crazy you you didnt say that 15 minutes ago no he did not he did not roll the tape my goodness you said I need a stronger engine I buy thats what you said maybe you have to put in the inventory it was a mess I thought I would put it in the inventory but that didnt work either show yourself man show yourself 15 minutes ago here he is here he is come on lets go dont worry whats that whats up lets break it up yeah break it up am I getting out of the ship and running away there you go from chat 349. on stream eat the core I eat the course it does nothing all right that I dont know what this is this is not the cup thats the core at the top in the middle there okay thats the drillship core real ship is already clay this I dont know what this is I call it the dashboard that is the core of the ship well I dont know that yeah wait where are we going in there oh okay is everybody in the drill ship were in I guess Im not there our worm is getting bigger guys our warm its getting bigger Man Behind thats okay oh youre fine okay okay all right all right why are you panicking I have no idea I thought you were I thought you were out we might win a head count we might not want to hit guys we need more storage if the storage is full again storage is full again my peace Ill let yall get back to stream thanks for goodness Id be honest I blame Spanish dont worry Ive never blame you you always do okay Im making another module for storage uh okay well wait because when were underground all the storage modules are switched off so if you cant put stuff in there its just because theyre not connected to each other oh no I think its at 80 7 out of 88. were were kind of broke yeah weve got the big big rear section yeah we have an ass now we can we can uh we can add more power more storage yeah yeah we got the big booty we can get a research module as well I have the question can we have can we have a tier two storage yet a bigger storage why does it saying how cool it is driving around Johnnys driving isnt around okay cool Danny let me let me throw Johnny just like you guys troll me all the time there you go yeah I dont know how to do it yeah what are we doing oh yeah yeah wait am I doing it now oh yeah Im doing it wait I dont want to go up there I dont want to go out there lets go get the gold lets go get the gold lets go get the gold Ill take some stuff out Johnny yeah yeah Im on it um okay you should be able to pick some more stuff up now get the car okay Im trying to get this stuff Music oh God you were so close that time left yeah right Daddy Laughter that was me imagine if I brought us up to the surface whenever it was like still flaming okay Laughter this is going great I think we are its too foggy to tell I dont know whats going on lets open the door no it cannot open the door is not deployed oh God oh God that was me how do I make this I dont make us go up go up yeah its so foggy I think were going up I think were going up I think I hear it this years blood pressure going up what do I have to do with his blood pressure hey why are we going back down whos doing whos doing this theres going away right everybody stop  __  with the lever were going up anything dont touch it dont touch it one person is okay only one person whos allowed to touch the lever Im the captain now were going up oh you heard it Laneys the captain now so when we lose the drill ship we all know who to blame oh yes my Lemmings thats what I will blame I will make you walk the plank and stay underneath the ship come around this time at least Etc hey Leslie hows it going how are you doing oh she is so shes good and shes getting long its the best part there we go stop doing it its Johnny kill him nothing Music let me out okay Im out Im out do whatever you want the captain has left the ship Ive abandoned the ship Im outside Im never going back in there Laughter can we make them can we make a Refinery too yet or no or like a storage too no no no no do we have a research we have we just the workstation we need a research module requires a one Intel research T1 okay I got this all right and then we can create a research module it should be in there Im going to do is create another two turret modules another hour station module and another story or storage window yes thank you thank you are you making it someone needs to go into production oh its full again turn all the sulfur and coal Pages hey well he thinks it is by the way will and Cass and wolvey and you guys have already been signed up for arc on the 15th in the morning I want you to know its only a matter of time what time were thinking aberration because itd be kind of nuts uh Im going for the ship Im going for the ship so I hope I dont know I need to deliveries in the bracer oh true true I need help oh crap Im here Johnny Johnny go down again respawn theres a lot of them in theres a lot of them inside there yeah okay okay can we get the other side oh my God theyre theyre absolutely deleting me Im sprinting myself okay oh my Lord yeah you wont get anywhere I try to go up there but theres so many up there and we cant I mean I guess if I just go up there Im going in if someone can revive me I think Sanchez I have a revived so I just need to clear out these enemies before I can use it all right okay we got him we got him uh where is your body I am I think Im floating on the ladder I was looking at the floor and youre like in everything speaking in everything oh wheres all my Heelys um hello good storage um destroy check inside um the box upstairs there should be some peels there shes just asking me periods big one is on a Saturday okay awesome but no sound okay so Pi has helped me make an itinerary and were thinking we might start on Friday since theres the chaos June on Friday and well go all the way to Saturday so itll go all the way to Saturday at 4 pm and then well have a premiere of a new Seven Days to Die Series right after so its the plans have become sort of molded this morning because she helped me do a plan nope but look did you hear that I didnt mean to plans are formulating but now I just have to find people to play with you heard it all right it doesnt have to be adoration it could be whatever you guys want but I have to ask free milk too because I was I was going to see if he could join me if he did say he would I dont know if he wants to play Arc I want to meet thats right they have been Spritz all over me by then Ill be absolutely delusional by the way so this is gonna be the most Johnnys got more Spritz on him than my socks my socks were back at the submarine holy crap right okay we need to we need to go you see no window s its a dangerous territory thank you Leslie yeah yeah I mean if you guys want to I have been looking for oh for things to give my patrons that would be that would be better and we tried to do a team Tuesday situation where I would play different games and just release videos for patrons and members all right but I dont think I have enough of them so then it was like it was not worth it for people and they were like well you should just release these to everybody and I was like okay thats part of the package so then that kind of died down a little bit we tried it for a little bit though but we could do like a like a game day or something like one dollar or whatever it is to sign up you might scream my bed scream with me scream with me Ill need it amazing Music play the original how absolutely horrible everybody screaming for the enemy to shoot oh my God like maybe a year or two ago um rebooted that up and I was like oh this used to be one of my favorite games right why why I hear you excuse me what do we need do we have more storages Now shotgun uh Jane says just so folks know one dollar goes far further than any single view of yours in terms of AD Revenue itd take years for leaning to earn one dollar from your viewership than if you just donate a dollar yes you get it yeah the the Creator gets a higher percentage um if you just watch the first 10 seconds of an ad and then skip they get the minimum if you watch the whole ad they get a bit more if you click on it they get even more yeah thank you because you really want to support us you go to our patreon and just become a monthly well thats I think thats that was their point but my my point is if you dont have any money or anything just like just leave a like you know yeah it really does and just watch the video oh my God guys you dont even know typing does matter this is what I get counts especially for people like me who are trying to get to a thousand yeah exactly same here and just in general oh sorry go ahead okay well Im playing a different like its just a solo or not like make it great I have grenades look at them you know 90 of the time lady notice research module I on my second monitor I will go to someones twitch or or YouTube and now I admittedly I dont watch fanss videos because Im in a lot of them and I cant stand my own voice Laughter um I but I will play them under another just let it roll I just let it roll because it gives you your viewers you know your viewer the time yeah you put it put it on hit mute I pull up closed captions and I just dont even pay attention to it I just let it roll sometimes Ill get up walk away and itll Roll and Roll and Roll and Roll and you know itll itll play other videos you might have to go into the back section Laney it gets you your view time it does help Ive done lanies like that before youve done some of Johnnys yeah right Laney now you need to create a research station thank you no youre gaming man your game thank you wish me for this for this uh sub on YouTube hey John hes like with the twenty dollars hes like I have limited time okay Laughter thank you for the season I appreciate it serious everyone counts every view counts every look counts every comment every like it all works together you know um it isnt necessarily all about all donating um being patrons of members and stuff like that although that is like I would say going absolutely above and beyond if if youre not in a financially stable situation where you can afford to do that then dont do it you should do it if you like youre not doing your part yeah yeah to support these channels just watch look watch theres so many of them you know you cant be everywhere all of these things are really helpful to to us as creators any interaction we can get yeah Jane says I dont know the patience for ads thats fine and Id rather donate a few books and use my ad blocker brilliant thats great yeah thats wonderful support and appreciate it you know I can totally understand that as well yeah I need ads I hate ads yep a premium so I dont have to watch them thats thats brilliant if thats the way you want to help I hear you Jane thats how I am thats how I am Jane and then you cant like support financially or you dont want to or whatever if youre just viewing honestly that still helps the view characters yeah charges the algorithm the more views the more a video gets interest from the algorithm the more the video gets promoted yeah maybe like me and Johnny were trying to get to them too oh yeah you can vehicle me in my videos all you want what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing come tell me how bad what are you doing you want to die what Im doing I dont know I was fighting you with my pickaxe responsibly I love leaving things I did offended myself I did I did all right go away go away with that shotgun leave me alone no all right everybody got three rounds left oh really I cant believe you I missed I totally missed it its okay me too me too Laughter okay okay Im missing everything oh he just didnt play it thank you collecting resources other ones around shooting each other usually usually this kind of thing starts at around four hours Music with all this stuff Laughter okay okay lets be gentle lets be gentleness we gentle oh please Music the research Nation Oh yes upstairs now the module is like the engine and then the station is the interface okay okay lets look for the research station okay it might be under the devices I think yeah Im looking research station making it and its not the Statewide station no thats not thats a cold and copper in there thank you um in there myself where are we going besides right there I do want to say Joes thing here again with that Twenty Dollars around in the super yeah thats super nice uh PC game where they say we all thank you for gifting Subs as well very nice I put the research station down on it today Im loving it oh sweet there we go we are fully kitted out then all right let me have a look see what weve got access to one second right devices better than a shotgun yeah um okay well need to upgrade our production to tier two for that then is that you in the production station in Spanish it has his name why do I have research module tier one in my bags did you make more than one research modules oh  __  dials okay Ill place it down here we go we have two flight tickets oh yeah I have like several come back to the back of the of the ship why the doctor results in him like you know bogged down what are you doing sometimes he cant move expansion you might want to come here for the science for also the the viewership same for our wolf and Johnny what are you what is she doing look how many they are but theres so many of them the hell is that I have no I cant even access what is she doing it looks like Christmas presents everywhere what this is all of this