Large Drillship Expansion & Raiding For Loot - Machinery Update - Volcanoids - #06 - Gameplay

Yoni steam recipesdiscord bot free steam games VOLCANOIDS gameplay foreign Music and welcome back to volcanoids where of course were in the new update and in the last episode we managed to upgrade the drillship a little bit more we upgraded the engines we did the tracks I think we did the armor as well a bunch of other stuff uh we also looted the tanks and the tanks with the mortars on especially seem like that when you blow the um sections off they have like those ammo boxes theyre chock full of ammo and we managed to get weapons we managed to get a submachine gun we also got a mortar um at the end of the episode if you watch that far I did actually attack one and then once Id finished recording I looted up what I could and I brought it up here instead of putting it into these chests and Ive got a almost full of grenades there and then Ive got another one almost full of ammo here so Ive got absolutely tons of mortar rounds and grenades so yeah those tanks with the mortars on absolutely you want to go and loot those because damn if theyre just chopped full of stuff all right anyway to continue on weve got to oh somebodys all right someone is occupying my spot fair enough I just come down because there was a eruption so lets go and see if we can find somewhere else to pop up from Im not sure where Im not sure where there is one actually to be honest um dont know this part of the map that well yet stuff there Ill grab all this stuff but yeah some scrap iron now all right where where is the spot to oh there we go theres one thatll do deep ravine well go with that one thats fine ooh that is there stuff on the surface I think this is back where we were wasnt it so yeah so well be able to get up there yeah this was where we were earlier there we go lets come up and then we should be able to extend I think weve got the um one to extend the middle section so theres a really big middle section that you can put in this I think weve got that one and there was another drillship upgrade as well so uh well be able to do that uh we need to find a sensor but then weve got to make some copper tubes weve got to make a bunch of plates lets do that now then so were going to do tubes go do another load weve got to do bolts were gonna do plates there we go and then weve got to build the drill ship segment so if you go upgrade draw ship segment there we go thats all good also draw ships storage and then where is it and then if we go oh weve got to go underground um I guess well do that lets go in the ground again then weve got to come up to go back down again but never mind thats fine um and then were probably gonna have to attack a drillship anyway so yeah itll give it a bit of time for the ash to uh dissipate I guess I did make some more armor as well but hopefully well get to a point where we can start making the iron armor and that sort of thing um thats kind of where we want to get to so there we go so wait for the drillship until it reaches underground and stops go to the stats panel and click on the menu yeah were not going to do that were going to go upgrades and were going to put down in there there we go so now we should have yeah this big section here in the middle and Ive got this little section at the end I think thats as big as this thing goes now um but yeah weve got this huge sex in the middle lets get up to the top and we you can then see it in the light so lets go up that way come back up to the surface and then theres a drill ship over there we could attack that next probably a good idea I think because um were going to need some sensors and stuff but yeah the section in the middle is huge were probably going to need some turrets actually and that sort of thing as well but yeah its become a Whopper there we go theyve got my little pinpal logo on the side as well I love that thats cool yes weve got all that building space now just oh so much building space there we go check it out Ill have to get that color tool and paint as well at some point right wheres that over there so weve got to get some research and were going to find some sensors can be looted from Cog drill ships well lets go to the Cog drill ship first shall we I think thats the way to go there is a ooh thats a new one I dont know what type of tank that is but I dont know well try and avoid it as best as we can but I dont know maybe we should attack it straight off the bat but Im just going to go straight in with the mortar I think lets just charge this thing down its going to be packing loads of turrets go there before you guys out oh hang on there we are would you not reload oh okay you did right fair enough uh lets try and take the pistol to turn it out again oh is that oh hello just use this its definitely the weapon to use weve got tons of rounds for it so no reason not to there we go lets get in if we can oh boy hang on oh boy lets get just start weighing in some grenade shall we there we go yeah lets get in now lets take this thing down first oh that was just about to open I think take this one down as well there we go right so were looking for sensors take a bunch of that stuff with us uh nothing in there anything take the med kits muzzle to take it all to be honest uh lets go to the front theres probably some spawners in here as