VOLCANO SURVIVAL WITH A DRILL SHIP! - Volcanoids Multiplayer Gameplay

Steam dome keepersteam discount gift card VOLCANOIDS gameplay oh come on are you doing I just came to this mill your money huh hey hey hey hold up hold up but this is the apocalypse Komodo I mean it looks kind of nice no no look up over there between the building there and the mountain theres a mountain thats not a mountain look whats coming out of that mountain red mist that is a volcano Komodo its composed to blow up so this is a world where its steam punk right we got to build a giant drill ship but we got to the beach late and now were gonna die oh were gonna die its way over there its how would that get over here you hear that a little bit Oh shaking because its a volcano its about to blow out were about to die well lets go look at it are we seriously gonna go up here and look at it I mean were within safe distance of its pie geez dont be such a baby dont be such a baby in seconds naked oh thats a mushroom cloud oh thats okay so I get it so we need to find a way to survive volcanoes yep and thats the drill ship I was talking about because this is Vulcan noids Volvo cant Vulcan at stop we got we got a build Komodo we got a talk captain down here theres a big a tough tutorial you know what were just gonna do a little bit get the ship and get out of here we got five minutes got it got it wait were doing this in five minutes yeah so it says craft the drill ship core good day sailor clogs bullet blam cogs are robots we got to watch out for them so were gonna accept this quest and we got to leave the submarine we got a mind stuff Komodo I dont think we can do this in five minutes it seems like it still looks like its erupting up there dont worry its just like Laura the Rings theyre throwing the ring in there it gives us time its a distraction what you can be Gollum and youll fall inside of the nevermind it spoilers hey dont spoil or the Rings its not like it hasnt been out for 20 years hi shut up oh that makes me feel old you know it made me feel better than like the video likes on the video you mean like if we smack that like button uh-huh so were going out to a scavenge destroyed production module so if we hide in the sub are we saved from the volcano I assume so the captain just survived well maybe hes a clone thats true he could have died the other one could have sank and a new one could have came up ah this is logic wait are there enemies in this game yeah thats why we had guns that we lost got one of them Oh blue ball good job sailor I got scrap metal all right hurry up and head back to the sub because this is gonna be very very bad very quick Music this ones stronger all right buttface lets go lets go so the tutorials very in-depth its telling us to do literally the basic necessities like unequipped your pickaxe so were not doing this toriel we will be for the moment but after we craft our ship were getting out of here so our only goal is to go underground to avoid the volcanoes yeah we got two minutes Komodo it says hide from the eruption oh yeah lets get aboard the sub and then we close the doors and well be fine you know Im gonna get this built really quick and then I know one of the pieces that you need so just start doing your thing Ill be there in like two seconds maybe we dont want it to be built until the eruption because imagine if we get it built and its just gonna destroyed I mean thats very possible wait does it have to be underground whenever the volcanoes come yep okay that makes a lot of sense all right Im doing some crafting down here I think I need that schematic you have yeah Im gonna leave the door open but Im gonna come out and look at the volcano go off and Im gonna shut the door real quick okay all right can you give me the schematic place lets stick it into here there yeah there is that up now take those back there yeah there we go we got 50 seconds wait theres a periscope in here right here for the server what no you come on rejoin okay theres a thing right here a periscope what yeah but its not like the real deal not the real deal were gonna oh okay I can close the door in time well we gotta run down the hatch - what does it come into here Im gonna look down the periscope yeah you do that oh Music Applause Music its almost here I want to see oh oh well theres nothing to see oh no were good stay safe were good were good we dont even need a drill ship what you know were gonna do it anyways all right I mean rafting this listen here this sounds like a better idea cuz the captains our dad and he says get out what is your dad really yeah papa captain all right here we go BAM leave the submarine our drill ship is constructed lets get up there oh I hear it I do too or is that I resent the volcano still no I see it its between those buildings oh I just saw something yeah go over it wow we just moved out yeah we might need to move real quick cuz we got four minutes until another eruption all theres enemies here we dont got guns Im gonna die all right wait theres holes all in this out of our chip oh oh youre telling me we have to repair this okay look around look around look around oh wow this is nice looking though I got a brief replacement okay I think you use a wrench there we go Im doing it our dads calling Im gonna answer it all right so walls are repaired okay were running low on coal it says lets go get cold let me see if I could plug do I got some I got some ami I placed it in there we dont need cold wait dont start the ship up yet Im not were gonna wait a bit I just asked for Komodo gaming you need to fix the roof Komodo Oh repaired drillship okay good got you guys