these are all the research modules when I try to drop it it just does that oh dear oh my God I only have one it just keeps oh its now purple theyre spawning its Tribbles wait are you duping Im duping ladys cheating Im kidding uh we might need to go down guys is everyone in the ship yes no they go away Im on it oh my God I hope not oh oh  __  this is not good oh yeah thats something ridiculous actually oh yeah yeah dump it dump it yeah it was whats the whats the problem whats the problem please go away its not happening its just making more of them oh theres a whole debate going on okay I see well if you guys dont know premium also does give us like a percentage thats why I get premium yeah yeah just to be nice to the people plus like you know the stuff but then you know just do what you can to like the streams like the videos comments you know that theres all all kinds of ways you can help out it doesnt actually cost you money and I mean believe me it dont cost your money Ive been Ive been dirt poor in my life and so Ive got to completely understand and um it is what it is yeah it is yeah I mean Im lucky enough to be able to do this but yeah this is all Spanish folks really you know that it is it is exactly because because he he lit Among Us would be nice its presents guys its resin I wonder I cant even pick them up I cant even pick them up what are you doing here theres more I can drop more all right well stop again I cant see this I cant pick them up they just keep a toy I dont see anything you dont see all these presents no I see nothing just dreaming no if you look on my stream youll see them yeah dude hes got like its Christmas Box I cant stop but I cant pick them up guys down yeah lets go lets do an underground one yeah yeah lets do it uh Im trying to watch your stream Laney but Ill go and add this oh  __  oh you got gold should I could I click on it yeah skip it skip it yeah dude yeah lets skip it all right yeah dont be a criminal always skip on the edge yeah any stream yeah lets see what Ive done and look look when I do when I do like this look it doesnt remove it from my bag you see whats happening to me did you every time you do that its more spawn in it might be because the drill ships look at this look at this under the ground that you cant access the storage right now its just happening it was happening when we were on on the surface on the surface yeah yeah it started in the surface I broke it I think but I cant get rid of this research thing and I cant I also cant pick it up I cant pick them up Laughter rich please fix its a little bit of an issue just a little bit of a bug dont look at it but its a fun bug its a fun bug you can still go through them yeah if we can go through them Laughter thats not our ship use another location oh yeah oh yeah right there the tank guys I need to I need to get ammo how do I do that why is it not letting me look the stuff from our bags because were underground Laney underground no all the drill ships shut down uh theres nothing we can do until we surface okay wait for glare to pick up Landing Zone yeah that one was occupied um very much appreciate the sub oh Im nice I need someone there might not be one under this in this cave they might all be okay Robert hows it going guys oh wow working on it try dropping your bullets um my books but I cant take it its just the Box no four have you liked on YouTube Terry thank you very much its a Chevron thank you and its very much now its a level two what about me to subscribe too oh yeah I want to be liked on something hang on uh Spanish clicks on ladies ad and get spots I can see your message there but I mean obviously that the scroll is intense and I do miss a lot Im sorry you guys are sweet oh thats a true story oh Jane thank you Music youre really using Opera FX or whatever its called yeah man yeah he loves that thing like its actually started using itself he loves it well Chrome is now removing the the ad blocker Chrome extension right for the next one oh I dont know what theyre doing thats what theyre doing so its like were gonna have to go back to Firefox and or watch ads which guys nobody wants to watch cats or Opera GX yeah yeah use code Spanish I dont have a code its free please yeah yeah yeah now you get it there you get it converted I ran in there like kind of uh somebody saved me damn you guys summer said Dumber said to blighted love you man awesome oh whats spam extremes I have zero levels that Dumber said too blighted love you man oh because later was like wheres my love got this earlier theres none of it in my chat though none of it no love for him lots of love for a free browser but no love for players yeah bammy says upper GX is pretty good Music lets go clean yourself nearly there Im nearly there sorry oh  __  no I dont I dont have a reviver oh yeah anything Music its just like 50 of them came up for that at the same time guys I cant use anything Im gonna have to re-log I think I cant use anything in my bars I got it guys Spritz me okay theres a tank amazing maneuvering no I died as well theyre all shotgunners man I cant use anything in my bars what the hell  __  oh my God no nothing um I cant use my medkit and then just lets aim up and throw it let me throw it its not letting me use any of my guns I had the same issue yeah you cant love grenades no I cant even use our heel I cant put anything in storage I think we need to restart yeah we need to restart oh save me we need to restart because you have something somethings broken yeah none of our guns will fire yes I cant grab stuff out of the out of the storage box and I no I cant so have you actually got anything in your inventory guys yes yes place it into storage something happens yeah its not my back something empty everything was in my inventory uh yeah it was weird I dont know how to explain it I cant place anything now Ive got stuff in my the bags are empty oh no I died again back to empty we have all our equipment but it doesnt work it wasnt me it wasnt me guys were fine I didnt break the maybe I broke the game oh maybe I broke again I did yeah Laughter um whats going on I mean um the thing is the reason why Im going to take that break my my toolbar is entirely grayed out right now because I havent picked up a bag right oh I just took all that is what was happening to you guys and yeah was just grayed out no Ive got my stuff it was there when I got my bag lets see if I can throw a grenade okay no I cant do 17 17 17 17. yeah I wiggled wiggle wiggled on my way back here oh my God look at all the Bots yeah oh my God Spanish get back we can load up well do it after well do it after I promise lets go if it lasts that long mate I will give you the stuff well remake your stuff dont worry about it dont worry about any of it lets do this it wont see you lady it wasnt that me guys okay Im assuming that this was already broken thats why it was happening to me you know I just noticed it first yeah like an actual professional well thats what it was thats what it was yours was it my bags were empty if were restarting we might need someone with something to yeah kill the things so you guys can get your bags back or something yeah true true I completely trashes this is bad the serpentine is strong I promise all right well you guys can make it back here okay I believe in you Im gonna stare at my present boxes here let me know when I need to log off Im just gonna get a drink while we are you know in the weights are they coming or are they going to stay there yes chat enjoy theyre beautiful voices right now Mary says yeah I cant even put anything into the inventory from the ship yeah I was restart the game soon I wonder can somebody have a look at steam see if the latest lets go out Ill distract them why all right hes running here okay um nope I cant do it all right Im in the drill ship did I take it Underground right okay is everybody logged off oh I gotta log off oh you want us to log off yeah yeah well if Im terminating the server I dont want you to be in it while I like Germany otherwise main menu Im at main menu all right so restart well let you grab the hotfix three okay so um come out of the game everybody restart yeah come fully out of the game let steam do its thing upgrade update the game um and then well restart Laney uh well Ill kick her Ill kick her out all right guys we will be right back yeah Ill turn the camera on here while we do this and straighten that up a little bit hey how you guys doing thank you for showing up yeah its developing now the developers are so good that they watch the stream all the problems that were having fix them immediately put an update out for us to update the game fix the problems reload the game 1.6 1.16 kilobit update itty bitty little bitty thing all right and back to the game all right did you built into the game maybe thats what it is you were duping so we punished you all right Im at the invite screen right okay let me um I was shut down I guess I was shut down I was shut down this who is yeet yeet nice yes yes we need exposure get them robots what you did wait is that the right one youre not stupid um Music I forgot to save the game I forgot Valley youre smart Ill heal right after this anyway Im super sleepy so Ill be off good night guys good night celtros thank you so much for being here safe game though yeah its gonna be bugged up come in and have a look and see what happens uh Spanish game here we go join everyones just shoots fans and if hes alive yeah yeah I mean I mean wait what am I disconnected I have nothing in my inventory we had to yep everything so maybe I went too fast okay you know it went hard I went harder I dont know if your Banks I mean theyre still there on the map so okay Spain what does it say invalid version what did I do wrong games and then we were talking about this Im sorry Chad Ill be back like 15 minutes to download the update no it doesnt it doesnt it does not hey oh my god did they actually update because we had an issue yeah its exactly 100 what happened oh thank you oh the backpacks are outside guys theyre not inside but that should stop it from going underground to be fair yeah oh I hear that Tanks back money I promise you what okay Im getting it Im getting back in this sucker get up I dont know where my backpack is its not in there its outside Johnny theyre all outside were back outside automatically goes underground yeah um so what happened here was the ladder got destroyed okay yeah oh  __  oh you were right I have nothing in my bags now cool yeah your bag is right here on the ground um guys wheres the heel module I see it oh Sprint me thank you yeah use that heel module guys um where it is empty yeah get a tier two modules and stuff wheres the backpack does anybody know its all the way back where the enemies were yeah yeah you got the tank when somebody consistently doesnt listen yeah I look guys I just wasnt sure you said they were outside backpack is right here wheres here there we go yeah thats a good one at the ship where you died yeah but okay I I was at the other ship I had already returned home you see yeah so its just mostly misunderstanding its not that I dont listen its just that I misunderstand every time I listen every time you listen yeah youre not paying attention yeah I am I have a comprehension problem its not my first language guys Im gonna go with that okay you cant complain because otherwise because otherwise youre rude you know I am rude everybody out oh  __  its a great excuse to be honest come on I stole somebodys backpack I think this does not look like mine this looks a little bit a little bit fancier than mine most of them will be the same yeah theyre right this ones very well equipped though thank you thank you I look much better than I did before with me yay you bit me Im very proud of you guys see me as fans just whacked each other yeah should we make ourselves some armor should I make us some armor um I did look for some armor and I couldnt make any I think we couldnt find it I need the production upgrade the next tier production to do armor and SMGs to see if all the boxes in the drillship okay Im down guys Im down theres another drill ship already up as well yeah we might be getting company soon I need ammo Im ready I can make us more ammo if we need as well it might be worth getting another production module so more of us can line stuff up at once the problem is the production station its not even making that much at once thats the thing its not even making anything its just kind of sitting there without making anything yeah Im lining stuff Im lining Megan is more ammo yeah almost exclusively shotgun even at range Ill just make more shotgun now and do we have a sniper blueprint or anything where we can make a sniper no thatll definitely need an upgrade in um um casing some of the teeth some of the bolts why not and components you guys are doing great I cant believe you havent gone with the bow yet theres a bow dont lie to me like this light it dont lie to me you know my heart is my heart is weak we are this week tell me we can do stuff in dramatic basic research two sensors and two Intel T2 so do we have two sensors I have ammo well put that in there I think theres too many heels for me oh theres a tank at that other dealership shredders how do we get there because lets go kill it all close to the heat there I want to make us I got the Tanks attention oh were full again  __  uh we didnt say one happy guys one converter