well yeah lets take the spawner out there we go we dont want to blow that up though is this the back uh this might be the back never mind lets see what weve got here look all that stuff um oh boy wheres the front oh here it is come on you gotta have some set there we go sensors perfect lets just take bunch of that stuff with us I want to take a few of these modules as well lets take some of oh theres tier 2 production research we might as well take that should we just drop those off because I dont care about that the coal I guess we could leave that and then lets grab lets blow up some of these modules I think I think well try and take some of those with us if we can there we go uh anything in there no all right kind of interest to take out that tank and see what see what it gives us foreign can you not see me oh there we go it can see me now I hit it there we are lets just got that one uh stop blowing this thing up I might just start wanking grenades at it now because it they just feel more powerful than if they are but I certainly feel more powerful to me just keep on chucking some grenades in this thing there we go might take out that tank as well thats the only reason not to right lets go in there and well grab some of those modules uh oh okay never mind oh whats in there take the bolts take that thats all good take that as well there we are yeah we might as well blow this thing up why not oh God oh ran out of grenades as well interesting were shooting at me oh good luck there mate there we go that things going down oh hello somebody else is shooting at me and thats down as well oh hello hello hes here again right the tide lets hide around here and well get the armor on I should probably take that stuff yeah oh do you know what I dont have any space do I ooh thats a good point Music Ive got no uh room Ive got like a couple of slots you know Im just gonna leave it if its still here when I come back then its still here when I come back so I kind of want to Loop that thing as well but lets just leave it lets go back well drop off everything and Im going to run back over here and see whether I can just um loot up any more of that stuff I might as well grab it because were probably gonna have to do some uh well we know weve upgraded the ship I I think theres some more armor and stuff but I think thats later on so um yeah I probably need to put a door and stuff in this place as well I think I think theres something we need to do so Ive still only got one door so its gonna be a bit awkward to get in and out there we go lets drop all of that drop all of that in there actually I could probably do with that uh when was that uh health kit there we go that would be pretty handy there we are so weve got sensors which weve done weve got to make the tier 2 research modules so lets do that next so weve got to do uh research tier two times two oh that lets use these shall we there we go its cool and then produce schematic basic research oh no gotta go to the uh stationwise research oh gotta still do it up there okay fair enough my bad uh schematic Ah thats it ah there we are its off okay lets now lets quickly just run over there is that still damaged or not I dont know it may have despawned contact uh radio contact is it still there the ships D oh no its still there lets go lets go and grab it whilst its uh whilst its still on the surface we might as well go and harvest it uh you never know we might well probably need it for something if not we can scrap all the parts anyway so lets come over here where are we number nine lets just start harvesting everything get it all some modules and stuff its all good may as well waste not want not and then well wow we can answer the radio through our little Pip Boy thing arent we but uh well go back to the ship there we go there we are I think we can scrap these anyway so you know thatll be good uh lets take this out can we blow this thing up where is it where is this tank I think its in the town lets go and have a look nope nope nothing like that did they I did not like that oh well take that iron there we go lets come back into here and see whether I can just kill this thing I think this was a new tank that weve noticed not uh interacted with before so where is it where is it around the front here oh man yeah whats the deal with that thing I dont know thank you I think youre driving the water there mate Music there we go sweet so what do we get from this thing not much okay fair news and Ive got some researches and stuff ooh got a new head I think by the looks of it I had one of them before there we are and then some bits Earl bite hang on whoa what the hell what the hell killed me uh did that thing glitching out kill me I dont know but yeah that almost killed me ah yeah those uh mortar ones are just freaking amazing this one doesnt seem to have given us as much I think I can hear my uh turrets firing off as well lets come back here let me grab some of this stuff but Im not too worried about that we got plenty loot wasnt too difficult in this game to get as I remember come back yeah we need some more uh you know we need some better modules and stuff on this thing like better power plants and things so we can put more um put more turrets up and that sort of thing better storage all that sort of stuff we need so lets cut Captain birds eye there we go upgrade the