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Steam game says its running but isn'tsteam check game file integrity WAR ROBOTS I dont know what that is oh oh my oh here we go oh come on were healing were healing thanks Slayer we got him I didnt think the new wanji lasers could get any stronger but theyre getting way stronger and theyre already overpowered so these are the new Ardent onesie lasers so theyre special edition thats why they look so different and they actually match the art and Behemoth so theyre gonna get a five percent buff or five percent damage increase because theres special edition weapons but thats not the even bigger boost so nuke amp double immune amp but this is the new Harold Han legendary pilot so increases the time it takes for overheating lasers to overheat by three seconds which pretty much just increases the clip size by three seconds and three seconds is a long time and then we have all these others Master gunsmith roadhog armor expert Dodger all these things combined are gonna make them even stronger which is silly and then to top it all off we have the deltake Drone and check this out so we have a built-in laser and then we have increased damage by seven percent when we use our healing we get increased speed and 20 more damage these things were already broken and now theyre going to be even more broken three second bigger clip for any weapon is a very big deal especially when youre talking about one of the strongest weapons in the entire game we also have this Arden Emoji I want to try it again because this thing looks pretty awesome but lets go in a game and lets try out the Arden wanji overpowered lasers getting even freaking stronger lets go Beacon Rush oh spring map spring not spring map spring field map okay all right our speed isnt terrible right now because we have double immune amps but its not its not amazing either you can tell were slow this deltalkie drone is definitely oh were melting them were taking damage right now but were still melting them look at our health come on okay we almost got him nice okay easy kill easy kill all right the deltaki Drone is built for these weapons it literally has a built-in laser as well if we get within range what is that okay lets just keep an eye out here the pushing Center I think its an angler and Center I think it might be an angler I dont know Sarah coming up these guys are coming up remember 800 meter range not as far as the Prisma but more damage than the Prisma I think wait if its got a drop we have to drop there we go there we go oh we just went up he just shielded up scorpion oh the Scorpions trying to get with him 350. last in triggered oh double kill that is just unfair theres only one drone with built-in shielding as far as I know in this nebula and its way worse than before this guy Im gonna move across here so we can kind of shoot into their spawn oh somebodys trying out the uh I think the Aries pilot over there okay lets move move Behemoth move oh I cant believe so remember on repairing what is this I dont know what that is oh oh my gosh that was just dumb that was just stupid okay hold on Rampage oh were already on a kill streak these are supposed to be sniper weapons and they deal brawling type damage some guys in the center or multiple in Center our new Camps up to 67 as well but what is it oh its a Hades see if she must have a shield breaker yeah he does come to get behind cover here so that oh hes just out of range again man to remember on repair unit damage we dont have on repair unit damage but this similar thing is we have like on repair unit speed and 20 more damage when we hit our healing so if we hit our healing we better run and use the speed Dome why are these dealing so much damage this is such a bad idea to have 800 meter range weapons a kill not even close he didnt even have a chance holy Shield The Shield oh no hes got his ability up I think yeah well what is that oh its a Titan okay this is a good test were down to like half Health oh I cant hit him in stealth oh maybe I should have put a Quantum radar um as our active module but we probably would have died sooner because theres no healing look at the damage so keep an eye on the clips as well like when were firing watch how much longer we can fire the weapons because youll notice that we can fire the weapons significantly longer without them overheating come on its gonna oh no the hawk oh bad spot were eating a bit of damage here okay wait for the drop away from the drop oh these guys oh I should have shot at the hawk darn it that was a stupid move okay they have three beacons right now Springfield three beacons is a big deal trying to flank me you trying to flank me bro you trying to flank me dog its within a not within 800 oh this guys moving out the middle okay get to cover okay you know what lets see if I can I might be able to melt this guy up these guys are pushing this right