and five something we have sulfur uh work table put it here right I am shotgun turret ammo oh I dont have any of that maybe I remove the med kits Nine Stories by the way do we need raw coal or can I turn it well um no I cant turn it into anything I changed my mind oh its hot over there Laneys first language is betrayal sex is love me too Venom oh whatever thats so sweet I love that thank you thank you forgetters hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey lets ease up here guys I dont know what you guys are talking about I dont I dont think theyre wrong Laughter you have one second to return if I feel like Im not gonna make it its too bad yeah okay Im not getting trimmed down it Music I got you I got you and she was getting accidents hes fine hes fine dont worry about you oh  __  oh  __  were going back down sorry I messed up I clicked it by mistake I mean its not like Laney its not like Lenny hasnt left me and locked me out of the drillship before Trump its happened and he has died Im pretty sure yeah oh its cool I need more storage yeah okay rather than making nuts and bolts and screws yeah turn all the raw copper into engine okay and that will open up so much inventory space okay got it but so we dont need the copper bolts and stuff no were going to turn it into English we do but turn the turn the raw copper into ingots first and now thats a tremendous amount of space and then turn into ingots already copper ingots have been altered theres no more making at least wow its just crap in there just a lot of stuff were rich guys were like five people pumping oh we got a lot of coal yeah we got a lot of coal were pumping dude we need more more storage I think we definitely need more storage yeah were full and I cant empty my crap out of my bag either its been annoying here for now yeah try to put it in the locker thats what Im trying to do right now yeah but the storage is 112 of 112 slots should I make another storage module I see that chesticle that combined inventory is not oh its not working right but Im looking at the 24-24 on all of them now so actually you may be right where wheres your Ridge good point are you so rich but we dont have more storages like more little storages oh God guys were out of little storages wow 655 654 now component tool chest yeah mostly at the moment Im just looking at what we need to do in order to upgrade our ship so we can get the um the Swanky drill bit next uh why are we still Underground ys driving okay yeah you said it right Music I couldnt get anything more I was getting full now go make sure that everythings producing while youre Gathering okay okay I will go and check the refinery the refinery is refining always good always good I could use more sulfur Im also making us some more storage oh theres nowhere to put it thing where do I take it box of dragon here we go okay there it is gonna why isnt it making it I absolutely abused the blind spot to kill that tank youre actually right back were back Im making us another storage module what were you supposed to take it head on with a pistol and a shot doing good oh Im glad my leg is having a good day oh its happening its happening to us good well I dont have grenades so do you guys want me to make you grenades yes yes yes um drill part components no theyre not in components devices theyre none of devices ammo I did theres no grenades under ammo am I crazy quickly we have the drillship tracks already I dont know I made mine when I was on the surface um maybe we need a module for grenades explosives module all right I dont know why Im mining more I dont know why Im mining more oh we dont need more coal I mean we always need coal but can I pick up some iron tank out here someone made alloy out of it spank where do you want the other storage module that would be the person who just goes in and plays anything um well you just put it anywhere for now really on the roof at the back on the back of the roof okay that looks like a hardened uh drone module there yeah thats what we need we need 100 drill modules and iron ore please guys the Tanks coming around here comes the tank yeah whats your channel name I dont uh its uh stream leave me alone at although whoever was asking thank you very sweet sorry Iron Wolf is down okay uh Iron Wolf is down I do not have a reviver right now I have a reviver I do Im gonna go find him Laney is coming for you now yeah Im coming for you now nice job Johnny nice whats up whatevers dropping these boxes grenades are under Tools got it got it Ill make some right after the tank thank you thank you how are you lurking and watching the TV Ill learn the way buff lurk away thank you for being here I know I know I thought eating more horror games for Halloween week so were gonna be doing some Halloween months thats what Im going to call hollowed months and Im gonna be playing a lot of scary games so yes if you have any scary games that you think would be good let me know yeah got it thank you I will play them I see you iron wolf Im coming oh my God theyre coming after you Laney watch out Youre Gonna Get Zapped into existence again relax here Im gonna spray to you yes blade is it likable no hes not what do you mean Terry says I was going to like him but okay yeah he does he does so thank you thank you very much Music Im getting hit from all sides you guys are doing a great job can I make this suggestion that you guys pick up some of the grenades from that box Im dead Im dead Im dead Im dead Im dead Im dead oh my God Im not dead oh my god oh hell yeah I do okay in that box there Revenue tool s theres a heel down here Ill make some more theres a healing station if you want no theres heels in there the heels are in the in the Lockers in the video the lockers no I dont I dont I dont gonna eat are you gonna go get him down leanies down okay I can probably revive my voice through my colleagues oh my God Im dead Im dead or dead again could I just respawn and run back two three the game still frightens me get more horror games I have wiped everything out uh theres a tank out here ladies Shadow name should be oh come on thank you Johnny Johnny stupid this game sucks oh you you probably just used it yeah its a one charge yes oh my oh my oh my God can I aim please can I aim can I aim dude that ones down Im still here I got one oh were doing it were doing it up here I got you okay holy shiitake dude oh my God Im coming I was looting I was looting another tank I assume were the tanks yeah I throw hand grenades at him yeah Im shooting it Im shooting the heads ahead oh crap I think Im getting behind it behind it by the way does anybody have a spritz just principle its too fast you cant sustain this we cant sustain we got to push in we gotta push in push in to take the drill bit anyways were just dead outside men I could use some heels if anybody has the Spritz oh  __  me that was a shotgun turret oh God no yep theres a second target okay theres another job Music I didnt think it would be a shotgun turret it runs straight into it yep God I got God um I respawn but I dont know how Im gonna get anything back okay I gotta I gotta run back and I gotta stop following me oh God I think its a its a its a thing Im gonna Im gonna go get some heels and then Ill come and cover you while you get your bag okay we have time tools as well if anybody home can you put some more heels to make unless we dont have anything down tank is down behind it thats supposed to be better than back door again at last two okay yeah yeah for sure Ill check it out after this thanks I had to buy a bunch of those games well also be doing giveaways and stuff can roast would be an amazing channel oh yes its true it would be amazing weve all said it but you know he doesnt want the responsibilities of people you know the name of his channel bladed I hate this game I hate this game hes a Latin whatever whatever he wants oh crap I cant grab stuff from the storage ow back at the ship oh Jesus its got infinite gun depressured Im making us more heels heels oh God its going for the gun depression you cant get underneath it wow good oh come on there you go thats how you did Im done I just hand grenaded all the one guy yeah and lets make tools should we just respond we dont have grenade launchers under Tools or grenades no we need to increase production yeah we need more production the Tanks crop is grenades I never Ive never picked one up should I just revive yeah yeah we cant get you Im gonna make your make your lets make a Revival Im making like five episodes I need to take the turrets off of that drillship so I can get my bag because Im right underneath the truck but Im just saying if we all just keep grabbing grenades and yeah yeah yeah yeah its at the drill ship yeah its going down its going down no no going down oh good I can get my bag oh no I was coming to help you anyway to get the bag now we dont get the chip what a jerk the ship will be back yeah okay the mortuary system thats the games were going to see Ill let you guys vote on whatever you want to watch Ill Be Live probably for Halloween for a whole week and then like every weekend before then so like the last week of Halloween the 24th to the 31st Ill be streaming every day and well be doing scary games all day including Halloween day which is going to be really scary um so well do something super scary for that oh somebodys bag over here I know some people wanted to see the um the cult of the of the Lamb too if you pick up a box from yeah yeah yeah yeah okay Im shooting off the back of the tanks were just pulling away and I dont even know where to where the frick Im supposed to be going now come to me I am stood on your backpack purchases I dont know Music youll get here you were headed back to the ship in Venezuelan spawner versus infinite players pretty much yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah whatever you guys want to watch will do and then I was thinking every week before then so like probably starting tomorrow the whole month well be doing like spooky games either on Saturday or I still have to play the expansion for the one find out what happens with that so Ill probably play that okay did we lose did we lose all the ammo crates from the tanks uh I got something I got some ammo I had a bunch of grenades now I have no grenades what I wanted was more good they ate that they had one box it was filled to the brinkmage men what do I need to do to increase our production I just kept reloading one way or another yeah because if you if we could have blown up the ship from the inside yeah yeah that would have been nice it could have crippled some of their their mass production of Internet yes it hasnt come through tanks we have five minutes crazy um spinach how do we increase our production oh my God why do I have so much revolver ammo production module tier one or no we need to turn research module yep and in order to research the two if you have a look under the research station or the research yeah um have a look at upgrades and everything should be tier one basically and then which we already have apart from one thing thats tier two mm-hmm you need to get out first and that will unlock the other tier two stuffs so what is what does it say we need to get that first tier two thing the tier 2 is the schematic basic research we need a research module tier one which we have we need two sensors and two Intel research till tier two maybe we have it and you get the Intel researched here too without um lets see can you get that now but the sentences only come off of cogs the robots uh certain type of robots as well we need to find a tier two uh research drillship thats what we need to find yeah um and then we will get the ones with the sensors on them let me just kill them wait dont we have sensors I swear I saw sensors am I going crazy I think we do I had to look for them earlier and couldnt find them you might be right um because I think they yeah they do we need to go on the ground again if I can unload some of this crap do we do we have any pistol ammo I mean a pistol turrets because I just dumped a ton we do yeah yeah weve got four pistol turrets on this drillship well I just dumped a bunch of stuff yeah theres 2 000 pistol turret ammo in the storage right now no were good were good weve got plenty of ammo yeah yeah do we need to keep the pickaxe do you have some iron Oreo as well oh lovely what just phoned a box I didnt mean is it just one yes and Im touching it I cant take anything I cant take it I couldnt take it I couldnt take anything out of this inventory either out of the out of the box I have to stress that playing with five people is unsupported and theres only supportive just so you guys know were breaking the game were breaking the game yeah I cant get anything out of there what we always do should we go to the I couldnt get anything out of that inventory the whole time though its not now everybody is everybody inside yeah in inventory it doesnt matter I cant move anything you know Im already healed I use the healing station on the wall I was interesting because we couldnt fire the guns before when Im Going Underground lets go down oh Im so happy foreign foreign thats how we do it thats how we do it oh thank you so much for the 20 SEC nice nice honestly Im struggling to remember how we get past the first little thing so we need to kill the first laser drill but I think we need the hardened drill to do that dont we need we need the