Steampunk Meets Survival In Volcanoids

Games like oregon trail on steamtrade url steam VOLCANOIDS game this is your one and only firespark81 with your daily dose of video goodness and welcome back to another exciting episode of survival sunday a limited series where we take a look at whats going on in the video game survival genre and today we are taking a look at volcanoids its still in early access we took a look at it oh heck probably a year or two ago its been baking for a while figure were going to come back and check out see what all has been added as you can see they just uh recently added a patch full of customization stuff uh looks like there might be even some new guns and other goodies so i already have a game going got through the tutorial a little bit of the preliminary gameplay just to kind of refresh my memory on things and make sure that we can get into some of the new stuff and so far im im liking it im liking it a lot so were just going to load up our save game here load times are really nice getting into the game is really fast i really like that now this isnt survival in the way you normally think of survival theres no food or water the survival aspect of this is the volcano as you can see up at the top there its getting ready to erupt in nine minutes uh once it does its like a 20 minute timer and then you like have a minute to get back to your ship and get your drill ship down underground to safety while it erupts so thats thats the survival aspect of it is the the volcano timer uh that and like it has a lot of other survival type things like crafting and building and all this stuff basically the whole objective of the game is to uh not get killed by the volcano and build a giant base drill ship your drill ship is your base and you just expand it goes wherever you go its its cool anyway lets uh lets go up here were just going to take a look at some things here so a lot of the things that i i talk about a lot of the things i like one thing i really like is like its really easy to to navigate things and to um normally in games like and you can do this in this game like i can look at this you can see its highlighted and i can hit e that brings up the menu you expect that in a lot of games thats how a lot of games like this work but with this game something they did thats unique is it just kind of flows with being able to just click so you look at the thing and click look at it click there it is i just clicked i didnt hit e just click my mouse button and bam there we go same thing with the chests just click there you go i want to pull a whole stack over just click there you go but you know just uh full stacks quick and easy just a click away and you can look at anything that highlights and interact with it there we go drill ship inventory thats drill ship inventory look at the menu menu you can click the bed to save and quit or continue playing its just pretty much everything is like that i just like the feature its just nice got a lot of nice quality of life stuff like stacking dump all you can read there what it does i can also just uh hit the q key to dump all um i can take all with e and i can stack with uh r so stack same thing over here r uh the production a lot of the production of stuff is automated which is something that were actually getting ready to set up here so if we take a look here at our a little work table we come over to modules i want to build this module here so i need a pump and an intel module and i dont think i think i used up all of my pumps so uh lets go over here lets go upstairs and double check to see if i have any oh i do have a pump all right so were gonna grab the pump out oh i have one in my inventory too does that uh do we have everything we need now modules uh what are we missing so now i just need i have the pump i have the intel i just need the copper bolts i may need just needed those before and didnt realize that i was looking at the wrong thing because im a derp derp so we need copper plates copper bolts so lets go over to components and uh i need a little copper on me copper is upstairs im gonna run back up here grab a couple of things of copper well just grab that that actually i have some plates and i have some bolts i may just not even need to craft any of that i may have everything that i need for it here yeah so here we go so lets craft that lets see what this is all about i think this brings up the automation because right now im crafting it by hand over here so i can click this and i can craft the the things over here but i think this might actually make it automated lets take a look did that go in our inventory all right so another cool thing i like is placing things so its its smart when it comes to placing things like it knows i cant place this up here but if this was damaged it would swap to my repair kit automatically and you can see here like it knows that the production module cant go here so instead it places a chest there for us which is really cool i can also rotate through uh different things as well i dont have any of the other things in my inventory but if i did i can rotate through different things that can be placed on the wall and as you see here we can also rotate to change the way that the chests look so you can get that style there that style there or if i rotate i can get that style there pretty neat but uh were going to actually i kind of wanna lets put it on this side because we have the turret module here and i want this to