Steam dryer kitgood action games on steam VOLCANOIDS gameplay Andthen theres the curious from the game conscience channel Guilherme Castro has another video for you this time bringing Vulcan noids a game of survival and exploration in the environment of volcanoes ladies and gentlemen its a very interesting game its in it these have frenetic combat you face some robots called ropes have a whole plot, you know, theres a story in which skogs dominated the underground and as it was the volcanos option They came to the surface and you fight them and you create these giant drills here that would be your mobile base its a game very interesting or to know a little more I brought it here on the channel but it has undergone several updates and we are going to start a new game here Ok we are going to play a normal player only I think that the normal one is the most interesting at the moment and I hope you like it it is very curious We are here in our captains submarine And here where the game starts, theres a drink up there, theres a timer you can see there and that timer would be the the volcano out here I think you can look at that one already done theres only one volcano out there where its going to erupt to stay underground so thats why we have to be careful man if the volcano erupts every time and when it erupts the resources respawn on the map okay lets talk about that Captain and lets find out what our objective is that they built drill core, in other words, a tool does not run, people will be able to take possession of a drill, this drill belongs to the krogs that belong to the beings that we have there. and everything else Its starting here Im going to get a little coal theres a little copper are the games initial resources so he can produce more things and if you want this to become a serious leave your like then leave it in the comments if it is worth having a series of this game and subscribe to the channel if you are not subscribed to it beauty mitragames survival and things will like it right that we have this one here is scrap Bela exactly even a copper scrap here we have copper we have the ammunition for our revolver the game has undergone several updates and we now have new drills and new features yes new weapons and also more interesting the game is being much more polished and the cool thing is that it can play in multiplayer and who knows where I can bring multiplayer here too for the beauty channel lets get all the resources Heres some copper plate big standard But lets focus on the objective that is precisely that one. building our production module which is the basic resource for us to be able to produce the drill core And then yes, taking possession of a drill specifically for what we have life we ​​ are and we have a shell for it its pretty cool here its like a Porto, a city thats kind of abandoned, you know, theyve already taken over here, youre going to prepare it in your lesson because were going to meet with the krogs exactly some little robots that are there, theres a little more old copper I think Im going to take it why not, its always a good resource because expanding the drill to build modules and much more stuff theres what he and theres cog here be careful come on come phew opa opa opa nothing nothing all quiet still And just get this one get out man get out of here this dog o And oh dice Im very good in PS1 game good died Can you take them too there there is another one wait there and they are very old that there look Im going to die its not customary now he died Ok how do I get everything and beauty is to get it all their birthdays here with him ok but its something no we already got it we had to get it but its worth exploring Some houses that you dont even go to have some boxes to be able to allocate better ok lets get it here that has a table of work a good copper doesnt even like copper in vain take everything that can be useful later and Im going to take this module here because its never too light with us to get more scrap resource and we have an old lava station here exactly and theres Sulfur Sulfur is Good Lord its good because it mixes with charcoal and you can make gunpowder and then we can make ammunition its exactly there are some more codes over there look its worth fighting the cups because of the resources they drop its really worth it 10 minutes to go for the eruption of the volcano I have to be smart with that thing that is closest to it + Sulfur is kind of hot here, boy, its very hot if you can see that Im wearing a cap too because its hot here but in the game Its hot isnt it And here at home its cold yes winter has arrived Madam Decisions So nothing better than a little game of volcanoes to warm us up come on he has some codes to fight them and I have to go back to the drill quickly theyll see we see the same Y or Opa Nossa Senhora you have one like that straight, damn if you saw this here will it hit your head its good I dont know, right it was Hit kill damn game a lot, you can only see the pamonha car is passing by there let me take that here we go back to the submarine very curious arriving here in the submarine the city is all Steampunk style, you know its all very rustic very thick third grotesque very thick things with things right so everything bronze brass that Steam footprint classic punk I dont think they have a third-person view, just the first-person view even clothes with a little hole here thats not a problem me our submarine you by the end of the eruption the beginning of it can already produce our drill lets go talk to the captain here produce or the intel production module term so here this is the research machine that is in the game and how do i use it ok ready heaven intel has a production mode destroyed and i I need coal thats what we have to do okay lets make him go if the captain doesnt bother or hes just going to take possession of some things here, right? I dont think youre going to use this, right ? let me get this one and the people who produced the drill core here ok basic core for small drills is over there in the space for improving the drill core if that gives space for the