hardened drill to get to that level yeah because that is should we restart pie is like adding among us to the list now well were gonna need to oh my gosh shes amazing uh again still Shredder the moment Lenny Lenny spawned the container box now that was happening before I couldnt do the inventory before yeah but after the after we did the certain patch it was working in the Box and at the same time storage stopped working no storage was already not working before that I promise I promise it was working for me two seconds before that it was not working for me Music so I said it was working for me Im totally an angel no no I dont know whos controlling the drillship right now I thought for some reason oh you were for some reason I got it I was just grabbing stuff do you want to control you want to control the thing well Im looking for a tier 2 science ship okay you wanna do you want to do it and I will just stop thats fine you carry on just look for one of the drill ships on the surface that has um with a tier two like Roman numerals next to it but dont do not go up do not go up because for any reason seconds somebody somebody tell the devil they need to make the game stable for at least five people oh no okay yeah yeah its weird lets go up I dont know I dont know what it is I think I may I may have just broken something again uh let me look how do I dont if theyre upstairs do I go to the surface and look yeah you can drive around and if theyre on the surface you should be able to see what they are from underneath them like because when you were driving around I saw other drill ships were there and you can see tell what they are by their their symbol the the enemy drillship should start surfacing around about now okay Ill just wait lets drive around a bit and then you know any um like site that you can go onto the surface with like that one just below you will have an icon over it if it has an enemy drill ship on it got it its empty like that one there theres nothing there anyway keep looking I suspect the tier two ones Laney will be in the tunnels lower down lower down so you want me to go down back back the way we came buying tunnels between levels one and two and go through that oh look theres so down below the harbor stone icon on it yeah yeah its a production thats a production dealership no we dont need that one but thats no thats so thats the sort of thing youre looking for but with the test tube icons with the test tube okay how do we get down to the caves can we go down again just keep going this way you should find a tunnel soon oh its a level one tier one its only got one stop garbage version of that okay are we down here as well yeah um oh theres a test one as well um just double check double checking yeah one star garbage do we want to go down even more can we go down we need to explore this area some more okay yeah just keep running around this area exploring build beds for the crew thats a good show actually so we can leave yeah um oh yeah we do that I Music um two copper boats two cup of plates oh thats not what we need production too though do we want it no okay melts and plates to the east yeah amazing Im easting noise they are legit theyre expensive to eat me am I going there a lot of sulfur oh what is this it is the Sandstone draw Passage we need to go through that in order to get the first drill and then I think thats how you get the tier 2 production Im trying to look for this test tube there might not be ones I mean theres a bit of an RNG exercise really but we need sensors it will test two bit up Im pretty sure its the science ones with the sensors I think youre right I would lay off the copper for now too yeah like go for the iron more iron and coal is always good because you because okay no copper but sulfur for ammo and we have a lot of copper right now weve probably got seven 800 copper ingots no more copper you might find sentences diet about the driving map as well yellowy lobs with a green ring around them the other way blobs with green rings around them I mean just basically pick up everything youll be on the map I think weve weve looked through everything this area though yeah should we go down this hole well I cant drill I cant go there no not that one we have to go back up yeah and then we go down at a different point we could take down that level two production for fun its not going to get us what we need though I mean as fun as it will be its not going to give us what we need right uh-huh I mean we will need a level 2 production at some point I know level two sciency boys out there then go for it yeah lets look um I think I went through the whole thing but maybe Im crazy thats what you want and thats what were gonna do oh this is what I want I just want something I mean its fine go do it I dont think theres anything else on this map Ive looked everywhere weve weve explored this area as much as we can I think yeah um do you enjoy Refinery two ones and two Intel production tier ones guys we can get the hardened drill drill bit now what are we doing why do we think we needed sensors why do we think of any sensors what is the sensors Im into it oh that was for the that was for the research science upgrade wasnt it yeah right okay yeah lets just get the hardened drill bit lets go straight on the sensors next time Music that ones occupied yeah Im just getting to the outside were getting up I suppose something wasnt right there we go up Escape hello you have to go to the other one as the host I dont need it on the bed guys I can just see you again one right remember where that ship is at we have to get out with the waffle oh be careful crossing the lava just do it quickly then go up and around that bit go up and around and then down down no go back through that dont go back through that yeah I see it yeah there we go oh my God were doing it with it were surfacing yay I knew this would work the whole time guys Im an excellent driver Im an excellent driver whos a navigator oh Im so good well see its Adam but honestly I should do it because he kind of sucks at it this is just me testing if hes watching the Stream did you make hand grenades um I couldnt find that on the list we dont have it we need production too yeah any production somebody said at least I dont know I looked through tools I look through ammo I looked at weapons theres no no guns no explosives no boom boom right TT drill is producing its coming its coming Johnny Im with you get the turret get the turret on top but what I do have are willingness to go in do some damage guys we need help with the tank out here and two hydraulics I love the sound that it makes perfect oh Johnny dont go out of them um and my game is glitched I got you I got you glitch towel I responded it says all my inventory is here oh yep I cant it wont let me pick up anything yeah were glitched again oh yeah thats not good is it right yeah so basically when Lainey dropped anybody drop something it was not working before then no thats why I revised it to anyone maybe its me this maybe yeah right if you if you wanna log out and just do an Integrity check on the game and then um come come back in see if its working or do I need to restart the game the save myself all right lets show you how Im also not able to pick up so Ill have to do it too see this thing right here on the floor yes oh you dont see it no I didnt see anything oh well right Im standing well thats why Im wondering because youre youre holding nothing at the moment youre holding a shotgun on your screen but in my screen theres nothing there oh me neither which makes me think that its a client issue because the server seems to be up to date as far as as far as Im my client is concerned my server whatever you want to call it you have no shotgun there is no box on the floor so should we exit game or just exit exit Game verify the files and then come back in and see if it fixes itself it doesnt then I will I will restart yeah I will do the same wait you would lose your inventory wait what yeah wheres my back even if no if you lost your inventory because of a backpack youre joining now okay quick game here we go and verify your files first inventory is saved I want to be saved as you can see and Ill be back guys now I was on it I was just kidding lets just try to do it again you know Andrew says that the save is broken which would really  __  suck oh I hope not oh integrity find my integrity right and its doing it to all of us to be honest I think okay to the sub man well do you want to uh stop and yeah were back yeah I dont know yeah I I dont know if I can send you the save files but because Im the host I dont think it would work because it would be like what all right youre asking me to do what no its great dont worry about it Im back in I think hopefully Im taking the thing apart over here okay the big trick was almost dead by the way it was like so close everything should be good because my bag is gone so I mean my bag is empty theres a backpack here yeah with loads of stuff in yeah thats probably fine we have a hard and drill head now yay management Laughter best efforts yeah expand you really did try to help us and it was well I understand a lot of how to manage the ship now thanks to you dont want your backpack Laney it looks really juicy can I take something from here give me something give me some future he took it off now now you can answer any questions youve got in my back very greedily yes yes five or six bags of pistol ammo well I I really just wanted to see if you had any explosives but you didnt have any so it was like really kind of one reason Im even carrying all this pistol ammo is because I tried getting rid of all of it but it filled all 15 slots with one of those lockers so I didnt know what to do with the rest of it so Im just holding it Im using my pistol ammo trying to use it yeah yeah Im using it up drilling the building like it he youre doing so good switch but if you want to take a break just let me know and Ill build whatever you need me to build okay Ill take a break now now that Ive Ive figured out we actually progressed now I can I can just can tell you how to do it okay yeah I just didnt want you to feel like you have to be stuck there you know your hands on so you can remember sometimes the problem is I just I cant remember I just have to figure it out for myself and then Im good now yeah yeah makes sense no but you youve youve taught us pretty well Ill be honest youve taught us so well they died can you really explain to her how to do it though yes he has explained well what do you mean so were going to do next is Go and Kill the laser drill yes right and that should get us to the area where we start picking up sensors and then we can get the next research the next tier of production and yada yada oh the drill ship I killed it you did I took it apart another one another two oh sweet five minutes so we have time lets go lets go everybody everybody old man on Deck so in order to get in order to get five people in I had to edit the safer I already hear the Horn of the tank yeah my question is if I was to send that save file to plated would it actually work because Im the host player not him who hit his game just pick it up and go you want me I aint just trying to burn a pencil ammo right now foreign thats cool though yeah its really getting you Johnny Johnny its like the drillship itself its actually got bits Ive never really good they dont like dissect one before so thats pretty cool Jesus another chance Im sure my grenades got the range anymore you might die real quick hes not gonna die hes not gonna say hes going to die he could die though to be fair you gotta kill the spawners and used to mean something now its like youre doing great Finch we got it we got it got it lets go to the other room the other room is clear were clear inside take them out try Ive empty the storage lockers okay getting on the lockers the tank is still outside you see that bloody hunger out Im gonna start destroying yeah start wrecking the place yeah we have two minutes guys ETA now all right I took the shotgun turn off the ceiling yeah Im picking up the other side to move around outside all right the front section is completely destroyed um oh  __  I got shot okay okay okay Im down two minutes twenty Ive got a reviver yeah me too the tank top me yeah all right on my way did somebody cover me while I get Johnny please yep I gotta Ill try to kill the things on the other side right Reviving The Tanks got me pinned down out of ammo here we go almost okay were heading back to the shops oh heres the boxes I just want I want hand grenades these are the ingredients theres usually theres pots its pots its a production production this is a production not a military ship Im by inventories full so you guys have to take the rest okay I get it oh when you hear the sirens thats the bad thats the bad stuff right there you can you can stay down here so safe and super safe guys here we go just like when youre in the basement yeah yeah this case definitely doesnt fill with lava no definitely not leave us leave us go down go save the ship go down there no no dont go down now no dont listen to him go down go down yes not yet not yet wait wait okay now go down go go go go go go yes yes thats fine really good stuff but lowestly enough close enough you know oh my God I have so much stuff in my bag uh the professional takedown that was we actually worked a bit of his team for