Volcanoids In 2022 Ep.7-Exploring The Map

Free games on steam summer sale 2022steam nier automata game of the yorha edition VOLCANOIDS gameplay hey whats going on guys and girls alcoholic Phoenix here and welcome to episode number seven of my vulcanoise lets play series so Ive done some upgrades to outside Ive got some shotgun and Pistol turrets set up outside now uh around the outskirts of the Music of the drillship same with this guys doing hes just chilling big chilling so as you can see theyve been at work killing some enemies outside some cogs so I think this is a shotgun one actually doesnt tell me does it oh yeah it does shotgun turret shotgun turret then Ive got my storage modules back here I kind of want to make room and move one of them so I can put a shotgun or a pistol tower on back there but another pistol turret one and then weve got another pistol turret one and a shotgun turret one next to that so hopefully at least the the drill ship is somewhat covered its not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and Im sure it could be done a lot better but Im hoping that it will at least defend our base somewhat if I forget to pull it Underground that is the main concern is that if I forget to pull it underground we will be completely fine and everything like that so Ive got a little bit of time till the volcano erupts Im trying to figure out what were going to need to do this laser thats really the stressful part we just dont have a lot of black powder it might even be worth going to the starting area and trying to go and collect some black powder even if I go underground and we go for a drive around underground to try and see what we can find that could be a worthwhile investment to go see what we can find I think that may be not a bad idea at all holy crap look at this so it wants us to go do laser destruction were not going to do that straight away because the volcano is going to erupt in three and a half minutes and were gonna have to go back underground anyway so there wouldnt be a lot of point right it isnt far from us though which is good weve got some iron scrap weve got some Hull stuff around here but I think a majority of what were looking for is not going to spawn here were probably not going to find a lot of soul for all its probably mainly going to be your titanium and stuff like that unfortunately so can we go through these rocks now yes we can we cant go through that stuff though thats like the the map border I think anything I really want to be able to do because I would love to be able to look where we are Crystal or vein floor vein Ravine Landing see we need to go back to Copper Valley quite a long way we need to be going this way ouch oh that is a lot of lava we cannot chance that that is far too much lava but we do need to be going that direction we can grab the titanium on the way no problem with doing that but I need to be slowly making our way this direction a little bit of iron Ill grab oh God oh  __  wow okay that was a mistake I didnt didnt foresee that being so damaging holy crap Arena oh no it literally destroyed our Refinery module completely oh  __  well that sucks no I gotta be more careful then whoa wheres zooming now the hell get out of the hot stuff can I make it I dont know I cant go across that oh were um were in a bit of a different spot than where I thought wed be oh my God okay alrighty remember none of that ever happened do you remember how that didnt happen it never happened holy crap that burns you to hell thats crazy my dude oh my God all right lets have a look at this hmm improved ruleship engine 10 T2 Loa uh Chinese transmission things which I dont think we even have okay so then the way I went originally where the hell are we why am I having such a hard time finding us wait what okay there we are I went this way hmm so we need to go down can we go down we get blocked in by this yeah so we need to go out to the right down and then left thats okay we can do that wait a minute stop we are really doesnt take much does it and we need to go to tunnels were in tunnels too we need to get to tunnels one dark Labyrinth tunnel between two and one there we go thats what were looking for oh theres a bit of a bit of titanium there all right here we go now were at tunnels one we need lets see coal port I just want a bunch of sulfur all really because I dont want to rush this and end up getting us absolutely railed you know so thats Eastern Traverse oh gotta be careful with that so red one is very hot maybe we can skirt our way around it though theres a long coastline we remember that so the nearest like sulfur vein sulfur or vein deposit spawn area is that here is that right above me Crystal or vein deposit spawn area okay we need to go over to High Ground so we need to be going this way all righty that burns take down this way here we go deadly pit High Ground wheres this deposit spawn area just over to the left is there some oh I didnt mean to go in there is there some over here is it up above ground looks like its up above ground there is some Soulful although not a lot is that thing just moving around a bunch am I going crazy it probably was moving around a bunch and Im not going crazy Craftsmans site to