station Refinery thats what we want so uh find boilers make Intel weve got all the boilers so if we come over to research station if we go refinery and then we want tier two we want two of those lets use those up there we are and then Ive got to produce a schematic gotta produce a production schematic is it producer basic refinery I think thats the one is that it Im not sure hopefully it is yeah oh sorry no that storm moving here doesnt it yep my bad oh well lets do that next oh youre the blower yeah sure upgrade station white all right there we go thats two Ive gotta find more hydraulics never mind back down here again fiery Hub so find boilers oh boy have I dont got any more boilers okay six minutes we can get another one done lets dump all this stuff off getting really close on my yeah my limit of uh what I can fit in here there we go Ive got much space left gonna need to uh lets have we got somewhere close by six minutes hmm we could attack up the hill again I guess yeah lets do this thing lets also put some armor on as well some armor on see if we can grab a boiler and some hydraulics if we can grab those two things well be good to go Ive got six minutes to do it we could always Im just gonna grab the things and then get out of there so Im not too old you know what I dont have much in the way of um Dropship is full yeah okay yeah might be an idea just to make some more uh expanded storage but if we upgrade the production we should be able to make the better stuff I think so I dont really have much but Ive got some explosives so see theres a lot of stuff up there isnt it just gotta take those things out dont miss there we go put a hole in it there we go that give us way and yes it does oh lets take this stuff down still seems the best way to oh hello kill those things shotguns still awesome okay lets come in here just want to kill the spawners first lets grab the iron check these guys out oh sensors we do want them to deal with that we are right I think thats all the spawners down right lets see what we can find in here uh lets grab that yeah Ive kind of got this well honestly Ive got it down because Ive just jinxed myself then but um boilers well take the sensors well take the take the hydraulics take that take that well take all the iron Ill take the SMG turret ammo if your emails will take that as well there we go were kind of full um I might just leave this place I think were okay so have we got that we could perhaps dump off got pistol turrets I dont think we really need that actually take shotgun instead take some more of that take some sulfur take some crystals there we are Im just gonna leave I think all that stuff its fine this loot these guys actually I dont do that enough oh Ill take that though that is good some Motor rounds take some sensors yeah take that as well oh and weve got two minutes lets get back Im just gonna leave it its gonna erupt in two minutes lets get back or drop off the Hydraulics oh it was boilers it was Hydraulics I was looking for um but yeah we need I need to make some space so oh boy I might have to uh might have to make another storage thing I was trying not to because like I said we should be able to make some better stuff soon so um seems a bit of a waste of time to make a smaller storage well I guess we can always take it down afterwards cant we but and well see if we can muddle through without gonna make a storage box or something I guess just drop it in there but we may as well we may as well go underground I guess I should really start recycling some of the stuff that Ive got as well because I dont think were gonna need some of the pistol stuff and that sort of thing but lets dump that in there see what we can dump in there we are weve done quite a bit thats all good Ill take that uh thats good just need to take how would we take out I dont really know Ill take the pickaxes out why not I cant do anything anyway until the eruptions happened right okay Im gonna dive Underground and then Ill just do a little bit of organizing that sort of thing maybe make another storage container somewhere um and dump some of the other stuff off and then uh yeah well come back and try and make the next bits I think okay so here we are back on the surface again and I had to move the drill ship because uh something was occupying but weve just moved over to where we just attacked the other drill ship from and Ive done some organizing and weve now got to make tier two Intel so lets do that were going to do two of those thats production and then weve got to do a Refinery one as well thats two of those there we go thats all good and so now weve got to pick up the Intel from both of those really okay and then production wide weve got to go to production station and we upgrade this thing click on the menu button and go to upgrade ah there we go yeah there we go oh hello just upgraded that production station thats good so weve got some more quests and Im gonna hold off on a second and well just do that one uh walk up to the drillship storage collect that one and then go to the station wide Refinery and upgrade that one there we go thats good and now well talk to Captain birds eye as always well get swamps so weve got tier 2 production and weve got to upgrade the scrap station as well thats all good so we need to pick up iron plates from Storage I think Ive been collecting