once yeah pretty good when in necessity we persevere thats for sure when we need you well we can get it together we can do things yeah lets get us to the boss lets make our cop room our storage is proper full again yeah it will be uh because I think were around there we need to mix uh check the production thing I think I built the recycling station I think it just needs placing the lockers and the we couldnt figure out how to make armor yet I think he needs itchy production foreign that looks so cool thank you yeah thats us yep that would be nice its just too bad surface yeah okay and were up what the hell is a rattle stuff I need ammo okay we have the scraper up though damn and well take more trees crap that weve got basically yeah the storage is so cool yeah um guys you dont need to put heels in the main storage unnecessary okay that is not a crafting item that is a consumable okay so that goes into separately are we having shotgun shells we might be out possibly what about the reinforced Hall parts do those want to be in the main storage sorry what was that reinforced hole yes she reinforced Hull here to drill parts and the modified track Parts can come out now okay because weve used them um they could probably get recycled though and the recycler also uses storage so where did you put the recycler there Johnny at the back okay I really want a sniper oh my God I cant wait till we can make one I cannot wait oh my God I just got back to work later didnt you say you had like a million pistol ammo do you still have it I guess what was this theres like a ball down Locker filled with them Im coming well I got back to work by my own friend uh yeah you roll right in front of me as soon as I pulled the trigger but Im not sure if I can get to you yeah I know Im kind of being overrun yeah Im just drawing them back Im trying to get my the drillship guns engaged okay the jewel ship is engaging all right Im clear if somebody can get to me now on my way oh my way Ill cover you thank you Reviving thank you all right foreign I saw you I got you um yeah thanks Dad youre trying to save me I got you Johnny save me strange has got you thanks Johnny you know what screw you you tried I need it I need to heal fire this bridge is down I dont know what was that theyre all down yep thats what Im doing all right cool yeah all right right lets see yeah because our inventory is a bit of a  __  show right now lets see just a little yeah spreads myself um nice nice yeah is the ammo separate it is because right now theyre not connected are they so I move man sorry can they fix what that wasnt a purpose I swear that thats okay quick heal need more heels do that oh we got a bunch of drones coming in Im coming  __  this stuff so just infinite youre saying cool to your left Iron Wall s this is all uh sorry yeah okay are you guys okay were fine thank you truck coming in fantastic work I cant move that was too close 50 feet forward without being just push 50 feet 100 feet back really need the bloody um oh my God all right most of the drones are down the drones are down screaming talk to Mom okay lets recover here for a second oh yeah we cant do the infinite mode Im sprinting myself Applause uh Applause all right cool lets finish off this freaking nice laser dress is done oh that was a lot of ammo oh my God that was so much how do we use this more pistol ammo now you guys attacking the drillship yeah I think so at this point we will be in a minute all right um get around okay Im around the other side of the drillship this is gonna be an interesting Im on my way the tank is still up it is yeah it does respawn the models Applause I was trying to get into a place where Im going to tell you right now where youre fighting planing where youre fighting I I blew up a tank and should be ammo boxes on the floor that are useful very useful I dont know how fast you guys are Im working halfway on might as well just rewind from it okay Im grabbing stuff I dont know whats the grenade yeah its ready in your position youre in is no good so you try it get behind but I dont think you can do that anymore the way theyve updated the game yeah you have to like advance so military fashion yeah keep pushing keep pushing oh another tank oh how do we get up here yeah oh this is not hitting it sometimes okay okay Oops why dont you do that far away okay Applause is there a turrets around there is it yeah theres a turret right here Im right underneath the turret oh other than this  __  I mean Im just exchanging shock under these guys right now tank is down again everything yeah you guys are doing great youre doing great youre doing great lets push push push I gotta pull back I got Dragon choice I got your Spanish all right use it no no just fight just here yeah I cant get to them blighted yeah they cant get to me oh God spritzing sprinting please dont kill me please all dies Els I was a little too risky Music lets make more Apple ammo is coming shotgun shells are being produced right now and yeah I swear you used to be able to get grenades at this level but hes yeah hes obviously changed it yeah we cant get any so we cant get grenades and trust me I looked I saw explosives and I was like I want them no senses right okay I know where I am Im like in the hole so Im gonna go try to get my Loot and see if I make it yeah theres a tank between the upper Lane be careful my stuffs on the other side Im crouching I need somebody to be the debate dont see me dont see me Im a fern Im a fern Im a fern okay yes yes the drill ship is leaving good good thatll give us a rest bite yeah yeah thats what I want my bag right up to get through now wow nice tank blowing up yeah were blowing him up nice nice nice guys look guys I could use some help right take the ammo out of these boxes guys I will pull back if you can I have grenades Applause ladies oh my backpack Im real boys baby it was all worth it this drillship is not the mission the mission is the freaking laser drill in the middle yeah I started to do that nobody wanted to help me oh come here now I had to get rid of the drillship first yeah it was kind of spamming us with you cant get around it though the other one yeah okay lets go do the big drill things like Music um yeah okay so watch if you come down here that ones done lets go the other deck oh  __  I think I cant run across there because oh I can run around here though yeah that way uh the cruise ship spec out of here all right well you are about dead yeah Im about to kill this dirt bike right now why is that thing drilling up God why is this God protective things holy crap Johnny thats a lot just get the get the arm Johnny get the arm s the arm is getting down we were taking it down but were getting attacked invasive Maneuvers now it is already doing anything for me I really use a grenade launcher mate the mortar comes later you know what Im gonna try this yeah lets get rid of this ammo healing myself Johnny we were able to shoot the stuff on the other side though will we um no youre not gonna go the wrong way around four minutes guys four minutes Im pretty sure theres a little a little uh theres a tunnel yeah a ton of the opening on this over here oh were rich Johnny were rich oh my God theres so many grenades Johnny I cant pick them all up you you took the short road Johnny Johnny grenades can you pick them up yes I can look at all these right here come here on these two boxes theres full grenades all right cool right here oh really turn around Jenny over here these two boxes theres no two boxes there Lenny oh my God theres so many freaking grenades Im leaving these okay right now take the grenades take the grenades take the grenades go I got it all right Ill go for the leg you feel the chain oh Jesus thats some lungs yeah uh it reminds me Im gonna have one of those soon yeah yeah and when is it happen happening when is it happening when yeah yeah but yeah youre youre British sir itll be much better behaved thats the way it works I doubt it theres somebodys backpack here is it time for tea it sounds Spanish but I dont know if theres any more coming Im gonna go deposit Im full I see a lot of them thanks so much yeah it does help it does help but oh my God theres something going on in blood its houses its like a disaster happening there third leg is down back to the drill ship everybody lets go go Im in the drill bit oh I dont know if Im gonna make it Im running Im running Im running you can come back the way that me and you came if you need to yeah thats the way Im going enemy drillship is left two minutes we should leave them Im ready to leave them do I hit the buttons two minutes its too late I will hit the button if we have to you can wait until it says 10 seconds at the top there and then you know youve got plenty of time I know but should you oh lights it seriously what Nvidia broadcast I talked you through it yeah I just wanted to give you guys a little taste of what like yeah thanks for that what its like in the life of blighted okay I mean we can go all right you can leave now lets make coverings Music theres a backpack out there whose backpack is that um and looked at it it only had a pickaxe it just has a pickaxe in it yeah Chad asleep yeah its all good lurking is fine totally fine totally acceptable it was just kind of one of those days you know really broadcast is nice and chili crashes Midstream nothings nice when it crashes mint stream Mario yeah its bad time its surreal oh scrap look at all this  __  uh number one destroyed I have so many things to area two now yay what I need is I need my good friends fans to come by and fix it for me its so easy though its really so easy exactly thats right Im mad again Im ready for tomorrow I dont know what the hell Im playing but Im playing something in person as well wow so many so many things so many plans so little time good I am my wife wont let me come to America oh my God Johnny Works in technical support so really um what you need to do is a um you know a remote session with him Johnnys a busy man laughs Im not a busy man Johnny has a real joke a real job yeah yeah thats fair a real joke thats thats fair and devastating to my soul but yeah well isnt that what you said earlier yeah I paid that earlier but that stealth defecating humor and Im allowed to do that the deprecating is that the right word its not defecating definitely not defecating thats definitely something else isnt it thats our best hmm well I am about to load up another box with pistol ammo oh my God well I mean Ive been trying to use it all but it is kind of doing nothing now if you want to keep picking up more yeah every time we yeah we are on the 100 sensors now guys census how do we Sensa kill the right side which  __  do you want me to kill the Smart Ones cool theyll kill them all got it pretty much yes research ship two stars do you guys want to eat any shotgun shots bench come have a look over here okay yeah yeah um hey how did you do that whatd you do I picked it up oh you picked it up you looted it oh cool what is that a scrap station and then you gotta actually equip it like this oh you got geared you got armor hes armored guys I have so many explosives what do I do with them where do we go kill lets go kill me on the way like I said two star research ships follow ironwolf he is going in the right direction right now okay Iron Wolf lets go Ill follow blade in gotcha yeah thank you this is what we need two sensors two Intel research T2 inter research tier two requires sensors destroyed research module T2 and two chemist heads or two chemist heads I should say okay okay so no any sensors we need chemist heads or destroyed research modules guys okay Lenny you hear that tank I heard it I heard it Im ready to Boom Im ready to Boom and then you can take all their ammo again although this is just one main idea hey why is my why is my oven not working come on again no its working everythings working Im catching up to you guys down opening the hole I love the little polite come play with me oh God I need to erase it made some maneuver get up this freaking Hill guys oh my god dude Im gonna die Im gonna die yeah I got chances Music oh Im fine Im fine never mind everythings good um is gone that didnt last very long right all those droids are dead nice thank you Spanish oh my God just so you guys know in Spanish two tanks and a Patrol coming at our ship oh  __  really yep um Im trying to lead him away uh if you cant lead them away blade send it Underground okay guys Im getting a new thing I need Crystal Crystal yeah thats the next sofa hell yes dude okay destroy destroy all right get it all take the storage guys I cant carry this storage on this side oh  __  pickaxe thats better right just pick up what you can Ill pick up the rest hang on lets see where this guy at the regular pickaxe running away that coward pull back pull back pull back Johnny Johnny Im spreading come on I told you yeah to fall back can you can you please unbelievable because you were on really low health oh yeah they they have a lot of research things in those these uh Mark tanks yeah I was just healing up okay the tank is still there I didnt I didnt take it out well hes users bail I have literally no room for anything yeah I dont have a lot of room I have a little bit of room take it easy job excuse me good luck building all right Johnny thank you very much did I get any I think so thanks for joining the stream yep very lovely Music repeat I love the sound of