be honest driving around under here is probably not a bad idea to to see what else there is available to us right so we got a couple sulfur all veins we should just go to High Ground right go through there and mine some on the surface we have a tier 2 drill ship right near us as well actually we should wait a minute for this um what do you call it for this volcano to go off all right we are up above ground now were just gonna were going the wrong way but its going to run this way and were going to grab some sulfur ore as much as we can because we need black powder like nobodys business because otherwise we are just going to get absolutely destroyed by all these cogs uh at the laser site like Im gonna drop the drill ship underground which is fine except for we still have to worry about killing the cogs themselves and if we have a bunch of tank spawns its going to be problematic uh reckons itself or around here where are we there beautiful I need all this juicy sulfur or Ill take the copper ore as well why not might get that no Im saying more copper all that Im seeing sulfur ore to be fair for this being a soul for all sight Ive seen three stacks of copper and not a lot of sulfur that more sulfur no more copper what the frick how is this a soul for all vein if all Im seeing is copper solve for all deposits its deposit area and then you just got a bunch of copper around what the frick man it doesnt help that its all ashy from the volcanic eruption so you cant really see any deposits in the distance or anything whenever its worth raiding this guy quickly what does he got I didnt even grab didnt even grab my things have no explosives on me at all otherwise Id blast a hole in the side of their hole and just take everything out of their storage and that could potentially work out for us very well you know but overall there is a distinct lack of sulfur in the sulfur spawn area it was very annoying to me I probably find more sulfur going around underground than what I would here what do we got here cover or copper or see were finding tons of copper ore thats not sulfur all though look at these big boys filled with copper ore weve only got nine sulfur ore what are you a coal mine God damn it its gonna be is there a soul for mine somewhere copper um Im almost positive it would have to be a um its got to be a resource map up online as well for sure and that is what I want to look at because I want to see if I can find a sulfur mine this is supposedly a resource map that Im looking at its not very resourced heavy okay well that was helpful but not helpful so it showed me where some mines were but it had no labels on what was in them which is great like this says call you see how it says coal mine it didnt even have a label so we basically have to go to these mines and just look at what they are which is kind of a pain in the butt not exactly the ideal solution that I was looking for there is supposedly sulfur mines on the in the tier one area but where is the question I do not know that looks like an observatory up there as well Im gonna go check that out if I can climb this mountain without slipping down it all right looks like I was able to do that look were finding so much copper which is great you know Coppers always used for lots of things but its not what we really want today we just want to be able to make a butt ton of mortar grenades and just absolutely smash the laser to Pieces right or at least kill the cogs and just shoot the or the pickaxe the laser pieces whatever we do it you know technology spawn area beautiful lets go in what do we got hiding in here anything take all that nothing in there nothing in there can we dismantle these no just looks like you could hide out in here and craft stuff if you needed to very basic stuff but you could craft stuff okay does every building have an underground thing no it doesnt just some okay good to know so we could go back to the drill ship and have a look around its another technology spawn area the coal Port hang on thats coal Port small Ravine Village seaside village we need the mines thats what were looking for is those mines and Im pretty sure that if I bring this map up again on my other screen which I apologize that you cant see which has an invalid URL thats good I need to go to the non-steam one because for some reason the steam one doesnt work does it show with other whats funny is I think this was before mines were implemented because I dont see any mines on here yeah theres no mines on these Maps so maybe thats why its not showing me anything because they werent in the game yet so thats great thats very not useful um go down and check this this lava pit again and see if more sulfur all spawned so apparently with the caves as well what you can do is you combine the sulfur or and if you time it out and you youre in there during a volcanic eruption itll spawn more or which is pretty cool like you could probably walk away with like 70 to 80 ore which we would absolutely love to have right now that is what were needing you know but unfortunately I dont see any soul for all spawning I just see copper all around here its also not a bad thing to to go roaming around the top end of the map which is something we probably