BOOM! 200x SIREN GIVEAWAY! War Robots Crazy Mk3 Incinerator Gameplay WR

Steam in game screenshotfree scary games steam WAR ROBOTS and hes gone down though bye bye dude boom boom boom boom boom boom and bye dude what am i doing here dude this is so crazy man seriously this is a powerful setup it really is whats up friends of the good mood this is money and welcome to the next giveaway right here on the channel last time we did 200 harpy robots not this time this time you get 200 siren robots thats right oh and important side note this video right here replaces todays live stream i wont be able to make it i have a lot of things to do today but um yeah so you get this video here and this giveaway instead and of course in order to have a chance to win one of those sirens subscribe to the channel share the video around as much as you can with those people you know who play war robots and write a comment down below with your id and platform lets play the siren and and use one of the i think most powerful setups uh the incinerator and scout version that would be this bad boy right here yeah and thirdly write a comment down below in the video description and pinned comment uh no no in the video description uh down below not the video description what am i saying im so bad at concentrating when i have to fight at the same time write a comment down below with your id and platform its like im doing this for the first time here right oh my goodness um but yeah so um and with that comment uh you basically qualify um for the giveaway if you also subscribe to the channel and um it would be also useful whoa the incinerator got the kill hit delayed it would be very useful also if you you guys would um hit that notification bell uh because it will get you notified when the giveaway announced when the winners are announced or when the next giveaway happens right geez dude this is such a powerful setup look what were doing to these guys boom that was the explosion i saw it this is so crazy man ive done so much damage already i like those rockets man i like those big weapons theres one thing that no theres a lot of things that warobots does very well look at this this is a hawk and i can uh it can hit him even in his ability uh he also uses these type of weapons and hes gone down though bye bye dude boom boom boom boom boom boom and bye dude what am i doing here dude this is so crazy man seriously this is a powerful setup it really is um and im excited to get you guys a chance to get it for yourselves here in uh in this giveaway so let me just uh send some bombs there with their their way oh theres something oh wait is that actually cover here yeah it actually blocks shots did you see that there is a theres a crane thingy hanging there and it actually blocks shots its not just a scenery i didnt know that that was the first time i ever saw this oh no we have a uh oh boy bye okay then that was a fuff near yeah so let me just im just too excited right now because im having so much fun um let me just say ladies and gents if you do want to have a chance at winning this giveaway then subscribe to the channel share the video with everybody you know who plays war robots because that will give them also a chance to win and uh come on explosion ah and then write a comment down below with your id and platform i hope i said this before you need to tell tell me in the comment section what your id and your platform is of your warobots account and if you do that then uh yeah then pixonic can identify your account and therefore provide the prices right to you my kill deserved here even through the hawk ability with the uh with the with the boom uh with the explosion effect wait for it wait for it and boom activating stealth here while falling i think im probably going to die now am i no im not im still here i cant believe it but im still here come on shell go away stop the legs come on fafnir you can do it you can die all right explosion explode yeah dude this is insane come on explosion no the explode meter didnt trigger oh i just i dont know how much damage weve done in this match ladies and gentlemen i really would like to know i really want to know how much damage we just did in this uh in this quite short combat sequence here were gonna find out lets take a look at that arthur lets take a detailed look at that arthur okay yeah im looking at him having a detailed look at that arthur yep thats it i did a lot of damage to him but i also took a lot of damage back seems like oh oh god oh no explosion yo no the explosion didnt trigger come on explosion it doesnt trigger why not did you see that freaking x-blow meter being filled all the time alrighty lets go for a little ride have a bit of fun here with that arthur doing some nice explose okay im dead now finally after such a long time but im pretty sure the match is pretty much won now so uh yeah i dont think theyre gonna survive much longer now this guy the arthur im expecting that the arthur shield is almost gone now right that arthur shield cant really have much more durability here im having quantum sensor i can see this guy in the air i dont want to rush in on the two arthurs though that would be a very unhealthy thing to do one of them is going down though adding another shield on top of everything here starting to reload okay we have an enemy movement up in the air and we have that enemy titan okay so lets go for it here we go jumping in and boom hello friend how are you doing oh that shoot is gonna finally drop huh quick switch ah it didnt work i got in the beacon lets see how much damage weve done here in this match i havent used my reflector yet because i didnt really see any reason to so far were pretty much full that movement over there is going to start flying im coming for it there we go activating reflector killing the movements in the air with his stealth up and then we have this guy to worry about all right i have a reload now pretty bad timing yeah yeah good job lambo hunter so lets see how much damage that was ive ive absolutely no idea right now uh but um yeah id like to see also keep in mind ladies and gentlemen the giveaway is uh we do one every month right or 4.8 million lets say 500 000 damage we probably did with the titans so 4.2 million damage 4.3 is what we did only with that one flying um siren pretty awesome man seriously um but yeah so keep in mind ladies and gentlemen uh oh the new capri robot yeah its coming too uh that uh the giveaway is every month were doing one uh last month we did 200 heart piece this month 200 sirens maybe next month is going to be 200 capri robots i wouldnt be surprised if that was going to be happening so yeah ladies and gents subscribe to this channel stay tuned on all the giveaways um the i i will let this giveaway run for what what do we have 25th today um for about at least a week uh maybe beginning of february ladies and gents were gonna and im gonna make another video announcing the 200 winners here and letting you guys know um yeah who won okay anyways thanks for watching everybody have a good one and well see you catch you in the next video manny signing off anonymous steam account War Robots Giveaway: 200x Siren Robots & Incinerator Mk3 Gameplay WR🔥 How To Participate? 🔥1.: Subscribe To This Channel & activate the Notification Bell 2.: Share the Video around where you can please 3.: Post your ID & Platform in the comments below 4.: Winners announced around February 1st-3rd Ps.: IMPORTANT: Prizes may still take up to 1-2 Weeks to arrive. 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