it damn it hey there its like Thomas the bloody Tank Engine yeah now over there see it to your left thats what I ran into on my way for what youre getting the sniper rifle again me too its just also so much better from far away critical here with a pistol come here that was awesome Music it was boring I might have a tank coming towards why is it running away from me oh we are dead Spanish I need you okay Im heading towards Delaney I did it bad I didnt realize I was this low it just was like it happened so quickly Ill be with you as soon as I can Im not going to straight away anything on the way okay Im sure you are not I dont blame you if you are its okay these things happen high power of Wolverine man I see you they seem to be hung up on the other side of a lava field over there Music Ill deal with this tank feeling myself she went straight for you cheeky freaking boy hes running away from me yeah its like you hit me once and it was like I was gone yeah yeah hes got a nasty gun on him he likes to stay away he just like to stay away yeah thats the problem really oh nice great okay I overdid it yes I ever did it but I dont have room for the I dont have room for this I got it okay okay Ill take what I can but damn it Dylan Dylan this is like guys Music it happened so quickly got him oh yeah nice allity too were rich guys lets get back to the ship lets go Ill follow you were just full yet again um were just Rich you want me to go down no were constantly fighting the drillship storages its crazy I need to get more more Music on your back maybe its that why are we getting done why are we going down half HP I know I know but I dont want to spend a bandage Im going to wait till we get back to the ship because I think oh you get a free one made it back they literally left us weve been full after we rest them unbelievable um oh get rid of that tanker Im not coming back theres nothing oh  __  there is a thing thats a big freaking thing thats a big boy oh there comes the drill hes coming back I know you would never leave us Im healing oh thats a shotgun tank s Applause come on nice guys were so good at this really exceptional youre so proud of us are going some of these boxes are inaccessible Im finding some of the stuff the debris left by the tank yeah its yellow outlines but it doesnt actually let you interact I cant really put anything in these in these boxes me neither this is nuts uh that doesnt reach kits dont go in there Music um all right lets see if we can get the research thing working on some stuff then because I got an Intel Refinery tee too yep but I cant put it in there T2 were gonna need I cant put it in there oh God Im just gonna yeah start really producing um the t2 stuff and thats going to remove a lot of other broken modules and stuff when you get something better for long range than a pistol uh I know two we should get SMGs yeah um the rifle we have to be two three to get the sniper rifle oh that production that production ship over there just clocked out another two of those shotguns okay all right okay another storage module then okay Music um dont worry Spanish device chest testicle right I need to just doing the storage area a second do you want me to clear some stuff well you need to make some storage space because I have stuff to unload the storage module is in you got it SMG ammo thread I need to draw some crystals there we go we should now be able to fit everything in there you need energy low oh get hmm  __  what what we need more engines we need more power more power more power um theres also what do you do with what do you do with um with iron can you only make alloy Ingot is that the only thing you can do with iron no dont make it a lawyer unless we need it okay so how do we make more iron mine iron no she wants to know what to do with the raws because shes yeah we only have we only have raw making things wait we dont have a way to make non-raw iron we need a tier 2 smelter or something right this drill ship is maxed out oh boy um getting up no our smelter is a pled uh okay old hammers Village technology spoon right yeah that seems we need the refinery T2 then okay no problem we should have that soon-ish I want to say which uh which player is going to swap out with miso to organize things wow wow oh my gosh we just had two more drill ships thats cute okay well just an old fan out because weve got so much stuff in storage its like  __  theres no room for all this stuff you know theres no room um so I should stop picking up more iron yeah the ship is now maxed out so which means if we know if we fill it up now were doomed yeah the storage anymore uh is there anything we can get rid of like anything thats not useful Im down yeah you want to rescue or are you respawning um I dont know its up to you guys I can respawn I just gotta run back and get my bag hi Terry thank you for following on Twitch headed your way all right Im coming Im making my way there theres three well now theres foot soldiers but theres those drones that are have like the little blue lights on them yeah around me well I see them and I swear to God I dont know who theyre shooting at but theyre all shooting at something oops that was my phone not you guys not doing it its not hitting guys Im down sorry fans didnt mean to Duke you like that Ive got Ive got revivers in my bag if you can clear them out get into my bag and uh thank you oh  __  thank you you didnt need your grenade you but youre right right I was hit thank you you want me to respond oh I got you okay I think I see you yeah a lot of grenades  __  two tanks  __  me this is hot this is a Hot Zone yeah no kidding answer down things are down uh uh  __  you know your bloody things expired isnt it yep well at least we can secure your backpack for the uh secured Laughter Music hey Walter thank you for the ten dollars I thought you were playing Pokemon like Storage Wars were suffering man it is honest and pray for storage okay heres Keys theyre back Im gonna get the Pampered Im following him we need more of those uh science modules because down there ow come out here I cant take this anymore oh God oh get away I got no heels Im getting shot in the ass you got your back blade yep everyone Im Im retreating I can yeah yeah thats awesome are you trying to lead it and it doesnt work I think its a server there you go thank you belated thank you for not leaving me I wasnt suffered oh  __  the things back its so much like difficulties theyre too fast Music yeah like I swear Im hitting it but Im not production we need one we need a boiler like Im hitting it straight in the face guys oh  __  it lets just go back to this am I supposed to hit it um Refinery ship lady come on youre almost dead its dead oh look I need a miracle if we can get a boiler and then I can get tier 2 refinery Im running you have to run you have to run we only have one minute okay okay Ill wait for you I will die with you if I have to no you saved me really I can see you getting into this almost dead man yeah run out of stamina oh Im about to die I need to get somebody else no no no were in were in fact me in the face Laughter yeah yeah were in oh I dont know Iron Wolf how Ive been in okay I almost was the first one to say Im out of heels Im leaving exactly yeah hey Frozen thank you for following I appreciate it was it was it was really good for a warning yeah yeah it literally wore out no Im the same um right lets have a look for boiler and Ill tear about the place theres a hydraulic bloody take stuff out of the center storage please oh okay Ill take this yeah take stuff out yeah just for now because I cant pick stuff up with the drillship if its full I understand take some stuff trying to stack things together any ammo thats not for a turrets anything that thats really small and takes up an entire slot on its own yeah Im taking out uh yeah I grabbed some crystals I dont know if you need those I got I got a bunch of iron ore and  __  whatever I could grab I can grab more do we need more room um let me try to make some more of this yeah its working now okay making sulfur these are going to be a few spots on the map where you can actually like pick components up oh  __  he shot it oopsies yeah just a little onesies not a big deal its a little premature yeah hardened drill parts do we need those anymore we need them for the next ammunition oh theres a sensor senses over there oh were doing really good I think grabbing about in my drill ship Im just watching you drive around the drill ship somebodys taking control I didnt Im not touching it tell him chat I think its Johnny Johnny let him have it I think if it was me I would have already accepted that I did it boiler yes spoiler I dont know what that does but boiler I would never Boise theres a military drill ship to it too there Im not sure yes Music grenades grenades I miss them even if we dont take out the tanks the tank we just take out a tank but he looks yeah you know like and take his ammo 70 grenades they drop like yeah yeah its so close look how close it is we are gonna get screwed no were not were just our clinch your butt cheeks is out on the tank yeah exactly exactly Ive got 50 minutes okay my next leg shooting yep oh I need to get some heels one second before we leave Music load shedding you must be shedded make sure you put that stuff that you took out the storage back in the storage please oh yeah were gonna make a heel I dont want that on me Im gonna make myself a heel Music before we leave yes yeah and armor oh yes one two three hand mortars yes oh my God components components components components but I am gonna go piss off this uh oh wait I dont think this is pistol the rattlesnake no one second what do we need uh four copper gun components iron tubes they need to make the armor for everything as well obviously yeah we need to make some iron things heres all the hubs automation hubs the bad news is I dont think we can smelt the iron yet so that way we cant make everything apparently yeah we need a tier 2 Refinery first of all before anything and that requires two more boilers you just picked up two boilers just to get um the potato production going so guys I got us SMGs theyre in the thing we need a couple more uh we have one two F the pistol goodbye pistolated thats good well unleash a rope of semen in your face wow goodbye no throw it away no not in there recycling the pistol ammo wait what is SM cheetah Im recycling it yes because we had a full box of it oh we need iron points fair enough I will put it back there you go recycle it thats what I was doing recycling it thats what I was doing I dont know I dont think were hurt guys were gonna be fine were gonna be fine Im gonna make us so many guns dont worry about it wow the other one is just as bad look at this beauty let me see if I can uh tasty own tubes and black powder I see iron armor wheres copper armor the first first tier armor I think we know this  __  oh my god oh crap I didnt mean to do this oh my God what happened oh crystals oh we got drones coming we got drones coming maybe its under the explosion guys we need Crystal this is coming guys look at Disney yeah no we dont have ammo I dont have ammo Im going to the other side of the ship oh  __  what do we do with the turret Ill put this here they look like little Darth Vader Tie fighters yeah how do we cook raw Crystal I cant cook raw Crystal Refinery oh okay we cant do that what kind of rock crystal so we can tier two Refinery Ill say again requires Oilers you know like this we need more boilers guys we dont have ammo phrase the cogs from a Refinery drillship the refinery yeah well I mean you can get back in the ship now and we can go and find one or you can continue this pointless campaign against the military drill ship thatll give us nothing useful exactly itll give us hand grenades thats useful you might get some boilers out of it you might get a bit of anything but you know no guarantee whereas if you find a Refinery ship well definitely get boilers thank you very much for the uh yeah all right oh my God guys I have I have two boilers on me this is so stressful I think I think were so oh my God it looks so beautiful from here though also this looks really nice yeah I cant tell though I have to wait I think were on low power as well yeah were a little bit broken I have one boiler on me too Im not sure why not two yeah damn it youre screwed oh I just took a gust in the face though okay make it more of those and make more ammo for the people oh theres no room in here to put this oh I sent GMO we dont have enough okay I will make sure they get some and then we will make another essenti turret how many people are missing a machine gun theres one inside the thing no its not Im producing are they if theyre in the in the in the regular box the regular storage let me know if you picked that up Im on Laney the lit regular box what does that mean the regular Mini Storage yeah this is what were looking for right there Ill Ill move it somewhere else well I would like it just tell me which box Im looking at each regular boxes all over the ship and I guess the place is a second oh  __  me theres shotguns in that box yeah were just gonna oh crap whoa were just gonna need copper gun components okay its making it uh were just gonna is anybody else missing on simchi youre better dude sorry man no come on time feeling sick got a bow out all right thanks for the red sponge May the RNG not be a complete bastard well