core and maximum energy so lets produce this here ok we already have core very well visit Captain Atom is drill We received the difference of an extremely damaged drill that will soon be on the surface near us because the situation improves and the drill Ok so the g We already found out that a drill is coming to the surface and we understood how it works we can capture the drills and make noise hold on there Captain Wait there capital went there I got something down here too Just taking advantage Wait a minute ok ammo more resource from Medical Kit beauty and the Captains room Ok you can sleep Music if youre not sleeping in bed now you do nt dont want to sleep dont want to sleep were not going home there or better our future home is good Look at claim the drill one claim she has 6 minutes left for him option So we have to recover she has a lesson lets see I have here the Kale ammunition we have a total of 45 and Six Bullets perfect Lets be careful that the krogs must be there that will capture Precisely their drill so lets go with Calm down, you dont want to use the Medical Kit so you dont get your life back I can buy life once, right? You see, you see there, hell, the crazy old man Im good, dont take it away, Im shooting him, hes already dead there now Hello, well, I have a lesson in 12, right, and thats without space in the inventory, I dont know how Im going to find space in the inventory here Im full of resources and theyre all important. All of them will see. We can organize this here. This head would be important. Module repair kit. Im going to throw it away. disappear still learn to recover later just claim drill This is the drill we are going to capture right So we have the drill here is the sleeping one is the tip of it you can customize it is also part of this update lets claim here good we claim and this drill now is Wow what proves that its Wow, this is here along the canal so its ours, its worth it, Wow now, believe me, for her, its a little damaged and if you want to take possession, we have five minutes, I have to stop the drill and put it underground so we can hide it from the eruption of the volcano because lava obviously damages the drill it does not withstand high temperatures So lets repair the drill here Im going to get our spanner and I need it here, replacement of opening Oops I think I put something I shouldnt have here is this the one with the right we can remove it beauty replacement the opening Heres another one the the table I think its over I have to do more for we need to see come here ammunition consumable component opening replacement I need a snake screw and copper plate we managed to repair all of our drill which is badly damaged substance opening here is one for each wall Ok so one here and press to be able to do many Ah its not possible that you already had here your mouth was prepared see its not possible good no problem this ceiling is missing Perfect congratulations You completed the tutorial now Now you have your account Find out what happened to the island you step on to improve only Block appears here for the other areas perfectly the captain will give us a tutorial here this is cool for us to be able to follow some line Im not in the game but come on There are three minutes left for the eruption And then we are building the turret module ok that close here inside the plate can store a lot of things I m going to store all snakes with the right to us sliding button You can store all items at once and a work table here but one more thing, I thought it would be worth it, there could be a way to destroy it here, it still has to be dropped, it wouldnt be cool Ok, only that we define the level that we are going to produce coal, it cannot be darkened Ok, lets go there, it can be sulfur, wait, it can be known ask for sulfur coal so it could be I need a show it was possible to do yes that spending one of coal or doing bad coal action obviously does not happen to find a coal right m much more interesting that takes advantage of more resources after dark beauty and needs to make iron plate that has some here lets go there you can organize everything here is more inventory space dont get the blackened powder take that ok we need copper weapon components right ammo upgrading copper weapon component components from a copper ingot and this here obviously will help us to make the turret produces the turret ammo and produces the turret module turret ammo gun ammo and the can grown i need cartridge of copper man this game is complex old clothes two minutes by choice ok right then there were the copper ingots too and later in the game it starts to get more complex Ok but I think I turn it on and other things but will I be able to do that here I need copper cartridge beauty omission due to being blackened powder and I need to produce now The component one minute and thirty still tool the one for turning spray Tour module turret module thats what I want to install it and well go down to the underground one because were going to go and were going to catch even the siren is going on here old man and lets go a minute the crazy good we have the module here and I have to install it here with the drill entry, the middle is here, okay, Im going to connect. Okay, calm down, the animal will be agitated in a little while. hes going to go down Calm down hes going down there we have a turret now to defend your drill 40 seconds Theres still time to close the door lets go here look this periscope Val underground and theyre going to go down which will be an option but it has to be fast man good go down love there calmly 20 seconds for him option now the bug catches in 1817 Ok we have the external view here anything that will have to go on the periscope 9876 Oh gosh three four five four three two one the earth and this is how the resources on the map on the surface suffer Respawn we can also explore the underground, its just that about It just doesnt get more and more difficult like you saw here, theres a map, right, were waiting here in the tunnels there is a level 23 of 99 the two and the level 3 I think more levels but we need more resistant