dont do often enough holy crap oh this is going to be problematic isnt it um  __  uh we cant go in the water there better be a way to get back out of here though devs better not just be trapped in here forever now Im gonna have to call my drill ship to a different landing spot as well because I cant get back across great well might as well do this then hmm this is problematic devs did you think this one through because what am I going to do now I cant climb Hills really at all because you just slip can I spam jump him not really am I just like okay I should be able to run up this grade its probably not too steep okay it looks fine iron ore old technology spawn a crystal or spawn vein Music another coal thats the coal port ready did it do say the crystal look how easy that is to see spot that a mile away theres this bunch of iron ore around here lovely gonna use that but still not we need another coal mine God just gonna try and avoid the combat if I can thank you okay see you later guys ah this is a this is a Intel one just gonna ignore him I want to look around dont follow me leave me alone please follow me in me 100 percent maybe not hard to tell that looks like another mine of some kind its probably iron given the spawns that are in the area does take a wild guess at it well it should just take a wild guess Im hoping it says sulfur 100 percent Zion scrap in front of it its gonna be an iron mine God damn it um thats annoying at least we know weve got an iron mine here thats good okay I did just holy crap I did just quickly try to see if I could find a mind map online and I cannot so were just gonna have to kind of cruise around and see what else is around we have to be conscious that we have to make sure were in a spot where our drill ship can travel to us I will drop all of this iron ore if I end up finding silver spawn theres a tank down there were just going to avoid him theres another drill ship there oh my God got a crystal spawn it looks like it looks like its a crystal spawn ah crap how do we avoid these guys go down here into the ditch were probably gonna get shot at by the turret if were not careful as it just pointed straight at me oh God damn it I dont even want to fight you guys I just want to go past but you guys are in such a  __  spot that Im gonna have to fight this Maybe if you notice me oh you notice me oh  __  no I wasnt planning on a fight guys go away why does my Gatling gun unload itself every time I restart the game foreign thanks dudes all right lets continue on our merry way so thats molten Lake weve got more iron spawns theres another lava spawn of some kind up here as well thats a crystal mine okay that seems to be off the island though that one out there its like map border or something maybe okay and then this is a crystal mine as noted by the huge amount of crystals all right inventory is also just nearly full in general its another big rock face that we cant really go past this is a chill episode though were just exploring the map really this is something a bit different that I wasnt necessarily planning on doing but it is something different rather than just hammering through the game progression Wise Its good to try and take your time a little bit and try and enjoy the scenery you know never hurt anybody right so enjoy some of the scenery it is annoying that I cant seem to find the sulf of mine its going to be the last thing I find and weve got this big freaking trench in our way between the sides of the map so mountain lake is where he is the closest I can go to is the shore site and then we could travel over to the other side of the map and then run around there unless there is a divide somewhere starting to look like theres not a way across without going just into the ravine and then I dont think you can get back up you have to go down and around the volcano is starting to get a bit grumpy at the moment I hear a tank Music see up here he is isnt he God damn it oh no hes down near that one I think no he most definitely is up here ready what do you know about it Punk hmm this is going to go down in here and take this have a look okay lets leave Im not gonna fight the tank right now theres no need to science laboratory technology spawn area maybe we go to Rocky Trail and get our drill ship up above ground for us to go into really wouldnt be a bad idea were starting to run out of time full of volcanic eruption so its better to be safe than sorry right foreign its gonna pop up here somewhere which side to come off from that side and then goes over there oh theyre coming what are you gonna do huh you better run all right pulse up over there and lands up here hello drillship in all your glory oh look at the beautiful magnificent bastard hey yeah eat it dude okay so weve checked a lot of the right hand side I guess we didnt go all the way down although I think a lot of this is ocean I could be wrong Music um Music I guess well just go underground all right I could go above back a gov ground back above ground again roaming around see what we can find up on this side we only went up to the Ravine Village we didnt go up past that on the map and it looks like theres a lot that we can find so please let us find a goddamn soul for