catch you next time thank you very much for joining us today even though youre sick thats legendary levels of dude yeah its kind of nice uh I need to rebuild the seats I mean its not necessary Im making right now iron tubes quiet play it you said you had the boilers can you put them in in storage please uh I it wont let me put them in there theres not enough room they should be its a mammal now we add one okay Ill take the other one the iron ore is currently being produced I think I can get iron ore and scrap metal yeah in here I dont have a whole lot of ammo yet because we are run out of Crystal we need crystal thats right I just want the gun because then if I pick up ammo while Im out there I can actually use it yeah Johnny I have like one forgot that I needed one pistol ammo what are you doing with it put it into the main storage its busy being recycled uh theres anybody using more power than we have at the moment oh no I need to turn something off the turrets has been shut down uh did we create an SMG Amos thats still being worked on we dont have crystals no we dont have the means to break them down however I did make the actual guns first does anyone need some Shock shotgun ammo I grabbed a bunch okay are you gonna help me come and take this Refinery drill ship down so we can get the boilers out of it please yeah lets go um we got heels and revivers I got oh my God theres so much  __  in here okay I got the revive this Ill try and stay back to life boy Id really like to go all right lets go lets go all right where are we headed up the hill its really awkward to get to I see it yeah the one with the Cog on the two star right yeah two star oh my God I think its just gone underground Ive scared to yeah its gone yeah its gone Im like actually scared of mine more because we have no room for anything yeah Im trying to like get the uh yeah right thanks for the five dollars were gonna make a friendly fire mistake at least values shot and take lady out oh wait who said that who said that so I can remember them earlier in a second because if the drillship doesnt come back theres no point even being here okay well In fairness those tanks are Refinery tanks so they might have boilers on them yeah I hear something back yeah lets do it you know that might be our best bet again boilers now that things just ice its coming back somethings coming back here right in front of me oh  __  its big all right this is the refinery drillship Laney Im looking and this came out yeah research drillship just popped up oh its a research not the refinery its a science yeah plunge run I mean yeah no poop poops ah trying to get up there oh those guys are tough yeah yeah I think we might have just taken one out I dont know unbelievable making my way up there now were gonna get Were not gonna get part Squad you might get boilers from these guys yeah I just got one oh cool I got nothing from him Im in the mind Im here I probably shouldnt be in your mind a weird pickaxe from them yeah you got to go because well have so many of those in no time itll be really annoying yeah but for now its like awesome Ill take it and were getting the crystals you guys wanted yep you guys just running away yeah well once youre new to them they get explosives all right okay um broken Refinery Tech Renault boilers all right well I got one boiler on me okay well thats one more than we had a little bit ago how many do we need um I think it was two I think it was just two tier two Refinery module that yeah should be able to get it we got the soldiers here okay are they red yeah ones cant even watch it dang  __  I gotta heal um should I go back to the to the thing do you guys want mortars wheres the refinery suicide vision maybe no maybe Im just gonna try to do the research thats come up yeah thats attentive military we dont want to go around there yeah theyre away from the ones theres Shields and Chevrons SMGs grenade launchers and uh armor they got more Droids coming this way are they red theyll only be ready if theyre from the refinery no theyre not red well then screw them theyll be the black ones they are dangerous very dangerous yeah there doesnt seem to be anything yeah its probably the refinery ship might be in the tunnel no there is a research ship over the hill let me see what I can do try to make them some stuff does that help any research ship no I think I mean weve got what we need out of that one okay thats what Im saying Im not gonna get any boilers out of that production module tier two its so bad really we need productions here too a few Hydraulics  __  what are you shooting at Iron Wolf Im not its shooting at me theyre coming this way uh oh no uh okay I got it running away so we cant actually make the tattoo Refinery without the titty production in the tier two yeah because it says production module tier two to make this so we need to production we need a production yeah and that requires two hydraulics we have zero hydraulics I think because consume the hydraulics in the research God damn it so now we need to find a tier 2 production ship okay were just a little behind by the way guys I made it some hand mortars Im gonna see if I can make us some ammo for that oh theyre the best yeah we would like some of that for everyone all right tubes and black powder matters makes the drills doing the drills the three-legged drill yeah it makes it a lot easier from like one spot you can take out the first two legs both sides okay you just gotta Rush the third one the third leg um lets see yeah you guys were already in there hey thats all right okay guys the the mortars are on the right hand side put a little ammo there Im making some more on the second red box upstairs right they do not have shotgun in hand when using the pilot seat because if you accidentally come out of it bear in mind youre clicking the left Mouse button in this thing constantly more iron tubes you end up shooting the freaking console over me oh my goodness theres so much stuff all right should we need to find a tunnel um this one one up above theres ammo here but its just like stacking on this one just trying to make a room for them you know and its in production I believe is what was required for tier 2 storage itd be unlocked actually Hydraulics Hydraulics somebody you can empty Music Music G thats left in there or did I make an extra one I got SMG okay I might have made an extra one oh were safe I mean dont dont destroyed it because we may end up somebody might end up did we hit something I didnt do it that was the volcano erupting oh okay I thought we hit something like leaning driving yeah its just a volcano dude thats the volcano guys just the volcano Im innocent yes one more Hydraulics we are good I cant even like there it is carry any of this  __  in my bags okay theres another hind mortar if anything the eye drops just driving around yeah yeah I have a hand mortar I just need a couple of ammos if you have any yep were waiting growing pain stage of the game now where its just like storage is full yeah between tier one and two yeah our Tech is that a day compared to the enemies that were coming up against that we need we need a bigger dealership engine so that we can get another drillship segment um then we need a new drillship core so we can add more modules and then we only need all the tier two stuff tier 2 production tier two refineries tier two research what are we attacking here in Spanish I mean the amount of  __  in my bag we just we just need to craft lets get it lets get to tier three good luck guys dont take anything you can like replace oh God how bad is this okay three youre gonna die yeah you dont respect charging electricity thats right lets just get scrapped lets do this I think it does great oh my God tattooed storage takes production to two so um go in there the storage is now full Im going in with my pistol Morton got it with your pistols theres three piece of craps not even fighting back this is not letting me Place anything in there oh my God this is so infuriating the armor yeah the story situation is gonna take time to just graph reduce the um where are you gonna put it though wow for a while I wonder if this will do it its what Im doing Iron Wolf yeah did you not just get bukakis by that tank why are you still standing there Im not Im running oh my God all right Im gonna try to use shotgun ammo to get rid of some of it back guys oh yeah Im coming guys I would strongly suggest you just get ready to leave yeah yeah I think no no no were gonna fight were gonna fight fight like men men men men Im gonna show you how many fight theyre gonna bring back a little bit of titanium and say it was a successful stop lets go Laughter is going to be Applause its not gonna be anything if you hang around here trying to get in and I cant oh I got stuck and some more iron you guys are doing great I hear all sorts of explosions its down got him down both tanks are down yep see like I said fight men another thing energy minus four no good lets just start turning stuff off now nice Applause 100. positive energy right guys two Hydraulics guys more Hydraulics please yeah yeah thank you thank you appreciate it its doing a great job doing a great job hold his intervention so the problem is tissue storage and here is nice why is that storage turned off as well healing Applause 177 to 184. I have to remove two of the storage buildings in order to put one tier 2 storage in well thats gonna be interesting well come and help you hold stuff in a second I have to do the same with the refinery module here as well yeah I get that Refinery module out Im gonna spam  __  all over it I think that so its out what I said he said ooh a car kick accident yeah I just got one too and then spin  __  all over it yeah Im gonna dump on here and we dont yeah Music uh Im out of mortar too Music these tanks arent giving us anything its worth electric yeah over there which is great for ammo but I dont think its worth my time no not really wasting the ammunition yeah Im going Im getting out of here me and Johnny are already going what is that saying oh its a missing but its clearly not missing Im spritzing here at the house oh this feels so good I think I can go back and theyre coming now hey Michael this is the right dispatcher like thank you so much I appreciate it lets try and do this its very nice of you thank you thank you I hope youre doing well have a good weekend Ill be on tomorrow guys with something but I dont know what in the world Im going with it yes whats up its happening whats happening its gonna tell you to start turning the uh sulfur ore into Sulfur powder it should be doing hopefully it is it is doing it but because I just unloaded like another I dont I think we have a company outside now 100 or something yeah holy cool thats good itll use some of the ammo I think it is lets go there she believing you youre doing great Spanish door out of here oh Hydraulics please on the chest Applause foreign how do I enter the freaking base oh God theres one door now yeah Ill respond Johnny this tank is uh shes different yeah its like its like a freaking Tiger tank  __   __  kidding hitting oh yeah no we werent kidding wow well its dead well done guys oh look at that yeah that was like a Warhammer tank then yeah yeah that was not that like a Lehman rust y thats one of the tanks with the lean and Rush all right we have destroyed Refinery Foundry man head Destroyer refinery uh right what was I doing did I get did I get my tattoo storage oh Johnny what do you what are you doing you might have gotten it because it seems like we can put stuff in now no no do not put stuff in there please okay what do you want me to think of take yourself out okay Music Im taking out two storage modules to get this one back in I got you Im removing Im removing Im removing all right took everything I could grab tell me how much more must I think uh-huh remove the module remove the module man remove it click take off grab everything you can grab Im grabbing Im grabbing how do you drop the freaking all right let me just all right all right so anyone that wants one I put in one of these Cog pickaxes in the bottom right box if you put your back to the control to the steering wheel bottom right Alpha box there we go round did one point out is how the game is complete and has tone do for content and baddies yeah I think were gonna be playing a lot of grounded on Sundays coming up as soon as rust is over or rust why do I have rust on the brain as Luna is uh wrap this over yes do we have what it takes to make more Heelys yes uh now we only have about eight Heelys left guys theres one box out I needed them to the storage more please Im full Im full 19 free slots I full am I inventory put it put it in what lockers weve got available fill the lockers up and take them all I cant take more the Rockers are full whole bunch fence but I dont know if it helps hang on Im gonna put more signs in the storage that should do it hold on a second Im going to do something different there we go I can think fancy slots for free um for some reason I think its not letting me remove the storage um oh there we go right all right tier two storage is up so now you can offload everything in there thank you you did great if I can see everybody throwing everything in there everybodys doing everything by the way Ben just another two boilers in there as well oh hang on lets get some more ammo while we wait thanks I say no materials true