drills, right? halfway through, but we have to be careful with the hull integrity and we have to be careful with the temperature. We go, for example, to a place that has lava. Our exchange will obviously suffer damage. Im going to get this copper ore. that you can explore some points but the old tutorial is worth it if I was here we have to be careful that I think I use coal as fuel the pot a lot of things here copper ore sulfur coal clothing Ok there is more there is scrap there there is a converter over here there is the drill abandoned at the refinery there is a crusher can i get thiaguinho and i think i cant go down here yet i would have to go on the surface and underground tunnel to explore ok come on people have to put the our storage turret module Ok, we only need to put the cool ammunition, you cant see absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing hits the falling ones and we re going to leave in this area, I think it s not a problem, were not going to see the drill, its here, you can see it well superficially over there you can see some some points opened the compartments and lets get out here good we have to see them put ammunition right they are here good theres a muriçoca turret and we can defend in case the coppers decide to attack us Beauty and that you have to invade one now we have some missions, right, invade a cog drill collect modules destroyed researching intel production youre ok Everyone says it contaminates the screen it gets full of something there to invade a cog drill cool cool huh Its 300m from here then Jeez Jeez so coming there boy dammit there are missile launchers and again good lets take them out you have bomb scrap Ok these bombs these these resources that the krogs drop are and important course for us to be able to build new modules, you can even build new rings for our drill so from the worm type family it will literally turn into a worm this one and we will be able to build more storage module combat mode turns like old train turns like a train okay I need a converter I dont know where it is but it would be good people get some sauce the wind 39 guard ammunition some things here okay we have 28 Bring it with you to get there 300 meters thats right I think I could go out on that side 300 meters to go on foot I think its a problem lets see if I can make more ammunition I need a copper cartridge okay component of ingots copper Im going to make five here because we take advantage of it and make more ammunition its going to be like this can be known also let me already make it and lets go with the Copper Cartridge just one ok look I only need one to make 30 ammunition UOL okay huh Okay okay okay we have 60 ammo I think its enough right I think its enough beauty I collected the destroyed modules recover destroyed mode since we have the cog presence all over the island Ok and theres more other ammunition that research produces Ah thats how technology copper works the more technological parts we get the more intel well have so its an economy in the research branch here thanks more polluted screen with information doesnt exist right they released an intel module damn it all far away for him ok i think there are some cupboards up here there arent even there are even lockers here, there was even ammunition here I had no idea what Im going to do in vain Keep some things here keep your head This table is water Put this here, keep it, lets try to keep things organized, right, the kitnet I m going to take this repair kit, we only need it for the module and shotgun ammunition, were not even going to use it yet, it doesnt make sense. this here is important old man this would be practically the control center of our drill so i know how many cores i can put i.e. ok Scott was invaded by how many modules i think we can put in is the energy we have to produce energy that was produced if Im not mistaken here, not here, not that it goes down, right? more energy to keep the turrets all the equipment working makes a lot of sense, theres one 270 meters and theres another 321 Can we go underground damn its ugly here huh, now its suffering the damage, for example, thats good, theres another crusher for you, this converter we take with these cuts And logically, everything here suffers, only we can repair them too if we need it and the door that I dont even I removed the door thats it I dont think I removed the light I didnt remove the door I saw Ok I removed the door and how do you replace the Hello good and something was missing up there man why did I remove it by accident theres a hole here there is a hurricane here in the summer I want a window here there are no modules, we can put them with lights like a door module, right? we even in Ok and they even disappeared ok Okay so thats it guys if you want us to make a series of this game leave it in the comments it will be important for you to participate we will obviously try to explore the underground with expand the drill and clothes there are new weapons, there are also machine guns, shotguns, there are even saws as you saw in the beginning of the episode, you have to use a hand saw and you can destroy the codes, you can do it with a pickaxe, so lets just explore this here to see what do they have in that area or can I come here huh boy and Ok can I get here right Im going to arrive and its a mining house A Mill I dont know the mining house even had snakes here oh the good thing is infinite copper No its not right there was a mining area here just in time is there anything else to find here I dont think so but thats it guys Im sticking around so if you want more Episode will depend on feedback So leave positive feedback there if you want it to start a series of Vulcan AIDS suits and who knows maybe I can do multiplayer too, right I dont know it will depend on you Alright Ill stick around so a hug and until the next video Thanks go bye bye Music Whatsup M music Whats up Music best games on steam june 2022 Volcanoids é um jogo de sobrevivência em primeira pessoa, baseado na era steampunk onde humanos e tecnologia se encontram. 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