those yet there we go lets take some of those and then well go to the scrap wide and then well upgrade there we go and that probably needs moving as well but still thats fine and then were going to go and produce some more tier 2 production modules uh so where are we production tier two probably made a few too many of those and then production get about Hub production which is down here and then well make uh where is it module module Tab and then were going to make a tier 2 production module there we go right thats going to take a bit of time so lets drop that off drop that in there we go I think were all good lets drop that in there as well drop that off I guess we could attack a drillship or something where are we uh do we find anything in there lets go have a look there was like a basement wasnt there to go in one of them I wonder if theres one in there as well let that produce although its better to finish so I guess I shouldnt have done that but never mind foreign there we go just wondering if there was like a little basement or something that we could go into I dont see anything oh hang on the ships been attacked right all right ignore that lets go back lets go back the ship is being attacked yeah we need to get some more uh more turrets and stuff on this thing all right I think it was just one okay thats two of them either way thats fine oh I keep pressing escape there we go there we are take the item uh yeah Ive got to take the item and from there and then equip it with that and then Ive got to put one Im gonna put it in here I think in the middle production there we go and its like too wide as well now so there we are brilliant good job lets talk to Captain birds eye on the radio again over here and then were going to upgrade the research station so again were going to come over here go do research Tech so research were gonna do times two tier twos there we are thats good pick it up and then weve got to go and we can upgrade that I would assume where is it ah there we go there it is I couldnt see it then for a second I can hear things outside so and then lets go down to that and then boom yeah there we go weve upgraded that now as well sweet so Refinery thats the next thing we want to do so we want to come up here yeah this is kind of what I was wanting um before we do any building because we should unlock a bunch of stuff here uh tier two stuff so if we go production Intel go up sorry we go Refinery and we go a tier two just need one oh we need to fair enough oh um lets just do extra one there we go they got ran out of boilers so I dont really need that hopefully thatll count and Ive not screwed it over hopefully yes no maybe so oh really Ive gotta find more boilers but Ive got tier 2 Refinery stuff uh bollocks okay all right um yeah Ive kind of confused it uh well theres a drill ship theres a drill ship over there at Nick my spot lets just attack this thing then screw it I gotta find some boilers it obviously doesnt want me to do it the other way so never mind uh my bad I kind of screwed that up so I should have just done with it Ive just done the times to research straight off the bat rather than the boilers all right I might be able to just put those in and do what it is but yeah you know where is that thing close by blow a hole in out my armor is gone oh and then yeah I just opened myself up to an attack right lets get some armor on quickly might be able to find a boiler from one of these guys actually but lets take out this uh thing first oh ouch try and take it out anyway wow yeah I think the grenades might happen in this thing but obviously youve got range on this thing so uh I wonder if we can just grab oh there we go boom um hmm well we might as well go in there like me I was just thinking should we even go in there but get up lets get up here see what we can find out yeah lets kill that off lets just grab what we can out here I think weve got plenty of research stuff anyway its more like boilers and things isnt it really oh oh okay I thought he was alive then but hes just standing in the corner uh do we need that I dont know take the crystals not use those yet I think that was was that for the mortars or something I dont remember take the Hydraulics the boilers as well like that Im kind of full do you know what you guys can have it see how Im off I only came over the boilers so uh yeah well grab some other stuff and then well come back I want to keep working on this thing so oh hang on all right lets run away foreign yeah thats cool I like that rifle thats good right anyway lets get back Im getting sidetracked again lets get back and well get up here lets drop the uh what are they boilers you can have all those and then yeah I think I probably could have produced that anyway thats Sparky is that damaged I dont know uh and then were gonna make the refinery there we go its good and then yeah we should then be able to stop producing uh better storage and that sort of thing as well we can see that from now uh I need a chest but yes I can make us another which I just looted yeah yeah oh God you know um lets see what we could take out lets take the refinery out there we go and then I want to make the storage container because yeah I dont know whether its going to tell me to do that but I really need to do that we also need to make some more power as well because yeah