mine so next episode we can go and absolutely just smash this laser to pieces no issue of course we probably could get away with doing it now in our current state but we risk a lot by doing that right why take the chance of it of us dying over and over if we dont have to right and we also learned an important lesson lava is absolutely terrible for your drillship especially in the quantities that we had to deal with oh my God what the hell um that makes it more complicated doesnt it uh were gonna have to call the drill ship to the closest Landing site which is going to be Ravine Landing because its incredibly impractical to try and cross my foot it would seem so were not gonna do that lets head over to Ravine Landing jump in the drill ship go back underground and swoop our way back across the um the Ravine are you able to go all the way up to that max distance reached oh thats a shame thats a shame our drill ship cometh here it comes look at it Music look at that long boy look at it in all its Glory all right oh locked myself out of my own house okay lets go back underground Im trying to figure out where we get across theres got to be a way right its gonna be a way around it somewhere Im not sure where ha theres no way we can cross that with what weve got now we will burn and Destroy every module we have I feel like there has to be a way across it its just where go through the Deep Rock it burns stop burning me oh God okay so far not going well ha Maybe how do we get up there foreign maybe we have to go to Tunnel 2 and then go across no thats infinitely worse although there is some sulfur all here so thats good oh theres some more self all there I think going across the Reds better maybe we just get uh we dont have as much of a run-up going across this bit oh God just trying to get all the sulfur all we can were actually finding more sulfur or underground than what we did in 25 plus minutes of being above ground its just kind of stupid but that just seems to be how itd be you know wow okay yeah were finding way more sulfur ore underground we should have just done this from the beginning it probably would have worked out better for us if we had just done this thats crazy and also kind of annoying and frustrating that thats the case when I dont think it should be but it is go because then weve got caves too right hes all the way up here now Dragons Lair two what the frick Im gonna make our way over that direction I guess somehow I have drill two do I not foreign this way anyway at least we found some soul for all itll sustain us for a little bit maybe enough to do this laser we really do have to find a sulfur mine or something of some description because were still hurting on sulfur or hardened drill parts weve got nearly 100 titanium more is great Granite Granite passage to level three dragons layer three I need to go to Dragons Lair too okay this seems like a very easy to maneuver thing doesnt it yeah great oh well yeah oh God it burns it burns so much where are we now all the way up there its up this way thats one I just want to scope out a little bit you know so weve got available to us oh one transmission we needed that for something I was looking to craft earlier I think it was for engine three you needed a transmission so thats a good find so thats your top of the map there right up in the corner I think driving around the first area and just going underground looking for sulf is probably honestly our best bet wed probably find way more than what we ever find above ground until we find a sulfur mine which apparently seems to be just impossible to find weirdly enough um I guess thats the best spot to cross Dragons Lair too so were gonna go up were gonna have a quick look and then we are going to fight that guy next episode I think because otherwise this episode will be like an hour and a half long how much sulfur or do we up end up with 47. leave out that didnt do it so wheres this laser boy over there whats it protected by apart from a bunch of lava hmm actually doesnt look that protected we do have I hear things theres a tier three place just not far from us as well well done good job okay six crane legs or my three crane legs thats a tank that I hear coming all right so what were gonna do is were gonna go underground we know were in the right spot now so were good its all set up and with that said guys and girls that is going to be the end of this episode if you liked it remember to leave a like if you want to see more vulcanoids in the future be sure to hit that subscribe button dont forget to follow me on all my social media links down in the description below thank you all so much for watching and I hope youll have a lovely day all right peace oh well this was a fail of a outro bit huh it uh it didnt work okay bye up nope wrong one Music foreign scotland steam train In todays episode we explore the surface and the undergroundSubscribe: Join this channel to get access to perks: Donation Link: Twitter: Get The Game: ▼Links♥ ►Twitter: ►Twitch: ►Facebook: ►Instagram: @AlcoholicPhoenixz Volcanoids In 2022 Ep.7-Exploring The Map Check It Out! #survival #volcanoids #pc ►About The Game: What Is Volcanoids? 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