please Im making them yeah board around an SMG ammo I had two mortar rounds thats all I had and thats what I picked up like two missions no were pumping now were pumping where are you putting them because I want some um watch theyre gonna be in this in the main storage then gotcha yep I see I see they just disappeared Im kicking them all no Im kidding he said I took 14 of them I do try and put the ammo into the the boxes that have the ammo pictures on them other people are putting hammer in other boxes no no no no we put um where are the animal pictures yes hes judging us hes judging us what Im throwing out there right yeah Music Im getting some judgy verbs myself okay that that thing is full so its gonna have to go in the other you know what spin yes yeah you know how like you were just telling us how you do it okay theres a rainbow on it yeah thats not what I do I put components in those boxes and I put ammo in whatever box I feel like oh  __  run run I come from the school of the lane right I still need Hydraulics okay okay okay its pretty its pretty harsh its pretty harsh Im fixing it Im fixing it all uh does anyone making it I think you can double click to move between boxes what no I can just double click here youre my hero holy  __  I feel so good now this feels amazing thank you Val thats not how fans would do it but I did it I did it right I did it right so it was your modules but that means putting them in the storage games no problem being an arms manufacturer oh yes actually I was thinking about playing played up or whatever that game is because it looks really fun but I mean Music okay were making a  __  ton of mortars a  __  ton Javelin missile ah yeah you guys are doing amazing by the way this is working out quite well yeah right now yeah Laughter Navy are you there yet are we there yet away and go away how are we not able to make the the copper armor no we can make the iron one who shot that was it me you know what we probably havent eaten by the way theres anything research Music I think Ive researched everything available rather than the 10th Street stuff guys I dont know where it is either we got a ton of mortar cooking if nine waters on theres 40 mortars in the in the thing and Im making more I have 60 on me already okay for sure lets just keep it normal the only thing we need now is the refinery so we need to find whatever we need to to make theres already a THC refinery oh oh because we dont have the power we dont have that power I dont know why I have a Refinery module of tier two in my inventory now oh God what did you do you took it off the wall put it back on the wall put it back blighted well I was fixing the Bullet Hole that I just fired and Laughter and left click to place it back yeah put it back then guys I think I need I need to go upstairs I need to go upstairs it goes aggressive staking damage from where its because he placed the damage module down okay please at least why are we going underground I dont know were we not supposed to its eruption I believe in the dealership Laughter wait I thought we were supposed to go down it theres a Time do I go back up you no you did it right dont okay okay were gonna go get were gonna get titanium you were a little premature result I was screaming yeah no youre not used to doing things right so yeah weird it felt weird honestly but yeah its okay its not something youll get used to because it probably wont happen again no it wont lets be real with ourselves hardened drill parts I need to find a lot of crystal or ammo its in piano some yeah so many bars yep were just waiting for the ability to smelt it I am driving the little ship man thats what it says not me yeah we are we might be able to get another one storage and then we can lose one of the tier one of the storage is appearing at tier two power yeah lets do that if we could just get some hydronics I can get an engine and then oh well were at the valley as well actually you need an engineering ship we can probably make alloy yeah we can if we turn the refinery on um Electronics come from a production ship yeah were in a production ship production COG No I gave I gave 30 seconds at the controls before the drill sets start taking damage from lava the control the whole time hey whos whos taking over maybe theres a boiler there stop it whoevers doing it dont boil the ship yeah that was heading there but somebody turned around I had a plan guys I had a plan somebodys doing it any more questions oh my God lets try to do anything with this with this team were doing great guys were actually doing great this is South Im looking at my phone now somebodys touching it somebodys touching aint going north its blighted I can hear him smirking in the background s Im trying to get the titanium what if we oh my God the dishwashers finished guys thats awesome he sends me a text message when it finishes thats a problem thats something happening in my background yes no no no no no Im looking at my phone Im just like looking at my notifications its the most text messages I get is from my dishwasher were going yeah were going it tells me when it needs cleaning youre having a baby how are you doing thats a baby every bloody day yeah being plates and cups Marin were in get ready to murder that thing okay dont fail me good news they say 15 of my insurance by switching to Geico lets go lets go team play your text messages yes Music I should have grabbed do we have heels back at the ship yep its in the its downstairs box okay there was theres not many no the storage look at the storage at the top the crafting storage it just finished probably you mean the main storage yeah because they just it was crafting and I think it crafts into the into the storage before we move it lined up lets finish its still doing pipes um leave it running for a bit and then yeah did it warm back there it would be nice to have some SMG I really hate the blurry vision yeah we cant do smgm one do we have the crystals thats the problem well at the moment the drillship is running plus 20 power and minus 18 so weve got two power if I turn the refinery module on oh excuse me it is on there we go oh God how the hell does that managed to do that I have found two Crystal piles so far and thats it yeah no no I get I get Crystal we have Crystal we just need the ability to smelt that face all right so they just glitched it I think okay are we ready here we go Johnny Applause Music two Hydraulics and we got ourselves guns every day oh my God Im taking so much damage Johnny has to go heal and especially now because the difficulty is turned up quite significantly with all the Doom bots and stuff the mortars are the best four and a half hours now and weve only just entered here too Laughter yeah we farmed a lot though I think right hydraulic speeds no no Hydraulics today these are the red guys hey these are not blue guys yeah I know thats a big freaking drill ship up there Im just throwing all these things marked Hydraulics away because they are too heavy yeah yeah why would we okay Im going in Im going in before they make another one I mean were going in Im going in I mean it might be always to God hes right oh my Lord are those red ones they look red they are red its a Refinery ship thats what we want right no we want a production ship yeah another time I mean that will have the next tier drill uh parts that well need to get into the next Zone but were not even anywhere close to defeating this Zone you know I see that as low priority yeah perfect oh  __  oh my God I got deleted we gotta Reviving guys and he died again Ill get you Ill get you theres somebody else here yeah Im here Im here got everyone else I have one hell Im dead Ladies down yeah theyre down that ones down give me up guys I have things on me oh even Brianna oh crap oh Johnnys doing it Johnnys doing it I have a reviver for for blood for Spanish Im still down yeah Im coming again never mind all right this guys going down thank you heels fans your pants okay hes dead go down the gate right now all right we gotta push in I think we gotta push in okay weve got back I could buy a tank while youre okay another tanky coming Im running back to save my homework Im basically just ordering but now weve got a Refinery key too we can actually make our own armor pickaxes that Im throwing them because theyre just taking up space for my inventory oh what did I say okay yeah yeah didnt we say this one knows that you know what to do with yeah we did say this to be fair I want to keep doing that thats it Im running away again you can actually shoot the turret with a shotgun um if its not shooting at you you can actually get him yeah should I just reset um yeah inside of this big rock Im not sure I can get to you with those tanks there Im so low driving over me hes literally doing 360s on me oh no hang on Im gonna go get more Im gonna resupply resupplying oh I feel like a squirrel no dont get squished were coming all right hes actually I dont know I dont know all right headed back there Music now hes growing past me oh as fast as I can come there man he looks like hes stuck into the Rock oh my God hes signing off okay Danny theres uh its one minute too so I gotta shut down before the pile goes up okay Johnny reply to those Ill see you guys in about an hour down see you Jenny Bye Johnny thanks very much theres no way youre gonna make it to me in the next 30 seconds right no no Im dead thats fine Im oh okay well I just revised anyway yeah oh give me crystal now oh we can make crystal come on can we hang on standby fudge me man um I dont know what it requires to make it other than the crystal to be honest we shouldnt even be doing trying to do this without  __  mortars yeah theres mortars in the in the Box I think and Im making some SMP ammo now well Im a little closer to home than I was oops I know Im not Im not come down yeah fair enough hey I dont care if I die five times guys theres a thousand SMG ammo now and a hundred mortars if anybody wants to now we can actually fight five times just picking it up and running now we can actually fight eventually Ill get it away from you know what I mean and this is like its completely unproductive because we dont need what that dealership is dropping okay so we should just leave okay well be able to tell the automation to say you always have yourself away keep and keep you know those things is like twice the size its like the two drill modules we have at the moment yeah it doubles the size of the ship just that one but we need that freaking engine to do it we cannot put it on without that engine yeah which requires spikes okay lets just get on some hydraulics on me I think its good you havent killed anything that drops them I mean uh yeah oh no thats copper gun components yep right guys Music make sure the yin yang put yourself in one of the beds at the back upstairs in the ship is everybody inside yeah yeah theres quick gain there make sure you guys get some ammo well I was Im Im emptying my my backpack Im gonna put stuff the purse Underground you are now sleeping in a bed yes okay hes putting his right in the ground below saves your position after you leave the game basically which I just did but I like to think everybody who came along tonight Im gonna end my stream right here catch you guys next time for real this has been its been really fun the update has been very interesting new stuff for sure definitely yeah yeah youre really enjoying it those tanks man and you know what we havent even seen like the toughest drones yet either I saw a little bit of one of the larger ones when we were attacking that tier three drillship there it was just sort of hovering above the drill shift but yeah the one with the four Jets on it yeah the drones get bigger theres also another really big enemy later on in the game as well I think its like an inbox or something but yeah its nice very I want I want a top rack I want to talk back down oh recycle the revolver I want a mini gun youre good all right ladies and gents thank you so much for joining us tonight I do hope you enjoyed this um diving back into vulcanoids yes you want to say thank you very much for joining us as always and thank you so much for all the donations tonight the subs the gifting of the sums uh the follows everything in between uh you guys have been amazing as always I really appreciate the uh the support you show us um thank you so much big thanks to the chaos crew as always as well youre much welcome youre very welcome very good choice this week very good choice and especially to the fans out there who keep watching yeah yeah dudes um we should see you hopefully on Monday uh for the resuming of the Conan of Miami here interesting thank you Frankie thank you Cyrus here I appreciate it and uh well see you when we see you thank you so much by the way for the people subscribed and followed and Dumber for your lovely donations as well as Jonas thank you goodbye get ready dont you guys dont you guys leave me dont you guys leave me I have some to tell you sorry Chad bye wait youre not gonna tell the chat no steam can't verify game files Checking out the new update to Volcanoids, Heavy Machinery.If you wish to donate... ★ With Stream Alert: ★ Paypal (Anonymous): Be Part of the Community... ★ Patron! ★ Discord: ★ Twitch: ★ Twitter: #phasmophobia buy a steam card online occupy mars the game steam cosy steam games best steam games under 10 bucks how to steam sweet potatoes in microwave