Volcanoids is Such a Crazy Fun Game! Stream Highlights

Canada steamsteam sauna bath VOLCANOIDS gameplay what am I what is the what is this uh oh single player Oh normal what is this oh what oh what is this what why is that the sound that makes oh wait lets go below next chat what is can I play is it a submarine game what do I can I go up can I go above Dex I can just leave all right Im coming cap hold on talk to me kind of unblinking huh all right uh can I just take some kind of Salute Your we all live in a yellow submarine you guys lose your house dude all right good day sailor cogs uh Island possess I dont know what youre saying to me find a piece of dollars sure man what am I is this me what is that guy is that guy in the background me is there no music in this game why are you a posing weird lets go Bob Ducks chat oh oh okay thanks wait should I Loop this place I think Im Gonna Leave This Place oh actually thats a quest wow this is a game all right hello is that a gun what do I have okay pack a little bit of heat dude what is going on is am I playing daisy what do I wait okay can I not go in the building okay what am I playing what am I doing wait craft drill ship core am I supposed to do that down there oh 60 60. how many times do I have to reload this thing 60. is that a Minecraft type game is this is Minecraft were playing Minecraft right now okay well we gotta go on here chat uh what what produce what am I looking at copper this games gonna be jump scares I dont know I dont know whats happening bro oh I restarted it okay am I am I am I doing it is this is this the game drillship core one what do I need for this Im gonna lose your house shout out with this guys house am I winning I dont know I dont like it all right thanks for your loot buddy come downstairs give me that loot oops God dang dude I keep doing that get that weird God I keep kitting okay what am I supposed to do here okay oh its just building the drill ship core one I guess oh I finished it thanks is there no music in this game Chad theres no music right dmca mode make our music dude this game is terrible Music what are you doing thank you for those episodes as well hes just steampunk jams okay I got you all right here we go all right my drill car stop it thank you holy crap holy holy yall thank you God damn whats happening now stop what is going on here where are those what are these comment this game dude Chad shut up first shot first shot oh shut up my first shot okay fire did I missed wait what do I do here okay Im inside the what uh quests dude what is happening except module is the size of the damage Im sure the wretch equipped and repair Kits inventory to start the procedure all right Im not weighing down at all right Music adventure begins what do I do here uh Bill Turf once you travel further there are a high chance of Kongs that will try to destroy your drill ship make sure you can defend it by building turret modules on each side once turn modules are deployed theyll automatically shoot at enemy units always make sure turn ammo is available in drillship okay how many do you gotta build like 12 oh this game all right uh whats this dude oh Jesus why is this just chatting streamer playing a game forgive me where are the videos how dare you whatever I gotta put gun turds down where do I build okay workbench uh I need to build a module oh a turret module uh Dwight dorm do I just Im missing thats fine can I place the gun somewhere wow this game doesnt tell me how to play at all huh do I what do I need the wrench out what is this what is this stop well the L what what am I looking at is this it okay okay ammo is low well how do I hey what do I do there what if its in the photo okay um Music what what is happening bro what do I is there uh okay I need to make ammo turn ammo what do I need for that I need black powder black powder requires that oh there we go what do they look like oh I will just never know whoa okay thats gonna be okay Music this is wait why are there turret things down here though wait did I build them okay Place item what oh this is the ammo goes right Chad Im trying this game did I not make it wait I need this take items this is a game chat this is a goddamn game this is a game why is he oh Sarah lady because shes my sweet little girl my princess I didnt miss it okay were gonna put the items in there Music uh hello oh rain oh COG drillship Music sure man whats that noise hide from eruption Ill be fine dude what is happening what whatd I do whats happening Music what did I do I I I dont I dont know what I clicked I dont what is what oh what what in the oh what is happening you leave me no choice you leave me dont go too yeah Laughter Music who has dared awaken us from our Eternal Slumber what your day needs to be for not giving me the spotlight really seriously forget you lady you want discipline hire a dog trainer Sam Hunt is that Microsoft Sam run from what I dont know what Im doing oh look at the Bitties think of something really as well thank you so much yall I I literally did we survive the volcano I dont know were gonna find out I guess can I go to surface please go to surface Music now what up hello Music wow I knew you were a bottom but going Subterranean is a new glow get it Music what is this game bro this is a game this is certainly a game can I go the service here thats lava I dont even care this one Music oh thank God oh my God oh my God we did it thats cinematic all right shut it shooting me right now dog dont shoot oh dont you dare Applause deploy the stupid things dont deploy do I not have guns for a reason go shoot throughout the game with a game how do I get out let me out oh my God I have to do this first Music okay I did it I did all righty sure sure man track your thing for the phone sorry I did it Im gonna okay what does this do Place items what is all this stuff bro okay give me these what even is destroyed research modules destroyed production module copper scrap and Pistol turn ammo what do I do here can I repair this how do I pair this module pair kit can I not make these what I need I need copper tubes okay but I cant make copper tubes what in the Freddy freak am I doing bro ammo component copper tubes Music okay all right I gotta make repair kits all right Im missing I need to make cubes okay now I have repair kits Music can I repair stuff more like a chore simulator yeah a little bit its giving me that Vibe isnt it okay what do I okay go top side Music repair this oh Im out of repair parts okay thats fine dog this is something see Punk chores okay so I should be able to fix the rest of my ship right there all right well everything seems repaired kind of a silly little game trap its interesting thats for sure it definitely feels like you better play with friends though thats for sure its one of these games that you feel like you better play with friends an interesting little game Im glad we got to try it I definitely think youd be a lot more full of friends 100 more fun friends its one of those games that would just feel better with friends you know what Im saying where to steam elf Yall gotta try this bad boy out!CATCH ME LIVE ON: CATCH MY SOCIALS AT: Editor: @barybearthings on Twitter! furry vtuber play steam on tv steam radiator replacement free steam games for a limited time steam how many games turtle creek elementary steam academy