be a turret module eventually on that side so lets uh lets do that okay so theres our production module lets see lets see what thats all about oh no i dont want to put it away put it back out what does it do how do we do it uh lets go over here and get some quests because itll probably itll probably walk us through it yeah uh weve done that production module okay so uh pick up copper tubes from storage okay uh i have copper tubes do i not no i do not lets make some copper tubes okay uh production produce a production station okay so i thought oh no we go over here to devices production station thats different from the other station that we have over there because what we have now is the refinery work table i think so lets produce this okay so now it wants us to equip the do i have anything to repair do i have a okay i have repair kits on me it wants me to repair something but what needs repaired all that needs repaired okay there we go all right great i repaired it now what else do i need to look at the door okay repair the door now what else do i need to look at everythings repaired is it not im not sure what else is damaged and im tired of looking around all right so we need to place this production station and im starting to run out of room in here uh i guess yeah well just place it here for now you can move stuff so its no no big deal lets place that there okay so now that we dont have anything else in our oh wait wait wait wait was it just there oh the door nope not the door frame oh there there we got it there we got it okay all right great so thats off of there now okay so lets go over here lets look at what this is oh so this this is the one that looks at your ships inventory and then can this is though this is where the automation comes in i think because you can see here we can set to keep thresholds of specific things uh cue mode uh oh no were not uh infinite mode no it looks like we cant uh we cant select them yet so we must be missing something uh looks like the volcano is actually getting ready to erupt which is good so i can actually uh lets put that in i can show you all what this looks like this is really cool so you come over here and uh you hit this and its gonna start to go down but were not gonna watch this were gonna stand inside watch as it starts to dive and were going down i love how it tilts like its really going down its neat okay so menu here yeah we know we know theyre captain slappy pants we need to stay underground so we can make copper levers we got a bunch of different components here consumables did this add anything new oh look look at all this stuff holy crap stats panel poor yeah we cant make any of this over here this is it this is all we can make under devices uh modules yeah devices thats it come over here we got all kinds of stuff under devices pilot seat i want to be able to make another extension to the uh to the train healing device all kinds of cool stuff the problem is we dont have a lot of room well i guess were gonna have to come over here and get the quest and it will walk us through it but before we do that i want to show you the next cool thing well first off you can use the periscope which i think is funny because were underground but yet we can use periscope to watch the uh the volcano there but the other cool thing is you can actually drive around underground so here we are underground we can uh kind of drive around like this you can you can mine stuff so its a little a little janky when it comes to mine and stuff sometimes sometimes i have problems hitting things you can see theres stuff over there lets see lets see about going over there and getting oh we got stuff here too see can we hit that stuff yeah there we go okay not too bad lets see if we can get that and then i want to come over here and pick up this stuff i cant figure out how to get this i dont know how we go and like deploy underground to see what this is all about but theres a wreck there and i cant get it maybe thats showing us its above ground and i need to go over there im not 100 sure but uh you can only go out of the cir to the surface when youre in one of these areas so you can see here uh we got to be close to this and then when were close to this if we go to the surface it lands here so these little like areas here are the only places you can go to the surface which is slightly disappointing i kind of wish you could just go to the surface anywhere you wanted and just pop up on the map somewhere but and then of course it tilts when were going up as well all right lets pick up these next quests and see what were supposed to do here so uh build a storage module we already have a bunch of those i dont know why it would want us to do it again and uh explosive schematics okay so what was this this all about like is this just uh using i dont i dont know im not 100 sure what this was all about oh we actually get a new we got a new gun option here two copper gun components and uh we can make a shotgun i dont have a shotgun yet so i kind of want to make it lets go one two and lets uh lets craft one up lets see what the shotgun is all about okay and then that just goes right in our inventory so the shotgun shells take copper bullets and two to black powder uh theyre a little more expensive i had some shotgun shells somewhere i mean i have five on me were also going to need more storage so what im gonna do im gonna take this storage here and were gonna can i do the thing do the thing were gonna pick