uh so refinery Im just gonna put that on this side I think yeah there we go its all good oh well done got that down there as well lets talk to birds I get my God five quests here two power plant well lets do that one first we need to produce some iron tubes uh sorry I dont know here would be good place component make some of those up there we are its good and then we want to do the power plant module number two there we go good and then what have you got for us storage box well Ive kind of done that already so pick it up from the storage there we go well get that one done just kind of preempted that one already but were kind of desperate for storage but its kind of why I didnt want to build a second one its like you know I dont see any point were about to get this open so lets build a better one right there we go its all good and I will pick a power planter next get that one done on the roof there right theyve taken those out lets get some more so we want improved research equipment and mortar Ive already got a hand mortar so can I just finish that no lets build that instead uh so we need T2 research should we come over here go uh research and tier two I dont know how many we need but lets make it anyway get attacked its not good find copper wire can I make copper wire there we go uh we need a tier one Refinery research as well the idea you know the fact that we could then produce it is fine so refinery tier one there we go take uh where is this oh produce it sorry duh getting sidetracked now module uh research module tier two that one there we go and then walk to the drillship storage click the menu button take the schematic approved right so there we go Ive actually got to make this thing I think I used the thanks for interrupting me um the uh I think I used the refinery stuff that we made the uh what was it this tier one stuff I think I just used that to make the research equipment so there we go so lets set that off and then that should finish up yesterday maybe see there we go thats good and then lets get the wrench out and we can attach This research I think this is a time yeah this is a two wide thing um just put it there yeah lets put it there thats fine well have it on that side and we need to get some turrets and stuff down as well uh one thing that I havent done there is a tank knocking around out here as well well try and deal with it in a minute lets go and talk to birds eye so weve got the geothermal module and then weve got our drillship or the um drill upgrade on the actual drill so we get tier three drill uh one thing I havent done is I didnt look here we should now be able to make yeah there we go the rat look the rattlesnake so thats the Lewis gun Ive got the officers pistol which is like a mouse there and then weve got the rocket launcher its got added as well make iron armor is something we can also do as well which is kind of why I didnt want to make anything too much uh what the hell is going on going on out here oh God okay all right lets deal with this thing then oh wow right over there we are kill this thing off its been driving around kill it off lets go one more shot shoot deal with it Ill blend this tote off there we go thats it dead now perfect right yeah one thing that we need to make is new set of armor new weapons we need to put some more turrets on this thing now just kind of blasted through all of that um research and got you know the refineries and all that stuff up and running going out at the point where were going to put tier three uh you know things like the drill and the tracks and that sort of thing so um yeah weve got all those good modules up and running which is kind of what I wanted so I thought something blew off of it uh theres like this Barrel thing here there we go seems like that yeah it has research in it I wonder if this is like green its like a science one or something um so we had like the black one which had um all of the um had like all the ammo that we had on it wasnt and then theres like a blue one as well its like different oh is that one of those things down there as well yeah it seems like the green one has like that the black one has like um ammo on it and then the um oh yeah there we go yeah I think these are like sciency ones or something and then Ive seen Ive seen a blue one as well so I wonder if thats like a production one or something Im not too sure on that one but thats pretty cool but yeah we should be able to make all of those weapons and also turrets we should be able to make the submachine gun and was it a mortar turret I think yeah a mortar turret and a submachine gun so we could at least replace these pistol turrets if not add more to the shotgun and Pistol that weve already got and then we could always take those off later but yeah I think I think we probably need to do that and defend this thing but anyway I think this is probably a good place to call it and I think well end the episode here so for another one please give me a thumbs up comment your thoughts down below subscribe for more I really do appreciate it stay safe out there everyone and Ill catch you next time oh yeah I love that rifle catch you next time everyone seafood steamer pots Volcanoids is a first-person, base building survival game set in the steampunk era where humans and technology meet. 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