How to Pick Your First Robot | War Robots BEGINNERS GUIDE #1

Best lan games on steamsteam the captain WAR ROBOTS Which robots should you pick? Weve got five tips for the War Robots beginners. Do not get too attached to your first robots! The robots you get at the start of the game are just the tip of the iceberg. Dont rush with upgrading them beyond level 9. Soon enough youll get new, even more exciting machines to play around with. Experienced players recommend starting with these robots. They are easy to get, great for practicing, and will serve you for a while. Griffin Jumps far and hits hard. Leo and Natasha Slow, but extremely resilient. Both are super versatile – equip them for close quarters or go full sniper. Stalker Incredibly fast. Steal enemy beacons, escape in stealth mode. Your team will thank you! Galahad Well-protected brawler with a strong shield. Looks great, too! Experiment! There are flying robots, repair robots, robots on wheels... New equipment drops from the Black Market and event chests. In Skirmishes you can often test robots that you dont have yet. Most of them you can then build in the workshop. Try out different play styles! If your robot runs fast, but gets killed in open combat, try to focus on capturing beacons. If its too slow – replace close quarters weapons with sniper ones. You dont need speed when you can shoot across the map! Build a diverse hangar! Each robot is great at something. For example, on the vast expanse of Canyon, snipers perform very well. But on the Factory map, which is full of obstacles, a flying robot may come in handy. Join the community! Subscribe to our social platforms and explore the War Robots community! Experienced players will help you choose a robot, teach you combat tactics, and share their expertise. Plus, it is just more fun to play with friends. So go make some! Find the links to War Robots social platforms in this videos description. See you on the battlefield! jacksepticeye steam games Official guide for new commanders! Best beginner robots, upgrading strategies, and build ideas. Guide category: beginner (level 5+). Useful links: - WR Reddit (discussions & memes) WR Discord (real-time chat) - Team B audio story Subscribe for War Robots official videos! Play now! 💬 Discuss in our official Discord: Action-packed multiplayer war robot game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time #warrobots #warrobot #robotgame #wr stardew steam install game without steam best games on sale on steam right now what time is steam game awards steam 50 gift card