side Beacon Im down my house dropping okay here we go Im hitting my healing with a slight damage boost Im gonna do it bro we just melted a full mural mint these things are broken as hell theyre still up on the beacon bar so I gotta yeah I might have to ditch this soon actually Im kind of protecting this right side though triple kill bro these guys you really trying to come at me man I think he hit spear he didnt stand a chance he didnt stand a freaking chance man okay is that a its a Titan what kind of miramitsuke murids mere mates with blinding weapons Godlike deleted okay North light it look at look at that damage just from him falling on were getting Orion okay were down to very low HP and this guy knows hes trying to shoot me trying to back up because we can arrange this guy uh okay vacuum cover were still down Im gonna have to dance this soon Im kind of protecting this right Im the only player on my team on this right side so if I leave this right side they might just push the farm they can what is that come on top someone Show Yourself everyones hiding from the lasers oh there we go there we go oh its a family its a Fab near okay this guys Shields up wait for a shield and easy kill now that the nuke app is loaded its even its even more mind-blowingly broken oh here we go oh come on were healing were healing time Slayer we got him ladies and gentlemen we got him oh were going down here that is so insane we need to beacons though I got a what do we got for lets go Emoji we need beacons fast under four minutes to go and we are down on the Beacon Bar fly Emoji fly look at the little Jets on this thing oh were not gonna make it okay were not gonna make it okay lets kill um heres a kill oh the problem is hes gonna drop in hes probably gonna drop in the center yep there he is we really need Center how were losing four were losing at Beacon a were losing a home Beacon California you cant fool me come on cheese boy all right theres kill lets grab Center Beacon secured oh gosh this is gonna be a close game its 3v4 now hopefully my teammates I dont know my teammate okay I think my low-key teammate is trying to get the damn Beacon which is a smart move am I down to one teammate no were not oh no okay theyre secured oh okay my teammate is getting the damn Beacon and theres a fight in Center this is getting really close okay lets drop float up we need this Beacon hes an Arthur there but I want people to take down the Arthur I dont think okay there we go okay we have our Titan still oh hes healing hes healing okay you know Im gonna ditch and Im gonna drop in my what made me knows right on this can I take down the author first okay boom Titans layer okay its now 2v3 double kill all right all right oh no ah this guide her home okay Im gonna chase him down Im going to stop him is that me thats not arm thats their home Im getting confused by which side which now that the enemy Beacon oh they got a mirror mix oh my thats bad luck oh my teammates dead my teammates freaking dead man its 1v4 my teammate is dead so Im gravity empty as well they got double Titans shooting at me with blinders man blinders are freaking everywhere in the game right now okay there we go triple kill it always has reflector up of course oh we didnt get the beacon oh this games over I got no teammates they left me to die they left me to Joy all right well maybe we should have ditched the Behemoth a little bit sooner but I feel like we were still protecting that right side and then my team we just kind of meched out but either way I feel like we dont need to run a second game that was pretty crazy 7.4 million three beacons these onesie lasers like I said were already overpowered and now theyre even more overpowered longer clip five percent more damage picked Sonic has to Nerf these things theyre gonna break the actual game theyre gonna break the game and theyre gonna make a lot of people rage including myself there it is peace cheese MC apples Music foreign steam games best price Hwanje are already insanely powerful. And they get even stronger. 5% more damage with the special edition, and the new legendary pilot that increases the clip by 3 seconds. Which is a big deal. With an 800m range, even robots with shields have no chance as they deal so much damage and now have an even bigger clip. Laser BUFF ⚡️0:00 Intro 0:10 Hwanje Get Stronger 1:36 Hwanje Break Springfield - Game 1 10:30 END Wrap Up LIKE 👍 COMMENT 🗣️ SUBSCRIBE 🔔 🔔Turn on the notification bell 💥 Play War Robots: ⚡️ PREDATOR Frontier Channel 💀 Join the Official PREDATOR WR Discord Server ⚡️ Support The Channel FOLLOW ME ON… INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK Music provided by Frequency Music & No Copyright Sounds (NCS) War Robots’ Website & Database: Download War Robots for free on IOS, Android & PC stream games via steam steam deck best games 2022 game on steam game streaming steam deck american steam locomotives