good while you do that Im gonna get us some in here its up on the roof the ceiling Oh halfway destroyed my bad thats okay you did it okay were good the back looks a little crummy still but okay we got two minutes Im gonna see if we can find some more coal I dont know the ultimate objective is to have drillship stuff capital ship stuff theres a big lava pit over here for robots alright so well call how long do you think it takes to get the thing started up and get in the ground I say like 30 seconds minute maybe we need we need to be back at the ship with one minute ago alright look for some nodes oh I found some coal found i think its or over here okay by the way you have a ton of robots coming towards you wait really theyre all run into something theyre Naurang me which is great I think theyre just having a party theyre not oh you hear anything alright I got a ton of coal well not really enough coal oh thats our drill ship making that noise alright that means get the heck underground wait for me wait for me dont leave without me Kubota hey you almost left me I always got you daddy teddy this bad boy press this lever right here Oh what am i doing all right I think its automatic oh well thats a I dont know what Im doing here were doing it yeah Applause I wish we could actually drive that though thatd be cool okay yeah if I click this I can watch outside I want to right here than that periscope yeah you got a big hole in the roof still oh yeah oh should I fix that maybe I cant oh okay Im moving around with the drillship underground shes got some copper ore oh so you can drive around and grab or from underground but it says theres a heat thing and also fuel or hull ah yeah no glue with any of these levers do me neither Im just grabbing stuff all right Im gonna surface I think its safe right this should be okay here we go hey sir business boy surfacing oh its gross oh oh its filthy yeah alright so I did a bunch of mining where do we grab it in here oh so whats in here oh wait so youre producing uh thats the refinery and yeah making something okay its probably went to one of the storage containers theres a couple up here too all right I got a module repair kit how do I use it I like how we have bullets but we dont have guns yeah I dont think I could repair this yet wow we made it fine is this the other side of the village yeah we just moved a little bit oh theres the village its over there yeah we didnt move for at all uh I gotta make copper bolts heres bolts yeah alright so now I should be able to fix up the roof okay okay I got a module repair kit or whatever but boom yes mission gone we fixed it captains calling again now Im gonna stop calling oh so theres a bunch of different quests we could do it says gather destroyed modules turret module turret would be nice produce sulfur powder okay how do we get that we just use this thing over here I made it already hit the ship my bad oh that was you yeah I hit it with the the pickax I see okay I got the items now produce my powder powder copper casings and is there any sort of resource I should go gather by the way the ash has already disappeared thats kind of weird and its beautiful outside what oh wow so in here you could craft like ladders you could craft the bed hey stop hitting the drill ship whos that robot not get out of here yeah produce blah blah blah component tab there we go produce some ammo Im doing it Komodo Im not anywhere near the ship nope okay I got a lot of supplies on me okay no oh come on oh I need a copper ingot oh okay run we got a minute we got a minute if it hits 30 seconds youre gonna have to go without me okay let me know no but not really waiting for me oh Im aint gonna turret dance go lets go go go there we go were going right its gonna be a close call Komodo yeah no no no were good were good definitely good BAM turret module and we escaped the volcano once again yep I just want to see what this turret looks like and then you know what I say we had a successful day as drill ship operator dudes boom turn module yeah I just want to see what the turret looks like then Komodo I think were done here but if you guys enjoyed this episode make sure to smack that like button for drill ships and out here just maybe with the uh I dont know emotionless stare look the turret thats kind of cool thats cool wait says get ready to fight okay okay well uh you know what the drill ships cool and all theyre supposed to be enemy is attacking but lets go into the water probably the best way to survive you know what you want to fight Im gonna fight mm-hmm follow me lets fight over here on the dock hammer Im gonna pick axe you is it sure if it volcanos coming if you go underwater youll be fine uh I dont know I would not recommend that but here I got the high ground uh-huh Im dying midnight ride steam game This is a Volcano Survival game known as Volcanoids Multiplayer Gameplay! SpyCakes and Camodo Gaming must begin building a giant drill ship to survive a Volcanic eruption. SpyCakes encountered many disasters in Gmod & other games but can he do it again in Volcanoids Multiplayer Gameplay?►Gmod Disasters Survival - - - - - - - About Volcanoids: Volcanoids is a first-person, base building survival game set in the steampunk era where humans and technology meet. Explore a volcanic island, operating giant drills and enduring eruptions triggered by mechanical beings - - - - - - - Want MORE?! Check these out: ►Twitter : ►Discord : ►Shirts and Merch : #volcanoids #survivalgame #spycakes steam sale 2022 games gifting games steam steam cloud gaming gta san andreas 100 save game steam how to add steam vr games to oculus library