that up and im gonna see can we get it to swap here no we cant but here we were able to get two so lets put one there and one there thats going to give us a nice larger chunk of storage there because uh storage is limited you can set what you want like i want this to be ore so i can come over here and uh click that and then it shows me that little symbol so i know like this is all of my ore another really cool thing is if you watch here while thats being produced it actually puts out the little container and then you can grab it and it comes back in there i think thats a really neat little feature too because as you you can just start stuff crafting and walk away and come back and just click that little thing and then have the item all right i made the shotgun we got the shotgun lets go down here and test it out on some of these bots so these are little robots that run around all over oh yeah thats nice uh and they drop all kinds of goodies theyre fun to farm the shooting needs a little works i mean the shooting itself is not bad but like theres you dont have an option to like really dodge or take cover uh you can hide behind trees and stuff like that but its um i would like to be a little more no just a little more better on the gun play you know being have being actually able to like get up behind the tree and take cover and they try to shoot instead of just basically the the i just runs at you and shoots thats thats it its not super complex and theres not a lot of uh not a lot of gun play going on you walk up you shoot things you kind of run around and and thats about it so id like to see a little more there uh whats it want us to do here so we need to equip the pickaxe by pressing two uh okay and then mine copper we have all of that so its gonna want us to build that we also need to make a an intel research work table thingy so lets go back in here and do that i just wanted to check out the shotgun real quick and show you that i want to make this stuff and then well see what the next part of this quest is something maybe a little bit more interesting so another interesting thing about this is you can actually place stuff on the ceiling too so we got this storage module here uh which is weird that once again that it wants us to create that because i feel like uh we already had that somewhere like right here but maybe its different so lets place it right here dead center that looks like a great spot for it and uh looks like its expanding up top thats kind of neat okay so lets put this away lets see lets see what its actually about looks like its still doing the thing maybe oh no there we go okay so yeah it just gets us into the show oh actually i think that increased our ships overall inventory because it was like 30 some okay thats interesting its funny that it still says its 7 of 24 when now its 7 of 48 that that actually did not update but its early access so that kind of stuff is to be expected okay so now it wants us to make intel refinery one research okay at the research table all right refinery research is complete lets grab it and now it wants us to come over here to the schematics and we are to research the explosives we can watch as it like does stuff and it shows you the little meter there as its completing all right so thats done we dont have to take items because that automatically goes into our ships thing here so we have it now so now we can produce grenades and better munitions so i guess if we come downstairs and we go to the production module we should now have uh tools oh yeah we can make grenades now oh thats cool and armor okay so we need tubes bolts and plates lets do this lets make some armor theres also the spray tool which allows us to customize our ship all right now we have the armor we can come over here take the armor out and lets see how do we go about equipping that oh i see if you look down there at the bottom when you go to four we can rotate the middle mouse button just like when were on the weapon so when we highlight over the weapons we can rotate middle mouse theyre stacked oh i see all right so lets put the armor on nice i like the little animation all right now yeah thats cool now we have armor okay i made everything that it wanted me to make and now it says now its time for the raid i dont know how i feel about that are we gonna get raided what or are we rating something i mean ive already rated one ship when im pretty sure i wasnt quite uh supposed to rate it yet lets take a look here what it wants power plant uh accept damage look yep cog drill ship and refinery schematics okay so were getting closer to the um the automation process lets go over here and attack a ship because uh thats fun its good times oh were being shot at look at this guy shooting my ship really bro really gonna shoot my shoot my ship all right give me your give me your parts and you yeah take that what do you think about that i like this shotgun the shotgun is nice okay so their ship is over here lets go over here and ill show you what its like raiding their ships i think its fun that uh that they have the the cog ships now so when uh last time i played this it was very very bare bones they have added a ton since then and im actually really really enjoying it its a lot of fun and its just something i dont know its something different and uh because its like its survival but youre missing missing the whole food and water thing its nice to not have to worry about that and the whole you have to be careful about your time limit because of the volcano is kind of cool like we got five minutes to take this ship out before we got to get back or else that volcano is going to kill us um one thing that i didnt like about it is i died and there was no body marker so you see we have a map here but my backpack was there and i thought i was thats why i have two pistols because um i thought that i had lost all of my stuff when i died because i was attacking the cog ship and it started to go down and uh look at them look at them run and i wasnt uh i was too close and um so i was too close to the ship and when the ship went underground it uh it killed me and uh man that armor did not last long good thing its cheap so wouldnt it hey no so when it killed me i didnt see any marker for my body which was kind of annoying and i thought oh crap well i lost all of my stuff but its like not that big of a deal because you know hey we got its its relatively cheap to produce most of this stuff lets lets hit this grenade lets see what this is all about so i wasnt too i wasnt too worried about it yeah i like that i like that a lot and i just want i made new things but um it would have been really nice to to have that whole body marker so i could easily see my stuff and get back to it so this thing here will keep making cogs you have to destroy it i dont know if its better to do this its not bad or if its better to use the uh the pickaxe it wasnt bad we have wrecked this ship like hardcore look at this can we mine this yeah okay nice can we uh what else can we mine can we mine this lets just wreck the whole thing actually can we yeah there we go can we throw some grenades and we just like throw some grenades in here lets just throw some grenades in there yeah thats what im talking about take that what do you think about that cogs and your stupid ship oh we blew up the stairs can we oh we get oh crap oh yeah what is this take all of your stuff oh crap oh crap well we just died yeah see that thats what happens like uh that sucks now my bodys not up there and i dont know if were gonna be able to get back to it in time um so we lost all of that stuff look at look at this guy here look at this guy what do you think about that there bella i dont know if were gonna be able to get back to our our stuff in time im gonna try we got three minutes hopefully we can get our bag back i got greedy in one of that other storage module and i think their ship was oh theres a bunch of cogs there now okay were gonna let our stamina regen and then were just gonna make a run for it im gonna run up on this fool and pickaxe him right in the face i think thats the same ship yeah take that take that im gonna run from the other one oh he is on us hes on us yeah see im not sure is that the same ship im not sure i think thats the same ship or is no oh i dont know yeah it needs uh it has all these great markers but then it doesnt give you a marker for your bag until like youre right up on it i got a bunch of them shooting at me and i dont even care im just going to ignore them i think this is a different i think this is a different spot and i dont know if my bags going to get destroyed or not yeah this is a different ship see crap thats super annoying oh we gotta run we gotta run were just gonna have to cut our losses on that death yeah you gotta be careful apparently when youre attacking those cog ships uh that that was no joke this is gonna this is gonna be a close call this is gonna be a really close call here oh crap this is not good uh the side of our ship got freaking trashed it looks like and uh i dont have a can i make a panel real quick uh components consumables yeah make a panel okay awesome replace the panel no i do have oh thats right thats right its over here its over here um grab that panel oh my god oh my god oh my god its gonna be close replace it one pull the lever holy crap that was super close some freaking cog destroyed the side of my ship i hope i didnt get robbed either i probably got robbed is all my stuff still in my inventories i mean we have some stuff there we used a lot there yeah i cant tell if anything got robbed or not but yeah like we have um i dont know where where that other ship was which is super annoying and um so it looks like theres different levels too that we can go to but yeah so like when you lose your body you just kind of got to remember where it was at which is uh super frustrating thats one thing that i really dont like because we had a bunch of stuff on us now i got to figure out where it was at but other than that im digging the game its pretty cool uh its got a lot of cool things and uh its a lot of fun so if you want to check it out ill put a link for it down in the description you can go down there check it out remember it is an early access game so the no body markers and stuff like that thats uh this game is still in early access its just been in early access for some time we havent checked it out in a while here but yeah so some of this stuff is to be expected uh if you want to check it out like i said link for it will be down in the description let me know what you think about what you saw here in the comments section and uh yeah if you like this episode consider hitting the subscribe button and notification bell so you can be notified when i put out other videos like this im going to continue doing this for the next couple of sundays that is going to wrap it up 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